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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  August 12, 2019 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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even a baseball legend isn't immune to san francisco's car break-in epidemic. the hunt for the thief who stole half $1 million worth of stuff from a-rod. strike a lyft driver kidnaps and a female passenger of the weekend. strike a fiery pack crash takes out fire lines. the dramatic crash that ended in a traffic mess in santa clara county. dani glover weighing in on the controversy at one bay area high school. why he compares the plan to remove it to a book burning. get ready for a warm-up. which areas are nearing triple digits. good evening.
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we begin with a high profile heist under investigation right now in san francisco.>> even celebrities can't avoid a car break-in. >> a-rod became the latest smash and grab victim outside a restaurant last night just blocks from oracle park and witnesses say they knew something big was that because of the heavy police response for a simple car break-in. up to half $1 million worth of jewelry and electronics were stolen from the former yankees shortstops rented suv. a-rod was in town for espn's broadcast of the giants game against the phillies. the retired baseball star went to dinner at the high end restaurant marlow. after the giants 9-600. a-rod retired in 2016 as the fourth all-time leader in home runs , but despite last night's expensive hit, police say san francisco's car break-in epidemic is slowly getting under control. a fiery crash in hansa san jose calling for one major
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cleanup tonight. eight gilroy for bus and an suv collided and took out some power lines. crews are still on scene. >> san jose police fire and pg&e crews will be on scene for several more hours after they clean up after a spectacular bus crash and fire. >> the line 22 bus with several passengers on board was traveling eastbound on king road when it collided with the suv, causing the bus to take down a power pole and the suv to catch fire. >> bystanders wanted to get in, take pictures. it was a pretty spectacular same. with downed power lines they are extremely dangerous. any fluids on the ground might transmit the power and conduct the power. we are really lucky that nobody got electrocuted. >> reporter: gloria chavez says there was an expose them.>> i heard a go boom really hard. when i look my electricity went off and i looked up there about maybe a an accident. sure enough the city bus was on fire.
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>> reporter: firefighters from station 16 just across the street from the accident helped evacuate passengers and drivers . luckily no one was seriously hurt. the spectacular cresting out a high power transmission line so it will be several more hours before that line can be replaced. things are heating up around the bay area this week. alive look at the inland areas. vacaville was nearing 100 today. with this warm weather comes increased to fire danger. this week fire crews are clearing wildcat canyon road in the east bay hills. the road will be closed from 10 am until 3 pm through august 16 between san pablo dam road and inspiration point. more than 1500 acres are being cleared. we will have more details and how hot the inland areas will get. brian, going to heat up? >> it will indeed.
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not as warm as we have stated over the past few months during our heat spells but it will get close enough to be uncomfortable. triple digits are on the way for some of the warmer inland locations today. we managed 96 in livermore and 97 at concorde. it will get a little warmer tomorrow and peek on wednesday. right now as we look toward the port, concord has 90 degrees and still and in santa rosa it is 83. high temperatures for tomorrow will be at 101 at fairfield, 100 concorde and 94 degrees at livermore. it gets warmer from there. will have all the details will meet cover the forecast for a few minutes. strike a lyft driver accused of rape a bay area customer is being held on half $1 million bail tonight. he just made his first court appearance. report that this is just the latest in a series of attacks on female writers. >> reporter: should there be a feature where you can request a female driver? here at minetta san jose
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international airport, carrie has just learned about the arrest of a lyft driver for rape. >> that is the kind of things that make me nervous. so no, i would love to have a female driver if i had a choice. >> reporter: san mateo county district attorney says there have been for sexual assaults involving uber or lyft drivers in the past 18 months in san mateo county alone. >> we just know this is not a matter of concern if there is a woman driver. if the companies could adopt an approach like that i think that would be a major progress in moving away from these horrific crimes. >> reporter: he says the victim and her boyfriend and some other friends were celebrating friday night at the swinging door in san mateo. the boyfriend had worked the next day so he left at 11 pm. at midnight police say the victim and her friends took a lyft ride home. investigators say it was tony coelho, who dropped off her friends first, which left him alone with the victim passed out in the backseat.>> he had taken her to tracy where he lives, and he had sexually
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assaulted her. in summary he was saying that it was consensual. >> reporter: do you believe him? >> no. >> reporter: lyft says safety is fundamental and what is being described is terrifying and the driver has been permanently removed. as for the feature to request a female driver, a spokesperson says they have got nothing to share at this time but they are always looking for ways to make lyft safer. driver michael mccleary says the feature would be a great idea. >> reporter: you think it will hurt your business question mark >> no, no. there are so many people that need rides. oakland police officers are suing the city, arguing it has no right to fire them for their role in a deadly shooting. they were involved in the death of joshua back of march last year. the arm the suspect was found lying on the ground between two houses in north oakland. police shot him after he began
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to move. the oakland police chief cleared them of any wrongdoing, but the officers were terminated anyway.>> the officers are looking for something very simple, to be made whole, return to duty and continue to serve the citizens of oakland as they have done for many years.>> the five officers are now on paid administered of leave and have a chance to appeal. an arbitrator or judge will have to make that final call. it is only a couple of years old but already the north base smart train is facing some pretty big financial problems. the smart transit board says it is going to run out of money if it doesn't receive a long-term extension of its sales tax hike. the voters approved it back in 2006. the problem is, cities like cloverdale and healdsburg have yet to see a train extension. a new 30 year sales tax would help with the projected shortfall. that money however does not include moving north to
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healdsburg or cloverdale. when you're in public and you really need a rest >> reporter: can be hard to catch a break. that is especially true for the many homeless people on the streets of san francisco. >> reporter: three public toilets like the one behind me will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week in a pilot program for the next three months to try and see if everyone can have relief. on the streets of san francisco filth of all kinds has become a clichi rooted in reality, and pricey cleanup. >> san francisco is becoming famous for poop. that is not the city. back to combat the problem public works is launching a pilot program to get human waste off the streets and where it belongs.>> the ultimate measure of a bathroom performance is the number of flushes we get. >> reporter: three public bathrooms will be open 24 seven with staffing. the pilot programs include the bathroom at evie and jones, the pit stop at sixth and jesse, and a third in the castro.
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>> the more the merrier. san francisco is to reach a city to have people laying on the street and not being able to go to the bathroom. make neighbors in the tenderloin are in favor of it.>> they will have somewhere to use it at. they keep an eye on it, they make sure you are not in there long. >> reporter: the pilot program will last three months and then be reevaluated. >> we feel very confident that because of all the bars in these areas, all three of them are busy locations, that we will see some numbers that will help us determine whether this is something we should continue doing or not. >> reporter: the cost for those three months will be around $300,000. the city and dpw have also approved seven more of these public toilets to be built around the city of san francisco. still ahead, a famous alarm now joined the fight against the removal of a controversial mural at a bay area high school. some east bay homeowners
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about to get a break on their property taxes. we will be out here as long as it takes to get a livable wage for our teachers. >> kids go back to school in a couple of days, but the teachers are on strike. the backup plan in the north bay tonight.
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a famous alum is stepping in to try to save the controversial mural murals at a bay area high school, actor dani glover. he graduated from washington high school decades ago and he insists that the murals serve as an important reminder of the country's history of racial oppression. for glover, keeping the murals on display is also a matter of artistic freedom. the actors statement reads in part "i am for freedom of expression and against artistic censorship. i view the murals as a reminder of the horrors of human bondage and the mistreatment of native peoples. to destroy them, or block them from view would be akin to book burning." strike a role reversal of sorts when it comes to housing. oakland is expected to add more units of housing in san francisco this year, even though its population is half
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the size. the chronicle reports over 6800 new units are expected to open in oakland just this year. this is compared to the 4707 cisco. the report says it is a huge jump for oakland which created 1000 new units annually from 2009 to 2017. experts say the sky high cost of building in san francisco is discouraging developers. meanwhile, alameda county homeowners could be saving a little on their property taxes. waste management wants to lower fees for its hazardous waste collection program. the board is meeting next month to decide. thousands of kaiser workers in california are now a step closer to a strike. it could happen in early october. today the union set a strike vote came in with 98% support. the votes are still pending from kaiser workers and five other states and the district of columbia. they accuse the company of unfair labor practices. they also want higher raises
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and better benefits. kaiser says that it made a recent contract offer to address those concerns. tense negotiations have come to a head in sonoma county. teachers are going on strike for the first time in nearly 40 years. all 16 teachers with the forest fill union school district took to the picket lines today just days before the end of summer break. they make about $60,000 per year, but they want a 13% raise spread over 3 years. the district is offering half a percent less but the union rejected that offer today. if the strike continues the district plans to use replacement teachers to keep the school open. >> so far we are making a lot of headway with our strike. not a lot of headway with negotiations. >> will be out here as long as it takes to get a livable wage for our teachers. >> during this back-to-school week the kpix 5 morning team has you covered each day,
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highlighting issues affecting students. tomorrow's topic is preventing bullying. one bay area principal has a unique way to fight the problem . that is tomorrow morning starting at 4:30. a lot of folks heading back to school and are grateful they can still whether some are close because it has been so warm. >> at least for the first week. it is going to be a warm one and we will get some relief. that it will be the weekend and hopefully you will be going to school for the numbers tomorrow will be near the triple digits for inland areas, even tonight it continues warm. the numbers in san francisco 68 degrees, but in san santa rosa it is 83. in concorde it is 90. inland tomorrow it is going to be near 100 degrees. a sea breeze will keep things mild by the shoreline. we don't get a break in line until friday when things cool down. low clouds not to the rescue. they will form overnight but they are fairly inexpensive and then they burn off early in the day, so that is not much in the
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way of relief tonight. the peak of the meteor shower, the most robust easily viewed meteor shower in the year. as regards to whether tonight it will peak after the 99. the darker the skies the better the view, so you get away from city lights, the higher elevation better as well. but here is the problem. you can't escape the lights because the nearly full moon will be out tonight and that doesn't spoil the view. at least it reduces the number of meteors you can see. but if you are a diehard like we are, you will be out there giving it a try anyway. the meteor shower after midnight tonight, but the mood is out. warms to near 100 degree and then on tuesday. cooler weather returns on friday. a beautiful night for the game, 67 degrees if you're going to take it in. warmer tomorrow, conger hits 100, san jose 92. down in the south bay tomorrow plenty of sun and warmth. morgan hill and 94, cable 92
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and over in the east bay sunshine and 101 at redwood. the same for bradfield. it gets even warmer on wednesday. up in the north bay nice, 92 in petaluma, 94 in santa rosa and in napa 88. 77 at richland. in the extended forecast, warm tomorrow and will on wednesday before we begin to back off a bit on thursday. you will notice distinct cooling until just in time for the weekend and beyond. it will probably get down to the 80s and stay there for a while. in the meantime we are going to be sweating it out, liz. skateboarding is gaining in popularity. >> can be recognized as a sport at the tokyo olympic games next summer and women want a piece ere is even a summer camp here in the bay area that is devoted to skateboarding for girls.>> it helps me find courage to do stuff that you
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think only boys would do. >> and it is gnarly, too. tomorrow night at seven will meet the group showing the world how to skate like a girl. still ahead with jeffrey epstein dead, will there be justice for his victims? one of the world's busiest airports brought to a halt. mass protests grounded hundreds of flights in hong kong. how the shutdown is impacting the bay area. a new vaccination bill will make it easier for the state to investigate doctors giving fake exemptions. so why are some parents calling foul? tonight at 11, a neighborhood nuisance. where san jose residents say families of foxes are wearing out their welcome.
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if you are just getting home right now, the apparent suicide of jeffrey epstein in his manhattan gel cell over the weekend will not stop the investigation into the sex trafficking charges he faced.>> this case will continue on against anyone who was complicit with epstein. any co-conspirators should not rest easy. >> epstein's death follows the unsealing of more than 2000 pages of documents, many contained graphic allegations against epstein. there are also allegations that his close friend found teenage girls for epstein. the justice department is also investigating how the 66-year-
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old disgraced financier died less than three weeks after surviving a previous apparent suicide attempt. one source tells cbs news epstein hanged himself but the autopsy results have not been released yet. mayhem at hong kong's international airport were thousands of protesters have taken over the main terminal. authorities had to cancel all departing flights. it is the biggest sit in yet following yet another weekend of violent clashes between antigovernment protesters and police. demonstrations were originally sparked by a proposed bill that would have allowed china to extradite people in hong kong to face criminal charges. protests have since evolved to promote democracy and announce police brutality. >> the protesters are repeatedly being cold and treated by cockroaches by police. >> targeting and violence. >> a look at sfo where all
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flights heading to hong kong are operating. but flights to arrive from hong kong are canceled today and one was delayed. just a mess for people trying to get out of the airport. the trump administration has issued a new role which could make it harder for illegal immigrants to become citizens. federal law currently requires people seeking green cards and legal status to prove they will be a burden to the u.s. or what is called a public charge. the new role expands the definition to immigrants using government benefits including housing, food stamps and medicaid. the newly defined role is set to go in effect october 15. and bill would make it easier for state medical regulators to investigate doctors who write fake vaccination exemptions. according to the chronicle the new bill will require parents who seek exemptions to sign a form that gives the state permission to access their children's medical records. parents opposedmandatory vaccination called the bill an
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assault on medical prophecy rights. weekday commuters return to the reopened trans bay transit center today. it was a smooth start as transit buses from the east bay pulled into the bus deck in san francisco. the center was shut down 10 months ago when cracks into a steel beams were discovered. still ahead, this unique vehicle is making stops all around the bay area. what is it? where can you find it?
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you will have breakfast tomorrow morning with temperatures about 50 set of you are at the beach, 58 if you are around the bay. in that it will be 61 degrees. from there the numbers only go up. mary lee will have your up-to- the-minute forecast tomorrow morning, beginning at 4:30 am. >> that is an early breakfast. >> extra coffee. it is quite the site for a vehicle and it is in san francisco tonight. >> this is the rick mobile. it is from adult swim's hit animated sci-fi comedy rick and morty. it has made its way back to the bay area, continuing the road tour that started in 2017.>> the mobile pop-up shop spend time in san jose over the weekend and is in san francisco tonight for one night only. you can find it now at the speakeasy brewery on evans avenue until 9 pm.
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hurry, run over there. a labrador retriever has taken the oath of office.>> the very good boy is the das unusual new hire and his name is bear. the cuddly pooch has signed up to have children who are survivors of sexual assault testify in court. the district attorney for the dog and for duty and now they are even sports his own batch. baird joins other therapy dogs enlisted to comfort young victims. so sweet. thank you for watching tonight at seven. >> will be back here at 11:00 for more news and weather. head to for more. have a good evening. yep! oh, yeah! seriously, save on fall styles for women, men, boys and girls. at the ross shoe event. on now.
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