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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  August 11, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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the victim said that the driver picked her up and the next thing she knew she was being assaulted at his home in tracy. we have more on this troubling case. joe. >> reporter: yeah, brian, san bruno police released a mugshot and asking people to take a close look at the photo. it is a photo of the rape suspect and they are worried there may be other victims. >> san bruno police arrested a lyft driver for raping a passenger. he picked her up from a bar and intoxicated and passed out in the backseat. the suspect is accused of taking her back to his home and having sex with her without his consent. rape. saturday the victim reported the crime to san bruno police and arrested the suspect in the city of san bruno. police don't want to go into
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too much detail because they want to protect the rape victim. the suspect is charged with rape. >> lyft said we are working with the authorities and will help in every way we can. >> keep in minded that lyft pickup happened in the city of san mateo and tracy it is the san bruno police department that is handling the case because this is where the victim reported the crime and so if anybody has any information they are asked to call the san bruno police department. reporting live. joe vasquez, back to you. >> new video out of antioch where domesticated rabbits are taking over a neighborhood. people living on wilson court are bombarded by bunnies. we have learned it is possible to have too much of a good thing. >> it began in december when neighbors in this cul-de-sac noticed a few little rabbits
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sitting on their front lawns. >> i call my wife over and we thought it was cute at first. >> but the problem multipled and by march. >> there's rabbits all over the street and sidewalks and all over the grass and it is slowly went from -- pretty fast went from 7 to 10 to about 50 rabbits just all over the neighborhood. and then from there, it started to not be cute anymore. >> during the heat of the day the bunnies hide out like this one underneath the neighbor's car that has people nervous about pulling out of their driveways. but in the evening they come out and mike christopher and daryl strowble says they dine on their plants. >> they dig in the palm trees. anytime you have to go outside, it would be rabbit pellets. you would clean them up and sweep your driveway and they are back. >> mike has tried to collect the babies for animal rescue
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but more keep arriving. they say the rabbits are coming from this house and they believe someone living there may have a pet hoarding problem but a problem that is affecting the entire neighborhood. >> it is sad because take responsibility for your animals. keep them in your yard. that is what i say. keep them in your yard. not everyone else's yard. >> antioch animal control has not done much and the problem is spreading. social media posts from neighborhoods a mile away and across highway 4 are reporting bunnies in that area. it is possible that they are reproducing in the the wild in this field but someone reported seeing a man releasing four rabbits in hill crest park recently the neighbors are hoping that officials will take the problem seriously and take action against the people they say are actually causing the problem. in antioch, john ramos. kpix. antioch animal control has spoken to the people raising the rabbits but the the agency
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is close on sundays so we weren't able to contact them. let's take a look across the bay from the top of sales force tower. the east bay hills will baking even more warmly. >> the big warm-up ahead. let me show you a camera. look at the golden gate bridge. there is nothing, not an ounce of clouds here at all. well into august and when you see a day that looks like that in the middle of the afternoon and the summer you know things will warm up. first of all here is the comparison. for some of us we are nine to ten degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. that's a big jump to go through from one day to the next and where we are going is important. 91 in concord. so there is the 9-degree bump but look where you are going back to the upper 90s. average would be 87. watch what happens as we look across the different microclimates of the bay. san jose 82 and oakland, 71 would be average this time of
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year and we will be 81 for the first part of the week and 82 on wednesday and for san francisco it is 74 today in the city. that's kind of a noticeably nice warm day for san francisco. not going to be an issue here but it will be noticeable for many of us. i will show you what happens after wednesday. coming up in the complete forecast in a few minutes, guys, back to you. warmer weather has firefighters in san mateo taking no chances after the small brushfire today. that broke out before dawn near the western woside hills. >> reporter: it is a good thing this fire was spotted quickly because it could have been a lot worse. the first call came into 911 at 6:00 a.m. from someone driving on the freeways 20 minutes before sunrise when it was still dark. >> if this went unchecked, someone would not have caught it or the potential for a large fire is there. >> just getting to the fire is a battle in itself. cal fire crews had to hike a
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half mile down a steep embankment just to get to the fire. when they got there the flames were in a drainage burning several feet. >> that is the first of all that falls out of redwood trees, the bark and stacked up and the drainage there and that caught on fire and still smothering. >> there was a line around the fire and able to pull hoses down to the blaze to snuff it out with a special water and foam fixture. no evacuations but the park was shut down while fire crews continue to pop up the fire. >> for the next coming days we will see some near record temperatures. june and july and august and september are threats. a car burst township flames on the eastbound side of the tunnel at 10:30 this morning. look at that. all that is left of the car is
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a burned-out shell president driver was not hurt but the fire did force a 45 minute closure of that tunnel backing up traffic on highway 24. another pedestrian has died at 5th and market last night. police have not released details but san francisco supervisor matt haney says the woman was hit by a taxi. walk fss says she was the 5th person killed walking or biking. that is total the number from last year. the group says our city needs to do whatever it can to make us safe on our streets. this could be any of us. new pedestrian safety systems will increase driver
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awareness. >> there will be flashing beacons to alert drivers. the work should be complete by the end of september. city of fry mon will have three community workshops to bill a navigation center for the homeless. the homeless population has increased by 27% just since 2017 and 2/3 of its counted homeless shelters is considering two locations for the center. parking lot of city hall and a piece of surplus property on dakota road. the first workshop is set for wednesday evening at harbor light church on thornton avenue and the second one is held on august 24th and the third will be placed two days later at the fremont painting center. i'm katie nelson where a battle over a big-box store is heating up. calls continue for tighter gun control. we found out the california law
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intended to keep firearms out of the wrong hands is largely going unused. a lot of kids are going back to class in oakland but they won have to worry about being sent to the principal. there won't be one. kpix weather is sponsored by mancini sleep world. head over to man sleep world. visit sleep world dot com.
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big box controversy could be heating up again. the city is moving ahead for a new costco store. it is southeast of the busy 580, 680 interchange. >> the battle over this 40-acre lot has been going on for more than five years. now, this area was actually owned by clorox and now it is where costco wants to build its
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newest store. costco applied for license to supply alcohol. residents say it is a bad idea. >> there's a costco five miles down this freeways and down that freeways. you can drive five miles? >> matt sullivan is a former city council member and leads the group pleasanton city for responsible growth. having a costco in danville and livermore is close enough and worries about the added pollution and traffic. >> and ways best for the community as a whole? i can buy a dollar fifty hot dog? >> he led the group in filing a lawsuit back in 2017 over the environmental impact report to block costco from building on the site. according to the city planning office, costco addressed those issues in the city is ready to once again city the plans for
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an almost 150,000 square foot store and a separate gas station. >> it is going to really affect traffic in the pleasanton area. >> this man says he is not sure what to think. >> if you want to have it close but not the traffic and the impact in the area. >> if you do and if you don't. >> i am for it because of the convenience. >> i could see both sides but the infrastructure is not there for costco, then we are putting the cart before the horse. >> the city has already classified the area as an economic development zone and earmarked more than $21 million to widen and improve the roads. now despite the push back costco appears to view the site as a field of dreams. if you build it, they will come. well, at least dave will. >> will i go there if it is there? yes. the city council is expected to take up this issue sometime
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this fall and if approved costco could break ground sometime next year and sullivan says if the plan starts to move forward, his group will file suit. in pleasanton katie nilson kpix 5. there is three options for hungry commuters at the transit city. italian restaurant is setting up shop. and if you are looking to snag something sweet there will be fee's chocolates. there is a number of traps it center tenants to 13. there is still more than a dozen spaces available for lease. the man in charge of overseeing the oakland coliseum is out of a job. chronicle reports that coliseum authority director scott mick kibben stepped down over allegations after conflict of interest. sources say that he got a
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commission of $50,000 for facilitating a naming rights deal. he denies receiving any money. the deal brings in one million a year. kids in oakland go back to school tomorrow but a lot won't have to have a principal to report to and here is why. the district is still scrambling to fill 20 principal vacancies. that accounts for one quarter of oakland public schools. 2019 has been a tumultuous year for the district. back in february a teacher strike shut down schools for seven days. the school board agreed to a 20 million-dollar budget cut. one outgoing principal says he and some of his colleagues are leaving because of the turmoil. there was traffic shut down at a busy intersection in oakland this morning. a witness shared the video of the stunt driver's stunts after midnight. it happened at the in ter seconds of mcarthur and 35th avenue.
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you can see the tires screeching. the usual thing. not clear how many arrests they made or how many cars they towed. business weekend for contra costa county. they rescued two hikers. one suffered from dehydration. you can see the person dangling from a harness and three hours later medics helped a hiker in mound diablo. that hiker was also suffering from severe dehydration. it is august, folks. both hikers are expected to be okay. that's good. thankfully the rescue. but it is heating up. if there is any good news for people maybe that we don't want to see get caught in the heat, the weekends are the best part of the whole thing. today and yesterday and next weekend are the lowest numbers. >> it is getting hot. >> yes, you are right about
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that, brian. let me show you what it looks like. going back towards the golden gate bridge, not a scrap of low clouds or marine layer or nothing. same story in san jose where it is sunny and let's check in on oakland. also using the camera on top of the sales force tower. this one looking back the other way and you can see the airport out here. east bay hills and nothing in the way of clouds. so we know it is sunny out there. you can see the numbers, 87 in concord and 75 in oakland and livermore 83 and san francisco at 70 and san jose at 80 at this point as well. just to show you how things change in a hurry this is the last four hours of high resolution satellite. we did have a good batch of relay off of the coast four hours ago. the foghorns were blowing but all evaporated and disappeared but in the overnight it will come back. we will wake up tomorrow morning with a batch of low
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clouds from the bay. that doesn't last long. so your monday morning commute will be gray. if you are in and around the immediate vicinity. by the time you get to ten it is all gone. we are back in sunshine and temperaturing the warm-up. let's look at the numbers. you can see where we are looking by the time we get in the afternoon. 81 in oakland and 60 in pacifica and 84 in fry 84 in fremont. 90 in dublin tomorrow and 82 over the hill in heyward and if we look at the seven-day forecast the trend shows us that wednesday and thursday will be the peek for the heat. that's when we will top out at 96 wednesday and 97 on thursday. and those are the highest numbers but then just in time for the weekend, the numbers will come back down and we get back in the 80s for daytime highs. by the time saturday and sunday roll around. so that's good timing. we will see a spike in the heat
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but not on the weekend, right, guys? back over to you. taking the temperature of this. pow. straight ahead. we have the raiders and 49ers aftermath. about last night. trouble with serena williams. chicago, the as and a giant real moment during today's reunion of the 1989 world series teams. denny's isn't just for breakfast...
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we're talking about baseball and things that happened before the game. >> just kind of going up hill. >> getting it going. >> this forecast kind of trying to laborer through it. giants and fillies in a series. knotted up at five. moving pictures on the late show. then there is this. >> i have been waiting a long
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time. >>well clark one of the giants from the 1989 world series team. they announced that his number 22 would be retired. clark paid 8 science with san francisco. he will join giants greats on the list of retired numbers. just being around wilie mace and willie mccovey and orlando sapayo. it is amazing. i am heart felt right now and i am having trouble like putting it into words but it is just super special. segue to the a's. chris basset. is this thing on? yes. he was on from the mound against the right side seven strikeouts and seven scoreless evenings and let the pitcher know he was locked in. scoreless with the white sox and matt chapman, is it enough? yes. john jay kept it in.
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replay confirm add double. that's okay because two pitches later, oldton swung on, gone. two run blast. 23rd for the year. and in this bring on the closer. william hendrick pitched a 123 night. a's beat the white sox 2-0. two series in chicago and two teams and came out with a record of 3 and 3. oakland is a game-and-a- half behind the rays for the second while card spot. tampa swept seattle this weekend. a's were off tomorrow and giants part of the bay bridge series on tuesday. >> how are you feeling 49ers empire. your team, and the cowboys on kpix. with the starters on the field and lost a player. sean coleman screened left and had surgery to repair the fractured leg and dislocated ankle from this play and just
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his 4th play of the night. the tackle was expected to be the backup for both joe staley and mike mcglenchi. then quarterback derrick carr his last night and the rams. many starters sat out and there's a quick red zone score. nathan peterman to dillon doses. dos was an undrafted receiver played at alameda high school. here is a your daily antonio brown update. number 84, the raiders, white out remains away from the team with foot issues. the story has been his beef with the league over the use of an old helmet. now banned by the nfl. john gruden finally addressed the brown matter last night. i support this guy. i think that is what needs to be said. i don't know if anybody is right or what they think but the foot injury was not his fault. this was a total accident and it really wasn't his fall and
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it is a serious injury. i know some people are smarting at it and it is not a laughing matter and the helm matter is personal. he has a strong feeling about what he has worn on his head and we are supporting him. we got golf. near the statute of liberty. the pga was in new jersey. a little short game test. buffet run set up a bidderie and we are done. reen won and clenched a spot in the tour championship. serena in pain in toronto. finals of the rogers cup and forced to retire with a back injury. 16 minutes into play. the winner there is bianca
6:26 pm
hatree andco. she is the first canadian to win the rogers cup in 50 years. the dark jersey you will see britney gleeder chase down christinana way. the long time leader from cal did her best to stay away from the fray. six players were ejected from the again. >> when you play to win, sometimes the heat of the battle. >> absolutely. game day tonight. what do you have? >> it will originate from the junees phillies game. i got my best man, dennis o'donnell there right now. we are going talk about the '89 world series team. the giants and wil clark and his jersey is being retired and
6:27 pm
we will have the raider aftermath on me and a smattering of antonio brown. a little seasoning. that's the show. just narrating it down. thanks, vern. democrats and the president agrees. why is it wrong to keep guns out of the wrong hands? >> questions are swirling about how jeffrey epstein managed to commit suicide behind closed bars and lawmakers are demanding answers. >> a raid on a refrigerator and the inmates time on the run.
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watching kpix news. >> gun control measures after several mass shootings. politicians on both sides of the aisles are talking about it. they seem to agree on certain proposals like expanded background checks. >> melissa kain says most counties are not using it. >> politicians on the left and right seam to agree that red flag laws may be good to end gun violence. >> meaningful things are background checks that will take place including red flags and including a lot of other very important items. >> red flag laws to stop people that own a firearm before it is too late and hurt themselves or someone else. >> even senate majority leader mitch mcconnell told a local kentucky radio station the
6:31 pm
senate will look at red flag laws. >> background checks and red flags will lead the discussion but a lot of other things will coming up as well. >> but what we can't do is fail to pass something. >> generally thinking about a person exhibits a high risk of hurting themselves and others, red flag laws allow law enforcement or relatives to get a court order taking away their guns. >> it is an opportunity to take guns away from people who are in moments of distress. >> california has a red flag law. it allows courts to issue what is called a gun violence restraining order. it was passed in 2014 after the attacks where 11 people were shot. four died and 7 injured. in that case the shooter's parents called police with concerns weeks before the incident but the police said there was not much they could do and then the law went in
6:32 pm
effect in 2016 but there were 114 orders and for the bay it was a 53 and san francisco one and maryland amounts to 15% percent of california's. in the last year there's 412 orders. melissa caen. kpix 5. when asked about the numbers several law enforcement agencies say the officers are not trained to use the tools. this state budget needs more money to provide training. san francisco police are looking for the gunman that shot and wounded four people in the western addition. it happened 11:30 last night in a mcdonald's parking lot at golden gate avenue. all four victims taken to the hospital. there were live injuries and san francisco police say no suspects are in custody yet. about 90 minutes earlier a man was fatally shot at storey
6:33 pm
road and king in san jose. he was taken to the hospital and died. the victim's name is not released and the gunman is still on the republican. mayors joining forces with hundreds more across the country calling on the senate to return to washington and take action on gun safety legislation. a letter signed by 249 mayors notes the high numbers of mass shootings including the recent ones in gilroy and el paso and dayton. it asked the senate to take action on two bills that address background checks. in pennsylvania, five people died when fire erupted in a home that neighbors say operated as overnight care center. you can see the firefighters as they transport victims on stretchers to the hospital. one neighbor tried to answer the burning home to rescue the children but could not get past the fire. tried to go inside and made it to the open living room and
6:34 pm
i couldn't go further. >> i couldn't even experience any thing like that. i can only imagine. i have three of my open. >> the victims range from 8 months to seven years. so far no word on the cause of this fire. an escaped inmate from tennessee back behind bars. the suspected killer's time on the run came top end when he raided a refrigerator. >> a suspected killer captured. curtis watson was arrested in pending tennessee following four day on the run. >> the pressure that they put on watson while he was on the run is what was absolutely critical. >> curtis watson escaped from the west tennessee state pentitentiary wednesday. he was last seen at the home of
6:35 pm
a correction officer and she was later found dead. >> no word can describe what he did to my mother. >> for several days people in the area were told to be vigilant as authorities searched the wooded area near the facility without luck. they got a break when ones of the hundreds of tips turned out to be a confirmed sighting. watson appeared to have changed his clothing as he raids a family's outdoor refrigerator. >> when we recognized him it was a break. i think we did the right thing. >> the location where he was taken into custody was ten miles from the prison. >> he was facing a ten-year prison sentence for robbery. an autopsy was performed on jeffrey epstein. he apparently committed suicide in a jail. but chief medical examiner says more information is needed before a cause of death can be determine the. a law enforcement source says
6:36 pm
that jail guards did not check on jeffrey epstein every half hour like they were supposed to. he was also alone in his cell after a cellmate was transferred. the ap says the facility was so short staff that two guards were working overtime. last month jeffrey epstein was found unconscious with marks on his on next that may have pointed to a suicide attempt. >> it is difficult to understand how he was not on watch. it is very concerning and there needs to be a complete investigation. the system broke down. he should have been held for trial and his victims have a chance to testify against him. >> federal prosecutors charged jeffrey epstein with trafficking girls as young as 14 years-old. documents unsealed in court friday showed one woman claims he kept her as a sex slave when
6:37 pm
she was a teenager. she says she was forced to perform sex act on the duke of york and prince andrew. buckingham palace denies it. fans are remembering robin williams. today marks five years since he took his own life. the academy award winner grew up in the bay area. committed suicide on this day in 2014 at his home. he was 63 at the time. after his death, his widow says he struggled with depression and diagnosed with parkinson's disease. williams memory lives on in various landmarks. the robin williams tunnel, it device san francisco and morin was renamed for the comedian in 2016. sharon meadow was named robin williams meadow in his
6:38 pm
honor. in celebration of the 38th annual comedy day. a free event which williams supported. this larger than life mural popped up on market street in august. williams would have turned 68 years old last month. still to come. how recent gun violence in america may have shelved a movie. a bizarre arrest on california roof stop after a naked man got caught in a chimney.
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a fantastic spectacle as at a
6:41 pm
moslem cabod. their hearts pointing to a structure that represents the oneness of god. moslems around the world pray daily using compasses to help them pray in its direction. house speaker nancy pelosi was in texas today getting a first-hand look at immigrant detention centers in mccalen. >> the mother of five and nine grandchildren, we all know the bonding is essential with parents and children and for this administration to separate children from their parents is unconscionable. and that's one of the reasons we are here to see that stops. >> pelosi talked about gun control and says that white supremacy and access to guns are "an explosive combination that we must disconnect." demonstrators showed up at
6:42 pm
a rally in oregon. one gun right supporter says he is proud to stand up for the 2nd amendment. >> making sure that everybody knows you have a 2nd amendment night that you can bear arms, period. end of discussion. when these people are out here protesting, they are being raped, murdered. who do they call, someone with a gun. >> i am here solidarity with my brothers and sisters through all different colors to say it is not okay. >> despite the opposing views eugene police say the rally ended peacefully. universal pictures have not confirmed whether the recent shootings in gilroy and el paso and dayton scraped its release of the new movie the hunt. >> having human being for
6:43 pm
sports. they are a human being. >> hollywood the work. the satirical thriller was going to open late next month. universal said we understand it now and it is not the right time to release the film. >> the studio did not give a date for when it would be the right time to release it. just a few miles from hollywood. a different kind of drama playing out on a residential rooftop. reporter greg mills has the story. >> naked he was. and stuck in this chimney. >> they asked if anybody has a towel, someone toss a white towel on the roof. >> once covered firefighters and sheriff deputies pulled this guy out of the chimney. >> oh, my god i was shocked and couldn't believe it. >> she and her boyfriend were headed to church when they heard the helicopters. >> i heard the helicopters. >> this started a block away on canterbury drive. a woman discovered a
6:44 pm
neighboringed man in her apartment. her husband confronted them and got in a fight. >> this guy ran off naked and threw the backwards across wooster avenue and hid in this chimney. >> they were searching with dogs. >> they didn't find it and the naked guy with the chimney was stuck. >> i was taking him for a walk. i was walking by the house and hear this help me. they are trying to kill me. >> he called 911 and others heard naked guy two and called 911. >> get me out i'm stuck. >> was drinking and a super hero out there. >> firefighters and sheriff deputies worked on getting the naked guy out and pull him out but he didn't go quietly. >> greg mills, kpix 5.
6:45 pm
a sightseeing gondola comes crashing to the ground in canada. >> from the shelter to champion surfer. >> this changed my life. >> just the passion that they show for being out there on the water. and taking you to another beach. it looks like a good day to go to one. if you can do it in the middle of the week may be a good time. i will show you the warm-up coming up in the forecast .
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6:48 pm
the gondola in canada after was police are calling a sabotage. authorities believe that a cable was cut sending 30 cars attached going to the ground. the attraction was closed and no guests or employees were injured but police are asking visitors to stay away from the area including nearby trails. a catastrophic failure. >> the gondola goes 40,000 feet above sea level. a tornado was caught on
6:49 pm
camera, it hit luxenburg. the roof was torn off by the winds. dozens of home in the area are now uninhabitable. >> a much different story back here. thank you very much. and for being in august this is a quiet time of year. we had excitement this week but that storm came through. gave us some humidity and clouds. it is all done. look at the view from the top of the sales force tower. looking towards the east, so a quiet view there. i got another one and this one looking towards the south. that is actually out of oakland. looking at the top of the tower. we have cleared out. things started to change today. we lost all of the influence from that weak storm that came through far northern california yesterday. and as a result temperatures went up. here were the highs yesterday for inland locations, let me
6:50 pm
show you how much higher today. 91 in concord and 89 in livermore and san jose went to 85. and napa went to 85. everybody takes a jump. some of us took a bigger one than others. 9-degree bump for concord and livermore. 8-degree warmer in santa rosa but it was kind of an improvement because at the same time the humidity levels went down so that might have helped. let me do the comparisons. san francisco 74, oakland at 82 and redwood city at 84. it was a warm-up here. it wasn't as big for the inland spots but it was still a warm- up nonetheless and here is where we are going for the daytime highs tomorrow. so we are pretty much in the same spot. low 90s inland and temperatures staying anywhere from the upper 70s to the low 80s in and around the bay tomorrow. and in the seven-day forecast.
6:51 pm
notice what happens. thursday 97 for the daytime high. that will be the peak and good timing as we approach next week the numbers will come back down and cool down in the mid-80s inland and you can see the temperatures across the rest of the bay there staying a little above average as we go through the middle part of the week and coming down for the weekend. we will be back for this
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6:53 pm
the sports report is next on kpix 5. an unusual stunt which your watching is getting people's attention at a michigan race track. that man launched in the air
6:54 pm
from a canon. . david smith has been performing for 22 years taking over for his dad. >> and this second generation cannon baller holds five guinness world records with the highest cannon shot and the furthest he has performed 8000 cannon shots in 15 countries. it has attracted a lot of people. >> i did notice that, yes. i want to watch it again. the world dog surf championships in pacifica earlier. >> one of the top dogs is from right here in the bay area and it is fair to say she and her owner had a rocky road to the sand and surf. sharon chen has their story. meet 13-year-old abby girl. a canine celebrity and championship on the circuit. her owner says they have helped each other stay afloat. >> i hit the lottery. >> their story begins in 2006
6:55 pm
when the recession hit michael hard. >> i lost my job. i had a relationship that didn't end well and actually lost a house. >> he decided to adopt abby. rescue from the humane soth in silicon valley. >> i thought if i adopted a dog it would give me a purpose. >> she too was traumatized. >> she was afraid of loud noises and fast moving objects. >> they bonded as they swam on the beach and one day when he was on surfboard she stood up. >> i wonder if she would ride it and she rode the whole wave. >> michael and abby learned to surf. since 2008 abby entered competitions and holds the
6:56 pm
guinness record. >> she could jump and run across. >> michael and abby's popularity has swelled. they are featured in a video that highlights the benefits of adopting homeless animals. the pair and spain ration to james wall that had to rescue a dog that surfs. >> the passion and the bond that they show and the passion that abby shows on the water. >> the time on the water prompted michael to tart new tribe a company that helps to predict flooding in natural disasterrers. he named abby the chief happiness officer. >> she has given me more than a purpose, it has changed my life. >> abby has to be like 12 or 13 years old. she didn't get the all heart award for being a veteran in the sport. now you have two dogs. >> yes. >> i have a dog. >> yes. >> i just enjoy it when you
6:57 pm
guys bring the dog here. >> yes. >> that's against the law. there's nothing like it. dogs are fantastic. >> you do wonder though if dogs really feel at home on a surfboard. >> well abby did. >> i guess so. >> as much as they do sticking their head out of the passenger window at 60 miles per hour. i think they are cool with it. >> it is amazing how they do the maneuvering. >> they are trained to jump on backs as well. thanks for watching, 60 minutes is next.
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and ford. we go further, so you can. >> does the mallory case fit a pattern that you're seeing coming from chinese intelligence? >> yes, we currently have three pending cases against former intelligence officers, and they're alleged to have been spying on behalf of the chinese. >> it's hard to overstate how unusual it is to have three cases like this ongoing. >> it's not unusual, it's unprecedented. >> kevin mallory was a former clandestine case officer for the c.i.a. who the justice department believes was recruited by a chinese spy. >> did you send them anything on that phone? >> i sent them some tests. >> tonight, "60 minutes" gets an insider's view of what espionage


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