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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  August 13, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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and you are still in the green on the eastshore freeway. omead bay bridge, the metering lights are not yet on and they should be on in the next 15 or 20 minutes and i will keep an eye on that. in the meantime, if you have cash, it's slow at the toll plaza but otherwise looking good. fast-tracked, no problems to report. the toll lights should be coming on shortly with the san mateo bridge z but not too bad and the westbound commute, eastbound wrote no problems to report. also, easy breezy at the an rafael bridge for those in marin county northbound or southbound on 101. no problems to report. this is not necessarily a traffic problem but it is a construction area northbound on the nimitz that has lane closures in effect and has essentially created a bottleneck for those northbound on the nimitz toward the maze with a significant backup even
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for this hour of the morning but when you get through that backup, it's regular speeds to the maze this morning. i'm anne makovec at the live news desk and we go to hong kong airport. for the second day, crippled by protesters who canceled most of their departing flights because the check and counters are being blocked by protesters. these are people continuing to protest and it began last month with a pro-democracy protest. they are concerned about extradition to mainland china and they've really blown up their protests over the last few days. this is some video taken earlier where you can see them blocking those check encounters and there are some flights still arriving at the hong kong airport and i checked them from sfo and they are planning to take off today but this is what you find when you get there for
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some of those protesters blocking customs and immigration counters, as well. the u.n. is urging the protesters and the police, accused of overambitious tactics, to settle this peacefully. developing this morning, a wild shootout leaves one chp officer dead and motorists dodging bullets. authorities are investigating the gunman's motives. here are the harrowing moments the gunman, dressed in all black, shooting at officers. he is carrying an assault style rifle and ducked behind his truck to dodge gun fire. a swarm of officers with weapons drawn returned gunfire. officer andre moyer jr., 33 years old, was shot and later succumbed to his injuries. >> the most kindhearted person. unbelievable, so unbelievable. who does this kind of stuff? >> police said it started when the officer pulled over a white gmc pick up truck and as the
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officer filed paperwork to impound the truck, the driver grabbed a rifle and began shooting. the suspect was eventually killed by police. a long procession of patrol cars and motorcycles honored their fallen colleague last night. officer andre moyer jr.'s body was taken in a white hearse from riverside hospital where he died and we've learned that one of the two injured chp officers is in critical condition and the others suffered minor injuries. on fire watch, smoke is creeping into the bay area as a wildfire forces evacuations in mendocino county. the so-called moose fire broke out near cloverdale and has burned 85 acres so far and is 25% contained with firefighters saying 10 buildings are in danger and all the residents in the area are told to get out. cal fire said it's tough terrain with hundreds of firefighters battling this fire and the crews called in
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reinforcements overnight. today is a spare the day area and they predict unhealthy air even before the fire. this morning, power has been fully restored in east san jose with thousands of residents left in the dark after a bus collided with an suv with the fiery crash taking down a power pole and you can see some power lines taken down near cunningham avenue and chopper5 flew over the scene, showing both vehicles doused with fire at the suv caught fire. no word on what caused the crash. students are going back to school and kpix5 is looking at issues in the classroom and we are talking about bullying. according to stop, 20% of students 12-18 have experienced bullying at 30% admitted they have bullied someone and 70% have seen bullying in their schools. continuing coverage in san mateo where it is their first day of school and we have
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jackie ward they are. jackie you talked to the principal about the plans to stop bullying? >> reporter: good morning. yes. it is the first day at the elementary school. the principal is 20 years of experience across the bay area and the key to preventing it is early intervention as early as kindergarten, pre-k or even before that. the principal likes to say he helps kids become human. >> it's developmentally that they are focused on themselves. >> reporter: he is teaching them to be empathetic. >> i can watch the in fifth grade, they say, how f empathy and the understanding of what it means is key to prevent bullying. >> social media makes education
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hard. >> reporter: explains the difference between in your face bullying versus behind the back bullying. >> in your face, you know who was doing it. you know it's from me and that is in your face bullying. behind your back, you don't know who i am. i send me notes with no name and i message you from a made up account. >> reporter: or kania you may even know the person. >> i had a kid that had a lot of problems and showed me his instagram account with a lot of social challenges. >> platforms like this help cultivate empathy and there was a feature that released something considered rude or mean and instagram said in early testing, they encouraged leommeanin less hurtful.
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for people like this principle, it might make his life easier. >> you might notice other people's having thoughts outside the person. >> reporter: early intervention is the key to preventing bullying, according to chad slife and talking to your kids before they are 10 or 11, how to be kind because once they are 10 or 11 they may have developed these bad or mean habits and then it is harder to get them to be a nice human being, he says. >> that's what you want. you want your kids to be nice human beings. >> reporter: they need to know there is help out there and they have lots of resources but thaties an a bof is e ki can look at. good information and jackie ward, thank you. our special back to school week
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coverage continues tomorrow and jackie will have an in-depth look at state vaccine laws for students. 5:07 and we will learn the fate of a controversy on mural at washington high school in san francisco. a famous alumni joins the fight with the lethal weapon actor danny glover graduating from washington high school in the 1960s and he said destroying the murals is an attack on artistic freedom and the gruesome content should remind us of the horrors of america's passed. his statement reads in part, i am for freedom of expression and against artistic censorship. i view the murals as a reminder of the horrors of human bondage and mistreatment of native peoples. to destroy or block them from view would be akin to book burning. the board meeting starts at 5:00 and we will bring you the results when we get them. taking a live look at oracle park, a trip to the giants game cost alex rodriguez
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one half million dollars. a rod broadcast the game for espn on sunday night and afterward, he and his crew ate a nice dinner and around 10:45 at night, they found their rental car had been broken into been broken into. a team of investigators searched for evidence and one half million dollars worth of items were taken including jewelry and camera equipment. >> most of the time when they break in, they don't break into a superstar's car, it's a regular person in san francisco who now has to spend $500 to replace a window. >> so far there have been 11,000 break-ins across the city, 62 per day. the time is 5:09. coming up, south bay neighborhood going through a swarm and one man said he saw a fox in his living room. buthe xt cple of days and the
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forecast is coming up. delays on the nimitz freeway. taking a look at 880 northbound, there is a lane closure in effect until 6:00. you are going slowly and that northbound direction and look at how bad that backup is, pretty much all the way from coliseum way through and i've got more delays ahead. choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever.
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the boeing 737 max jets have been grounded for months but can they stand the test of time? the dormant aircraft faces problems of corrosion well out of you send officials say as the colder months draw closer, parts of the planes could even freeze in sub-zero temperatures. some airlines keep up by firing up the engine's weekly and they predict they will not be ready for service until next year due to flight control software fixes. investor skepticism after uber syncs to an all-time low in shares. 7% below the previous low. that's after the company reported a disappointing second quarter. according to a business insider report, the company is conducting a hiring freeze in the u.s. and canada and they specifically paused taking on
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engineers in an effort to cut costs. a growing problem in a san jose neighborhood with newcomers causing trouble on properties and even inside homes. several neighbors say the invaders, at night and in the middle of the day, not far from allen rock park and one homeowner had his work gloves stolen but it turns out foxes are causing frustration. they appeared to have made that north san jose neighborhood their home, even having babies in a backyard. >> on top of the fence was a fox and he turned and looked at me, casual as heck, you know? >> he came in and went all the way underneath here and came around and took off running that way. >> the homeowners said the foxes moved in a couple of months ago in the area is filled with squirrels and they believe that is why the foxes have invaded their neighborhood. a discovery on a southern california beach prompted a
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search for a pair of newlyweds. a man in huntington beach likes to find lost valuables buried in the sand. his metal detector beeped and he found a tiny storage card from a digital camera that was 8 inches below the surface. it has video of a wedding in hawaii in may and if you hundred photos of the newlyweds and their friends. >> my son went into the directory to find the photos for me. i saw wedding pictures and it looked like they were in hawaii on a boat and there were pictures from the mountains. it looks like they had done vacationing. >> a photo shows the bride and groom holding a wedding certificate with their names and now the man hopes to find them to give them back the memories they lost. a high school senior in georgia beat more than 200,000 other entries in google's annual doodle for etion. the e this year was, when i
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growd drew a version of herself in a future tribute. >> that mom has to be happy, so proud. let's go out on the roads. first day back to school for some folks and they will have some delays. the good news, it's not terrible and not in san mateo. a little early to hit the road ways to go back to school but the overall big picture looks good. let's zoom in on some of the issues. there is construction in play northbound on the nimitz and down to 17 miles-an-hour as you pass oracle or just past oracle about the delays go all the way to oracle. i will get you a live picture in a moment. on the other side of the bay, san mateo goes back to school and i'm tracking the traffic. a little bit early for delays for your back-to-school commute but everything looks good and i
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will let you know if it changes. we have an accident westbound out of the tracy triangle at north flynn and there's reports of an accident on grant line. it will be in the center divide and supposedly off to the right. 14 miles-an-hour back to regular speed when you get past the accident. looking good to the dublin interchange. travel times are 34 minutes all the way to the 586-80 interchange and the macarthur maze, 16 minutes on the eastshore freeway and 27 minutes on highway 4. out of the south bay, 38 minutes and mobile five is about to pass the industrial on the nimitz southbound. no problems to report southbound on the nimitz and the bay bridge is starting to back up with the metering lights on and slow going in san francisco. mainly clear skies on this tuesday morning. a beautiful look at treasure
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island with temperatures mild to start off. 67 in concord, 63 in oakland and san jose and 59 in livermore and 61 in downtown san francisco and 56 at santa rosa. happy first day of school to the san mateo district, kicking off today with sunshine and warm temps with a high in the upper 80s. your microclimate forecast through the day for the coast, low 70s with sunshine and mild conditions along the coast and warming up for the bay, upper 70s to low 80s and the inland, topping out in the mid-to upper 90s with plenty of sunshine. temperatures will rise through the next couple of days because of this strong ridge of high pressure and that's why we will be heating up. hour by hour on futurecast, you can see sunshine through the afternoon and evening along the coast and for tomorrow, some clouds along the coast but otherwise, mainly clear skies and temps will heat up even
5:19 am
more wednesday and especially by thursday. your bay bridge series kicks off today and for tonight, 6:45 for first pitch with mostly clear skies and mild temperatures. 74 the first pitch with daytime highs for today, 97 in concord and 98 in fairfield. 96 in livermore and 92 in san jose. mid-80s in oakland and 90 at redwood city and fremont and upper 70s in san francisco. with that seven-day forecast, triple digit heat wednesday and thursday inland with temperatures just a little bit cooler friday and especially by the weekend. if temps are too hot, we will cool it down by saturday and sunday was temps at or just slightly below average for the weekend. it seems like skateboarding is gaining in popularity. >> it will be recognized as a sport at the tokyo olympic games next summer and women want a piece of the action.
5:20 am
there is a summer camp in the bay area devoted to spy gate boarding for girls. >> it helps me find courage to dothat usually boys would do. >> not anymore. tonight on the news at 7:00 we meet the group showing the world how to skate like a girl. it's 5:20. the warning for denture wearers when it comes to surgery and nutrition to kick the smoking habit. a live look outside before we go to break and look at that from our tower camera with a shot of the beautiful golden gate bridge. 60 degrees 60 degrees in san francisco and it's 5:20 and we will be right back. only smiles when he sees me." (as trump) "and he doesn't just smile. often, he points at me and laughs." ( laughter ) but, you're right, mr. president, kim jong un does smile at you -- and at apples, children's shoes, cosmetic
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take a live look at the nimitz freeway with construction in place with lane closures until 6:00. it's creating a bottleneck and this is a live look from the camera just north of what used to be oracle arena. down to the single digits for the drive speed this morning and not looking good for those northbound on the nimitz. in health watch, and new study suggested pediatricians can help parents quit smoking when they bring their children for an office visit. researchers in massachusetts found intervention services offering parents who smoke, offering patches and other things, resulted in a 2% decline over a one-year period. harvard researchers
5:25 am
studying parkinson's disease say estrogen may reduce severe symptoms. doctors found male and female lab mice benefited from brain selectedtr eats. a new warning for doctors in the u.k. for patients wearing dentures. surgeons emphasize the importance of removing false teeth before general anesthesia to avoid inhaling or swallowing them during an operation. >> a warning about dentures -- a 72-year-old british man actually swallowed his dentures during surgery. take a look at this case report published by the british medical journal. the man had a minor surgery to reduce a lump and then returned, saying he had difficulty breathing and swallowing and they found his dentures lying across his vocal was rushed to surgery and is expected to be okay. can you imagine? >> that is called a big gulp.
5:26 am
>> [ laughter ] >> it is, big gulp. >> you are so bad. >> ouch! it's 5:25. a new approach to gun violence and what a bay area mayor proposes for all gun owners in the wake of the gilroy shooting. coming up, the status of flights due to the hong kong protest at the airport. alright, so this is how it's gonna go down.
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1-888-5-helps-u five. >> kids are going back to school but some teachers are on strike and we tell you about the backup plan in the north bay. >> a friend of the dayton shooting suspect facing federal firearms charges. >> criticism from chelle griego i'm kenny choi and let's get a check of the forecast
5:30 am
with the heat on, especially inland. >> we are watching temperatures that will rise for inland locations with mid-to upper 90s and we will continue to heat up for wednesday and thursday with a spare the air alert, unhealthy for sensitive groups in the east bay and moderate from the north bay and the south central bay. good air quality for the coast and central bay but because of those hot temperatures, you can see it's 97 in concord, 96 in livermore and 92 in san jose because of a ridge of high pressure strengthening and building. the spare the air alert is in effect for the east bay. we will talk about when temperatures will climb into the triple digits, coming up. s great days to carpool but the
5:31 am
main travel times, it's an easy way to hit the fast lane of the hov lane out of the tracy triangle through the alton lamont passed, 34 minutes and in the green on eastshore freeway and highway 4 and the 101. no problems on those main thoroughfares. the real problem that we will watch is that they kept this in play until 6:00 but look at the bottleneck. you are down to one or to miles- an-hour in the northbound direction on the nimitz, just north of oracle. in fact, not looking good. through the toll plaza, the backup doesn't last too far, just barely under the 80 flyover and the backup on to the hour. busier but not many brake lights and then eastbound direction, no problem, smooth sailing to the east bay but the
5:32 am
an rafael bridge is seeing a delay at the toll plaza in the cash lanes with no lane closures as a result of emergency construction and other than that, good when you are halfway across the bridge. >> reporter: i'm anne makovec going live to the airport at hong kong, crippled by protesters with the second straight day. these protesters are pro- democracy demonstrators right now and many of them are young people but there have been several clashes with police. that is a controversy coming into play with some chinese officials now moving into the area. this has been a nightmare for travelers with many travelers facing off against the protesters. there are barely any departing flights leaving the airport right now as this continues and we've been monitoring the flights into and out of san francisco leaving from sfo. you are generally good at this point but at least one flight has been delayed coming in to
5:33 am
sfo from hong kong because the check and gates are blocked. day two of the forest bill teachers strike with a small group expected to return to the picket lines this morning, one day before school starts. 16 teachers make about $60,000 per year but want a 14% raise spread over three years and according to the teachers, the district offers one half% less but the union rejected that offer yesterday and if the strike continues, they plan to use replacement teachers to keep the school open. >> so far, we are making headway with the strike but not with negotiations. >> we will be out here as long as it takes to get a livable wage for our teachers. in san mateo for the first day of school at lead elementary, we have jackie ward of bullying in the classroom,
5:34 am
coming up at 6:00. remember to send photos and videos of your students as they gear up and share them on social media using #kpix and we will show some of them on air. details about a san jose house fire that killed two. her grandmother and granddaughter have been identified. officials and family members identified them as 83-year-old sidney brookbank and 11-year- old jessica brookbank. the home was destroyed on green more drive and another man was hurt and a family cat was killed. the causes under investigation. new recommendations for police accountability in one south city with an independent of offirs pointing ing an guns as fours. the new report said complaints jumped 12% including internal misconduct and now it's recommended that tracking when ann at
5:35 am
someone. reporting all interviews and interrogations and installing surveillance cameras in evidence rooms with no comment from san jose police. this morning, five oakland police officers fight to keep their jobs after they were fired for the death of joshua pawlik in 2018. he was found lying between two houses with a gun and when he didn't drop his weapon, officers shot him and the police chief had cleared them of wrongdoing but they were fired anyway and now are suing the city saying oakland had no right to let them go. >> the officers are looking for something very simple, to be made whole and return to duty and continue to serve the citizens of oakland as they have done for many years. >> all five officers are on paid administrative leave while this suit is settled and they can now appeal the termination. an arbitrator will make the final call. the youngest victim of the garlic festival mass shooting has been laid to rest with a memorial service in san jose honoring the life of 6-year-old
5:36 am
steven romero yesterday. 300 friends and family joined to remember him happy kid with a quick smile. he was later buried at a san jose cemetery and it was the last service for the three people killed by a gunman at the popular food festival on july 28th. the san jose mayor, sam liccardo, proposes an ordinance to curb gun violence with every gun owner in the city except law enforcement officers being required to purchase liability insurance for their weapons on those unable to buy the insurance would pay a fee. >> the insurance company would appropriately set the cost of insurance and it would make it prohibitively expensive for someone who should not have a gun. >> gun-rights groups tell the mercury news if it's passed, they will sue. federal authorities know who helped the dayton gunman in the mass shooting last week. they said a longtime friend, 24-
5:37 am
year-old ethan kollie, helped him get body armor, ar-15 parts and a double magazine for the s >> there is no evidence or allegation in the criminal complaint that ethan kollie intentionally participated in the planning of the august 4th shooting by connor betts and i don't want to be misconstrued. >> the accusations came to light when prosecutors unsealed charges against ethan kollie and he was arrested on a firearms investigation unrelated to the mass shooting. he is due in court tomorrow. a net of healing is scheduled with a vigil at frank ogawa plaza at 5:30. there will be a stand against white supremacy. new regulations could slash the number of legal immigrants that can stay in the country. the trump administration released a regulation that says green card and visa applicants
5:38 am
may be rejected if they've used government assistance like food stamps, housing vouchers and medicaid. >> if people cannot be self- sufficient, this negative factor will bear heavily against them in a decision about whether they can become a legal resident. they say the regulation is expected to impact more than 380,000 people trying to change their immigration status and new york attorney general, letitia james, said she will sue to block the rule. several states are vowing to sue the trump administration over a roll back to the endangered species act. this bill is credited with saving spaces like the bald eagle from near extinction. struggling species need protection and a u.n. warns more than 1 million species globally are in danger of vanishing. in a few hours, gavin
5:39 am
newsom and xavier becerra will announce a lawsuit on what they call a major environmental issue. the u.s. budget deficit swells as tensions overseas take their toll on wall street. diane king hall has the money watch report. >> reporter: stocks took a tumble to start the trading the week on wall street with the dow sinking 389 points in the nasdaq's getting 95 and the s&p 500 dropped 35. two u.s. congressman want to know what amazon means when amazon gets the choice badge. yesterday, the senator sent a letter asking ceo, jeff bezos, to explain. the lawmakers believe the badges mislead consumers into thinking the product has been endorsed by amazon as the best available. a buzzfeed report claims the retail giant chooses products that are inferior or have manipulated reviews. for the balance sheet, the trea
5:40 am
deficit grew by nearly $20 billion in july and that puts the fiscal year total at $866.8 billion for the first 10 months of the year and the government projects nearly $1 trillion. >> i'm hearing nike is taking a step in a new direction? >> reporter: yes. a sneaker subscription service was launched called nike adventure club. helps parents who struggled to buy shoes for kids' growing feet. they will offer three options, four pairs per year for $20 a month, six pairs for $30 or 12 pairs for $50 a month. >> several options. diane king hall, thank you. >> i use to only get one pair per year. >> remember pro wings? that's what i liked to wear. >> i had reebok. the time is 5:40 and to work out good spot looked like
5:41 am
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5:45 am
in california voted to support a strike starting in the union said a strike vote came in with 98% support from roughly 37,000 employees and the votes are pending from the kaiser workers in five other states and the district of columbia. they accused the company of unfair labor practices and demand raises and better benefits. kaiser said they made a recent proposal to address the concerns. they say, we are hopeful that employees will value our proposal in the coalition will move forward to reach a new agreement. the streets of san francisco's tenderloin district are notoriously hard to keep clean and part of the problem is the lack of public toilets. supervisor matt haney is kicking off a pilot program to provide three public places to go 24 hours a day. the so-called pitstop toilets close at 6:00 p.m. and are monitored by attendance. the new overnight toilets will help keep the streets clean, reduce 311 calls and allow
5:46 am
everyone to live with a lile ows a whole new meaning to the carpool lane. a car crashed right through these doors yesterday and into the pool of this gymnasium. the members got a much different workout than expected. they had to get out of the way and jump in and pull out the driver. one man was swimming laps when he saw tires underwater. >> my first thought was, what is going on? i looked at the pool and he said he was fine. i'm thankful i didn't choose the wrong lane today. >> no kidding with witnesses saying the driver was disoriented and in shock. he wasn't hurt. the 69-year-old hit the gas instead of the break as he was parking. >> what a mistake. >> i feel like that wall is
5:47 am
flimsy that you could go right through it? >> he went through the door. went right through. can you imagine the person in the pool looking up and saying, what is going on? trying to swim laps? >> not a good thing. so far, no cars in pools or terrible situations with a couple of accidents slowing yo down but nothing quite as dramatic. at 5:47, the overall big picture, looking good and mostly in the green with a little bit of orange and red and i will hit those spots in just a second. this crash, just in, it's at 24 and 680, southbound on 680 slowing down to under 30 miles- an-hour through walnut creek as a result of that accident. no problems when he could pass there, just fine. now, over to construction in place until 6:00 where they have lane closures in effect and 12 miles-an-hour northbound on the nimitz. this is making a headache
5:48 am
northbound because it creates a bottleneck. slow and go all the way from oracle to pass that and to halfway across, up to alameda. in the meantime, san mateo, back to school and early for that commute to be heating up. we are seeing all of your drive speeds in the red in that area this morning. at the altamont pass, red and drive times 12 miles-an-hour out of the tracy triangle and then regular running speed and no problems to the dublin interchange. a little bit of slowing westbound on 84 at the usual spot. a 39 minute ride and still in the yellow on the east shore freeway, highway 4, good to go without any major delays or problems to report. a live look at the backup on the nimitz, lots of red tail lights but plenty of blue skies. clear skies this morning and if you have to wake up
5:49 am
early, it's great to see the sunrise. here is a live look at the salesforce camera with the sun about to rise. we love the golden colors in the skies at mount diablo and the bay bridge with mild temperatures. 67 in concord, 62 in oakland. 59 in livermore and downtown san francisco and 63 in san jose and 56 in santa rosa. good morning to san mateo, foster city -- first day of school for you and temperatures in the upper 80s for the daytime highs with sunshine and on the warm side, for sure. the satellite view has a ridge of high pressure strengthening and building and with that, we will heat up. not just today but over the next couple of days with that warm up continuing and as we go through future caste hour by hour, at 4:00 p.m., you can see sunshine across the bay area and starting tomorrow with some clouds along the coast but
5:50 am
temps will heat up even more for your wednesday and thursday. hot temps, especially inland, wednesday and thursday into the triple digits with the sunrise at 6:23 and the sunset at 8:25. well above average for this time of year and for the south bay, 93 in santa clara, 94 in morgan hill and 92 in campbell with highs in the upper 90s in antioch and brentwood and 97 in concord. we are looking at 78 in san francisco, 85 in alameda and 82 in berkeley. mid-to upper 90s for windsor and clear lake and the seven- day forecast, triple digit at wednesday and thursday and pulling back on friday and much cooler by the end of and into the weekend. today, left-handers around the world are celebrated this morning. it is international left-handed
5:51 am
day and according to a calendar, it was established 27 years ago in the united kingdom and pays tribute to those hard- working left-handed people out there. they have to put up with a bias from the mostly right-handed world. >> there is a left-handed place that is pretty cool. fall is coming early for starbucks lovers with the pumpkin spice latte back in stores this month. the drink has become a seasonal favorite at the coffee chain and you can see it on the menu exactly two weeks from today. put it on your calendar. >> i've never tried that. >> yummy, try it out. 5:51. unusual warning for tourists. be aware of squirrels and a popular destination telling people to back off. a live look at pointing, the beautiful skies with the sun coming up over the bay. it's 61 degrees in san francisco right now and 5:51 and we will be right back.
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from your real time traffic center, so far so good on the roadways. the only travel time in the yellow is those going to the altamont pass. mobile five is going toward the city and looking good on those roadways with no problems to report. i have the rest of your travel
5:55 am
times ahead. a warning for visitors at a new york city park to be aware of aggressive squirrels. >> they say the animals are not minding their manners and are stealing snacks and biting people. some new yorkers complain about the rats or pigeons at battery park city but now it's squirrels sparking outrage. this aggressive squirrel went for a snack and startled a woman. signs urge people not to feed the squirrels or interact with them but some people have not read the signs. >> the squirrel is eating something i gave it. >> if you know how to deal with them, they would not bite or anything. >> the health department said on average there are 30 squirrel bites each year in new york city. they don't carry rabies but if you are bitten, report it to
5:56 am
the health department. wildfire and mendocino county forces evacuations with smoke drifting into the bay area. we have the latest on the effort to keep the fire from spreading. it's the first day of school in san mateo as part of the back-to-school coverage and we will highlight how a principal wants to prevent bullying.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. a chp officer was killed after a shootout with the suspect on a southern california way and what led to the deadly standoff. mass protesting continues at the hong kong main airport and we will have an update on worldwide travel. a look outside this morning with a gorgeous shot and temperatures rising. we have a spare the air alert
6:00 am
issued. it's tuesday, august 13 and i'm michelle griego. i'm kenny choi and we hot weather and a warm up? the warm up continues and we will heat up not just today but over the next couple of days. happy first day of school to the san mateo-foster city school district and through the afternoon, daytime highs will top out in the upper 80s for san mateo and foster city and with that sunshine, we have a spare the air alert today with air quality unhealthy for sensitive groups in the east bay and moderate for the north bay and the santa clara valley, good quality for the coast and the central bay. your microclimate forecast, for the coast, low 70s with sunshine and upper 70s to low 80s with inland locations heating up in the mid-to upper 90s and we will talk about temps in the triple digits coming up. for the main travel times out the


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