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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 10, 2019 2:07am-2:37am PDT

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traveled that far away from all never to play a game for the raiders or any other team for the way from allen, texas to el that matter. paso, in search of people that he posted on instagram quote i love the game, i love the as you read, did not look like hustle, but if i leave, will the fans still love me? >> kpix five juliette goodrich him. this speaks to his mindset, this speaks to his motivation. is in livermore with the helmet >> following several recent shootings, the president is showdown and what fans have to say about it. signaling more support for firearms background checks. >> frankly, we need intelligent >> reporter: with preseason football now upon us, one football star is saying he is not playing unless it is by his background checks checks okay, rules. oakland raiders wide receiver antonio brown brown, wearing a this is not a question of nra, republican or democrat. i will tell you, i spoke to mitch mcconnell yesterday. he team issued helmet for practice back in may. but now, he is threatening to is totally on board. never play football again. he said i have been waiting for unless, he can wear his 10-year- your call. he is totally on board. old, old-style helmet. a helmet the nfl band because >> a spokesman for senate it does not meet the league's new safety standards. majority leader mitch mcconnell >> for civil, i am a 49ers fan. says he did not endorse anything specific. so >> reporter: mario rosario has coming up, the latest blow an opinion on helmet showdown. >> skies get paid millions. to organizers of a so-called straight pride rally. for somebody like me who works
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9-to-5, it is like come on. >> there is so much going on, it just happens in a flash. >> repter: brown made a big plus, a tricky operation to save a father and son who were entrance in napa in this hot stranded on the side of the bay air balloon. area cliff. then he made headlines prior and, a california mayor under scrutiny tonight over text he sent to during one of over his frostbitten feet. my experience with usaa but now, the helmet standoff is taking center stage. has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. >> he is their star player. in his mind, the rules don't with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? apply. we know their rates are good, but, rules are there for a reason. in this case, with the cte issue we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and , being safe football field for i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, as violent the game is that is, you have to abide by it. hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. >> reporter: the seven-time pro bowler has complained the new ♪ leak approved helmets make it get your usaa auto insurance quote today. more difficult for him to see the ball. so what you think should happen? >> just man up, put your helmet on and what he requires and to deal with it, play ball. >> reporter: some say play ball the rules or than you are not playing. brown is not alone but tom a new blow tonight to the d brady also wants to keep wearing his old helmet. but, he has not threatened to la. ight prllhas
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reporter walk away from the game over it. >> this is going to work out looks like they will have to find another place to hold it. one way or the other. >> as of tonight, i can't we will see antonio brown on the field. this is a matter of who blinks confirm that they will be first. denying the permit. >> reporter: the straight pride event was planned in modesto >> reporter: the raiders have park august 24th. made no official comment, a after weeks of debate with city decision on brown's grievance council pulled the plug, too may come as early as next week. in livermore, juliette goodrich, kpix5. the excitement is building many issues with the event and tonight katie filled in for the bay area's other nfl team. the organizer. >> we are informed today by the we are hours away from 49ers insurance carrier that they are denying insurance. preseason football. if you don't have insurance, that is right. they take on the cowboys you cannot reserve one of our tomorrow night at 6:00 p.m. parks. >> the second thing is our guess what, you can watch it concern for safety. we have a big concern for the safety of the residents around right here. pregame coverage starts with the park. >> reporter: it was advertised on social media and colorful kpix5 news at 5:00 . flyer, in a meeting wednesday, switching gears, we have opponents say don graham and, the man behind it promoted got a clear view from treasure hate. he dealt with his latest blow. island. but, the fog is already moving >> we would be told that it is in. let's take a look at tonight sunset over san francisco. that is so beautiful. but, the son clearly disappeared behind the clouds too late to complete the which were so thick, you can process. maybe that will not be true, barely make it the skyline but it would not surprise me if there. it occurs. >> awful also meeting came at
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paul is in the weather center his gate four years ago in his to tell us about an unusual weather event in the north bay. adopted mother supported the thunderstorms tonight in mendocino county. not too far of north of san prey. >> everybody in the community francisco, we had lightning has been speaking out and taking a stance against this really harmful rhetoric that strikes moving through a few don graham and is trying to hours ago. bring to our community. here is a three-hour time- lapse. numerous lightning strikes, the the parade has divided me for weeks. >> i can't understand where storm missed sonoma county barely. rumbled right over willits where the rain is currently. they are coming from with all of the hate. >> it was the right decision. i am openly myself and i am there are still a few showers also a disabled person. so north and east of clear lake and the bay area not expecting obviously, i would be concerned to see widespread rainfall. about a group like that coming numerous thunderstorms did happen over mendocino county in to the area. tonight. only about three or four of >> reporter: ruckman says members of his planning those days. one of those was tonight. coming up, how long the cool committee will be meeting to weather sticks around and when look at alternate sites. he says he has quite a base the 90s return. that is coming up. here in the city to support this event in modesto, rob malcolm, kpix5. the man behind that event tonight, the san jose jazz is don brandman. summer festival in full swing, despite the southbay reeling a he is a chiropractor here in the bay area. tonight, he says his planning bit from the recent mass shooting in gilroy. committee will meet in modesto kpix5 maria medina spoke with tomorrow to view alternate locations we told you.thy take
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organizers about the stepped up the security in light of what scheduled, august 24th. happened just a few tens a way. stated. in san francisco tonight, >> reporter: ralph and his an injured boy has been rescued grandkids will not forget what from a cliff after somehow they witnessed at the gilroy being thrown from his bicycle. garlic festival. >> a phil gramm back for my grandkids. officials said the boy was writing down a steep slope in >> reporter: he says they are fort mason when he tumbled over trying to move on as best as the side and down the rocky they can. >> we will be okay. cliff. his father scrambled to come to we will be all right. >> reporter: ralph is one of his aid, the two waited by the water until rescuers could four members at the jazz arrive. summerfest this year who is in fire crews used a pulley system gilroy that day. to reach the stranded pair. the boys mother the crowds of organizers say only one vendor canceled because of concerns onlookers walked from the after the shooting. street above, and experienced >> we want people to have a cyclist say anything can happen. good time into be able to do that, you have to feel secure. >> reporter: san jose jazz executive director brandon rossen says the day of the shooting, he immediately was in >> you have got people coming too fast, downhill. communication with the san jose >> i can see how it can happen. mayor and police chief about tightening security for the there is so much to see here. you take your eyes off the road festival, expected to draw in 40,000 people. , and there is so much going on, it just happens in a flash. this year, they added metal detector ones, more throwback checks, and reduced the number >> rescuers took the boy by of entrances. boat to nab tweeting on a peer >> perimeter issues, that was nearby, his condition is still an issue highlighted from unknown. >> another rescue, this one in
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gilroy. so, we really looked at because marin county, some pretty we take over so many downtown dramatic video coming in. street. >> here was just like oh, i am the coast guard saved four people in tomales bay after nervous. >> reporter: despite the their sailboat ran aground. hesitation, attendees like strong winds up to six feet david rivera say the noticeable difference insecurity gave them peace of mind. swells on shallowater made it >> they are making a pretty tough for the coast concentrated effort to ensure guard to reach the stranded sailors. that somebody doesn't come in, county fire brought in a 47 somebody that shouldn't have. foot lifeboat to save the day. nobody was injured. >> reporter: despite the tragedy that unfolded just a few days ago, ralph says he meanwhile, houses in dublin were just spared by a fast- moving grass fire. this one broke out about two came because his family loves the popular san jose tradition. this afternoon, wins quickly were you hesitant to comes? fueled the fire to 250 acres. >> is, at first i was. residents were told to get ready to go when crews were but, i am not going to let to able to stop that before it the actions of some idiot crazy reached the nearby homes. person stop my life. it has now been fully contained. you just have to live your a testing texting life. >> reporter: vendors also went through extra security measures controversy. newly released this year. organizers say not only did they hire more security guards, but san jose also added extra patrols. messages show the mayor asking in san jose, maria medina, firefighters to check on kpix5. specific addresses during a major wildfire last year. >>re on the questions those tex
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you should also expect tight security over the weekend raising tonight. >> nothing to hide. if you're headed to outside lands, to i was overhead >> reporter: malibu mayor earlier on day one of the music jefferson wagner sounding off about heavily redacted check -- text exchanges showing the hours, the woosley fire was festival. during the three-day event, san francisco police are deploying more officers inside and tearing through homes. l.a. outside grounds. city mayor eric garcetti was during this year's event, there is an area called grasslands. asking the fire chief to check that is where sale and consumption of marijuana will on a certain address. whose be permitted for those under 21. outside lands is the first address? we don't know. music festival in the country to have such an area. the city blacked it out on the if you're headed to outside text release to the newspaper lands, we have you covered with >> i would like to know myself. the complete guide on our website, just a few minutes ago, it should be neighborhood surface, no matter who you are milpitas police gave the all and where you are. clear after a suspicious device >> reporter: mayor garcetti's was reported at a walmart. address tells the times the address was rejected to protect privacy. as for other text asking for shoppers were evacuated, the bomb squad was called in about 4:30 this afternoon. this is the walmart on ranch drive, the bomb squad rendered that package safe. it is specific streets, his office said the mayor wanted believed to contrks. firefighters to check on bell canyon and west hills because they were threatened by fire. deputies are doing a secondary search with their bomb dog but wagner who was hospitalized again, we just got the all after staying to protect his own home, says taxpayers have clear. the right to know everything
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this just that was in those messages. >> i would not conduct my walmart in el paso, texas. business that way, i would have just said open the books, tonight, new details about the chilling confession allegedly made by the suspect. now, according to an arrest whatever is wrong, let's get it affidavit, suspect pack trick over with now. >> reporter: complicating matters, the after action report bushes told police he was , which responded to malibu because county resources were tied up, found fire officials specifically targeting mexicans when he opened fire inside a were distracted by a flood of walmart with an assault style requests by political figures weapon. that attack left 22 people dead to check on specific addresses. and more than two dozen wounded. -- later said that should not walmart store manager says the have been in the report. shooting appeared very deliberate. chalking it up to a miscommunication. >> he knew who he was shooting, it was not just a spray of gunfire. these were direct shots. mayor garcetti was at the patrick crucius is also cause -- vatican today meeting with the pope, but will no doubt face these questions when he comes home to los angeles. rallying against hispanics in malibu, kpix5. meteors will streak across coming into the united thfact t the night sky in our hemisphere early next week. the meteor shower will reach its peak after midnight on monday and into tuesday morning. if you look up, you can see as many as 30 shooting stars and our. the meteor shower is visible each august one earth crosses
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over a trail of debris from a comet. some of that material burns up as it hit the earth's atmosphere, creating flashing trails across the sky. good viewing spots include henrico state park, diablo rolled, skyline boulevard and various peaks in the northbay. i have tried to do this year after year, and i end up getting a stiff neck and not seeing anything. >> lay in a chair and look up. it is kind of interesting, the earth is moving right now 35,000 miles per hour in its revolution around the sun. it is kind of crazy how quickly we are moving as we go through clouds of dust every once in a while and we will next week. clear skies next week, pretty cloudy out there right now. it was stormy not too long ago. in mendocino county, that one cell is now firing up numerous thunderstorms about an hour north of clearlake. ukiah you are trying out, but you have rain moving through with thunderstorms just a
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couple of hours ago. san francisco, we are foggy and 62 degrees. this is from san jose, likely starting off cloudy tomorrow, 66 concorde. outside lands, sunny for a time this afternoon, you get a little bit of sunshine later tomorrow. if you're headed for the concert earlier today, i belie fit act taking the stage are at new. it would be pretty cloudy. mild, 65 degrees both saturday and sunday. tomorrow night right here at 6:00, the 49ers hosting the cowboys, 78 degrees and the raiders right of the road playing in oakland will be cooler there as it should be 72 degrees with mainly clear skies hosting the rams at 5:00. all week long, we have been watching this low. for three days, it was not moving. now it is moving over far northern california and southern oregon. lots of thunderstorms with this low. it is pretty far south for this time of year. so, we did see the showers and thunderstorms all that coming down because now the loan will begin to move away from us and it influence on our weather ends
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talkin fthe ow. cloudy in the morning, a little drizzle on the coast, widespread rain is not expected, the best rain chances are in mendocino county. sunshine tomorrow, then st party night with auple spangles along the coast. we get clearing tomorrow. milder tomorrow, sunny, warm on sunday, even warmer through next week. how about the saturday highs? santa rosa, 70 degrees, fremont, 75, san jose, 79 a little bit below average average. oakland tomorrow, 72, afternoon sunshine for you, pacifica 64, san francisco, 77 degrees. now, we have a warming trend. sunday back to monday in our oneness in this spots. we would get one, but not terribly warm through wednesday, low to mid 70s near
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the bay, upper 80s to low 90s inland, and we will cool of next thursday and friday. so, we had some rain in the northbay, not unprecedented, we do average a little bit of rain but thunderstorms in august is kind of rare. >> that is kind of weird looking outside going what is this? >> not january yet folks. coming up, connie's star wars inspired homeless housing project. it is a snag. another reminder, 49ers preseason football kicks off tomorrow night right here at kpix5 kpix5, we want to see your face faithful photos, just use introducing togo's new hot chicken sandwiches. the brewpub chicken with grilled chicken, crispy smokehouse bacon, and fresh avocado. the new buffalo chicken with frank's redhot wings sauce. or the tangy barbecue chicken with chipotle mayo. the new hot chicken trio at togo's. how far would you go for a togo?
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kanye west has been known for his let's call them, earuer uscrisis may come crashing down. the rap star has built these dome-shaped structures on a 300 acre plot in calabasas. to create what connolly calls a new age community to breakdown the class barriers. now, the l.a. times reports kanye has been ordered to stop workthits,or it down. sources close to kanye say these were just temporary prototypes. >> there you go. it's talk a little baseball. yeah, and more. i have got a whole lot to talk about tonight. not just baseball, but this guy who runs for the raiders. let's get a little more on him. >> yeah. a lot to talk about is a lot is going to be going down. and this antonio brown business may come down to an arbiter.
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it was not enough to host this fellow from the philadelphia phillies, we company runs he baseball up top in the bay area big losers, 13 runs between the two clubs. we will start you off with san francisco. and other than tim flannery, former third page coast for the giants, he belted out the national anthem. saw the visiting feelings feelies 5-3 out into the water, two run splash hit, put everything behind the. tied in fifth until the top of the six and bryce harper, boy,
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this pitch was crushed. second of two big flies, the second credit for three months there and four overall. phillies win the game 204 9-6 as the giants have lost seven of the last nine are now four games back at the wildcard race. meantime, joe panik as a new york minute site and started today for the metropolitans. had to win until the ninth inning for his first hit, and of the home fans loved it. he is a native new yorker, welcome home. at won in a walkoff, 7-6. with the mets 14-1 since july 25th. matt chapman in a slump, shaved his head and the slump buster trick worked. at the white sox chapman first inning solo job, his 25th for the year, two for five in the game. the homerun was all the support that starter mike briars needed as he struck out in seven innings. briars is not lost since may 1st, opened 7-02 stay a half- game back of tampa bay in the wildcard race. nfl and the raiders.
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this antonio brown public matter, it could come down to an arbiter. we are waiting to hear from the team for brown. as the world turns. >> friends, first it was his frostbitten feet in the off- season, now the man says helmets help get in the way of his vision, he was to use his old helmet and he filed a grievance, he has threatened to walk away from 30 million over two years, he had a two hour hearing today with league officials. and again, it is in the hands of an arbiter now. that, my friends is is the world turns. >> reporter: [ laughter ] >> oh, that is the world as antonio brown turns. we will see how it works out. >> we will see with the arbiter says and i am sure. you know, the raiders bring out a bunch of helmets that are
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approved by the leak. in, here try this on. he doesn't want to try on any of the. he says i want to wear this one. >> you would have to repainted similar and black. >> he did, it was a pittsburgh steelers helmet that he painted. >> thanks. >> we will be right back.
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