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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  August 14, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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death of jeffery epstein and the conduct of the guards is in the spotlight. details on possible falsified reports. >> and today the public gets a chance to weigh in on a chance to build a new navigation center for the homeless. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. it is 6:00 right now. the key word today is try and stay cool because it's going to get hot. >> that's right. if you thought it was hot yesterday just wait until this afternoon. we are going to see some of the hottest temperatures so far this summer especially inland. all of our inland locations under a heat advisory today. and for tomorrow. so that heat advisory starts at 11:00 a.m. today until 8:00 p.m. tomorrow. again for all of our inland areas because of that dangerous heat from 95 to 106 later on in the afternoon and not a lot of relief overnight with lows in the 60s tonight. so stay hydrated.
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limit your outdoor exposure. san jose good morning to you. the first day of school for the san jose unified school district. sunshine and hot temps in the mid 90s in san jose. your microclimate forecast on the coast low 70s with sunshine for the bay. low to mid 80s and heating up inland into the 90s to triple digits. very hot temps inland. i'll let you know when we'll finally cool down and get some heat from the relief coming up. we're starting to see those hot spots. right away with the bay bridge. those of you who are headed there, just be aware there is one lane blocked at treasure island due to an accident. the chp is on the way. they're in the process of trying to clear that out. as you know any issue on the bay bridge creates trouble for your morning commute. you can see you are stacked up there at the toll plaza towards the maze and onto the 880 flyover. not quite so clear on those bridges. san mateo bridge is busy as well in that westbound direction.
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no stalls or issues to report. a little bit farther south there is an accident that's blocking a lane there. that's going to be slow going for those of you headed to the peninsula that way. with hot and dry weather expected today. fire crews in solano county are on high alert. four alarm brush fire yesterday. the flames broke out. video captured by neighbors shows an aggressive firefighter fight. cal fire planes dropping fire retardant repeatedly trying to stop the flames. thankfully the wind wasn't as bad as it could have been. >> crews were able to contain the flames to just four acres. firefighters stayed on the scene overnight to mop up the hot spots. it's not clear yet what caused the fire.
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>> i'm ann macke makovec live at the news desk. authorities are not concerning that. a lot of evidence markers on the ground and some blown out glass as well this is on mariposa and california in contra costa county sheriff's deputies have been on scene for the last several hours investigating this apparent shooting. back to you. thank you. happening today in just a few hours a belt holding ceremony to honor the ultimate sacrifice paid by one chp officer. 34-year-old andre moiai jr. was killed. when the driver pulled out a rifle and shot him. moier later died from his wounds. colleagues are remembering the motorcycle officer by his trademark smile. they will pay their final respects today at the chp
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academy in west sacramento. questions remain in the days after moier's death. investigators are looking into the motive of the suspect, 49-year-old aaron luther . authorities still don't know how the gunman got the weapon in the first place since he was a convicted felon. two other officers were injured by gunfire, one critically. a suicide reconstruction team is launching an investigation now at the new york jail where jeffy epstein was awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges. the warden has been temporarily reassigned and two guards were placed on administrative leave as the fed its try to determine how and why epistein was able to take his own life. law enforcement source with knowledge of the investigation telling cbs news corrections officers may have falsified reports indicating they checked on epistein. attorneys for some of the alleged victims say their clients feel robbed of justice.
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>> for all of the epstein victims it's going to take a long time for them to get their minds around this. >> authorities have already raided some of epstein's newest properties all over the world. the measles outbreak has reached the highest level in 10 years. as the school year begins many parents worry the outbreak could worsen. the california department of public health says immunization rates remain here. 94.8% of kindergarteners were fully vaccinated. this morning our continuing back to school coverage takes us to san jose where it is the first day of school and kpix 5's jackie ward is getting us up to speed on current state law when it comes to your kids shots.
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>> good morning michelle. so every kid that goes to school private or public. parents are able to get a medical exemption but they're not able to get a personal exemption. we spoke to a nurse practicioner who told us which vaccinations are required and recommended. >> california does not allow religious or personal beliefs to prevent children from getting their shots. students can only go unvaccinated if they are medically exempt. a nurse practicioner explained to me why everyone who is able to get vaccinated should. >> it's totally necessary. but it's called heard immunity and we're hoping all these people getting vaccinations can protect those who aren't able to receive them. >> they'll need the vaccine for polio,
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and while not required, the cdc also recommends three more, the influence shot, the hpv vaccine and meningoccocal vaccines. well the viral form is more common. the bacterial ones still exist and can be deadly within 24 hours of contracting the disease. >> it's very quick. i would recommend it as soon as possible. they're going to want to get a spinal fluid or blood work done and after the diagnosis is made hopefully iv antibiotics can be started within 20 tower hours. >> a couple other symptoms you want to look out for a sudden fever, a headache and a really stiff neck. something that's not just something you get from sleeping on your pillow incorrectly. if you get any of these symptoms you're voized to call your doctor right away because they may want to take a blood sample
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or give live fluid. our special back to school coverage continues tomorrow with a new kind of afterschool problem. happening today plans to build a temporary navigation center for the homeless in fremont. the city reports that its homeless population has increased by 27% since 2017 and more than half of its 605 counted homeless are without any kind of shelter. possible locations for this center include the parking lot at city hall and a piece of surplus property on dakota road. the first community workshop is set for tonight at 5:30. the second workshop will also be held there on the 24th. and the third will take place two days later at the fremont teen center. time now 6:08. days after a bay area lyft driver was accused of raping a passenger anotheren alleged attack. new questions about the safety of the ride hailing service. and the key vote expected in
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sacramento today on a new major disaster bill. why taxpayers will suffer if the plan goes through. >> well it's back to school this week and students are heading back to class with hot temperatures. a heat advisory in effect for all of our inland locations. here's a beautiful look. we will see plenty of sunshine. et y know w you can expect where you live coming up. >> and speaking of back to school. here's a look at san jose's traffic this morning. a little bit slow on the 101. i've got the rest of your bay area commute ahead.
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good wednesday morning to you. the heat is on for sure across the bay area with daytime highs running 10 to even about 20 degrees above average for this time of year here is a gorgeous live look another our sales force tower camera looking east up the day bridge and the
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sun just about to rise. i'll talk about what you can expect where you live coming up. days after a bay area lift driver was accused of raping an unconscious passenger an attack on a driver is raising questions. a female driver in sacramento over the weekend says she picked up four men from a local beer garden. she says the ride was just 4 minutes but in that time she was sexually assaulted and abused. >> i think that we should have cameras and a panic button for rider and driver. >> sacramento police says they have banned the riders from the app. back in the bay area it was a driver accused of the assault. he drove a passed out passenger from a bar in san mateo to his home in tracy and assaulted her. some scary moments on the san francisco bay 'when a boat
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goesessel cau fire yesterday 200 yards from mcnaer's beach. five people were evacuated from the boat. they were met by firefighters on shore. no injuries reported. the san rafael fire department shared these dramatic photos of the boat burning in the bay. you can see all that black smoke billowing in the sky and across the water. a key vote today on a controversial statewide insurance plan. right now state agencies must buy insurance for things like buyers and floods. a bill up for committee vote today would allow the governor to bypass that process and purchase policies after consulting with the state insurance commissioner and treasurer. critics say the bill would drive up cost significantly. insurance commissioner ricardo lara has faced criticism for
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accepting contributions with ties to the insurance industry. new video out of tahoe this morning shows an explosion of butterflies soaring through the sierra. these tortoise shell butterflies are flooding the outdoors. all because of mating season but locals say they've never seen this many before. you have about two weeks to check them out. next month the butterflies will make their way to the foothills where they will hibernate. and it makes it more interesting not knowing what they look like. >> kind of makes you want to see them even more. >> i'm going to have to google this one. i'm assuming it's like the rims of your glasses. that's my guess. it's looking pretty darn good out here. 6:15 taking a look at the overall picture. an i will tell you aboutlow or those spots. mostly they involve the bridges.
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there's an accident at the toll plaza there. we've seen a couple of little bit of slowing there and it's not terrible on the westbound direction, the commute direction this morning. it's been cleared but it looks like it's still showing up on our map. 7 miles an hour down in the tracy triangle l. then you're pretty good. you're back up to a regular running speed. however, if you're headed southbound on 680, you're slow and go all the way towards sonal. no issues to report slowing you down. at the bay bridge they have finally moved that crash that happened at treasure island. hopefully this will recover. in the meantime you are backed up to the foot of the maze as well as on the 880. once you get past treasure island you're moving along a little bit better. there's also an accident blocking the toll lane plaza. you can see from our live camera everything seems to be moving along without a problem.
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clear skies and it's going to be hot out there mary. i was dying last night. >> and it's going to get even hotter this afternoon and for tomorrow as well. hopefully you can get some relief from the heat. we are looking at those temperatures soaring to the 90s to triple digits inland. but here is a live look with our treasure island camera. a beautiful start to the day. clear skies. that sunshine and that sun will help to heat us up. right now 64 in concord. 60 in san francisco. 66 in san jose. 57 for santa rosa. so your heat headlines. the hottest weather for today and tomorrow approaching the warmest temps we've seen so far this summer. still above average for this time of year. well let's give you your microclimate forecast for san jose. good morning to you. the first day of school in san jose for the san jose unified school district. san jose you are under that heat advisory as well. at the lunchtime hour 90 degrees. 3:00 p.m.
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96 for a high in san jose. we also have a spare the air alert. the air quality unhealthy for sensitive groups in the east bay. moderate air quality for the north bay as well as for the south and central bay looking better for the central bay. but for the rest of the bay area minimal ocean influence. we are looking at high pressure in control with that strong ridge in place. we're going to see our temperatures rise today. so future cast going hour by hour. and you can see that sunshine as we head through tomorrow. we are looking at another day with that heat. our sunrise at 6:24 and our sunset at 8:03. so daytime highs anywhere from 10 to about 20 degrees above average for this time of year. 95 if santa clara. 98 in campbell. 93 in morgan hill. 106 this afternoon. 105 in livermore. and 105 in brentwood looking at highs in the low 80s.
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mid 80s in oakland. san leandro topping out at 100 degrees. and 102 for lake port. another hot day tomorrow. that heat advisory continues for all of our inland locations for tomorrow. slowly cooling back down friday but especially by the weekend highs will drop down to below average for this time of year and a cool start for early next week. >> sounds good. thank you. we promised you that video out of tahoe this morning. the explosion of tortoise shell butterflies in the sierra. officials say it's all because of mating season. next month the butterflies will make their way to the foothills where they'll hibernate. it is 6:19. the catholic church and the boy scouts of america are among the many organizations. the new law making it possible. >> and before we go to break, you're taking a live look at the eastern span of the bay bridge. the sun is up.
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good wednesday morning to you. try to stay cool in our heat. we are going to see temperatures climb as we head through the afternoon with highs in the 90s to triple digits inland which is why heat advisory is in effect for all inland locations. san jose 96 in concord at 106. san jose concord you're under that heat advisory today about 12 degrees above average. santa clara county could soon get a helping hand from drones the fire department wants to use them during mass casualty
6:24 am
and hazmat incidents. but the proposal isn't flying with everyone. >> i appreciate the value of drones technology. >> the benefits from across the board housing inspection. i'm a big believer in the pro category. police say they plan to adopt the rules that the aclu suggested including prohibiting the use of drones for random surveillance the jury in the ghost ship warehouse trial will be back in the courthouse for deliberations this morning. yesterday jurors asked for transcripts of defendant derek almena's testimony 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. the jury also wanted to hear testimony read three
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witnesses. overnight child sex abuse lawsuits were filed in the catholic church. the ground breaking child victims act provides a one year window for victims to file a lawsuit. that window opened at midnight and immediately the first lawsuits were filed. one new york woman says a janitor at her public middle school began raping her at just 11 years old. she plans to sue the principal and the school district. >> i told the school principal. >> what did the principal say? >> he said to just stay away from him. >> he didn't call authorities. >> no one. no one was there to protect me. >> 18 states in washington d.c. hoin r gily studentsd morning.
6:26 am
why students and administrators say they're eager to start the school year. >> and an emotional debate. a controversial mural. and taking a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. when we come back on this warm wednesday morning.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news a decision is expected today in a battle over the future of pg &e. the competing plans for the bankrupt utility. >> and a live look outside towards the east bay the sun rising. good morning it is wednesday august 14th i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. let's check in with mary to talk about that heat. you really have to be careful out there today. >> that's right. and we are talking about that dangerous heat. in our inland locations we'll see the hottest temperatures as we head through the afternoon. which is why a heat advisory is in effect for all of our inland locations today and for tomorrow. so from 11:00 a.m. today until 8:00 p.m. tomorrow that heat advisory will be in effect because of the heat. we're talking mid 90s to triple
6:31 am
digit heats. hottest locations we'll see highs around 105 to 106. do what you can to limit your outdoor exposure and stay hydrated. san jose good morning to you. you are also under that heat advisory. sunny and hot temps in the mid 90s in san jose. your microclimate forecast taking you through the afternoon for the coast. low 70s for the bay. low to mid 80s heating up inland into the triple digits. i'll let you know what we'll finally cool back down. good morning here at 6:32 i'm tracking your main travel times this morning. let's get a look at that overall big picture. those of you leaving the south bay dropping your kids off, going to school and headed north. you're still good to go. however on highway 4 towards the east shore freeway and still out
6:32 am
of the altimonte pass. that accident at the toll plaza or treasure island has been cleared out of the way. free and clear into san francisco this morning and on to the 880 flyover this morning. san mateo bridge is slow and go from the toll plaza forward getting to the toll plaza is a little bit tricky. ignore the spider as she walks across your screen. it's back to school for students in the gilroy community. the new school year comes as the community continues to grapple with the mass shooting at the city's popular garlic festival. three people were killed on july 28th. all of them under the age of 30 and at least t day. some hope retning to schol help them heal in numbers. >> with all the people that you love you're distracted from what happened. it's easy to move forward. >> the routine of going day in and day out it gets back to
6:33 am
normalcy. >> students will have access to counseling services and extra police will also be on hand as a safety precaution. east bay congresswoman barbara lee joined dozens of people in oakland last night to speak out on gun violence and white supremacy. it was called a night of healing. and of course gilroy. >> what if that was me. what if that was my sibling. what if that was my mom getting shot. even if i'm not related to somebody i'm still devastated by it. >> representative lee called on the trump administration to take action. >> through our grief and our fear. we are strengthened to take on the challenges of and racism in a new way rewed
6:34 am
spirit that says to donald trump and his administration that enough is enough. you will not break our spirits. >> yesterday, president trump said senate majority leader mitch mcconnell will move on expanded background checks when congress returns next month. mcconnell has been blocking the bill which has already passed the house. the fbi says it may have stopped another potential mass shooter in ohio. two dozen guns and thousands of rounds of ammo from the home of 18-year-old justin olsen. after olsen made online posts praising the oklahoma city bombing, mass shootings, and attacks on planned parenthood. i'm ann anne mack vehicle.
6:35 am
that home this is on kentucky street. near the downtown area just a block away from aremijo high school. they got it under control in about a half an hour. obviously extensive damage there. back to you. thank you a wild fire burning in mendocino county has tripled in size. fire retardant over the area. the blaze has spread to 225 acres so far. northwest of hopland. at last check the fire was 35% contained. happening today state lawmakers will hold a hearing on public safety shutoffs. they want to know what utilities are doing to ensure deenergizization is being used as a strategy to prevent wild fires. pg &e expects to shut off the
6:36 am
power. and also today a judge is expected to decide on a battle over competing plans from pgande. it has secured the financing #450eded to cover its liabilities. but insurance companies are fighting that. they want a big steak in the new company for about $20 billion. they say they're owed for wild fire claims. and a third proposal would give them majority control of the company. a federal yuj is expected to decide today how to proceed. a controversial mural at one san francisco school has escaped a brush with destruction. it shows washington as a slave owner and depicts the slaying of native americans. instead they made a compromise. the mural will instead be
6:37 am
covered up. >> this is an opportunity for all of us to say that we are not going to paint over art. we're going to find another way to keep from public view. >> we don't need a reminder of the history of the genocide we face of the slavery that we went through. >> an alumni group says the board changed its decision after a massive backlash from the public. santa clara and san francisco are suing the trump administration over its new rule denying green cards to immigrants who use public assistance. san francisco mayor london reed saying it's a bad policy that will lead to more homelessness and children going hungry. it's specifically designed to harm immigrants who pay billions of dollars in taxes. this week, the trump administration announced it would make it harder for legal immigrants to become permanent residents. the government estimates about
6:38 am
382,000 immigrants will be impacted by this rule each year and it is set to take effect on october 15th. developing news out of hong kong. the airport re-opened after days of demonstrations caused massive flight cancellations. hours ago this was the chaotic scene. thousands of protesters blocked the main departure terminal forcing cancelled flights and stranding passengers. some in hong kong feared would allow disdants to be prosecuted in mainland china. >> people are getting ready to fight and many young people are ready to sacrifice themselves. >> beijing is accusing house speaker nancy pelosi and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell of trying to insight chaos. more protests have been planned for the rest of the week. it is 6:38. new criticism aimed at amazon's
6:39 am
facial recognition software. why one california lawmaker says there's an urgent need to block law enforcement. >> and delays near one bart station and the surrounding roads. >> and taking a live look outside in dublin where we've got a scorching hot day on tap. mary will let us know when we'll finally cool off. >> plus the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. let's get a quick look at the big board now. you can see the dow is down. we'll getten update from kcbs financial reporter jason brooks.
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good morning. we are going to see temperatures climb as we head through the afternoon. a heat advisory for all of our inland locations including san jose. good morning to you under clear skies right now. san jose happy first day of school for you. it's going to be hot. temperatures in the mid 90s in san jose this afternoon.
6:43 am
i'll let you know how hot it's going to get where you live coming up. as far as your traffic is concerned this morning it's starting to heat up. mostly good with a few slow spotlights let's take a look at exactly where those are. westbound on the east shore freeway right at san pablo dan road. the bay bridge, san mateo bridge and then an accident on the dunbarton bridge. at 6:43 right now a traffic alert this morning as well as commuters heading to work in the east bay we'll see more congestion than usual. affecting both riders and drivers. the work will be done on a stretch of track between the orinda and walnut creek stations. the work starts on saturday and continues sunday. workers will be replacing the 50-year-old track. construction will also close down two eastbound lanes on highway 24. but just temporarily free buses will replace the train service. this is just the first weekend
6:44 am
of track shutdowns. more are planned for the next five weekends. it is shaping up to be another brutal day on wall street. >> joining us now is kcbs radio financial reporter gaeven brooks. >> it is going to be a tough day today as global recession fears are gripping the market. after germany reported negative economic growth in the second quarter. this has led to a flight to safety in the form of bonds and resulted in the yield curb between the two year and 10-year treasurers inverting for the first time since 2011. the yield curve inversion is a key market metric and that is not good news for the stock market today as we see stocks take a tumble in the early going after the trump administration delayed tariffs on a wide range
6:45 am
of key chinese imports in the middle of december. let's go to the big board see how we're going at the moment. nasdaq down 133. and the sandp is falling 43 points. apple stock is down by 2% in the early going. from kcbs radio. for a look at what's coming up later on cbs this morning, gayle king joins us now from new york. good morning gayle. >> hi michelle how are you doing? >>. >> i haven't heard your voice in awhile. >> here i am. i was gone for two weeks getting fatter and darker but now here i am. ahead on cbs this morning. see i got a little tan. see. new information about jeffy epstein's death. soirss tell cbs guards did not
6:46 am
tell the truth about what happened in the hours before. >> and hong kong. violently removing protesters from the territory's airport. president trump says china's moving through the border very messy there. plus we're going on a journey. we call it our american wonders series. we're going to go 140' below ground for a tour of the largest underground lake. we'll see you at 7:00 in a few minutes from now. >> yeah. >> i don't know where i am. >> well we're almost there gayle. >> jared's plugging it in. 9:46. we'll see you in like 3 minutes from now. 10 minutes from now. >> yeah, it's 6:46 over here. we're going to see you in just a few minutes. it's always good seeing you. amazon's facial recognition technology is under fire once again after california lawmakers were identified as suspected criminals. these are the faces of 26 state
6:47 am
lawmakers who were misidentified. the aclu used the software to screen 120 lawmakers 25,000 mug shots. the group says the findings show the need to block law enforcement from using the technology. san francisco assemblyman phil ting was among those falsely identified. >> while we can laugh about it as legislators it's no laughing matter if you're an individual trying to get a job. if you're an individual trying to get a home. if you get falsely accused of an arrest. what happens. it could impact your ability to get employment. the ability to ban police departments. it passeded the assembly and is now in the senate. amazon said in a statement to kpix 5 in part facial recognition technology can be used for a long list of services
6:48 am
to helping find missing children to inhibiting human trafficking. this morning the historic cliff house in san francisco needs someone new to run it. the national parks service is looking for new partners to lease and run the cliff house at lands end which of course over looks the pacific ocean and the ruins of the sutro baths. the cliff house is a real survivor has been through 5 encarnations since it first opened up back in 1858. >> 6:48 let's get another check on our traffic. it's picking up a bit. >> you can tell it is back to school. i'm tracking all of that for you here at 6:48. we're seeing a little more orange and even some red. let's zoom in to our back to school commute. we're only seeing some delays on the nimmets as well as those of you headed northbound on the
6:49 am
101. but overall not so bad. let's hop up to the east shore freeway this morning where there is a new accident. this one in play right there. it's been moved off to the right-hand shoulder. however, it looks like there's a little bit of a delay as you're approaching there and just past it as you're pulling into richmond. slow on the approach. speaking of bridges. the dunbarton bridge has an accident they are trying to clear here. 16 miles an hour drive speed as you're headed westbound into palo alto this morning. there's also a new accident coming out of the will you belin interchange. you're slow and go all the way pretty much into sonol. those delays have definitely improved over the last 15 minutes or so. you're 9 miles an hour out of the tracy triangle but then those slow conditions don't back up too much. that drive time not in the red, it's in the yellow.
6:50 am
that's 36 minutes out of thealtimonte pass. that's a 34-minute ride. 46 minutes still looking good out of the south bay 101 is in the green. all right. the sun is up. the skies are clear. the toll plaza traffic is not. you are backed up into the maze and it is going to be a hot one. >> that's right. you're talking about how hot it was in your home yesterday. today it's going to be even hotter. we're going to see one of the hottest temps we've seen so far this summer. hopefully you can get some relief from the heat today and also tomorrow. this is looking north and it's a beautiful start to the day. mild temps mainly in the 60s but a great view of the golden gate. right now 64 in concord and oakland. a s francisco. and 60 in san san jose coming in at 56 for
6:51 am
santa rosa. the heat headlines and what you can expect. the hottest w tomorrow. approaching the warmest temps we've seen this summer. san jose happy first day of school to you. you are under that heat advisory today and tomorrow at lunchtime looking at 90 degrees at 3:00 p.m. 96 for a high. for the second day in a row also a spare the air alert. the air quality unhealthy for sensitive groups. moderate for the north bay, south central bay and good air quality for the central bay. here's the satellite and radar view. for the coast a little bit of that on shore flow. that's why it's not as hot for you. for the rest of the bay area minimal ocean influence. we are looking at temperature its that will climb as we go through the day. so on future cast taking you hour by hour and you can see all of that sunshine as we head through the afternoon tomorrow. it's going to be just as hot which is why that heat advisory
6:52 am
will continue into tomorrow. but we are going to see cooler temperatures eventually. so by the weekend this low pressure system will usher in that stronger marine influence. so the ocean breeze increases by the weekend and that means temperatures will drop to below average by saturday and sunday. check out our highs for today. we're talking anywhere from about 10 to 18 degrees above average for this time of year. 98 in campbell. 103 in morgan hill. 99 for las gatos. 105 in pleasanton, livermore also for brent wood this afternoon. low 80s in san francisco. mid 80s alameda oakland. as well as for san leandro. so here's the 7-day forecast. again, triple digit heat inland for tomorrow as well.
6:53 am
a little bit cooler on friday, much cooler on saturday and sunday. so daytime highs again below average for this time of year for the weekend and into early next week. back to you. thank you. happening today a san francisco park named after an openly racist congressman. in the prosidio heights. who openly criticized asians and offered a ban on chinese immigration. the board of supervisors voted to rename the park last year. officials will announce its new name at the parks clubhouse tonight at 6:30. it is 6:53. shattered glass and dozens of evidence markers line the street in a north bay neighborhood. what we've learned about in the overnight incident. >> this is from our photographer rick villa roman and we're looking at the ferry building. the sky looks wonderful.
6:54 am
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welcome back. 6:56 time for a look at this morning's top stories. >> contra costa county sheriff's deputies are investigating an overnight shooting. this is at mariposa avenue. evidence markers scattered all over the ground there. no word on suspects. an emotional tribute today for one chp officer killed in the line of duty. 34-year-old andre moier jr. lost his life on monday. the chp academy in west sacramento will honor him. it is back to school interest for thousands of students in the gilroy community. students will have access to counseling services and extra police will be on hand as a precaution. >> very hot and dry weather continues today and fire crews in solano county are on high
6:58 am
alert. a four alarm brush fire yesterday. two homes burned prompting evacuations. it's not clear yet on what caused the fire. >> a new law in new york sgifs victims of child abuse more time to seek justice. prosecutors can now bring criminal charges until a victim is 28 years old and victims have a right to sue until they turn 25. and taking a live look out now to our back to school commute cast there in san jose. it is not too bad except for on 101 northbound it is a little bit slow in that northbound direction out of the south bay there. that is in the yellow. 55 minutes on 580. it has not recovered from that earlier accident there. taking a live look out to the bay bridge this morning. you can see that hot sun is coming out.
6:59 am
as you are headed into the bensla this morning. mary. are you ready for the heat? because it is coming as we head through the afternoon. check out these temperatures. 95 to 106 for all of your inland areas under that heat vidz rooe starting at 11:00 a.m. today until 8:00 p.m. tomorrow. stay safe and cool in this heat. for the second day in a row the air quality and healthy for sensitive groups of the east bay and santa clara valley. 106 in concord. 96 in san jose. 86 in oakland, and 80 for san francisco. just as hot for tomorrow. slowly cooling back down by the end of the week especially by the weekend. temperatures will drop down to below average for this time of year. so relief is coming. >> it's there on the horizon. >> we're going to need that. >> you don't have ac at your house. >> i was telling her we had three fans in the bedroom. a ceiling fan. a fan on me and a fan on my
7:00 am
husband and it's still hot. it's not even as hot as it's going to be. >> hotel. have a great day everyone and try and stay cool. good morning toy, our viewers in the west, and welcome. breaking news. the first lawsuit was filed against jeffrey epstein's lawsuit. the associate who was reportedly watching jeffrey epstein in jail made a false report after he died. what we know about the investigation into his motive. minnesota becomes the third state to investigate a possible link between severe lung disease and vaping. how reports of life-threatening injuries in teens are amping up concern. and jada pinkett-smith is in studio 57. we'll talk about her new


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