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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 9, 2019 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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. a scare at san jose state university after man with a gun runs into s discovered three
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hours later. >> the mass shootings put gun control on the minds of many who turned out for a packed town hall meeting. >> and a disturbing discovery, police nab a man accused of spying on young girls in their homes for weeks. tonight oracle arena is no more. the latest sign that it is the end of an era in oakland. >> and good evening. i am ken bastida. >> i am elizabeth cook. the scare at san jose state university that prompted a big police response. night beat's maria medina was there and tells us how it ended. >> reporter: he is now in custody. after a search san jose state university officers
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founds the suspect hiding in the ventilation system. 5:30p.m. tonight off the san jose state university when a witness reported to san jose police the suspect had a gun. >> when the special operations from the san jose police department spotted him he started to run. run on to the campus and they were following. >> reporter: san jose police and university police put the campus on lock down and set up a perimeter. although school is not in session the complex was not empty. police say three females were inside at the time when the suspect ran in. >> they called us from inside the building. we had officers go in and escort them out. >> reporter: three hours later police discovered the suspect and then a handgun. a scare on campus that ended with a peaceful resolution. >> that is something wee to prepare for and we have to
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expect in the middle of downtown san jose, yes, these things can happen. >> reporter: and as i mentioned a few seconds ago, class is not in session right now but it could have ended differently had it been and lot has been going on here so luckily this ended peacefully. live at san jose state university, maria medina, night beat. a lot of east bay residents packing a town hall. so many people attended they had to move it to a bigger venue. betty yu was there and said the mass shootings were on many people's minds. >> the q & a portion was open to all topics but gun control was a major one given the cent mass shootings. >> reporter: speaking before a packed house.
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f0 pressure is mounting on president trump and congress to combat gun violence. >> the house passed two bill. they are very simple. provide universal background checks. loopholes wowomake sure people mplete background check. they have 95% support among republicans and democrats but mitch mcconnell needs give it a vote in the senate. >> reporter: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, a strong supporter of gun rights, said today the senate will discuss measures aimed at addressing gun violence next month. >> when we get back, hopefully, we will be able to come together and pass something. >> reporter: and president trump showed a willingness to support a background checks bill. moms demand action for gun sense is waiting for action. >> after parkland he said that the nra and it didn't happen.
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we will see. >> reporter: when asked if he would introduce legislation to ban and buy back assault weapons nationally she said he has already done it and he would help increase efforts to make sure authorities have enough resources to investigate domestic terrorism. he also touch on a number of topics including green house gas emissions and immigration. f0 beauty y, kpix 5. house speaker nancy pelosi is calling on president trump to bring the senate back into session early to consider bipartisan gun legislation. she wrote a letter writing the extraordinary moment in our history requires all of us to take action to save lives. wever, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell describing himself that see grim reaper has been an obstacle to taking action.
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f0 after hearing the president's comments the nra pushed back tweeting none of the background check proposals would have prevented the recent transgender. today loved ones said goodbye to one of the three victims of the garlic festival shooting. the 25-year-old from new york state. the funeral look place that high school where he graduated in 2012. he was a steelers fan and the pallbearers wore the team's jersey. >> he was superstar and he wanted to have as much fun as he could and made everybody feel they mattered as well. >> he just moved to santa cruz. he was at the garlic festival with his girlfriend who survived. a search of the gunman's vehicle in gilr turned up a
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disturbing range of items. they include a semi-automatic assault rifle at his home, and left an opened bottle of jack daniels, a clown mask, passport and checkbooks among dozens of other items. authorities say the gunman's two assault weapons were purchased legally in nevada. two weeks after the shooting gilroy is getting back to its roots with a rodeo. organizers say it is needed right now more than ever. the small family run affair at an old dairy farm expects a big turn out and they are not taking chances with security. >> we have patrols in the parking lot, the security higher here than at the garlic festival. >> we can't live in fear. will do perfectly fine. >> the gilroy rodeo continues tomorrow through the weekend with food, live music and dancing. f0 last year the garlic festival returned for the first time
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since 1956. a bay man is in peeping into a neighbor's window in santa clara county. he was arrested but some residents say they saw him again today after he was released from jail. woman one told us she had sleepless nights after a warning from her landlord about the peeping tom. >> i am extremely angry. i have children myself. and that is just not okay. this is my home. we are supposed to be safe here. surveillance video shows him peeping into windows more than a dozen times beginning in july until yesterday. . new drone video showing the moments police closed in on a
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domestic violence suspect. offenses responded after receiving reports of a man punching a woman. the victim managed to escape. the suspect was arrested. in santa rosa, the biggest drug seizure in a year. officers confiscated two pounds of heroin with meth and a large amount of cash. two people were arrested. police believe they are connected to larger north bay drug rings. power is being shut off near downtown sausalito. according it pg&e it is for equipment repairs. power will remain off until 5:00 a.m. a rock slide along highway 101 caused a mess during the evening commute. just before 7:00 p.m. reports came in that hundreds of golf ball size rocks tumbled down on the roadway. f0 south of marin citied. several vehicles were hit. it caused road closures and at 9:00 p.m. all lanes were reopened.
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> oracle arena is gone. f0 the letters havecome down and christin ayers tells us, a part of oakland is no more. . >> reporter: pertsperts looks different. it is darker, there is no signs and no letters spelling outpertsperts. fans say it is starting to hit them. tonight work trucks streamed out of the parking lot at what was once oracle arena. ter dismantling a logo that had become a part of oakland. >> it is hard to see. f0 especially the warriors have been here for so long. >> that was one of the things i always saw. so it is going to be different not having the sign there. >> reporter: for fans, it is officially the end of an era. e name now a san francisco fixture along with the warriors themselves. the team announced they will kickoff their first pre-season game against the lakers at the new chase center on october 5.
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it is still a sore spot in the >>hytheye ea lo t raidend this s just s. >> the a's will stay play at the se will the raiders for the 2019 season. and there will be other concerts and events. tonight there are still signs of the brand on the arena south side but soon that will be gone too. it is unclear when the last sign will be taken down and we will have to wait to find out what it will be called next. f0 christin ayers, kpix 5. get robbed and wait for the police and have somebody stab you. >> coming up, the family of the man killed in a stack rampage say police didn't do enough.
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>> and a bear fell on to the roof of a car and that was just thmark a special something more occasion on the most famous crosswalk in the worlds. >> the ♪ here i go again on my own ♪ goin' down the only road i've ever known ♪
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♪ like a drifter i was-- ♪ born to walk alone! ...barb! you left me hangin' on the high harmony there. if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. . terrifying moments when an armed man walked into a walmart
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this afternoon at a store in missouri. ile carryinga rifle and more than 100 rounds of ammunition. moments later the manager yelled for customers to escape. no one was hurt and an off duty firefighter disarmed and detained the man as he tried to flee. >> his intent was not to cause peace or comfort. he is lucky to be alive. >> the suspect's name has not been released. this follows a mass shooting in saturday in an el paso walmart that left 22 people dead. in southern california victim of the families in the stack rampage are speaking out. why some say the attacks could
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ven evted lice d responded faster. >> he doesn't deserve to die this way. i am sorry i was not there for him. i cannot believe it. >> reporter: they never dreamed this is how the story would end. >> this is so heart breaking. we get robbed and wait for the police and have somebody come and stab you. >> reporter: they were first to be fatally stabbed when their neighbor burglarized his apartment tuesday afternoon. after the burglary his daughter called back to make sure police were at her dad's place. before officers showed up the suspect returned and killed him. >> the officer said the call was pending and then the robber
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had a chance to come back. if the police were there on time this guy that started this stabbing could have been caught from the beginning. >> the additional two murders and stabbings like this one where zachary castaneda attacked the female employee could have been prevented. now the family is haunted by images of the arrest. they say the suspect is wear their dad's favorite sweat shirt. >> to see him wearing my father's sweat shirt. >> the family set up a go fund me account to help pay for funeral expenses. firefighters trying to get a handle on a wildfire in lake went. 40 structures are being threatened near clear lake. it broke out this afternoon because of the terrain.
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crews had to rely on air drops over the dense brush. evacuations are in place for the area. the fire has burned 19 acres and is 30% contained. a falling bear is blamed for a patrol car fire. a falling bear hit the top of the patrol car along the highway. the impact caused the car to crash, flip over and burst into flames. luckily the deputy escaped without serious injury. local reports say the bear ormped from an embankment len above. the outside lands will be watched over by a great deal of law enforcement. the organizers in golden gate
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park are adding extra security but despite extra police on motorcyc, horse back and foot and s.w.a.t. officers roaming the grounds, outside lands hope fear won't kill the vibe. you can expect clear communication like how and where to evacuate if anything goes wrong. it is one of the most famous album covers in music history. today the beetles abbey road turns 50. 1969 when they took this snapshot crossing abbey road. decades later fans flocked to the crosswalk to do recreate that photo. everyone need a little help from their fiends to get the perfect instagram worthy shot. and they did. >> looking good. we have ourselves a forecast for outside lands
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which will be pleasant. mid-60s. late friday, early saturday could be drills around the concert venues and golden gate park because we have a front passing by to the north. san jose beautiful weekend. especially sunday. sunshine 82 degrees for the jazz summer festival. there is san jose live tonight. clouds rolling in. 65degrees. livermore 59. concord 64. san francisco tonight 57 degrees. oakland 58. napa 54. mountain view 56 degrees. forecast for alamo, average high is close to 90 degrees this time of year. 79 tomorrow. you are below average. weather all week long dominated by a low-pressure system off the oregon coast line. figged in a strong onshore flow and allowing the marine layer to push inlands.
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now the low moves. sunday it is gone. to get from here to there, it has to pass closer to us and then the chance of drills along the coast. future cast, tomorrow morning, cloud cover. we will get sunshine in turd mn showers or drizzle hugging the coast line. nothing widespread. but it is there. then the low is gone. the rain is gone. the clouds are gone. the wind is gone. everything changes saturday afternoon. breezy and cool day on friday. coastal drizzle with isolated showers saturday morning and sunshine saturday afternoon. warmer and less wind on sunday. tomorrow san jose 81 degrees. morgan hill 85.
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fremont 75. daly city 64. 84 cloverdale. extended forecast, we get rid of the clouds by saturday afternoon. we are warmer with less wind on sunday and next week we go above average. 70s near the bay and 90s inland. our morning team will have the latest at 4:30 a.m. tomorrow morning. another cloudy, breezy morning tomorrow. things changing by sunday. >> all right. thank you. what is behind this butterfly explosion in lake tahoe. >> and the 49ers first pre- season game against the cowboys. pregame saturday, game at 6:00 p.m. followed by the 5th quarter at 9:00 p.m. >> and we want to
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. unusual for lake tahoe. lots of people all a flutter.
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a butterfly invasion. they are tortoise shell butterflies. beautiful. and they are visiting trying to find the remnants of our winter snow pack. e video shows the butter flies swarming through a high school. f0 and in backyards. i ty were looking for the snow pack. >> they are looking for water. >> there is still snow up there. >> stunning and beautiful. >> thank you. >> i am stunned. you know who can run like a butterfly? murray. he made his nfl debut tonight.
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f0 . the giants were coming off an ugly sweep to the nationals. they couldn't hit, they couldn't pitch. and the magic of july seemed a doesn't memory and then madison bumgarner took the mound. three strikeouts. allowed just one hit and no runs through 7 innings. he gets by with help from his friends. but madison bumgarner need offense and he got that from that man. mike yastrzemski deep. a rookie with 11 home runs. in 1961 carl yastrzemski, his
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grandfather. just saying. giants win 5-0. they are back within three games of the wildcard. nfl, bosa suffering an ankle sprain. he played in three gameat ohio state last year. earned him the reputation of being injury prone. the head coach shot that down today. >> everyone acts like he will get hurt and do stuff like this. i have been around one of the most physical rookies, he is trying to play. he wants to come back tomorrow. he had over 300-pound man lands on his leg. >> he said mackinnon is out.
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and jason verett has sprained ankle. napa. raiders offensive tackle carted off the field when his leg was rolled over in a mile. he is expected to miss eight weeks. that is a huge low for the raiders. murray made his nfl debut today. he was impressive. he was accurate. he was allusive. showed a lot of poise for a rookie quarterback. arizona beat the chargers 17- 13. i like the game plan. they didn't want him to get hurt and gain confidence. we will be right back.
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