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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  August 12, 2019 12:00pm-12:29pm PDT

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rack live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. the trump administration announces new rules that could deny green cards for immigrants to get public assistance. good afternoon. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego and the rules could cut the amount of
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immigrantsas more. >> reporter: the details of the program and how it will affect people has yet to be seen but it will likely make it more difficult for low income immigrants to come to or stay in the u.s. at alameda county's food bank they said they been worried the rural was coming since president donald trump took office. >> this policy intentionally will increase hunger in our community for thousands of families. >> reporter: the rule means many green card and visa applicants could be turned down if they have low income and have used government benefits. they said there is one purpose. >> to objectively determine whether an applicant is likely at any time in the future to receive public benefits above the designated threshold. >> reporter: the rule is an
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expansion of a clinton era law used to classify immigrants dependent on the government for support and requircaers to consider how much green card applicants benefit from government housing, food stamps and arraid ey will beneeds of those who are nervous about government programs. >> if a substantial percentage of those individuals and families with young children are going hungry and turning to the food bank because they are afraid to go to the government and because of this policy, that is going to be a huge impact on this organization. >> reporter: no one knows what is next. >> this does not substitute, does not substitute for congressional action in other areas. >> when asked about this, the active services director said
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people have to be able to stand on their own 2 feet. in oakland, anne makovec, kpix5. senator ervin presidential hopeful, kamala harris is weighing in today on new green card rules. >> it's just an ongoing campaign of his. it's to vilify a group, as he does with so many things, ignorant about the history of our country, who we are, how we were founded and what our values are. >> much more on this on the kpix news at 5:00 and online at new at noon, crews in alameda county are investigating a fire near an oakland church. you can see flames shooting from the roof at 34th and farnam streets. firefighters knocked it down and there are no reported injuries. a fentanyl scare sent a hazmat team rushing to the los
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altos police department this morning with an officer transported to the hospital after possibly being exposed to the powerful opioid. we blurred was processing evidence and then started to feel sick but the symptoms were not believed to be life- threatening. in alameda county, grass fires broke out along the sonora freeway in the thick of the morning commute. crews were working to knock down those flames and this happened near the junction of 680 and highway 84 with firefighters believing it started after a dump truck hit a power pole. parts of the bay area are warming up this week and here's a live look from the dublin camera, expected to be a hotspot. >> not as big of a warm up around the bay. the golden gate bridge is near chopper5 and we have meteorologist mary lee with the forecast. we are watching temperatures climb even this afternoon, 70s and 80s with plenty of sunshine and here is a live look with the south bay camera was sunshine in downtown
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san jose. a 24 hour temperature change and warmer compared to yesterday. 4 degrees warmer in novato and oakland and napa, 6 degrees and 7 degrees warmer in san jose as well as concord and we will see temperatures climb as we head through the next few days. today, upper 60s along the coast and in the 70s for the bay and heating up inland into the low to mid-90s and we will watch temperatures climb even into the triple digits by the middle part of the week and we will let you know what to expect . right now, sonoma county is seeing the first teachers strike and nearly 40 years. teachers took to the picket line while counterparts set down to negotiate. the teachers association is seeking a two-year contract including a 5% annual salary boost and better health benefits for their families but
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negotiations have dragged on since september 2017 and the district has one campus with dozens of employees serving over 260 students and classes will begin august 15. the first day of school for students at oakland unified and the mayor libby schaaf walked the halls of one school part of a highly anticipated merger. the high school had a massive waiting list but now the district has expanded the campus to include westlake middle school. >> i'm excited to support this superintendent as the momentum builds for huge increases in high school graduation. this has an expanded campus and allows families to get students into this very high performing high school. >> students were treated to a backpack giveaway to start the year was shiny new supplies. oakland unified is short some teachers following a tumultuous year that included a strike. kpix5 has jackie ward with the
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situation. did it improve to encourage people to teach in oakland? >> i thought, what am i getting into? a little white girl from livermore? then, i walked into the school. >> reporter: lorraine starts her 22nd school yeareaches tran kindergarten at prescott elementary. did you see the people in that room? that's half of why i come back. >> reporter: the other half is her 4-year-old and 5-year-old students who she advocates day she was one of hundreds of oakland teachers to strike seven days in february. >> it was clear to us that things needed to change in oakland and it would be hard to change them and to force those changes we had to convince the district that business as usual could not continue. >> reporter: after an intense week on strike and 18 months in contract negotiations, the district agreed to $38 million in raises which was an 11% increase over four years and a
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3% bonus, nearly double what they were offered before they walked out of the classroom. despite the increase, it's not enough for many to live in the bay area. >> i've known a number of teachers, including a teacher that just came back to prescott , who left because they could not afford to be teachers in oakland. >> the biggest concern that we have is the expensive housing in oakland and the bay area. housing is outrageous. >> reporter: according to the august report for the median rent of a one bedroom in oakland, the fifth highest in $ a spokesperson said the job openings across the district are not directly correlated to last year's strike. >> we are not worse off than in the past at this time and i don't think there is an indication that it has anything to do with us. >> the starting salary for oakland teachers is $46,570, a
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number that needs to come up according to the teachers union. in a statement, they said, quote, we can't be the minds of our students when we starve the schools of resources including experienced teachers who can afford to stay in oakland. the blame for the crisis is squarely at the feet of the school board. despite that number, lorraine is hopeful more will choose what she did all those years ago and said they will be changed for the better. >> i am a better teacher than i would have been if i had to be somewhere else. >> for this year or next year, change needs to happen. it's a $56 million deficit over the next two years and now they have to findpay these teachers what they promised and in the meantime, they still plan to close schools because of low enrollment. jackie ward, kpix5 in oakland. the kpix5 morning team has
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you covered for the biggest challenges affecting students today to the social and economic strains on bay area families and each day we highlight the issues important to you. watch every morning starting at 4:30 right here on kpix5. would like to see photos and videos of your students as they gear up for the new school year. share them on social media with #kpix and we will show them on air. the wait is over. the transbay transit center is open with passengers rolling in for the first time in more than 10 months. the transbay center was shut down when two ked support beams were discovered and officials say that the terminal is now safe and moving buses along more quickly. >> we can see a 10 minute ersin the east bay. but how the rm
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>>i liit, very nicely designed and spacious and they have a couple of vending machines. it's clean for now and hopefully it will stay that way. >> all 26 lines in the four earlybird lines are up and running. i'm emily turner at the news desk and we are watching the stock market. it has been a volatile several weeks and trade tensions are continuing to process between china and the u.s. and we are down 395 points at this hour and continuing to drop. this is impacted by protests in hong kong. china dropped the currency and it has been labeled as a currency manipulator by the u.s. treasury. of course there will be unrest on wall street. this just in. a
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friend of the said 24-yead et a rearssory for suspect connor betts and they said connor betts open fire in a popular dayton entertainment district about one week accused of lying about being a regular drug user on the forms and was arrested last week. passengers hoping to fly from sfo to hong kong are out of luck. mayhem at the airport forced the cancellation of hundreds of flights with thousands of protesters taking over the main terminal after a weekend of violent clashes with police and the movement was sparked by a proposed bill that would have allowed china to extradite people from hong kong to face criminal charges in the protests have evolved to promote democracy and denounce police brutality. big questions about how
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disgraced financier, jeffrey epstein, died while in custody. the new investigation under way. car windows broken and what fell from the sky causing all this damage.
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the justice department is investigating how disgraced financier, jeffrey epstein,
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died while in custody this weekend. he faced sex trafficking charges and apparently killed himself and a federal jail in new york city over the weekend. marc liverman has the latest. >> reporter: attorney general william barr said on monday he has learned of serious irregularities at the metropolitan correctional center where jeffrey epstein died while in federal custody saturday. >> i was appalled and indeed the whole department was, and we learned ur uae isere rfmed a autopsy on jeffrey epstein's body on sunday but results have not been released. a source tells cbs news that he hanged himself. the disgraced financier died less than three weeks after sources told us he previously attempted suicide. guards at the jail were supposed to check him every 30 minutes but the procedure was not followed the night before his death, according to the new
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york times. >> we need to get to the bottom of what happen. >> reporter: a union representative for the metropolitan correctional center said epstein's death is not a surprise. staffing is completely inadequate with workers putting in more than 60 hours a week was said. it leaves them overwhelmed and not alert. >> i think they are in shock. >> reporter: julie brown spent more than into the epstein case cbs this morning she had spoken with his alleged victims and they feel his death robbed them of their day in court. >> it's another example to them of how our criminal justice system is not only broken but it seems to favor wealthy people who somehow seem to always be able to get away with things. >> reporter: attorney general barr said epstein's alleged co- conspirator should not rest easy. marc liverman, cbs news, new york. it was noted that the
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indictment included a conspiracy charge suggesting others could face charges in this case. a fugitive who escaped from a tennessee prison after killing a corrections official allegedly is back behind bars ending a five-day manhunt. curtis ray watson was caught after homeowners spotted him on their security camera yesterday and immediately called police pitt watson is accused of sexually assaulting and killing 64-year-old administrator at the corrections facility, debra johnson at her home on gr now carome, ite the ndow dnd pieces are on the windshield. they said the fragments fell from a norwegian airlines flight bound for los angeles flight returned eoff. back to the airport and no one was hurt. crews are cleaning up what
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is left after outside lands, a historic festival with legal pot thrown into the mix and unlike previous years, the weather was warm almost all weekend. >> a warm-up continues and for some parts it's really hot but not for others. >> mild conditions in the bay but a beautiful day with temperatures warming up, especially inland and we will continue the warm up over the next few days. the salesforce camera is looking north out of the golden gate and you can see that shallow marine layer and otherwise, clear skies. temps in the 70s and 80s. 88 in concord, 75 and oakland, 87 in livermore and a mild afternoon across the bay, san francisco is 74. san jose, 85 an 84 for santa rosa. the satellite view has a ridge of high pressure across the desert southwest that will build in for us and it will strengthen. we expect a warm up through the
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next couple of days. future cast, 4:00 p.m., you can see most of us will have sunshine with clouds along the coast and tomorrow morning, a few clouds along parts of the bay with mainly clear skies and temps warming up even more for tuesday and wednesday. wednesday looks like the hottest day this week and sunset is 8:06 and sunrise is 6:23. mid-90s in concord and fairfield and low 90s in livermore and upper 80s in san jose and upper 70s for oakland was temps in the mid-80s for redwood city. the seven-day forecast, you can see the temps warming up even more tuesday and especially by wednesday. 90s to triple digit heat and wednesday, slowly cooling down by the end of the work week and into the weekend, daytime highs will drop below average by saturday and sunday but very comfortable and pleasant over the next several days.
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this bike get your attention. apple wants you to hack the iphone. >> the tech giant is putting $1 million on the line to test the security of its operating system and the bounty will be given to anyone who can hack the core of ios known as the kernel. another one half million room will be awarded to the person who can find a network attack requiring no user interaction. >> the challenge is on. reminder that if you have a consumer problem, you can email us at or call the hotline at 1-888-5- helps-u. we will be right back.
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so you can... retire better. coming up at 5:00, the bay area lyft driver accused of driving a passenger to his home and sexually assaulting her faces a judge. new details on his background and the questions about ride- share hiring protocols. that story and more coming up at 5:00. meanwhile, that streak of awesome weather continues and in some spots, not much? >> enjoy the sunshine. and that will do it for kpix5 news at noon. allen and liz will see you at 5:00 and we hope to see you tomorrow morning at 4:30.
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♪ >> liam: hope, this is a lot to process, for and steffy. >> steffy: you -- you can't just apologize and take her away! i haven't even gotten -- this is all happening too fast. [ cries ] >> hope: steffy, you have been a wonderful mother to beth, and i will always be gfu you, but it is time for her to know
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me. >> ridge: but maybe we should all just take a little time to see what's best for the baby. >> brooke: hope has lost enough time with her daughter. they shouldn't be apart one more minute. >> hope: we won't be.& >> steffy: hope, please... this is beth's home.


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