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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  August 12, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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safe ride home. and last week's immigration raids could just trump administration is defending them. >> good morning, it is monday august 12th, i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. a lot of students are heading back to school today so it is good back to school weather. >> that's right. it's going to be feeling absolutely more like summer with our temperatures warming up so hopefully kids are ready for school as we head back to school. that first day today. looking at temperatures in the 60s, and in the mid-50s in santa rosa. low 60s, san jose. san francisco, livermore, as well as oakland, mid-60s and concord. oakland unified school district kicks off today with plenty of sunshine in the upper 70s in oakland. other locations looking at 95 in concord. 94 for fairfield, 88 in san jose and 72
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for san francisco and our temps will continue to climb as we head through the next few days. your full forecast coming up. we have a problem into the real time traffic center. let's start with an overall big picture because they haven't had a bag chance to build this map for you. take a look to the bottom left-hand side of your screen. 101 northbound at marsh road, there is an accident. all lanes at this hour are blocked due to an injury accident. i'll be checking with chp and bring you more on that but let's go ahead and give you a check for those bridges this morning. the san raphael bridge looks good. no problems to report there. and if we head over to the bay bridge where the metering lights should be on in the next 15 minutes we're starting to see delays not just in the cash lanes but in the fast track lanes. it's going to be busy if you are crossing into san francisco using the bay bridge. san mateo bridges starting to pop up into the yellow, as well. we're seeing quite a few people who are headed over to the peninsula. i'm anne makovec at the news
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desk and we're going live to the airport in hong kong which is paralyzed because of continued protests. these have been going on for several days, pro-democracy demonstrators and all flights are grounded, no flights coming in and out of hong kong and some of the people that have been protesting are alleging police brutality. we have some pictures from outside of the airport and you can see police taking down some people. also they have been accused of spraying teargas in the area. hong kong international is one of the busiest in the world. we've been watchin sfo. two are canceled right now. if you know anybody going into the hong kong airport, let them know. and ac transit will be up
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and running. buses have already begun unloading and loading passengers. it's so early right now so of course it's going to get a lot busier later on. here's some new video this morning. the first time in more than ten months ac buses have rolled through here. the transbay center was shut down last summer when two cracked beams were discovered. muni and golden gate transit buses have already been stopping at the center. muni riders can expect some early closures in san francisco tonight. crews are doing maintenance work on the underground tracks and equipment. subway service between the embarcadero and westportal stations will end at 9:30 and will serve all muni stops above ground through 1:00 a.m. and subway closures are expected to last through august 25th. the oakland unified school district is starting the school year today with 27, which the district says is not unusual following last year's teacher
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strike. jackie ward asked if that is enough to encourage more people to teach now live from oakland technical high school. jackie? >> reporter: good morning, michelle. 27 was the number we actually got as of last week so it may be less this morning. we're here on the sidewalks of oakland tech because this is where a lot of those 2,000 teachers picketed last year as part of the seven day strike. it is the first day of school for the oakland unified school district and we decided to talk to a teacher at prescott elementary for 22 years and feels rejuvenated following the strike. >> i thought what am i getting into, a little white girl from livermore, and then i walked into the school. >> reporter: lorain mann starts her 22nd school year. she teaches transitional kind kind at prescott elementary in west oakland. >> did you see the people in that room?
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that's half of why i come back. >> reporter: the other half her 4-year-old and 5-year-old students who advocates for every single day and was one of hundreds of oakland teachers to strike seven days in february. >> it's clear us to there were things that needed to change in oakland and it was going to be hard to change them and in order to force those changes we were going to have to force the district business as usual could not continue. >> after an intense week on strike more than 18 months in contract negotiations, the district agreed to 38 mullion dollars in raises and 11% increase over four years, plus a 3% bonus. that's nearly double the money they were offered before they walked out of the classroom. but dus might the increase, it's still not enough for many to live in the bay area. >> you've known a number of teachers who just came back to prescott who left because they could not afford to be teachers in oakland. >> i think really probably the biggest concern that we have is the expensive housing here in oakland in the bay area.
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the housing here is outrageous. >> according to zemper, the median rent for the one bedroom in oakland is the fifth highest at $2,300 a month. ousd spokespeople say it's not correlated to the strike. >> we're not any worse off in the past at this time. i don't think there is any indication it has anything to do with this. >> the starting salary is 44,570, a number the teacher's union says still needs to come up. in a statement, they say quote we can't feed the minds of their students when we starve them of resources including experienced teach who's can afford to stay in the area. but despite that number, lorain is hopeful more people will choose what she did all those years ago. she says they will be
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changed for the better. >> i'm a better teacher than i ever would have been if i had taught somewhere else. >> reporter: as long as the contract is in effect teachers will not be on the picket line this school year or next but some teachers say more change needs to happen because oakland faces a deficit of $56 million over the next two years and have to come up with the money they agreed to pay those teachers. meanwhile they still plan on closing some schools due to low enrollment. in oakland, jackie ward, kpix 5. >> today ousd starts, san jose unified starts on wednesday and in san francisco, classes start monday. and we'd like to see photos and videos of your students as they gear up for the new school year. just use the #kpix and we'll show some of them on air. this morning a lift driver is behind bars accused of raping a passenger in his car after he
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passed out. san bruno police saying the 46-year-old picked the woman up at a bar in san mateo and drove her 60 miles to his home in tracy. that's where investigators say he had sex with a woman without her consent. >> i tell my 22-year-old and 24-year-old who use lift, and it really frightens me. you don't know anything about the person. >> he's been charged with false imprisonment and rape. lyft says the driver has been permanently removed from the company's platform. the federal immigration raids that swept 680 people in mississippi last week may just be the beginning. a senior immigration official told cnn, the white house wants i.c.e. to target more undocumented immigrants at their workplaces. the source says all i.c.e. field offices have been asked to identify at least two work sites as potential targets. congresswoman jackie spear, a democrat from san mateo says immigrants should not have to live in fear. >> children have a right to be
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educated and people have a right to go to the emergency room if they have an emergent condition. all of those are already protected under the constitution of the united states and the supreme court of the united states. >> yesterday the trump administration defended the raids. >> targeting work site enforcement, meaning companies that knowingly and wilfully hire illegal aliens so in most cases they can pay them reduced wages, exploit them further for their bottom line. >> and kevin mcale, nan says raids have been planned for more than a year adding the plants are being investigated. and a court hearing for the man accused of gunning down nearly a dozen worshippers at pittsburgh synagogue. 11 people were killed that day before police shot and wounded the suspect.
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bauers expressed a hatred of jews and has not made a final decision on whether to seek the death penalty. and into the death of accused trafficker and financier, william barr said he was appalled the multimillionaire died while in custody and said the inspector general is opening an additional investigation. on friday, unsealed court documents revealed new allegations of sexual abuse claims against epstein and several associates. he was dead the next day. epstein had just been taken off suicide watch. >> it is very difficult to understand how he was not on a suicide watch and how this happened without some involvement of those who were responsible to hold him safely. >> although epstein is dead, cases for his alleged crimes are still ongoing. legal analysts say prosecutors are still going after the coconspirators. 5:10. cal fire revealing the cause
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of a brush fire in lake county. and amazon wants to bridge liquor to your front door but it is not sitting well with others. and as we go back to school today and the next few days i'll let you know the hottest days coming up. and we have an update on the major accident on northbound 101 at marsh road. they have cleared all but one lane. it is slow from palo alto, but not nearly as bad as it could be. sometimes, the pressures of today's world can make it tough
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new details in a fire in the town of kelseyville, that was started by a lit cigarette. it throttling ended dozens of structures and one firefighter suffered minor injuries fighting the blaze and is 100% contained. and a mural at a san francisco high school slated to be destroyed may survive after all. san francisco unified school district's board president steven cook is proposing to cover up the mural at george washington high school with panels so destroying the art is off the table. the mural was painted in neap 36 as part of a new deal art program and depicts a dead native american while some have criticized the
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mural as traumatizing and others call it a piece of historic artwork. the city of fremont will host three community workshops this month about its plan to build a temporary navigation center for the homeless. the city reports its homeless population has increased by 27% since 2017 and 485 of its 605 counted homeless are without shelter and is considering two locations for the center. the parking lot at city hall and piece of purplus property on dakota road. the first is scheduled on thornton avenue on august 24th, and a third at the fremont teen center. two foster city intersections will be getting new pedestrian safety systems to increase safety there along two
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crosswalks at teal and halibut. when activated by pedestrians they alert oncoming drivers with warning lights and should be complete by the end of september. >> amazon is retailer but the company is trying to open up a liquor store in san francisco. 888 tennessee street in the dog patch neighborhood is currently an amazon warehouse and drivers go there to pick up packages but future drivers could deliver alcohol to prime now customers if amazon gets its way. according to sf gate, it would be 200 squaur feet at which customers could buy wine, and spirits. >> the problem with amazon is they destroy the brick and mortars so i think it's really bad for neighborhoods like this specifically where there are so many little small mom and pop shops. >> currently, amazon makes aldeliveries through prime in a
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number of cities including new york, and washington, d.c. 5:16. we check the roads on this back to school monday. >> for some folks, a little bit early to be a rush out there. we're seeing a couple trouble spots and are not seeing things too significantly. you can still see there is plenty of green but there are some trouble spots. this is just updated by chp. it was all lanes closed northbound 101 at marsh. you are down to 25-miles-an-hour, which is improved. you were in the single digits earlier. and to the dumbarton bridge, that will be clearing up as you approach it. this accident westbound 580 at grant line, that's been moved to the right shoulder but it is slowing things down pretty significantly as you are coming out of the altamonte pass, you're going to there and go all the way towards the 580
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interchange. some s84 h ioen this morning. san raphael no emergency in place there. look how busy. it's only going to compound throughout the morning and we're seeing a little bit more volume as you are headed towards the peninsula. your main drive time with the exception of the drive times closer to 38 minutes thanks to the grant line accident. 80, and highway 4 and 101, no problems to report. and chp starting to slow down a little bit. no closures as far as lanes are concerned. mary? and we've been talking about back to school and we have little elmly turner. how older you? so cute. third grade. we are looking at plenty of sunshine and temperatures will be warming up for thest, 60s and 70s for the bay and low-to-mid-90ss inland. this is
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the start of a warming trend and we'll continue with that warm up especially through the middle part of the week. the sales force tower camera, temps running in the 60s for most of us. 66 in concord. oakland, you're at 63. 61 in livermore. 60 in san francisco. 63 in san jose, mid-50s for santa rosa. your back to school forecast for the oakland unified school district, the first day of school today, happy first day for you. by lunch time looking at the mid-70s in oakland. plenty of sunshine. by 3:00 p.m., a high of 79 degrees. here's the satellite and radar view and a ridge of high pressure will build back in and that is why we are going to be warming up. so futurecast taking you hour-by-hour and you can see this is at 4:00 p.m. and that sunshine for all of us as we head through tomorrow. not really expecting a lot of even cloud cover to start off the day and we are going t those byre t.
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88 a high inos you in fremont. looking at 82 for our mountain view. 86 for redwood city. 72 in san francisco. so here's the seven-day forecast and what you can expect. you can see the high pressure strengthening for us so in the mid-to-upper 90s tomorrow, inland, mid-70 s, mid-to-upper 70s for the bay. check out wednesday. upper 90s to triple-digit heat inland on wednesday. the hottest day out of the week. mid-to-upper 70s for the bay on wednesday. temps cooling down slowly by the end of the workweek, but especially by the weekend. temps will be below average for this time of the year. a bit of a roller coaster ride with our temperatures. back to> t n:2>> a tay'sopealt r
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people who suffer from ocd turning anxiety into positivity. and before we go to break, a live look at the golden gate bridge this morning. 59 degrees on this monday morning from sutro tower. love the shot. from the couldn't be prouders
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time for some-today's top health stories. new research blames protein for attacking the brain responsible for staying awake during the day. excessive naps develops in alzheimer's long before memory problems suffered and scientists say the build up destroys the neurons responsible for wakefulness and focusing on the roll of that could focus on the slow of the progression of the disease. also, the racial gap is narrowing, but preterm black infants still lag behind their white counterparts in terms of care and health outcomes. the study in pediatrics finds black premies had higher rates of hypothermia and on set sepsis
5:25 am
than white in plants and aspirin could be beneficial to certain breast cancer treatments. researchers studied more than a thousand breast cancer patients and found the risk of dying was lower among patients who used aspirin and who also had dna characteristics in their tumors. a new experimental drug is expected to bring new hope for the 2% of the population with obsessive compulsive disorder. and doctors say traditional medications for ocd target brain chemicals saratonin and dopamine, now new medication made by bi, ohaven is targeting a different brain chemical. >> the drug works on the symptoms of anxiety and if the anxiety comes down, the compulsion to perform an active will come down. >> the pharmaceutical company is looking to enroll nearly 230
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people at 59 test centers around the country to try it out. 5:25. ahead, how the niners are looking ahead to the season with a blast to the past both on the field and in the stands. and major international airport is effectively shut down this morning. we are going live to hong kong where protests continue. oh thaphenomenal!, that's unfair. that's so unfair. c'mon jay-bo. let's go. let's go. woahh!
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. and now at 5:30, a fire at a daycare center kills five young children, the devastating news. the smoke detectors. plus bay area schools preparing for schools to head back to class after suffering from a widespread teacher shortage. and a big box battle that has divided plesanton for years could be heating up again. the city is moving ahead towards a new cost core store. it is monday august 12th, i'm michelle griego.
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>> and i'm kenny choi. it is 5:30. it is back to school for oakland students a backny ken. rd to believe it's already back to school. we are going to see temperatures rising ahead through the day today and over the next couple days as high pressure builds in. south bay, san jose good morning to you at 63 degrees with clear skies. also for oakland at 63. concord, you're at 66. livermore, 61. 60 in san francisco and 56 for santa rosa. the first day of school today for the oakland unified school district and the forecast, plenty of sunshine, warm temperatures with the high and oakland at 79 degrees. 95 in concord, 92 livermore, 88 for suddenly, 88 in fremont and 72 for san francisco. we'll talk. the hottest day this week coming up. emily? go good morning at 5:30 from your real time traffic center. overall, the main travel times this morning, the good news you're not in the red in any
5:31 am
spot but you're getting close. you are now at the 40-minute park coming out of the altemonte pass. the nimitz freeway through oakland, southbound not such a problem at all. not looking at the bridges, the cash lanes at the san raphael bridge starting to see it stack up but no problems as far as fast track and the monday metering lights are on and you are stacked up under the fly over and getting ready to go on to the fly over and the san mateo bridge is getting a little bit busier as we creep into the hours of the morning. not too many breaks headed towards the peninsula and the travel times, you have popped into the red as you are driving through the altamonte pass. and i'm anne makovec. let's go live to the airport in hong kong where you can see little
5:32 am
taken over by peaceful protests right now and this is much less dramatic than a few hours ago. a lot of protestors had cleared out and this was a scene outside of the airport. you can see police taking somebody down. a lot of the protestors are alleging police brutality and we saw several hundred in the airport, a lot of them are gathering in an area call juan chai. many flights are affected, in fact, no flights are going into or out of the airport and two of them involve sfo. flights that were coming from hong kong to sfo, here's a live look at the airport. so if you know anybody going in or out of that airport let them know. back to you. and jury deliberations continue in the trial of the deadly ghost ship fire and they are weighing the fates of the
5:33 am
master tenant and ghost ship creative director. both face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the december 2016 fire. no verdict was reached after four days of deliberations last week. we'll bring you the verdict alive as soon as it's announced. investigators are on the scene at a pennsylvania daycare where an early-morning few killed five children. five crews in erie, pennsylvania knocked down the worst of the flames by 1:00 a.m. this morning. neighbors looked on as firefighters pulled children out working to revive them with oxygen and cpr and a team of investigators suspect an electrical over load at the 24-hour daycare may have caused the few. >> our investigation found no smoke detectors other than one up in the attic, which did absolutely no good, so a tragedy that could have been prevented if there was smoke detectors in the building. >> among the dead, four siblings, the home owner and a neighbor who tried rescuing the victims were also injured. a vigil, a mass and walk in
5:34 am
downtown los angeles to honor the victims of the recent massachusetts shootings in gull roy, el paso, and daylighton. the full rights for immigrants colugz put on the event yesterday. people carried a large sign that read "build bridges, not walls, stop donald trump." the mass ended with a message aimed at the president. >> it's time we understand that second amendment, the right to bauer arms, does not mean that you are not to be any controls to protect the safety that they swore upon taking office. >> right now, the fbi is locking into two of the shootings as domestic terrorism. in el paso, theel to hav written a racist immigrant manifesto and denounced white supremacy and hateful ideology. democrats are pushing senate republicans to pass a background
5:35 am
bill. and a last-stitch effort by sonoma county are giving contracts another chance. the school district will sit down at 6:30 this morning but they're planning a walk out at 7:30. teachers want a 5% raise and better health benefits for their families and a strike in forestville would be the first in sonoma county in nearly four decades. a live look at oakland technical high school. it is back to school for thousands of students across oakland today. all the quiet right now. it's going to get much busier. the school year guns as the district faces the challenge of hiring 20 more principals, and 2019 has been a difcult year forin feb ar ven ys and million budget cut. and here's a list of bay area schools first day of class,
5:36 am
oakland unified is today. san jose unified starts today & san francisco classes start next monday. 5:35. plesanton is pressing forward with a plan that has vocal opposition near the 580/of 580/680 interchange. opponents are worried about added pollution and traffic. >> dollars a costco five miles down this way and five miles down that freeway. you can't drive five miles? >> i would stand for it mostly because of the convenience it will be added. >> city council will take proposed council in the fall and if approved costco could break ground next year. and near the north end zone,
5:37 am
check out number 87, the duty clark bunting there. the niners had to get special approval to make this feature permanent and the classic 49er end zens are back and is a throw back to the team's history and just like old times, the background will be painted red if the team macks the playoffs. >> i think what our finishes will be mostly excited body is we brought back the font that's historic to the fan base. when we moved it was like how do we honor those champions. in the end zone all of fans who watched us will have a big smile on their faces. >> the youngest niners fans showed their unthugziasm during the guam on saturday. some kids brought their own footballs along.
5:38 am
others wore jerseys, jimmy garapolo's number so. sure your photos with the #kpux. and the trade war intensifies and the beer company that's offering to pay your rent. diane king hall is live this morning from the new york stock exchange with this morning's "money watch." good morning. >> good morning. stocks stumbled again on friday. the nasdaq lost act and key data being released this week could provide unsight into the state of the economy and july retail tail sales data is due out thursday and walmart's quarterly sales are predicted this week and rose to 130 billion dlus but forecast earnings decline from the a year ago and my touch users could receive up to a $400 cash
5:39 am
payout. my ford and lincoln touch multimedia customers have been complaining for years and ford set aside $17 million to settle the suit. ken me? >> diane, i understand people have a chance to live rent free for a year, this sounds awesome. how? >> i know, route? this is compliments of keystone light and rewards 13 contest win evidence with $12,000 to cover living expense. the cam pawn is in effort to win over younger 81 assumers. to answer look for keystone light special packaging with a snap code that'll you to a website with a keyword. >> i'm sure a lot of people will be looking into that. >> and on the cost that -- on the coast that won't quite help with the year, but it will help
5:40 am
something. >> gotcha. just absolutely. >> diane king hall, cbs "money watch,".com. >> maybe three months rent. >> but it helps. >> 5:39. ahead an iphone hack challenge, touch the hacker can check the security sump. the sum is six figures. we're heading back to school with warmer temperatures. i'll let you know how high those temperatures will climb coming up. and a reminder for those of you who use ac transit you'll be, doing you've a at the sales force transit center. everywhere else, you are running on time. can my side be firm?
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good monday morning to you. here's a live look at the sales force tower camera. isn't that a pretty sight? the sun just about to rise. mainly clear skies for most of us except the coast this morning. we'll talk. the warm up coming up. a mountain lion was spotted in the peninsula. a surveillance camera captured the puma on san bruno. city officials are warning people to keep an eye ay resident rabbit invasion. people living on wilson court in antioch say bunnies have taken over their neighborhood. this all began back in december with a few
5:44 am
little rabids but by march they multiplied and are spreading to other parts of the city and say antioch animal control hasn't done much to help. >> any time you have to go outside it would be rabbit pellets. you'd clean them all up and sweep your driveway and they're back. >> neighbors say the rabbits are coming from a home and say someone may have a pet hoarding problem and has spoken with the people who are raising the rabbits but the agency is closed on sundays so we plan on etch radioing out when business hours realm today. earth is heading towards a collision with a comentary debris and will reach its peak after midnight into tomorrow morning and if you look up you can see as many as 30 shooting stars an hour. the meteor shower is visible each august when the earth crosses over a trail of
5:45 am
debris from a comet and burns up creating a series of flashing trails across the night sky. good viewing spots include henry co. mount diablo in contra costa county, skyline boulevard and various peaks in the north bay. if you can hack an iphone you can get paid big time by apple. the tech giant is offering a $1 million so-called bug county to anyone who can hack their bounty. another $500,000 will be given to anyone who can find a network attack requiring no user interaction. >> any good hackers here? >> no. i can't even remember the
5:46 am
code to unlock the screen. no $500,000 for me. >> i'm way beyond that. >> i'm not hacking your iphone. and you're not going to need your iphone this morning because i've got your traffic at 5:46. for the most part, quite a bit of green, although it is still early. i want to tell you this has finally cleared so it was earlier blocking one lane. that's now totally out of the way, back up to a running speed of 71-miles-an-hour. this is blocked due to a grass fire. southbound 680 south of senol, and southbound 680 is backed up from senol to plesanton as a result of that. the fire department is on the scene but we'll keep an eye on that and be checking in on the status of that fire. we're also seeing some delays on westbound 84 into senol this morning. through the
5:47 am
altamonte pass, you are slow out of the tracy triangle. still slowing things down just a little bit. once you get past that you're back up to a reagan speed towards the dublin interchange and looking good on the east shore freeway drive, as well as 101 this morning. and on the nits, northbound, you've got plenty of company through the curve. southbound is getting absolutely busier. you're back to school and the richmond san raphael bridge, the approach there is good and halfway across the bridge you're moving along without a problem. meeting lights have been on for about 30 minutes this morning backed up towards the foot of the mazeo
5:48 am
fo tower cam looking south of those clear skies. when you see the views like this had you know it's going to be a warm one. 66, as well as san jose, 60 livermore, and 60 for santa rosa. and we haveth aniening us out. cute anne there looking for temperature in the upper 60s along the coast, 70s for the bay, low-to-mid-90s with the sunshine, so a really nice day ahead. temperatures will continue to warm up through the middle part of the week. and oakland unified school district heading back to school. for noon looking at the mid-70s. by 3:00 p.m., 79 with a high of 79 and that will be building so that bridge over the desert southwest
5:49 am
and with that ridge building and getting stronger we'll see temperatures warm ug up. span through the middle part of the week, the hottest temps this week. futurecast taking you hour-by-hour and you can see clear skies as we go through the afternoon. for tomorrow looking at less cloud cover to start off the day along the coast. that really shows you that warm up that will be continuing for us and the perseid meteor shower looks great with clear skies. our sunrise at 6:22 and sunset at 8:06. daytime time highs, 88 in sunny veil, 88 for san jose looking at highs in the mid-90s from concord, pittsburgh, as well as brentwood, and upper 70s
5:50 am
in oakland. low 80s for alameda and san leandro. you can see temperatures rising a few degrees andip land spots on wednesday. upper 90s to triple digit heat. we'll slow things down for thursday and friday. below average temperatures for saturday and sunday. a dramatic rescue after a naked man got stuck in a chimney. firefighters in los angeles tossed the man a towel as soon as they arrived and they helped pull him out of a chimney and was hiding after breaking into another home and fighting with the home owner but once he got stuck he screamed for help. >> i was just taking him for a walk and i hear this, help me, they're trying to kill me. >> he was screaming, get me out.
5:51 am
>> he was drinking, his drink was laced with something, is there a super hero. >> police arrested him and charged him with burglary. busted. karma. 5:51. ahead how long could you hit in a tub of ice? one man broke the world record for the longest time spent submerged. and this time at ocean beach, 57 degrees. it's going to get really hot. may be a good day to head to the coast.
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
good monday morning to you. we have little kenny here who is in preschool for this picture with his sister. very cute. plenty of sunshine as we head through the day, warming up to the upper 60s for the coast. 70s for the bade. low-to-mid-90s for our inland location this is afternoon. chopper 5 is on its way. you can see live it's going to be brush fire on southbound 680. you can see it is really backing things up from plesanton through senol to the right hand shoulder we're also seeing some delays on westbound 84. i'll keep track of this. the fire department has asked chp to arrive on the scene potentially for lawn closures and i'll be giving you the updates on that. you may want to grab
5:55 am
yourself a hot cup of coffee, get a little warm because this man broke with the world record for the longest time spent submerged in an icebox wearing nothing but a swimsuit. how long? two hours, eight minutes, 47 seconds. the previous record was held in china at one hour, 53 minutes. >> and then he went to the sauna. meanwhile this morning one artist may have broken a world for the latest mode of transportation. >> darren powell calls his creation the free wu bus, a company on his name, tree jack nation, specializing in boards inspired by bentley, porsche,
5:56 am
mercedes benz. a live lock look at the transbay center. and a major international airport basically shut down because of protestors over the last couple days and that is starting to add up when it comes to troubles worldwide. >> reporter: plus it's back do 62 will for oakland this morning. we're how lighting how teachers feel going into this cool year following haft year's streak. -- last year's strike. l of the year. now that's simple, easy, awesome. get amazing tv and internet during our best deal of the year. with huge savings of $600 over 2 years. plus a speed upgrade to 400 megs, free for 2 years. and ask about even more savings with xfinity mobile. click, call or visit a store today.
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dand steaks aren't just for and right now we can have both for less because with choice sirloin... denny's is elevating its new steak and eggs for just $10.99. it's new and it's a pretty big deal. see you at denny's! a live look in oakland where students head back to class and we'll look at the fierce fight where teachers and administrators could spill over into the new year. protests at hong kong's main
6:00 am
airport are having a ripple effect all the way to the bay. we'll have a closer look. and a live look in senol where a fire is burning dangerously close. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. it's 6:00. that fire is burning along i-680. let's get to emily. >> it is definitely backings things up on 680, especially in those southbound lanes. all of the backup slow going. it doesn't look luke at this hour any of those lanes are closed, simply the right hand shoulder but things are moving along through senoh and is approaching senol through the area. it goes all the way up to plesanton. you're down to 13-miles-an-hour as you are passing the 84 enter change.


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