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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  August 14, 2019 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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right now at 7:00 -- >> it gets real sweaty out here. real fast. >> it is too hot. especially for our age. >> it can almost be a health hazard for some people. >> what is next after this sweltering summer day? triple digit heat returns for one more day, then the significant changes coming. it is expected to be very hot the next few days, i am devon file, i will take a closer look at the climate science about how global warming may impact our community. the suspect is out of jail, and there is already concern that the individual may not show up in court. back to school and still struggling to cope. at the gilroy garlic festival. >> they are never going to be able to accomplish anything. the new kpix 5 news at 7:00 starts right now with those hot temperatures just now beginning
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to cool off. after a scorching day, here in the bay area, good evening. check out some of the highs today, san jose, 97, livermore, 103, oakland, 90, some people like the extra warmth that many people want it to end. >> it is too hot. especially for our age. you know? sometimes i cannot breathe very well. >> i try to get my workout in early and stay indoors after that. >> i was really freezing, and now i am enjoying this. >> some people had no choice but to work outside, in the heat all day. >> i tell you what, it gets real sweaty out here. real fast. that you have to get the paycheck, so you stay out here all day. >> it has been crazy, it is a lot of jumping from one call to the next. just getting everything up and running, getting people comfortable and cool when it gets this hot it can almost be
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a health hazard for some people. >> pg&e crews are working tonight, crews are trying to restore a heat related power outage, that is hitting 2600 residents in dental right now. there is no word yet when the power will be back on. we've got a little bit warm at ocean beach. here is a live look, there are still people in the sand and surf, soaking it up. definitely feels like summer out there, even in san francisco. this is not all that unusual, we get these every now and then? some people like it, some people hate it. i make this argument, the 81 degrees in san francisco today has a bigger impact on folks than triple digits in length. they have air-conditioning, san francisco primarily doesn't, the apartment will be warm tonight with a little breeze coming in tonight. these are the hotspots today, fairfield, gilroy, dublin, saratoga, glen ellen all hit 100 degrees or hotter. napa, 100, san jose, officially
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hitting 98 degrees. what about tomorrow, the heat advisory continues to tomorrow, that tells me it is not going to get any cooler tomorrow. warm overnight lows in the 60s and 70s, 90s and 100s in land, now to the specifics we will be well above average, to the tune of one dozen degrees above average. even in san francisco is 80, that is far from normal. the normal high is 68 degrees pick oakland, 87 tomorrow, nearly as hot. san jose, 96, concord, 105. that will be 17 degrees warmer than average. then it all ends on friday, we will talk about what happens then, and into the weekend coming up in a few minutes. i am devin fehely, it is hot. those two things in isolation would not be unusual or cause for alarm, but scientists say there is a growing mountain of evidence suggesting it is a part of a worrisome warm-up. scientists say the effects of
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climate change are accelerating, summers are hotter and drier, and the weather overall, more extreme and erratic. >> the longer you look back in time the more you can see the effect from increasing greenhouse gases. >> reporter: the turn of the next century, this meteorologist professor says the changes in temperature will be inescapable. stanford's climate impact lapses in 2100 santa clara will experience 70 days above 95 degrees, compared to just 30 right now. some of those impacts are already being felt, california's fire season is now 30 days longer than it was back in 1980. rising temperatures also mean rising sea levels, the santa clara water district is raising the levees in san jose's flood prone neighborhoods in anticipation. >> it is already vulnerable to flooding from the sea. increasing sea levels will only make it worse for them. >> reporter: scientists say this is a global problem, and requires a global solution. they say that switching to clean
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energy sources, is a step in the right direction. but they say the even bigger challenge is slowing and reversing the damage that has been done. in san jose, devin fehely, kpix 5. a suspect is back on the streets after attacking a woman trying to get home.'s victim is outraged, and wilson walker tells us some city officials are also questioning the suspect's quick release. >> the attack happened on sunday, just this morning the victim received a phone call from the district attorney's office, telling her that the suspect has been released from custody. >> i am shocked. i am scared. terrified. i do not understand what more it takes
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for the city and judge to understand that this man is a danger to our society. to our community. >> reporter: the suspect in the attack, austin james vincent, facing two misdemeanors and two felonies, and he was released from custody this morning with a stayaway order, the san francisco district attorney's office says they objected to his release, a judge apparently disagreed. >> i am surprised that he was released. on his own recognizance with few limitations. >> reporter: this is a former san francisco prosecutor, she says another concern is that vincent, who has no known address, was apparently released without any kind of electronic monitoring. >> it appears that, you know, there is risk to public safety, and risk the guy will not return to court. >> reporter: so the suspect is expected to return to court in september. tonight a bay area mother is seeking justice for her son, he was murdered trying to sound a warning about the shooting. we are live in san francisco tonight with what the victim's mom is doing to keep his case from going cold. >> reporter: this mother is out in san francisco every day,
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putting up flyers, still, we are talking 13 years after her son's death, she is determined to help track down the killers. it is now been 17 years since he was gunned down in san francisco. his killers, remain free. >> my son was a good boy. he had two parents at home, he had no problems, he went to school. he worked at the recreation center. he was working. >> reporter: pollitt around advocates for her son every week at the san francisco police commission. the fact that his case has run cold is exasperating, not only to his family, but investigators. >> this is one that really sticks because we have a lot of information on this case, we need somebody to step forward and give us that last push over
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the finish line with this. >> reporter: the reward for information leading to his killer stands at a quarter of $1 million. >> all he did was walk out of the house. and, he saw the perpetrators. getting ready to shoot someone. and because he opened his mouth and said run, they shot my son. with a semi automatic gun. 30 rounds of bullets. >> reporter: she hopes one day she does not have to hang flyers with her son's photo, begging for information around the neighborhood anymore. >> i am tired, i need to turn my grief into power. >> reporter: back out here, live at the corner of acre, you can see the sign, the memorial, attached to the post, here in this neighborhood. it is one of many of those signs she has been distributing around town, she goes to the police commissioner, she asks for answers, she asks for help. she hopes that next year we will not have to have this memorial on this corner. live in san francisco, kpix 5. gilroy students are back
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home tonight after an emotional first day back at school. >> school officials estimate that 500 to 600 students were at the gilroy garlic festival when the shots rang out. for that reason, gilroy unified says counseling services will be available for returning students and their parents throughout the school year. >> i know that he liked batman, and she was going to become a freshman this year. she would never end up being a senior. you know? and be able to create it. >> they are never going to be able to accomplish their dreams. big dreams for students this year, a new state law now requires the national suicide prevention hotline be printed on student i.d. cards. for seventh graders and up. i.d.s will also include the crisis texts line at a local
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number for help. they began the practice a year ago after talking to school counselors, and social workers. >> it is so important that students and families that know that those resources are out there, because if they do not then, you know, bad things can happen. >> the state senator who offered the bill says we need to confront the issue in an honest way, suicide is the second leading cause of death for kids ages 10 to 18. up next, paving the way for self driving cars. >> a big change on some freeways, how these new markings will help guide the future of transportation. what date are we going to be able to analyze it? >> house and business owners brought one of san francisco's guest transit projects to a grinding halt. a great day for the a's, bats and the battle of the bay. how homer bailey made his mark on the giants.
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still, 78 degrees in san francisco, it is still 98 degrees in concord, find out when temperatures will be up to 25 degrees cooler, coming up.
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caltrans is taking the next step and paving the way for self driving cars. >> they are adding some new striping along a stretch of the northbay. that is not just any striping, caltrans is spraying especially made thermoplastic material along highway 101, that material gets a microscopic layer of glass and b's on top, to reflect as brightly as possible, caltrans says it makes the lanes easier for sensors on self driving cars to see. traditional road stripes are 4 inches wide, the new stripes are 6 inches wide. >> the new stripes are brighter, and they are wider, they also help guide those autonomous vehicles, and pick them up were clearly. >> meanwhile the city of san francisco is putting the brakes on painting those red transit only lines, along the major street. the lanes are part of the federal pilot program, and only open to buses and taxis. the two brothers who own a gas station along geary boulevard
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say the city is not following the rules. >> once they started painting red paint, just east of fillmore, they started painting in december, they were going to put the red paint in simultaneously with the transit lane and removal of bus stops. my brother said they are not following the protocol. you know, what date can we analyze this? >> the brothers did some research and found out that under the program the city is expected to gather traffic data on existing read lanes before painting new ones. the federal government has ordered the city to stop painting until they comply with the guidelines. it was the battle of the bay matinee. >> what a day out there. >> a beautiful day for baseball. it became pretty evident that the a's are more prepared for a stretch than are the giants. it played out today, the a's have a pitching rotation built for the playoff run, the giants do not. that was the difference in game
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two of the bay bridge series. tyler beede he gave up four runs in four innings, matt chapman has a day, he homered twice in the game, he has 7 hits since he shaved his head a week ago. tyler beede he got hosed a little bit on the a's second run, homer bailey, the pitcher, he had two hits in the game to go along with the seven scoreless innings pitch, the a's win 9-5, some of oakland hitters, a little jealous of their hitting pitcher. >> our pitcher might be one of the best hitters on the team. i do not know, i feel like every time they hit, we might need to talk about what we are doing. >> there working hard to get more consistency. we are all pulling for him, we know his point, we find him to be a willing student. has somof thbest uff. >> he is t e yet, the giants are pretty thin in that rotation.
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the a's are now two games back in the wildcard, the giants are four games back. thank you. meanwhile, back to the weather, i know everybody has been kind of going like this, the past few days, one more day, it's sounding like? >> about 80 degrees in the ballpark, 105 in our warmest inland spots, if you did not get outside today maybe you like the heat? maybe that is why you live in concord, livermore, you do not want the chilly ocean breeze, you wanted hot? mother nature said got you today, got you tomorrow. it was 105 in concord, oakland, 62, napa, 62. that is a warm night, leading in to another hot day tomorrow. everywhere away from the water
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is under a heat advisory, that will last until tomorrow evening. limit strenuous activity, it is going to be a toasty one again tomorrow. usually it is the second day. the onshore flow is still there, if you head to the beach you feel the breeze albeit very light, coming from the ocean. it is not like in september and october where everybody gets the offshore or northeaster east wind. we are close, we have a light onshore flow which will be with us for one more day. the low i just showed you over british columbia, that will sag to the south and follow-up the ocean breeze again. tomorrow morning, clouds on the coast, that is it. sunshine throughout the day, watch the subtle change on
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friday, not much, there is the fog squeezing through the golden gate, spilling into san francisco, even if you do not get the clouds you will feel the cool change coming up on friday. everybody feels the cool change, even inland, by the weekend as the ridge moves further away, there is the low hopping off the oregon coastline, stronger breeze from the ocean, thicker marine layer, also below average, about 25 degrees cooler in some of the hottest spots. one more hot day tomorrow, ocean breeze comes backs tomorrow, you want really, head to the beach. half moon bay, 76, fremont, 92 degrees tomorrow, one for, dando, one of five, pitts work pittsburg, berkeley, a bit of a sea breeze tomorrow afternoon. cloverdale, 100, clear lake, one or two. another hot one tomorrow, friday, the ocean breeze returns. we are 8 degrees cooler, we lose 10-12 degrees on sunday, that will cool us down too low
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to mid-80s. thank you. it could be considered one of the first bay area startups. >> the first two women had no money at all. how did the build the billion- dollar businessman's benefit? >> it is not only are used to now. move on, move on. >> that was not the case, at first. >> one original report on this bay area beauty empire, tomorrow night, right here on the new kpix 5 news at 7:00. coming up next, what has investors fearing another recession tonight? plus, on the east coast, a bloody shootout leaves six officers injured and the scene is still active tonight. back here at home, one bay
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area county looking into a new fire tax. coming up tonight at 11:00, it has been 6 months since concrete began crumbling from the upper deck of the san rafael bridge, the major repair work, now complete.
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here is what you missed if you're just getting home, in philadelphia, six officers have been shot in a standoff between at least one gun man and please. and fire broke out this afternoon at a neighborhood in north philadelphia, reports came in of an officer down, the standoff has been going on ever since. six officers who were wounded suffered non-life-threatening injuries. and your 401(k), chances
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are, took a big hit today. fears of a recession and concerns over trade, pushing stocks way down. the dow lost 800 points, nasdaq slipped to 42, the s&p fell 85. a warning from the bond market sparked the selloff, yields only 10 year treasury note fell below the 2 year note for the first time since 2007. market watchers say that means a recession may be coming. >> it takes 12-18 months for us to see the ramifications of it. it is too soon to tell what is going to happen at this point. >> meantime, president trump has delayed expanding tariffs on billions of dollars of goods in china until mid december. the president says he made his decision to keep prices on some of the most popular items more affordable for christmas. >> more than two dozen cities and states are suing tonight, to block the trump administration from rolling back restrictions on coal burning power plants. they say the affordable clean
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energy plan will reverse progress. taxes may be going up, there is the hope of getting the bill on the ballot in march. >> the public is scared, they are coming to us. we are receiving hundreds of phone calls, we do not have the resources to deal with all of that. so really this is a ground up effort from the community telling us we need to do more. >> tomorrow morning at kpix 5, our special back-to-school coverage continues with a look at a new afterschool program , designed to curb violence. >> i want to look for ways to find out how can we turn that madness around. how do we prevent the climate that was taken place on the streets. >> the answer is called
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mafanikio, that is tomorrow morning on kpix 5 starting at 4:30. >> we until you hear how much marijuana was sold outside.
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outside lands became the
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first music festival to let companies legally sell marijuana during the event. >> yes, it turns out they sold a lot. according to the chronicle, the sales of all that marijuana totaled at least $1 million. organizers have not released the exact number, but to put $1 million of marijuana into perspective, experts say it is like buying 105 pounds of weed, more than 66,000 joints, 25,000 vape cartridges. >> that is a lot. thank you for watching tonight at 7:00. >> we will be back here at 11:00. for more news and whether head to have a great night. and the hope this trip never enders. everyone uses their phone differently and in different places. that's why xfinity mobile created a different kind of wireless network. one that's designed to save you money by auto connecting to millions of secure wifi hot spots. and the best lte everywhere else. xfinity mobile. it's wireless reimagined.
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