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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  August 14, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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the dayton mass shooting. the gunman's last movements before the rampage. >> good morning it's wednesday august 14th i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. let's get right over to mary lee to talk about these hot temperatures. michelle and kenny expecting some of the hottest temps we have seen so far this summer. heat advisories in effect for all of our inland locations today and tomorrow. temperatures soaring into the 90s and triple digit heats. 105 to 10 singz for some of our hottest inlan -- 106 for some of our hottest inland locations. stay hydrated for today and for tomorrow. so your heat headlines. hottest weather inland today and tomorrow. highs will approach. the warmest temps we've seen so far this summer. not as hot near the water but still above average. you are under that heat advisory
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for today and tomorrow the first day of school today for the san jose unified school district. mid 90s for san jose for those high temps today. 106 in concord this afternoon. 105 for fairfield and concord. and 80 degrees in san francisco. i'll let you know when temps will slowly cool back down coming up. let's take a look at your trouble spots. it is causing lanes to be closed in the northbound direction of ou mig bets. getting blown around a little bit. let's keep out of there before we get a little motion sickness. we are headed out of the tracy triangle. you're now a 34-minute ride out of the tracy triangle towards the 580, 680 interchange.
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you're still looking good. those drive travel times are in the green. no problems to report on any of those trouble spots. you've got plenty of company but no brake lights there. and we are starting to see back ups at the bay bridge this morning. metering lights should be on in the next 15 minutes or so. no reports at the richmond san rafael bridge. we are going live right now to fairfield. the aftermath of a house fire that broke out a little over an hour ago. the fire is now out but major damage to report this is on kentucky street. it is very close to the downtown area. and this is a picture that the fairfield fire department sent us when they got on scene . also keeping an eye on a breaking situation in rodeo this morning after what appears to be a shooting. authorities aren't telling us
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much right now. contra costa sheriff's deputies on scene. this is at mariposa in california. we're seeing a lot of evidence markers on the ground and what appear to be shot out windows. we're hearing that two people may have been shot but again no confirmation from authorities yet this morning. and thank you. this morning residents in one vallejo neighborhood are breathing a sigh of relief. >> the hot and dry weather are causing problems after a brush fire caused evacuations. video captured by neighbors show an aggressive fire fight. cal fire planes dropped fire restandard ant repeatedly to try and stop the flames. up to 30 homes were in the fire's path. one homeowner lost his boat but his home was spared in part because of how he prepared for the hot day. >> i cut all them trees back myself and thank god i did
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because it would of had more fuel right there next to my house. >> crews contained the flames to just four acres. it's not clear yet what caused the fire. new video this morning shows an evening on the water going up in smoke. a boat caught fire in the san francisco bay yesterday 200 yards from mcnear's beach. chopper 5 was over the scene as two fire boats hosed down the smoking vessel. 5 people were evacuated from the boat and met by san rafael firefighters on shore. san rafael fires showed these dramatic pictures of the bay. across the water no injuries to report. this morning two hayward police officers who shot a man are on paid administrative leave. a man waiving a gun in the air. according to hayward police the two officers arrived a short time later and eventually opened
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fire. the suspect's weapon was later determined to be a replica firearm. he is expected to survive. this morning an emotional tribute to a chp officer killed in the line of duty. 34-year-old andre moier jr. moier later died from his wounds. the california highway patrol is mourning moier's ultimate sacrifice at the chp academiy in west sacramento in just a few hours. investigators are looking into the motive of this suspect 49-year-old aaron luther and so is his family. >> we're devastated. we're in shock okay. and we're so sorry that any of this happened. >> authorities still do not know how the gunman got the weapon in the first place since he was a convicted felon. two other officers were also
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injured by gunfire one critically. 5:05 right now. new details out of ohio. police are giving new information after what happened last week in the mass shooting in dayton. >> the timeline of the movements of alleged gunman connor bets. a timeline of the investigation his sister megan was shot dead near a taco stand. text messages indicated bets knew megan was in that spot. police can't say whether he knowingly fired at her. >> there's a real question could he see who that was on the other side. some say not. some say it had to be. >> police say in addition to the 9 victims killed 17 others were hurt by gunfire 3 more than they initially said. meantime a friend of the gunman is due in court later today. barbara lee is rallying
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against gun violence and white supremacy. the event called a night of healing was at frank ogala plaza. on the midst of the recent mass shootings. those who attended say that the violence has to stop. >> what if that was me. what if that was my mom getting shot. even if i'm not related to nobody i'm still devastated by it. because those are lives. >> representative lee called on the trump administration to take action. through our grief and our fear we are strengthened to take on the challenges of gun violence and racism in a new way and with a renewed spirit that says to donald trump and his administration that enough is enough. you will not break our spirits. >> meanwhile both congress and the president are calling for
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gun reform legislation. mr. trump said that both he and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell want more to be down for gun owners. just monday, the cdc confirmed 10 new cases. as the school year begins many parents worry the outbreak could worsen. immunization rates as high levels but have decreased over the last two years. in the 2018, 2019 school year, 94.8% of kindergarteners were fully vaccinated. this morning our continuing coverage takes us to san jose where it is the first day of school there. jackie ward is getting us up to speed on currentte law whe come. jackie. >> good morning michelle. right now the way the law stands in california it requires every student in california to be up to date on their vaccinations regardless if they go to public school or private
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school. parents can get a medical exemption but they can't get a personal one. we spoke to a nurse practicioner who tells us which vaccinations are required and recommended. >> does not allow religious or personal beliefs that will prevent children from getting their shots. students can only go to school unvaccinated if they are medically exempted. she explained to me why everyone who's able to get vaccinated should. >> it's totally necessary. with vaccinations we're hoping that all the healthy people that do receive these vaccinations can protect those who aren't able to receive them. >> for 7th grade students they need t-dap booster. and while not required, the cdc also recommends three more. the influence shot, the hpv
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vaccine and meningococal vaccine. the viral form is more common. the bacterial one still exists and can be deadly within 24 hours of contracting the disease. >> very quick. if a practicioner notices these symptoms they're going to want to get a spinal fluid or blood work done and then after the diagnosis is made hopefully antibiotics can be starting within 24 hours. >> a couple of other meningitis symptoms can include a really high fever. a sudden headache that's really intense and a couple really severe ones. if you have -- if you have a stick neck. if you have those symptoms it's best to call your doctor right away. they'll probably want to get a blood sample or a blood fluid sample. and our back to school coverage continues tomorrow with a new kind of afterschool
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program. one man's plan to keep kids from violence. time right now it is 5:10. >> the aclu is calling out amazon's facial recognition software again. >> we are expecting dangerous heat for our inland locations which is why heat advisory is in effect for all inland locations for today and tomorrow. we'll talk about when we'll finally cool back down coming up. >> i'm tracking your commute into work and into school. i'll have your back to school for san jose. traffic forecast just ahead. dale's ldo is ouinutes from hot by ha dale's ldo is ouinutes ashley's mtiaws, wyn. ove, a great byams closerhan you think.
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visit ashley's mtiaws, wyn. ove,
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5:15 right now a recent test of facial recognition technology is a fail. >> these are the faces of 26 state lawmakers who were recognized. screened 120 lawmakers' images against a database of 25,000 mug shots. the findings show law enforcement needs to block this technology. supporters say police could use it to help alert officers to criminals especially at large
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events. san francisco assemblyman phil ting was amongst those identified. >> while we can laugh about it as legislators. it's no laughing matter if you're an individual trying to get a job. if you're an individual trying to get a home. if you get falsely accused of an arrest. what happens it could impact your ability to be able to get employment. >> a bill that would ban police departments from using facial recognition technology. amazon said in a statement to kpix 5 facial recognition technology can be used for a long list to helping find missing children to inhibiting human trafficking. amazon says it continues to advocate for federal legislation of the technology to ensure responsibility use and accused the aclu of misusing and misrepresenting its technology to make headlines. amazon says it's no longer
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listening in to users. put that practice on pause after it was revealed that third party contractors were being paid to listen to audio clips of private conversations from facebook messenger. the company, facebook says it was only to improve the accuracy of their auto mated system and other tech companies have taked heed for doing it too. we paused a review of audio more than a week ago. let's get another check on traffic and see how it's doing on this wednesday morning. >> so far so good surprisingly. so far we're holding strong. let's hope that sticks. the overall big picture is pretty good here. can you see plenty of green on that map. you can see a couple of issues however. me g d our back to school reports. san jose unified is back to school. it's early for the south bay to
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really be in trouble as far as your commute cast is concerned. so far you're looking good. you should be making it on time wherever you're headed. there is some kind of an obstruction in one of the lanes. we are waiting on chp. but in the meantime it looks like you're slowing down there. nothing terrible at this hour. the slowest spots we're seeing as you're coming out of the altamonte pass. though you are down to 10 miles an hour as you are coming out of the tracy triangle and then you're back up to a regular running speed. no problems to report there. however, if you hang a left and you're going westbound on 84 that shoulder is blocked in that westbound direction with the delay in the usually spot. because of an accident that is in the clearing stages at this hour. luckily they have finally cleared this construction they've had going on all week. it was creating a bottleneck.
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they've cleared it earlier. they finally figured out that was a bad idea. off to your main travel times out of the altamonte pass. creeping closer to 40. elsewhere your drive times are in the green. okay emily. hot temperatures especially inland heat advisory is in effect for all of ourland locations. so the heat is on for sure. triple digit heat some of the hottest temps we've seen so far this summer. san jose good morning to you. you are under that heat advisory. right now it's 68 degrees. it's a mild start to the day if not warm. san francisco at 60 and 57 for santa rosa. so your weather headlines. the two hottest days this week today and tomorrow with highs 10 to 15 degrees above average all throughout the bay area. cooler air arrives tomorrow with below average temperatures with stronger on shore flow for the weekend. speaking of san jose, the first
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day of school for you. by lunch thyme upper 80s with sunshine and mid 90s for daytime highs. we have another spare the air alert in effect today. the air quality sensitive for unhealthy groups. moderate for the south central and south bay. and for the central bay due to a little bit more of an on shore flow for the coast. but not a lot for the rest of us. minimal ocean influence for the rest of the bay area. we have a high pressure system that is a strong ridge of high pressure and that is why our temperatures are heating up. taking you hour by hour on future cast. here we are at 4:00 p.m. and you can see all of that sunshine for tomorrow. a few clouds along the coast but otherwise mainly clear skies and temperatures just as hot for tomorrow. so as we go through the weekend we have an area of low pressure that's going to drop down from the pacific northwest and that will usher in that stronger on
5:20 am
shore flow. so the ocean breeze will increase for the weekend and temperatures will drop to below average for saturday and sunday and early into next week. check out those hot temps. well above average for this time of year. 99 for los gatos. triple digit heat. 105 livermore, pleasanton as well as for brentwood. we're looking at the mid 80s for oakland as well as for san leandro. 100 degrees in santa rosa. daytime topping out right around 100. slowly cooling back down friday, especially into the weekend. back to you. time now 5:20. >> coming up in hlth watch can diabetes affect sleep and a look at prescription drug use in the u.s.. >> and let's take another live look outside this time from our sutro camera. looking north at the spectacular
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golden gate bridge on this wednesday morning. >> meanwhile, for days the internet has been unable to get enough of this video of a pneumatic tube system designed for moving fish over the hoover dam. the device is known as the salmon cannon. the trout spout. the bass blaster and of course the flinging nemo. it's time for the biggest sale of the year on the sleep number 360 smart bed. can it help keep us asleep? yes, it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus 0% interest for 24 months on all beds. only for a limited time.
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the 79 used at least one prescription drug. in the past month that's according to the central disease center's. for the first time a panel of medical experts says that they have enough evidence to recommend primary care doctors screen all adults for illicit drug use.
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the u.s. preventive services task force did not recommend find screening for our against adolescence. and women with type two diabetes are at higher risk for sleep problems. doctors say new research in the journal menopause highlights sleep problems and women with poor sleep should be evaluated. one of its patients are celebrating its major milestone. mitch peterson just received a heart transplant. he was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 13. the two time transplant recipient under went chemotherapy but it damaged his heart. the hospital says mitch is on the fast track after receiving his new heart just 10 days ago. time now is 5:25. >> rising temperatures and increased pressures to prevent
5:26 am
wild fires today. lawmakers are putting pressure on pg &e to improve power shutoffs are the right call. >> coming up what it means for asap rocky's career.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. a second straight spare the air alert is in effect this morning across the bay area. mary lee tracks the triple digit temperatures. >> plus the heat isn't making this fire fight any easier. >> and chaotic protest at hong kong's main aircraft airport. chiensz officials ramp up security to get flights up off the ground. good morning i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. if you thought it was hot get ready for today mary. >> that's right.
5:30 am
temperatures soaring into triple digit heat this afternoon. because of that all inland locations due to that dangerous heat we're talking 95 to 106 this afternoon for some of 0 our hottest locations and overnight lows in the 60s. so not a lot of relief from the heat. so limit your outdoor exposure and stay hydrated. from 11:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. tomorrow. so your heat headlines. the hottest weather inland today and tomorrow. highs will approach the warmest temperatures. not as hot near the water but still above average. san jose good morning to you. the first day of school for the san jose unified school district. plenty of sunshine. it's going to be a hot one as you kick off the new school year. 96 for a high in san jose. other locations 106 in concord.
5:31 am
105 livermore. let's start with a look at your main travel times at 5:30 this morning. we do have a couple of travel spots to report. that's a 37-minute drive. as you are continuing to travel westward this morning so a heads up that is blocking the number two lane then we're going to get that out of the roadway so it doesn't affect your commute. your commute is not affected on the east shore freeway. those of you coming out of the south bay this morning. san jose coming back to school and your travel times look good no brake lights in that commute direction westbound towards the peninsula. eastbound not a single problem in sight. the metering lights are back on at the bay bridge. it is definitely under that 880 flyover and creeping up onto the 880 flyover as well. starting to see some delays at the richmond san rafael bridge too. there is a guilty verdict in
5:32 am
the trial of american rapper asap rocky in sweden. this just came down. he has been found guilty of assault according to a swedish court. this stems from a street brawl at the end of june in stockholm. the sentence is suspended so he will remain free. he and two others were charged with attacking a 19-year-old man. he's been on tour in america and apparently be able to remain doing so. back to you. new this morning in contra costa county sheriff's deputies are rodeo are investigating an overnight shooting. near california street. you can see evidence markers scattered all over the ground there. no word on any suspects.
5:33 am
you can see the home engulfed in flames there. fortunately there are no reportedie on wild fire in mendocino county has tripled in size. it has now burned 225 acres since breaking out on monday. the good news is all evacuations have been lifted. cal fire saying one firefighter sustained minor injuries and at last check the fire was 35% contained. this morning mountain view could soon join a growing list of bay area cities. they used drones for fires, natural disasters and suspect searches. but city leaders want to use the drones for much more than that. the fire department wants to use them during mass casualty andncp
5:34 am
with measuring accident scenes. using drones you can easily see someone's back yard, right. and the laws in the bay they've been written in the past. we didn't have aerial imagery. >> i think mindful of privacy. >> police say the plan to adopt the rules that the aclu suggested included prohibiting the drones. the public meeting is set for tomorrow night. today a hearing on public safety power shut off. state lawmakers want to know what utilities are doing to ensure deenergization is being used to prevent wild fires it's a fire prevention measure. the proactive step taken by utilities being done to maximize public safety. san francisco police are asking for the public's help in cracking a cold case. police say a 13 years ago today
5:35 am
17-year-old aubrey abocasa was gunned down near the panhandle. he was taken to the hospital where he later died. there is now a $250,000 reward for information leading to the suspect's arrest. this morning an emotional tribute to a chp officer killed in the line of duty. lost his life on monday during a traffic stop in riverside. moier was impounding a car when the driver pulled out a rifle and shot him. he later died from his wounds. the california highway patrol is mourning his ultimate sacrifice at the chp academy in west sacramento in just a few hours. happening today a long time friend of the suspected dayton mass shooter is due in court. he bought body armor for connor bets even helping him assemble his weapon. there's no evidence he knew what the gunman had plans.
5:36 am
but authorities say calleed lied on buying a pistol. meantime police are laying out new details. dayton officials are using surveillance video to show a timeline of events. megan bets was shot dead as she and a friend stood near a taco stand. connor bets knew his sister was heading there but police can't say if he knowingly targeted her. the hong kong airport targeted today after two demonstrations caused massive flight cancellations. >> hours ago this was the chaotic scene. thousands of protesters blocked the main departure terminal. protests started back in june in opposition to an extradition bill. some in hong kong would allow dissidents to be prosecuted in
5:37 am
mainland china. the hong kong airport authority has secured a court order today more than a00 health care workers are focusing on the homeless situation and income and inequality. the strike is expected to start at 5:00 p.m.. the city of san jose is on the verge of adopting a new ordinance to make it easier for low income residents to find some housing. after hours of debate last night the city council gave preliminary approval to a rule that bands landlords from rejecting would be tenants. housing advocates says this will help the thousands of voucher holders stuck on wait lists. the ordinance is expected to
5:38 am
pass file approval next month the board of supervisors is picking a development partner to road across from the palo alto courthouse. all designated for the city's teachers and school staff. this morning the white house is delaying some tariffs on china until stores stack up for the holidays. diane king hall is live at the new york stock exchange with this morning's money watch report. diane good morning. >> good morning. the dow soaring 372 points yesterday. the s&p 500 rose 42. the white house is delaying the start date of new tariffs on chinese imports and dropping some tariffs entirely. but the u.s. trade deputyive. most of the trade is set to begin september 1st. they're responding to retailer who is believe the tariffs would
5:39 am
harm end of year holidays. yesterday, the two math media companies announced they d viacom cbs. it was spun off in 1971. the two companies reunited in 1999 but split up 7 years later. yeah, it's a mega-merger. labor day is just a little over two weeks away. >> so 35% of people are planning to travel for labor day. that's according to trip advisor. the bulk of those will drive. 20% of people will fly to their destinations. as for the top destinations this year, the favorites are new york city, washington d.c., boston, l.a., and orlando. august 30th and september 2nd are expected to be the busiest travel days this year. >> always good to see you thank
5:40 am
you. time check it's 5:39. >> a bay area woman fights for her life at her own front door. what police say prompted this violent attack caught on camera. >> well if you thought it was hot yesterday, we're really going to heat up today and for tomorrow with heat advisories in effect. i'll let you know what you can expect if your neighborhood coming up. >> as far as your traffic is concerned. it's pretty coolhere.30 ts morn. i'll be tracking those as well as your main commute times and your back to school commute cast ahead.
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good wednesday morning to you here's a live look with our san jose camera and you are under a heat advisory for today and tomorrow due to the heat. so that heat advisory for all inland areas because of temperatures in the mid 90s to triple digits. some of our hotter spots 105 to 106 this afternoon and for tomorrow. michelle. all right. thank you. a woman in san francisco survives a violent attack right at her front door. the woman's encounter with a man she describes as a mentally disturbed ban escalated quickly on sunday. she says he told her her front desk guard was a robot. then he demanded her to open th. survllance cameras shows h throwing her to the ground as she tried to escape. >> he was holding down my legs.
5:44 am
pulling my legs not letting me go inside for about a good 5 minutes. >> the victim managed to get away with bruises and an injured wrist. the suspect was identified as 25-year-old austin james vincent now in police custody. alex rodriguez is talking now after his suv was broken into in san francisco. some of the items stolen over the weekend were irreplaceable. he says he lost half a million dollars. sunday night while a-rod was having dinner with friends just a few blocks from the ball park. sfpd warns people not to leave valuables inside their cars. the department says any burglary victim can request that responding officers fingerprint their vehicles. there have been a total of
5:45 am
11,000 car break-ins in the city alone. >> usually you don't leave $500,000 worth of jewelry in a car. >> right. >> but. >> i think at this point have all of you guys been broken into in the city. i know i have several times? >> i don't have a car. knock on wood i have not. >> you're the lucky. >> the one exception of the norm because normally everybody would be broken into. well hopefully your cars are safe and you're walking right out to them this morning. great news for those of you headed back to school. let's start there. san jose unified you guys are back to school today. so far taking a look at san jose. we aren't seeing too many dlas. that's typical for this time in the morning. i'll have that overall drive time here in just a moment. in the meantime we are seeing a little bit of an issue on the
5:46 am
dunbarton bridge. it doesn't seem to be slowing you down on that bridge. we do have issues westbound out of the altamonte pass. now as you come out of the tracy triangle it's about 7 miles an hour. back up to about 40 or so. and then as you are continuing westward there is an accident at vasco road. out of the number two lane. also in just the last 5 minutes. they've cleared this accident on 84 westbound. for those of you who hang a left on livermore and westbound 82 that's a result of that accident. you still look good on the east shore freeway highway 4 and like i was telling you that 101 commute still looksoo to get frd to the san mateo bridge this morning. no problems to report in that
5:47 am
westbound direction. of the delays at the bay bridge are creeping closer and closer at the foot of the maze and onto the 880 flyover. it's a better story into san francisco this morning. we've seen on and off delays at the richmond san rafael bridge. nothing to report as far as you get about halfway. you are smooth sailing towards 101, mary. okay emily, we are heating up as we head through the day today and for tomorrow. and that is why heat advisory is in affect for all of our inland locations. here is a live look as we start off the day. taking you right to elmbarkedaro and the fer rooe building. here is another gorgeous view. the sun just about to rise and it is a mild start. we're talking 64 in concord and oakland. livermore at 63. 60 in downtown san francisco. 68 degrees already in san jose
5:48 am
and santa rosa coming in at 57. so your weather headlines the two hottest days this week today and tomorrow. the highs will be about 10 to 15 degrees above average all throughout the bay area. cooler air arrives tomorrow. below average temperatures by the weekend. so some relief from the heat is coming as we head through the end of the week. san jose good morning to you and happy first day of school for the san jose unified school district. by lunchtime hour 90 degrees so we are going to be warming up and check out the high of 96 in san jose at 3:00 p.m. hot and sunny temperatures. another spare the air alert for the second day in a row. the unhealthy air quality for the east bay. moderate air quality for the north bay. and for the central bay with a little bit more of that on shore flow along the coast. but for the rest of the bay area not so much. so minimal ocean influence for the rest of the bay area and that's why our inland spots are
5:49 am
really going to heat up with that strong ridge of high pressure in place. taking you hour by hour on future cast. here we are at 4:00 p.m. and you can see that sunshine with clear skies. tomorrow morning maybe a few clouds along the coast. otherwise mainly clear and temps will be just as hot for tomorrow. with that relief coming by the weekend enjoy it. so that ocean breeze will be increasing with the low pressure system ushering in that stronger on shore flow by saturday and for sunday. our sunrise at 6:24 and our sunset at 8:03. daytime highs well above average for this time of year and even hotter than yesterday. 95 in santa clara. 103 in morgan hill. 106 in concord. walnut creek. 105 in livermore as well as for pleasanton and we are looking at temperatures around 81 in berkley. 86 for oakland. 100 in santa rosa and 102 for lake port. here's the 7-day forecast. so again, another hot day tomorrow. another heat advisory still in
5:50 am
effect for tomorrow for all of our inland locations. a little bit cooler friday, much cooler for the weekend. let's check in with michelle for how you can cool off in this heat. a lot of people are looking to cool off for contra costa county. stop by the senior citizen's center community pool or meadow homes spray park. and brentwood the community center and senior activity center will have their doors open. officials are warning drivers do not leave your kids or pets in the car. the heat advisory is in effect through tomorrow night. toxic algae blamed for killing dogs across the country is now being detected here in the bay area. a north carolina's woman's dog died just 3 hours after swimming in a pond. similar incidents have prompted a warning from the cdc. that same harmful bacteria has
5:51 am
been found in several bay area lakes. people are allowed to swim there but not dogs. however, the east bay regional parks district has banned swimmers from lake chabeau. dangerous signs have also been posted at big break regional shoreline in oakly. temperatures may be rising and it may be tempting to take your dog out for a swim. >> these penguins right here. they have the right idea. next up how penguins are dealing with the heat at the san francisco zoo. >> and let's take another live look outside this time at our richmond san rafael bay bridge camera.
5:52 am
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good wednesday morning to you. here's a live look with our sales force camera. we are going to heat up as we head through the day. temperatures right now definitely on the mild side. 64 oakland, concord. 63 livermore. 68 right now in san jose and santa rosa at 57. all of our inland locations under heat advisories today and for tomorrow and you can check out those hot temps about 12 to 18 degrees above average. here at 5:54 i'm going to give you a check of your bridges. a couple of issues to report. on the san mateo bridge it is in the number 2 lane they're working to try and get that out
5:55 am
of there. so far it doesn't seem to be affecting your drive. that is in the yellow. that's a 12-minute ride. this morning the historic clip houts in san francisco needs someone new to run it. the national parks service is looking for new partners to lease and run the clip house which overlooked the pacific ocean and the ruins of the sutro backs. it's been through at least 5 encarnations since it first opened in 1858. do you ever wonder what penguins do on a sunny day? >> a time lapse video of its penguin pool. something they'll likely be doing the rest of the week with the hot temperatures. and today on cbs this morning the ambitious project to save a species on the brink of
5:56 am
extinction. how scientists are working to save the exotic northern white rhino 5:55. today a special tribute is planned for the fallen chp officer. >> and an overnight shooting in the east bay. police are still investigating. we're hearing at least two people are injured. the latest next. >> and we're live in san jose this morning, where it is the first day of school. up next we'll tell you which vaccinations your students are required to have and which ones are recommended.
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see you at denny's! live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. a live look outside this morning at the embarkadero at the fer rooe building. mary will let us know just how high the temperatures will climb. >> the feds are ramping up their investigation into the jailhouse
6:00 am
death of jeffery epstein and the conduct of the guards is in the spotlight. details on possible falsified reports. >> and today the public gets a chance to weigh in on a chance to build a new navigation center for the homeless. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. it is 6:00 right now. the key word today is try and stay cool because it's going to get hot. >> that's right. if you thought it was hot yesterday just wait until this afternoon. we are going to see some of the hottest temperatures so far this summer especially inland. all of our inland locations under a heat advisory today. and for tomorrow. so that heat advisory starts at 11:00 a.m. today until 8:00 p.m. tomorrow. again for all of our inland areas because of that dangerous heat from 95 to 106 later on in the afternoon and not a lot of relief overnight with lows in the 60s


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