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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 15, 2019 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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breaking news in philadelphia. a suspect finally surrenders after an hours' long standoff
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sparked by a shootout. the latest on the condition of the six officers who were shot. a man charged in this violent attack in san francisco has been released from jail already. how did that happen? tonight, the victim is pleading to the governor for help. one of the hottest days in the summer. some record highs throughout the bay area. how long does the heat last? there is no place i'd rather be. >> she is still fighting to be taken seriously in the presidential race, but tonight oakland is welcomed her like a rockstar. good evening, i am ken bastida. >> and i met elizabeth cook. the man accused of shooting six police officers is finally in custody. the standoff lasted nearly 8 hours on a north philly neighborhood. police say the officers were serving a narcotics warrant at a home this afternoon, when the situation took a dangerous turn. two officers and three others were trapped inside the building for hours. police say the suspect surrendered finally midnight eastern time. meanwhile, the six officers who
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were slightly wounded have all been released from the hospital. you can get more on the story. joint our morning team for the very latest on this breaking news starting at 4:30. our other top story tonight, this hot weather. a look at ocean beach tonight in san francisco where things are cooling off a bit after some record-breaking temperatures across the bay area. these two city so temperature records shattered today. in oakland, people were sweating it out in 90 degree heat, and san jose it hit 97. more on this heat wave, paul?
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>> it was hot today. triple digits in many inland locations. some of the hottest weather we've seen so far this summer. we have to go back to early to the last time we've seen 105. 101 degrees or hotter in glenallen, saratoga, dublin and also gilroy, those daily record highs include santa rosa and 101 degrees. at sonoma county airport, napa 100, and san jose in the upper 90s. tonight, not the best sleeping weather. tomorrow, another hot day. although our inland valleys are in the heat advisory tomorrow evening. certainly it's going to be a nice light yellow kind of day tomorrow. it's going to be hot in san francisco. hot in the city is 82 degrees. it's 105 degrees in concorde, san jose 96, and oakland 87 degrees. and then friday comes, and everything changes. we will talk more about that and have your weekend forecast coming up. tonight, the suspect arrested in a violent attack caught on camera is out of jail. kbcw joe vazquez tells us the victim is now calling on the governor to take some action. >> reporter: the victims that
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she can't believe the man who attacked her is now out of jail. it happened early sunday morning right here at the front door for building. police say a man attacked paneez kosarian as she try to enter , tackling her and drugging her by her legs as he babbled on about killing a robot. the cops through austin james vincent in jail, but he was released. the homeless man is now back on the street. >> i am scared, terrified. i don't understand what more it takes for the city and the judge to understand that this man is a danger to our society, to our community. >> reporter: yc out of jail? according to the district attorney's office, prosecutors recommended keeping him behind bars. also two other source, there is an algorithm call to release matrix that helps judges figure out whether a suspect is likely to commit another crime. in this case, the release matrix also recommended keeping vincent behind bars, but judge christine van aken went against both recommendations and released him. paneez's boyfriend said this is how they will explain their reasoning. >> he was on drugs, so
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therefore it's -- you know, he was not thinking clearly. >> reporter: paneez 22 california governor, gavin newsom. quote, the judge believes this man is not a danger to our community. please save our city! >> the man that attacked me also needs help, but it's a different type of help. it's not to let them back on the street so he can use again. what is preventing him from getting high again tonight and attacking someone else and not think clearly? >> reporter: vincent faces two felony charges, false imprisonment and implement attempted robbery. he also has a stayaway order to keep 100 feet against this building. joe vazquez, kpix 5. on the campaign 2020, democrats have two weeks left about qualifying to the third presidential debate. so far marianne williamson does not have the polling numbers or the donors. but kpix 5's christin ayers
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shows that she does have a lot of support in oakland. >> reporter: tonight, hundreds of people turned out to this oakland church to see a presidential candidate who is not for her best-selling books, but is still fighting to be taken seriously in the political arena. in auditorium soulful, people sat on the floor of oakland east bay church of religious science. they welcome presidential candidate marianne williamson like a rockstar. >> there's no place i'd rather be than oakland. i feel understood here. >> reporter: being understood is something williamson has struggled with on a national stage. >> this dark psychic force of the collectivized hatred that this president is bringing up in this country. >> reporter: but at the last presidential debate she seemed to find her voice with the proposed policy on reparations for descendents of slaves. >> it's $500 billion, $200-$500 billion' payment of a debt that is owed. that is what reparations is. >> reporter: tonight and oakland county talked ca ra tind hersel a disruptor. it for the people >> reporter: her fans, many of
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whom who know her from her best selling books and new age philosophies, says williamson is bringing a brand of change needed in washington. >> i feel like she's up leveling the whole conversation about -- around leadership, and certainly around politics and our political leadership. i think when people listen intently, i think when people listen to the facts, what it is that she is suggesting, i think they will be getting to know that this is a candidate that is worth voting for. >> reporter: williamson cut the evening short tonight, saying she was tired it would indulge in some self-care. she will be in san francisco tomorrow night in scotts valley on friday. in oakland, christin ayers, kpix 5. sources tell cnn former colorado governor john hickenlooper is expected to end his bid for president tomorrow. area giant cisco has laid off nearly 500 workers. 397 in san jose, another 91 in
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milpitas. the include engineers, managers, tech people. cisco spokesperson says the company is transforming, in their words, and meeting customer demands. right now, shares in age are hitting ahead. >> the market is picking up right where wall street left off with its worst day of the year today. veronica de la cruz is here with a breakdown, veronica? >> reporter: stocks were in freefall today after the market sent a warning bell. the global economic slowdown and a trade war with china. his a look at the closing numbers. the dow was down 800 point. the nasdaq 242, while the s&p lost 85 points. the sell off came after a warning in the form of a government bond and the interest rate on that bond dropped to levels that have
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been a reliable indicator that a recession is coming. >> it takes 12 to 18 months for us to see the ramifications of it, so it is too soon to tell what's going to happen at this point, but clearly the activity we are seeing today could be or more certainly is an indicator that a recession might be down down the line. >> reporter: the president firing up a series of tweets defending his tariffs and bashing the federal reserve, saying the fed was too slow to cut interest rates in july. tomorrow could be another roller coaster ride on wall street, but right now stock futures are going into a higher opening. the s&p, nasdaq, and dow all slightly up. as for the asian markets, china's components and japan's nikkei are down 1%. what the president's battle with beijing may be fueling a spending slump in one of the most chic shopping districts in the country. in six months after concrete fell from the richmond san rafael bridge, the repairs are completed, but there is a new project that will impact
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drivers. an unwanted visitor at a san bruno school is forcing teachers to keep kids inside. how long they say they've been dealing with a coyote.
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♪ this is the height of the summer tourism season, but trendy shops in beverly hills are taking a huge it. crystal cruise say merchants blame the trade war with china for bad business.
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>> reporter: sarah: got a smoking deal at heavily discounted high end pop up shop in beverly hills near rodeo drive. >> this one says 395. and i got it for $70. >> reporter: if you take a look around rodeo drive, you will notice discounts and vacancies, a sign things are changing. >> i think i noticed that. a little bit -- a lot of empty storefronts, which i would think that people would be lining up to get a store here. >> i was on an optical store in beverly drive, and its just everything is terrible. everything is going online. >> reporter: according to the business bureau, there's been a drop in international travel, which makes up a huge number of visitors or spenders. >> i've heard anecdotally that business is different than last year, and i do feel that if you walk around on the streets, the business mixes a little bit different. there are definitely a lot of
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people here, but, but it has changed a little bit. >> reporter: wagnerose in the middle east impacting the area, but wagner did say people aren't just looking for shopping, but one experiences as well. louis vuitton opened a temporary pop-up shop with an interactive exhibit inside. >> i think it's going to change some of the nature of how people shop, and it's definitely going to draw them into the stores. >> reporter: even the international visitors are down, you will still find out- of-towners from places like saudi arabia and dubai ready to spend cash. >> i stay here for one month. i spend around 23, 25 -- >> reporter: thousand dollars? >> yeah, thousand dollars. major repairs on the upper deck of the richmond san rafael bridge are now completed. 31
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joints were replaced. it's been six months since concrete began crumbling from the upper deck, falling down onto cars. in addition to replacing the joints, caltrans added to rubber seal and and patching, and next week crews will begin repairs on the southern truss, which will mean nightly lane closures in both directions. new video tonight of this mess that left some residents without power. a hydrant sheared near the baluster in marin county. and you can see the water shooting up into the air. it even touched those powerlines. fire crews had to wait till pg&e shut off the power. that was before they could close the hydrant. students in california begin a new school year. they can expect to see something a little different. seventh graders and up will have to have the national suicide prevention hotline printed on their student ids. a new state law requires the addition, as well as the crisis
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text line and a local number for help. students and school officials say adding the number is anto t conversation. >> i've seen so many negative ways of approaching suicide. i mean, it is such a hard topic, but it's reality. >> it is so important that students and families that know that those resources that are out there, because if they don't, then, you know, bad things can happen. >> suicide is the second leading cause of death for kids ages 10 to 18. i'm maria medina in san bruno, where a coyote has become a frequent but unwanted visitor here at john muir elementary school. it has left teachers, kids, and parents nervous. as well as the residents who live here in this neighborhood. >> that's very concerning, absolutely. and the sightings have been during the day. >> it was hanging around here.
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>> reporter: and steps from students to attend an afterschool program here, while school is out of session , including dorothy miscellany. how do you feel about the coyote being so close to school? >> scared. >> they say to stay away from it because it could be dangerous. >> reporter: a teacher told trendy after today signing and because of excessive heat, they decided to keep the kids indoors just to be safe. the coyotes have become familiar fixtures in the area. >> sometimes when i pick her up, i will see a coyote on the field. >> reporter: while kids go home every day, the residents say -- >> is very concerning. >> reporter: they deal with the concern day and night. coyotes are likely coming from an open space nearby and don't seem to want to leave their neighborhood. >> someone had posted a picture of a coyote on their front lawn around noon time. and this was in -- on a street >> reporter: they say nothing much can be done they know, but
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for now they will stay vigilant and hope the coyotes keep far from the kids. >> probably really thirsty. hopefully not hungry. >> reporter: neighbor said they are keeping a close eye on their pets, some not even allowing cats or dogs outside alone. we also reached out to the person who runs the afterschool program. we're still waiting on a call back. in san bruno, maria medina, kpix 5. another hot day today, and that forced a lot of people in the bay area to seek relief wherever they could find it. pleasanton, where the temperature is reached triple digits, they had cooling centers open all day long for folks who needed it, and people took advantage of the acm free icewater there. we have a list of cooling centers on our website, one in your neighborhood, on one of those instances where it's always nice and able to check on the folks who live around you, whether it's a cold
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day or a hot day. just make sure your neighbors are doing all right. 84 degrees right now thl be the average high. it's almost midnight. oakland 74, one for you, livermore 78, san francisco is: 267, but i bet it is warmer without a brief tonight or without air conditioning. 64 lows . that's going to be a warm night tonight fort wright valley. napa 60, and san francisco 59 degrees. the heat advisory does last through the night , through the day tomorrow. it expires at 8:00 because friday will be much, much cooler. overnight lows tonight 60s and 70s. 70s in the hills, afternoon highs tomorrow mid-90s to mid- 100s. limit the outer activity if you have the opportunity to do so. unhealthy air quality come east bay and south bay tomorrow, our fourth consecutive spare the air day. moderate air quality elsewhere, so we are looking at a bit of hazy conditions as well. pollution gets kicked down or trapped at the bottom of the atmosphere. same thing happened for the
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marine layer. it compresses the marine layer. right now it is 59 degrees and breezy at the coast. it is near 90 in clayton because that ocean air has no chance of making it over the east bay hills. once the slow leave canada, heads over to the northwest, the marine layer will get thicker, and we will have to push from the ocean, and we'll cool down down on friday and saturday and sunday. a whole lot of sunshine. because maybe the exception. otherwise we are sunny for 13 and have straight hours. on friday you're not seen a changer, but we will begin to see that ocean influence kick things in because that high pressure is way down to the south. off the organ coastline, counterclockwise around it gives us an ocean breeze. it will be much stronger on friday and saturday. the temperatures will drop below average as soon as saturday. tomorrow will be 105 in fairfield. fairfield may struggle to make it to about 82 or 83 degrees by saturday. just a couple days. cooley begins tomorrow or friday after another hot day tomorrow. the ocean breeze will start to move inland on the day on friday, then the weekend everybody is cool down with the breeze from the ocean. wel all be cool wn ll feel good
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after anothot day mo napa 97 degrees, fremon92, 105 fairfield. concord a little more just as hot today. oakland, you will hit 87, san francisco 80, and pacifica 77 degrees , so warm to hot again. friday, no, saturday another 10 degrees colder, sunday cool down still. the ocean breeze will be kicking off 20 to 25 miles an hour by this time. upper 60s to low 70s, and inland low to mid 80s, so much cool down weather by friday and the weekend. wake up at our team. mary lee, emily turner, weather and traffic starting at 4:30 tomorrow. get through tomorrow. we'll be good. tomorrow will be hot. after that, we will be all right. we'll make it. >> thank you, paul. a raccoon busts into a vending machine, but can't bust back out. in here are tonight's
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♪a raccoon, often referred
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to bandits because of their dark, free mask around her eyes. >> one in florida was caught red-handed trying to steal snacks from inside a vending machine the little critter needed help when he got trapped inside the machine in a florida high school, and judging by his facial expression, it looks like he immediately regretted his decision to animal control officers pulled the vending machine outside to free the little guy. it's unclear if he grabbed any snacks for the road. >> i'm thinking he probably grab something. >> he's not dumb. >> it's 14 and nobody came by, got a candy, and put their hand in there. they would not have a hand. those things are vicious, as you well know! starting pitcher, and a former alameda high school football sta isthe mix to make the raiders roster, coming up. tomorrow, get our special back-to-school coverage with a new afterschool program designed to curb violence. >> if i wanted to look away, find out how can we turn that man is the way, how do we prevent that konicek took place?
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>> the answer, a
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the a's have a pitching rotation bill for the stretch run. the giants do not, and that was the difference and game two of the bay bridge series. in the first, he served up the long ball, but not chapman who homered twice and the game. chapman got seven hits just since he shaved his head a week ago. homer bailey had his way with t ane head parade continued
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against beede. matt olson bank enough to bricks to play two more runs. a's when it, 9-5. he had four hits combined. >> our pitchers might be the best hitters on our team. i don't know. i feel like every time they hit, they come out. i need to talk to them. >> maybe not harvey can hit. the a's reportedly signed a right-handed pitcher to a minor- league deal after the game. harvey, known as the dark night with the nets was a cy young contender in new york, but had an e.r.a. over seven with the a's this season. the raiders fans one more check in the hbo show "hard knocks." gruden delivered with nothing but salty anger language. >> better [ bleep ] execution. we will have to have walk- throughs every day. they don't know [ bleep ] nothing about you. i ain't going to be part of
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that [ bleep ]. >> gotta quit cussing. >> maybe chucky has gone a little soft over the year. we know he's got a soft spot for rookie receiver keelan doss. doss was not drafted despite having the greatest receiving career in uc davis history. his football career began at alameda high school roughly 10 minutes from ritter headquarters, and last saturday, he scored with hundreds of friends and family at the coliseum . it wasn't the first time he did on that field, though. >> we played at halftime during a preseason game actually, and i was like the only time i play. >> scored? >> yeah, actually. >> is the same kind of feeling thhad the other night? >> yeah. it was pretty nuts. but what happens now is a pretty awesome feeling. >> the raiders' next chance and
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doss's next chance to score in arizona. the raiders play the cardinals. interesting aspect of that game? kyler murray is the arizona quarterback who was the a's first round pick before turning them down to go pro. >> do you think gruden is acting for the cameras, or do you think that is in? >> no, i think that is gruden. >> i don't get the impression he necessarily loves having all the cameras around. >> it intrusive, and i think some people probably put on an act, but not gruden, and i think that's probably more the norm of any nfl team. >> i think you would be a fun coach to have, though. just for a little while, yeah. >> thanks, dennis. be right back.
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