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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  August 13, 2019 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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a woman attacked while trying to get home in san francisco. >> i don't feel safe. i know that we are all at risk. >> why critics say it's proof the new homeless center is a bad idea. >> chaos in hong kong, the meltdown taking place at one of the busiest airports in the world. and that they area travelers, stuck in the middle. >> it was insane.>> temperatures heating up at it's just the beginning for many parts of the bay area. in the major part project that will delay lots of riders and drivers for the next few weekends. kpix news at 7 starts right now and good evening.
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we begin with that brazen attack on san francisco's waterfront. the violent struggle at the front door of a woman's apartment building. this comes i need them amid a heated debate amid plans for a new homeless shelter. >> the attack happened right behind me here on beale street as a woman was trying to walk into her apartment building they actually had someone sitting at a security desk, she said that this is a harbinger of things to come for this neighborhood. >> she says she is ready to move out of her home at six years at the watermark, after this violent attack by what she describes as a mentally disturbed man early sunday morning. she said it started with a semi- calm conversation, then took a terrifying turn. when the man claimed the building security guard was a robot. >> he asked me to open the door for him so he could get into the building.
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and kill her, so he could earn my trust. >> she said he then demanded her keys, wallet and phone, throwing her to the ground as she fought back and struggled to get inside to safety. >> he was holding down my legs, pulling my legs, not letting me go inside. for a good five minutes. >> she managed to escape, suffering bruises on her fingers and an injured wrist. the building security guard called 911 before the attack but officers got moved to another call. >> the officers that were responding to the call were diverted to a domestic violence call nearby. once the subject's behavior escalated further and became assaulting, the officers were able to make it a priority and respond. >> the suspect had no ties to san francisco. he is facing charges night of false imprisonment, battery and attempted robbery. >> the water might watermark
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sits next to the proposed homeless center. >> don't twisted as this is a homeless issue and we are going to build more shelters, give them more treatment, these people are mentally ill. they are struggling with drug addiction. you can't put these people into a residential area and say, don't feel unsafe, you are safe. you can do that. the city needs to address this. the city needs to properly come up with a plan. they need to show us, proved to us that we are safe. >> now we asked sfp why the officers were diverted in the first place they asked if there was a staffing shortage last weekend and they said that was not the case. scary situation for sure. another scary attack, lyft driver said she was sexually assaulted by four men that she picked up in downtown sacramento.
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the ride only last a few minutes but the driver said that was long enough for them to repeatedly grope and verbally assaulted her. she said she was afraid to stir them up even more by canceling the ride. and she said she didn't file a police report until the end of the night, because she needed to make money. now, she's calling for lyft to add more safety protections. >> i think that we should have cameras and a panic button for both the ritter and the driver. >> segmented police are investigating this and lyft said a roadside assistance and support team is available around the clock, and the suspects have been blocked from using the app. it's hot around the bay area right now, vacaville, at the brink of triple digits. let's go right over to paul, with how much hotter it's going to get this week. >> guys, tomorrow and thursday we will hit the triple digits and most of our inland valleys.
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all of those inland valleys, are under heat advisory. mid-90s to mid 100's, and overnight lows will be warm as well. how hot this week? the hottest weather we are expecting in antioch is 105. morgan hill, 103, daly city, 10 degrees above average, 70 degrees. temperatures outside are still in the 90s. tomorrow, temperatures running at a minimum, 10 degrees above average, open, 85, 13 degrees above average, 105 for concord, that would be the hottest weather concord has seen this summer. coming up, when we cool down and your weekend coming up. we are getting word of a grass fire in vallejo, a viewer sent us this video, you can see all the smoke along highway 37 right now. it appears to have started at hanis park, and may now be threatening homes.
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chapter 5 matches on the way, we will bring you any development as we get them. right now a fire burning in mendocino county has nearly tripled in size it's now burn 225 acres northwest of hovland. the good news is that within the past two hours, all evacuations were lifted. cal fire said one firefighter sustained minor injuries. at last check the fire was 25% contained. days of violent clashes between police and protesters appear to be cooling a bit. it is wednesday morning in hong kong right now. the airport is open, and flights are on schedule, so far, but, for the past five days, thousands of pro-democracy illustrators have been staging sit ins, in the airport terminals. and, they clash with police, demanding government reforms. the protests are heading home here in the bay area as well, glenn ramirez reports from stanford. >> the escalating situation in hong kong is a top concern for
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the u.s. because of trey but also because of the possibility that the chinese government could use violent force to put down the protesters. >> travelers coming into sfo said the protest delayed flights for more than a day. >> i was in the airport for more than 30 hours. >> in the bay area airport, signs of support from students at uc berkeley. and then there's this, >> we are putting on a yellow helmet and also masks, and goggles in solidarity with the people of hong kong. >> allen chang was born and raised there and is raising an effort. >> what we are seeing is hong kong people, defending their rights. >> hong kong was once a british colony but an agreement signed by britain and china over how hong kong would revert to chinese cologne control, spelled out, some say china is
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taking away. >> china is narrowing the range of civil rights, tightening control. >> david lefton is an author, he is concerned that the current situation could further damage you as china relations. >> if china were to now use force either brought in from the mainland itself or garrison in hong kong to quell this, this would create alienation, it would take years if not decades to overcome. >> at stanford, glenn ramirez, kpix 5. two officers have been placed on paid leave after allegedly opened fire on a man. officers got a call this morning in the area of mission boulevard, according to hayward police witnesses reported seeing a man waving a gun in the air. a short time after, officers arrived and at one point, opened fire. >> it was later determined that it was a replica firearm, he was transported to the hospital and he's expected to survive. >> moments ago congresswoman
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barbara lee spoke to a crowd in oakland, dozens of people gathered to rally against gun violence and white supremacy. the event was called a night of healing. the rally comes on the heels of the recent mass shooting that left dozens of people dead, in dayton, ohio, el paso texas, and gilroy.>> through our grief, and our fear, we are strengthened to take on the challenges of gun violence and racism in a new way, and with a renewed spirit that says to donald trump and his administration that enough is enough. you will not break our spirits. >> meanwhile both congress and the president are calling for gun reform legislation, today mr. trump said both he and senate majority reader mitch mcconnell one or background checks to be done for gun owners. attention part writers and drivers, your commute to the east bay will take longer than
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usual this weekend. bart is shutting down service to replace 5000 feet of aging track. the work will also force the closure of two lanes along highway 24. bart says the delays will add up to 30 minutes to the usual drivetime. the free bus rides will likely take about 40 miles longer than a typical bart ride. this is just the first of five more weekends where train service will be stopped. it really just removes those walls of what skateboarding is and isn't. >> defying expectations, a bay area camp that is teaching girls much more than skateboarding. >> plus a decision for the high school mural, at the center of a national firestorm, the san francisco school district revealing its plan for a compromise. in the oakland zoo just revealed its secret sanctuary.
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the skateboarding industry has traditionally been dominated by men these days, they are not the only one showing up at the skate park said showing off their skills. a group breaking a lot of ground. >> are you ready? >> yep. >> at skate like a girl summer
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camp in oakland, there are a lot of fearless little skaters making big moves. >> you feel like you are floating above ground. >> grab your board like this. >> charlie crew has been writing since she was four years old. it helps me find courage to do stuff that usually boys would do and stuff that girls would usually not do. even stuff kids wouldn't do. >> she's one of dozens of skaters ramping up their skills and confidence and getting up every time they fall.>> skate like a girl is making about skateboarding accessible and welcoming for all. what we do is we really put young people, we put women, trans folks, people who have traditionally not been at the center of skateboarding, at the center of skateboarding. >> they have taught more than
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5000 people how to skateboard in that time. kim found skateboarding at a young age, but couldn't escape such stereotypes. >> often being like oh, your daughter's a tomboy or she's sporty, or all these labels, right, and i think at the end of the day what we are trying to create here in our programs is that you can be however you want. >> jehle is a lead instructor, and identifies as mine binary. >> skateboarding has helped me figure out who i am. >> here there also lessons of acceptance. >> my name is ashley.>> i started skating i was the only
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kid in my community. the only person that looked like me, i just want these kids to just keep skateboarding going. >> most people who come to skate like a girl have never set foot on a board, like myself. the youngest participant is six years old, the oldest, has been 65. >> skateboarding among girls in particular, is gaining ground as the sport makes its debut in the tokyo olympic games next summer. one of the industry's most popular skateboarders is 11- year-old scott brown, she has her sights on taking part in the competition as part of great britain's national team. she also has more than 400,000 followers on instagram. >> now that we have all the self-publishing platforms, we are starting to see different types of people skate, different types of skateboarding, and it really just removes those walls of what skateboarding is and isn't. 17-year-old sophie is giving
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back as a volunteer instructor. >> it's so gratifying. and i love to teach, they will be like weight, can you show me one more time, gladly, i love to skate, i will show you 1 trillion times. >> this group is showing the industry, how to skate like a girl. >> skate like a girl offers programs and activities year- round, including free skate clinics in oakland. those washington high school minerals in san francisco could live to see another day, even if they stay out of sight for a while. in june, the school board voted to destroy the historic murals by painting over them. students said the dissections of slavery and indigenous people made them uncomfortable, some students said that. now the board president is proposing to cover them up, after outcry from art historians, and a famous alumni of washington high school. >> art has to make us feel uncomfortable, that's what art does, that's the responsibility of art. the great artist the one to
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made us feel uncomfortable. >> the school board is set to vote on the compromise plan, at tonight's meeting. back to the heatwave we are having here. >> we are going to have some hot weather. we had a spike in june, a spike in late july, and now here comes the spike of temperatures in august. the really hot stuff was inland, we are going to do it again, starting tomorrow. those of you in concord, you've got a one-day advance on those hot temperatures because for a few minutes this afternoon, you got there, 100 degrees. san francisco, the warmest weather we had in the city in more than a month, 76 degrees for you. overnight, 58 in san francisco, 58 in napa, air quality tomorrow, not good. you may have noticed the haze around the east bay and south bay, it'll be prevalent again tomorrow. air quality unhealthy, spare
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the air day on wednesday. we have a ridge of high pressure down towards south and east, it is keeping all monsoon moisture out of the state of arizona, keeping us much warmer than average inland. we have a ridge of high pressure off to the south and west. we still have an ocean breeze but it's not very strong because the ridges of high pressure. we will keep the fog only at the coast and keep the cool temperatures only near the water, everybody else is going to bake. tomorrow, nothing but sunshine, noticed lots of clouds sitting on sure, but there is no push to get those files inland, so they stay offshore and we will keep the sunshine around. as for when things finally change, that begins on friday, it really takes shape over the
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weekend, a ridge of low- pressure area which will enhance the ocean breeze and thick inland marine land, temperatures will fall below average as soon as saturday. fog at the coast, we will be warm to hot tomorrow and thursday, with cooler weather moving in on friday. concord, 105 tomorrow, san jose, 96, union city, you will hit 90, 72 at the beach. 105 for fairfield, marin county, anywhere from 70 at the beach, sonoma, 95, lakeport tomorrow, 102. we began the cooling off on friday but that means two hot days, wednesday and thursday, we are out of the triple digits on friday, we are below average on saturday,-the low 80s. hot weather tomorrow and thursday inland. thank you. coming up, how some brave bystanders use chairs and a milk crate to try and stop a man on a stabbing rampage and australia. plus one of the most powerful men in the opera world accused of sexual assault.
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tonight at 11, when silicon valley police department is ready to make drones a routine tool for their force, but what about your privacy? and chopper 5, on its way to a grass fire, we will have the latest details on that, coming up.
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here's what you must if you are just getting home right now, police and australia are hailing bystanders as heroes for helping to start a stabbing spree in sydney.
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police say a 21-year-old suspect is responsible for a d in the back of hotel, authorities say the suspect has a history of melted into illness and appears to be a lone attacker, bystanders were able to pin him down with a plastic milk carton and two chairs until police arrived. meanwhile here in california tonight authorities in riverside county are looking into the criminal background of 49-year-old aaron luther, he's accused of killing 34-year-old chp officer andre mayo junior, when the officer tried to impound his truck, the suspect pulled out a rifle and began shooting. the suspect was eventually killed police. police say the suspect long criminal record including convictions for attempted murder . placido domingo is one of the most powerful and celibate men and opera but now eight fingers and a dancer tell the associated press he sexually harassed them over three
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decades, beginning in the late 1980s. >> he would be in the wings, waiting for me. he would come up to me, this close and he would say, patricia, do you have to go home tonight. he did not put his hands on me. but i was extremely uncomfortable. >> another accuser said that domingo stuck his hand down there skirt, seven told the ap their careers were hurt after rejecting his advances. domingo issued a statement saying in part quote, the allegations from these unnamed individuals date back as many as 30 years, are deeply troubling and as presented, and accurate. i believe that all of my interactions and relationships were always welcomed and consensual. domingo is currently the direct the director of los angeles opera, the company said it will investigate the allegations against the singer.
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the san francisco opera has canceled in october concert with him as well. coming up, did you know there's a secret sanctuary at the oakland zoo? that's right. the important work being done there, behind the scenes. that's next. ♪
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and the best lte everywhere else. xfinity mobile. it's wireless reimagined. simple, easy, awesome. we are following breaking news right now, chopper 5 live, over a four alarm brush fire in vallejo. crews are working to keep the
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flames out of this neighborhood. the fire started in or near hannah's park, and is now pouring smoke along highway 37. >> looks like they dropped some of, if you are an avid visitor of the oakland to you may not know about this. there is a secret sanctuary for homeless turtles, above the house in the children's zoo since a hidden refuge. these western pond turtles usually live in a reservoir. right now that reservoir is being upgraded.
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