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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  August 15, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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shot and injured in a gun battle in philadelphia. >> and all eyes on wall street after stocks tank igniting fears of a possible recession. and if you're making plans for labor day, listen up. what to expect the as the boeing grounding drags on. thursday, august 15th. i'm kenny choi. . >> i'm michelle griego. talk about the hot day. another one of top. >> that's right. temperatures just as hot compared to yesterday. that is why heat advisory remains in effect for all of the inland locations and in fact, all locations away from the immediate coast under that heat advisory. still in effect until 8:00 p.m. today. dangerous and extreme heat in the mid 90s to triple digit once again with the hottest spots at
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105 to 106. good morning to you in santa claire ra. the first day of school for you. we're looking at plenty of sunshine, hot temperatures in santa claire ra, mid 90s. and you are under the heat advisory today. well above average temperatures for this time of year in san francisco. a high of 80 degrees. oakland, 87. 97 in san jose. and 106 in concord. highs about 12 to 18 degrees above average for this time of year. i'll let you know when we'll cool down and when the on shore flow kicks back in coming up. and tracking the travel time. so far, so good at this hour. you can see you are in the green with the exception of one commute headed through the altamont pass. just barely above 30 minutes. 34 minutes headed out of the tracey triangle westbound. good on the east shore freeway
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and highway 4 and 101. and the bay bridge is pretty much a ghost town. when is it that empty? erybis hng the roadways with a little bit of a delay. same thing at the san ma at a i don't bridge, moving along slowly and just fine. i'm anne makovec. firefighters are still on the scene of this house fire overnight in vallejo. it destroyed a two-story house. this is video by firefighters after they arrived last night. this is on carter street. when they got there, they heard a couple of explosions, possibly propane tanks coming from the back of the house. that was one of several challenges for firefighters. there was also apparently ammunition in one of the bedrooms. they had to pull back and re-evaluate how to put the fire out. six adults and three kids lived in the house and got out okay
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with a dog and a cat. and there are three cats unaccounted for. the cause of the fire according to firefighters who spoke to one of the people that lived there, he tried to put out a cigarette in a flower pot filled with saw dust. and out of philadelphia, an hours long standoff that started with a police shooting has come of the an end. the six officers shot are all back home. >> yesterday afternoon, police when to a home to serve a drug warrant. the operation sparked chaos almost immediately. the shooter fired multiple rounds with the police and barricaded himself in the home and continued firing rounds out the window. he finally surrendered after more than seven hours. . >> it's nothing short of a miracle we don't have multiple officers killed today. angry about someone having all that wep ri and fire power. >> the u.s. attorney says his
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former client maurice hill is the suspect. he was not injured in the standoff. another police officer was hurt in a car crash related to the standoff and taken to the hospital. and hot and dry weather keeping identify crews on high alert. a brush fire broke out late last night. flames burned 20 acres near brentwood. fire officials contained the fire around 11:00. and luckily, no homes were in the way. firefighters finished up overnight by puttings out hot spots. the cause is under investigation. meantime, fire crews in hayward had their hands full with a grass fire. it burns in the hills near fair view elementary school yesterday afternoon. firefighters quickly doused the flames. a tractor may have sparked it. and this was the scene yesterday. a fire came close to a building in the afternoon near marina
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boulevard and doolittle drive. this morning, pg&e falling behind on the fire prevention duties. that's what a court-appointed monitor told a judge in san francisco. the utility slowed down on removing trees that could start fires by falling on electric lines. they have until september 3rd to respond. there's a hearing september 17th. and asian stocks opened lower after the wall street fall yesterday, i awarning sign from the bond markets. it triggered fears of a recession on the horizon. the dow closed down almost 900 points. the s&p shed 85 points. >> it takes 12 to 18 months to see the ramifications of it. it's too soon too tell. but clearly, the activity we're seeing today could be or is an indicator that a recession might be down the line. >> the losses come daystocksallr
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chinds.riashihere the esident said that the fed was too slow to cut interest rates in july. the markets open up in about an hour and we'll bring you the latest numbers. and hard to believe labor day is approaching. the final travel weekend of the summer. and travel editor peter green berg is joining us now. good morning. lots of questions. how will the continued grounding of the boeing 737 max jets affect the travel weekend? >> well, it's disrupted travel already. some airlines canceled cities. united and american cancels routes. foreign carriers cancels many of the flights to new york. the airlines scrambling by
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offers other flits on otherai ur nonstopgh be no longer nonstop and may have a stop at a connecting flight. the airlines have been responsible in giving you an opportunity to get a refund oat but the point is it will stay this way throughout the end of the year. >> makes it more difficult. and we understand there's a lawsuit alleging false advertising by two major hotel chains? . >> they have warned the hotel changes for years they may be vie lie aggravating the consumer protection. and there's a rate on page one that's attractive and you don't find out about the resort fees until page five. they buried them. nobody gets to page five on the website. you're in for the sticker suit. the hilton lawsuit claims 78 of the hotels doing this practice.
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a similar suit in washington dc claiming the same against marriott. and 36 separate attorneys general across the united states considering similar lawsuits. so you need to pay attention. don't just go by the first price. get to page five and see what you'll really pay. >> read the fine print. and what does labor day weekend mean if buyers market? . >> the good news is you don't have to wait until labor day to find out. it's a perfect storm for american consumers. the u.s. dollar is strong against foreign currency. gas prices have not spiked. and you have basically fewer foreign passengers coming to the united states which means the return flights home become the outbound seats there. a lot of empty seats. you don't have to wait for the kids to go to school. we have a buyers market throughout the research of the year. >> thank you. and time now is 5:08. and it is back to school week. and our special coverage
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continues next with a new afterschool program designed to curb violence. . the heat is on once again for today with heat advisories for all of our inland locations. the third day in a row of the spare the air alert. we'll let you know about the reliefin u and bottleneck is back. lane closures in effect until 6:00. expect delays. let's get down to business.
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. happening today, a new start in butte county. students in the paradise school district heading back to class for the first time since the deadly campfire. it killed 86 people and destroyed thousands of homes and four schools. this morning, the four remaining schools in paradise transported students as far away as orville and chico. and preventing violence in communities starts with connecting young people with caring adults and afterschool programs and mentors. that's court the cdc. >> jackie ward icis to a unique o >> i wd to
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nd out how can we turn that madness around? how do we prevent the carnage os the violence and killings on the streets of richmond's iron try angle. he griefs with the mothers. >> this is where i believe god would have me to be. particular on the elementary school level. >> reporter: what started out as an opportunity for the school outreach worker became a mission. he started an afterschool program for grades three through six designed to get parents engaged and help give them what they need to support their kids at home. >> then we will see greater outcomes and in the behavior of the students. >> reporter: the formula is three steps. one, be focused. go to class willing to learn. two, pay attention to the teacher.
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three, follow instructions. >> it is our belief if we can instill that in the kids and if they can apply that on a regular, daias will they have a better experience at school, you will see their academic outcomes improving. >> reporter: and it's working. jacqueline martin says her grandson thrives under the guidance. >> it took adjusting at first. now, he's growing. he's finally growing. i'm finally hearing it and seeing it. and i'm just really, really grateful. >> reporter: the third grader brooklyn moore says he makes learning fun. >> he takes us places and we get to do fun stuff and we don't have to sit down and get in trouble. >> reporter: the goal is to get the program in as many schools as possible. that will increase the odds of violence in richmond decreasing. >> if we don't have this for the african american students in the district, then what? what will be available to them
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to meet the need? but the change is here. res ctra staougram is also in 18 >>s h beeded me grant funds wer the start of the program. and tomorrow, back to school, how much will it cost you? as expenses rise in the area, one community makes sure students are ready for the first day. jackie has that tomorrow morning right here. i went back to school shopping and it was expensive. can't wait to see the story. >> at least they're in school. >> that's true. next week. >> don't have to hire a baby sitter. the good news is it's early for the commute to be slowing you down. i will give you a commute cast for the districts today. the big picture, you are in a good situation here hitting the
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roadways. mostly the drive speeds in the green. let's start with the back to school forecast. all right. so santa claire ra school district looking good. no accidents and no stalls. no problems to report. and let's head to the altamont pass. it looks like we have a new accident to report in the reb direction. vasco road. no delays as a result of that. 54 miles per hour after the pass. accident on 205. 9 miles per hour out of the tracety triangle. and just now seeing a little bit of slowing on westbound 84. number of it on 680 southbound. and it's creeping up. and you're good at this point. on the east shore freeway, highway 4 and 101 at this hour, no problems.
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moving right along just 5 who in 880 headed to eighth street. he's got company out there. but no brake lights to report. that's good news on the nimitz. there's a few. in the meantime, no major delays on that roadway. and getting ready to see the bay bridge toll lights come on this morning. so far, they are not. ignore the flashing lights. those are just trucks. san mateo bridge looks good. no brake lights toward the peninsula. and everything is smooth sailing. easier ride heading eastbound. and well, we are starting off the day with mild to warm temperatures. check out san jose. a live look in san jose with clear skies and 71 degrees right now at 5:17 this morning. concord, 68. 66 oakland. 68 livermore. low 60s san francisco. upper 50s santa rosa.
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the heat headlines. one more very warm to hot day today. much cooler near the water tomorrow. the marine air pushing inland friday evening and saturday. another spare is air alert for the third day in a row. unhealthy air quality for the east bay, santa claire ra valley. and let's take you to the forecast. back to school forecast for mount diablo and in concord, looking at very hot temperatures. so you are under that heat advisory in concord for the lunch time hour, mid 90s. 106 for a high at 3:00. sunshine very hot. do what you can to stay safe and cool in the heat. here's the satellite and radar. a strong ridge of high pressure across the desert southwest. that's why we are heating up. not why yesterday, but for today. we are watching this upper level up in canada. that's going to move south and it will usher in the stronger
5:19 am
ocean breeze and marine influence for us with temperatures much cooler over the weekend. as we go through the day, all of that sun tomorrow looking at clear skies. and temperatures again a little bit cooler on friday. much cooler for the weekend as that ridge of high pressure moves south and farther away and slow pressure system that ushers in the ocean and marine influence for us. near average temperatures by the weekend to actually below average. but for today, the heat is on for sure. let's check out the south bay from 96 in santa clara, 97 in san jose. 104 morgan hill. triple digits from pleasant hill, walnut creek. danville, dublin. pleasant ton. 105 antioch. mid 80s in berkeley.
5:20 am
80 san francisco. 100 santa rosa. and 100 clover dale. the seven-day forecast, temperatures cooler friday. much cooler for the weekend. and then warming up by the middle of next o yeople who are blind or visually impaired is in dangerover losing a contract because of a court decision. >> it's a nonprofit with a contract with the department of veterans affairs. it's about to expire. a court ruling upheld the policy that stipulates the va must give precedence to veteran-owned programs. >> if we lose all of our optical business with the va, we're starting from scratch. >> they're expected to find out today whether the contracts will be renewed or canceled. an appeal is possible. and time is 5:20.
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and next, are women really better multitaskers than men? and new statistics look at how many american children exposed to secondhand smoke. and before the break, another live look outside at the golden gate bridge. 5:21. we'll be right back. moving on, this is a crazy story. a man in cleveland recently attempted to rob a bank but the list of demands that he handed over to the teller was mistakenly written on a form that had his name and address on it. (laughter). >> james: this is true. he wrote the note on a form he had used earlier at theñi dmv. whichçó meansçó how do you gauge the greatness of an suv?
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. good morning. a live look at the san mateo bridge. a little bit busier. no brake lights in the westbound direction. but you have plenty of volume toward the peninsula. in the eastbound direction, no problems to report. you are smooth sailing toward the east bay. and checking in on the other bridges ahead. and more than a third of nonsmoking children and teens in the u.s. exposed to secondhand smoke according to no
5:25 am
statisticings. the percentage is higher ages1 d teens. the exposure increased as family income decreased. an initiative in michigan is cutting down on opioid prescriptions. surgeons reduced the number of pills to common operations by nearly a third without increasing patients' pain. patients reported taking half the pill ts in the reduced prescriptions. researchers credit the drop in part to presurgery counseling about pain expectations. and contrary to the belief that women are better multitaskers than men, a new study from the university of germany finds no difference when it comes to genders performing two tasks at the same time. women and men performed equally. and police released the name of the man accused of shooting six police officers in philadelphia. they are still on the scene.
5:26 am
we'll go there live next. . and we're live if brentwood this morning where it reached triple digits yesterday. it's going to do the same today. we'll tell you how the community is adjusting to this weather.
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. now at 5:30, today is the third straight spare the air alert. and a man seen on video attacking a bay area woman is walking free. the arrest and release. and new details overnight on the man philadelphia police say shot six officers. how the hours long standoff came to an end. good morning. it's thursday, august 15th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. and it's 5:30 right now. trying to stay cool today. it's getting hot. triple digits. that's right. and mild to warm temperatures to start off the day.
5:30 am
the temperatures climb through the afternoon. and hot yesterday. hot again for today. that heat advisory is in effect for all inland locations today. and in fact, all areas away from the immediate coast under a heat advisory until 8:00 p.m. dangerous, extreme heat. highs in the mid 90s to triple digits. limit your outdoor exposure and stay hydrated. for the third day in a row, we are talking about a spare the air alert. the air quality is unhealthy for the east bay and the santa clara valley. and happy first day of school in santa clara. the school district kicks off today. plenty of sun and hot. mid 90s there. and you are under that heat vise ri today. for the coast, mid 70s. the bay in the 80s. and heating in to the triple digits inland with the sunshine.
5:31 am
i'll let you know when we cool off coming up. and boy, it has been hot. 5:30. and here are the drive times. not too terrible at this hour. the only one in the yellow, the altamont pass. tracey triangle, you lost a minute, 35 minutes. east shore freeway, 16 minutes. 31 minutes on highway 4. on 101, an easy 40 minute ride to the airport. no problems to report. bay bridge, meters lights are on and you see the stackup under the 880 flyover and barely up on to it. the san mateo bridge looks better. plenty of room. and no brake lights to report in the eastbound direction. no problems. a little bit of a slow down at the richmond-san rafael bridge. no lane closures or
5:32 am
construction. this is the cash lanes slowing things down. on the bridge itself, not an issue. and i'll be continues to track the travel times and bring you the latest as far as delays ahead. and i'm anne makovec. live to philadelphia now to the neighborhood where six police officers were shot yesterday. right now, the standoff is over and the suspect is identified. just this morning, police said he's maurice hill, a 36-year-old that lives there in philadelphia. the police trying to serve a narcotics warrant and he opened fire. some officers jumped out of a window. others trapped inside of the house with him. he barricaded himself and the standoff went on eight hours overnight and ended this morning. they used tear gas to get him out. also on the phone, he was talking with an attorney who
5:33 am
encouraged him to come out peacefully, so he did. luckily, the six officers shot will be okay. and happening today, jury deliberations in the ghost ship trial enters its ninth day. there is no verdict, but the defense says a decision could be made soon. the jury of nine spent yesterday listening to testimony being ready back to them from two witnesses. jurors first asked for testimony from the defendants. his attorney tells kpix 5 that's a good sign and the jury could be on the eve of a decision. and a man accused of attacking a woman in san francisco outside of her apartment building was released from jail. austin james vincent was arrested after the incident sunday morning. monday, he pleaded not guilty to charges of false imprisonment, battery, and attempted robbery. yesterday, the judge ordered the release. the district attorney says that held have to check in with a case manager and stay at least
5:34 am
100 feet away from the building on beale street. >> i don't understand what more it takes for the city and the judge to understand that this man is a danger to our society. >> security video shows the victim being thrown to the ground here outside of the door of the building's lobby. a lobby attendant helped her get inside. both women managed to keep the attacker from entering. she said her attacker claimed he was trying to save her from robots. the trial is scheduled next month. and people who wanted to avoid the heat spent much of the day indoors yesterday. repairmen staying busy around the east bay getting air conditioners back up and running. >> it's been crazy. jumping from one call to the next, getting everything up and running. when it gets this hot it can be a health hazard. >> and cooling centers open today. we have a list of locations on
5:35 am
and on the summer days, the city of brentwood is usually one of the hottest locations. >> jackie ward is there and it's already heating up. >> reporter: yeah. you know, i live in san francisco where it was 59 degrees when i left my house this morning. and gosh, i'm sure the people around here would die to be over there in san francisco right now. it's already 70 degrees. it reached triple digits yesterday. that is one reason why liberty high school right around the corner is starting the practice in about a half hour. when it does heat up, this cooling center will be open. this is the community center and it will be open 8:00 to 5:00 today. there's a heat advisory for the region advising people temperatures could get up to 105 degrees. liberty is not the only school adjusting their schedule. high lands elementary school in pittsburgh postponed the first
5:36 am
day of school. the superintendent wrote in a statement the contractor tried temporary air conditioning units and they are not adequate for the students and staff given the high temperatures. the superintendent went to the school herself and deemed that it was just too uncomfortable for people to be there. and like i said, liberty high school moved their football practice up to 6:00 this morning. and at some point, we will talk to the coach about why he wanted to make sure to do this for the players. jackie ward, kpix 5. and classes set to begin on monday in. the teachers voted to strike unless they can reach a settlement. the wilmar teachers association say the members make5% bow the state average. they serve kids from kindergarten through sixth
5:37 am
grade. and a strike in the forestville school district is underway and entering the fourth day. there's 16 teachers. the union is calling for a 13% pay increase spread over three years. and students in california heading back to school can expect to see something new. seventh graders and up have the national suicide prevention hot line printed on the student id. and there's a local number for help. students and school officials say adding the number is an opportunity to tackle a tough conversation. >> i've seen so many negative ways of approaching suicide. i mean, it's such a hard topic. but it's reality. >> it's so important that students and families that know that those resources are out there. if they don't, then bad things can happen. >> suicide is the second leading cause of death for kidding ages
5:38 am
ten to 18. a frequent visitor at a school is forcing teachers to keep kids indoor. staff of an afterschool program spotted this coyote all summer, sometimes steps from the playground. news of the trespasser is leaving neighbors on edge. >> someone had posted a picture of a coyote on the front lawn around noontime. this is a street the kids walk up and down on the way to camp and school. >> some neighbors not allowing cats and dogs outside alone. school is not in session yet. and we called the person in charge of the after school program and we're waiting to hear back. and here is the money watch report.
5:39 am
good morning. stocks nose dived yesterday. the dow slumped 800 points, the biggest drop this year. the nasdaq kidded 442. and the selloff sparked by moves in the bonds. it fell below the yield on the two-year note for the first time since 2007. president trump took to twitter and blamed the federal reserve while defending his trade policies with chooip. and a woman charged in a massive data breach at capital one appears to have hacked more than 30 other organizations. paige thompson was arrested after the fbi said she obtained personal informs from more than 100 million capital one krart applications. servers contained data from 30 other companies. investigators are working to identify the effected organizations.
5:40 am
we hear that you can now travel with a new kind of service animal. tell us more about this. >> that's right. miniature horses approved to take on planes. recently, the department of transportation added many horses of the list of approved animals that includes cats and dogs. not all airlines are obligated to board the horses. if they ignore the guidelines, they could face a penalty. >> i wonder what the weight limit is for the horses? they look kind of big. >> i mean, my little pony gets to sit right next to you. . >> nice. i like that country. diane king hall, thank you. >> i like glitter sparkles. that's a good one. the u.s. soccer federation and the u.s. women's national team can't get a leg up on financial teams. they're suing for equal pay.
5:41 am
a spokeswoman for the players say they are disappointed in the the work place conditions and behavior. despite the stall, the organization says they are undaunted and will eagerly look forward to a jury trial. and coming up, presidential hopeful mary ann williamson makes rounds in the bay area. and the extreme heat continues with heat advisories for inland locations. when we will get relief coming up. and i am tracking an accident in the commute direction out of the triangle. westbound 205 slowing you down. and then nothing to report. where the slow downs are ahead. ♪
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. good morning. it is 5:44. here is a beautiful live look with the sales force tower camera looking east. in downtown san francisco, 61 degrees. the golden glow in the sky. plenty of sunshine and heat advisories remain in effect. the third day in a row of the spare the air alert. a lot to talk about this morning. i'll let you know when we cool down coming up. and marianne williamson is set to campaign in san
5:45 am
francisco. she spoke to a crowd yesterday evening in oakland. and she touched on health care, education, and race relations and touted herself as a disrupter. >> it is not the solution. it is time for the people to step in. >> to qualify for the debate in houston, she and others 2% suppr qualifying national or early state polls. and they must have 130,000 unique come pain donors. williamson is not among the candidates who qualified so far. and former colorado governor plans to announce he is ending his bid for the presidency. the former denver mayor served as the governor until earlier this year. he's instead mulling over a senate bid. and the repairs on the upper deck of the bridge is complete. 31 joints replaced.
5:46 am
it has been six months since the concrete crumbled from the upper deck of the bridge. a and patching. next week, crews begin repairs on the southern truss. that means nightly lane closures in both directions. and 5:46. and let's get a check on traffic and weather. and look at that. >> so cool. >> that bright moon. >> i know. >> love it. a little bit of a bright light. >> yes. and good news, no many brake lights here at 5:46. a few delays. nothing terrible. taking a live look. let me hop over and hit play. so we can make sure that mobile 5 is up and running at this hour. the good news is your main travel times are not too bad. we'll start with the maps in the overall big picture, which is good. there is a trouble spot and that is on 101 in the southbound direction at bay shore. a lane is blocked due to an
5:47 am
injury accident in the southbound direction. seems to be slowing things down significantly. once you get past the accident, you are good to go. it's a small spot on the commute. and now off to santa clara, you guys are back to school. congratulations to you. no delays hopping on the roadways at this hour. early for that commute to be heating up. and off to the altamont pass. an accident in the westbound direction of 205. you're 9 miles per hour in the westbound direction. once you get out of the pass, you're back up to a regular speed and no problems making it to the dublin interchange. a slow down southbound 680 and westbound 84. but the speeds in the orange and not the red. that commute is getting closer to 40. you're at 48 minutes at this hour out of the altamont pass. looking good on the east shore freeway at 17 minutes.
5:48 am
33 minutes highway 4. 101 is 42 minutes. no problem at all. the bay bridge, the lights are on and you're backed up underneath and beyond the 888 flyover. and backed up on the 880 fly yoer once you get through the toll plaza, it's better and you're moving along. the pe innocence la on the san mateo bridge, it's getting heavier with the volume. eastbound, no problems. and if you're thinking it is just too hot, we are going to catch some relief from the heat. we have to get through today and the extreme heat once again. the heat advisory in effect for the inland locations and all locations from the coast. and changes coming. on shore flow will kick in eventually. here's a live look. clear skies. a beautiful sight. temperatures are mild to warm at this hour. concord and livermore, upper
5:49 am
60s, mid 60s in oakland. mid 60s san francisco. san jose, 71 degrees. 58 in santa rosa. your heat headlines. warm or very warm. hot today. much cooler near the water. tomorrow, the marine air pushes inland tomorrow evening and saturday. and we're really going to feel the difference through the weekend. there's a stronger marine influence for us. the back to school microclimate forecast, concord at lunch time, 94. heating up very hot temperatures. 106 in concord this afternoon. do what you can to stay safe and cool in the heat. we have the strong ridge of high pressure over the desert southwest and that is the dominant weather feature for us. it's why we heated up yesterday and today. we are watching the upper level low in canada dropping south and bringing the stronger ocean
5:50 am
breeze for us with temperatures much cooler and much more comfortable. taking you hour by hour on futurecast, you can see the sunshine for tomorrow morning. waking up to clear skies. again, temperatures a little bit cooler friday. much cooler for the weekend as the ridge of high pressure moves farther away from us and the low pressure system is the dominant feature for us. and below average saturday and sunday. and the sunrise 6:25. the sunset, 8:02. the highs well above average for this time of year and similar to yesterday. 97 santa clar a. 104 morgan hill. and triple digits later today. 106 concord. and livermore, 106. 84 in berkeley. 87 oakland. 80 san francisco.
5:51 am
100 santa rosa. and 100 windsor. and here's the seven-day forecast. temperatures a little bit cooler friday. but much cooler by the weekend. back to you. time right now is 5:50. and this morning, they are blind or visually impaired and helping others to see. why their jobs could be in jeopardy. and outside at the richmond-san rafael bridge. work being done as you approach the bridge. emily will have another check of the morning commute when we come back. it's time for the biggest sale of the year on the
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. the heat is on today. check out the highs through the afternoon. 80 for san francisco. 87 in oakland. 97 in san jose. and 106 in concord. 12 to 18 degrees above average. heat advisories in effect. a sparehe air in effect. mi see the relief here at 5:54, keeping an eye on the commute times. bridge. that construction is committee on the bridge. now they're doing a little bit of construction in the lanes approaching it. that's all been cleared by now. in fact, you are good to go approaching the toll plaza. a little bit of company making your way there. halfway across the bridge, smooth sailing. the nation's largest employer of people who are blind and visually impaired in danger
5:55 am
of losing a contractor. >> ifb solutions is a nonprofit that employees visually impaired workers to make eyeglasses. it has a contract with the department of veterans affairs and it's about to expired. the court ruled the va must give preference to veteran owned businesses. >> if we lose all of our optical iz business with the va, we're starting from scratch with an empty lab and all these people will not have a job. >> they're expected to find out today if the contracts are renewed on canceled. an appeal to the supreme court is possible. and pg&e accused of falling short on the fire prevention efforts. where they have allegedly been lacking. and firefighters on the scene of a house fire in vallejo. fine people are homeless because of this. what they think started it next.
5:56 am
. and triple digit heat is causing liberty high school football students to practice now before the sun is even up. from the couldn't be prouders
5:57 am
to the wait did we just win-ners.
5:58 am
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. the sun is just coming up and already parts of the bay area warm. mary will let us know how long we have to endure the heat. firefighters had a battle on their hands when a home erupted in flames overnight. and stocks plunged yesterday. what's behind the huge losses. good morning, it is thursday, august 15th. i'm michelle griego. . >> i'm kenny choi. 6:00 right now. before we get the cool down, we're dealing with another day of scorching temperatures and extreme heat in store for the
6:00 am
bay area after nearly a dozen cities met or broke records. in oakland, the high reached 90 degrees yesterday. san jose, 97. >> and mary lee is here to talk about the hot temperatures. >> and once again, we will likely break record high temperatures for today because of the extreme heat. heat advisories in effect for all inland locations once again for today and all areas away from the immediate coast under a heat advisory. that is in effect until 8:00 tonight. that extreme heat with highs in the mid 90s and triple digits. stay safe and cool in the heat. stay hydrated and limit your outdoor exposure. for the third day in a row, we have a spare the air alert. and happy first day of school to you in santa clara.
6:01 am
the first day of school sunny and hot. mid 90s


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