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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  August 11, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. as we go into the big heat wave, firefighters will be sitting on the fire line to make sure that the small plaisance not flare up again. we are going to see our temperatures climb over the next few days. as well as the humidity dropping. i will show you the warm up. plus, a lyft driver under arrest accused of assaulting a passenger. how the company is responding. thank you for joining us. >> weekend with firefighters taking no chances after a small brush fire. this started around 6 am this morning.
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>> reporter: it is i think that this fire was spotted quickly. it could have been a lot worse. just getting to the fire it is a battle in itself. cal-fire crews had to hike a half-mile through eighth deep embankment just to get to the fire. when they got there, the fire were burning fuel. >> this is the dead needles, the bark, this is stacked up for several years. this is what is still smoldering. >> reporter: the crew was able to put a line around the fire. there were no evacuations for san mateo county. they shut down the road while fire crews continue to pop up mop up the fire. >> we are going to see some near record temperatures august is often when we see the
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biggest fires. if this had gone unchecked. >> reporter: kpix 5. are our near geologist joint is now. >> i first want to show you what changed from yesterday to today. and while that small fire in woodside. i have woodside there in the east bay. the relative humidity is 30%. that is average. there is is where should be. we have been there for the last three days. take a look at where those readings were yesterday in the day before. we're getting a stronger influx of those humidity levels, now we are back to normal. temperatures are about to start climbing. i will choose redwood city as my example. it was only 77 degrees yesterday. 82 degrees for today. we are going to see those numbers climb. while that may not look so
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drastic, i will tell you what inland locations will be looking like. i can give you one other example here for santa rosa. look how much better the situation looks for oakland. i will be back with a complete forecast coming up in a few minutes. new at 5:00, a bay area lyft driver is under arrest accused of assaulting a customer. he picked up a 25-year-old woman who was out drinking at a bar in and is at san mateo. the victim said that he took her to his home in tracy and assaulted her. he is now behind bars. he is being held of suspicion of false imprisonment and rape. the drivers access to lyft is being permanently removed.
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more than 20 bay area mayors are joining forces with hundreds moors across the country, they are calling the senate to return to washington to take action on gun legislation. a total of 249 mayors have joined together. they also asked the senate to a take action on two bills that strengthen background checks. >> four people were wounded in the late-night shooting in san francisco. this is in the parking lot outside of a mcdonald's restaurant. the victims were taken to the hospital. three of them are expected to survive. one has life-threatening injuries. they believe that the victims were targeted. a woman was killed in san francisco last night on fifth
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and market streets. authorities say the driver is cooperating with the investigation. drugs and alcohol do not appear to be a factor. yesterday's fatality is the 15th of the year involving somebody walking in the city. they released a statement saying quote are city needs to do whatever it takes to make us all safe on our streets. this could be anyone of us killed by simply going about our daily lives. and this driver of this subaru forrester escaped safely. this is when the car burst into flames. this is all that is left of the vehicle. the driver was not hurt. this did force a 45 minute closure on highway 24. we have a video of a dangerous sideshow in oakland. cell phone video shows several cars blocking traffic on 35th avenue. this is just after midnight.
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there is smoke rising as tires street. police showed up a short time later to break up the sideshow. it is have unclear how many arrests were made. coming up, questions from the death of jeffrey epstein. what happened inside of that new york tail? plus, a wild manhunt for a prisoner. where authorities found him hiding out. ♪
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ends wednesday. ♪ an update on the death of jeffrey epstein. the disgraced financier who apparently committed suicide. a law enforcement source told the new york times that the
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jail did not to check on him every half-hour like they were supposed to. he was alone in his cell after a still not was transferred. two guards were working overtime and they were short staffed. he was found dead early yesterday. he was facing sexual trafficking charges. it was a wild five-day manhunt. it is finally over. authorities tracked down the man after his escape from a tennessee prison. >> reporter: an escaped prison suspected of killing a tennessee correctional employee, was caught just hours after confirmed sightings on sunday morning. >> it is a good day because he is in custody. >> reporter: the 44-year-old is dressed in camouflage and carrying a backpack. you opens a refrigerator on a property of a man who alerted authorities. >> i said, that is him. >> with 30 minutes, hundreds of law enforcement, tbi spotted
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him coming out. he surrendered. >> reporter: he had been on the run since wednesday when he escaped eight west tennessee state penitentiary. that morning an intense manhunt was launched after the body was found. watson was discovered missing hours after he was seen near her house. rewards totaling nearly $60,000 were offered for information leading to his arrest. >> he is relieved to be over with his run. >> reporter: on thursday, they secured warns against watson for charges including first- degree murder. >> the convict was serving a 15- year-old sentence after pleading guilty for the kidnapping of his wife.
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officers were called to the scene around 10 a clock last night. the victim was rushed to the hospital where he later died. the city of fremont will host three community workshops this month about its plans to build a temporary navigation center for the homeless. the city reports that it's homeless population has increased by 27% since 2017. 485 of their homeless population is without shelter. they are considered two locations, the parking lot near city hall and a property on dakota road. the first workshop is at harbor light church on august 14. the second august 24. and the third will take place on august 26. it is back to school. there is just one thing missing. 20 principles.
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this is is just about one quarter of oaklands public schools. it has been a difficult time for the district. back in february, they shut down the schools for seven days. it is not clear whether all 20 principled positions will be filled at the start of the school year. today ac transit buses are back at the transit center for the first time in more than 10 months. buses began rolling out today. weekday service starts tomorrow. the center was closed after two support beams were discovered cracked. new video shows a daring helicopter rescue in contra costa county. this is a person dangling from a harness attached to a helicopter. in the first incident a hiker was rescued about 2 pm yesterday. officials say that that person
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suffered from dehydration. and then three hours later, here we go again. a hiker was dropped on steep terrain on mount diablo. officials say the hiker was also suffering from severe heat exhaustion and dehydration. both hikers are expected to be okay. the weather is just getting warmer? >> we are well into august. look at the view of the golden gate bridge. you don't see anything there. there could just as easily have been a thick blanket of fog obscuring the view. for right now, nothing. that is always a sign. when it looks like that with the golden gate bridge in the middle of the afternoon in the middle the summer, there is a warm up in store. this is certainly what is coming our way. let's get oakland included. this is the airport out there.
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we are looking out at a hazy looking form. at least in terms of, did you notice the warm up today? i will show you the difference. first let me show you where we are. these are the daytime highs. concord, 90. oakland, 79. 86 in santa rosa. 70 in the city. let's do a little comparison. just 24 hours ago, concord is 10 degrees warmer than we were yesterday. this is a start of the warm up. we are going to keep going from here until the middle of the week. we are going to be getting well into the 90s by the middle of the week. seven degrees warmer in mountain view. just to show you another view of the discipline nearing layer. it was there earlier.
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three hours ago, you would have heard the foghorn there. look how it all just disappeared. if we take it from where it is now inputted into the futurecast, it is only going to be in the morning. it will so back in in the usual spots tomorrow morning. and then it is going to burn right out. here is a comparison. i showed you several visit. i'm going to do a comparison between san jose and san francisco. when we had that 89 on tuesday, then 90 on wednesday, it will be noticeably warmer. now look at the city, nothing. even the we are going to get a lot more sunshine, we will be in the low 70s for san francisco. you could say that that is kind of a warm day. it is those inland spots. this is why i wanted to point out the change for concord.
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in fact here is that again. 97 by the time we get to thursday. livermore, santa rosa, you're going to be pretty much in lockstep. look at the coast, not that big of an issue here. noticeably warmer, yes, but nothing compared to that heat wave that we had in june. so that is good news. >> thanks. new at 5:00. a fight in pleasanton could soon heat up again. the big-box warehouse store would be built just south of the 580 in her chart. this is where we are to explain this controversy. >> reporter: this has been going on for more than five years. now, this area was actually owned by clorox. it is where cosco wants to build its new store.
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there is even a sign on the fence showing that cosco has applied for a license to sell alcohol. concerned residency that it is a bad idea. >> there is a cosco five miles down the three-way. you know, you cannot drive five miles. >> reporter: he is a former pleasant city councilman. he says having a cosco in danville and another in livermore is close enough. he worries about the added pollution and traffic. >> what is best for the community as a whole? >> reporter: this is why he led the group in filing a lawsuit back in 2017 over the environmental impact. to block costco from building on site. according to the city planning office, the city is once again ready to consider the plans for
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an almost 150,000 square-foot store and a separate gas station. >> it is really going to affect traffic. >> reporter: he has lived off of stoneridge for years. he says he is not sure what to think. >> we want to have a close, but we do not want to have the traffic. >> i would say that i'm for it, mostly because of the convenience. >> i can see both sides. i feel like if the infrastructure is not there for costco, we are really putting the cart before the horse. >> reporter: the city has already made this is you area an earmarked economic area. they say if the plans move forward they plan to once again file suit. the city council is expected to get the issue in the fall. costco could break ground sometime next year. in pleasanton, kpix 5. this just in at the sports
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segment. this is sunday at 5:00. why do the a's love chicago? what happened saturday night. and a thrilling announcement during the san francisco giants reunion of the 1989 team. ♪ introducing togo's new hot chicken sandwiches.
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baseball up two. this is a big one. the giants hosted the phillies, a critical series in their. i am talking about this. >> i have been waiting a long time for this. >> before the game the giants team that went to the world series, they announced that they they will retired number 22, will clark's number. he will join giants' grades with retired members. >> orlando, and playing with very. it is absolutely amazing. i'm very, very heartfelt right now. i'm having trouble putting it into words. it is just super special. >> in the meantime, that mike is hot. so was his arm.
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seven strikeouts. he has an e.r.a. of 2.0. matt chapman, is it gone? is it? they kept it in. reap late confirmed. two pages later, the other matt olson swung, gone. a two run blast. bring on the australian closer hendrix. his 12 say. the a's beat the white sox 2-0. oakland is a game and a half behind the tampa bay rays. tampa bay swept seattle over the weekend. and then the giants tuesday for the bay bridge series.
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the nfl, how are you feeling? they played the cowboys last night. they lost a player in the process. sean coleman had surgery to repair a fractured leg. this was just his fourth play of the night. the tackle was expected to do backup. and then the quarterback derek carr. a quick hit, the red zone score. the raiders won it 14-3. so here is your daily antonio brown update. he remains away from the team. he has some food issues. but the real story has been his use of an old helmet that is
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now banned by the nfl. the coach addressed the brown matter last night. >> i support the sky. i don't know what is anybody writing or what they think. this was a total accident. i know that some people are laughing at it, it really is not a laughing matter. and the helmet thing is a personal matter. he has a strong feeling about what he is wearing on his head and we supported. >> the pga was in new jersey. he finally caught him at the 14th hole. and then at 16 he really charged. a bump and run. and we are done here. for the first time in 16 months.
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the tour championship is next month. serena williams is in pain in toronto. she was forced to retire from the match with a back injury just 60 minutes into the play. that is some sportsmanship right there, to console her. in front of the basket. this is britney for the wnba. she is going after the dallas star. the benches clear. the all-time leading scorer for cal. six players were ejected from the game. the fists, the elbows are flying. >> at the reunion?
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>> right in the middle of the ceremony. we are going to retire will clark's number. how great is that? >> i thought i saw roger craig. >> you did. 89 years old. he showed up for that. >> and we will hear about antonio brown this week, i imagine? >> we're going to talk about him today, tomorrow and the next day. ♪ introducing my new spicy chicken strips combo.
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thank you so much for watching. we will see you back here at 6:00 for a full hour of news. >> we will see you at 6:00. one day after jeffrey epstein's death, his lawyers are asking why their troubled client was not on suicide watch as president trump retweets a bizarre conspiracy theory linking the clintons to epstein's death. >> what he's doing is dangerous. >> quijano: also tonight, religious violence at a holy site. captured, the manhunt for an extremely dangerous escaped convict ends just miles from where it began. >> he tore our family apart with this. it hurts. >> quijano: extreme heat in much of the south. much of the region suffering under sweltering temperatures. when will it end? and it takes a village to raise up one neighbor. >> i'm in amazement. i'm still in shock. this means a lot. ♪


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