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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 11, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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f0 . a lyft driver is in jail after police say he raped a woman. >> and details about billionaire financier jeffrey epstein, he was found dead of a suicide, and now some are saying that is just a cover up. >> amazon wants to bring liquor to your door but it is not sitting well with some. a lyft driver behind bars tonight accused of raped a woman after picking her up at a san mateo bar. kpix 5's joe vazquez is in live in san mateo with more. >> reporter: when a lyft driver drove to the bar on friday night, the woman was intoxicated and passed out in
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his car. the lyft driver, 46-year-old tonye kolokolo drove the woman all the way to his home in tracy, 60 miles away without her permission and had sex with her without her consent. which is rape. saturday the victim reported the crime to san bruno police. it can stink jail charged with false imprisonment and rape. >> i tell my daughters, they use it, and it frightens me. i tell them you don't know anything about the person. >> reporter: she and her daughter were shocked to learn about the crime. they say it is a reminder to protect yourself. >> i know as a woman i will never travel alone. when i go tout is with two or three friends. that is unfortunate. feel sorry for her. >> reporter: lyft released a statement, the driver's access to lyft has been removed. we are working with authorities
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and continue to ugthe lyft driv picked the driver up in san mateo can the rape happened in tracy, the woman reported the crime to police in san bruno. contact police if you have any information regarding the suspect tonye kolokolo. joe vazquez, kpix 5. in san francisco, a work week warm up. >> part of the evidence is what we missing from the sky to do. look at this beautiful time lapse video of the sunset that happened. just behind the golden gate bridge. what were missing was the clouds which allowed you to see the safety nets. the clear skies, clearly tell us about a warm up in store. if we look at at how warm we were today compared to yesterday, 90 degrees warmer, that is concord.
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san francisco 5 degrees warmer. there are the highs for today. let's look forward. we did the big jump today. and now over the next few days we will ke the temperatures going up. concord, my example, we saw 91 today. going up to 96 and 97. average is 87. let's take the peninsula as an example. redwood city, the average comes down and the highs. not as hot. over here. if you want the extreme example, where we never get a big variety. san francisco. the beautiful sunset. 67 is the average, we will be in the low 70s. i will fit a few more in in the extended forecast and the full season ticket coming up. back to you. firefighters are worried as temperatures warm up. in san mateo county they are
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not taking chances after a brush fire broke out. crews hadto hike down a get to the fire. they hosed it down until the flames died out. a firefighter battling the flames did get a minor injury. on to the campaign trail. 2020 democratic candidates were out today. democrats are pushing president trump and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell to reconvene the senate from august recess and pass a bipartisan gun background check bill approved by congress. >> i am prepared to put it in place. i am prepared when elected to give the united states congress to pull their act together on this and put a bill on my desk and if they do not i will take executive action. icans,sident trump said he has the democrats and the nra to
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get gun control legislation. support growing for red flag laws. here is how it works. when a person exhibits a risk of hurting themselves or others red flag laws allows police or relatives to get a court order to take away their firearms. this year's state budge budgets include money to provide training statewide. a walk to honor the 34 victims of the mass shootings in gilroy, el paso, texas and dayton, ohio. people carried signs that read build bridges, not walls. stop president trump and ended with a message aimed at the president. >> it is time that we understand the second amendment, the right to bare arms does not mean there are newt be controls to protect the
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safeties that they swore upon taking office. >> the fbi is looking into two of the shootings as domestic terrorism. the president has denounced white supremacy and hateful ideology. new tonight, amazon now trying to make its san francisco warehouse a go-to stop for alcohol. kpix 5's betty yu is in san francisco with the online giant opening up a liquor store. >> reporter: amazon known as an online shopping site but this notice says the company is amazwarehouse where suwe piuc a future drivers could also
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deliver alcohol to prime customers in san francisco. the store front would be 200 square feet from which customers could be alcohol according to a filing with the san francisco board of supervisors. >> the problem with amazon they destroy the brick and mortars and they are taking over the properties. so it is -- i think it is bad for neighborhoods like this. specifically. where there are so many small shops. >> reporter: they live in the dog patch. >> i am not a prime member and i will not use amazon prime to get alcohol. i like shopping here. >> reporter: currently, amazon makes alcohol deliveries through prime now in a number of cities, ind washington, d.c. could you see yourself using amazon to get alcohol? >> i don't see why not. yes. >> reporter: not all amazon
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prime members like are on board. >> i use amazon prime a lot. i would rather support local stores that sell liquor. that is going to dominate anything the way amazon has already done. >> reporter: getting into the liquor space may make sense considering amazon has three amazon go convenience stores in san francisco. in san francisco, betty yu, kpix 5. there is a fight over a ani heat up in pleasanton. the city is pressing forward with the plan but there is opposition. it is off johnson drive. the planning office says costco has now addressed concerns that came up in an environmental impact report in 2017. but opponents who sued are still worried about pollution and traffic. >> there is a costco 5 miles
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down this freeway and 5 miles down that freeway. >> i am for it because of the convenience. >> the city council will probably start public comment on the proposal in the fall and if that costco is approved, it could bring grounds next year. a.c. transit will be up and running at the transbay transit center tomorrow. buses began running again for the first time in more than 10 months again today. the center was shut down when two cracked support beams were discovered last summer. commuters will have more food options that sales force transit center. two restaurants are moving to the building ana new chocolat. quesonthe death of billionaire financier jeffrey epstein. many thinking it was an inside job.
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details coming up. >> and naked and stuck inside a chimney. how a man ended up in the chimney and who discovered him and oakland children head back to school tomorrow. why they don't have to worry about being called to the z33kxz zi0z
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y33kxy yi0y
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. an autopsy has been performed on billionaire financier jeffrey epstein who committed suicide in jail. the chief medical examiner said more information is needed to determine the cause of death. jeffrey espstein was found dead yesterday. he was facing sex trafficking charges. a law enforcement source says jail guards did not check on him every half hour. and he was alone in his cell after a cell made mate was transferred and now a conspiracy theory is circulating. after jeffrey espstein was found dead inhis jail cell, president trump retweeted this video from a conservative commentator. >> for some odd reason people that have information on the clintons end up dead and they usually die from suicide. >> reporter: former president bill clinton was once friendly
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with jeffrey espstein but there is no evidence to support the conspiracy theory the president is fueling. >> why did the president retweet that? >> i think the president wants everything to be investigate. >> reporter: a spokesperson said the suggestion the clintons were involved is ridiculous and of course not true. and donald trump knows it. >> this is just more recklessness. >> reporter: marco rubio agrees. he says there is evidence russian botts are now pushing this new conspiracy theory online to divide americans. he said vladimir putin weaponized russians have done t before. a russian disinformation campaign helped push a bogueo
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theory that hillary clinton's presidential campaign paid to have a staffer murdered. they believe he was killed after an attempted robbery. three years ago in washington. that russian fueled conspiracy theory was promoted by president trump's allies and fox news. an escaped inmate from tennessee is back behind bars. he killed a corrections employee before escaping on a tractor. this morning homeowners recognized him on surveillance video. they alerted authorities and he is serving 15 years for aggravated kidnapping of his wife. a tight squeeze and a dramatic rescue after a naked firefightepu in los angeles tossed the man a towel and pulled him out of the chimney. he was hiding after breaking
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into a home and fighting with the homeowner. once he got stuck he screamed for help. >> just taking him for a walk. walking by the house. and hear this help me, help me. >> i am stuck. >> he was drinking. it was laced with something. >> the man is okay. and once he was removed from the chimney police arrested him and charged him with burglary. fans of robin williams are remembering him and the legacy he left in the bay area. today marks five years since he took his life. he grew up in the bay area and committed suicide in 2014 at his home in marin county. he was 63-years-old. after his death his widow revealed he struggled with depression and was diagnosed with parkinson's disease. new video of a mountain lion in the peninsula. the home surveillance video
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captured the lion passing through a backyard on rolling wood drive in san bruno just strolling along. didn't look like it was doing harm but officials warn people to keep an eye out. east bay residents are fed up with what they call a rabbit invasion. people on wilson court say bunnies have taken over. they are spreading to other parts of the city. residents say antioch animal control hasn't done much to help. >> anytime you have to go outside it would be rabbit pellets. you would clean up en boom, ey are coming fromansomeone living may have a pet hoarding problem. animal control spoke with the people but the agency is closed on sandshoes we were not able to contact them for a comment
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today. teacherssay they will give contract talks one more time before they go on strike. they will sit down with the school district tomorrow but unless there is a last minute deal they plan to begin a walk out at 7:30 a.m. teachers want a 5% raise and better health benefits. it would be the first time for a strike in four decades. and students head back to school in oakland tomorrow morning as the school struggles to hire 20 principals. it is one quarter of oakland's public schools. back in february a teachers strike shut down schools for seven days. the school board agreed to a $20 million budget cut. we will have much more on that
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tomorrow morning at 4:30 a.m. right here. a look live outside. the same scene that we showed you earlier, the sunset, no clouds in front of the golden gate bridge, still none. pretty shot and that bridge will look fantastic. and it looks cool when the clouds come in and gives it atmosphere. but we don't have that tonight. we will see the clouds build in again in the next few hours and tomorrow morning, monday morning commute to work they will be here. particularly in the bay. i will show you that on future cast here. numbers on the screen. low 70s in concord. low 90s today. we cooled 20 degrees already down to 71. but you will be warmer tomorrow. san francisco at 61 and santa rosa at 65. so here comes the marine layer that builds in again over night. 6:00a.m., it is not widespread. but it will be in the immediate bay, through the golden gate bridge and the peninsula and the east bay will have it and it won't last long.
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late morning we are back into the sunshine. just as clear tomorrow as it was today likely. so another pretty sunset to look at. and as far as what this means for day time highs. the bay area from the 92 up top in santa rosa to the 88 below for san jose. you can see the inland numbers. 95 concord. 93 livermore. look at the spread. from 95 in walnut creek to 81 over the hill in oakland to 68 in pacifica. you see the cross section giving us the microclimate. 84 in fremont. and coming in for a closer look that details. 94 san ramon. 81 over the hill in san leando. we will add a few degrees on d. we did the big leap saturday and sunday. but monday, tuesday and wednesday the momentum keeps carrying us into the mid-90s.
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we will be 94 by the middle of the week. san jose 82 is average. we will be 90. and then numbers come down for oakland. 71 is the average. we top out in the low 80s. the next 7 days. we will bring the numbers down. for the weekend, we are back down to average. the weekend is better than the middle part of the week. back to you. >> thank you. the stars will provide a free show in the bay area if the weather permit. where you can get the best seat for the meteor shower. >> outside lands wrapping up an hour ago. we will have the musical highlights. >> io'donnell from part. etty soon number numbers. will clark's reaction is coming up. a wild game today between the
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giants and the phillys and vern glenn with a recap of the 49ers. a costly loss for san francisco last night. game day on location from oracle and the wall
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b a. planet earth screaming toward a collision tonight. don't worry, happens every year. the result is tomorrow. if you have good seeing conditions you could see as many as 30 shooting stars an hour. meteor showers are visible every august. some of the material burns up as it hits the atmosphere of the earth and creates flashing trails across the night sky. good viewing spot, to view this, what you have to do is be away from city lights. that is key. and of course to have nice clear skies. but i have to tell you, the full moon light is not going to make it easier to see so that is a problem.
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after midnight tomorrow night. tonight the weekend long party at golden gate park is over. paul simon closed out day three at outside lands. this is what it lookedlike earlier today. people got to relax and enjoy live music on a sunny afternoon. >> i thought paul simon retired. ahead, a major twist in oakland classic cars. it's on. get to the ross shoe event for even more brands at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. yes! yep! oh, yeah! seriously, save on fall styles for women, men, boys and girls. at the ross shoe event. on now.
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