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tv   KPIX 5 News Sun Morn Edition  CBS  August 11, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. four people hurt in an overnight shooting in san francisco, the latest on the investigation this morning. and it has happened again. people stranded on the san francisco clip for the second day in a row. and the 49er faithful turn out in full force. we will have highlights and excitement surrounding the preseason game of the year. it is 6 am on sunday, august 11. good morning. let's get started with a check on the forecast. >> already seeing some of that back up behind you, all the clouds which have socked in
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much of the band covering the bay bridge, we will see that limited to pretty much in and around the bay and it will burn off pretty quick. we will start a warm-up. i don't know if you are still going to say great after thatyoo the middle of this ll seeclackr there quityet. begig. pretty shocked looking back towards the bay bridge, you see the low clouds hanging out over the eastern span of the bay bridge. it's 63 on the other side of that. in oakland, san francisco is a cool 56 showing the onshore flow that picked up. but we will warm back up to 69 today for san francisco, that's a couple degrees above average and i wouldn't call that warm or noticeably above average, but for other locations, it will be, specifically those inland spots getting up to the low 90s. for much of the rest of the bay, it will be low to mid 70s today. again, little bit warmer than
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yesterday, but still in a pretty good spot. it will be less humid and more sunshine in general they area wide today, and those near a few minutes. show esday anes new this morning, four people are injured after a late- night shooting in san francisco. this happened around 11:30 on fillmore street and golden gate avenue in the parking lot of the mcdonald's restaurant. all four victims were taken to the hospital, but no word on conditions and san francisco police say that no suspects are in custody yet. and police are looking into a traffic accident that killed a pedestrian in san francisco. one woman was hit by a vehicle just before 9:00 last night at fifth and market streets. the woman died at the scene and san francisco police say the driver is cooperating with the investigation. drugs and alcohol don't appear to be factors. that intersection was closed to traffic for a few hours as police investigated. the city and san francisco
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reports that have been 21 traffic that's around town so far this year and that's just to fewer than the total for 2018. oil giant chevron and the city of richmond say there was no danger from a flareup at the chevron facility. the camera on mount of acca spotted the smoke drifting yesterday evening and first reported before 6 pm. a level one alert was reported just because it was visible but that is the lowest possible alert. a statement reads in part, refinery employees addressed the cause and the flaring has stopped. the flaring didn't pose any environmental or health risks to the community. flaring is an important part of keeping the refinery running safely. some hikers are recovering after being rescued in san francisco. it took a large team of firefighters to save them. hikers got stuck on a cliff in port funston. one of them climbed out but the crews had to use a rope and pulley system to reach the other person.
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officials say the cliff rescue unit is getting called out more and more. for all kinds of reasons. a lot of times a dog will get over the side and the owner tries to go down to help them. but we find a lot of times we end up getting the owner back up and the dog gets itself back up. >> another hiker was seriously injured. today is day 3 of outside lands. the headliners include paul simon and anderson pack and the free nationals and pie go. it draws more than 200,000 people to the golden gate park and all festivalgoers need to go through metal detectors and there is a large police presence. extra festival staff and a team of private security is put on an effort to keep the focus on the music and not safety and security. >> it is in the back of our minds always, but we will still try to have fun. big crowds in situations like this make us nervous because of
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all of ng w itcan happen anyere. there been no credible threats to the festival and no major incidences. if you are heading to the festival today, we have everything you need from how to get there to what to expect when you arrive. the web team compiled a list of helpful links on today is the final day of the jazz summerfest. the 30th anniversary of the big music event being held that plaza day cesar chavez and other downtown venues. 40,000 music lovers are expected over the weekend with more than 100 acts on the schedule. the o'jays and diane reeves are among those scheduled to perform on the main stage this afternoon. it is the final day for the gilroy rodeo. this is the first big event since the garlic festival shooting. that prompted additional security for this event including metal detectors and heavy patrol from the santa clara county sheriff's department. many attendees have been wearing gilroy strong t-shirts, a symbol of the city unity and
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a commitment to recover from the garlic festival attack. the events are set to begin at 8 am at the gilroy rodeo arena. meanwhile, lady gaga lends her superstar support to gilroy and other communities affected by recent mass shootings. along the nine time grammy award winner sang at the levi stating kicking off super bowl l and now she and her born this way foundation are promising to fund every single classroom project currently listed by teachers in kilroy and el paso and dayton on the crowdfunding site donors she wrote on facebook, my heart goes out to those taken from us too soon and to the families and loved ones and communities left to grieve. everyone has a right to laws that make them feel safer in their communities. most of the presidential candidates are campaigning in iowa and in a form, gun control was the central issue. 17 of the candidates gave speeches and took questions from the audience. the candidates repeatedly demanded action to stop gun
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violence including california senator kamala harris who called the words after the el paso shooting an empty gesture. >> really be clear about this. if you said hey, mitch mcconnell, bring that house bill over here by getting it through the senate, it would happen. it would happen. so i say put your money where your mouth is. >> gun control activist pulled this event together in just the last week after the shootings in gilroy and el paso and dayton. and it is no surprise the candidates are in iowa as an important first stake in democratic primaries. we asked willie brown about the most recent democratic poll in iowa. >> the latest iowa poll, let's take a look at that, joe biden leads the pack and continues at
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28%. warren, 19, harrison third at 11, sanders has dropped to 9% and pete buttigieg, 8%. what does that tell you? >> the first, the first time any poll since sanders has been a candidate both in 2016 and now, he's never been single- digit. it is amazing, and believe me, if he could read the tea leaves, he would hand his 9 off to elizabeth and suddenly joe biden would have a real opponent. >> historically if you don't finish in the top three in iowa or new hampshire, you will generally not get the nomination. that is historically what the stats have shown. he really needs to fight harder to get up there in either iowa or new hampshire. >> this is a temperature on joe biden, uncle joe, i thought he was supposed to be fading by now. >> not at all. uncle joe is there to stay. uncle joe is operating in the space among democrats the way trump had a space among republicans. he is set and there is nobody taking anything away from him. he will go one or two here and
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two were three over there but he's not going anywhere. he will be one or two on anything and preferably 1. >> what about kamala harris. thdrwith her? >> we've seen her go from double digits down into single digits in some polls and not this poll, but other polls show she is taking a dip after the last debate and i think it was david axelrod who said you know she can ask questions but we don't know if she can answer them and she was forced to answer them and it was a problem. >> don't worry about kamala harris, she will be all right. as a matter of fact, she is on a bus rolling through as we speak and there's a big sign that says fearless, kamala harris for the people. and one after another of these national news organizations want to interview her and not any of the other people. >> just the fact that she's rolling the bus through iowa,
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originally you might member, and we talked with her consultant, they would skip over iowa, it's no big deal. they will roll with carolina. >> that was a mistake. they never should have said that. >> she should have been there, well, she's been thinking something. >> there were a couple others in des moines at the gun control form. still ahead, gottesman joints at the roundtable talking about gun reform and the possibility of a new ban on assault weapons. >> and the fate of a controversial mural at a bay area high school, a new proposal that could save it from being destroyed.
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once again, the nation and congress are grappling with the issue of gun control. there has been a package, the bills have been passed by the house regarding gun control. and now the question is whether the senate will take it up. there is a call and a special
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session after recess. >> the package is to bills, fairly simple and popular. they would eliminate the background, the loophole on background checks, 85 to 90% of the public including republicans support it, and that would give enough time for the background checks to be completed from three days to 10 days. that is what we have in the senate. i don't think mr. mcconnell will bring them back. and i am very cynical about him actually giving those bills eighth air hearing in a boat. but hopefully. >> let's take a look at the whole issue of guns on the streets of america. there are those who argue that anything short of a total ban of these types of weapons, a total ban, not background checks, not clip stocks, well, clip stocks are not, you know, going around the edges, but a total ban is the answer. >> i agree with that. i'm a co-author of a bill from,
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with david sissel any that would do that. >> i understand it may not pass, but we don't even get that debated anymore, why not? >> i think we should. >> why aren't we? >> well, we haven't, but we should. i think what we are aiming for here in this instance, what leadership is is to get the most popular, the most effective across everything. >> get the most popular done. >> but what we are doing is are we actually attacking the issue, or are we just doing windowdressing saying we've done something. the reason i ask this is that if we look at, it's a question. so you can disagree if you answer it. >> it sure sounded like a statement. >> mostly shooters would have passed the background check. they would have passed. it would not have stopped. so that's what i'm talking about
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, not whether you're going around the edges, rather than addressing the central issue. even if we pass this, what does it change? >> your talk about these three cases which i agree with you, they would have. the assault weapon ban would have stopped them. >> and the background check wouldn't have. >> we have 100 a day that happens in this country and the statistics show is that the background checks on the most effective with 100 a day, people that die from gun wounds including a third of the people who are suicides who shouldn't have guns. >> but what we have also is we have stolen guns and people using guns that are going to go away from the background checks, but so, again, you were saying whether it's ammunition background checks or this, if we are setting up new rules for you to follow, whether you follow those rules or not is optional. >> let's just put for instance were all of those things get set, there's been comments of evidence-based research applied the policy, california, statistically, california and connecticut, the state that of gotten comprehensive violence regulation, specifically, you
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have fewer incidences. soyou have to take bad rese app agree you,no one g willminate ge the united states, you take a comprehensive and let the researchers do their work, let us implement policy. >> let me ask you this, you and i, we are here every weekend, there are shootings. even if california is statistically better off than other places, it is not, you can't pick up a newspaper and turn on a newscast without someone shooting. >> if you are one of those people who is one of those to this a, you are live today because of the rules and regulations that california put in place. you are right that it has to be across the country, the gilroy is a perfect example. he went to nevada and bought the assault weapon and even though he wouldn't have been able to do that in california for a couple of reasons, he is underaged, and then he brought it back into the state. you need a national ban and you need to let the cdc do what they do.
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we reduced violence in this country because we followed the researchers. we need to do the same thing for gun violence. >> we will take that a step further if you can stick around for a second. congressman, we will be right back, but let's take a look outside for the weather. >> i will start with the view out at sfo because we see a lot of planes that are just kind of lined up out here under what looks to be a very thick blanket of clouds. take a look at the view. i just checked on the flight status and we are doing just fine. no major delays, maybe, if anything, some of the flights coming in have been delayed. if you have a flight coming out, you're okay. if you will pick somebody up, most of the flights are on time. so that looks like a good shot. there were a lot more plane sitting there a few minutes ago, that's what it looked like in oakland, the same story here, lots of low clouds and you want to show some clear skies, we just go to the camera down in san jose where we have
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not yet seen this blanket of a marine layer clouds overtake much of the south bay yet. there are a few clouds, just not showing up in the shot that looks over downtown san jose. and he, to get above it all, we got on top of the salesforce tower, that's the exclusive you in the bay area and what a beautiful view that is this morning. let's put some numbers in front of this one, right now, san francisco, 56 and a bit cooler. the concordat 62, the same number in oakland and it's 55 in santa rosa. you can see the extent of the low grade clouds and pretty much all the areas we looked at. that's sfo and the oakland shot and san jose for the most part looking for more sunshine and in the north bay, maybe some more clouds, but the theme on the low clouds and marine layer, it will not last long. i will take it from now and burn it back and it is quickly back to the coast, by the time we get to the late morning and that is where it will stay for the rest of today. this will be a sunny day, bay area wide. and then we get into monday and
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a little bit more builds in a but it is limited. here is your monday morning if you are looking ahead to the commute. there will be some low grade clouds, but they will be in the north, usual locations coming into the immediate area of the bay through the golden gate and that burns back quickly and there's sunshine throughout the day on monday and tuesday. the bottom line, we will see less of the marine layer over the next few days and when that happens, the temperatures usually go up. here is your comparison. remember yesterday? if you are inland, it will be warmer. in some places as much as nine degrees warmer, look at the warm-up for concorde. we lltodato where we werethe maappear that shows everybody daytime highs across the region area wide. 79 in mountain view, san rafael going to 84 in fremont will hit
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79 and we show that already and that is oakland's 76, 84 in san jose and as far as the seven- day forecast is concerned, the warmest temperatures will be showing up by the middle of the week and those numbers start to climb as we get into tuesday and wednesday, most noticeably. you will see that with a 97 for inland spots on wednesday and we will bring it into the mid- 70s to low 80s for much of the bay by the middle of the week. we will see more of this in the next half hour. a warning after a great white shark was spotted near half moon bay. the possible sighting came in yesterday afternoon south of pillar point harbor. authorities are warning anyone entering the water to be on the lookout. last month, san mateo county officials shared this photo taken from above the county coast of a great white shark sighting. >> new details on a fire that started in the lake county town of kelsey bill. investigators say the fire was sparked by a discarded cigarette. the 20 acre fire began thursday and threatened dozens of structures. one firefighter suffered minor injuries while fighting the blaze which is 90% contained.
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the crews eyave a lot of work to do. and a controversial mural at san francisco high school that was slated to be destroyed may survive. san francisco unified high school district board president stephan cook is proposing to cover up the muwith panels. destroying the art is off the table. it was painted in 1936 as part of the new deal art program and depicts a dead native american. while some criticize the mural as traumatizing, others have called for the preservation as an historic work of art. he will introduce the proposal at tuesday board meeting. good morning everybody. why do sports in studio on a sunday morning when i can have all of levi stadium? how about that for a playground? come on back, i got last night's 49er rap and more. [ music ] before we go, a quick check
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good morning everybody. if you love the nfl, you have come to the right place. and if you love the 49ers, last.
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oh yeah, against the cowboys, they sat down some starters including jimmy garoppolo. nick ballin's got the ll the e rookthe p yard scoring strikes and the niners led 7-6. to the third quarter, cj battered wants to go deep. look at this grab, the second round pick, depot samuel went up and got it. a 45 yard play to the dallas 10. four days later, battered, a touchdown. the 49ers led 14-9 and they wanted to win 17-9. from that, how about the raiders? they sat a lot of starters (including the quarterback. so mike when it got the call against the reds. the first drive, deandre washington. he crashed in, the raiders led picked if right e ep into
6:26 am
etman under center at the second half and the opening drive found alameda native and rookie keelan dawes. the raiders won 14-3. from that, we segue to baseball. they didn't seem to have a lot of interest in the action at oracle park. evan, corona. he got a two run home run. the giants led and got a final of 3-1. this thing back in the wildcard race. and in chicago last night, the bottom fifth, white sox, gimenez, a solo shot, it put him up to -0 and they hung on 3- 2 as oakland fell to 1 1/2 games behind tampa bay in the wildcard race. back to levi stadium and it was magical last night. and it always feels good.
6:27 am
the food tastes better and it feels great going down after a 49ers win. it's a preseason game but started off right. onto the next. that is enough. we will see you later. >> coming up in the next half hour, a bay area congresswoman hosts a packed town hall. the discussion of immigration and the conditions she said she witnessed at a border facility. and outrage after jeffrey epstein, the financier and accused sex trafficker dies in jail. the investigation into his apparent suicide.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. good morning, it's just about 6:30 a.m. we will start with a check on the forecast. >> that is looking a little bit too gray. that's over the bay bridge. one of the nice things we can do is just go above it to get a better view. i want you to see what it looks like from the top of the sales force tower. we will get some numbers. take a look at the santa rosa number. noticeably cooler right now as you find yourself in the north bay, you aren't looking at it as much in the way of the marine layer or low-grade clouds, so the temperatures tend to drop off in san
6:31 am
francisco. and a little more onshore flow and santa rosa feels a little more cool air. son coming up at 6:22. we've just passed the official sunrise and we are waiting for that to pop up above the horizon from the camera point of view. we are getting the low angle light. here is what goes on today. everybody gets a little bit of a warm-up. percentages go, that means it will be barely noticeable. we will hit 69 for the daytime high and we will notice plenty of sunshine once the low clouds burn off. and they will burn off in a hurry. here are the numbers across the rest of the bay area and it is inland locations as it always is where we will notice the change today. 90 degrees and for some of us, this will be as much as nine degrees warmer for sp gothis and wh happens fo he forecast. now over to you.
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>> the federal immigration rates that swept up 680 people in mississippi may just be the tells cnn that the white house wants ice to target more undocumented immigrants at workplaces. the source said icefield offices have been asked to identify at least two worksites as potential targets. jackie spear, democrat from san mateo says immigrants should not have to live in fear. >> children have a right to be educated. people have a right to go to the emergency room if they have an emergency condition. all of those are already protected under the constitution of the united states and the supreme court of the united states. >> after the recent raids, trump said if they come in illegally, they will be brough congresswoman spear held a town hall meeting in redwood city. immigration was a major topic. specifically the process of dealing with people seeking asylum. >> we have to move people out of those facilities swiftly and
6:33 am
to their sponsors who will take care of them. >> spear talked about poor conditions at border patrol locations. she visited one of the facilities in mcallen, texas. mike pence had a different opinion after his visit to the same detention center. >> we saw clean facilities and i spoke to families with children and i spoke to some children in these detention facilities. and they all told me that they were being treated well. >> meanwhile, house speaker nancy pelosi and the congressional delegation are wrapping up a tour of central america. they are exploring the causes of the immigration surge. hundreds of latino leaders marched and rallied in el paso demanding the texas legislature take up a ban on assault weapons. this just one week after gunmen killed 22 people. and new documents show atck wasracial
6:34 am
affidavit, 21-year-old patrick uses said he is an ak-47 killing multiple victims. he stated his targets were mexicans. >> he might have shot me, but he did not take my pride. he did not take anything from me, i am fighting. and that is what i want everybody here to do. >> at the march, there were calls for law enforcement to crack down on white supremacist. the oldest hispanic civil rights group organized the march. and gun reform will likely be a big topic at the next democratic debate in september. some have pulled well enough to qualify and others have not. we asked the former mayor willie brown about the candidates getting the ticket to the next round. >> what they are trying to do among democrats is reduced the size of people in the primary so that we can concentrate on the general. unfortunately, so far, it has
6:35 am
backfired. all of these democrats have been running only for the primary victory and ignored the fall. and believe me, that is not what we ought to be doing. >> i don't think there's any way to complain about the amount of control the party is exerting here. if anything, i think people wish they would observe more control and thin the herd getting better and quicker. >> but what gives them the right to thin the herd? >> they are the party and they fight for their spot on the ballot. >> when you think about running and want to be a candidate, you try your best to get the blessings of people who have some equity already with the voters. >> that is an inside fix. >> no it isn't. you really do have to either be unusual in terms of celebrity status you have to be new some to start out in the primary he was in california. >> these are impulsive insiders, these are poles of either registered democratic voters or lewho an to
6:36 am
vote in the democratic primary. >> these ou driven by poles or fixed by insiders, and that is what they are doing. >> you only said that when you are not the beneficiary of the fix. [ laughter ] >> so far, nine candidates have qualified. the most recent is andrew yang, the entrepreneur. the fbi and department of justice are investigating the death of disgraced financier jeffrey epstein found unresponsive in his cell where he was awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges. in a statement, the u.s. attorney general william barr said he was appalled by the news and the inspector general will investigate in addition to the fbi investigation. >> n tell you that on behalf of the victims of representatives, i've represented, there is a certain amount of shock and disbelief that the federal authorities could allow something like this to occur under r wa >> befors death, his lawyers argued charges against him were
6:37 am
covered by a controversial 2008 plea deal in which epstein served only 13 months in jail and had work-release in florida. the man who was in charge of overseeing the oakland coliseum conflux is out of a job. the coliseum authority executive director scott mckibben stepped down on friday over allegations of a conflict of interest. the sources told the newspaper that he got a commission of $50,000 for facilitating and naming rights deal. he denies receiving any money. the naming deal brings in $1 million per year from ring central. and he recently helped to broker an agreement with the raiders to play at the coliseum for two more seasons. meanwhile, there is great news for the faithful of the 49ers. all season long, they will be honoring the team hian le on eld. the rthern ezone, checnu87, the dwight clark bunting. they had to get special approval from the nfl to make this feature permanent. and the classic 49er and zones
6:38 am
are back, the saloon style logo is a throwback to the history and just like old times, the background will be painted red if the team makes the playoffs. >> i think what our fans will be excited about is we brought back the font in the end zone which is stored in class or to the fan base. >> when we moved here, it was all about how do we honor the tradition and legacy of those five-time super bowl champions, so in the end zone this year, i think all of the fans who watch this during that era will have a big smile on their faces. >> some of the youngest 49er fans showed their enthusiasm during the game last night and some kids brought their own footballs along while others were jerseys with number 10. but jimmy g did not play yesterday. and we want to see your 49er faithful photos. share them on social media with the hashtag kpix stomach and we are joined once again talk about gun control and the
6:39 am
possible change of heart of the president on background checks. and alameda county business owners are fed up over a power outage and they say it's hurting their bottom line. how do you gauge the greatness of an suv?
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good morning, the mass shootings are at an epidemic level. joining us now is the congressman, are we at a tipping point? we would like to take a look at what the president had to say on this issue. it seems to be something that is quite different from what he's been saying in the past. let's take a look. >> they understand, we don't want insane people, mentally ill people, bad people, dangerous people. we don't want guns in the hands of the wrong people. >> congressman, what is your take on the president's remarks? >> i am very skeptical that he is actually going nathare not
6:43 am
going to come back and i think they will just play this out so that maybe this will go away like all of these others have and people just get numb to it. >> let's try to take the man at his word for what it is. do you think that the president's support of this could swing it and get the bills that are now in front of the senate passed? it could close loopholes and expand background checks? >> we need to get the republicans and mitch mcconnell to vote for the bills that we passed out of the house on background checks. they are the simplest low hanging fruit to do something about gun violence. if the president decided that he wanted to see those bills on his desk, that could happen. >> do you think he has the clout up again something like the nra, who do you think wins? >> i think that's what they will determine, how much is based in the nra fighting him on this in the next few weeks. >> speaking of politics, the president, by doing this is trumping the democrats.
6:44 am
will the democrats go for this? or are they going to say we don't want, does he get to have a victory on this? what is the politics on that? >> the victory is the american public, that means congress is functioning at a bipartisan level on something that's really important, saving lives. we want to save lives, we want to do meaningful and reasonable gun violence protection. these bills will do that if they want to join us on that, that saves lives. who wouldn't be for that? >> i don't know, because sometimes in congress we see we have a history of saying you aren't, we are going to move ahead to matter what. there is a way to somehow stop it. >> anyone that does this on this, shame on them because they will have blood on their hands. >> let's say it is past. there is a question about, okay, people will say okay, we've done something. but there's a question about, have you really done something? everyone is hanging the change on these background checks, but a number of the shooters would have passed the background
6:45 am
checks. is it a false promise of a solution and saying okay, we've done something? >> we have gone much further in california when i was in legislature as part of that, but knowing how difficult it is to get anything past, these two bills are the first bills passed on gun violence protection in 10 years. so getting these signed into law would be a big step forward for the united states. for me, not nearly enough, but you have to get what you can to save lives. >> politically, and i've seen this on a number of issues, it is a big step forward and everyone says it is a good first step and history shows that often times, it is the last step and rather than sometimes calls for a leap such as civil rights and women's rights and things like that. a step does not make for the difference. >> the civil rights and women's rights, that's a good analogy in the sense that you make a step forward and it's giant and it takes a long time. women, seneca falls, it took 70
6:46 am
years for us to have the debate about the 19th amendment that changed and gave women the right to vote. so this is democracy in many instances. it shouldn't take so long. this is the world we live in right now. so can i vote on a bill? can we support a bill that will save people's lives? yes. will it solve everything? >> no. but you save people's lives. >> i guess it is one step at a time. although sometimes that step comes up a bit short. joining us this money, east mekong someone mark to sonia. let's take maybe a brighter look outside at the weather today. if i'm going to do that, if the choose my cameras wisely. you don't necessarily get a brighter look for many of them, but you do for some. particularly one down here looking at san jose, that is the skyline in the distance and we are we up to clear skies and a brighter look over san jose. it is not that way for much of the rest of the bay.
6:47 am
if i'm going to find that, i want to get up above it all. most of us are waking up under that. this morning, it won't last long, by the time we get into late morning, we will be in the sunshine just like san jose. it's 61 in san jose and 62 in oakland. san francisco at 56. a cool start to the morning under the damp clouds and looking at the extent of the marine layer, you can see how it's coming through much of the bay and is the east bay covered and it certainly has the peninsula, that san jose looking at more sunshine and up in the north bay valleys, some sunshine and some clouds. with steak it from now and melt that all away. and by late morning, now we are back into the sunshine. there's less marine layer to stick around. not only for today, but for about the first half of this week, we will see some of it in the morning for the bay area and particularly into the bay and the golden gate.
6:48 am
it will not be particularly gray for this week for us in terms of the marine layer. instead, the story is about a warm-up. and we will see temperatures and lid starting to climb this week. we will be back up near 100 by the time we get to wednesday and thursday. but not for today. in some places, these are 7 to 8 degrees warmer than yesterday particularly inland. right around the bay, it's 3 to 4 degrees warmer so not that big of a difference. if you have any plans or maybe you don't have any and he wants him, it will be real busy in golden gate park for outside lands. san jose, you have summerfest, and just to show you how the warm-up will not be equal for everybody, concorde, that's the warm-up for you. the weekend numbers on the left, but look what happens as we get to monday and tuesday and wednesday. let's do the same thing for a couple of other locations. concorde, the average is 87, you will be 97 by wednesday. santa rosa, the average is 93 -- 83, you will be 93. for san jose, a similar story, the average is 82 in san jose
6:49 am
and we will be near 90 by the middle of the week and let's bring those numbers way down. oakland, 71 is the average and we are going up to 80, 80 is going to be nine degrees above average, and in san francisco, not a lot of change. you can see the trend with temperatures staying in the low 70s and that's the seven-day forecast. mid-nineties for the middle of the week for inland locations. ever since a large illegal cannabis grow blew out a transformer, a dozen east oakland businesses have been making do off the grid. the shops at this complex on international boulevard in the fruitville district have been without power since may. this is after a transformer blew out the owner of a nearby business and then they went and found an illegal pot farm that he said has thousands of plants and some businesses in the complex have shut down and others are trying to stay open with things like a long
6:50 am
extension cord. >> i wasn't generating any money because of the power situation. i also got very sick thinking that you have to pay rent. everything runs . i can't run if i don't have any power. >> businesses are being threatened with eviction and lawyers are working to settle the dispute. meanwhile, there is still no timeline for when pg&e can restore power to this complex. the salvation army made sure thousands of kids received backpacks and school supplies. the backpack giveaway was held at the salvation army community center on turk street. this event which has been going on for more than 10 years has served more than 16,000 students, giving them backpacks filled with notebooks and paper and pencils. and just a reminder, tomorrow is the first day of class for some bay area students like oakland unified and san jose unified starts on wednesday and in san francisco, classes start next week. this, we would like to see photos and videos of your students as they gear up, use the hashtag kpix on air.
6:51 am
he used education to secure his own future and how this bay area man is paving the way for others.
6:52 am
6:53 am
as a high school student, rising above the scholar focused on education as a way to secure his future. kristin pierce reports that he is making educational opportunity for others his new priority. >> reporter: it's so great to see you. >> reporter: a sweet reunion with friends and family for the oakland native delmon butler back in his hometown after spending the last 7 years teaching high school in hawaii. >> as an educator, we have one of the most important roles and jobs in the world. that is really to unlock potential.
6:54 am
>> education has long been his passion both for himself and others. >> i just got a scholarship. >> reporter: in high school, he worked part-time at mcdonald's while completing three associates degrees and his diploma. and he was on his own living with his aunt after his father passed away and his mom was not able to care for him. >> there was the beginning of a new beginning for me. my teenage self was extremely resilient and determined and persistent. i think it takes a courageous and strong individual to be able to persevere through some of the most difficult obstacles that you can face in your personal life. >> reporter: the inner resolve led him to georgetown as an undergrad and then on to johns hopkins for a masters degree. that was before completing his doctorate at usc. now back in the bay area, he is reconnecting with those who helped him achieve his educational goals like oakland unified school district superintendent, doctor kyla johnson trammell. >> the cheeks gave it away.
6:55 am
i knew exactly from a block away who he was. >> reporter: kyla, as she likes to be called, was his favorite elementary school teacher. they haven't seen each other in almost 2 decades. >> i can see myself in the classroom. >> reporter: it is time for catching up and a bit of career advice. delmon has advice for other young people who may be struggling. >> don't doubt yourself, you can make it.
6:56 am
it is 6:56. let's get a look at the top stories. four people are injured after the latest shooting in san francisco about 11:30 last night at fillmore street and golden gate avenue. reportedly in a mcdonald's parking lot. all four victims were taken to
6:57 am
a hospital, but there is no word on their conditions. and also in san francisco, police are looking into a traffic accident that killed a pedestrian. a woman was hit by a vehicle just before 9:00 last night at fifth and market streets. she died at the scene. san francisco police say the driver is cooperating. oil giant chevron and the city of richmond say there was no danger from a flareup at the chevron refinery reported just before 6 pm last night. a level i alert was briefly issued but that is the lowest possible alert. investigators say that a recent fire in lake county was sparked by a discarded cigarette. the 20 acre fire began on thursday and is 90% contained. today is the last day of outside lands in san francisco including anderson back in the free nationals and paul simon. there have been no major security incidences. we have great weather, upper 60s in the city today for outside lands or anything else you are doing in the city. and low 90s today and upper 90s by the middle of this week.
6:58 am
thank you for joining us. cbs sunday morning with jane pauley is next. >> have a great day.
6:59 am
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captioning made possible by johnson & johnson, committed to improving health for everyone, everywhere. >> pauley: good morning. i am jane pauley and this is sunday morning. in this month when we have been celebrating the 50th anniversary of woodstock, many music lovers who remember that legendary concert now find themselves having to turn up the volume. turns out, their hearing is not rtat it used to be.


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