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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  August 9, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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up for two music festivals this weekend. >> i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. we want to check in with mary lee. >> finally friday and we're kicking off the end of the workweek with breezy conditions. very similar to yesterday. we're going to have that clearing as we head through the day with temperatures below average. let's check the winds. looking at 13 miles per hour winds in san francisco. clocking gusts up to 25 miles per hour at the airport. 10 in pleasanton. 14 in san ramon. 17 in antioche and 18 miles per hour winds in fairfield out of the west and southwest. on shore kicking in. along the coast in the low 60s for the bay. mid to upper 60s to low 70s with that clearing and breezy conditions for the bay. and our inland locations with sunshine. we'll talk about the weekend
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forecast coming up. let's check in on our main travel times. if you are hitting the roadways here bright and early or i should say dark and early. a 31 minutes ride. no problems there. you are smooth sailing. as well as this morning. hopefully that's going to hold out for as long as we can. not so great on the nimmets freeway. that lane closure is going to be in place until 6:00 and all this week we've really been seeing some significant slowing. you're going need to give yourself about 10 extra minutes regardless of these lane closures. off to the bridges where there is nobody and no back up at the bay bridge and the richmond san rafael bridge as well. we are keeping an eye on that bridge in lake county. at this point it is only 30% contained. we're hoping for an update in
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cal fire for hours. this is just northwest of clear lake. 19 acres have burned. so that's not huge. you can see the terrain they're dealing with. it is very steep and a lot of brush and trees there. this fire still threatening 40 buildings according to cal fire. many of them are home so there is an evacuation center set up in kelseyville and at last word cal fire didn't think it was going to be able to get containment. a suspect is in custody after reports of a man at san jose state university. off campus near east santa clara and north 2nd streets. the suspect was then seen entering the campus near south fourth and an arrest was made in the spar tan complex. officers found the suspects hiding in a ventilation system on the top floor. during the search san jose
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police and university police. three women were inside the spar tan complex when the suspect ran in. >> they actually called us from inside the building. >> police say the suspect did not have a weapon when he was arrested but one was later found off campus. the recent mass shootings are putting gun control on the minds of people. congressman mark desania hosted this meeting last night. and when asked if he would he's already done it. he also said he would help increase efforts to make sure authorities have enough resources to investigate terrorism. >> the house passed two bills that were very simple. so the loopholes would go away and we'd make sure that people actually got a completed background check. those have 85%, 90% of support.
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but mitch mcconnell needs togi n the senate. >> and mitch mcconnell strong supporter of gun rights said that the senate will discuss measures next month. investigators continuing to search for a motive in the gilroy garlic festival shooting. >> a search of a gunman's vehicle turned up some disturbing evidence. including an ar15 style assault rifle. high capacity ammunition magazines, tactical and survival gear. a clown mask and an open bottle of jack daniels. the two assault weapons were purchased legally in nevada. 25-year-old trevor irby from new york state. the funeral took place yesterday
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where irby graduated back in 2012. his friends and family remembered his highly competitive and joyous spirit. he graduated from college two years ago before moving to santa cruz. if you're going to the gilroy rodeo today you're expected to see increased security. organizers say the community needs this now more than ever. it will be held through the weekend on an old family-owned dairy farm but when it comes to security the rodeo says safety is the top priority. >> we've got an amount of patrols in the parking lot. >> we can't live our lives in fear. we're gilroy strong and i feel that the gilroy rodeo is the perfect event to bring everyone back together. >> for information on how you can help the victims of the festival shooting visit security is also planned for
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outside lands. the music festival this weekend and the san jose jazz summer fest. and this summer there will be only two entrances for the jazz fest for access to several downtown venues. also another level of security. >> what do you want to say to that family who is having second thoughts about coming down this weekend because of what happened in gilroy. >> totally understand that caution and worry is very natural right now given everything that's been happening. we've put a lot of work and effort into organizing the festival to ensure that they'll have a safe weekend. they can arrive here and feel they're in a good place. the ojs and the family stone will be among the performers this weekend. other weekend events including raiders football game in oakland as well as the 49ers. as for public transit bart says it will have extra and longer trains for the games and the
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music festival in san francisco. >> that festival 3-day outside lands is back for its 12th year and security will be tighter than ever. kpix 5's jackie ward joins us live from the park with more. >> michelle 210,000 people will be walking through these gates and trying to have a good time this weekend. so there is a very detailed security plan in place to make sure everyone stays safe. sfpd is deploying more officers than ever both inside and outside of the festival. that will include officers on horse, bicycle, and s.w.a.t. officers walking around in tactical gear as well as private security. there is an evacuation plan in place. but that is being kept private for security reasons. layers of fencing and barricades have also been added this year. at the forefront of people's minds. >> we want the public to know that we stand prepared with a security plan to address what we
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know are fears that some of the people who plan to attend this concert might have. >> outside lands runs today through sunday and will feature acts like paul simon, childish gambino and casey musgraves. and for the first time ever we will be sold inside the festival as part of the whole party. we'll tell you more about how that all works in our next half hour. live in san francisco jackie ward kpix 5. >> and kpix 5 has you covered on all things outside lands including information on festival tickets and transportation. head to our website time now is 5:08. >> up next our kpix 5 original report. the 50-year evolution of the san francisco 49ers. what has changed since kpix 5 brought you one historic broadcast. >> and i've got your preseason
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opening forecast. we'll also talk about that breezy start to the day this morning and also the weekend coming up. >> for those of you hitting the roadways here at 5:09 you don't have a lot to worry about. check in on your bridges. that's only a 10-minute ride in the yellow.
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in sports the count down is on to our coverage of the 49ers preseason and the nfl is getting ready to kick off its 100th football season. can't wait. >> we're getting ready for our 50th season of broadcasting preseason games with the 49ers a lot has changed since our very first broadcast. >> the 49ers are ready with a quarterback to play by week one and a team packed with talent. >> it's a luxury as a quarterback you love to have. >> you see the names and the talent it's all there. >> now and then. 50 years ago in 1969 the 49ers practiced at husky stadium in seattle. they would battle the cleveland browns in the nfl's first
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nationally televised exhibition match up. >> sport its caster tom ward for picks at the time. >> that was a big deal to make a road trip with the 49ers at the time. >> the team's number one draft pick tight end ted equalic. >> i'm looking forward to giving it a try. >> you're playing against the best in a league of the best. >> 50 years ago, the 9ers... >> it was still a mom and pops shop. it wasn't anything like it is now. >> the team played at the corner of golden gate park. >> you can get in for nothing. if you were a kid and you bought christopher milk there was a tag on the christopher milk cartons that got you into a 49ers game free. >> it was also a step on. to astroturf. >> we didn't mind falling on the
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grass we did mind falling on the astroturf. >> it was a pig sty but it was our pig sty. >> nourt 9ers archivist jerry walker loves the stick in part because of the big wins. >> it was definitely old school. >> old school with no heat. >> the coldest winter i ever spent was a summer in san francisco. i can remember the coldest i've been was being on the sideline at a preseason game in july. >> in 2015 when the stick was getting demolished. >> when you drove out here and saw this for the first time and sat down what were you thinking? >> this is the best it's ever look just ask 9er fan walter lopez on his first visit. >> just a beautiful new facility with all the latest technology. >> over the years there have
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been remarkable changes to the gear. from shoes to pads it's dramatically lighter. >> i think buchlt reason they're faster is the equipment. i think they have less equipment to carry around. >> today, there are so many ways to view a game from streaming to hdtv. >> that's changed everything. >> the replays, different camera angles. >> as for diet kpix 5 asked him about how he nutrition alley prepared for a game. >> we drank a lot of beer. >> back in the day there was really no nutrition. it was like eat a big red steak and you're ready for the game. nowadays the people of the football operations now the value of nutrition and the right food. >> one thing has never changed. >> it's amazing being here with all these one. >> the fans, the faithful. >> to go out on the field. 60,000 people cheering you on. >> you love to hear them out there screaming and yelling and you want to perform well for them. >> that feeling that you get
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right before kickoff and everybody's yelling and it just gives me the chills inside thinking about it right now. >> that was dennis o'donnell reporting. tomorrow is the first preseason game of the year with the 49ers. the game kicks off at 6:00 followed by the 5th quarter at 9:00 p.m. and as we gear up for tomorrow's game we want to see your 49er faithful photos. share them on social media. >> i love seeing all of those photos. babies and dogs all in 49ers gear. >> i need to go out there and get some gear. maybe that's what i'll do for my saturday. >> i mean it's really hard to be jaguars fan but that's my hometown so i will cheer for the 49ers as long as they don't play each other. in the meantime here we're hitting the road right now. you' plenty of time.
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time if for that extra cup of coffee if you need it. i know i do here. as we're looking at the overall big picture. there is plenty of green out here. really slowing you down at this hour. mary will talk a little bit more about the breezy conditions out there. for those of you crossing over the bridge towards the peninsula or from the peninsula it's going to be slowing you down at all. as far as the richmond san rafael bridge that construction is wrapped up for the night or morning and you are good to go. and southbound on marin that's up to 62 miles an hour. the lane closures were in affect overnight. now over to the altamonte pass where you are at 13 miles an hour through that westbound direction. good to go all the way to the dublin interchange. it's a little bit slow but not terrible and you're looking good all the way into sonal. 37 minutes creeping up getting closer to 40.
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not quite there yet. you are in the green on 80, 4, and 101 this morning. this is going to be our problem spot all morning long. construction. take a look at that. it is miserable. you're going to need to give yourself 10 minutes extra even though it's a friday as a result of that. we're going to keep an eye on it. hopefully they'll be able to clear it. in the meantime it's not that story at the bay bridge. no problems, no back ups. not even in the cash lanes. mary. okay emily and speaking of those breezy conditions. we're tracking westerly to southwesterly winds. you'll feel that as you step outside. this is looking east and you can see the clouds in the sky but nice to be ablo see trut great e bay bridge. temps running in the mid to upper 50s to low 60s.
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so your weather headlines another breezy and cool day with below average temperatures. even as we head through the afternoon we will see those breezy conditions. that coastal drizzle and isolated shower. maybe about a 10% chance of that for saturday morning. and we are going to see that sunshine as we head through saturday in the afternoon much warmer for your sunday. so here is the satellite and radar view. that low pressure system that has just been sticking around for us all week long. this persistent low will start to move as we go through today and will push inland into the pacific northwest for tomorrow. that will bring the rain for them. and also an isolated thunderstorm chance and it will bring in some showers to far northern california. as we go through the day today here in the bay area we're looking at that clearing as we go through our afternoon. it's going to be another pleasant day with sunshine. tomorrow morning you with see the clouds as we start off the
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day. and again slight chance of shower for the coast especially the north coast as we go through tomorrow morning and then clearing for your saturday in the afternoon. so temperatures for today looking at below average once again but enjoy the sunshine. 80 in sunnivale. 81 in be santa clara. also for san jose mid 80s in morgan hill. concord as well as for pittsburgh. berkley a high around 68. 65 in san francisco. 71 in oakland and topping out at 82 for st. helena. if you're heading out to outside lands this weekend looking good. temperatures in the mid 60s. so mild conditions and of course we're talking about preseason football 49ers that preseason opener taking on the cow tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. mostly clear. 77 at kickoff and we have the oakland raiders taking on the l.a. rams tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. mainly kickoff at 72.
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here's your 7-day forecast a little bit cooler saturday. as high pressure builds in. back to you. time now is 5:21. ahead a radioactive drink. that's a first of its kind. coming up the limited supply liquor distilled in chernobyl. >> and you are looking live at the golden gate bridge. some fog covering san francisco, the north side. that's the marina right there. we'll be right back on this friday morning. visceral reaction. they finally got their asses out of there and fred caps came out and did his magic and it was wonderful. ( laughter ) >> stephen: did he have a signature trick? >> he would put a rabbitt in hat and the rabbit would -- the rabbit would disappear. and then the rabbit would appear again. >> stephen: oh, okay. yeah. >> stephen: because many people take out a hat and they'll reach in to remove the
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and today's health watch. researchers have identified dozens of genes that have helped increase the risk of autism. it found that 69 genes associated with the disorder including 16 that are new to the list. scientists say understanding the biology of autism could lead to better therapies. six out of ten children who get their tonsils removed go home with opioid prescriptions. a study at the university of michigan track thousands of patients as young as a year old. more than half of privately insured children were given powerful painkillers. and doctors say that new meckm ctions i ty cut back on opioids. focused on using fewer painkillers and getting patients up and walking sooner afterorir. you probably aren't planning
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to visit chernobyl any time soon but that doesn't mean you can't get a taste of it. distilled from rye grown in the exclusion zone. the grain starts out radioactive but claim the dislation process removes the dangerous isotopes the company says it will donate 75% of its profits who still live in the area. we have new video coming in of protests in hong kong. coming up why they have now moved to the airport. . >> and another first for san francisco here at outside lands cannabis will be sold as part of the festivities. we'll explain next.
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live from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix 5 news. fear this morning of another
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planned mass shooting. a man enters a walmart carrying weapons and more than 100 rounds of ammunition. >> first the warriors leave oakland now oracle arena loses its name what's next for this entertainment venue. >> and if your last name is green you can save some green. it is friday august 9th. good morning i'm michelle griego. >> good morning i'm kenny choi. we've got another beautiful forecast. joining us now in mary lee. >> it's going to be a breezy day. we have those on shore winds kicking in and because of that cooler temperatures. below average once again similar to yesterday. so here we go with the winds. clocking wind speeds at 7 miles an hour. 13 in concord. 17 miles per hour winds for you in antioche and also for fairfield out of the southwest. let's take you through the day and what you can expect with daytime highs below average for this time of year.
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mid 60s in san francisco this afternoon. low 70s in oakland. low 80s in san jose as well as for concord. so temperatures running about 1 to 8 degrees cooler than average. we'll talk about the weekend forecast coming up. emily. thanks so much mary. we're going to check in on your travel times this morning from your real time traffic centers. still in the green in most spots. the only place that's in the yellow is still in the altamonte pass. as you are headed westbound out of the tracy triangle. 101. taking a live look out to 880. this travel time not on our map. unfortunately it is slow going down to lane closures. two of them at least shutown in the northbound direction this is just past i guess what was once oracle arena. that's going tw you down all morning long. not slow at all at the bay bridge. there are no delays at all there but some after the san rafael
5:32 am
bridge. >> i'm ann mackovich at the live desk. new video from hong kong this morning where the protests have moved to the airport. after several countries have issued travel advisories to their cities including in the u.s. over the past few weeks in hong kong have grown violent. so the optics on this are very important. they want to show they can protest very peacefully. developing this morning a man is in custody after entering a missouri walmart store. shoppers in springfield were terrified yesterday with recent mass shootings in gilroy, el paso, and dayton fresh on their minds. the man was wearing body armor and recorded himself walking through the store. the walmart manager pulled the fire alarm.
5:33 am
no one was injured. an off-duty firefighter who was at the store and armed detained the man as he tried to flee through an emergency exit. >> his intent was not to cause peace or comfort to anybody in the business here. he's lucky he's alive still to be honest. >> the suspect's name has not been released. this incident comes less than a week after a shooting killed 22 people at an el paso walmart. authorities now say a man who went on a deadly stabbing spree in southern california is a gangber. 's scheduled to be arraigned today. zackery castaneta is accused of killing four people and injuring two others wednesday in garden grove. he could of injured or killed ht been arrested at a convenience store. >> this person should have been in prison and not allowed to be in our community committing these violent acts.
5:34 am
>> the violence appears to be random. the motive remains unclear. >> the man is accused of peeping into his former neighbor's windows in santa clara county. michael fields of fremont focused on apartments where young girls lived. some palo alto. one woman telling us she's had sleepless nights. especially from her landlord about the peeping tom. >> i'm extremely angry. i have children myself and that is just not okay. this is my home. we're supposed to safe here. useepiveillance video allegedly hbors ow morn dozen times at night beginning in july. a live look now at the arena formerly known as oracle this morning and looks completely different. look at that. the massive letters oracle have been taken down. as the warriors get ready for their move across the bay this
5:35 am
fall. there are still signs of the oracle brand on the arena south side. soon, that will be gone too. golden state's impressive run in oakland has been over for about two months now and for fans it's finally starting to hit them. >> that was one of the things i always saw when you fly into oakland so it's definitely going to be different. >> you lose the raiders and this team and a team that's done very well. it's just kind of sad. >> no word yet on what the east bay arena will be called now. the warriors will open the chase center october 5th in a preseason match up against the los angeles lakers happening today for the first timevenns going to golde gat park at the outside lands music festival. kpix 5's jackie ward joining us live with more. >> good morning. cannabis will once again be a
5:36 am
featured prominent part here at the outside lands festival. but let's talk about the plan to keep the 210,000 people to be here safe first. both inside and outside of the festival. they'll be doing this by horse, bicycle, motorcycle, and s.w.a.t. officers will be walking around in tactical gear. music is obviously a big draw for the crowds. but for the second year in a row people at the festival will be able to visit grasslands. an experience that spotlights the integration of cannabis into daily life. new this year, the sale of cannabis. >> i want to be clear, if it works well, we might do this for other festivals. if it doesn't, then we're going to have second thoughts aboutis. >> dozens of artists will be here.
5:37 am
paul simon, childish gambino lumineers, blink 182 and casey musgraves are just some of the names that will be performing here this weekend. in san francisco jackie ward kpix 5. >> thank you. and kpix 5 has you covered on all things outside lands this weekend including information on festival tickets and transportation. head to our website a live look at sfo and san jose manetta right now where you can catch a free flight from fontier if your last name is green. just book a destination that departs on august 13th and confirm your last name is green. and amazon is looking for clearance from the faa to fly. amazon has requested approval to operate its drone to fly ck trs in 30 minutes or less. the company says in the petition
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initially its drones will only fly during the day. the faa is taking public comments on the petition for most of the month. facebook is making a new push in the news industry and today is the last day for trading of course on wall street this week. here's today's cbs money watch report. wendy good morning. >> good morning kenny. wall street continued to rebound yesterday. the dow climbed 371 points. the nasdaq rose 176 and the s&p had its best day in 2 months gaining 54. uber was up but its earnings reports eliminated most of those gains. the ride hail company lost more than $5 billion in the 2nd quarter. uber's ceo expects 2019 to be the company's peak investment year and for losses to start going down in 2020.
5:39 am
facebook is reportedly offering millions of dollars to various news publishers as the social media giant looks foro in a newg later this year. the wall street journal reports facebook pitched the idea to dow jones as well as abc news, the washington post and bloomberg. >> wendy we hear that you can now ask amazon's alexa to feed your dog. what's that all about and how is that possible? >> the second generation pet save smart feed automatic pet feeder can be connected to amazon echo allowing you to give verbal commands when you're out of the house. you can schedule meals or dispense them from anywhere. you can also automatically reorder food. it cost just under $200. not cheap to do all that. >> not cheap but very useful of. amazon's alexa getting even
5:40 am
better. wow. wendy gillette of thank you. time now 5:40. >> ahead... nearing extinction. they survived the ice age now why researchers say climate change is killing joshua trees. >> i'm tracking the winds this morning. breezy conditions with those westerly and southwesterly winds. i'll show you future cast in just a moment. >> 5:40 i'm keeping an eye on your real time travel traffic times. not too much company in that westbound direction. word to the wise there is a wind advisory in effect. i've got that and more just ahead.
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i'm ann mackovich at the live news desk. we have some new stories coming out of belgium. she's a pretty good mom according to officials there at the zoo. these babies were born yesterday. look at what a giant baby panda looks like when it is one day old. they were born on the 8th month, and the 8th day and 8 is lucky in the chinese culture so everything appears to be going well with these babies in belgium back to you. >> luckily they get cuter as they get older. well joshua trees they survived the ice age and now some say the iconic tree species could soon face extinction. researchers found that joshua trees will die if climate change
5:44 am
issues are not addressed. it's the lack of younger ones. >> we're already seeing they're not reproducing anymore. there's no seedlings, there's no juveniles. there's just these big joshua trees standing there without any young ones to replace them overtime. >> the drier temperatures make it hard enough for the trees to hold water to survive. it's up to us to make sure joshua tree park will be around in the coming decades. an unusual sight in lake tahoe thereut sion there exp say the tortoise shell butterflies. can you see them. look closely. they are trying to find the remanents of the winter snow pack. people say they've also spotted them in their backyards. new video to show you this morning a group of massachusetts teens weren't banking on winning a wild bet because on the other
5:45 am
side of the parley it was the local police. they were out enjoying the summer night playing ball at their high school when two officers showed up. the group was given a choice sink a half court shot and stay. >> so i said a quick prayer threw it up and it went in. >> kind of like this. speechless. >> we were all happy but you've got to quiet down. they're going to call again. >> officers said they went on their way but eventually returned to the court just after midnight and true to their word th had gone home. >> all right. in palm springs the taco bell hotel is now open. the fast food chain is taking over the v-palm springs this weekend. there's feed the beat artists and a freeze lounge. rooms sold out in two minutes after reservations became available in july. the bell is open through monday.
5:46 am
>> i like the hot sauce packet pillows. >> no. but i like everything about this hotel. i would be there if they hadn't sold out in 2 minutes. >> you're a big fan of taco bell. >> i know my grandparents if they were around they'd hate that. >> that's what got me through my late lunch yesterday. i forgot to eat lunch and i had to pick my car up and i told the guy i was like i'm sorry if i don't eat it's going to be a real problem and i ate my taco bell and i made it. if i don't get fed it's a real problem. you'll be happy to know i've eaten by breakfast and had my coffee. you've got time to do that as well. there's no traffic to report. we just have a couple of slow spots. the chp is on and they're in the process of clearing. one of them is southbound 101 right there. it is slow a little bit in the approach to that it is blocking or was blocking a lane.
5:47 am
hopefully they'll be able to clear that in a good amount of time before it starts to heat up. there is a wind advisory in effect for the san mateo bridge. but it is not going to be causing you any delays. there is no longer any construction on the richmond san rafael bridge. that has been cleared as of 5:00 this morning good news and same thing with the southbound commute on 101 as a result of the construction that was happening on the suicide barrier at the golden gate bridge. altamonte pass you're down to 10 miles an hour. but then you're in the green all the way towards the dublin interchange. we've got a problem there without delays either. it's a 39-minute ride out of the altamonte pass. you are in the green still highway 4ndalened uthe on the ns freeway. it's been causing such a nightmare headache. the last couple of days it looks like theet close to
5:48 am
peaking over the horizon. you're not going to have any problem at the toll plaza there. and headed into marin county this morning it's of course busy but there are no delays. we are starting to see a number one a stall on the right-hand side there at the san mateo bridge but everybody seems to be moving right along just fine. past it you have plenty of volume towards the peninsula. eastbound as you are headed away from that, you are looking good. you mentioned breakfast. you've got to share some of that breakfast with us. kind of hungry. isn't that a spectacular sight. all week long we've just had that fog kind of obscuring the views with our sales force tower cams, not today. so those golden colors in the sky with the sun j a t ri can see mount diablo there. our temperatures are running in the mid to upper 60s and low 60s at this hour. you'll notice it as you step outside looking at westerly to southwesterly winds.
5:49 am
10 to 15 to 20 miles per hour. a cool day with that strong onshore flow and we'll continue to see breezy conditions as we head through the afternoon. coastal drizzle is a possibility. a slight chance of that or isolated shower for tomorrow morning. so we'll be watching that closely for you. afternoon sunshine on saturday. much warmer on sunday. so there is that low pressure system it's been a persistent low hanging around all week long. it will eventually start moving to the east and will impact the pacific northwest. bringing them the rain even down through far northern california. for us, that means just temperatures a little bit cooler. so as we go through the day today you can see that clearing pulling back to the coast. those clouds tomorrow morning a cloudy start to the day. and we could possibly again see some coastal drizzle for the north coast tomorrow morning and then looking at clearing as we head through the afternoon saturday. a little bit more sunshine on sunday. there we go with that low pressure system impacting the
5:50 am
pacific northwest with rain likely saturday. north of chico and clear lake. our sunrise at 6:19 and our sunset at 8:09. daytime highs very similar compared to yesterday. below average temperatures. we will have that sun as well. mid 80s in morgan hill. looking at 80 for concord as well as for pittsburgh as we head through the day. upper 60s in berkley. mid 60s in san francisco. low 70s for alameda and oakland and looking at the low 80s for st. helena. if you're heading out to outside lands for this weekend looking good in the mid 60s. summer fest this weekend. sunshine in the low 80s. here's the 7-day forecast and what you can expect. temps a little bit cooler saturday and warming right back up sunday into next week. michelle. >> thank you. it is almost time for back to school. i think every parents' favorite time of year. oakland unified begins classes
5:51 am
on monday. san jose starts on wednesday and san francisco classes start the following week. >> and we'd like to see photos of your students as they gear up for the new year and we will show some of them on air. in san francisco one stunning sea cliff home. >> and just wait until you hear the price tag. take a look first . this mansion has architecture dating back to the 1920s. it has 5 bedrooms and 5.5 baths not to mention the beautiful scenery and the golden gate bridge. how much is it? >> wait for it. >> well it just sold for $18 million just a million and a half below asking price it's the city's second biggest real estate deal this year. it is beautiful. >> it's a stunner but 18-mil. >> time now 5:51. up next remember that famous movie line if you build it he will come. a major league baseball game is
5:52 am
finally coming to one iconic baseball diamond. about 8 thousand fans are able to go. >> and taking a live look outside at ocean beach from our cliff house camera. looking good. it is 59 degrees at ocean beach. 5:52 we'll be right back.
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5:55 am
yankees regular season game set for august 13th next year. not far from the iconic baseball diamond and corn field featured in that 1989 kevin costner film. it won't impact the movie site. >> we have so many people getting in contact with locals here. family, friends. get me tickets. >> it's nostalgic when you think about hollywood and iowa. >> tickets aren't on sale yet but when they arehell blimitedf >>5:55 in thetal hour'l b able h your bus. and following the recent mass shootings across the country. outside lands security will be a lot tielgter than in years past. we'll tell you how next. choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever.
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studios this is kpix 5 news. >> now at 6:00 thousands of festival goers flocking to the bay area this morning how organizers plan to keep the large crowd safe. >> plus police swarm the san jose campus for a man with a gun. >> and concerned east bay neighbors packing a town hall this morning. their calls for gun control intensify. >> good morning everyone it's friday august 9th i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. let's get a check on the forecast. it's going to be another fantastic friday forecast mary. >> and we've got that friday feeling it's going to be a beautiful day across the bay area. pleasant daytime highs. a little bit cooler than average and here is a live look with our sales force tower camera and you can see the fog rolling in. the camera's shaking a bit in the wind. tracking westerly winds at 15
6:00 am
15 miles per hour right now in downtown san francisco. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. your microclimate forecast for the coast. cool and breezy in the low 60s. for the bay mostly sunny. we are going to see that clearing as we go through the bay as well. looking at breezy conditions as we head through the afternoon. mid to upper 60s to low 70s and our inland spots once again upper 70s to low to mid 80s with sunshine. i'll have your weekend forecast coming up. let's start with a look at your main travel times at 6:00. the good news is for most of us it looks good. you are in the green. there is only one travel time that is in the yellow and this is really


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