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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  August 15, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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pays to have a friend with a pool in their backyard. we are still 100 degrees after school. now it is evening time. we are 102 concorde. 100 livermore. beginning to see the end of the heat in san jose and santa rosa. your highs were 100. without the middle 90s. a warm day in san francisco at 84. oakland 87. we have some daily record highs today including santa rosa. 103. san jose 99. mountain view 95 degrees. heat advisory for a couple more hours. it will be warm this evening. tomorrow the heat advisory is gone because the worst or the highest of the heat will be gone. highs tomorrow still running above average. 7 degrees above average sf cisco. only a high of 75. oakland down to 81. 9 degrees above normal. san jose down to 92. 10 degrees above normal. concorde a high of 98. wait until you see how cool it gets for the weekend.
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one of these towns will be 25 degrees cooler than today. we will have that coming up in the full forecast. for now downtown concorde is one of the bay area hotspots. 104 degrees. it is toasting our kpix 5 reporter. you see him sweltering. >> reporter: paul has the numbers right. i have all the reaction to those numbers. it feels like an oven out here making hot. your clothes your shirt pants everything sticks to your body. we are in the 6 pm our exhibitors are starting to cool down. a lot of folks are coming out to enjoy the festivities. we have the farmers market here atwnto concorde. live music played right now. a lot of folks are starting to come out this way. i want to take you back to the to 3 pm our when the heat was at its peak. it looked like a ghost town at the local playgrounds.
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not a hot. lots and lots of hot. i don't like this weather.>> reporter: a lot of people make their way to the pools. it feels great. cools you all. >> reporter: due to popular demand the city of walnut creek found enough lifeguards to reopen. it quickly filled up. we were said to be close all week. since it was so hot the community was requesting it and we have staff available. we opened the pool. >> reporter: the heat brought emilio and his daughter to the concorde community pool. those not as lucky sat under the shade and drink cold drinks to escape from the heat. the city of concorde even open a cooling center at the senior citizen center. that was where we found this group playing the corn hole. it is very hot. it hits you in the face. oppressive. we would not be able to play if it wasn't for coming indoors. >> reporter: and everyone is complaining. some people embrace the temperatures. i would rather be out here.
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>> pretty warm the rest of the week and i love it.>> reporter: back at the plaza some people came three hours early to set their chairs under the shade at this evening's festivities. i'm out on bail right now. i figured it would be a good place. there is going to be a lot of people. santana is a fun band. all the girls dance around here on the shade. that is where we are going to be. >> reporter: all jokes aside a lot of folks have taken up the shady spots. you can see hundreds of people in this plaza. the main band the santana tribute band will start at 6:30 pm. about five minutes ago the ambulance came here actually firefighters paramedics stopped by to take a man to the hospital. he was dealing with heat exhaustion. be very careful out here. one way to cool down water and you have to have. this is my second cup of ice cream.
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it tastes really good. hopefully you guys get a chance to really enjoy that. for the latest on the heat and how to prepare for your day and join our morning team tomorrow starting at 4:30 am. a live look at the san jose hills. it was charred by a brush fire. the sweltering temperatures also taking a toll on fire crews battling the flames. you can see the areas charred by the fire. the flames raced up the parts here's side. this was started by a car crash. the truck slammed into a power pole along santa teresa boulevard near bailey avenue. it was not just the flames. fire crews had to deal with triple digit temperatures. while wearing 50 pounds of equipment. one firefighter was taken to the hospital with heat exhaustion. they are doing heavy physical layer labor in hundred
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degree temperatures. we have to make sure they stay cooler and hydrated so they don't end up with heat related issues. the fire department that they will be out here into the evening perhaps overnight dousing the hotspots. the injured firefighters is expected to make a full recovery. new fallout this evening and the attack on that woman outside her condo complex. the san francisco police officers association. is now calling out the judge who ordered the suspect release. the attack was captured on security cameras in the lobby of the watermark condo complex on beale street. the woman was grabbed and assaulted early sunday. she tried to reach the safety lobby. the suspect that guy who was mumbling about robots was arrested a short time later. but by yesterday he was already back out on the streets. the judge christine ben aiken is overseeing the case. the district attorney's office tells kpix 5 news that the judge was supposed to follow
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something called a release matrix. to determine if the suspect was likely to commit another crime. but the judge went against the recommendation. and released him anyway. in the last hour the san francisco police officers association released a statement saying judge christine ben aiken's continued tenure overseeing criminal cases is a danger to every law- abiding resident of san francisco. her reckless decision to release austin james vincent from custody validates our call for the presiding judge to reassign ben aiken to traffic court. both the mayor and the governor are weighing in on the case. we are not going to be able to address what we know is a serious mental health crisis until we are prepared to make the hard decisions to basically commit people to places where they can get help. it goes to the core of people. wanting to live in a city as
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spectacular as this. that foundation is safety. asked for the suspect austin james vincent he has been ordered to stay at least 100 feet away from the condo building. this case is bringing up the issue of safety on san francisco streets. really bay area streets in general. andrea has some strategies that people are using now to navigate potential trouble.>> reporter: experts say it all comes down to paying attention to your surroundings. it is hard to do that with one of these in your face. every day well over 1 million people on sidewalks of san francisco. how many of those people are prepared for potential danger? i walk by myself a lot. i keep a pretty good eye out. >> reporter: it is not hard to find someone wrapped up in their cell phone. you should not be locked in the screen all the time. it is detrimental.
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>> reporter: the cofounder of self-defense for the people said you need situational awareness. what you can't tap if you are scrolling to facebook while strolling. we are preoccupied on our phones. tweeting texting people. which is totally fine. if you're going to engage in the city and walk around you have to be aware of your surroundings.>> reporter:'s business partner said next listen to your gut. if you have it in your instinct the something doesn't feel right trust the instinct. humans will rationalize their way.>> reporter: if you fear the danger remove yourself in the situation. the easiest thing is to cross the street. walk around them. put as much distance between you and the other person as possible. if it turns into actual danger he said get loud. sometimes you can talk to them diplomatically. sometimes you have to act assertive. coming up tonight on news at 7 pm we take a look
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at one physical maneuver you can take to evade an attack as it is happening. two suspects and a rash of auto burglaries at the stanford shopping center are now in police custody. police believe 19-year-old kamryn john c and 20-year-old earl rall are behind the spree of break-ins. detectives say there were caught inside a car used during the burglaries in a search of the vehicle found a tool used to shatter car windows. police say the suspects might be connected to more car break- ins and other nearby cities. school in mountain view just got a new name. g nor that who came to the u.s. as an undocumented immigrant and grew up in mountain view. his name was chosen over contenders like barack and michelle obama. joins us now from mountain view with that story.>> reporter:
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mountain view newest school has an open yet. the kids are already learning some life lessons. there was a long list of notable people to name the school after. in the end the school district said they picked one of us. i would like to introduce josi antonio vargas.>> reporter: our school represents the power of community. how to treat people with respect. how to show gratitude. >> reporter: marcus grew up in mountain view and became a reporter for the washington post and won a pulitzer prize. he revealed he was an undocumented immigrant. his family sent him from the philippines to the united states as a child. he has become an outspoken activist for immigration reform. i would not be the human being i am without my community. so people asked me how i define america. i define american as community. the community of people who see you. and make you feel whole.
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>> reporter: as for the school to k2 five campus sits on a five acre lot. featuring state-of-the-art classrooms playgrounds and facilities. all builds a mile from where marcus grew up. what message does it send to the white house? we live in such a divided time right now. i don't know what is coming out of dc. if they are interested in doing anything. we living any time in which every community has to decide who is welcome. there are an estimated 350,000 undocumented immigrants in the bay area alone. i hope they feel welcome. in this area. i know i certainly do. our special back-to-school coverage continues tomorrow. we will take a look at the high cost of outfitting kids for class. how much for all those pricey school supplies tomorrow morning starting at 4:30 am right here. it is an art installation
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you can hardly mess. berkeley's big people sculpture so massive you can spot them from interstate 80. why there is a sudden push to tear them down. refused to help police you face a fine. according to a california law dating back to the 19th century. why there is a move in sacramento to erase this one from the books. the search for the abusers of a husky puppy. how animal control found and rescued him. it's time for the biggest sale of the year on the
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80 crossing that connects berkeley to the waterfront. there they are. while is art goes they might be an acquired taste. they might not be there much longer. >> reporter: the original intent of the hard work was to welcome people to berkeley. now it looks like it is worn out his welcome. josh santos was showing his granddaughter the sculptures known as the berkeley people. they were designed to let drivers know they are now and the birthplace of the free speech movement. the eastern side depicts the protest culture and civil rights struggle of the cal campus. on the westside the recreational opportunities of the east bay shore. i really liked the piece. there were plenty of people who hated it.>> reporter: he said on the civic arts commission with the pieces were commissioned. he said the 28 foot high work
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by emeryville artists scott donahue was collected over a field of insurance and a competitive process that lasted more than five years. it was a big vetting process. that is the part that annoys me. that process which was elaborate is being overthrown. >> reporter: that is because the current arts commission just voted to have the sculptures removed. they say the pork condition of the artwork with its fading paint cracked exterior and graffiti base could cost nearly $100,000 to restore. a price commissioners have decided isn't worth it. we could not get them to comment today. the public seemed a little ambivalent about it as well. it wasn't real apparent what the figures were all about.>> reporter: do you consider this a good piece of artwork? >> good yes but not outstanding. >> reporter: scott donahue said he can repair the artwork for $15,000. the city doesn't seem interested. they say they might consider moving the piece to a more
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contextually appropriate spot. reports that that could cost more than a quarter of $1 million. so that seems unlikely. meanwhile josh said he is disgusted by the whole affair. it the city is going to have a valid collection it needs to preserve the pieces that it has already bought.>> reporter: it will cost the city money. it seems the city is more interested in getting rid of this then in keeping it. is a 19th-century law from when california was a rough-and- tumble place. some lawmakers say it is a relic and wants it thrown out. the 1872 act find citizens up to $1000. if they fail to help police arrest or catch a suspect on the run. toway slaves. it was once us now they passed a measure to eliminate the misdemeanor. and leave the police work to the professionals. a horrible discovery in monterey county.
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animal services is looking for the owner of this one-year-old husky. who was found in salinas two weeks ago. the dog appeared to be attached to a chain that was connected to clumps of concrete. with the carob clip through its skin. the husky was immediately taken to the vet where it was treated for injuries. the dog is expected to be okay. switching gears we go back to the weather. a lot of folks either love this really warm heat. some people think it is unbearable. the good news is it is on his way out. the heat brings out opinions. that's why i love living in antioch. it is 74 in san francisco. i feel like i'm going to ve ev opinion. dawas hot. just as hot as yesterday. tomorrow will not be. if you want to cool off i put
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that in the background. those folks are smart people trying to cool off. that is the coolest place in the entire bay area in the ocean. the ocean temperature is 58 degrees. it is 78 in san francisco. cooling down. oakland 84. livermore 100. concorde 102. overnight a couple degrees cooler but still warm. it is not the best sleeping weather. keep the windows open. fairfield 63. san jose 62. redwood city 60. san jose you hit 99 degrees today. 92 tomorrow. it is still hot just not as hot. 84 on saturday. sunday in san jose only 78 degrees. air-quality forecast tomorrow. unhealthy air quality east bay in south bay our fifth straight spare the air day. look at the change in danville. you hit 103 and 104 today. 97 tomorrow. only 85 degrees on saturday.
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this low-pressure area will leave canada and into the pacific northwest eventually off the oregon coastline. all we need is a reason to grab the air about that water which is 58 degrees and send it back to the bay area. we have had no such reason. we have been very warm. we will have a reason tomorrow. you won't see it in the form of cloud cover. we will get the breeze but no fault or cloud cover. saturday the fog and low cloud cover returns. sunday we are all going to get it even inland. above average tomorrow. triple digits are done. much cooler and cloudier unsent saturday. on sunday inland highs will only be in the 70s. 98 tomorrow concorde. you hit 104 today. 87 fremont. 81 oakland. 75 san francisco. 95 in santa rosa. still above average but not as hot. much cooler saturday and sunday. only the 60s to near 70s near the bay. back to average which is not a bad place to be sort monday through thursday of next week. a former warrior suffers another devastating injury. we have a sports cast that will be music to your ears.
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january 2018 demarcus cousins was six months away from hitting free agency and cashing in on a max contract. then he suffered a torn achilles. his career has never really been the same. latest setback this week in las vegas. one cousin suffered a torn acl during a workout. and could miss the entire season. he signed a one-year deal with the lakers earlier this summer. cousins played 30 games with the warriors last season after returning from the achilles injury. of course he suffered the torn quad in the playoffs. to deal with that over 2
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1/2 or three year span. it is unheard of. i don't know what a blow for him. tough going. career-high 13 sacks last season with the chiefs. he signed $85 million contract with the 49ers. in the spring. and is hoping to hit the right notes on and off the field this season. i saw you playing the piano. you had the ray charles thing going on. where did you all get that video? that was so long ago. he did have the ray charles thing going on. long before ford was using his hands to shed offensive lineman is that quarterbacks he was tackling the ivories while performing with his family. i started on the drums.
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i gravitated toward the piano once i got older. my brother played the bass. my mom was the lead singer. my dad was the guitar player. my sister was the keyboard player. it was a little group. partridge family 49ers file. john michael rose timber on the tennis court was legendary. shouting matches nothing compared to tennis his new batboy. who had another meltdown last night in cincinnati. latest outburst cost him $113,000 per he was fined for ball abuse. five unsportsmanlike conduct
6:26 pm
penalties. abusing the umpire. he lost in three sets. seventh-ranked in the world. passion. cbs evening news is up next. on tonight cbs evening news breaking news nascar legend dale earnhardt junior's private jet crashes in tennessee. the latest on his family's condition. israel bans the only 2 muslim congresswoman from visiting the country. after pressure from president trump. why even the most powerful israeli lobby is condemning the move gives the squad the police officer bonds with teenagers in his community by taking them to court. the basketball court. that is all tonight on the cbs evening news.
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z33kxz zi0z y33kxy yi0y the stones are not letting
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a little heart surgery hold them back. we covered make jagger. this sunday. the stones concert was supposed to happen in may. make jagger had to get a heart valve patched up. but will they the city school night curfews. santa clara cuts concerts off at 10 pm on sundays. levi stadium has fought the city over. the show starts at 7:30 pm. 2 1/2 hours before the cutoff. you think mick jagger will listen to anybody? you think he cares about the city of santa clara? see you back here is 7 pm.
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captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ >> o'donnell: tonight, breaking news, race car legend dale earnhardt jr. and his family in a plane crash. we'll have new details on their conditions. also tonight, it's unprecedented-- israel blocks a visit by the first and only muslim women in the u.s. congress, after president trump said it would show great weakness to let them in. new details of the shoot-out and standoff in philadelphia, including an exclusive interview with the police commissioner who tried to talk the gunman into surrendering. cbs news learns jeffrey epstein had broken neck bones, raising new questions about how he died, and another accuser sues his estate. it's one for the record books, and you were part of it: july was the warmest month ever. miracle in a cornfield-- how a


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