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tv   KPIX 5 News Sat Morn Edition  CBS  August 10, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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now on kpix 5 news, two bay area festivals underway and organizers are taking no chances. the strict new security measures in place. tense moments at a bay area at walmart. shoppers evacuated and then the bomb squad is called. a boy and his father stuck on the side of a bay area cliff. how they ended up there and the tricky rescue effort. it is just about 6:00 saturday, august 10th. i'm melissa kane. get started this hour with the forecast. it will feel a little different today. there is a weird weather pattern that is set up over northern california. the are looking different. you may feel more humidity when
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you are out there. you will get a cooldown, particularly for inland locations where the temperatures will feel better than he typically had over the last week or so. and sandra smith several some of us grew up playing with legos and now the iconic toy is being used to help physical property this does not children read. mean we will notice a whole lot lego unveiled a project where of different and the temperatures. the numbers do not really blind and visually impaired children can learn braille in a moderate a lot when you get playful and engaging way. near the coast or on the east block features studs with peninsula. we are going to 66 in san francisco and partly cloudy. taking a look across the bay, look at the inland number. only going to 83. the same 6.configuration of individual letters and numbers from the braille alphabet. that will come in about for 5 and soon the learning box will degrees below average and even be in all american schools. though it just says it is >> it is a good way of bringing staying below average, the one thing that will stand out is the fact that we will notice cited and visually impaired the humidity levels will be a bit higher. you will feel that getting ready to step out the door. and people together and playing with legos. select the national federation for the blind says there's a crisis in america when it comes to braille literacy. more than 1 million people in the united states are legally just to take a look outside you blind. little time for kids to go can see we have plenty of low clouds hanging out over much of the bay. once you get inland, it is not
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low clouds. it is made clouds. i will explain this weird back to school. pattern coming up and the oakland unified classes begin complete forecast. happening today, day two of monday. the san jose unified start on wednesday at in san francisco, the 30th anniversary celebration of the san jose classes start the following jazz summerfest. week. we would like to see photos and videos of your students at the >> ♪ >> that is a group called the gear up for a new school year. just use the hashtag,d urban renewal project. we will show some on the air. the feather clashing with the california again. this time , over warning legal labels for the weedkiller come around a. california requires they performed during the certain warning labels. opening day concert yesterday. security has been increased this summer in the wake of the gilroy garlic festival e clude on santo has sued to block the label requirements and now the epa said it will no longer detector wands, more back text afford those types of labels. and fewer in entrances.>> it it's at its own research sows router poses no risk to public health. in a report says the epa was an issue highlighted from a has exceeded goals for cutting gilroy and we looked at whether regulations. in 2017, president trump we could take over some downtown streets.>> 40,000 music lovers are expected this ordered federal agencies to cut weekend at downtown venues. regulations to control costs. and now the inspector general more than 100 acts are on the says at the epa, there have schedule at this evening mainstage performance include been 26 regulations hot saving pink martini and gregory nearly $100 million. porter. the o'jays and diane reeves are drawbacks include changing what is protected under the clean scheduled for tomorrow water act allowing fewer afternoon. sam liccardo posted a comment about summerfest on twitter. restrictions on hazardous air pollutants and scrapping an
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with sdpd support we will not obama era plan to reduce emissions from coal-fired power plants. scientists are worried that allow recent violence that has some iconic california trees could go extinct because of climate change. terrorized our nation to we are talking about joshua undermine our collective trees. millions of people visit joshua passion for coming together to celebrate what makes us a successful multicultural community. you should also expect a tree national park every year security over the weekend if to see them in the trees you're heading to the outside e fiscal. today is day two of the survived multiple ice ages. festival and had either had letters and could include researchers at uc riverside say childish gambino. a chopper was over the first day of the festival. cisco police are deploying more officers both inside and outside of the grounds. there will even be an extra layer of fencing and the iconic species will die if barricades. during this years event there climate change issues are not is an area called grasslands. addressed. they say it is not just older joshua trees they're most concerned about. it is the lack of younger ones. >> we are already thing they're not reproducing anymore that there are no feelings or juveniles. there is just the big joshua trees that are standing there without any young ones to replace them over time. that is where both the sale and >> dryer conditions make it consumption of marijuana will harder for the trees to hold be permitted for those over 21. enough water to thrive. outside lands is the first and another factor is wildfires. music festival in the country to officially have such an area. to help you get around, a bart will be running trains scientists say it is up to us during commute hours. on sunday evening after seven to make sure joshua tree national park will be around additional trains will also be
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available for those living for the coming decades. controversial proposal to outside lands. if you are headed out to the control the elk population in western marin county. festival, we have covered it would allow staff at reyes everything from how to get natiher to 120 there to what to expect when you arrive. or webtv has compiled a list of in the pack. helpful links on the herd has grown 200 and the elk are moving into ranchlands and disrupting cattle operations. >> what we would like to see, is investigators are looking into a suspicious package that prompted the evacuation of walmart store in milpitas. the package was found yesterday afternoon in the store at keep them separate from the mccarthy ridge marketplace. we san jose police bomb squad working farms and ranches. was called to the scene at keep them separate. about 10:30 last night. milpitas police announced the package was determined to be in the 70% of the wilderness areas. they are find there. we do not dislike elk. >> the proposal also calls for an extension of ranch leases to safe. it is believed that the contents were fireworks. this all comes days after the as many as 20 years. shooting rampage at a walmart that is up from the current in el paso, tx and this morning five year terms. the park service will hold two we have new details about the chilling confession allegedly made by the suspect. public meetings on the issue. according to an arrest august 27 at westmoreland affidavit, the suspect, patrick school and august 28 at bay crusius told police he was model visitor center in specifically targeting mexicans when he opened fire with an assault style white weapon. sausalito. the attack left 22 people dead let's send it over to in more than two dozen winded. the walmart store manager says darren peck for of the weather. the shooting appeared very i will show you this unique elaborate.>> he knew that he view once again in the sky overhead.
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was doing. it was not just a spray of this time from the tri-valley. this is the camera up above gunfire. these were direct shots. dublin. look at the clouds. that is a lot more brooding and >> patrick crusius is accused ominous looking that we would typically see for the tri- of posting a racist enough valley. this is not necessarily just festal online railing against hispanics coming in to the united states. the marine layer which has authorities say he drove more gotten all the way inlet. than 10 hours to carry out the there is a week storm off of the coast with is giving us mid- shooting the city the us-mexico level air clouds. that is different than the marine layer. the sky will look different for border. >> the fact that the shooter many of us today but traveled that far away from all the way from alan texas to el particularly in the morning. we kind of have both layers of paso in search of people that clouds. i believe the view of dublin and use in an locations for did not look like him, this speaks to his mindset. this speaks to his motivation. example today. tomorrow it will be different. >> following the recent mass as you look at the daytime shootings, president trump is highs today and we kind of take signaling his support for expanding background checks for the bay area as a whole, 80 in santa rosa and was a, 83 gun purchases. concord. tomorrow the numbers will start to increase because the influence we are under today >> frankly, we need intelligent background checks. with this added humidity that i this is not a question of nra, republican or democrat. i will tell you that i spoke to talked about in the last visit and the temperatures coming in mitch mcconnell yesterday. a little bit cooler, that will all turn off tomorrow, almost like that. let me show you the comparisons he is totally on board. he said i have been waiting for for daytime highs for today
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inland locations and tomorrow. concord at 83. livermore 81. santa rosa 80. your call.>> a spokesman for senate majority leader mitch san jose goes to 80 and mcconnell says he did not endorse anything specific. mappable hit 75. here are the numbers for new video to show you this tomorrow. back in the low 90s for morning of a dramatic rescue in concord. 80 in santa rosa as opposed to marin county. the coast guard saved for people yesterday after their sailboat ran aground. strong wind and up to 6 feet 80. does just enough to notice the change. if you do the math we will be swells on shallowater made it as much as 8 degrees warmer tough for the coast guard to tomorrow with concord and santa reach the stranded sailors. rosa. 7 degrees warmer in napa. san jose at fort agrees. and county fire brought in a 47 you may not notice a whole lot. that is the theme for the rest foot lifeboat to save the day and nobody was injured. of the bay. we will use cities in and in san francisco and entered around the bay. what is recovering this morning san francisco, oakland, frein after somehow being thrown off vermont, redwood city, and san of his bicycle and off of a rafael. the numbers are only going up cliff. about 45 degrees tomorrow. officials say that the boy was it will be warmer but it will riding down a steep slope at not be a significant warm-up as fort mason when he tumbled over it would be for the inland the side and down a rocky locations. there is weekend or the locations in and around debate cliff. his father scdown in wato buy t hoping to go from 72 today to until rescuers could arrive. 76 tomorrow. fire crews used a pulley system as far as what happens after to reach the stranded pie. this, let's get you into the the boys mother and crowds of seven-day forecast and i want you to see that we will warm- up, not only tomorrow but we will keep the temperatures going up into early next week
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onlookers watched from the it will be 95 by the time we get street above. this is an area were even experienced cyclists say anything can happen. >> you have people coming to fast down the hill. to tuesday and 90 for wednesday >> i can see how it could happen. and then we come back down by there is so much to see. the time we get to next you take your eyes off of the weekend. there is a lot going on around road, and there is so much the bay. we told you about the 49ers going on, it happens in a flash. >> rescuers took the boy by game going on today as well boat in an ambulance to an earlier in the newscast. what about outside lands. a wonderful forecast. most of the marine layer in terms of traveling here is ambulance waiting on a. nearby. emily to get you ready for that. no major injuries to report. there is a lot going on this weekend and it will be a nightmare on the roadways and tooth fire stuck at some of the spots right down to what the big event will be in religious landmarks in alameda county. golden gate park you have a three alarm blaze destroyed outside lands. here this is a three-day music one of two warehouses by the festival obviously stay away from golden gate park altogether. fulton and lincoln are over the moxie our collective in east only main thoroughfare park oakland 57 and 23rd avenue near interstate 880. the collective had 37 studio city 19th. spaces and most of those were taking it a couple of they are saved. nobody was injured. the cause of the fire is under investigation. in the meantime, and pleasanton, a rabbi rushed to the scene of a burning synagogue, and was nearly thursday at the 11:00 sunday. arrested. the fire broke out at shabbat of the tri-valley. the rabbi told us he was really
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at san jose they have the just will be absolutely beautiful. willing to risk his safety. not so many closers t y ing so >> the first thing on my mind was the scroll. p.m. i ran into the building and the friday until a mac a monday and firefighter stopped me and said what are you doing? this is plaza at the cesar i said please help us get the chavez. this entire area will be shut squirrels out of the building.>> fire investigators say that so far there is no down. this is from east carlos to san evidence of arson. fernando and san fernando itself all the way to the almaden expressway. you can get around this good id house and and dublin were just spared by a fast-moving grass fire. this broke out at around 2:00 public transit or a rideshare. yesterday afternoon. the wind quickly spread the enjoy your weekend. you have plenty of options. fire to 250 acres. it is time for my favorite residence were told, get ready thing ever. the pet of the week. this is/making his tv debut. to go. crews were able to stop the is the sweetest and i have place before he reached any homes and the fire is now fully contained. up next, our kpix 5 food. joining us with more on how you can adapt/is micah from the east bay. thank you for being here. tell us how you came to have/. original report. the fifty-year evolution of the 49ers football team. what has changed since kpix 5 brought you the historic broadcast. >>/came to us as a straight. we get most through transfer and he has been hanging out
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with us. we are looking for a home for him as we mentioned. he is not even available on the website but he will be this morning. you are getting a sneak peek. his a really sweet guy and we are definitely excited. >> you said that you are specifically looking for a home with some adults may be some active adults.>> we definitely, children and large dogs are scary but he has done fantastic and some of the small dog playgroups. he really likes to play. he likes to train and his ears. he could just take off. >> he is not biting. is just being patient and sweet. he has a shot. spiky is up today and fix. he is microchipped and ready to go spiky as part of another event you guys are having. >> yes. next week, a week from today, we have our big adoption event at the shelter. we are really excited. we are hoping to adopt out even more animals than we did last
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year. it is going to be fun. >> how old is/?>> i believe he is about 1.5 years old. i would have to double check. he is just about the perfect age for some of the training classes that we just started with. he would be an amazing dog to take to a skilled letters class where you basically learn how to teach your dog, pretty much all of the things that you need in a modern urban environment. you want a dog that can go to the beer garden or a car to hang out. you can handle the stuff like life throws at you. that is what the scope of their classes are all about. and you can see he is motivated. he is a great candidate. >> how many other dogs and cats are at the event? >> we will have all of our available cats and dogs. we will work to get as many as possible waiting in the wings so that when the dogs and cats
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get adopted we can immediately fill the kennel kennels and keep going all day. >> excellent. anyone out there. if you are a couple or you have remains and your activity want to give a puppy an outlet. you want a sweet companion to come with you who is smart and has a lot of energy, this is/and there are plenty of others. life is too short. thank you for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> to learn more about the east bay spca go to our website. we will be right back. alright, so this is how it's gonna go down. the 49ers preseason football kicks off today on kpix 5 and nike rolled out the perfect kicked the faithful. the nike air zoom pegasus 36 comes in red and gold but is several fiscal local on the heel. the limited edition shoes are available from dick's sporting goods and you can order them online or pick them up in a store just in time for the kickoff. this will be the nfl's 100 football season. here we are getting ready for the 50th season of broadcasting you are going to say...
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preseason games with the you'll get the best deal of the year on xfinity tv and internet. and you even get this. niners. sports director dennis mike, you're on balloons. has changed since the first sarah, you're gonna high five everybody. ben, you're gonna be wowing them with your dance moves. broadcast.>> the 49ers are don't miss the xfinity best deal of the year. ready. now that's simple, easy, awesome. deported by clear by week one. get amazing tv and internet >> am looking forward to everyone getting to see. during our best deal of the year. with huge savings of $600 over 2 years. plus a speed upgrade to 400 megs, free for 2 years. and ask about even more savings with xfinity mobile. click, call or visit a store today. >> reporter: 18 packed with talent. >> it is a luxury that you love to have. >> you see the names and. you see the talent. it is all there. truck now, and then. 50 years ago in 1969, the 49ers practiced at husky stadium in seattle for a historic preseason game. they would battle the cleveland browns and that the nfl's first nationally televised exhibition dluckily her dorm iss heabout 10 minutes. from a hotel by wyndham. ashley's meeting all her in-laws, math mashup.>> it is almost a carnival atmosphere. >> reporter: very competent and she's about 10 minutes from a wyndham. eat by wyndham i in with over 6,000 hotels across the country, worked for them at the time. >> it was a big deal to make a visit road trip with the 49ers. >> reporter: on hand, the teams
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number one draft pick. >> and looking forward to giving it a try in seeing what it is about. it's like you're playing against your best in a league of the best. >> reporter: 50 years ago the niners.>> it was just a mom and pop shop. nothing like now. trophy team played at the corner of golden gate park. >> you could get in for nothing. if you were a kid and you brought christopher milk, there behind the walls of san quentin, inmates are fighting hope and help through a running was a tag in the christopher club and it has been around for 14 years. sharon chen introduces us to milk cartons the brighter the the head coach. game free. >> reporter: in 1971 when the it is this week's jefferson team switched to candlestick it was considered a step up. it was also a step onto award winner. astroturf.>> we didn't mind >> reporter: frank ronna falling on the astroturf coaches dozens of inmate because it would give us burns several times a month at san quentin prison 1000 mile running club. like i admire the fact that they come out here and look at and last for a whole season. running and trying to improve >> it was a pigsty but it was our pigsty. >> reporter: 49ers archive their lives. terry welker loves a stick and truck frank introduces is part because of the big wins. many of meers are rely lirnia b
6:14 am
however -- >> was definitely old-school. >> old-school with no heat. >> the old mark twain line is rcruer nc2005wh he absolutely true. the coldest winter winter i ever spent was in san prison educator requested francisco. coldve ever volunteer coaches. remembered as being on the >> nobody responded. sideline of a game and july. so i said, i will give it a >> reporter: in 2015 when the stick was getting demolished, try. >> there is no track in the lower exercise yard. frank measured around a quarter the great joe montana did not mile at the baseball field. shed a single tear. >> when you drove out here and you saw this for the first 105 laps is a marathon. >> reporter: at san quentin he time, what were you thinking? brought the same techniques he >> this is the best it has ever used as track coach of the 700 looked. >> reporter: is which bought the new state-of-the-art football stadium. and member running club. workouts, raises and marathons building self-esteem and teamwork. just ask wadler lopez on his assistant coach kevin rudin first visit. >> a beautiful new facility said frank treat the inmates with all of the latest with respect. technology. >> reporter: over the years >> is reliable and solid. they have been remarkable >> reporter: frank is a roan changes from shoes to pads, it role model to tone evans. is dramatically later. spec it reinforces everything i'm hoping to do and to be. >> reporter: frank's service >> players are bigger, stronger and faster and i one reason is the equipment. less equipment to carry around. extends to parolees when markel taylor was freed in march, stroke there are so many ways frank helped him get a job in to view our games from construction and trained him raises like the boston
6:15 am
marathon. streaming to hdtv. >> has changed everything. >> he has been there all of the >> because of the replact for c way. >> reporter: frank said he is truck as for diet they asked proud of dozens of parolees he how we asked how he has advised over the years. nutritionally prepared before a >> it makes me feel good that game. first, they got out. >> we drank a lot of beer. spot back in the day there was and second, that they are doing well on the outside. really no nutrition. it was like, eat a red stake in you are ready for the game but now the football operations people know the value of the right to rinse and the right >> reporter: for coaching inmate through the san quentin foods. 1000 mile running club and >> over the years, one thing beyond, this week's jefferson has never changed. >> it is amazing being here awarded to be area goes to with the fans. frank rona. sharon chen, kpix 5. the weather's perfect... >> defense the faithful. >> reporter: 60,000 people are cheering you on. >> you love to hear the mother screaming and yelling. you want to perform well for them. it's like the feeling that you get right before kickoff. and everybody is yelling. it just gives me the chills thinking about it.>> do not forget that you can watch the kpix 5 coverage of the first 49ers preseason game the cowboys today. family is all together
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and we switched to geico; saved money on our boat insurance. pricking pregame coverage how could it get any better than this? dad, i just caught a goldfish! starts today and the game kicks off in santa clara at 6 followed by the this quarter at 9 p.m. there's no goldfish in this lake. we want to see your 49er faithful photos. shirt on social media with the whoa! it's pure gold. hashtag, kpix. let's send it over to darren peck. we're gonna be rich... think the weather worked we're gonna be rich! out perfect. i'm going to start off the forecast for the game. it only gets better when you switch and save with geico. how does 78 degrees found? the number behind me as we take santa clara. it will be a bit cloudy for the first part of the day. you may notice a little bit more humidity. the only here in santa clara for the game, but across all of the bay area and that is an interesting aspect about today's weather that i want to talk about. we will leave behind the game forecast and show you what it actually looks like right now down in the south bay. this is the camera over san jose. this is kind of different. not necessarily the marine layer that has a coming. there is a weekend storm sitting off of the coast giving
6:17 am
us some of the marine layer but also giving us a different layer of mid-level clouds up above it. some of those may take longer to burn off today. it is not so much the clouds. it is 6:56. time for a look at this it is the fact that there is mornings top stories. more humidity with this but i think you will probably notice that today. i will show you how that will security has been increased for a couple of big-time music change over the weekend because events in the bay area. this is a two of the san jose we are not doing this both days. it is jutoday. jazz summerfest. this evenings mainstage performers include pink martini as far as the way it feels 66 in concord. 16 san jose and it the one in and gregory porter. san francisco. here is this weird system sitting off of the coast. in san francisco it is the you see these been in the second day of the outside lands music festival. clouds. it does not show up all that childish gambino and hosier are among today's performers at golden gate park. well on the satellite. if we look at it on the water the extra security hazard measures are in effect both vapor you cannot miss it. possibles in response to recent there is a weak area of low mass shootings. basket is looking into a pressure parks of the coast of california. that is weird for august, to specific suspicious package that prompted the evacuation of have a system that well organized and tightly wound pulling and humidity entering it in to california. august is typically our driest point in the year. a walmart and milpitas. was found yesterday afternoon at the store and mccarthy ranch marketplace. we will not get rain but to the package was later determined to be safe and it is have a system that has the potential for thunderstorms in believed that the contents were far northern california, and we fireworks. to the 49er faithful nation, football is here.
6:18 am
the week one of football season feel the influence of it down here, it stand out a little kicks off this week. the couple is coming to santa bit. here is the relative humidity map. the deeper the green, the opener. the kickoff is at 6. higher the humidity. 60% relative humidity today in >> a bit of a warm up over the santa rosa. weekend. today is fine. 83 in san francisco. you will feel it. the main thing about today is you will notice it is more here is the comparison. humid. more humid than difficult. watch what happens between today, and i will switch this for tomorrow, most of that goes into sunday. watch the colors go more brown. away. the temperatures climb from 83 in lent from 1991 tomorrow and i will put the numbers back up. 95 tuesday. this is a 41% for santa rosa things will warm up over the tomorrow. tomorrow will be 80. next few days. tomorrow tomorrow will be 41. and a warm up over the next few days. call it a morning. today's going to feel thank you for watching kpix 5 news. we will be back tomorrow morning. different. that is probably the main impact. you will notice the clouds in the sky. you notice the humidity. and i didn't even get to the fact that tomorrow will be noticeably warmer as well. only will we lose the humidity but the temperatures will climb. instead of 83, we will be in the low 90s inland.
6:19 am
a lot going on in the south bay today. we will talk about the san jose jazz fest we imagine the 49ers game in santa clara. here is emily getting you through the traffic. a great weekend for sports fans in the bay area. maybe not as much for traffic. i will help you work around the berkeley dallas cowboys taking on the salmon fiscal 49ers there are not any road closures and effective but they are offering a special caltrain service. basically you come into the mountain view station and you can take the vta light rail to the stadium. that is what they are suggesting for those of you headed here. there is parking around a bit in the meantime you can expect delays on 237 and 101, and 880 if you're headed to the game this weekend. also the raiders are playing this weekend. that is happening saturday at 5 p.m. it will be nice and beautiful. perfect football weather. it is going to be really busy. bart is offering hunger trains on the spring fine as well as the daly city in pleasanton lines. that is also going to be in effect for the concert happening later in oracle that
6:20 am
evening. but it is not oracle anymore. in the meantime, over to oracle stadium. several physical giants will be playing. they play basically every day this weekend which means it will pretty much be a mass at mission bay. narrator: today on "lucky dog," it's safety first as instead of taking 280, take 101. and absolutely take public transit. they're going to make sure five rescued pups learn some important life they're running extra trains and buses to be sure you're on lessons... brandon: all right, come on. narrator: ...from dietary guidelines... time. and they want to to cheer on brandon: these foods could potentially be toxic to the home team. who is ready for football? dogs in large amounts. narrator: keeping their heads above water. 49ers and cowboys. brandon: henry is a good swimmer, but he has no right here on channel 5 later idea how to get out of this specific pool. narrator: they learn that with proper training, the lives they save may be their own. on. before that we have an awful jed: sparky! lot to talk about. i have baseball and antonio alisa: come here, sparks. brandon: there you go. there you go, good, good, good. alisa: yay, good boy! brown. just come on back. brandon: i'm brandon mcmillan, and i've with six runs, enough. last night, to quite the photo. dedicated my life to saving the lonely, unwanted dogs that are living without hope. come on back. i have the answers.
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a quick look at the getaway gas. here is we can find the cheapest prices. today we are checking richmond.
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baseball up top and the bay area big leaguers. 13 runs between the two clubs. let's start off with san
6:24 am
francisco last night. this is none other than tim flannery. the former third-base for the jensen friends saw the visiting phillies take a 5-36 inning lead and steve and i splash a two-run job. to tie it up. they were all happy until the top of the six. i took a mistake pitch and crushed it. the second of two big five he accounted for three runs. for overall. the phillies one the game 9-6. the giants lost seven out of the last nine. they were for games back in the race. the former giant joe is in york not. signed and started for the metropolitans. for the night inning. for the tie game for the first hit at the expense of the washington nationals. he is a native new yorker. they want to walk off final seven out of six. 14 and one out since july 25. chapman and a 132 shaved his head and these it work.
6:25 am
the white sox the first inning solo job is 25th for the year. he was to her five out of the game and that home run was all of the support started with that mike nears needed. >> out and out of seven. is not lost since may 1 and they 17 minus zero sing half up in the wild-card race. nfl. this antonio brown it would be nice to hear from the team or brown. >> reporter: first was the frostbitten feet in the off- season and now mandated helmet. the effect the range of vision. he wants to use his old, in a band by the league. he filed a grievance and he has threatened to walk away and retire. 30 million over two years.
6:26 am
he had a two hour hearing yesterday with league officials. it is in the hands. of and arbiter now as we bring it back full circle. the 49ers and the cow pokes. later today right here on channel 5. the 5 pm pregame show. the 6 him kick off. stadium. >> meteors will streak across the night sky in our hemisphere early next week. the perseid meteor shower will reach peak after midnight monday ended two the morning. if you look up you will see as many as 30 shooting stars in our. it is visbal each august when the earth crosses over the trail of the debris. some material burns up and that create the flashing trails across the sky. a good viewing spot in the bay area including henrico state park near olympia. about double road, skyline boulevard in the peninsula and various peaks in the norty. coming up in the next half
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hour. the latest blow to the organizers of a straight pride rally. if your name is green you can save someone traveling. we will explain the deal yep! oh, yeah! seriously, save on fall styles for women, men, boys and girls. at the ross shoe event. on now.
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and you score the you knperfect outfit?at ross ooooohhhh! game on! now, that's yes for less. nothing beats getting the latest trends at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less. welcome back.
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good morning i'm melissa kane. let's start off this half hour with a check of the forecast with darren peck. i will show you the sunrise it happened about eight minutes ago at 6:21 but look at the view over my shoulder this is from the camera that sits on top of mount maka looking east. in that view you can pick up a silhouette of the crust of the sierra nevada out in the distance. was in the mountains that you can kind of make out. we have two different clouds as well. the low stratus clouds entire mid-level clouds. a unique day. there is a week weather system sitting right off of the coast during the higher clouds over much of northern california. that will look a little bit different but we are also building in the marine layer for any of us. we kind of have a layer of clouds. perfect example looking over the airport in san jose, you're looking at the bottom later. plenty of low-grade clouds. certainly low-grade clouds over the bay bridge and the entire bay at this point. as far as the temperatures go, that is not the big story.
6:31 am
in the low to mid 60s. i think the thing you will notice more than temperatures in the to mi60s is these back to that it is kind of humid out there for us, anyway. you will notice more humidity in the air then you are used to typically feeling today and that is part of saturday's story. sunday is different. for saturday it will be a bit humid and cooler. 66 degrees is the number for san francisco. that is not that big of a change in the temperatures when i say cooler. look at the inland number. 83. that is cooler because we are staying below average for daytime height inland. and join that, even though the humidity may not feel like it is a big improvement. tomorrow we lose the humidity and it starts warming backup. i will talk to you about that in the forecast in a bit. back over to you. a live look at the oakland arena formally known as oracle. this warning looks different. the massive red oracle letters have been taken down. the logo removal comes as the warriors get ready to move across the bay this fall.
6:32 am
there still signs of the oracle ran in the arena south side. iisdeaf going be one dierent not having the oracle sign for sure. select the team that has done well and a lot of people are at able to rally behind. it is kind of said. >> it is no word on what the east bay arena will be called now. the were to open the chase center on october 5 any preseason matchup against the los angeles lakers. structuring to campaign 2020. california senator kamala harris rolling out her first advertising push in the key state of iowa. >> she would work all day and poor her whole heart into us when we got home. after we were fed and in bed our mother would sit up trying to figure out how to make it all work. that is something that most americans know all too well. sparty one minute add connects harris operating with her pitch to iowa voters.
6:33 am
including middle-class tax cut, medicare for all and equal pay for women. the here is campaign and spending six figures including digital ads ash she tries to shore up her polling numbers. joe biden and elizabeth warren are also campaigning and i will and warren is making headway. a recent poll of iowa voters found a post search for her campaign. she is up to 19% although she is still behind the biden 28%. while on the trail both biden and warren took aim as president trump. talk whether he is entered is not a way for from white supremacist. he encourages and speaks to them. spiky cannot try to stir this up. embrace by the white supremacist. and then say but not me. no. he is responsible. is the president of the united states. spot the remarks come after a speech which trump called fort
6:34 am
unity. economy nation to condemn racism and bigotry in the wake of the recent mass shootings. the democrats and other trump critics expressed doubt about sincerity. the field is narrowing for third round democratic debate and september. just nine out of the two dozen democrats have qualified for the debate so fa entrepreneur andrew gang is the latest to make the cut but not far behind as billionaire tom steyer who is close to meeting the polling requirements needed to qualify for the september debate. phillip mosier and i asked willie brown about the latest whole numbers.>> the first time any poll since saunders has been a candidate both in 16 and now he is never been. it is amazing and if you read the tea leaves, he would hand his nine off to elizabeth. then biden would have a real opponent. >> were about that right here on kpix 5. for several law enforcement agencies in santa clara and alameda county are getting an
6:35 am
infusion of cash to prevent car break-ins. milpitas, fremont, newark, santa clara and san jose will each get $750,000. some of it will go to outreach in areas where the crime is common. for the rest will fund overtime work by law enforcement. assemblymember of san jose presented the funding to the city police chief. >> to state leaders here and then the police chief, i realized that they had done their best. >> we see victims that are losing property that is irreplaceable. >> the new funding will also go towards fines and equipment that that her car break-ins. more buses back in business at the trans bay transit center in denver cisco this weekend. full-service at the center has been shut down for more than 10 months as crews work to fix cracks in a support beam. the center opened last year but was quickly shut down a month later when the cracks were discovered. finally, ac transit buses will begin running tomorrow with
6:36 am
weekday commute services starting on monday. the boat ramp at the oracle spillway is open to the public. just for a limited time. repairs on the damaged the amherst are going on. the parking lots are still open for tomorrow from 5 a.m. until 11 p.m. it will close monday through thursday next week for construction. officials say that this fall it is expected to be open seven days a week. a project for better parking, trailhead facilities and about wanting capacity are also underway. the city of modesto has denied organizers a permit to hold a straight pride really but there is still a chance the controversial event could happen on august 24. the city cited safety concerns and said the rally is not compatible with other events with the park where it was planned. another reason is organizers liability insurance had been voided. >> if you do not have insurance you cannot reserve one of our parks.>> the city has proposed an alternative location in front of the downtown
6:37 am
convention center. organizers would still have to submit an application by tuesday and include proof of insurance. suck if we turned an insurance policy were speaking to you. we are told it is too late to complete the process. maybe it is not true but it would not surprise me if it occurs. >> opponents of the rally to promote hate speech and violence against the lgbtq community. the bay area national straight pride collision said it is protecting generals, christianity, heterosexuality and the contributions of whites to western civilization. and update on the deadly camp fire. the deadly toll is 86. 72 year old paul ernest of paradise succumbed to his wounds. he had been hospitalized since november when the fast-moving fire raced to butte county. the victims son has had his parents strike trying to escape the fire in an all-terrain
6:38 am
vehicle. abandoned vehicles and fallen power lines they were seriously burned white shuffling behind a boulder. a live like at sfo and the san jose are national you can catch a free flight from frontier airlines if your last name is green. green as part of the airlines green week initiative. here is how you snag a flight. book a destination that the parts august 13 and confirm your last name is green for round-trip your flight must return by midnight august 20. still to come, building literacy one lego at a time. how the popular toy is helping blind children learn how to read. we are giving inmates a running start on rehabilitation. ulis weeks jefferson award winner has made it his mission.
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