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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  August 13, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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hundreds of homes for the needy on public land. kpix 5 news at 6:00, starts right now. a woman attacked at her own front door. good evening i am ken bastida. >> i am elizabeth cook. her terrifying ordeal was caught on camera. she was violently attacked on the embarcadero. this incident is feeling criticism of the homeless navigation center that will be built nearby. kpix 5 is live on the embarcadero where some say that crime is only getting worst. >> reporter: ken, elizabeth, this attack happened right behind me right here on beale street. neighbors say that they think that this is the harbinger of what is to come. from the security camera you can see her struck to get into her building, violently polled and thrown to the ground, even with the security guard trying to help rescue her. >> he was saying very crazy stuff. he kept saying that the person inside of my lobby was a robot
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and that he was trying to save my life. >> reporter: she said that she had a semi-calm conversation with him. before he sedley demanded her wallet and keys and phone and this assault was on. >> he did pull me back. the door got locked again. so we did that three times before i crawled inside my own apartment. >> reporter: she still had to struggle to get away. tonight she has bruises on her hands and an injured wrist. front desk security called 911 about the suspect earlier in the evening. that they did not arrive until after she was attacked. >> officers that responded to that call word diverted to a domestic violence call. once the subject's behavior escalated further, a became a riority call and the ficers >> reporter: the suspect was identified as a 25-year-old man.
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he is facing charges of false imprisonment, battery and attempted robbery. this isdoor proposed market arrow navigation center. she says serious thought needs to go in before this goes out. >> i do not feel safe. i know that we are all at risk. especially when the thing opens up. when you think about a, 250 people, new homeless people, god knows what they struggle with, whether it is drugs or mental illness. but all the city is providing is a shelter. new treatment. no security. no proper planning. just a shelter. >> reporter: she and her husband have lived in this condominium that they have owned for six years. they say after this attack, they feel like they have to move. live in san francisco, kpix 5. >> azeri situation, for sure. an east bay man is possible
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is after he was shot by police officers got the call around 9 am this morning. in the area of mission boulevard . witnesses in the area reported seeing a man waving a gun in the air officers arrived a short time later and a one point fired their weapons. >> this is a criminal investigation, as well as an internal investigation. it is being conducted with internal affairs. it is two officers, they're both on paid administrative leave. >> the weapon was later determined to be a replica firearm. police are not releasing information on what led the officers to fire their weapons. the cases under investigation. meanwhile, the suspect is expected to survive. right now oakland, a rally is underway to call for a and twogun violence. this is meant to show sos of the recent mass shootings. we are live there tonight. >> reporter: hi there, this
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rally has just got underway. congressman barbara lee is leading the event. it is a night of healing. the community here has come together in solidarity with the communities that have been impacted by the massive shootings. and those who have been affected by gun violence here in the bay area. let's hear what the congresswoman has to say. >> we are strengthened to take on the challenges of gun violence and racism in a new way. with a new renewed spirit that says to donald trump and in his administration that enough is enough. you will not break our spirits. >> reporter: a night of healing will continue with speakers. there are oakland city council
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members here. we will continue to follow this tonight on our later newscast. kpix 5. an emotional ceremony today to honor the victims of the gilroy garlic festival shooting. in santa clara county, supervisors gathered outside of the building to raise the american flag and the california flag to full staff. they were lowered to remember those who were killed when a gunman opened fire in gilroy. the family one of those victims, a 13-year-old was also there. >> it is time that we step and address it once and for all. we cannot live like this as americans in a free and democratic society. >> two items of agenda for the board today, gun stores and a resolution supporting an assault weapons oakland, a fire broke out this afternoon at a homeless encampment. you can see clouds of black
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smoke. the fire started on 16th avenue and 12th street. the blaze was quickly knocked down. while the police were on site directing traffic. meanwhile, a fire that is burning in mendocino county has nearly tripled in size. crews dropped fire retardant over the area. it has grown to 225 acres. some residents have been evacuated. at last check, the fire was 25% contained. unhealthy levels of smog prompting a spare the air alert today in the bay area today, for the second day in a row. a live look out at san jose and dublin. officials say the smog is worse in the south and east bay. all of this comes as the bay area's bracing for triple digit temperatures in several areas.
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>> the inland valleys once again in getting some of the hottest weather that we've seen so far this weather. a heat advisory is in effect for all of the inland valleys. heat warning for solano county and lake county. afternoon highs in those areas between the mid-90s and low 100s. overnight lows will stay in the 60s. how does this relate to where we should be for this time of year? in places like san francisco and oakland will be at least 10 degrees warmer than average. san jose, you hit 96. concord, 105 degrees. this is 17 degrees warmer than average. the hottest temperatures will be on wednesday and thursday. this is the warmest that we have seen so far the summer. it will not be hot near the water, but it will still be above average. coming up, a we can preview and the full 7-day-forecast. san francisco unified seeks middleground in the fight over
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what to do with the high schools controversial mural. the life of washington mural at george washington high school depicts slaves and indigenous peoples. in june the district voted to destroy the mural by painting over it. but, there has been outrage from art historians and alumni, including one very famous face. >> it has to make us feel uncomfortable. that is the responsibility of artists. the great artists are the ones that made us feel uncomfortable. >> the board president will now propose to keep the murals out of public view, instead of destroying them. >> some may disagree with the resolution. but, what i hope everybody understands is that if this passes tonight it will keep us from actually painting over the mural.
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>> the san francisco unified board is expected to vote on that compromise at tonight's meeting. in one corner of the bay area. >> in santa clara county is completed one project this week. it has set its sights on several more prospective parcels. >> reporter: we're just not talking about a couple of parcels here in land here and there. one county supervisor was to take a hard look at 80 acres of public land to build hundreds of new homes. for years, this prime plot of land in downtown san jose has sat vacant. same goes for the six acre empty field right next to the valley health center in gilroy. and then there is a land next to saint louise regional hospital. you get the idea. the county has a lot of land. the county supervisor cindy chavez is trying to put a dent in the housing crisis.
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do you think you will see this in your lifetime? >> yes. >> reporter: back in 2016 voters overwhelmingly approved measure a. back then she was one of the most vocal supporters. years later she says the clock is ticking. >> we promise the public that we would do our best to spend the best that we could the funds within 10 years because it demonstrates that we recognize that this is a crisis. >> reporter: the very first affordable housing units have finally been built with measure a with this money. this will house at 19 people, many of them are homeless and seniors. >> i'm so deeply, deeply happy to have a roof over my head. >> reporter: today's boards but authorizes them to begin examining all of the vacant lands near hospitals and health clinics to see what options are on the table.
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>> we are moving in the right direction. we need to do more and we need to do a faster. >> reporter: kpix 5. coming up, how safe are your voice recordings? >> this is parking new facebook privacy concerns. what the company has to say about it. toxic algae, where it is being detected here in the bay area. a heads up. this could add up as much as 40 minutes to your commute. ♪
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more clashes between police and protesters in hong kong. tuesday a showdown took place at the international airport. we take a look at what is
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behind the unrest. >> reporter: according to experts here the escalating situation in hong kong is a tight top concern for the u.s. because of trade, but also because of the possibility that the chinese government could use violent force to put down the protest. >> we are putting on the yellow helmets and masks and goggles in solidarity with the people of hong kong. >> reporter: he was born and raised in hong kong, he is leading a bay area effort to raise awareness for his hometowns fight for democracy. >> what we are seeing is a direct response to the ever tightening and unconstitutional , illegal police brutality. >> reporter: antigovernment protesters clashed with police after engaging in a sit in at the airport. travelers coming in at sfo say that this delayed flights. >> they really got the message out to the world. so i am kind of happy for that.
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>> reporter: hong kong was once a british colony, but it an agreement between british and china spell that the city's autonomy, democratic principles and civil rights that some say china is now taking away. >> china is narrowing the range, tightening control. >> reporter: he is an author and fellow at stanford's research center. he is concerned that this could further damage u.s. china relationships. >> china could now use force to quell these. this would i think really breed alienation that would take years, if not decades to overcome. >> reporter: bay area's hong kong supporters will continue to watch the situation closely. in the meantime, they are planning to have a rally at the embarcadero plaza. kpix 5. >> reporter: facebook says that they will no longer pay contractors to listen to your
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conversations. the social media network took more heat for privacy concerns after it was revealed that the hundreds of contractors were paid to transcribe audio clips of facebook users. the contractors were checking the accuracy of facebook's automated transcription and its messenger app. other companies have also come under fire for the practice. now facebook tells us that it is all in the past. facebook says quote much like apple and google we pause human review of audio more than a week ago. we have a traffic alert for the east bay. listen up. this one is going to be pretty tricky. there is going to be a massive track replacement project. it will impact riders that use the busy freeway. the work will be done on a stretch of track between the orinda and wall nut creek bar stations. the workers will be replacing
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the truck that is 50 years old. the construction will temporally close two of the eastbound lanes of highway 24. three buses will replace the train service. but the riders will need to take into account the additional commute time. this is the first weekend. more are planned for five weekends. new at 6:00, toxic algae will that was apparently to blame for killing dogs across the country has now been detected here in the bay area. this last week, north carolina woman lost three of her dogs just hours after they played in a pond. experts believe that toxic algae made them sick. similar incidents have prompted a warning from the cdc and the harmful bacteria has been found in several bay area lakes. warning signs are posted in berkeley and and oakland.
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the east bay regional parks district has banned swimmers from lake sabo come which has been notorious for toxic blooms. as temperatures rise, it would be tempting to take your dog out for a swim. experts say do your research first. it is going to here but heat up. this is not going to last too long. >> a couple of days, that is the good news. but is going to be pretty hot. the hottest that we have been the summer. inland, triple digit heat begins tomorrow. it will continue on thursday. temperatures outside right now are warm. it is in the upper 90s. oakland, 80 degrees. san francisco, 71. it gets hotter tomorrow. the a's and the giants, two games in san francisco.
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look at the temperature tonight , clear, mild, no ocean breeze at all 69 degrees for the first pitch. the lows tonight, warm. vallejo, 60. let's take a look at what is going on up north. the moussa fire is burning 225 acres. the winds are not strong. the not so good news, but it will be a hot one tomorrow, 101 degrees. why are we getting hot? this ridge of high pressure to our southeast and to the southwest. we still have an onshore breeze, but it is minimize. that marine layer is only going to hit you with the coast. otherwise, it is nothing but summertime sunshine for those of you watching us away from the water. the coastline, everybody has sunshine tomorrow afternoon. translation: hot weather inland . 103 degrees tomorrow.
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103 tomorrow. morgan hill, you will be down to the 80s by the weekend. highs will be to degrees above average for the entire bay area. 105 in conquered and fairfield. oakland, 85. san francisco, 78. from warm to hot tomorrow. and on thursday. we'll cool down this weekend, falling below average. 60s and 70s near the bay. but we are hot for the next two days. giants fans will be shouting this tonight as the giants catcher faces his bay bridge series. sponsored by mancini sleep world.
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welcome back, everybody. the bay bridge series tonight and tomorrow night. this is not just another series. >> all eyes are on the series. you know, all of the bay area sports fans are watching. i think there is t different feel to this one than other series. >> reporter: this series definitely means more, to the giants catcher. he was a fan favorite with his five seasons with the oakland a's. >> i still have some dialogue with them. i hope he takes a couple of days off. >> i'm happy to see the a's, i'm happy to see those guys. especially those that i have not seen since 2017. am looking forward to seeing them.
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>> reporter: you speak at time to time? >> a thing called text messages. he does all of the time. every couple of months we are still in contact. >> reporter: we are just guessing what that text message might look like. madison bumgarner is beginning his warm up he is 4 head 2 . it was not quite as dramatic when rudy returned to the practice field. but there was a signing at the end of the radar practice today. antonio brown is still one not 100%, and he is still searching for the right helmet. >> i'm just grateful to be here . i have dealt with a lot of adversity. i am excited to be back and see my teammates. to get into the groove of
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things. >> the coach welcomes him back. he smiled and waved to everybody. we are just happy that he is back. >> reporter: all is good with the oakland raiders, at least for today. the giants and the a's tonight. all of the hype that i just gave you, he is not in the lineup. this is the national league park, we will see tonight. >> that will be a good one. thank you. the cbs evening news is coming up next. >> nora o'donnell is here for a preview. chaos in hong kong. of violence escalates between police and protesters for the second day. is china's military gearing up for a crackdown? what is good for the heart
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is not good for the head. keeping but treasure in check could help reduce the risk of dementia. a trip to the er forces a marine to miss graduation. those stories and more on tonight's cbs evening news after the kpix 5.
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♪ when i was a kid they call that sidewalks surfing. believe it or not, skateboarding is gaining in popularity. >> it will be recognized as a sport in the tokyo olympic games. and women want a piece of that action. there is even a summer camp here in the bay area that is devoted for skateboarding for girls. >> and helps them find courage to do stuff that normally boys would do. >> tonight on the new kpix 5
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news at 7:00, we will be showing the world how to skate like a girl. a flock of ducklings is safe after a very special rescue mission in placer county. yes, who could not resist the ducklings? >> take a look. a deputy was caught on camera pulling the quacking ducklings that fell into the storm drain. once they were all safe and sound they waddled away back to their mom. >> back to their mom. see what 7:00. ♪
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, a shake- up is underway at the federal jail where convicted sex offender jeffrey epstein apparently took his life. did guards falsify records in a cover-up? cbs news has exclusive information. also tonight, did the dayton shooter intentionally gun down his own sister? newly released text messages provide a clue. it looked like a scene from a war zone. what began as a routine traffic stop ended with a california highway patrol officer killed as bullets flew in a wild shoot- out. one of the world's busiest airports forced to shut down again as protesters clash with police. word tonight that chinese troops may be moving in. an early christmas present for american shoppers as the president backs down from


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