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jose inside the city hall. the ac broke down in a supposedly state of the art coding. >> reporter: san jose city hall is only 14 years old. it's cooling system is apparently already out of date. san jose city hall is famous for high-tech architecture and futuristic last rotunda. this summer it is becoming known for something else. it is very uncomfortable. as you can see i am sweating. >> reporter: the problem lies deep in the building's basement. it is where a computer system regulates the air conditioning. this snapshot showed the indoor temperatures from the low 70s to the middle 80s. one facilities manager said the air conditioning hardware is working just fine. the 1990s era software the rest the system is proprietary old and glitchy. there are times it will not operate exactly how we are programming it's operate.>> reporter: it has left some
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areas to cold and some to hot like the with facing city council offices. some days it is good and some days it is horrible. >> reporter: office managers passed around fans and some meeting rooms install portable air conditioners. but some complaint they are too noisy to keep on during meetings. the city council approved a new computer control system for the ac. with open source technology that will be easier to maintain. it is costing the city $9 million. oftentimes sophomore somore hardware. >> reporter: will take a year to install. in the meantime portable units are on standby at city council chambers for when the weather or the topics are too hot to handle. is august heat keeps the bay area boiling libraries and community centers are providing refuge to people to get out of those triple digit temperatures. the very young and old are most vulnerable. everyone should have a plan to
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stay cool. what is it like to be inside their purses out here? 1 million times better. >> reporter: what is your's plan to stay cool today? stay away from the sun and go to the library the air conditioning. that is the right idea. it is also good to limit your outdoor activity when it is this hot. wear sunscreen and drink plenty of fluids. high school athletes in brentwood beat the heat and the son by showing up to practice before dawn. liberty high school football team was on the field at 6 am to warm up. that did not take long was the sun came up. jackie was on the field. >> reporter: the lions make sure they get an early morning practice and. they were here starting at 6 am. no need to turn the lights on. the sun was at a perfect angle. low enough to keep it cool and comfortable. high enough to provide light. the coach told us it is essential to the players out there early on days like this when the temperatures soar. it was 104 in brentwood this
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afternoon. other top stories at 5:30 pm. fire crewshot temperatures in the south san jose hills the battle is 75 acre brushfire. the triple digit weather proved to be too much for one firefighter. they were sent to the hospital for heat exhaustion. fire crews are expected to be out for the evening dousing hotspots. san francisco police officers association calling out a judges decision to release this man suspected of attacking a woman outside her condo building. the mayor also expressing disagreement with the decision. she is calling for stronger conversations on the mental health crisis in city streets. several bay area politicians are condemning israel's decision to ban 2 u.s. congresswoman from entering the country. representative rashida tlaib and ilhan omar are outspoken critics of israel's treatment of the palestinians. israel barth them after the president encouraged to move on twitter. the trump
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initiation has made it harder to claim asylum in the united states. california attorney general javier becerra is leading a multistate coalition fighting against it. under the new role most migrants at the southern border would only be able to seek asylum if they were denied asylum in at least one country that they had passed through. this means migrants from countries like guatemala or honduras would have to apply for protections in mexico before they could start the process in the u.s. the president argues migrants are playing the system by falsely claiming asylum. the attorney general did issue a statement saying our nation was built by people who fled violence and persecution rather than offering hope and refuge the trump administration is now telling them to go back to where they came from. it is un-american and breaks with decades of legal precedent. his coalition is asking the justice department and homeland security to rescind the policy. more than a week of the liberations has ended without a verdict in the ghost ship
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trial. for nine days the jury has debated whether the defendants max harris and derek almena are guilty of 36 counts of manslaughter. while there is no way to know which way they are leaning the long deliberation means they might be having a hard time reaching a consensus. the victims families might be rooting for a guilty verdict. harris's attorney said a windfall of civil civil liabilities rate await update are found innocent. max and derek don't have any money. the city of oakland has money. if max and derek are not guilty that will be doing financially a big favor for them for the families. the jury has tomorrow in the we can all. that makes monday the soonest we can hear a verdict. the man knows that the hollywood ripper is heading to prison. chris martin is on the evidence that help to convict the killer.>> reporter: michael
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showed no emotion as a los angeles jury found him guilty of murder and burglary in connection with the death of women in 2001 and 2005 and the attempted murder of another in 2008. all three women were his neighbors. this killer michael thought about carefully planning these attacks. knew what he was doing. and acted on it. ashton kutcher was among those who testified for the prosecution. his friend ashley was murdered in her hollywood hills home in february 2001. the night he was going to take her to a post grammys party. he testified he was running late when he went to her home and knocked on her door. but got no answer. he said he assumed she left without him. her roommate found her the next morning. she had been stabbed 47 times. michael was charged with a 2005 murder of 35-year-old maria bruno in her suburban los angeles apartment. stabbed 17 times.
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his defense attorney insisted the air conditioner repair man was innocent. as it relates to ashley ellerman. your verdict should be not guilty. as it relates to maria bruno it should be not guilty.>> reporter: prosecutors say murphy was the only victim to survive his attack. sentencing is scheduled to begin next tuesday. he now faces the death penalty. on the heels of their fourth world cup victory the u.s. women's soccer team is taking their fight for equal pay into the courtroom. the team sat down for mediation with the u.s. soccer federation in hopes of bringing their pay in line with their male counterparts. talks broke down after just one day. now the plan to follow through with a gender discrimination lawsuit they filed in march. they say it isn't just about them but all working women. it is not just about us. it is not just about this moment. we are very confident that if
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this needs to go to litigation that we have a great case. because it is based on a simple principle that we think is fair and right. it is the law. u.s. soccer blamed the impasse on the players lawyers and said in a statement he planned to continue discussions in good faith. the women won their fourth world cup last month. but earned less than a quarter of what the u.s. men's team would have been paid for the same feet. teachers and first responders met with the governor in san francisco today. sharing emotional stories about their struggle to stay in the city. the mayor was also one hand to discuss the state's affordable housing squeeze. the governor said he wants to sign bills cutting red tape for construction and preventing rent gouging. people said programs like the down payment assistance changed their lives. but the process is competitive and challenging. in my own fire academy i would say about half were from
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here. maybe a quarter still live here. it takes 3 to 5 to 7 years before you can even get 100% affordable housing project done. the governor also touted his efforts to chip away at the crisis. one $.75 billion in incentives for cities to approve new construction and $1 billion to help cities fight homelessness. special back-to-school coverage continues tomorrow with the high price of sending kids back to class. whatever i have to do to make sure my kids they hear. whatever i have to do. bay area parents working overtime for school supplies. how much at all costs tomorrow morning starting at 4:30 am right here on kpix 5. puts a first for bay area students as they head back to school. dominic is starting first grade. sophia just graduated to middle school in milpitas. she started six great this week. maya also milpitas is a high school freshman.
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we wish them all the best for this upcoming year. we want to see your students as they head back to school. just tag kpix in your social media posts. you might see your child on tv. it looks like something out of a science fiction movie. this robot tale is actually for senior citizens. how this bulky looking device could actually make them more stable on their feet. a man who was found apparently dead on a trail is brought back to life by two lifeguards. special reunion today. i will have the story coming up. is it arts or an eyesore? the debate in berkeley over a sculpture seen by thousands of drivers daily. why the city . the artist is saying not so fast.
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y3gu1y yi0y leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. this past july was the hottest month ever recorded on earth. scientists say the planet average just over 62 degrees fahrenheit as a whole. while the u.s. did not set a national heat record in july eight countries in europe did. the live news desk. a passenger jet in russia has crash landed. this happened outside of a moscow airport. into a cornfield. you can see the jet. it apparently collided with a just after takeoff.
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gestalt the engine. some of the birds got sucked into the engines. now they are calling the pilot a hero after the plane went down in that cornfield no one died. the euro airlines airbus was carrying 226 passengers. and a crew of seven at the time. 55 people did need for care including 17 children. six have been hospitalized. it was headed for the city of some for opal a city on the crime erie and crimean peninsula. the plane was significantly damage. it is definitely out of service. the airline prays the pilot and copilot for landing the thing. an extremely difficult situation. the special reunion today between an elite bay area athlete and the rescuers who saved his life. he collapsed while jogging on a dusty trail. luckily there were lifeguards around. the call came in his
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cardiac arrest. a man down on one of these trails above shadow clips swimming area. two lifeguards responded. when they arrived they thought it was too late. al hartz is an ironman athlete. last june he collapsed here while jogging. today he is meeting the folks who saved his life. lifeguards jeremiah and raffaella. they are the first of the first responders who found him on the ground. when you came up you saw him laying on the ground. did he look dead? yes sir. >> reporter: he is not dead now. there he is. i am definitely not dead. >> reporter: the quick thinking lifeguard hooked up a portable aed defibrillator. you put the paddles on. i put the pads on him. and then raffaella was doing the ventilations.>> reporter: you shocked him. you pull the trigger? soon were lifeguards and
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firefighters arrived and took over. they praised the young men. when they initiated and activated and told him to provide a shock. they provided one shot prior to us getting there.>> reporter: did that save his life? that potentially did save his life. >> reporter: a small ceremony to honor the people who help that day. it is a special moment when you can do when you can hug and thanked those who pull you back from the brink of death. still to come why bananas might soon be tough to find in your local grocery store. a teenager escapes with no injuries and a great story. after a shark made a meal of his board. the raccoon who went in for a sugary snack and ended up in a sticky situation.
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the song famously said yes we have no bananas. that could me reality. the fruit could be harder to find and more expensive. that is due to a tropical fungus spreading across asia australia and south america. if it gets into the soil it eventually renders the plans unable to produce fruit.
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because the disease generally spreads before it is discovered experts say there is no way to keep it from moving across latin america. a hawaiian teenager came within inches of a ferocious shark right. the shark made a meal of his surfboard instead. i did not recognize how big it was. the teenager said he was waiting for one last the wave in honolulu when he lost the chunk of his board. he is trained as a junior lifeguard and was able to swim safely to shore you. of getting your hand caught in the cookie jar. this raccoon got trapped in the vending machine. found hanging out by the fruit snacks at a florida high school. after he crawled into the contraption and could not get out. crews had to put the machine on a dolly and wheel it outside open it up and set the mass burglar free.
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it is back to school for some kids in the bay area this week. recess has been hot. our inland locations have been very hot. the past couple days but fairfield travis air force base 108 degrees today. haven't seen 110 yet. we are getting close. livermore 106. pittsburgh 104. morgan hill 103. novato 102. these are the hottest of the hot spots with no fog of any kind out there right now. what a change this weekend. we cool down. in concorde today we hit 104. sunday 25 degrees cooler. all the way down to a high of only 79 degrees. a mild night tonight. the cooldown isn't until tomorrow afternoon. a warm night tonight. fremont 61. vallejo 62. san francisco a touch cooler. you drop down to 58. the heat advisory has a couple
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more hours to go. it won't magically get cooler after 8 pm. tomorrow will not be as hot. the inland areas will cool down to the 90s tomorrow. as opposed to the 100s. our pattern is beginning to change. all it takes is any reason to get a breeze from the ocean. if we have that reason we are not going to be hot. we haven't had that reason the past couple days. the low is in northern british columbia. it is on its way south. that is close enough to turn the winds increase the breeze from the ocean. enough the weather is so sensitive that tiny change will cool us down 10 degrees tomorrow and 10 more degrees on saturday. the wind direction changing and it will be stronger. you won't see it. you will feel it tomorrow. cloud cover stays in monterey bay. it will be pretty cloudy. it will be until saturday when the cloud cover returns to our coastline. marin san francisco san mateo. you will see the change saturday. it is not as hot coming up as soon as tomorrow afternoon. on sunday the low dies off the
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oregon coast line. west of brookings oregon. quite breezy. winds 15 to 20 miles per hour. likely cloudy everywhere throughout the bay area on sunday morning. we go from hot to not in a couple days. sunday will be rather brisk in the morning especially compared to the past few days. temperatures begin to drop friday. cloudy and cooler by saturday morning. easy and even cooler coming up on sunday. highs tomorrow still above average. we are not talking crazy cooling yet. concorde from 104 to 98 tomorrow. 6 degrees cooler. 10 degrees above average. 90 santa clara. 86 apollo also. 86 union city. low 70s at the coast. no one hundreds but close. pittsburgh 98. w 94. pleasant hill 96. marin county you will get a change. mill valley 85. novato you are down to 94. you hit 100 today. richmond 78. alameda 80. berkeley 77. we still likely will see 100 degrees or 101 in clearlake lake
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port middletown ukiah and willits. saturday and sunday 80s inland. even some upper 70s on sunday afternoon. near the base 60's to low 70s this weekend at the coast. the middle 60s. cooler breezy her and collier for saturday and sunday. temperatures moderate back to average for the first half of next week. get through today and tonight. temperatures begin to fall as soon as tomorrow. california law the dates back to the days of a wild west might be heading for the history books. why some in sacramento say it is time for it to go. in the wake of a violent attack outside a san francisco condo allegedly by a mentally ill man. how the experts recommend keeping your guard up when you become a target. a bay area school we named after a self-proclaimed undocumented immigrant. why the city of mountain view is honoring him now.
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facebook is making a new
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move to try to curb fake news. adding more african languages to his fact checking program. the new language support is a partnership with africa check in independent fact checking organization. 10 more languages would be covered including south africa's afrikaans and swahili which is widely spoken in east africa. this new invention out of japan. a three foot robotic tail designed to help older people keep their balance. because when you tilt your body to one side the tail moves the opposite direction keeping balance kind of like a pendulum. the device attaches to the person's waste and mimics the tale of cheetah and monkeys. uses for artificial muscles and compressed air to move in a different directions. no word on exactly how you will sit down. researchers say don't worry the tale remain in the lab until they design a flexible version. that would do it for the
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news at 5 pm. the news at 6 pm begins right now. the battle in berkeley over a sculpture. a decade after its installation someone it taken down. why they argue it is more an eyesore than art. undocumented immigrant the pulitzer prize winning journalist. how a bay area city is honoring its adopted son. a live look at dublin where it has been another day of triple digit temperatures. few places getting a break from the high heat. news at 6 pm starts right now. good evening. we start with another summer scorcher. the bay area continues to bake 100+ temperatures making people miserable. seeking relief wherever there is a co water. we have team coverage on how people are surviving the sweltering heat. we begin with paul. on the latest numbers. one of those days where it
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pays to have a friend with a pool in their backyard. we are still 100 degrees after school. now it is evening time. we are 102 concorde. 100 livermore. beginning to see the end of the heat in san jose and santa rosa. your highs were 100. without the middle 90s. a warm day in san francisco at 84. oakland 87. we have some daily record highs today including santa rosa. 103. san jose 99. mountain view 95 degrees. heat advisory for a couple more hours. it will be warm this evening. tomorrow the heat advisory is gone because the worst or the highest of the heat will be gone. highs tomorrow still running above average. 7 degrees above average sf cisco. only a high of 75. oakland down to 81. 9 degrees above normal. san jose down to 92. 10 degrees above normal. concorde a high of 98. wait until you see how cool


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