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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  August 13, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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oakland is 85, 13 degrees above average. 14 degrees above average in is and is a. taken the cake is conquered. 105 degrees is 17 degrees above your average high. fast-moving fire in mendocinunty has netripled in s it is now ed225 acres. images show the intense flames as crews worked to secure the line. there have been some evacuations. enter 10 structures are currently threatened. the fires 25% contained. back here in the bay area, a big fire broke out on i-80 in oakland. large class of black smoke over the back of those homes right there. this is a fire that burned at a
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homeless encampment at 16th and east 12th street. crews responded right away. they were quickly able to knock down the lays. that place. though: place was on site directing traffic. no injuries. nobody really knows how to get started. at the live news get desk i am ken bastida. at this hour,, has returned to hong kong's airport. so far lights are on schedule. 12 hours earlier, a much different scene. most of departing flights were canceled on tuesday as thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators stage the fifth day of a sit in inside of the terminals. they are demanding government reforms and an independent inquiry into alleged police brutality.
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the protest in china is hitting home here in the bay area. effected everything from travel, economics and humanitarian concerns. kb x5 is following the story from stanford university. >> reporter: according to experts here, the escalated situation in hong kong is a top concern for the u.s.. of course because of trade, but also because of the possibility that the chinese government could use violent force to put down the protesters. >> reporter: chaos at hong kong's main airport, as hundreds of protesters clashed with police. travelers coming in say that this delayed flights for more than one day. >> i was at the airport for the more than three hours. >> reporter: in the bay area, signs of support for the students as students at uc berkeley. a messages on a so-called john lennon wall. now there is this. >> put on a helmet, also masks, goggles, in solidarity with the
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people of hong kong. >> reporter: he was raised in hong kong, he is raising awareness for his hometown fight for democracy. >> what we are seeing that the hong kong people are defending their rights. are hong kong was once a british colony. democratic principles and civil rights and some state china is taking this away. >> china is raising nearing the reins of civil rights. >> reporter: he is an author and fellow at the pacific center. >> if china was to use-of-force to quell these this would just create i think alienation. it would take years, if not decades, to overcome. >> reporter: at stanford, kpix 5.
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and a live look at sfo, where there is impact from the hong kong airport being shut down. 02 arrivals were delayed as for departures there were two cancellations. today president trump tweeted that china had moved troops closer to the board of hong kong and called it a quote tough situation. >> i hope nobody gets hurt. 's make the trump administration is doing some additional tariffs and plan tariffs on chinese goods. the move comes after pressure from businesses and growing fears that a trade war is threatening the u.s. econonmy. the tariff delays applies to toys and folds that are typically on holiday shopping list. this is an apple stocks soaring today by 4%. investors overall responded well to the news. the dow jones
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jumped 372 points. the nasdaq game to 152 points. and the s&p added 43. the stock market arresting some of the losses from the previous two days. in these bay, a suspect is now in the hospital after being shot by hayward police. officers got the call about 9 am this morning. it was near the area of mission boulevard. chopper 5 flying overhead seeing that heavy police presence. according to police, witnesses in that area reported seeing a man waving a gun in the air. a short time after the officers arrived and a 1.2 officers fired on the man. >> it was later determined that it was, the meal was transported to the hospital. >> police have not released information on what led them to open fire. both officers have been placed
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on paid leave. in wanted creek a bomb squad was called into suspect a suspicious and vice. please describe this device as a pressure cooker with exposed wires. this was in a strip mall parking lot. the surrounding streets blocked off to the public. police deemed this device safe just before noon. on day seven of jury deliberations in the ghost ship fire. no verdict, but the jury did have a request. they asked for the transcripts of the defendants testimony of derick almena. he was a principal tenant. he and the codefendant max harris are facing counts of involuntary manslaughter. they also wanted to hear testimony read back from witnesses. the search for a motive
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after a man suddenly opens fire at a traffic stop. new details on the gun man's criminal background. a community reclaiming its strength after a massoting at the gilroy garlic festival. the emotional ceremony today for the families of the victims. this will not just impact writers. ♪ denny's isn't just for breakfast...
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and steaks aren't just for dinner. and right now we can have both for less because with choice sirloin... denny's is elevating its new steak and eggs for just $10.99. it's new and it's a pretty big deal. see you at denny's! the kpix 5 seven-day forecast is sponsored by the emission free santa cruz boardwalk. new at 5:00, the san francisco school district is now reconsidering its plan to destroy a work of art that some call race this. >> minutes ago, a compromise plan. facing blowback on both sides, san francisco unified seeks a middle ground on what to do with those murals at george washington high.
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he has announced a plan that he hopes that will put the outrage to rest. to keep it out of public view. >> i think that we all agree that the mural depict a history of the country that is hard to see and everybody agrees that that history is racist. i think where we disagree is what is appropriate for a school site. >> of the school district moves to take action, another group of activists spoke in opposition. including one familiar face. kpix 5 has that story. >> reporter: this will controversy boils down to a artistic debate, what is more important the intention or the impact on the people viewing it? the san francisco school board was to cover up the mural because students say that it's images of slaves and indigenous people are painful to walk past every day. painted on the walls of george
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washington high school, the panels depict captive africans twirling at mount vernon -- toiling at mount vernon. he created the inflammatory piece as part of a new deal work project in 1935. >> this was a very conservative time. even though it made washington look like a bad guy, and he was able to do. >> reporter: today in response to the district, at the danny glover joined a group of african-american leaders to reconsider covering up the murals. he attended washington high, he said when he made the movie the color purple some people objected to that. >> the fact is, it has to make people feel uncomfortable. the great artist are the ones
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that made us feel uncomfortable. >> reporter: the president of the san francisco chapter of the naacp believes that the district is misguided to try to censor the images of slavery and genocide. he says covering them up will only deny the lessons of the past. >> people trying to wipe out, forget about, sweep under the rug that history. if we do not remember it, we will never deal with that. >> reporter: in june, the board voted unanimously to destroy the mural. sense and the board president said that the plan has changed. in san francisco, kpix 5. >> the san francisco unified school board is set to vote tonight. a chp officer is dead in riverside after a dramatic highway shootout that injured two other officers in a hail of
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gunfire. the fallen officer has been identified as a 34-year-old. we have new details on how the traffic stop turned. >> people talk about routine stops, but there are no reaching stops as this case roseburg are in this case come the stop ended in a file it should upper tonight we're learning that the 49-year-old is the man seen picking up the rifle and shooting a 3 chp officers in riverside yesterday. the officers filed back and killed him. >> in the law enforcement world, any type of gunfire exchange is going to seem like it last a lifetime. >> reporter: right now police are still looking for a motive as why he attacked officers. investigators say that the chp officers pulled him over for a traffic stop. he was in the process of him pounding his truck. when he grabbed a rifle. witnesses describe seeing the suspect firing his gun. >> he was loading it or something. he looked like he had
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experience. you see only two cops try to do something about that. a man with a rifle. >> reporter: three officers were shot, included officer was killed. >> he will be deeply missed by the california highway patrol. >> we are lost. >> reporter: this is his father, he says the suspect called his wife moments before the shooting to come pick him up. >> his wife called and said that she went to pick him up. she was hysterical. >> reporter: he said that his son was trying to get his life back on track. tonight we learned that he has a lengthy criminal history. he was convicted to attempted murder and burglary and 19 94.
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he was arrested several times after that, including for an assault on a police officer. >> two people involved in this are disease. we have to backtrack to figure this out. >> reporter: kpix 5. >> the other officers shot are expected to recover. one was released from the hospital yesterday. santa clara county supervisors and had a ceremony to honor the victims of the gilroy garlic festival shooting. the flags were raised once again to full staff. they were lowered to remember those killed. the gun man opened fire at the gilroy festival. the family of the 13-year-old was also in attendance. she was killed along with a six- year-old, a 25-year-old. >> it is time that we step up and dressed address this once abroad. we cannot live like this as
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americans in a free and democratic societies. two items, gun storage and a measure for assault ban. the warden at the metropolitan correction center in new york has also been temporarily reassigned. attorney general william barr has expressed outrage that he was able to commit suicide while in custody. he apparently killed himself on saturday morning. the medical examiners office has not yet released the autopsy results. take a look at this. a new video from citizen app. showing a porsche engulfed in frame, this is an downtown san francisco. this happened this afternoon. you can see the back end of the fire on fire. the crews responded. it is still unclear what caused that car to catch on fire. dozens of people spent part
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of the morning without power after he tree toppled over and sparked a small fire in the mail claire neighborhood. crews spend hours chopping up the tree in clearing that area. neighbors say the property belongs to caltrans. and that this is not the first tree to fall there. they are blaming the agency for not stepping up. >> let somebody up top mate take responsibility. we have to do something. they need to do something. it is dangerous. this one caused a small fire last night. it could've been a lot worse. >> fortunately, nobody was hurt. trees down, power out, fire, you don't think about these things at the end of august. the fire danger is actually going to increase. we are hitting 105 degrees at some inland spots. we it is that time where we are almost to september. you will get close to 80 degrees in san francisco over
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the next couple of days. but the ocean breeze will still be there. i cannot say the same about the heat wave that will come. everybody warms up. it is already hot in concord, livermore, and santa rosa. 73 looks very inviting. oakland checking in at 82 degrees. speaking of oakland, i hear that there is a baseball series tonight. the a's are in san francisco. look at the weather. and ocean breeze. mostly clear and mild. close to 70 degrees for that first page. a mild night tonight. this will set the stage for tomorrow. fremont, 60. redwood, 60. let's check in and see what is going on weatherwise. it is only 80 degrees, and it
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is not that windy. that is the good news. tomorrow it will be 101 degrees. imagine fighting fires all day long. the ambient air temperature is 101 degrees. no clouds at the coastline right now. it is going to be that way for the next couple of days. minimal cloud cover for and hour or two in the morning and that is it. a big strong ridge of high pressure sitting offshore. both of those are influencing the weather. we will have some clouds in the morning, gone by the afternoon. lots of sunshine. it is the inland areas that will be the hottest. will get sunshine start to finish inland for the next several days. one of those inland locations is morgan hill. you got close to 100 degrees today. 103 tomorrow and thursday. wednesday and thursday.
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the highs will be 10 degrees above average everywhere throughout the bay area. on the coast, that means is 70s for you. oakland, that means the 80s for you. inland, that means the triple digits for you. by the weekend, temperatures are below average. that pendulum will swing wide back-and-forth. santa rosa, 100 degrees tomorrow. fairfield, 105. livermore, 104. all three of those will be the hottest temperatures of the summer. santa rosa, 96. oakland, 85. san francisco, 78. we stay hot inland on thursday. we begin the process of cooling down. by the time we hit the weekend, this temperatures are below average. 60s at the coast. low to mid 80s inland. the next two days are going to be toasty. that is your forecast. the next two days are going to be toasty here at oracle. this time with playoff implications coming up. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones,
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the oakland raiders returned to training camp in napa today. the wide receiver was not at practice saying that his frostbitten pull feet are still not at 100%. then there is the issue of his helmet. >> we are working with the nfl at with regards to the helmet. i will be ready to go.
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>> brown says that he is excited to be back to see his teammates. he is just not too sure when he will be ready to practice. there just three games left in the preseason. a live look at oracle park where tonight it is all about baseball. the bay bridge series. >> kpix 5 dennis l donald is at the ballpark. what a great evening for a ball game. >> reporter: absolutely. beautiful, normally i save this phrase for football, but this is a big playoff series with playoff implications there is between the a's and the giants. this has extra meanings of for the giants the catcher. a fan favorite in oakland, he played five seasons there. he was a all-star. this is going to be the first time that he has faced the a's since he was traded in 2017. >> i am excited to see those
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guys. a lot of people are very special to me over there. i have not seen them since 2017. i'm looking forward to seeing them. >> reporter: the fact that you are both in a wildcard race. >> yeah, it is fund. this series is always fun to begin with. the fact that both of these games meet a lot for the teams. >> we still have some dialogue with them. it is pretty remarkable if you actually know what he came back from. he had a shoulder issue. it didn't look like he might not play again. >> reporter: he was asked, how does that dialogue take place between you and him? he looked at the reporter and said you know, there's this thing called text. this is how they keep in touch. a good relationship. the giants and a's tonight. this is an important series. reporting from oracle live, can't pxi.
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kpix 5. coming up at 5:30 pm, bar is warning that the track will be shut down in the east bay. >> reporter: this is exactly what voters asked for. how can we find ourselves with a much more convenient bart system on the other end of this? one of the most powerful men in the opera world accused of sexual assault. how bystanders stop a man on a stabbing craze in sydney.
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you are watching kpix 5 at 5:30 pm. >> now at 5:30 pm, a construction project in these bay is about to cause some headaches for bart riders. starting this weekend, the
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work will be set on a section of the truck that runs between orinda and walnut creek. >> we are live outside of the lafayette station. >> reporter: there is no way around it. this is going to cause delays and inconvenience. but if you have ever felt inconvenience by part, this is what improvements are going to look like. just minor tinkering with the track and systems, but a wholesale reconstruction work. it is a major rebuild. we're talking about 5000 feet of real. 10,000 feet of train control cabling. this is the busiest bart line. this weekend there will be no trains between orinda and walnut creek. as crews begin to replace tracks that are nearly 50 years old. this is a job that is so big that it will require the


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