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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 10, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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kpix news at 11:00 starts with breaking news in san francisco. another pedestrian fatality on one of the city's largest corridor's. >> it was a big night. we are showing you all of the excitement from levi stadium. a packed town hall, a bay area congresswoman shares her experience of visiting a detention center. we begin with breaking news in san francisco. a pedestrian was killed at fifth and market streets near westfield center at the b.a.r.t. station. the scene is active and under investigation. video shows within the last hour, the police tape is
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blocking the intersection at a shopping cart looks to be toppled in the street. a number of officers are there. one is photographing evidence. we do not know the exact circumstances of that fatal crash. 49er fans went wild. it was a sea of red and gold filling up the stands but the gaming is a cowboys. betty you as with fans tonight. >> reporter: levi stadium was electric tonight. the fans are celebrating a big victory. they help the team can keep up this momentum. this is how 49ers fans envisioned the night ending. :the pregame is amazing. the whole crowd is into it. this is cowboys and 49ers right here. the 49ers are taking it! let's go! let's go! >> reporter: this family
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traveled from oregon to see the opener. it was not hard to find fans at travel long distances. >> reporter: how are we feeling? this is a split house. >> my wife brainwashed my little one. this one wanted to go, to make it even. she joined their side. we are all 49er fans. >> you came from new jersey? >> yes, we came to see this game. >> reporter: in a sea of red and gold, they were fans decked out in blue and silver. >> reporter: where did you come from, why did you come all the way here? >> i come from dallas texas. >> reporter: jimmy knew that meant he would get taunted by 49ers fans. it is all in good fun. security was high throughout levis tedium. officers were on bicycles, motorcycles, and patrolled the parking lot on foot. canines were also on duty. the game ended with no major
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incidents. there was a lot of high energy. >> we are from reno. for me, it is important. this is my son's first game. we are diehard 49ers faithful fans. >> reporter: many of the fans say they were anticipating the game because it was their first chance to get a look at the teams newest players. at levi stadium, reporting for kpix 5. the youngest 49ers fan showed their enthusiasm tonight. some kids brought their own foot walls while two brothers from vancouver came to the game. we have all the highlights coming up in sports. a flaring incident at the chevron refinery sparks a
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warning. smoke was drifting from the refinery. people nearby reported seeing large amounts of black smoke just before 6:00 this evening. tonight, chevron says in a statement, the refinery employees addressed the cause. the flaring has stopped. it did not pose any environmental or health risk to the community. flaring is an important part of keeping the refinery running safely. a level i alert was issued since the flaring. this is the lowest possible alert. the sexual battery arrest to tell you about on the peninsula, authorities say marcelo arancibia went into a planned parenthood. he approached a woman and touched her on the buttocks. he exposed himself. sheriff's deputies caught up with him a short time later. he is now in the san mateo county jail. investigators are looking to see if he was involved with the similar incidents. a family is seeking asylum after a long trip across the border. jackie spear hosted a town hall to address immigration and gun
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control. kenny choi joins us from the newsroom with more. >> reporter: the congresswoman talked about one family's recent journey across the border, and their struggle to gain citizenship. she focused on what she says is the bigger problem of the border, inhumane conditions, after she recently visited a detention center. she says she's not for herself.>> reporter: congresswoman spear and house democrats toward a bolder facility in july. this is where dorian and his 4- year-old daughter, natalie, spent time, before ending up in half moon bay. >> if you had dogs and those types of cells they would be shut down by the american humane society. >> reporter: the family began their journey from honduras earlier this year. they were fleeing violence. they found themselves in front of hundreds, packed inside of the college theater in redwood city. they wanted to hear more about their next, and what lawmakers like spear believe is needed.
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>> we had to move people out of those facilities swiftly, and to their sponsors that will take care of them. these two spent six days at the detention center this year. as a debate about conditions at various facilities along the border rages on. >> we saw clean facilities. i spoke with families with children. i spoke to some children in these detention facilities. they all told me they were being treated well. >> the conditions in texas at mcallen, the most used areas are subhuman. >> reporter: it is a wait-and- see game for this father and young daughter. as for the younger's mother, she is in honduras, as is her grandmother. they are continuing to go through the lengthy asylum process. kenny choi, kpix 5 news. with grief, hundreds of
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latino leaders rallied in el paso, demanding the texas legislature take up a ban on assault weapons. this, one week after gunmen killed 22 people. new documents show that this was racially motivated. according to the arrest affidavit, 1019 confessed. he use an ak-47, shooting innocent victims. a detective wrote that he stated his target was mexicans. >> he might have shot me, but he did not take my pride. he did not take anything from you. i am fighting. that is what i want everybody to do.>> reporter: during mobilizations, they talked premacts. oldest hispanic civil rights group organized today's march. two people have been arrested for threatening walmart. the 20 sexual men in florida, and another man in texas were
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arrested for threatening walmart stores. police in kansas city missouri are looking at a threat to a walmart posted online. the threats and arrest come after a gunmen shot 22 people at in el paso walmart last weekend. security is tight at and out side lands in san francisco. tomorrow is the last day of the three-day festival. the event draws more than 200,000 people to golden gate park every year. all festivalgoers need to go through metal detectors to enter. there is a large police presence. we have extra festival staff and a team of private security officers are there to keep the massive crowds focused on the music, and not safety and security. >> it is always in the back of our minds. we will try to have fun. they crowds in situation like this makes us nervous due to the mass shootings. it can happen anywhere. >> san francisco police say they don't have any credible threats to the festival.
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so far, there have been no major incidents. security is beefed up at the gilroy rodeo. this is the first big community event since the gilroy garlic festival. they had metal detectors and heavy patrol from the santa clara county sheriff's office. this year, attendees started a new trend. they wore shirts that read gilroy strong. the funding raised goes toward therapy for those impacted by the deadly shooting. lady gaga is lending her superstar support to gilroy and those affected by mass shootings. the nine time grammy winner sang the national anthem at levi stadium to kick off super bowl l. she and her born this way foundation are promising to fund every single classroom project currently listed by teachers in gilroy, el paso, and dayton on the crowdfunding site.
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she also wrote on facebook, my heart goes out to those that were taken from us too soon, and their families, loved ones, and communities left agree. everyone has the right to laws that make them feel safe in their communities. the fbi is of us getting the death of disgraced financier, jeffrey epstein. he was found unresponsive in his cell this morning. he was awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges. in a statement, the u.s. attorney general said he was appalled by the news. the inspector general will investigate, in addition to the fbi. on behalf of the victims i represented, there is a certain amount of shock and disbelief that the federal authorities could allow something like this to occur under their watch. >> before his death, the lawyers argued the charges against him were covered by a controversial 2008 plea deal, which he served only 13 mont in florida. it has happened again, for
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the second consecutive day in san francisco. >> coming up, the tricky rescue effort to save a pair of hikers stranded on the cliff. the countless mistakes that cal fire said led to this brush's fire. i was not generating any money due to the power situation. >> alameda county business owners are fed up over a power outage they say is hurting the bottom line. did you notice that felt different out there today?
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go beyond the expected, to do the extraordinary. take your business beyond. we want to update you on the breaking news story in san francisco. police are at the scene of it and market street. a pedestrian was truck and killed tonight. here is some video taken within the last hour. police got a call at 9:00 tonight. design is blocked off, and it could stay that way for two hours while the authorities a medics clear the scene. there is no word on the identity of the victim, or whether ther opce. with a video of hikers and needed to be rescued in san francisco. it took a large team of firefighters to save the hikers . the firefighters say that one of them was able to get out, but the road crews had to use a rope and pulley system to get to the other victim.
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and to pull him back to safety. with details on a fire that started in a lake county town of kelsey bill. it was parked by a discarded cigarette. the 20 acre fire began thursday and threatened thousands of structures. one firefighter had minor injuries fighting the blaze, which is 90% contained. is a due to the difficult terrain, they have a lot of work to do. ever since a large, illegal cannabis grow blew out a transporter, east oakland businesses how to make do off the grid. the shops at this complex in oakland fruitvale district have been without power since may. the transformer blew out, the owner of the adjacent business had an illegal pot farm. he said it had thousands of plants. since then, businesses in the complex have shutdown. others are trying to stay open with a long extension cord. >> i was not generating any money due to the power
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situation. i got varies:, thinking i had to pay rent. everything runs with power. i cannot work without power. >> businesses are being threatened with eviction, lawyers are trying to settle the dispute. there is no timeline for when pg&e can restore power to the complex. a controversy oh merrill at a high school that was slated to be destroyed may destroyed -- survive after all. the board president, stephen cook is proposing to cover it up. the mural is at george washington high school and dates back to the great depression and depicts the dead native american. while many have criticized this mural as traumatizing, others have called for its presertiof art spng historic, rosie the riveter festival was held in richmond today. >> mary torres was honored along with 20 other rosie's aging and it ranging in age from
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91 to 23. this is the iconic worker known as rosie the riveter. the worker appeared on posters representing women working in industrial jobs during the war. big smiles on the faces of these kids getting ready to head back to school. today, the salvation army major that hundreds of san francisco kids and low income households received free backpacks and school supplies. for the past decade, this event has served 16,000 underserved students back to class. it gives them a renewed sense of hope. ladies and gentlemen, morning, noon, and night. will take this out. today was a unique weather day. if you did not notice it because you felt humidity, maybe you notice the clouds out there. let me show you a time-lapse from unique view of the marine layer. is started to do a role. do you see how the clouds have
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motioned to them? we have fast wind up top. you will get a bit of a role effect. these are the clouds i wanted you to see. this is the airport at oakland. these are cumulus clouds building over the mountains. that is unique. >> we don't typically get cumulus clouds over the mountains. there has been a unique weather set up for the last two days. me show you what this looks like on our computer. the storm is off to the north. if we look a peer, these are impressive thunderstorms. they were confined to the northern third of the state. they were close enough that we could feel the influence of them down here. we had cumulus clouds building over the mountains. we had humidity they may have noticed today. this system is leaving. all of these effects go away tomorrow. in fact, let me show you how this will change. this is the map for saturday. this is what the relative humidity was like. i can put numbers on here. these probably will not mean anything to you. you do need a point of
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reference. what is typical humidity mean? 60% in santa rosa is about that. me show you why. i will switch from saturday to sunday. watch how we go to the shades of brown across northern california. i will put the numbers up there now. is that of 60%, tomorrow it will be 41%. this is typical. 32% in concorde. it will come down. look how much the numbers will change tomorrow. we will lose the humidity tomorrow. on the flipside, we will have to start warming up. we had nice temperatures today. we were below average. tomorrow we are in the low 90s. concord goes to 91. mountain view is at 79. it is not that big of a difference in the bay. if you are inland and away from whatever the influences, you will notice that tomorrow feels warmer. for the outside lands, it is 69 degrees. that is not warm. that is a nice day at golden gate park. for those going out tomorrow, it will be a nice day. san jose has summer jam going
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on. we will be in the mid-80s. we will be warmer tomorrow than we were today. this is a 70 forecast, and i want to show you where we go from here. even though tomorrow is warmer at 91 degrees, monday and tuesday are the peak. these are the two warm days in the 70 forecast. you will see that it does not last long. temperatures come back down into the mid-80s by the time we get to the end of the week. back over to you guys. thank you so much. how are you guys doing over there? >> reporter: this is too good to be true. we have two for saturday night, on location? this is not just one sport segment, i am giving you two, from levi stadium, wimpy trash bags? c'mon.
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we are back at levi stadium, you could say the 49ers wrapped up big stats. they had 216 yards in penalties. they did get the stock they wanted, they had 17-9 over those pesky cowboys. the 49ers sat out a lot of the starters. they did sit out jimmy garoppolo. this is second quarter, look at this really write out to gifford for the interception. that was stopping a promising dry. for the next san francisco possession, they did roll out and found around rookie pick, jaelyn heard. he is a big fellow. he had a scoring strike. the 49ers did lead 7-6. how about the third quarter? cj is now at quarterback. he wants to go deep. check this catch by the new rookie. he went up and got it. a 45 yard play down to the
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dallas 10. four plays later, they did hook up for a four yard touchdown catch. that gave them the 14 my lead. they wanted to win the exhibition opener, 17-9. >> i felt good and solid. you don't want to turn the ball over. overall, i was smart and accurate. over the ball right place. it is a step. >> it was a sad after the locker minigame. >> we did a good job, we had a lot of penalties. >> we had to clean that up. >> that was over 100 yards. my coach will help us get that done. it's not that hard to clean up. >> and then, look at this. this is derek carr. micah glenna got the start against the rams. this is oakland's first drive of the game. washington crashed in from seven yards out. they were leading 7-0. they drove deep into la territory. he threw it right to stephen parker, he picked it off at the
11:25 pm
goal line. that is his second interception of the game. now, nathan peterman was under center. the opening drive, he found dos for the three yard toss. the raiders when their preseason opener 14-3. just when you thought it was over, no, no, no, we have the second segment coming up. come on back. we have the baseball side, that denny's isn't just for breakfast...
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we have baseball and giants business. we have one support and one step back. they went up and down with the phillies in game three of four. this little kid cannot care less. let's pick it up right here. this is bottom of the second, oh my goodness. he hit that would like he had a good night sleep. that was a two run homer. that was enough run support for jeff, who allowed only one run on two hits with five strikeouts in eight innings. the giants win to stay for games back of the wildcard race. let's go from that to the oakland a's.
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this is starter, tanner. in the bottom of the fifth, white sox, look at jimenez, that was a solo shot put chicago up 2-0. chris davis had the bases loaded here. he chased a pitch outside the zone. the white sox hung on to win 3- 2. they are looking good for the second wildcard spot. let's get out of here this one. things got physical. this is colorado, they were tied at 1 in the 73rd minute. area. rubio scores this go-ahead goal. colorado wins 2-1. this is san jose's first loss since july 3. almost things must come to an end. the quakes winning streak went bye-bye. from levi stadium, back to you
11:30 pm
in san francisco. i must say, bye-bye. went to close the doors and turn out the lights. go. jimmy garoppolo does not play tonight because it is a preseason game and we don't want him hurt. when do we get to see him in a preseason game? >> i feel like that is a set up. i am glad to tell you, jimmy garoppolo will be playing next week when they play the broncos. also, that will be a channel 5 game. how about that? >> good coverage, we'll see you back here in studio. we will be right back.
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