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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  August 14, 2019 7:00am-8:59am PDT

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a ceiling fan. a fan on me and a fan on my husband and it's still hot. it's not even as hot as it's going to be. >> hotel. have a great day everyone and try and stay cool. good morning toy, our viewers in the west, and welcome. breaking news. the first lawsuit was filed against jeffrey epstein's lawsuit. the associate who was reportedly watching jeffrey epstein in jail made a false report after he died. what we know about the investigation into his motive. minnesota becomes the third state to investigate a possible link between severe lung disease and vaping. how reports of life-threatening injuries in teens are amping up concern. and jada pinkett-smith is in studio 57. we'll talk about her new movie
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role as an fbi agent and h her online show where just about everything is on the table. it's wednesday, august 14, 2019. here's your "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. china moving toward its border with hong kong amid clashes with pro-democracy demonstrators and the police. hong kong on edge after protests turned violence. >> many young people are ready to sacrifice themselves. in a federal jail where jeffrey epstein reportedly died. security guards reported they checked on epstein. >> this is just not acceptable. pof a shooting that left nine people dead. >> the executive in charge said it was a targeted attack. >> trump is backing off on his
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tariffs on china. >> severe weather left a major impact on parts of the midwest. >> strong thunderstorms and several tornadoes. >> i just had lunch with someone who was a real -- >> opren gayle king and her fri lady o. >> that's a compliment. >> and all that matters. >> cbs stands behind chris cuomo despite an expletive rant caught on tape. >> he was like, if i wasn't in this box, i would smash your face! >> on "cbs this morning." blasting the trump administration for significantly weakening protections for endangered species. changes for blanket protection on animals listed as threatened. >> for example, let's go to the
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american bald eagle. you get him. you get him. >> this morning's "eye opener" is presented didby toyota. let's go places. >> you don't miss that wing span. >> somebody said, hey, i remember, because that was before he was president. i think it was a cover shoot he was shooting because i remember seeing that video at the time. donald trump was not present at the time. >> there is a tweet for every occasion for this president and a video, it turns out. >> it lives on. welcome to "cbs this morning." i'm gayle king along with peter king and anthony dokoupil. one of jeffrey epstein's accusers has filed the first lawsuit against his estate. it is reported he forcefully raped her while she was in high
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school. and ghislaine maxwell is the one who is said to have helped jeffrey epstein in the sex trafficking ring. >> reporter: good morning. cbs news has learned that unreleased video allegedly shows guards here at the metropolitan correctional center did not make some of the checks on jeffrey epstein that they not only were supposed to make but they had logged and documented before epstein's death. now they're being asked how this could happen. all this as federal probes have intensified. we're also told at least two guards have lawyered up. a law enforcement source with knowledge of the investigation tells cbs news corrections officers may have falsified reports that they completed required check-ins on jeffrey epstein, and he was left unmonitored for at least two
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hours. cbs news has learned the day before epstein died, his cellmate posted bail leaving the pcell.ced financier alone in his it's unclear how he allegedly hanged himself. >> this is just not acceptable. >> reporter: attorney gloria allred represents several epstein accusers. during a press conference tuesday, she criticized the detention center. >> i'm tired of the system failing women. and they failed these victims. these child victims. >> reporter: on capitol hill, there are now multiple inquiries into epstein's death and the investigation into his alleged sex crimes is also expanding. earlier this week, the fbi raided his private island in the caribbean, reportedly seizing computers. it's unclear who will gain control of epstein's estate. his brother mark is reportedly the one who owns the complex
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where epstein housed young models. allred says she plans to file civil cases against epstein's estate once it is opened. >> even though he is deceased, the victims need to be compensated for their medical bills, for their therapy bills, for their pain and suffering. >> reporter: one of jeffrey epstein's alleged victims has now filed a civil lawsuit that targets not only the multimillionaire's estates but some of his co-conspirators, including ghislaine maxwell. none of the women have been formally charged and ghislaine maxwell has vehemently denied these charges. china is blasting protesters who shut down the hong kong airport. some are apologizing to the travelers that grounded hundreds of flights for the past two
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days. our reporter debora patta is in hong kong. debora, how is beijing going to respond to these protests. >> reporter: good morning m. things have returned back to normal at this airport, but they're calling the protests an act of terrorism. in these newly released photos, we show chinese military vehicles being moved into a sports stadium reportedly along the chinese border. armed with pepper spray and swinging batons, riot police stormed hong kong's international airport last night, initially trying to help first responders reach two injured men. the protesters gave chase and seized the officer's baton and used it on him, only stopping when he retreated and pulled out a gun. these men felt the full brunt of protesters' rage. in two separate incidents, they
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were kicked, beaten, punched and drenched in water. protesters were convinced they were undercover china posing as one of them. this man was bound in cable ties and left on the ground in a fetal position. finally emergency workers were allowed to take them away. hong kong lawmaker fernando cheung rushed to the airport to assist when the violence erupted. >> there were signs people were getting ready to fight. many young people are ready to sacrifice themselves, and we don't want to see that happen. >> reporter: for two consecutive days, protesters paralyzed airport operations. hundreds of flights were canceled. travelers are fed up. >> come on! come on! you're being really selfish now. >> r reporter: this morning protesters held signs at the airport apologizing for their actions, but a collision course has now been set with both
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police and protesters more quick to use force. now, china can only intervene in hong kong's affairs if they request military assistance, and most hong kongers here think that will be a step too far for china and that a tianenman square crackdown is unlikely. gayle? >> debora patta in hong kong. those pictures are still difficult to watch. imagine getting off a plane to that. now china could pay the price for the ongoing tariff war. the president has decided not to put tariffs on dozens of chinese goods. what does this decision mean now for u.s. companies and consumers? >> reporter: good morning, gayle. this is good news because it means that tariffs are not driving up the prices of some of the most popular goods from china. but the release is temporary. and it's unclear if delaying the tariffs will actually help
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facilitate a permanent trade deal. >> they ripped off our country for years. >> reporter: president trump didn't back off from his usual attacks against china tuesday, even as he backed down on new tariffs against its imports. >> we're doing this for the christmas season just in case some of the tariffs would have an impact on u.s. customers. >> the administration put a 10% tariff on about $300 billion on chinese goods. laptops, shoes, some clothing will not be taxed until then. it would have cost the average american household an extra $270 a year and would have been in addition to the 25% tariff already in place on $250 billion of chinese imports. >> the only impact has been that we've collected almost $16 billion from china. >> reporter: but it was actually american industries that had to
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pay the fees for chinese products. consumer groups pressured the administration to hold off on more tariffs because corporations will eventually have to pass the costs to customers. apple ceo tim cook spoke with norah o'donnell in june. >> the truth is the iphone is made everywhere. it's made everywhere. and so a tariff on the iphone would hurt all of those countries, but the one that would be hurt the most is this one. >> isaac stone fish is at the asia society administration. >> having different prices, having different tariff announcements come and go makes it really difficult to plan. >> reporter: president trump said the calls with china were very productive, but this move does not offer any relief to those farmers still hurting from retaliatory tariffs. and as his reelection campaign ramps up, the president has
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every reason to try to end this trade war for hard-hit states like iowa, especially before the caucuses. tony? >> weijia, thanks. a new timeline of the dayton, ohio massacre provides chilling details about the shooter's movements. this new surveillance video shows moments before the gunman killed nine people in a span of just 32 seconds ten days ago. 26 others were wounded. dean reynolds has been following this story. dean, are investigators nany closer to learning a motive here? >> reporter: they are not, anthony. they have not yet established a motive, but they do believe the gunman acted alone. his own sister was among the victims, but investigators remain divided on whether he intentionally targeted her. two hours before beginning his violent rampage, 24-year-old conner betts, his sister and a friend are seen on surveillance
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video seemingly headed for a night of barhopping. their first stop, a place called blind bob's. just after midnight, betts crosses the street and heads to another bar, separating from his sister and friend. at 12:42, wearing a t-shirt and shorts, he heads back to the car and reemerges in a hoodie, body armor and backpack, weighted by his weapon and ammunition. minutes later at 1:05 a.m., the shooting begins. >> shots fired! shots fired! >> reporter: the crowd on the patio of a bar scatters. the gunfire lasts for 32 seconds before police stop it. >> we ever a number of people shot. >> reporter: betts' sister was shot to death and his friend was wounded. text messages revealed that betts knew their location about seven minutes before opening fire. but investigators say they can't agree whether he targeted them. >> some say absolutely not, it was not intentional.
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some say it had to be. i would say it's inconclusive. >> reporter: some say nobody knew of his violent intentions that night and they're still searching for a motive. >> i think it should be enough thematically that you can get a clear picture of what was going on here. >> reporter: police say the gunman was very familiar with the area and its night spots and was actually there on that street the night before his rampage. tony? >> dean reynolds for us. dean, thank you very much. there are new warnings this morning about a possible link between severe lung disease in teenagers and e-cigarettes and vaping. minnesota is now the third state where serious lung injuries were reported in just the past month. ctm consumer investigative correspondent anna werner has been looking into these e-cigarette concerns. i know there are a lot of questions about these cases, but what are we learning? >> these four minnesota cases, tony, involved 16 to 18-year-old
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teenagers who wound up at children's minnesota, the children's hospital there. i spoke with the chief medical officer, dr. emily chapman, who told me about a pattern of cases with a similar but unusual path. now, these teens at first had symptoms that suggested a viral or bacterial infection, but doctors determined their lungs had actually sustained some kind of acute injury and then the lungs began to fail. some of the teenagers even had to be put on ventilators to save their lives. dr. chapman says her doctors cannot yet identify a factor like a particular brand of e-cigarette, a drug or oil, but the state department of health says use of both nicotine and marijuana-based products were reported. at least 22 similar cases have been reported in wisconsin, illinois and minnesota in the past month. health officials are still investigating these cases and any possible connections. the american vaping association
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tells us that with approximately 10 million adults vaping nicotine each month without major issue, they say it appears much more likely that the products causing lung damage contain thc or illegal drugs, not nicotine. so far nobody can really say for sure. dr. chapman wants patients and families to know if symptoms get worse, or you and a loved one i pneumonia, be sure to tell your doctor if you use e-cigarettes, which can be an issue with teenagers who may not want to admit it. and then we've heard kids asked, do you use nicotine cigarettes? they say no. and then they ask, do you use juul? they say, yeah, i use juul. we're not saying juul is to blame for all of these, but there is a distinction for teens
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between nicotine and juul. you have to ask these kids. the fbi says a shooting at an i.c.e. office in san antonio was a targeted attack. investigators say they fired into the office. no one was hurt but people were ntsd. they believe political rhetoric and misinformation encouraged the incident. no arrests have been made. there are big changes underway here at cbs. have you heard? our company has announced a merger with via come called viacomcbs. it will be worth with $28 billion it will control the largest television business in this country reaching more than 4.3 billion tv customers in more than 180 million customers. bob backish will serve as ceo --
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he's smiling -- so he'll be in charge of all cbs-branded products -- >> they're all smiling. >> yeah, and cherry redstone will be director of companies. they ever to a proopprove the m. everybody looked happy. i know this is a big deal for the family in the building. exciting news for us. >> sherry redstone said, my father once said content is king, and never has that been more true than today. everybody is fighting for more content, and that's what this is all about at the heart of it. a landmark new law allows child sex abuse survivors to sue their perpetrators decades later. ahead we hear from a man who filed a lawsuit against the catholic church soon after the good wednesday morning to you. a heat advisory for all of our
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inland locations because of the dangerous heat. we're talking mid 90s to triple digits. 95 to 106 for some of our hottest locations inland. please do what you can to stay safe and cool in this heat. let's check out some of those temperatures. 96 in san jose. 86 in oakland and 80 for san francisco. still hot tomorrow cooling back down by the end of the week.
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we have much more news ahead. one more reason to check your blood pressure. a link to a disease affecting millions of americans. and jay-z makes a deal with the nfl. why the league is hoping the partnership will help improve
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this is a kpix 5 news morning update. it's 7:26 i'm kenny choi. a second straight spare the air alert this morning is across the bay this morning. light winds and lots of smog are causing high levels of unhealthy air today. crews were at the scene of a two alarm blaze near the downtown area. this happened about 3:50 this morning. the fire has been knocked out and no injuries reported. >> and sheriff's deputies in rodeo are reporting an overnight shooting near california street. no word on any suspects. we'll have news updates throughout the day on your favorite platforms including our website it's
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good morning here at 7:27 i
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am keeping an eye on your main travel times here. let's take a look at just how those are doing. you're no longer in the green. in the meantime let's start with our back to school commute cast. you have an accident on 280 heading into san francisco and out of it 101 northbound is also slow going. 101 is in the yellow. you are in the red on highway 4 as well as on the east shore freeway. 580 is a little bit slow as well mary. emily, well we have a heat advisory in effect for today and tomorrow for all of 0 our inland locates. mid 90s to triple digits. some of 0 our hottest spots will hit 106 this afternoon. 106 concord. 105 fairfield. livermore 96 san jose. 86 oakland. 80 for san francisco. it will be another hot day tomorrow cooling back down by the end of the week.
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7:30 on "ctm," here is what's happening this morning. hong ko hong kong protesters are called terrorists after they clash with police. a report of a possible cover up of epstein's death. e-cigarettes may lead to disease in young adults. >> jada pinkett-smith talks about her new role. >> and in our american wonder series, go down to the largest underground lake in north america. >> there is a rich history here and it is something that you don't get to see everyday.
7:31 am
it is pretty amazing. >> we'll get to see it today. >> i am looking forward to go underground. >> i am looking forward to watch it. >> i am glad they had the lights on down there. >> a dark swim. >> welcome back, i am anthony mason with gayle king and tony dokoup dokoupil. >> the child victim's act gives sexual abuse survivors barred by a statue of limitations a one year window to file a civil lawsuits against their alleged perpetrator or institutions like the boy scoutscouts, schools or church. this marks one year on alleged sexual abuse by clergy in the catholic church.
7:32 am
nikki battiste has been following this. >> reporter: today that changes. as a victim's act goes into effect. he's coming forward. he's ready for his day in court. some of what he has to say may be difficult to hear. >> my dad always told me the priests is just one step away from god. you must respect and do whatever he wants you to do. >> james larne says that message confused him at age 14. the priest began sexually abu abusing him at the church in staten island. >> he put his hands behind my head and i started to cry
7:33 am
quietly but he was not going to stop. he guided my head down. this was a behavior for the next 18 months. >> the priest died in 2000s. by the time he was ready to come forward, it was too late. the statue of limitations for any criminal or civil recourse have long passed until now. >> does the new york child's victim act give you the power back? >> yes, it does. i never thought this moment would come or i would be able to legally seek justice. he's now suing the arch diocese of new york. jennifer freeman is his attorney. >> there are critics who say some people may take advantage of the new law to try to make
7:34 am
money. what's your response? >> this is about accountability and holding those institutions responsible for what they allowed or did to children. >> the child victim's act opens a one year look back window in new york during any person under the age of 18 when they are sexually abused can file a lawsuit. at age 23 to sue a perpetrator and age 21 to sue the institution. >> this is not about money. it is about justice and this is the way america does justice. marcy hamilton, she expects thousands of lawsuits to be filed against everyone from coaches to jeffery epstein's estate. >> we'll learn about the hidden danger to children, hidden child predators across the state of new york that nobody knew about. >> it may not just be new york. according to child usa, nationally a total of 18 state
7:35 am
in the district of columbia have new statue of limitation reform laws go into effect this year. four states in d.c. are offering a look back window. >> what's the one where you would use to describe the catholic church today? >> a year later? >> corrupt, morally corrupt. >> catholic survivor fought for reform in pennsylvania when he was sexually abused when he was ten. one year ago the grand jury report was released. over the past 12 months, wehim. he says he won't stop fighting for change in pennsylvania where victims must file civil lawsuits
7:36 am
by age 30. >> a year ago the statue of limitations is reabusing me. is that still the case? >> sure, we'll see people here in new york filed. i still don't have that opportunity. >> this >> for that he says he's grateful. >> what would the outcome of your lawsuit and can't comment on it. it earn couraged anyone with an allegation to bring it to law
7:37 am
enforcement. the law firm that represents, just one law firm had more than 500 clients from the boy scouts school filing under this law. >> it is so tough to see james larney staying in front of the church and years later, 66. still in obvious pain. >> it is tough. every victim and survivor i have spoken with, it never leaves any of them. >> i saw an interview with an expert, for most child abuse victims, the average age they come forward is in the early 50s. it hunts them for so long. >> most reform laws, you have to come forward by your early 20s. it is wonderful that so many states are changing. >> powerful new tool. >> at the same time they have to relive this over again. a teenager on vacation is killed in a rare accident. a popular tourist population ahead. the danger officials say is not
7:38 am
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> k slidroarni fo tourists. a family of five driving along this road when their car was hit by rocks. the girl inside the car was killed. >> pat cummings was driving down this road when traffic stops and sound of horror. >> i can hear a woman crying frantically and screaming, please help her,he park officials confirmed a car driven by a family of five from utah was caught in the rock fall. enough debris to fill a bed of a pickup truck. some of the stones are foot in diameter. >> whether it is rain or wind, all of those things can cause rocks to fall.
7:43 am
rocks falling at this magnitude is unusual. >> a 14-year-old girl in the car was killed. her parents and her two siblings were injured. >> it happened here on the 50-mile long going to the sun road. driven by 2 million people every year. the danger it is not always preventable. it is a little bit tough to inspect the mountain above the road, rocks are continually to shed. from "cbs this morning," i am meg oliver. >> it is interesting, not that it is going to prevent you from accidents like that. >> the road is called going to the sun, interesting, too.
7:44 am
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7:49 am
powered crude missiles. >> the russians took days to acknowledge the extent of what happened here. >> they're not calling it an evacuation but they're saying it a displacement. >> radiation level after the incident spiked up 16 times. >> yeah, if you look at chernobyl. >> fair stuff. >> the faa is banning mac book from flights. apple voluntarily recalled the battery in june, they were installed in mac book pros. bloomberg reports travelers who
7:50 am
have replaced the battery in their affected mac book pros can fly with theirmpcouters. you can't if you are in between ery he new mac book. >> it is worth doing it sometimes for money, too. >> okay, the nfl. ♪ay s z'inam.up >> it is the perfect song for this. >> what is jay z saying? he's not a businessman. >> we are going to tell you why. jay z's entertainment will consult on the leave. nfl will work with jay z on
7:51 am
social justice campaign. >> interesting paike col kaepernick, too. >> he has. >> clearly team colin. an interesting partnership to see if there will be some change on that front, too. >> the nfl commissioner says we want people to come in and tell us what we can do better. >> people have ideas. >> he refused to play super bowl halftime shows in the past because of these issues. gayle, you know he obviously teamed up with meek mills. they have their own criminal justice. >> exactly, he's doing great things. i love this story because we come up with a difficult week of a lot of tragedies. a west virginia national guard man had quite a journey trying to make it home to see the birth of his first child. he was rushing home from kabul for his wife's friday delivery
7:52 am
in charleston. storms on wednesday caused his following day forced another cancellation. the airport ran out of rental cars. a word, a woman and her co-worker heading to charlesto . he saw his son, cooper. >> charlie and victor was the good samaritans. >> coming up jada pinkett-smith here at studio 7. woman 1: i had no symptoms of hepatitis c. man 1: mine... man 1: ...caused liver damage. vo: epclusa treats all main types of chronic hep c. vo: whatever your type, ask your doctor if epclusa is your kind of cure. woman 2: i had the common type. man 2: mine was rare.
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this is a kpix 5 news morning update. >> a wild fire burning in mendecino county at last check the fire is now 35% contained. happening today state lawmakers will hold a hearing on public safety power shutoffs. they want to know what utilities are doing to ensure deenerg deenergiization is being down to maximize public safety. it's back to school for thousands of students in the gilroy community today as the
7:57 am
residents are still reeling in the wake of last month's shooting and police will also be on hand as a precaution. news updates throughout the day including our website yep! oh, yeah! seriously, save on fall styles for women, men, boys and girls. at the ross shoe event. on now. and you score the you knperfect outfit?at ross ooooohhhh! game on! now, that's yes for less.
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nothing beats getting the latest trends at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less. good morning here at 7:58 let's get a look at your real time traffic times this morning. so far you are no longer in the green anywhere but you are in the red. 41 minutes in the altimonte pass. looking much better on highway 4. 50 minutes on the 101. you're at 78 minutes for now. baybridge metering lights are on and you're backed up all the way to the foot of the maze. the heat is on for sure across the bay area. heat advisories in effect for all of our inland locations due to the extreme heat. >> as we head through the afternoon inland. check out some of our specific highs. 106 concord. 96 san jose.
7:59 am
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good morning to our viewers in the west. wednesday, august 14, 2019. welcome back to "cbs this morning." the violence so bad at one of asia's biggest airports, protesters are apologizing to the travelers for the inconvenience. new research linking hh dem. now you can protect yourself from that. and we are going on a boat ride in our summer series, american wonders. first, here's today's "eye opener" at 8:00. one of jeffery epstein's accusers has filed the first lawsuit against the estate since his apparent suicide. >> did not make checks on jeffery epstein. not only were they supposed to
8:01 am
make, but they logged and documented. the chaos last night, calling the protests an act of terrorism. this is good news because it means that tariffs are not driving up the prices of some of the most popular goods from china, but the relief is temporary. they do believe that the gunman acted alone. his own sister was among the victims, but investigators remain divided on whether he intentionally targeted her. new warning about a possible link between severe lung disease in teenagers and vaping. >> doctors determined their lungs sustained some kind of acute injury and began to fail. for days the internet has been unable to get enough of this video of a pneumatic tube system designed to move fish over long distances over dams, the salmon cannon, of course, the flinging mimo. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places.
8:02 am
that's pretty cool. nice ride if you are a salmon, right? >> i'll take your word for it. >> i was going to say that, too. i'm anthony mason with gayle king and tony dokoupil. we are learning new details about a possible cover-up and a lawsuit just filed this morning in the jeffery epstein case. a cbs news source has information showing how jailers may have tried to hide mistakes surrounding the apparent suicide of epstein. the u.s. attorney general has stepped in to make changes at the metropolitan correctional center where the suspected sex trafficker was found dead on saturday. mola lenghi is outside that federal jail in new york city with what the new lawsuit says. >> reporter: bone of jeffery epstein's alleged victims has filed a civil lawsuit that targets not only the multi-millionaire's estate, but including co-conspirators including ghislaine maxwell as
8:03 am
well as three other females referred to as the recruiter, secretary, and maid. none of the women have been charged and ghislaine maxwell vehemently denies the investigation. the attorney general and william barr have reassigned the worden here pending outcomes of investigations by the fbi and inspector general. the warden of otisville will take over here. the department of justice announced two guards have been placed on leave. the doj may not be done saying in a statement that additional actions may be taken as the circumstances a circumstances warrant. the shake-up comes as law enforcement source tells cbs news prison guards working when epstein apparently died by suicide may have falsified reports to make it look like they were checking in on epstein when they were in fact not. we are told the alleged sex trafficker may have been dead for one to two hours before his body was found saturday morning. sources say the fbi is
8:04 am
mcc, the metropolitan correctional center here, where epstein was being held. at least two of the prison guards have hired attorneys. it's unclear if they are the same prison guards who have been placed on leave. >> thank you very much. turning overseas, hong kong's giant international airport is running normally after a night of violent clashes between police and pro-democracy demonstrators. this video shows protesters cornering a police officer, taking his baton and beating him with it. they did not stop until the officer then pulled out his gun in response. police responded elsewhere to demonstrators who beat up two men suspected of being undercover officers from china. officials say they were actually a tourist and a chinese journalist. >> hong kong residents have protested for months saying they believe china is trying to strip away freedoms in the former british colony. this image appears to show chinese military vehicles moved
8:05 am
inside a sports stadium. president trump said china tdehs in s t mor asap rocky guilty of assault, but the court gave him a suspended sentence so he will not have to return to sweden for jail time. the victim was also awarded yor damages. rocky was charged in connection with a fight in stockholm back in june. he says he was defending himself after two men followed his entourage and one of them picked a fight with his bodyguards. police arrested rocky and he was held through his trial because he was considered a flight risk. president trump sent his lead hostage negotiator to sweden and claimed that sweden's legal system was being unfair. rocky was allowed to return to the u.s. after his trial ended. >> he is found guilty, but he
8:06 am
can remain free? >> yeah, suspended sentence. time served rnl he served about 30 days. >> seems like a fairly diplomatic verdict, if you will. >> it's confusing. the videotape clearly showed him saying we don't want any trouble with you guys, leave us alone. very interesting case. a study in the the american medical association finds a link between high blood pressure and dementia. about one in three american adults have high blood pressure. dr. tara narula joins us with what you can do to stay healthy. good morning. nice to see you. what is the connection? >> so dementia effects 10% of americans over 65. we don't have a lot of great treatments or preventative measures. a lot of people don't know that hypertension or high blood pressure can be associated with future risk of dementia. this is something that is potentially modifiable. and dementia being one. most feared conditions for american adults. this study looked at 4,800
8:07 am
americans and followed them over 24 years. they looked at blood pressure patterns and found two patterns that were associated with an increased risk of dementia. the first is when you have high blood pressure in mid-life, 50s to 60s, that persisted into your later life. the second pattern was if you had high blood pressure in mid-life, but then developed very low blood pressure in your later years. by low i mean less than 90/60. all of this really highlights the fact that hypertension is potentially modifiable. we can really make a huge public health impact by controlling this. we need to be starting this early in your 40s and 50s, and as far as the older population is concerned we do need to fiki of do more research to figure out what is the ideal blood pressure when you get older. >> what is the answer to that? and what can you do to control your blood pressure? >> there is a lot. first of all, get screened early. in your 20s you should start getting screened. have that close relationship with your doctor. if you do have high blood pressure, getting checked often.
8:08 am
if you are prescribed medications, please take them every day as prescribed. and then there are a lot of lifestyle things you can do. we talk about reducing salt in your diet, increasing potassium, exercising, controlling your weight, limiting alcohol consumption, quitting smoking. a lot of things in your hands to control your blood pressure. >> you mentioned your doctor monitoring blood pressure. there are tests at home. in the drugstore, they have that thing that you put your arm in. are those reliable? >> they can be. we tell our patients to use those because it helps us monitor how well their pressure is at home. a lot of people when they come to the doctor's office their pressure is high. if on trent, itlitower. gives us a sense of how well you are being treated. you can get a monitor, bring it into your doctor's office and pthey are getting in the office >> why is high blood pressure considered a silent killer? >> this is such an important point. you know, high blood pressure is asymptomatic for a lot of people.
8:09 am
you feel well. you think i don't have high blood pressure or maybe i did at one time, now i'm fine, i don't need to take my medications. but it's damaging that increased pressure is damaging the blood vessels that supply blood throughout your body. this is why it's associated with an increased risk of kidney disease, stroke, heart attack, vision loss, sexual dysfunction. anywhere there is an artery seeing high pressure, there is a potential to damage the cells. >> you have inspired me to get tested and find out what my number is. 140 feet below the ground sits the largest underground lake in north america. chip reid takes us on a tour and shows us how a 13-year-old boy accidentally found it decades ago. coming up on "cbs this morning," we'll show you this. it's known as the lost sea. it's the largest underground lake in north america.
8:10 am
8:11 am
jada pinkett-smith will be here in studio 57 at our table talking about her new action movie and why everyone should be honest. she is on her popular facebook watch program, red table talk. have you seen it? it's good. the baby rhino and his mom carrying big expectations for the survival of their species. you are watching "cbs this morning." you know we always appreciate that. we'll be right back. we'll be right back.
8:12 am
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8:16 am
in our summer series, american wanders, we are exploring places that is make our country wonderful. spectacular creations and majestic landscape. this morning we take you underground. it atractracts 2,000 visitors everyday. >> chip reid went to see it. >> reporter: good morning, what you do is you go down this tunnel and you will arrive at the largest underground lake in the northern hemisphere. yes, they call it the loss sea. deep in the foothills of the smoky mountains of 50 miles south of knoxville sits an american ound.
8:17 am
inside a narrow tunnel leads to an intricate pave system drenched in history. cherokee indians used it as a shelter in the 1820s. >> this is authentic writing from the civil war. >> reporter: and confederate some juries use the cave's soils to make gun powder. >> you remember this. >> yes. >> reporter: tour guide savannah dalton is apart of that rich history. her grandmother and great aunt played down here as children. >> reporter: that cave system leads to the main attraction, the lake. the lake was discovered by a 13-year-old boy who crawled up to a tunnel before he dropped down into the lake himself and waited out until deep water. it was of course a lot smaller when he came through. we blasted it out since.
8:18 am
>> here it is everyone. >> reporter: because of his discovery the lost sea adventure sees 50,000 tourists a year from all over the world. >> did you have fun? >> high five all around. >> reporter: a boat ferry visitors across the clear water. >> you can dip your fingers into the cold lake. >> you feel the 56 degrees water. >> it is chilly. >> reporter: watch rainbow trouts swim by. >> how many fish you have in here? >> 300. >> reporter: they lose a small portion of their eye sight and color, the lighting is not natural sun light. the water is 70 feet deep and covers 4.5 acres. >> reporter: what are those streaks over there? >> this is a formation known as drapery, it is where water is leeching the iron out of the rock and it will hang down. a lot of people call it cave
8:19 am
bacon. >> reporter: any idea how long a piece of caved bacon like that had been forming? >> probably hundreds or if not thousands of years. >> reporter: it is a long time waiting for bacon. >> dalton enjoyed her job just as much today as she started more than seven years ago. >> reporter: what's the best part you do? >> there is the history here and seeing the awe and wanders on people's faces for the first time. it is amazing. if you find yourself in the general vicinity of eastern tennessee, you want to check out this american wander, i am chip reid, i am 150 feet below between sweet water, tennessee. >> that's some sweet water. it is so clear down there. >> very nice. >> they don't let you fish
8:20 am
though. the fish looks catchable. >> it looks doable. >> you may go, gayle? >> i won't be so scared. >> thank you chip reid and va n savannah dalton. a kid left inside a hot car. the mother is avoiding parents how to avoid making the same mistake. this story we are telling you is a happy ending. you are watching "cbs this morning." i work hard and i want my money to work hard too. so i use my freedom unlimited card. even when i'm spending, i'm earning 1.5% cash back on everything i buy. earning on my favorite soup... got it. earning on that eclair. don't touch it. don't touch it yet. let me get the big one. nope. this one? nope. this one? no. let me get them all. i'm gonna get them all. it's just the basics. can you double bag this right here? earn 1.5% cash back on everything you buy with freedom unlimited.
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8:23 am
a florida mother has a warning for parents after a small his take involving her child with almost deadly consequences. she christina tufford accidentally left her 11-month
8:24 am
11-month-old baby. >> she called on star. we used a hammer to break the front passenger's side window. maddie was locked inside the house for 16 minutes. she was okay. just a little thirsty. tufford keeps a window punch on the outside of the vehicle so she can take matter into her own hands. >> you can see how that can happen when your keys are locked in the heat of the moment. >> i like when technology fails, the police arrived, we have a hammer. don't worry. >> a hammer will always works for many things. award winning actress, jada pinkett-smith is here. she's beyond the most watched i log l aemmy.
8:25 am
you are ready to discuss, this is a kpix 5 news morning update. good morning. it is 8:25 i'm michelle griego. in fairfield crews were at the scene of a two alarm fire near the home of the downtown area. it happened at about 3:50 this morning. the fire has been knocked out and no injuries were reported. bart is starting a massive transportation project. the work will be done on a stretch of track between the orinda and walnut creek stations. happening today at san francisco park named after an openly racist congressman will have a new name. we're talking about the julius kahn playground. news updates throughout the day
8:26 am
on your favorite platforms including our website
8:27 am
good morning here at 8:27. let's start your real time traffic update with your travel times this morning. you are no longer in the green anywhere. are you in the red. 45 minutes on the east shore freeway. that is not a good situation due to an earlier accident you have delays. 108 southbound approaching an hour and a half. san jose if you're coming out of there you are bk to school. bay bridge metering lights are
8:28 am
back on well on to the 880 flyover and off to the san mateo bridge where we are seeing slow and go traffic in that westbound direction. however, no stalls, crashes or delays to report. we do have a car off to the right-hand shoulder. the backup approaching the richmond san rafael bridge goes all the way to the east shore freeway. emily, we are watching those temperatures climb especially as we head through the afternoon inland. heat advisory in effect for all of our inland locations because of the dangerous heat. topping out to 106. our daytime highs specifically 106 in concord. 105 fairfield, livermore. 96 san jose. 86 oakland. and 80 for san francisco. just as hot for tomorrow. that heat advisory continues inland tomorrow. a little bit cooler on friday. much cooler kicking in for the weekend with temps dropping down
8:29 am
to below average by saturday and sunday.
8:30 am
it is time to bring you some of the stories that are the talk of the table. we have a special guest. she knows about it. >> she talks about talks at the table. >> i have not said her name yet. >> jada pinkett-smith. we are happy she's here with us. >> i know you watch our segment every morning. for people who have not seen it. >> where we pick a story and talk about it with one another. anthony, what do you have for us? >> ohio state formally known as the ohio state university, well the school says it wants to trademark the word "the" to protect its brand. >> some people find this shall we say obnoxious?
8:31 am
>> the school says we want to protect the brand. the "the" is part of the school's name under law. in 2017, they tried the trademark as osu. but oklahoma state university objected. they actually shared that. if they want to call themselves the ohio state university, should they be tosu? i don't think it would work. >> no, it would not. they filed this trademark last week. we'll see what happens. if you went to the school and you had it on your resume, don't put the "the" in. >> jada, what have you got? >> the team from israel beat kenya 13th.
8:32 am
the kenyans did not have cleats and played in the match with sneakers. parents bought each of the players cleats. the next day they presented their new shoes. team kenya had a leg up on its opponent belgium and won 16-9. >> way to go kenya! >> i mean you probably noticed before the match that they did not have cleats but you are going give them cleats before. >> i love this. >> i tweeted about it. >> yes. i tweeted about it when i first heard about it. what i loved was seeing young competitive women supporting each other. you know that's a whole different game right there. >> i am talking about what we all kind of have a feeling and rumors about it and is your phone listening to you? >> we don't do that and we are not doing that. >> i think they do.
8:33 am
>> i think they do. >> here is why. every now and then something happens and they come out and acknowledge facebook acknowledging they have been outside contractors to transcribe user's audio chats. if you have been using the messenger app and do the transcription, a portion of that messages going to third party. facebook says we stopped more than a week ago. >> they're also not saying how many people were affected and they're not saying what happens to this information, stuff that already transcribed. >> raises question. >> my story is about how not to raise your children. a 22 years old man. he received a brand new bmw as a gift. he was not happy with it, he pushed the bmw into the river. >> he could have given it to me. >> wow.
8:34 am
>> his parents say, should they push charges? >> the parents believe their son has dementia issue. >> it reminds me of influenza. she opened the 23rd given, is that it? it is not the kind of child i wanted to raise. you as a parent send a message of the fact he got a brand new bmw, oh, i want a jaguar. >> what do you think? >> that'll not happen here in this house. >> i don't think so. the main reason why jada pinkett-smith is with us this morning. she's a creator and chances are you have seen it. streaming on facebook. watch with heris. they have raw conversations on .
8:35 am
she's ranging from marriage to mental health. she sticks to her other job returning to the big screen and the action movie "angels have fallen." butler plays a secret service agent who was wrongfully accused. >> you are at saint matthews hospital. do you remember how you got here? what's the last thing you remember? >> no. mike, it is important that you tell me the last thing you remember. >> president. i was with the president, where is he? >> your whole team is dead. the president is in a coma, concept you. tell me how that happened? >> she's about to jack him up. [ laughter ] >> i was thinking this about you
8:36 am
jada. you don't know how to play wussy girls ever. is that what you are drawn to tough women? >> i like that. i am trying to find the vulnerable side of myself. >> where is she? >> you see us at the "red table" occasionally. i want to challenge myself to find roles. >> why did this one appeal to you? >> i got to chase gerald butler around. >> right. >> it was out of the country and i just -- >> where was it? >> we shot in london. >> and just to have the opportunity to work with morgan freeman as well. i really love the director of this movie. it is a fun movie. i lou i love the series. >> hey, mommy, you got to take this movie.
8:37 am
>> how big apart did that play making the decision? >> it has some influence. you want your kids to be excited. he was a big fan of this familiar franchise. >> i think it is going to do very well for you jada pinkett-smith. will it do as well as "the red table talk." >> i am so obsessed with the show. you got the three generations. you guys talk about everything. >> work and all. >> yes, i did it many years ago when willow was about 11 for mother's day. for us all sit around as three generati generations of women to talk about different experiences we had thus far for mother's day. there were things willow did not know about my mother and i. >> you would learn stuff about willow, too. we always learned a lot about willow. >> always have my jaw dropping at the table. >> this is not the share and care hour. for viewers who have not seen the show.
8:38 am
every topic you may not want to talk about with your mother and daughter present is talk ed about. >> which is why it is called "the red table." >> do you preinterview each other? >> it looks like totally unscripted. >> do we have a clip from "the red table talk." >> it looks like it is unscripted. will smith made an appearance. >> i was like -- this show just hit me on my head with a newspaper. [ laughter ] >> we went in the other room and i was like i said "jada, this is the deal, i grew up in a household where i watch my father punched my mother in the face. i will not create a house or a space or interaction with a person where there is profanity and violence. >> if you have to talk to me
8:39 am
like that, we can't be together. wow. >> now, y'all are very candid. will was a guest. he's not a regular guest on the show. you feel very open talking about all aspects of your life. is there anything off limits for you? >> no, there has not been something that comes up thus far. i believe there is a difference between being open and private. >> what do you mean? >> that's subjective. >> for you, what is it though? >> it depens on what the topic is. in my own personal life, women specifically who had the courage to be completely and raw like honest in a raw way have saved me from making some big mistakes in my life. >> it is not celebrity driven. it is topic driven. >> absolutely. >> we got to do this.
8:40 am
>> oh. we stole this from jada. this is what they do. they bring out the fish bowl and ask guests to pull out a question. this is a good idea here. d self?i what she w,ldl 20 yes >> man. >> do it in less than 30 seconds. >> yes, knowing what i know now, i would tell my 20 years old self this is the process. >> you are no different than anybody else. it is going to be okay. in your 20s is a difficult time. you're no different, jada. trust and believe is going to be okay. you are going through stuff and having problems and you think something is wrong with you. >> you can tell my 20 years old self that, too. >> your nail polish matches your outfit. >> how do you keep a straight
8:41 am
face with will smith and his fun antics. >> it is easy when you had to deal with it 24/7. >> he gets funnier as the hours go by. >> that's one of the blessings having someone full of laughters. you keep high spirits all the time. >> you do, too. your mom and daughter is something very special and not like anything on national tv. >> it is a great show. >> thank you point. >> jada pinkett-smith, thank you so much. "angel has fallen" opens on august 23rd. ahead of the breakthrough in saving a rare animal from extinction. we'll show the
8:42 am
it's on. get to the ross shoe event for even more brands at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. yes! yep! oh, yeah! seriously, save on fall styles for women, men, boys and girls. at the ross shoe event. on now.
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you...and mom also gets aoss shoppiback-to-school bag? that's yes for less. ross has the brands you want for back to school. and it feels even better when you find them for less. we have an update this morning, a remarkable project to save a rhino from extinction. we showed you how a baby rhino earlier this month how a baby born at the zoo is a key step forward an this ambitious program. it was on the verge of vanishing forever. the mother and daughter living in kenya to protect them from poachers.
8:46 am
john black stone reports on the fight to save the northern white rhinos. >> they're southern white rhinos. edward took his first step about two weeks ago and made histo ing artificialer >> he's so active and healthy. barbara durante is a researcher and conduct science. >> it is a big step in the overall plan which is to help the rhino come back from the brink of extinction. >> next step is transform rhino's skin cell into stem cell. >> a stem cell, it has the potential to become any cell in the bottom. it redistricts to sperm and egg.
8:47 am
>> they succeeded in turning stem cells in beating cardiac muscle. >> the stem cell you will be using, does it seem like magic? >> it is very complex. work con. the world's largest genetic banks contains samples from 10,000 animals. >> while durante says, their mission is personal. >> we feel a responsibility. as a member of the expertise causing their extinctions. in meantime, victoria is stepping up and showing off her motherly instinctinstincts. >> she's a helicopter mom. she's right on top and we need to make sure he's okay. >> cbs this morning. john blackstone.
8:48 am
>> escondido, kalgcalifornia. >> do you think animals can bee same time. >> yes. >> cute looking at us at the moment but if she's charging at us, not so much. >> on today's podcast, dr. lewis talks about her new book called "elder hood" and sharing myth of reaching old age. >> where ever you would like to get your podcast on. old age is 82. how police officers came together to support a college son on the first day of school. you are watching "cbs this morning." choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever.
8:49 am
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8:51 am
before we go. a five-year-old boy got a police escort on his first day of school, it looks like his father
8:52 am
would not miss it. weeks after a kaelated surgery. his fellow officers thought he would miss his son's first day. mattaline's doctor did allow to watch him to go. >> would you prefer to get out of the hospital and watch it in person? we can do that for you. >> look at that face. officer mattaline arrived to find friends and family for police escort for carmine. andy had a little bit of recovery time left until he can walk his son to school everyday. >> i love andy's reaction learning that he could go. >> and his colleagues, too. you can see the moment matters to him so much. >> so much. >> so important. >> giving up your first kid's
8:53 am
walk to school is really hard. >> dthat does it for us today, e sure to
8:54 am
8:55 am
this is a kpix 5 news morning update. >> good morning. it is 8:55. i'm michelle griego. a second straight spare the air alert is in effect this morning across the bay area. hot weather, light winds and lots of smog are causing high levels of unhealthy air. in fairfield crews were at the scene of a fire. the fire has been knocked out and no injuries were reported. sheriff's deputies in rodeo are investigating an overnight shooting at mariposa avenue. it's not clear how many people were hurt and no word on any suspects. news updates throughout the day on your favorite platforms including our website
8:56 am
8:57 am
good morning here at 8:57 keeping an eye on your real time traffic and travel times this morning. let's start out with that. you are no longer in the green anywhere. that has improved by about 10 minutes. they've cleared the accident that was slowing you down still in the red though. 101 you are now a 100-minute drive. that is bad news. a couple of accidents there in the clearing stages. you're still looking good on highway 4 and out of the
8:58 am
altimonte pass. backed up to the maze as well as on to the 880 flyover. the san mateo bridge is a slow crawl towards the peninsula. and the richmond san rafael bridge is moderately better but it's slow going to the plaza. better shape on 101. well it is all about the heat for today. above average temperatures and the highs today and tomorrow likely the hottest temps we have seen so far this summer. heat advisory for all of 0 our inland locations today and tomorrow because of the extreme and dangerous heat. highs topping out in the mid 90s to triple digits. so specifically in concord you're going to hit 106. 105 in fairfield and livermore. 96 in san jose. 92 redwood city. 86 in oakland and 80 for san francisco. we will continue with triple digit heat inland tomorrow which is why that heat advisory will continue inland tomorrow. cooler as we head through the end of the week.
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wayne: wow. - yeah, boy! wayne: tiffany, what's behind the curtain? jonathan: it's a trip to italy! - i'm here to win big today. jonathan: it's in the bag. (grunts) wayne: go get your car! give him a big round of applause. you did it, you got the big deal of the day! and this is how we do it in season ten. jonathan: it's time for "let's make a deal." now here's tv's big dealer, wayne brady! wayne: hey, america, welcome to "let's make a deal." it starts now, wayne brady here. who wants to make a deal? you, stephanie, come on over here, everybody else have a seat. let's get the deal started with stephanie. stephanie, welcome to the show, how are you doing? - hey, i'm really good, thank you. how are you? wayne: i'm great, i'm here. so what do you do? - i'm a college professor. i work at moorpark college, oxnard college, and l.a. valley college.


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