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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  August 9, 2019 12:00pm-12:29pm PDT

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grocerier and always remember to eat fresh andhe coming up at 5:00 the feds are taking aim at the north bay's wild elk. what the d instead. we'll have that story and much more coming up at 5:00. 49ers faithful football is here. it's back. week one of the nfl preseason kicks off this weekend. the cowboys coming to levi stadium. and as we gear up for tomorrow's game we want to see live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix 5 news. your 49er faithful photos. now at noon, a massive fire share with us on social media breaks out at an oakland with the hashtag kpix 5. >> i know what i'm doing warehouse. the itemings inside meant to be tomorrow night. watching football. >> popcorn. ready for the show. used for an up coming festival. >> have fun out there. >> football and a good day for good afternoon i'm kenny choi. baseball. look at that. y >> i'm michelle griego. the three alarm fire sent large plumes of smoke into the air.
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fir withe on the four hour fire fight. anne. >> this fire broke out at 6:20 this morning and there's still smoke coming off the brilding as -- building as you can see behind me. half of it is destroyed. the walls of this building started collapsing after hours of firefighters spraying water from the outside. you can see in these shots from chopper 5 how this stubborn fire raged in the middle of the building so firefighters had to pull back early and go into defensive mode. inside the building an artist collective known as moxie for 37 businesses worked with metal, wood, and bronzing materials. some created with pieces for burning man. >> part of this building, part of the warehouse orac i two sto.laed in.he w vleor sngny
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880 at the 23rd avenue ramp. some nearby homes were evacuated because of smoke and firefighters say they were concerned about their water supply. >> we were tooeterring right at that point that we were going to get to a critical point and our concern was the fire spreading to additional buildings. >> luckily that did not happen. there were people inside of the warehouse when the fire started but no injuries reported. the cause is under investigation. live in oakland anne makovec kpix 5 the dramatic plumes even caused some backups on 880. we'll have more on the kpix 5 news at 5:00 and more online at right now more than $3.5 million are heading to a number of police departments in
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santa clara andmeda counti ed toar bre-ins. each rec $some it will go outreh in areas where crime is common and funding overtime work by law enforcement. not too long ago assembly member presented that funding to the city's police chiefs. >> to talk to leaders here. and the police chief i realized >> steffy: beth? that they have done their best. i adopted b-beth? >> liam: yes. >> we see victims that are >> steffy: no. losing property. >> signs and equipment that that's phoebe. detour car break-ins. she's phoebe. >> president trump says continue to get new gun control >> hope: i know it's hard to take in, and it's a shock. but it's true. measures passed. kathryn johnson reports. >> president trump says he's working the phones to drum up you've been raising my daughter. support for new gun control measures with democrats and >> brooke: all this time...
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republicans in congress. >> i think with a lot of success hope was in mourning... and your son knew! that we have i think i have a >> ridge: well, we don't know that. greater influence now over the >> brooke: ridge, why would they lie? >> ridge: all they do is lie! senate and over the house. i think we can get something >> brooke: he married hope knowing that -- >> ridge: we'll deal with really good done. thomas. >> the president says senate we'll talk to him. right now, i'm concerned about steffy. there's a lot of pain coming her majority leader mitch mcconnell is fully on board and in a radio way, and she doesn't deserve it. interview thursday mcconnell says he's gun bipartisan talksnd flags would probably lead the discussion but a lot of other things will come up as well. but what we can't do is fail to pass something. >> but mcconnell says nothing will be done until after the senate's august recess. despite calls from democrats to reconvene with congress now. >> the head of the national rifle association. >> we'll see where the nra will be. but we have to have meaningful background checks. >> in a statement thursdayla pierre says imposed on the rights of law-abiding citizens
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and the gun proposals sound bite solutions. >> i think in the end wayne and the nra will either be there or maybe we'll be a little bit more neutral. and that will be okay too. >> a senior administration official says the president realized he needs to back some form of gun control even if getb cb news the white house. president trump talked about new background check laws following the parkland shooting as well following push back from the nra. happening today tighter security at several area events. the gilroy rodeo. and of course outside lands. music festival in san francisco are all going on as planned. 210,000 people are expected this weekend in golden gate park for outside lands. sfpd will be deploying more officers inside and outside this year. there's also an evacuation plan. even extra layers of fencing and barricades. if you have any questions about the event or how to get there we
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have you covered. our web team has compiled a list at the father of michael brown who was killed in ferguson, missouri 5 years ago today has asked for the case to be re-opened. mark liverman takes a look at the latest. >> on the 5th anniversary of the death of 18-year-old michael brown, his father is calling on the st. louis county prosecuting attorney to re-open the case against the white police officer who killed him. >> my son was murdered in cold blood with no remorse and no medical treatment. mike mike laid in the street for 4 and a half hours as he laid there, he was dehumanized. >> officer daren wilson shot and killed the unarmed black teenager claiming brown had attacked him. a grand jury decided to not
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indict wilson. >> what i am hurt today in front of you all to demand someone to look at the case. >> the request goes to wesley bell who became st. louis's county's first black prosecuting attorney last summer. he said our office is doing everything we can to understand the underlying issues that contributed to the death of michael brown. we are working every day with law enforcement to implement policies. wilson was also not charged by the u.s. department of justice and he resigned from the police force in november 2014. that force looks very different now. in 2014 there were only three black officers. now it is evenly split along racial lines. but brown's family says out in the streets not much has changed. >> still black and brown bodies being found on troun
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>>his wkend trown family will host a memorial. mark liverman cbs news new york. i'm emily turner and right now president trump is in new york. he's expected at two different fundraisers today in the hamptons. one of those events is being held by real estate developer and billionaire steven ross. ross also owns the parent company of fitness brands equinox fitness as well as soulcycle. >> he's a friend of mine. he's a very successful guy. we were competitors but friends in real estate in new york in the old days. by the way i think he's probably more inclined to be a liberal if you want to know the trudz. >> equinox and soulcycle are at the center of a national boycott. the two popular gym chains have a number of locations this here in the bay area. politics have no place in the gym. >> i love coming here but i'm not happy that my money which i
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give to equinox is then being used for a fundraiser for trump. >> people have the right to donate wherever they want and a business is a business. >> equinox and soulcycle have put out a statement saying they have nothing to do with the event. meantime the fundraising flap has promoted rival fitness brands to offer specials to new members leaving those brands. thank you. right now crews are trying to get a handle on this wild fire in lake county. the so-called gulf fire broke out yesterday afternoon on soda bay road and gulf drive. mandatory evacuations are in place for the area known as riviera west. >> the spillway is back open to the public. repairs on the damaged dam are still going on right now. the ramp and parking lots arehr. until 11:00 at night. they'll close monday through
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thursday next week for construction. a week starting this fall. days coming up day care centers across the u.s. still using certain sleepers blamed for deaths. >> plus legos now seen a lot more as a toy. >> really cool. we are watching the skies clear this afternoon. it's shaping up to be a beautiful day across the area. i'll have your weekend forecast coming up.
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some of you grew up playing with legos and now the iconic toy is being used to help blind children read. >> yeah, this is really cool.
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the lego foundation will soon introduce the special new bricks in american schools. ann lee gives us a look at how it's working in london. >> here in leoni masterson's class students are learning to read by touch. all of these students are blind or impaired. 17-year-old iah and 18-year-oldr >> w i did notraille think i would ever be able to write or read. >> braille isn't as easy as abc. it takes time and a dedicated teacher who knows it. that's not common. >> pick out a brick. >> now for the. >> these aren't your childhood favorites. >> the studs are rearranged to represent letters and symbols. the building blocks of language. >> it's a good way of bringing
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visually impaired people together. and. >> since most teachers can't read braille. lego hopes their new bricks bridge the gap. >> i love braille and i like finding ways of teaching it. >> there's a numbers side. >> success as an adult say blindness charity workers like steve tyler. >> there is a direct link dween braille literacy and likelihood of getting a job. >> cbs news london. >> the national federation for the blind says there is a crisis in america when it comes to braille literacy. more than 1 million people in the united states are legally blind. meanwhile, it is almost time for back to school. oakland unified begins on monday. san jose starts on wednesday and in san francisco classes start the following week. we'd like to see photos and videos of your students as they gear up for the new school year. we'll show some of them on air. let's see how wall street is
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doing just about 5 minutes before the closing bell. the dow is up 22 points. some day care centers across the country are still using certain sleepers blamed for dozens of infant deaths despite a voluntary recall. two types of incline sleepers including the fisher price rock and play were still being used. the sleeper was still being recalled back in april. fisher price says it has taken multiple steps to notify consumers about the recalls. let's get a check of the thr sales force tower camera. it was a beautiful morning and we continue t breezy conditions out of the west and southwest with those winds. this is looking north and you can see the camera shaking in the wind this afternoon looking
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at the golden gate and those clouds in the sky. we are watching those clouds clear at least the sky is clear as we go through our day. the satellite and radar view there's that upper level low that's been hanging around all weekend long. it will slowly push inland across the pacific northwest. that will bring rain for them. also an isolated thunderstorm chance and the rain even down through far northern california for tomorrow morning. as we head through the rest of our afternoon you can see that clearing. enjoy the sunshine . tomorrow morning we're starting off the day with those clouds and a slight chance for coastal drizzle or an isolated spotty shower for the north coast tomorrow morning. otherwise we are looking at that clearing as we head through theh temperatures a little bit cooler warming up for sunday. with bringing the rain likely on
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saturday north of cheekco. again for -- chico. sunset 8:09 p.m. and sun rise at 6:20. 80 in concord. 82 for livermore. 71 for oakland looking at 67 for san francisco. of course we are excited about the preseason opener our 49ers taking on the cowboys tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. mostly clear at kickoff. temperatures right around 77 at kick off you can watch the game right here at kpix 5 and we have the oakland raiders taking on the l.a. rams tomorrow. 72 at kickoff. there we go. temps a little bit cooler for tomorrow and warming right back up as high pressure builds in sunday into next week. so sunday will be the warmer day out of our weekend if you have those outdoor plans but pretty much every day this weekend should be a nice one. >> this is why we love california. >> so many reasons. earlier this year a nearly
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5-year long international man hunt came to an sglend peter chadwick accused of killing his wife was captured in mexico. chadwick was in court for a pretrial hearing in santa ana this week where he was accused of strengthling his wife after more than 4 and a half years on the run. i asked tracy smith what his life was like as a fugitive. >> he had some spending money and apparently at first he was living in rather fancy hotels then they started asking for passports. he didn't have a fake passport. when they found him he was living in kind of an apartment that was adjacent to a country club and he was still playing tennis regularly. >> you can watch the full story on peter chadwick captured on 48 hours on saturday night right here on kpix 5. coming up the new cat call study that claims your cat just
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doesn't want to hang out with you.
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welcome back. sorry cat lovers a new study out
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this afternoon might offend you. >> researchers say cats know when their owners are calling their name but they're choosing to ignore them. all right. the study was tested in some cats homes with their owner out of view. researchers played audio recordings of the cat's owner saying nouns similar to the cat's name and finally the cat it's name. most cats moved their heads or perked up their ears when their names were called but they said talk to the hand they chose to ignore those calls. a new study to help you out next time you hit the beach this summer. staring down a seagulro stealin. it took sea gulls 21 seconds longer to steal food if a person was watching them. >> if you have a consumer problem or question e-mail us at
12:23 pm or call 1-888-5-helpsu. we'll be right back.
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today it's goingoe red potatoes. very important other side the potato salad is not going to
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taste that great. and no sprouting whatsoever. when you bring them home do not store them in a cool dry place. they have to be stored in the refrigerator. otherwise they turn green and that you don't want at all. in thegerar they last you about a week to 10 days. i try to make my potato salad fh
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