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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  August 10, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. good evening and welcome to this special preedition of kpix 5 news, i'm elizabeth cook. >> and i'm ken bastida. the 49ers and the cowboys set to kick it off here at levi stadium one hour from now. >> the faithful are flowing into the stands as we speak for their first chance to see the team in action this year. most of them anyway. >> that's right, we have all our team members here and members all over the field counting down to kickoff starting with dennis. >> i'm jacked out of my mind,
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this is preseason football and kyle shanahan will be tapping into the fringes of the san francisco roster tonight. we know a lot of veterans and injured players won't play tonight, but keep your eye on dante pettus. he could be the top receiver this season. he set the rookie record for most touchdowns in the season. quite the accomplishment for a franchise that's had a ton of great receivers. >> your 5 touchdowns were most for a rookie in a franchise season, did you know that? >> yeah, i knew that. >> we're talking john taylor, jerry rice. that must make you proud. >> yeah, man, it's pretty cool. it is only a rookie record, but like i thought it was pretty cool still. >> in defense jerry rice did drop a lot of football in his rookie seasons. >> he fixed it. >> if jerry's watching, sorry slam i had to mention that! ie
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rice is not watching this broadcast right now. that he tunes in at 6:00. more coming up on the bottom of the hour including my one on one with 49er quarterback jimmy g. ken, elizabeth, i'm jacked out of my mind. >> i can tell! how did his throwing arm look? >> we won't see it tonight, that i can tell you. >> and paul deanno is in the stands right now, paul, we have our sun glasses on because it's so bright out here, it's a spectacular day. >> gorgeous. ken and liz, i'll give you the report from the shade where it's actually quite comfortable and breezy. we have a breeze coming off san francisco bay coming from north to south. granted it's been august and san jose can easily get up to 100 degrees and santa clara the same this time of year,
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i'd call the weather really nice for tonight's preseason kickoff. let's look at the temperatures around the region. very pleasant. san francisco in the upper 60s, oakland in the low 70s. san jose officially in the upper 70s at the airport, and livermore in the upper 70s. that's running up to 7 to 10 degrees cooler than average, and there's a pretty stiff afternoon sea breeze rolling through the santa clara valley as well. your official forecast for tonight's game, 77 degrees at kickoff. it will be mild. if you're in the sunshine it's going to feel warm, but as soon as you get in the shade the temperature will drop significantly. breezy throughout the game. 6:00 p.m. kickoff. the weather is just fine for the 49ers' preseason opener. we'll see warmer weather moving in in the seven-day forecast. i'll have that coming up in about 10 minutes. back to you in the sunshine where i'm sure it's warmer. >> it definite will is warmer. i'm going to try and do this without my sun
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it is toasty out here. and if you're not in the stands yes, it could take you a while to get there. we have a bit of a traffic snarl outside. conditions in santa clara always around game time are difficult. you can see it's slow going on the various approaches to the stadium including tasman drive and highway 101. fanscoming into levi are undergoing extensive security this year with police on the lookout for any given problems. given the last few weeks in california and around the country, that's understandable. please have patience. >> yes, they're committed to keeping the stadium secure. they look for any potential threat and how to avert it. officers also take into consideration trouble going on locally and nationally. now security is every bit as tight as outside lands in san francisco.
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>> that's right, kpix 5's kirstjen nielsen 5 is -- katie neilson is showing us what it takes to people safe. >> reporter: this is one of the main stage areas and you can see already how packed area is, and it's still hours before tonight's headliner childish gambino. many attendees said they were still concerned about. coming to big events like this. >> i look fantastic! >> reporter: isla and her friends are laughing now, but earlier they had to have a tough conversation about whether they'd be safe at outside lands. >> we discussed it on the train. big crowds makes us nervous due to all the mass shootings and how it can happen anywhere. >> let's see them tags! >> reporter: security is tight around golden gate park with extra staff members and private security officers. a larger presence from san
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francisco police. >> all metal out of your pockets, bags open, and be ready to be searched. >> reporter: and metal detectors at all the entrances. it's all in an effort to keep the massive crowds at outside lands focused on the music. not on security. >> it's still in the back of our minds, but we'll still try to have fun and enjoy the experience. >> reporter: but some attending the music festival weren't concerned at all. >> that thing will happen to someone else but not me. that's my mind set a little bit. >> just have a good feeling about this event. i don't think anything is going to go down. we'll be fine. >> reporter: san francisco police say they've had no credible threats to this event and so far no major incidents. security is alsobeef up
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at this week's gilroy rodeo. every inch of the perimeter fencing will be monitored and everyone scanned with a wand as they come in. and lady gaga is now lending her superstar support to gilroy and other communities impacted by mass shootings. >> the 9 time grammy winner sang the national anthem here at levi stadium to kickoff super bowl 50. now she and her born this way foundation are promising to fund every single classroom project currently listed by teachers in el paso, gilroy and dayton. she wrote on facebook, my heart goes out to those who were taken from us too soon and to their families, loved ones, and communities who are left to grieve. everyone has a right to laws that make them feel safe in
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their communities. now gun control was the central issue in iowa today as well. >> that's right, that's where most of the democratic presidential candidates are campaigning this weekend as we 17 of them gave speeches and took questions from the audience at a forum on gun safety. the candidates repeatedly demanded action to stop gun violence including california senator kamala harris who called the president's words after the el paso shooting an empty gesture. >> really be clear about this. if he said hey mitch mcconnell, bring that house bill over here by getting it through the senate, it would happen. it would happen. so i say put your money where your mouth is. >> gun control activists pulled the event together in
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just the last week after the shootings in gilroy, el paso, and dayton, iowa. and the i.c.e. raids that started in mississippi may be just the beginning we're told. >> the white house reportedly wants i.c.e. to target more immigrants where they work. the source says all i.c.e. field offices have been asked to find potential targets. congresswoman jackie spear says immigrants shouldn't have to live in fear in their communities. >> children have a right to go to the emergency room if they have a medical condition. that's protected under the constitution of the united states and supreme court of the united states. >> after the recent raids president trump said quote if they come into the united states illegally, they're
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going to be brought out. now federal prosecutors say they'll continue to seek justice for jeffrey epstein's accusers despite his apparent suicide behind bars. >> the wealthy financier was awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges. here's more on where the case goes from here. >> reporter: jeffrey epstein was found unresponsive saturday morning at new york's metropolitan correctional center. this comes as he awaited trial for charges of sex trafficking of underage girls. he was denied bail in july after pleading not guilty in federal court. today one of his accusers urged others to come forward. >> it's no surprise that jeffrey epstein was also sexually abusing girls in new york. he did it everywhere.
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as long as the victims speak up, he isn't going to get away this time. >> reporter: jeffrey epstein's reported failed suicide attempt last month at the same facility is raising questions about how this happened and the suicide watch policy here. in a statement the u.s. attorney general william barr said he was appalled by the news and that the inspector general will investigate in addition to the fbi. >> i can tell you that on behalf of the victims i represented, there's a certain amount of shock and disbelief that the federal authorities could allow something like this to occur under their watch. >> reporter: one of jeffrey epstein's accusers, angry he won't face charges said in a statement, we'll have to live with the scars of his actions for the rest of our lives. cbs news, new york. we'll have much more ahead on this special game day edition of kpix 5 news including an unusual story out of alameda county. >> that's right, we'll tell you how an illegal pot grow is now threatening to snuff out
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about a dozen small businesses nearby. >> football fans cannot be more pumped for the first 49ers preseason game. we'll take you to the excitement. can my side be firm?
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the preseason kickoff against the cowboys is almost underway. >> betty yu is with the 49er faithful for us. betty? >> reporter: liz, i am with the faithful, and they are so pumped for today's game. as you can see, many of them tell us they have waited for this all yearlong, and it's here, and they're ready to celebrate. the music, the dancing, that sizzle from the grill. it could only mean one thing. >> i'm not a summer person myself, so i'm really just
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waiting for football season. >> reporter: the parking lot turned into a sea of red and gold and fits of blue and silver hours before kickoff. >> we're ready. it's football time. we've got the drinks, we've got the family, we've got the friends. it's all up tempo, good times, it's august. it feels good, doesn't it? >> reporter: there was friendly competition all around, and the littlest fans got their practice in. tailgating is also about the faithful showing off their niners pride. check out this decked out van. >> the whole family chipped in to get this done, they didn't hesitate. as soon as we got enough funds to accumulate and get it painted, we got it painted. >> reporter: what will be different about this season? >> we're hoping more ws! i mean as a fan that's what we want, we want to win! we're hungry, we're thirsty, we want victory! >> reporter: you don't have to
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hang too long to find fans. and we have players on the field, fans starting to take their seats. really you can feel the anticipation building, but i can tell you right now, everybody all around me seems to be in a great mood and we'll be here to watch it all for you. back to you. all right, betty, thank you. we're collecting photos of some of the most enthusiastic niner fans so to speak, and there's a lot of them filling into the stadium. >> it's the beginning of the season, everybody is ready to go, and this guy goes by the name 49er mark and he's sporting a red and gold kilt, red face paint, and the head gear in the shape of a championship ring. >> and here's our very own kpix colleague and her sister decked out in their 49er finest. we want to see your 49er
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pride, just tag us on facebook, twitter, and instagram posts and you might end up on tv. >> we have much ea from levi stadium including paul's game time forecast. plus. >> an illegal pot farm in a busy east bay neighborhood blew up the transformer and knocked out power to a dozen businesses. three months later, some are still without power. >> and how the niners are looking ahead to this season with a blast from the past.
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some sad news to report this afternoon. a 2-year-old san jose girl drowned while vacationing with her family in the florida keys. the toddler was found in a backyard pool yesterday.
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a vacationing doctor heard her family yelling for help. he swam across a canal to try and save the child, but she could not be revived. when a large illegal pot farm blew out a transformer in oakland, firefighters feared another warehouse inferno. >> luckily though there was no fire, but it did cut power to a dozen businesses. now the transformer blew at a complex on international boulevard not far from the ghost ship warehouse. >> kpix 5's da lin tells us the prolonged power outage has shut down some businesses while others struggle to pay the rent. >> reporter: there are several buildings in this large complex, people were growing marijuana plants in two buildings, including e sforme montter the next door business is still relying
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on a generator. sequia cross fit looks like business as usual, but the lights are out and the music not as loud. >> i opened my doors to my truck and turned on the music like here we go. >> reporter: they've been operating on a bare minimum for months. >> we normally have long strips of lights over here, those haven't been on in three months. >> reporter: after the street transformer blew up, the gym owner did some investigation and found an illegal pot farm next door. >> everybody knows about the tragedy at the ghost ship fire, and that could be us. the faulty wiring could have also started a fire and destroyed the whole building. >> reporter: he said there could have been 6,000 to 7,000 plants worth millions of dollars. the fire department red tagged the building. other business in the complex lost power for a month and a half. >> i went generating any money because of the power
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situation. i also got very sick thinking that i have to pay rent. everything runs with power, i can't work without power. >> reporter: some businesses have shut down, others are getting power through an extension cord connected to a different transformer. the fire department approved it. >> we've already had some people quit and say i'm sorry, i need a full facility. >> reporter: matt was unable to pay his june and july rent. instead of working with him, matt says the landlord is threatening to evict him. >> she's refusing to reimburse or time and costs and threatening us with eviction. >> the property owner is responsible for the upkeep, the safety. they're dropping the ball. >> reporter: the lawyers are working to settle the eviction dispute. right now pg&e, city inspectors, and the owner are working to restore power. so far no timeline as to when it will happen. i'm da lin, kpix 5.
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san francisco firefighters are warning people to be careful about the beach side cliffs. another rescue today, this time near fort funston where a pair of hikers got stuck halfway down. both are okay. and speaking of dangers near the shore, there was another great white shark sighting near half moon bay today. the animal was spotted just south of pillar point. switching gears, we've been talking about how beautiful it is on the field. a perfect day for football. the sun is shining, it's bright. paul deanno is watching the weekend forecast and game day forecast. hi, paul! >> tell you what ken and liz, the one thing standing out to me right now is the breeze. i'm not sure if you're getting it on the field, but for the thousands of fans walking the
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concourse right now it's rather breezy. the breeze is coming in from the ocean and keeping the temperatures down. we like the temperatures not too hot because the stadium can't get too toasty, especially if you're in the direct sunlight. but the breeze is prevalent, whipping 15 to 20 miles per hour through levi stadium right now. here's the weather maps with the current conditions outside. we have comfortable summertime temperatures in the upper 70s in livermore, san jose, and santa rosa. upper 60s in san francisco, and concord was one of the spots that made it to 80 today, likely cooling off at this hour at buchanan field. overnight tonight mid to upper 50s. a little more of the ocean influence. san francisco down to 56. santa rosa 50. san jose dropping to 57, and fremont 58 degrees. keep it here on kpix 5 to watch football. outside lands tomorrow, the final day of the three day festival. everybody going tomorrow will be treated to partly sunny
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skies, the ocean breeze still there. temperatures in the mid-660s in golden gate park. upper 70s and low 80s for the san jose jazz summer fest, very pleasant. good day to listen to jazz. there's a horn check, the horn works. good news. we have an odd august pattern where we have a low pressure area going very far south into southern oregon and far northern california. numerous thunderstorms about three or four hours to our north, but the low pressure area is finally moving away and more of a normal august pattern for our area will take shape starting tomorrow. let's look at futurecast where the clouds will be and won't be. morning clouds, afternoon sun sunshine, typical pattern tomorrow. and then on monday i'm planning on an earlier burn off to the cloud cover. one of the many reasons temperatures will climb and monday will be the peak of our little heat wave that we'll get inland for a couple of days. the warm up begins tomorrow.
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monday will be quote unquote peak heat, but we cool down later in the week. highs tomorrow in the 90s in concord, 84 in san jose, san francisco 69. we'll spend several days in the upper 80s to mid-90s, but near the water the ocean breeze keeps you cool. 70s near the way the next several days and mid-60s near the coast. our photographer is zooming into the flags on the northern end of levi stadium. they're whipping around pretty good. i'm not sure how much of that wind will translate to the field, but if it does, it might be a tough weekend for the kickers and the passers. otherwise a beautiful night for football. back to you down on the field. >> we are so lucky to be out here. thank you, paul. that breeze, i know the
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players may not love it, but it feels night. >> i think any night is a good night for football. dennis is up next with your 49ers pre-game show, so stay tuned. denny's isn't just for breakfast...
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this is the official preseason television partner of the san francisco 49ers. kpix 5. >> after a season overshadowed by injury, the 49ers couldn't wait to get back to the starting line. >> it's finally here. you get that little kid feeling. >> 2018 is in the rearview mirror. next to a healthy jimmy groh below and a refueled defense ready to step on the gas. >> speed kills, so they are going to really see speed, som tonight, 49ers will run up the 2019 edition for the first time. >> if we bring both sides together and had also as we will be a tough team. >>


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