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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  August 9, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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do. >> reporter: back in 2016 we reported on allegations of segregation at this mostly black school. it is about a mile from tony mostly white sausalito. today the state attorney general dropped a bombshell after a two-year investigation. he said there was segregation and it was intentional. the district was segregating is students. by race. after a thorough investigation sure enough that is what we found.>> reporter: attorney general javier becerra set the segregation within the sausalito marin city school district was no accident. his investigation revealed the district had knowingly established and intentionally segregated school. that school bayside martin luther king jr. a small mostly black k-8 school in marin city. the investigation found it was built based largely on one
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board of trustee members desire to create a separate school for the district's african-american community. the school was established within one year the district began cutting programming at the intentionally segregated k- 8 school. in 2016 a district report found millions of dollars were being taken away from bayside mlk and funneled into willow creek academy. a wealthy sausalito charter school. terry green has grandchildren in the sausalito marin city school district. she said as disturbing as the findings are she has seen the discrimination up close. it did not come as a shock to us. >> reporter: she is inspired by the attorney general's solution to the problem. a settlement that mandates a series of changes to desegregate the secretary the district. within 90 days they have to form a desegregation advisory group. come up with a comprehensive education plan that would attract diverse students. all of it overseen by a third party monitor. strict superintendent garcia said he is inspired to create
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changes. it is really exciting to have the opportunity to build a high-performing integrated highly diverse school. >> reporter: the district will have five years to meet the standards. terry said the district has the will. we could get this together in the next year. no more than 2. if people are serious.>> reporter: the problem might not just be isolated to this area. his findings might just be the tip of the iceberg. chances are sausalito marin city school district is not the only place where a whole bunch of kids because of their color are not being given an equal chance to learn. >> reporter: the attorney general said he has to rely on the public to report suspected instances of segregation at school districts to his office. as for the students who attended the school from 2013 until 2019 it will now be up to the school district to set up a scholarship fund to pay for any
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future community college or vocational training for them. the young man turned over to ice by daly city police spoke out today for the first time since his release from detention. he is demanding payment from the city. and help getting a visa. political reporter melissa kane has the story.>> reporter: at a demonstration in front of isis office in san francisco today armando escobar spoke through a translator about his arrest by daly city police on may 3. they detained me even though they did not give me any traffic infraction.>> reporter: the details are murky. deal shows a daly city police officer standing by while in ice agent takes him into custody. because he had a simple immigration warrant. he spent three months in ice detention center. he now wants the center close. i want to ask it be close permanently.>> reporter:
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he is suing daly city for damages. saying the police violated california sanctuary laws by cooperating. his lawyer. that is pending or waiting to hear back from the city. >> reporter: he wants the city to change its police policies. and to help him get a visa. i also asked for a u visa certification. >> reporter: for crime victims and he wants daly city to certify that it falsely imprisoned him. and that would allow him to apply for the visa. they have agreed to a policy change. they have agreed to any remedies for armando.>> reporter: is immigration case is being appealed. there might be more victims in daly city where there is a large immigrant population. from watching the video from what happened to armando it looks like it wasn't a unique situation. the officer was very comfortable doing what he did. >> reporter: we did reach out
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to daly city officials for the story. they did not return our calls. just so you know it is not just daly city. the group did a study earlier this year. they looked at almost 200 cities and counties in their law enforcement. they found only 40% of the policies were actually compliant with the states sanctuary law. she specifically said contra costa county particular has an issue with aligning its policies with what the law requires. three alarm fire has partially destroyed a warehouse in east oakland fruit veil district. he 1000 square feet of space houses and are collected called moxie. it took 50 firefighters are morning to put this one out. starting on 23rd avenue just near 880 just as the morning commute was getting underway. video posted to social media's shows black smoke pouring into the sky. the warehouse was divided into 37 separate spaces into meant
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building. the fire destroyed one of them. dividing the space requires permits. as kpix 5 discovered no permits have been polled since moxie took over the warehouse in 2014. the business owners of the artist might have had a permit. the property owners did not make the necessary improvement whether it was electrical a necessity sprinkler systems and so forth. is fire marshals investigate the cause of the fire officials are digging into whether the warehouse was inspected and up to code. and air quality advisory is in place for dublin lessons in livermore after a fast-moving grass fire burned nearly 250 acres this afternoon and the east dublin hills. we had five engines just for structural protection. with the chief officer evaluating the homes and staying on top of those homes protecting them.
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they managed to stop the fire before it burned any structures. it is now 90% contained. tonight music fans are filling golden gate park for outside lands. chopper 5 was overhead. 210 thousand people are expected this weekend. over the entire weekend. you can expect lots of extra officers fencing and barricades to keep festivalgoers safe. as for the weather it is beautiful outside. paul is live in golden gate park with that and the rest of the weekend's forecast. if you're wondering where your friends are there is a 75% chance they are out there. they are here at outside lands. we have 210,000 folks visiting golden gate park this weekend. for this three-day concert. today by far will feature the best weather if you want it warm. it is in the low 70s. less of an ocean breeze and sunshine. not to say saturday and sunday are going to be bad. they will be cooler and cloudier. tomorrow middle 60s with mostly
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cloudy skies in the morning. sunshine and afternoon. the forecast for sunday we stay in the middle 60s but a little bit more sunshine. the forecast is looking very pleasant for the upcoming weekend. certainly no rain in the forecast for outside lands. phone is sunshine. you know how cloudy it was this morning. that was a boundary moving through. behind it where we are right now less of an ocean breeze. more sunshine and highs in san francisco made it to 70 degrees. we are looking at the warmest weather for the weekend. right now. it is still pleasant towards saturday and sunday. there are a lot of people here. we will be back live in a few minutes with the seven day forecast. a lot of people. hard to hear yourself talk. take a live look in san jose right now where the jazz summerfest is underway. you can see people just bopping away on the bandstand. to boost security this year there are fewer entrances. and
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more perimeter patrolling going on. a fire broke out inside in alameda county synagogue early this morning. the rabbi rushes to the scene and nearly got himself arrested. this happened at shabbat of the tri-valley near hopp yard road in pleasanton. wilson walker with what the rabbi ran into saids. >> reporter: them here in the front parking lot you would have no idea how much damage was suffered at the tri-valley. on the backside of the building. you would have no idea the drama that unfolded is one rabbi try to save the precious materials inside the building. it was one a.m. in the morning. i have fallen asleep on the couch. i got a call from the police i liarou the corner and i ding came if my car. there was firefighters all over the place.>> reporter: the rabbi did not have to go far to reach his burning synagogue and
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considering the damage to the rear wall in the roof it could have been so much worse. it is intact thank god. we are here to tell the tale.>> reporter: the heat of the fire there was a lot to be worried about. the first thing on my mind was the scrolls. these are handwritten scrolls of the five books of moses copied from scrolls going back 3331 years. i ran into the building. the firefighters stopped me at the entrance and said what are you doing. i said please help us get the scrolls out of the building. a were incredible. they told me i should not do this if it happens again. but they were amazing. they got the scrolls. had it not been for their fast response time the entire building would've burned down. we would not have had those scrolls.>> reporter: the scrolls and the buildings were saved. the rabbi is working to put things back together. he has plenty of help. the outpouring from the community has been unbelievable heartwarming.
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i cannot thank them enough for what they have done. we will come together and rebuild. it will be the most beautiful synagogue in the area. is started on the exterior of the building. the exact cause is still under investigation we are told there is no evidence of arson. the death toll in last year's campfire is up to 86. butte county officials say 72- year-old paul ernest a paradise succumbed to his wounds. he's been hospitalized since november when the fire raced through the butte county. the victim's son said his parents tried to escape the fire. in an all-terrain vehicle. abandoned vehicles and fallen power lines blocked their path. they were seriously burned while sheltering behind a boulder. the feds taking aim at the north bay wild elk. why they say relocating the animals is not an option. and what they want to do instead. what some astronomy buffs called the best meteor shower
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of the year. it is almost here. the bay area spots where you can head for a good look. introducing togo's new hot chicken sandwiches.
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the national park service has a plan to control the elk population in the north bay. it would allow park staff to shoot enough animals to limit the herd to 120 total in point reyes national park.>> reporter: historic ranch is on point reyes along with those of the elk has always been a bit of a challenge. the national park service has endorsed a draft proposal hoping to do just that. it has gotten a lot of attention. democrat gerrit huffman and republican rob shipp introduced
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bipartisan bill. it calls for thinning the elk herd to manageable levels. it has grown to hundreds of animals. and is moving into ranchlands disrupting cattle operations. the center for biological diversity said no to reducing the elk herd.>> limited to 120 adults. if the number goes above that the park service plans to shoot those elk.>> reporter: his family has wrenched here for a long time. this year is the hundred and 30th year my family has been in business on the point reyes peninsula.>> reporter: he said the issue is not new but is always a sensitive topic. he said ranchers only use 30% of the park. what we would like to see is put the elk keep them separate from the working farms and ranches. keep them separate. in the 70% of the wilderness areas. we do not dislike elk.>> reporter: another item in the
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proposal is the offer of 20 year leases to the historic ranches. the filling a promise by former united states secretary of interior ken salazar from the obama it ministration. really appreciate. we feel fortunate to have that available to us.>> reporter: there is still a 45 day public comment period for the bill moves on. everyone i spoke to today said they will be speaking up. meteors will be streaking across the nice guy in our hemisphere next week. the perseid meteor shower is expected to reach its peak after midnight monday. and into tuesday morning. you look up you can see as many as 30 shooting stars an hour. good viewing spots include henry cole state park in morgan hill. the apple road in contra costa county. skyline boulevard on the peninsula. and various peaks in the north bay. let's get a check of the weekend weather right now. paul is live at outside
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lands in san francisco. we are between sets. i want to show you something cool. you see the sea of humanity leaving the middle of the park. guess which lines are the longest. they are the drink lines. in the bathroom lines. we have the next act that will take the stage at 6:25 pm. it is blank 182. everyone has a 10 minute break. there is a lot of humanity moving at outside lands. they are expecting 210,000 people to enter outside lands on friday saturday and sunday combined. that is a lot of humanity. a lot of great music as well. the weather is going to cooperate. in years past there has been drizzle. it has been cold and cloudy. none of that stuff will impact outside lands this weekend. we are talking about pleasant weather temperatures in the 60s on saturday and sunday. saturday tomorrow mostly cloudy 64 degrees. cloudy in the morning. on sunday partly sunny and 66.
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there is no weather reason not to visit outside lands but the weather is going to be fine. that is typical san francisco summer weather. current condition 68 in the city. 78 san jose. santa rosa 75. concorde the warm spot 81. the radar. this is getting interesting. showers over the sierra foothills. we are looking over the pacific ocean. numerous thunderstorms on the southern periphery of that low- pressure area we've been watching. some showers and thunderstorms might impact you. mendocino county certainly humbled county. maybe even north sonoma county. he will watch that throughout the evening. a number of thunderstorms over the warmer waters of the eastern pacific that are well offshore. giants and phillies tonight. 7:15 pm. 65 degrees. the niners play tomorrow night right here. 6 pm. clear skies and 78. taking on the cowboys in beautiful santa clara. low-pressure area passing over southern oregon. a widespread thunderstorm outbreak.
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it increase the fire danger in far northern california and southern oregon as the low traverses over the northwest saturday. best chance of a shower for us would be north of santa rosa overnight tonight. pretty cloudy night. pretty cloudy morning tomorrow. plan on sunshine in the afternoon with morning clouds afternoon sunshine coming up sunday. that cloudy night tonight with a couple sprinkles possible. could be a couple drops of rain anywhere throughout the bay area. nothing widespread. afternoon clearing on saturday. mild and warmer and sunnier. for most of the bay area on sunday. lots of 70s tomorrow. running a few degrees below average. mountain view 77. san rafael 75. napa 78. 67 san francisco. 82 livermore. we warm up a few degrees. sunnier on sunday. i wonder spots back to 90 degrees and limpet debate low 70s but warm is whether monday tuesday wednesday. low 70s near the bay. thursday and friday cooling down a bit. no real hot stuff. no real coast of the back out
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to live at outside lands. we are watching folks re- approaching the stage. next up is blink 182. in about five or six minutes. they might be fashionably late. music all night long and small. music on sunday. the weather will be just fine. the line for the bathroom looks long. you better get going. it is literally right behind the camera getting closer. it will be here in five minutes. the countdown is on. the 49 is preseason football. we are just a day away. from kick off at levi stadium. it is tomorrow. kpix 5 has you covered. gearing up check out this picture from anna. this group decked out in red and gold. we want to see your fan photos. it is not too late. share them on facebook twitter instagram with the hashtag kpix. you could see them on the air. speaking a 49ers.
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i have a whole lot on my plate. former giant goes home. a slugger got his groove back. and now the continuing saga of wide receiver antonio brown. and what is up with his helmet?
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nfl of top. the raiders. how about some drama with your training camp. we discard jackson out at least six weeks with a knee injury. hold on there is more. number $.84 oneal brown. the newest rater make a superstar wide receiver. pay to run routes with the scene. not with frost written feet.
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he filed a grievance over his helmet. the league wants him to use the newer safer design helmet. but brown said it makes him harder to see. he's reportedly told team officials if he does not get to where his old helmet use as a stealer he will not play football again. baseball giants host the phillies tonight. moving pictures on the late show. meantime the a's after giving up to a three games on the north side. they tried the south side of chicago today. that is a lot of yellow hair. i'm a little jealous. matt chapman told the barbara to shave it all off. what a slump buster a first inning live drive. 2-5. his first multi-hit game since july 21. that was the a starter who was in fuego. seven scoreless innings struck out eight. has it lost the game since may
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1. that is how effective he has been. i love it when i can say i'm chad pender and i mash. two run blast for a 4-0 lead. a's 7-0. mike byers fourth straight victory. former giant second baseman joe panik wasn't out of work for long. adios by san francisco tuesday. signed by the mets today. in the lineup in queens playing second base. batting. he filled in for rob. in new york native went to st. john's blew up in his first at- bat. let's just face it. he has hit it big. he is glad to be back home. let's get out of here with this one. bill welton first pitch. la ni he is the father of luke walton. he has been around long enough. he deserves a couple chances but from the pitchers mound.
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big red. yes. who would think bill what has to be introduced as the father of luke walton? a lot of people don't know. quick reminder with bay area student starting school as early as monday you want to see your pictures. and your video. share them on facebook twitter instagram. with the hashtag kpix. we will show some of them on the air. kids going back to school. we love it. we will be right back.
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a different kind of job for a firefighting helicopter in southern california today. crews use it to rescue a horse. we've seen this before. a horse got stuck in a ravine
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on private property. did not appear to be injured. firefighters and animal rescue did not get that horse out. they decided to sedate the horse. call in a helicopter. they got a special harness. they removed a tank used to drop water from the chopper. use the hook and left the horse up. flight out to a safe location. the horse is good is new. thank you for watching tonight at 6 pm. the evening news is up next. we will be back here at 7 pm sharp. see you then. good night.
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captioning sponsored by cbs captioning sponsored by cbs >> garrett: breaking tonight: authorities say the suspect in the el paso massacre admitted targeting mexicans. new details of his surrender, arrest, and confession. also tonight, new court documents related to the jeffrey epstein case name two presidents, a formov former senator, and a prince. president trump on the record roundup of undocumented immigrants in mississippi. >> this serves as a very good deterrent. >> garrett: the manhunt for an escaped convict doing time for kidnapping. now wanted for the murder of a tennessee administrator. tornadoes turn up and spin out in places they're rarely seen. and steve hartman with an auto mechanic performing a major overhaul of his life.


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