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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 14, 2019 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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now at 11:00, a close call. flames damage homes in vallejo tonight. the hot, thick mess left behind. hot weather is increasing fire danger in the bay area.
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where you can expect triple digits tomorrow. contentious, emotional debate at the school board meeting. what the district will now do instead of painting over a e us natural disasters, fires, and suspect searches, but how they want to use it for much more than that, and how you can weigh in. i'm ken bastida. crews are mopping out after a fire came dangerously close to homes in vallejo, damaging some of them, and this heat is not helping. >> we have coverage on the heat and fire danger in vallejo tonight. >> reporter: tonight, people who live in this neighborhood in vallejo breathing a sigh of relief after a close call with a four alarm fire on a hot day. 10 homes damaged by a fire that's crept up a hillside from vallejo's hanns park. his was spared, in part because of what he did to prepare for a hot, dry day like this one. >> i was like i'm the first house that's going to burn, so
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i cut all the trees, and thank god i did because it would have had more fuel right there next to my house. >> reporter: video captured by neighbors shows an aggressive fire fight. cal fire planes dropping retardants repeatedly to try to stop the planes. for short time, up to 35 homes were in the fire it was passed. firefighters said despite sweltering temperatures today, there was one thing on their site. >> thankfully, the wind was not as bad as it could've been. >> reporter: firefighters will remain on scene ovght kp> 's going to be another o, in warm day tomorrow . where can we finally expect to feel the heat? >> we are talking about the hot is what arriving both tomorrow and thursday. those will be the two hottest days. very few spots over 100 degrees
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today. it will be a widespread, triple digit event in lynn tomorrow. two days, and at the heat warming for solano county and also lake county. 90s and 100s widespread tomorrow away from the bay and away from the coast . here fairfield, you will hit 105 this week in morgan hill, 103 degrees , daly city, that's well above average for you. 78 degrees. relatively normal, everybody in the bay area 10 degrees above average. oakland, you will hit 85, san jose 96, and conquered 105 degrees tomorrow, 70 degrees above average. hottest weather inland.- approach some of the warmest weather we've seen all summer, and it will be hot near the water but it will still be well above average. when the temperatures cool down, and we can preview coming up all and about 10 minutes. some new video coming up tonight. an evening on the water goes up in smoke. check this out, a boat caught
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fire in richardson bay today. about 200 yards from the mcnears beach outside of san rafael. chopper five was over the scene. two fire boats hosed down the smoking bessel. flames were shooting out of the cabin. five people aboard. they were all evacuated safely, and brought back to shore were san rafael firefighters checked them out. node injuries to report. san rafael fire share these dramatic photos of the boat burning in the bay. black smoke, steam billowing into the sky and across the water. also tonight, this cool mural at the center of the ongoing battle in san francisco have escaped a brush with destruction. kpix 5's joe vazquez on the upper at tonight's tough call to save or destroy these historic works of art. >> reporter: two months ago, the san francisco school board voted to paint over the mural at washington high school. tonight, the school board president asked his colleagues to backtrack on that decision following a huge public backlash. the school board meeting was tense. >> leave that mural alone!
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>> reporter: at times, there were tears. >> here we are fighting, fighting, fighting for what is right for the kids! >> reporter: all over a work of art. >> we need to paint it down. >> reporter: the board president proposed a new plan for the mural. instead of painting it over, he wanted covered up. >> this is an opportunity for all of us to say that we are not going to actually paint over art. we are going to find another way to keep it in public view. >> reporter: the mural in washington high was drawn in 1956, victor arnautoff, who was this garment not to gloss over the life of washington. he chose to depict the cruelty of slavery and the native american slaying to mark the nation's ugly history. >> we don't need a reminder of the genocide we face, the slavery we went to. >> reporter: some native american members of the crowd were upset that the board went back on its mural.
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>> remind everyone about broken treaties. >> reporter: an alumni meeting said they had to change their meeting. >> they realize the pressure locally, nationally has made this port a lapping stop in the united dates. >> know. >> reporter: the board was 4 hi kathy. the board has decided the out work will not be painted over. they will proceed with the plan to hide part of the mural with material. opponents say they are against any plan that would destroy the mural or hide it. they are still considering a lawsuit. in san francisco, joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> agent estimate for covering the murals with acoustic panels came in at $875,000. amid the uproar over san francisco's plans embarcadero navigation center, a woman survived a terrifying attack in the proposed site at her front door.
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the woman's encounter with what she describes as a mentally disturbed man began calmly enough but took a violent turn sunday. she says he told her that her front desk guard was a robot, demanded she opened the door to save her life, then wanted her wallet, keys, and fun. surveillance cameras caught him throwing her to the ground she tried to escape. >> he was saying very crazy stuff. he was holding down my legs, pulling my legs, not letting me go inside. for about good five minutes. >> well, the victim managed to get away with only bruises and an injured wrist. the suspect was identified as 25-year-old austin james vincent who is now in police custody. petaluma police need your help finding this robbery suspect. they cigarette 8:30 tonight, this guy waited in line at cvs a then handed the pharmacist a note, this command increase prescription medication, saying no one would be hurt if his
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demand was met . the pharmacist of course complied, and the man left. in vallejo, the search is on tonight for suspected child predator. police say this man is suspected of having inappropriate contact with young girls between the ages of 8 and 14. the suspect's vehicle is described as a white or silver minivan. palo alto police looking for two men accused in a violent robbery . here is a look at one of the suspects. police say a man approached a woman offering to repair her car, when she refused. another man came up, then grabbed her phone, pulled off her glasses, and pushed her to the ground. is all unfolded yesterday on colorado avenue. police say both suspects fled the scene. the victim suffered minor injuries. new at 11:00, mountain view could be growing a growing list of bay area cities that use drones for fires, natural disasters, and suspect searches. kpix 5's maria medina set in
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mountain view, the city's leaders want to use the drones for much more than that. >> reporter: on thursday, people who live in mountain view will get to weigh in on whether they want drones to be used by police, fire, and the public works department. police have already said they are aware of concerns and claim they don't want to violate anyone's privacy. a discussion on drones is about to get some airtime. in mountain view were public works employees want to use them for roof, gutter, entry inspections. the fire department wants to use them during fires like this drone video from the menlo park fire district, as well as mass casualty and hazmat incidents and national disasters. >> this is for an arrest warrant. >> reporter: police say drones could help them search for suspects, missing persons, and
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help with measuring accident scenes. >> i appreciate the value of drones technology, but that's kind of creepy. >> i do have privacy concerns. >> reporter: but the proposal is not flying with some, questioning how far the drones will be used and how the video will be collected and stored. >> reporter: but armin monajemi was the chief drone pilot at a bay area start upset that the privacy concerns are understandable and defined roles must be passed. >> using drones where you can see someone's backyard, right? and the laws, the way they have been written in the past, we did not have drones. >> i'm certainly supportive of drones. i think we need to be mindful of somebody's privacy. >> reporter: dave wang believes in mountain view and believes the pros outweigh the cons. >> i think the benefits and the potential benefits for housing inspection, the efficiencies gained saving lives, i'm a big believer in the pro category as long as they are mindful of privacy. >> reporter: other cities and counties that use drugs include alameda county and fremont. that meeting this thursday at
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mountain view will be at 7:00 and 9:00 pm. in mountain view, maria medina, kpix 5. >> mountain view police say they told the council expected to adopt the rules, including using drones for random surveillance. tonight, alex rodriguez is breaking his silence after his vehicle was broken into in san francisco. a rod says that some of the items stolen from his rented suv were irreplaceable. he claims he lost half $1 million worth of stuff, jewelry, electronics, and more. it happened sunday night while a rod was having dinner with friends just a few blocks from the ballpark. fpd warns people not to leave valuables inside their cars. but, a rod says nobody told him that. san francisco police later tested the suv for fingerprints , and that had some people saying that a rod got special treatment here in town. tonight, the department is saying any burglary victim can
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request responding officers fingerprint the vehicle. there have been a total of 11,000 car break-ins in the city of san francisco this year alone . sfpd says that is actually down 11% from last year. the city of san jose is on the verge of adopting a new ordinance to make it easier for low income residents to find housing. after hours of the date tonight, the city council gave preliminary approval to a rule that bans landlords from rejecting would-be tenants because they use section 8 vouchers to pay their rent. housing advocates say this will help the thousands of voucher holder stuck on waitlist. the ordinance is expected to win final approval next month. santa clara county taking steps to build more affordable housing for teachers in one of the bay area's priciest markets . the board of soups tonight taking a development partner to build up to 120 units on grand
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road. that the cross on the palo alto courthouse. always here for the city's teachers and school staff. no date yet for the groundbreaking. by the way, it is back to school we, and kpix 5 morning team has you covered tomorrow . hour special coverage continues with an in-depth look at state vaccine laws for students, starting at 4:30. a total misidentification. the major amazon error that flagged some state lawmakers as criminals. and a night of healing coming up for the calls for action at a rally against gun violence and alameda county. and want to be part of san francisco history? the opportunity opening up . it's time for the biggest sale of the year on the
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new tonight, recent test of facial recognition technology ended with a major fail. >> betty yu explained some state lawmakers turned up as suspect did criminals. betty? >> reporter: ken, these are the faces of 26 state lawmakers who were wrongly identified using amazon's facial recognition program. these results were just released by the aclu as part of an experiment. the aclu used amazon's recognition software and screens 120 lawmakers' images against the database of 25,000 mugshots. it says the findings showed the need to block law enforcement from using the technology and officers information body cameras. supporters say police could use it to help alert officers to criminals, especially at large events. san francisco assembly man
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phil ting was among those falsely identified. >> while we can laugh about it as legislators, it is no laughing matter if you are an individual who's trying to get a job, an individual trying to get a home. if you get falsely accused of an arrest, what happens? it could impact her ability to get employment. >> ting has introduced a bill that would ban police departments from using any facial recognition technology on body cameras. it passed the assembly and is now in the senate. amazon said in a statement to kpix 5 in part facial recognition technology can be used for a long list of beneficial purposes from assisting in the identification of criminals to helping toinhib human trafficking. amazon said that it continues to advocate for federal legislation of facial recognition technology to ensure responsible use, and it accused the aclu of misusing
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and misrepresenting its technology to make headlines. ken? >> betty, thank you for night. is a congas woman barbara lee and dozens of people gathered in oakland to rally against gun violence and white supremacy. this event called "a night of healing " kicked off at frank ogawa plaza. the rally comes on the heels of the recent mass shootings at left dozens of people dead in dayton, ohio, el paso, texas and in our own gilroy. those who attended say the violins has two stop. >> what if that was me? what if that was my sibling? what if that was my mom getting shot? even if i am not related to nobody, i'm still devastated by it because those are lives getting killed. >> representative lee called on the trump administration to take some action. >> through our grief and our fear, we are strengthened to take on the challenges of gun
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violence and racism in a new way and with a renewed spirit that says to donald trump and his administration that enough is enough. you will not break our spirits. >> meanwhile, both congress and the president are calling for gun reform distillation, and today president said that both he and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell want more background checks to be done for gun owners. tonight, facebook said it's no longer listening in on users' conversations after a privacy backlash. the social media giant but that practice on pause after it was revealed that contractors were being paid to listen to audio clips of private conversations from facebook messenger. facebook says it was only to improve the accuracy of their automated system , and other tech companies have taken heat
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for doing it as well. facebook says, quote, much like apple and google, we paused human review of audio more than a week ago. antennae, the historically for restaurant and san francisco need someone new to run it. the national park service looking for new partners to lease and run the cliff house and other historic restaurants at lands end which overlooked the pacific ocean and the ruins of the sutro bass. and the cliff house is a real survivor. it's been through at least five incarnation since it first opened in 1858. you ever wonder what penguins do on a hot, sunny days? here is your answer tonight. san francisco zoo tweeting a time-lapse video of the penguin pool. what do they do? jump in and swim. would you? a popular spot and definitely busy with everyone there. >> they had the right idea.
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>> if the kids are back in school, you can speed them up in the pool, and that's exactly what they would look like as well. we are looking at hot weather in and tomorrow. 100 to 105 degrees from the waters whether we've seen all summer long. conquered still 83 degrees tonight. it's going to be a warm day tonight when it is 80 at 11:00 tonight. cool spots are san francisco and santa rosa. liver board, still 75. san rafael 59. baseball tomorrow, the second and final game of the bay bridge series, a's at the giants. look at that temperature! sunny and warm. 76 degrees between 12:00 and 1:00 to that first page of the baseball game. is going to be warm at oracle park tomorrow. air quality tomorrow not great. it is a spare the air day. the south bay is also going to be hot in all of our inland valleys. we still have an onshore breeze, it's super tiny, and that marine layer is super compressed because of the strong area of high pressure to our south and east of arizona and in equally strong to our
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south and west, so there are plenty of clouds along the coastline. there is no push inland, though, so they are going to stay out over the ocean. the immediate coast may get a little bit of fog in the morning. sunny and hot throughout the afternoon, more of the same on thursday. clouds are there, but they are not getting pushed into the bay area. lots of sunshine in the afternoon. as we head into the afternoon, marine layer is thicker. we do have the put from the ocean, and that means temperatures will fall by up to 25 degrees by this weekend, so far only at the cost. will be warm to hot tomorrow in thursday. san jose, 14 degrees above average. high of 96. 98 for campell, 90 people union city, 100 b for danville, 103 for pittsburgh, 87 for kentfield, alameda, one for you. 93. ukiah, 102 degrees. it is two days of the heat. friday we are much colder. saturday we are below average. weekend is going to be upper 60s, low 70s near the bay. only the low to mid 80s inland. more with mary lee and emily turner with weather and traffic starting at 4:30. it will be near some of the
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hottest weather.
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tonight, a patient shared one thing in common. >> both are celebrating major milestones. 28-year-old oakwood resident
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giants and a's fighting for their postseason lives comes to the bay bridge series took on a sort of play afield tonight, and you know what that means for madison bumgarner. a shadow in the fifth when stephen piscotty got a late time and. bumgarner was not happy, and then on a want to pitch, he tried to throw a pass to scotty. bigness kate! the a's take a 1-0 lee. oakland starter brett interested matching bumgarner until the sixth. the giant information three straight doubles. our guest on sunday nights game days. giants lead, 2-1. he's allowed one run in his last two starts, but will smith close it out? he loaded the bases, needed 37
2:06 am
pitches, finally got chad pinder with the run. giant escape, 3-2. they stay 3 1/2 behind in the wildcard race. mariners and tigers. seattle it was kyle seger already had two runs. got help with the third one. nico goda rooms glove, and it went over the fence. that is a what a getaway moment peto mariners won the game, 11- 6. the latest installment of the antonio brown soap opera. ♪ >> "as the world turns." >> in tonight's installment, the all-pro receiver did not practice because of this frostbitten feet, but is on the lookout for a new hamlet he's covetable wearing that his league approved, but at the end of the day, at least he's watching channel 5. >> i see my face all over the
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news, all the talk, but these guys are doing a good job supporting me. it's grateful to hear them come out about it, and i'm excited to be here to do my job. >> we have a pretty good understanding in spite of what people think. we have a pretty good understanding what's going to happen, and now we are ready to get rolling. >> i think the moral of the story with this guy is he likes the attention. he likes -- >> of course. >> preseason, it doesn't matter. >> it does matter. >> what matters is when he starts catching footballs. until then, none of this matters. >> i think he will be in fine shape when the season starts. for guys like this, the preseason means nothing. >> he pr
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