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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  August 9, 2019 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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right now at seven, stuck on the side of the bay area cliff. how could a man and a child in the but this precarious location? >> the damage to the building was bad but not catastrophic. what happened inside during the fire? >> help us get that out of the building. they said they would arrest me. >> the haze left behind after hundreds of acres burned in the east bay. the advisory in effect right now. the weekend forecast, crowds billed at the bay areas biggest music festival. the new kpix 5 news at 7 starts right now. a father and son forced to cling to the son of a san francisco cliff. good evening i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. the dramatic scene played
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out at fort mason. betty yu is there for us live. >> reporter: the father and son were successfully rescued by san francisco fire after about 45 minutes here at fort mason. the fire chief tells me that the boy was on a bicycle, coming down the hill, just to my right. somehow his body went over the ledge and then went about 40 feet down that cliff. the father then climbed down to help him and then firefighters used a rope system to lower rescuers down. eventually, both of them were loaded onto a skiff to be put into an ambulance and rushed to the hospital. the fire chief said it is not known the extent of the boys injuries but he was conscious at the time of his rescue. we spoke with a few people who were familiar with this pretty steep hill. which meets venice, take a
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listen. >> i usually go up, i don't know how anybody would go over, going down you know. it sort of unbelievable, dangerous. >> there's a lot of people on this hill. you have to keep your wits about you. there's so much to see, you can take your eyes off the road and so much going on, it could happen in a flash. >> san francisco fire said the father did appear to be okay. i did speak with the mother of the boy, she was here unseen and she said understandably she was very shaken up. she did not want to speak on camera. live in san francisco, betty yu, kpix 5. right now there's an air quality advisory and alameda county were smoke from a fast- moving grass fire filled the sky with a tinge of hayes. it broke out east of dublin just before 2:00. crews quickly got it to 250
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acres. while residents worse told to get ready to move, the place was stopped by 3:15 and is now fully contained. no structures were lost. a live look at the camera over the tri-valley, you can see it is a bit hazy. >> you can expect tight security now as well if you're headed to outside lands. more than 200,000 people expected to pack golden gate park this weekend. the police department is deploying more officers inside and outside the grounds. >> as for the weather, paul deanno is live at golden gate park. >> you missed it, blink 182 on the stage right now and the sunshine we had an hour ago, it is on. folks don't seem to mind because along with the t-shirts they had the smarts to bring
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the sweatshirts because they knew it would get colder. hey, it is san francisco in august. we have upwards of 30-40,000 people at outside lands right now. 210,000 by the end of the weekend. roughly the regulation of fremont attempting this three day festival. the weather will be somewhat cool and cloudy. let me show you the forecast, plan on mid sick days on saturday and sunday. i would suggest sunday is the better day as we will have more sunshine on sunday. the ocean breeze will be prevalent, keeping things on the cool side. that's average for san francisco. let's show you this, the high- def doppler radar tracking thunderstorms offshore. the majority of the bay area will not receive a drop of rainfall, this is for you in sonoma county mendocino and up to humboldt there may be showers. and even isolated thunderstorms tonight, north of santa rosa but it is there. this is because of the low pressure that is been to the north and west all week long.
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we were talking about how much the weekend will be cloudy and rain chances and the 7-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. right now in san jose the jazz festival is underway. a little quieter environment there. the organizer say 40,000 people expected during that three-day event. if you are planning to attend, give yourself extra time to clear all the extra security in place. we have 14 different stages , as part of the festival. about half are outdoor stages and we will have the set up on san fernando street and the blues the stage and then like the hammer theater is one of the indoor stages. >> in addition to boosting perimeter patrols, they are cutting down the number of entrances. and alameda county a rabbi rushes to the scene of a burning synagogue and nearly gets arrested.
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it happened at shabbat of the s the the rabbis sant risk. >> if you were just passing by today you would have no idea how badly the chabad of the tri- valley was damaged by last night's fire. you would have no idea how hard one rabbi worked to save what was inside. >> it was 1:00 in the morning and i fell asleep on the couch and i got a call from the police department saying the building was on fire. there was firefighters all over the place. >> he did not have to go far to reach his burning synagogue. considering the damage to the rear wall and the roof, it could've been so much worse. >> the first thing was the scrolls, they are handwritten scrolls copied from scrolls that are copied from scrolls going back 3231 years. i ran into the building in the firefighters had stopped me and said what are you doing?
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and i said please, please, help us get the scrolls out of the building. they were incredible and told me not to do this and i will be arrested. so that they were amazing and they got this rolls and had it not been for their fast response time, the entire building would've burned down. and god forbid we would've lost the scrolls. >> is started on the exterior of the building while the exact cause is still under investigation, we are told there is no evidence of arson. wilson working, water, kpix 5. and our collective was destroyed by fire. we have a look at what was lost and asks whether officials have any idea what was going on inside. >> this warehouseabout half a mile away from the ghost ship warehouse. this one is called moxie, i checked the record and it s no one took out any permits to make modifications inside.
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the city natick never gave approval to the operator to divide the warehouse into small studio spaces. the fire broke out around 6:20 this morning, at 23rd avenue. fire officials said the artist collective printed out studio spaces to 37 artist into buildings. the fire destroyed the building that housed about 10 studios. >> there's a lot of hidden fire in the warehouse, it was two stories and it collapsed. >> they show us pictures of what it looks like. and oakland building engineer tells me anytime you divide up the warehouse, you need building permits and inspections to check for egress. the city database shows no permits were pulled since moxie took over the warehouse in 2014. >> we did hire additional inspectors but the problem continues. we have a lot of ownership that still is not willing to follow the rules. >> we heard from a person familiar with the warehouse, if
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you are just had at one point slept in their studios get to the fire department said there's no evidence of that this morning. no reports of injuries. investigator looking into what caused the fire. in the meantime the fire department and city officials are looking into possible previous code violations and inspections. so far they have not gotten back to me. i'm dialed in, kpix 5. a protest in san francisco said it's against a state rent control bill. >> property owners protested on market street today. the bill would limit annual rent increases statewide to 7% plus inflation for the next three years. it would also prohibit landlords from evicting tenants without providing a reason. the legislation passed the assembly and april and is headed to the senate. governor newsom said he supports a. >> a settlement and a decent agreement segregation case said
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there has been segregation and discrimination in the sausalito school district. they found resources were deported for mostly black school in marin county. the settlement mandates changes including a plan to promote diversity. it's really exciting to have the opportunity to build a high-performing, integrated, highly diverse school. that really delivers on the promise of education. >> chances are sausalito and marin city school district is not the only place where a bunch of kids specifically because of their color are not being given an equal chance to learn. >> the district has five years to meet a new set of standards and also it setting up a scholarship fund for students who were impacted. coming up next, the feds take aim at the northbay wild elk population. why relocating them is not an option. and what they want to do instead.
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they plan to shoot the l. they survived the ice age but could soon become extinct. what's going on with an iconic california tree. >> y kanye west new plan to end the housing crisis could soon be shut down. from the couldn't be prouders to the wait did we just win-ners. erthrone differentl from the couldn't be prouders that's why xfinity mobile created a different kind of wireless network.
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with a different way to do data. one designed to save you money. now you can share data between lines, mix with unlimited, and switch it up at anytime. design your own data with xfinity mobile. it's wireless reimagined. simple, easy, awesome. kanye west is no stranger to controversy. the rappers idea to solve california's affordable housing
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crisis could soon be shut down. >> they have been building these dome-shaped structures on his 300 acre plot in calabasas. he says he is creating a community of new age homes to break class barriers. but now the l.a. times is reporting that kanye has been ordered to stop the work and provide permits for the work completed so far. he is getting flak from disappointed neighbors over what he is building. >> he is crazy and chaotic. it scares us. the big concern is preserving and protecting wildlife and the simplicity of all of our lives living in this neighborhood. >> the structures were almost built here in the bay area and reports say that kanye was shopping the idea around to san francisco. also tonight, scientists are worried that some iconic california trees could go extinct. because of climate change.
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>> where talk about joshua trees, millions of people visit this park every year to see them. they have survived multiple ice ages but now researchers at uc riverside said the iconic species will die if climate change issues are not addressed. >> we are already seeing their not read reproducing anymore, there's no seedlings and no juveniles, just these joshua trees that are standing there without any young ones to replace them over time. >> tonight a controversial proposal to control the elk population in west marin and it would allow park staff to shoot enough of the animals to limit the heard to 120 total. in point reyes national park. >> before that let's take a look at the clear skies over san francisco. clear, fog is coming in and it's quite beautiful. it is gorgeous weather, typical
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san francisco weather for a music festival tonight. gorgeous earlier today. >> i love the fog when it sits over the city. chief meteorologist paul deanno is live in the fog somewhere at outside lands. >> we have gone foggy. that is now in the past and we have cloudy and about 62. that has not stopped to the music or the crowds or stop the and to the as him one bit at outside lands. if you add up all this today and sunday you could fill lehigh stadium three times. that's how many people will be here at outside lands and at some point on sunday they will welcome the 2 million visitor. >> paul is having audio issues. that is a radar image of what's going on off the coast.
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it's lightning that could go into marin county. >> coming up next, what president trump is now saying about a bipartisan compromise on gun control. >> was the president really questioning colin kaepernick's athletic ability? wait till you hear the comment. >> five bay area cities are getting a big lump of cash to fight car burglaries. is your area on the list?
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tonight a controversial proposal to control the elk population in west marin county . it would allow park staff to
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shoot enough of the animals to limit the heard to 120 total. don ford has more on the story. >> along with those of the elk has always been a bit of a challenge. now the national park service has endorsed a draft proposal hoping to do that. it has gotten a lot of attention. democrat jared huffman and republican rob bishop introduced a bipartisan bill. calls fourth inning the elk herd to manageable levels. it has grown to hundreds of animals and is moving into ranchlands, disrupting cattle operations. the center for biological diversity said no to reducing this. >> they limited to 120 adults with the number goes above the, they plan to shoot those elk. >> the family has raised here for a long time. >> this year it is 130th year that my family has been in the business on point reyes peninsula. >> he said the elk issue is not
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new. he said ranchers only use 30% of the land. >> what we would like to see is put the elk or keep them separate from the working farms and ranches, keep them separate. 70% of the wilderness, they are fine there. >> we do not dislike elk. >> another item is the author of ,20 leases to historic ranches. fulfilling a promise by ken salazar in the obama administration. >> we really appreciate the 20 year lease. we are fortunate to have that available to us. >> there still a 45 day public comment period before the bill moves on. everyone i spoke to today said they will be speaking up. here's what you miss if you're getting home, president trump said he's working the phones to drum up support for new gun control measures but democrats and republicans in
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congress. the president said mitch mcconnell is fully on board with the need to move forward and move gun-control measures. mcconnell said he has begun bipartisan talks to figure out which laws can actually pass a divided congress. >> background checks and red flags would probably lead the discussions but a lot of other things will come up as well. of what we can to do is fail to pass something. >> president trump also mentioning former 49er colin kaepernick, many believe the president questioned the quarterbacks abilities. >> they would sign them in a heartbeat, they would do anything can to win games. so i would like to see him but frankly i would love to see kaepernick come in if he's good enough. >> the feds are clashing with california again, this time over warning labels. for the weekend around of. it is made by monsanto but monsanto has sued to block a
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california warning label requirement. now, the epa said it will no longer approve those types of labels. it said its own research shows around and poses no risk to public health. a new weapon tonight to combat a area car break-ins. cash. milpitas, fremont, santa clara and san jose will each get $750,000 for things like outreach programs and over time for officers. the money comes from the state and totals 3 and half million dollars. it turns out staring at seagulls could keep them from stealing your food. that's according to a new study out of exeter anniversary in the uk. they observed sub dozens of seagulls and found they behave differently when humans are staring at them. most of the birds took longer to food on the ground while they watched and only a small food if you didn't care who was
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. that's the news, paul deanno has been listening to that this afternoon. outside lands at golden gate
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hurt. >> it is a concert, the music is good, blink 182 is on the stage tonight. tonight and tomorrow and sunday. the weather will be cool, mid 60s and the weather will be fine. typical august weather in san francisco. let's look at the radar because with the radar we see numerous thunderstorms developing over the coastal waters to the west of sonoma county. this is looking north the so coastal sections of mendocino and northern sonoma county may get impacted by showers. and they may see seem lightning strikes or the ocean. high temperatures tomorrow, mid to upper 60s for san francisco and the coastline. 70s for oakland in your the bay and highs will make it to the low 80s and many inland locations. it will be sunnier and warmer on sunday. the warmest weather will be monday, tuesday and wednesday with 70s near the bay and upper
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80s to low 90s and land. vinggood time, 210,000 are people expected this weekend. paul, thanks for that. film crews from this group is doing a story from john steinbeck. we caught up with them. >> action. >> the short story was a first person account of meeting a migrant family during the great depression and formed the basis of his classic novel, the grapes of wrath. professional actors from l.a. is playing his character in the film. >> i think that's what this was about then and what it's about now, giving them a better chance than so one day hopeful direct. >> the filmmakers hope to have a short phone ready for the
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international festival circuit and it will be a re-resource for students at san jose state. >> i see him rocking out to blink 182. >> that is a flashback to high school and all those dances. >> that was your band. >> one of them, san diego california. they know how to rock. >> thanks for watching. we will be back here at 11. i don't know we will her have more blink 182.
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