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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  August 13, 2019 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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>> fthe cbarea ios,is kpix5 news. breaking news with people evacuated as a bomb squad checks out a suspicious device at contra costa county shopping
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centers. roads shut down is hayward officers investigated police shooting. good afternoon. i'm kenny choi. i'm michelle griego and let's go to emily turner at the live news desk. >> reporter: it's a developing situation and as we speak, police are on the scene in hayward with a live look at mission boulevard and you can see from chopper5, several police vehicles on the scene with crime scene tape up as officers investigate and we've got video from the ground that shows a very similar scene with a heavy police presence and at this point we know it's an officer-involved shooting but we don't know if anyone is dead or wounded. we have calls in to the hayward police but they said they will be on the scene more hours. mission boulevard will be closed from via vista where this happened all the way to tennis and with no e.t.a. on when this will open but it's easier to reroute, taking 880 because mission boulevard will be closed for hours. emily turner, back to you. people evacuated because of
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a suspicious device near a shopping center. jackie ward is in san ramon with what police found at the scene. >> reporter: the area was closed off for three hours and lawns agencies thought there was a suspicious device in san ramon at about 8:30 when they were called about a suspicious device left in a stripmall parking lot near a starbucks. it was described as a pressure cooker with exposed wires. the bomb squad was called to assist and of the businesses in the small area were evacuated and the general manager of the cheesesteak shop said he was very surprised when he showed up to work. >> i believe it is some kind of trash somebody saw and reported it as suspicious and they have to go through the proper protocol. i assume they will open it up pretty quick.
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>> reporter: from chopper5 you can see this is a bustling retail area with stores across the street from the parking lot where the device was found remaining open all morning and some of the streets were blocked off for a few hours. at one point, san ramon police called for overwatch assistance and the roads are now back open. jackie ward, kpix5. breaking news in the death of financier and accused sex trafficker, jeffrey epstein. we learn the justice department just placed two cards to watch epstein and the prison warden has been temporarily reassigned. he was found dead in his jail cell of apparent suicide in manhattan and there is an autopsy result still pending. protesting at the hong kong airport and new video shows injured demonstrators being carried out of the terminal and one man was seen tied to a luggage rack. all departing flights are
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canceled for the second avenue at the airport is taking in some arriving flights including eight leaving from sfo. thousands are calling for democratic reforms and an end to police brutality. there are plans to delay tariffs on chinese imports and wall street is reacting. this is a live look at the big board with the dow up about 390 points and we will have much more coming up on the kpix5 news at 5:00 and online at >> the moose fire is forcing evacuations in mendocino county, west of clearlake and it has burned 255 acres and is 25% contained with 10 buildings threatened. before the fire broke out, air quality managers announced that today would be a spare the air day because of heat and dirty are expected. we warm up along the coast and even more inland.
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we have mary lee with the hotspots. >> for wednesday and thursday, temps will be even hotter. the spare the air alert is in effect with air quality that's unhealthy for sensitive groups. good air quality for the coast and central bay. let's talk about those hot temps, especially tomorrow and thursday with a heat advisory in effect for the interior valleys and the santa clara valley with temps in the mid-90s to triple digit heat. limit your outdoor exposure and festival shooting with o thedl santa cla county supervisors marking the occasion in an
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emotional way. anne makovec is in san jose with a flag raising ceremony to honor the victims. >> reporter: the flags have risen after being at half-staff for over two weeks since the shooting on july 28th. a poignant moment for those gathered outside the santa clara county administration building this morning as the american and california flags were pulled to the top of the polls. >> we needed to share some emotion today. >> the county board meeting was adjourned so those inside could come to see the symbol of resilience. some of the family members, it was too much for them to bear. >> i'm going to check on my sister. >> that is the family of 13- year-old keyla salazar, who was killed along with 6-year-old steven romero and 25-year-old trevor irby when a gunman snuck into the garlic festival and
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open fire before killing himself. a supervisor attended the funeral for salazar. >> it's time we step up and address this once for all. we can't live like this as americans in a free and democratic society. >> one resolution was in support of the assault weapons ban and in san jose, anne makovec, kpix5. in washington, d.c., house democrats demand the senate take a bipartisan legislation on gun background checks. they accuse senate majority leader mitch mcconnell of single-handedly blocking tougher laws at the expense of the public safety. the house is already passed the bill. law enforcement around the state are morning a chp officer brutally gunned down when a suspect open fire on a highway in riverside county. laura podesta shows the outpouring of support for the officer. >> reporter: officers lined the street of riverside monday to salute a highway patrol man killed in the line of duty.
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>> there is a shooting happening right now. >> they said that officer andre moye jr. pulled over this pick up truck yesterday afternoon and when he decided to impound the truck, the driver grabbed a rifle and began shooting. the 34-year-old officer died from his injuries. >> so unbelievable. who does this kind of stuff? >> reporter: the suspect was killed by police. >> it was a long and horrific gun battle and extended the crime scene. >> reporter: this mother was driving her children home when the bullet hit her car. >> it just missed my two children in the backseat. >> reporter: a retired marine in the car behind them pulled the family to safety. >> i heard the kids screaming and it motivated me to get the kids out of the car.
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>> he's my guardian angel. >> thankfully, the only two kurt suffered minor injuries. laura podesta, cbs news. two other patrolmen were injured by gunfire and authorities expect them to survive and we have not confirm the identity of the gunman and no motive is released. police in australia call bystanders heroes for stopping a stabbing spree in sydney. we are shown how it unfolded. >> reporter: a man showed god's great in arabic while armed with a knife in sydney. people tried to stop his rampage with any weapon they could find, including chairs. >> we chased the guy. people were trying to go away because he had a knife. >> reporter: bystanders pinned him to the ground with a milk crate before authorities arrested him and they said he had a history of mental illness and was carrying a usb drive
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with information about white supremacist attacks in north america and new zealand. authorities found a woman dead in an apartment and another stabbed in the back in a hotel but she is expected to recover and police believed the australian suspect is responsible for both attacks and said the violence could have been worse if people hadn't stepped up. >> i want to acknowledge those people, the members of the public. they got involved and they are brave and i use that word seriously. that was significantly brave. >> reporter: investigators said the man acted alone and had no links to terrorist groups. cindy pom, cbs news. prosecutors will charge the man with homicide and assault but at this point he will not face terrorism charges. new at noon, governor newsom and california attorney general, xavier becerra, are challenging the trump administration's replacement of the clean power plant, the affordable clean energy rule. >> president trump's once again attempting to got our nation's clean power plant in that effort is foolish and a
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toothless substitute they present in place of a clean power plan. it's a fossil fuel protection plan and ill advised and against the law. >> the lawsuit was filed as part of the coalition with 22 other states and the district of columbia. still ahead, a tree crashes down in an east bay neighborhood and the impact, hours later. tackling the bullying problem in schools. one bay area principles plan to keep his students feeling safe. >>power is out for dozens of
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neighbors in the oakland hills area after a tree toppled over, sparking a small fire in the montclair neighborhood around midnight at fernwood drive in mountain boulevard with cruise spending hours chopping up the tree and clearing the area and they said it belongs to caltrans and it's not the first tree to fall in that area and they blame the agency for not stepping up. >> someone needs to take responsibility, may be gavin newsom? i don't know but they need to do something better than what they are doing because it's dangerous and this one caused a small fire last night and could have been a lot worse. >> fortunately, no reportedpoex be restored in about 45 h ondavi
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than tomatoes flying overnight with an rv crashing into a semi hauling tomatoes just after 11:00 last night with minor injuries and lanes shut down for nearly four hours as crews race to clean up the mess. >> san ramon schools are back in class and we caught up with the president of the san ramon valley education association and she explained what the new year means for students and teachers. >> having kids come back is a new beginning and as teachers, we have to teach students how to get used to us as individuals and professionals and set expectations. >> along with san ramon valley unified, it's the first day of school in palo alto, castro valley, piedmont and foster city unified school districts. and lee elementary, the new principal, chad slife, is opposing guidelines -- proposing
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guidelines to bullying at school. 20% of students said they've experienced some form of bullying and 30% admitted they had bullied someone in 70% said they've seen bullying in schools. this principle said teaching empathy is the best way to change that. >> for a long time, developmentally, they were only focused on themselves. in elementary school, i can watch the little ones and in fifth grade, they say, how are you? >> reporter: early intervention is key and talking to kids to teach them how to be a kind human being. habits can develop as early as 10 or 11. are a special back-to- school coverage, jackie will have an in-depth look at state vaccine laws for students and would like to see your photos
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and videos of students as they gear up and we have this on social media with #kpix and we will show some of them on air. a very hot forecast with kids going back to school. temperatures are heating up, not just in the next few days, but temperatures will climb to the triple digits inland and then will have some relief through the end of the week. it's a great day for baseball at oracle park. 88 in concord, 75 in oakland and downtown san francisco. mid-80s in livermore and santa rosa, 84. the bay bridge series kicks off today at 6:45 and mostly clear skies and mild temperatures in the low 70s for that first pitch. a strong ridge of high pressure
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is the reason why we will continue heating up, not just today but over the next few days. futurecast will take you hour- by-hour with that sunshine and clear skies through the rest of our afternoon and even catching some sun along the coast tomorrow with low clouds and areas of fog along the coast and mainly clear skies with temps heating up even more. for wednesday and thursday, temperatures are soaring inland into the triple digits and the sunset at 8:05 and sunset, 97 and concord, 90 in fremont and 92 in san jose and mid-80s in oakland and upper 70s for san francisco. for what you can expect for vinesday and thursday, a heat d ry tomorrow and thursday because of those hot temperatures inland and looking at temps cooling down by friday and especially by the weekend, at or
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just below average by saturday and sunday and we just have to get through the next few days and then we will be comfortable with whether by the weekend. skateboarding is gaining in popularity. >> it will be recognized as a sport at the tokyo olympic games and women want a piece of the action. there is a summer camp in the bay area devoted to skateboarding for girls. >> it helps me find courage to do stuff that usually boys would do. >> tonight on the new kpix5 news at meete group showing the world how to skate like a girl. still had, a possible solution for parents and what nike offers as kids outgrow shoes over and over again. if you're turning 65, you're probably learning about medicare and supplemental insurance. medicare is great, but it doesn't cover everything - only about 80% of your part b medicare costs,
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today's tip is cucumbers. cool as a cucumber. that's right. it's summer time and cucumbers cool you down, so refreshing. selecting them in the store is important. they won't , they might be disappointing if you don't pay attention. get them dark green and very, very firm. no gift, nice and firm all the way through. check at the very top. if you break it in a little bit, don't buy them. put them in your refrigerator right away and you would think that would last well but they don't. 3-5 days at the very, very most. when it comes to produce, the heavier the better but with zucchini and eggplant, the seeds make them a little bit on the
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bitter side. for cucumbers, the lighter the better. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. eat fresh and stay healthy. tonight at 5:00, we are expected to learn about proposal to save the controversial george washington mural that some have called racist with the plan for compromise and that story and much more tonight at 5:00. if you are going outside, drink lots of water and try to stay cool and that will do it for us at kpix5 news at noon. >> triple digits? yikes. have a great afternoon, everybody.
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>> brooke: the cabin's ready. i had everything pulled out of storage. >> ridge: great. hope and liam will appreciate that. >> brooke: not as much as i appreciate what steffy did for them. >> ridge: [ sighs heavily ] >> brooke: you know, it was a huge sacrifice for her. and it definitely took a lot of strength to let them walk out that door with their child. >> ridge: i should have stayed with steffy. >> brooke: ridge, she didn't want you to. >> ridge: she thought beth was her daughter. there was no reason for her to doubt flo's story. >> brooke: nobody could have imagined. but beth is alive. and i am very, very excited about that, being her grandmother. >> ridge: [ exhales softly ]


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