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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 16, 2019 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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it's very hot. very oppressive. >> some people don't like it. some people do. but the heat is moving out. coming up, what is moving in? a bay area band playing at the gilroy garlic festival when a gunman opened fire plays for
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the first time since that day. how they honored the victims tonight. >> and opening day at the racetrack. why bay area horse trainers say new rules this season are threatening their sport. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. we begin with this heat wave. a live look outside, a very nice warm night in places like dublin, oakland, san jose, concord. >> another summer scorcher, some spots came close to 110 degrees. chief meteorologist paul deanno tells us relief is on the way. >> if you like these numbers hoped you enjoyed the past couple of days because they are not coming back tomorrow. fairfield, livermore hit 106. pittsburgh, 104. morgan hill, 103. novato, 102 degrees. recordhiin nta rosa, san jose, and mountain view today. the 90s and 100s there.
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temperatures are now beginning to fall. we are down to 71 in san francisco. down to the low 80s in concord. 69 degrees in santa rosa as the beginning of the ocean breeze returns to the area. it will not be cold, but not as hot. the 100s are gone replaced by the 90s . concord, you are "down" to 98. but today was 104 so that is a drop. san francisco, a high of 75 degrees. that's not it. wait until you see how chilly we get in the seven day forecast. i'll have that coming up. tonight, fire crews dousing hot spots in the hills above san jose. e flames burned along santa in teresa boulevard racing up the dry hillsides. it was not just the flames.
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they had to deal with triple digit temperatures all while wearing about 50 pounds of gear. one firefighter had to be rushed to the hospital with heat exhaustion. he is expected to make a full recovery. an abandoned car dealership broke out on fire at admiral callahan lane. smoke was seen pouring from the second floor. no reports of injuries. a bay area band playing at the gilroy garlic festival when a gunman opened fire last month took the stage for the first time since the attack. maria medina is live in san jose with how the musicians honored the victims. >> reporter: the band members of the tin men played here at the san jose municipal golf course tonight raising money for the victims' families and survivors of the shooting. before they took the stage, one musician told me rvous d appreh >> driving over here it hit me.
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>> reporter: bill weir said he was hit with a mix of emotions. >> i think we are feeling like at any minute, you expect something toe happen. maybe you will always be looking over your shoulder or looking at the tree line. >> reporter: less than three weeks ago, they had finished their set at the gilroy garlic festival when shots suddenly rang out. >> he was singing and right after that, boom, boom, boom. and i thought it was fireworks. >> reporter: evelyn was in front of the stage when she saw the crowd begin to run including bill and his band mates who had crawled under the stage. >> i laid flat on the ground in front of the stage. >> reporter: tonight, evelyn was back to listen to them again. this time, uninterrupted. >> i think it is pretty brave of them. >> reporter: dozens came out to support the classic rock band including sandy. >> everybody show up, everybody support. >> reporter: but bill says
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tonight wasn't about them. the tips they collected will go to the mies th th t only are ey healg through their music, but they are giving back through it as i you. for them. for those families and those victims. >> reporter: and the members of the tin man say this was their first performance dedicated to the gilroy shooting victims but it won't be their last. they plan to hold a couple more concerts in honor of their memory. in san jose, maria medina, kpix5. >> this is a sobering statistic for you. according to a new survey from the american psychological association, a third of americans are now saying they are avoiding certain places because they are afraid of mass shootings. nefall-out in a scary attack caught on camera, a woman assaulted outside her own building. the district attorney's office tells kpix5 the judge was
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supposed to follow something called a release matrix to determine if the suspect was likely to commit another crime. but the judge went against that recommendation. california's governor also speaking out on the suspect's quick release. >> how often they are dealt with. they are just flippantly dealt with. and people are backout on the streets committing the crime again. >> the police officer association is slamming the judge in the case saying "having her overseeing criminal cases is a danger to every law- abiding resident of san francisco." tonight, a powerful pro israeli lobbying group says the decision to bar two muslim american congresswomen from entering the country is a mistake. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu pressured by president trump to block representatives, congressional representatives rashida talib
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and omar from entering israel. they support boycotts of israel the president has repeatedly attacked them at rallies and admits that he was behind the unprecedented push to bar these elected u.s. officials from a foreign country. >> i can't imagine why israel would let them in. but i did speak to people over there. >> they don't want the world to see how cruel and oppressive and illegal nature of the israeli occupation. >> the israeli prime minister says talib can file a humanitarian request to see her families if she promises not to promote any boycotts against israel. you can join michelle griego, kenny choi, and our morning team for the latest on this developing story at 4:30. tonight, the first day of horse racing for the season is in the books at goldengate
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fields and trainers are trying to be extra careful. christin ayers tells us why. >> reporter: owners and trainers here to kick off the season of horse racing say they are embracing a set of policies meant to keep horses healthy but they are nervous about new scrutiny that could put the sport they love in jeopardy. it's the final stretch of the last race on opening day at golden gate fields. the winner, a horse named drill time and his jockey david lopez. >> it was awesome. the best feeling i have had all year. >> reporter: but it hasn't been all fun and games at the racetrack. the industry is under the microscope after its treatment of horses. here at golden gate fils, nine horses have died between december 2018 and june 2019. in march, the company that owns both tracks trotted out a
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series of new safety measures from banning race day medications to limiting a jockey's use of a whip. golden gate fields recently spent $1.2 million on a safety rail to protect horses and riders that bump it. >> these are great safety procedures in place. >> california has been by far the number one state in the united states that is enforcing these. >> reporter: horse owners an trainers applauded the changes but admitted they were taken aback by another big change. the bans of hall of fame trainer jerry hollendorfer after several horses in his care died. now they worry about the future of horse racing. >> there is uncertainty. because of that, we are hesitant. >> reporter: hollendorfer is challenging that ban in court hoping to race here before the season ends. in albany, christin ayers, kpix5. inside this san francisco theater, a screening of a film about the early days of aids and the heros behind the
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scenes. including a kpix5 reporter who was determined to tell the story. plus, how one e scooter company is being accused of denying service to the poorer neighborhoods in the bay area. so cool. i haven't seen prices like this ever. >> and a blast from the past. why customers got to experience 1959 for one marvelous day in california.
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starting next week, you can
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stream a documentary about an important part of bay area history. there was a special screening tonight. the movie is called five b. and it is about nurses in america's first aids ward right here in san francisco. >> nearly 3,000 cases of aids have already hit this city. half those people have died. >> this documentary stars one of our former stars, former kpix5 political editor hank plante. one of the first reporters to cover the aids crisis here in america. our joe vasquez sat down with hank tonight. >> for me, as one of the first openly gay tv reporters in the country, this was more than a story to me because these were my friends. people were just dying. >> you had friends dying? >> i had many, many friends dying. i went to many funerals. i reported on this during the day and visited with sick
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friends and went to funerals on the weekends. reporting on it made me feel like i was doing something. >> you did more than just do something. highlighting this crisis was the way this got to the forefront and cut in front of politicians and changes were made. >> i always felt a special responsibility when politicians came to town. presidential candidates would come to town. i would always ask them about aids. didn't matter what their answers were. i just wanted them to know you will not come through san francisco without getting asked about this. >> so let's talk about the kpix5 coverage. this is a big story. it was killing thousands. but it wasn't uncontroversial to cover this big story. >> yeah. there was a lot of pressure on the station to not cover it. there were people inside the building. i will say. who told management too much aids on the news. too many gay people on the
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news. fortunately, management had a backbone. i was covering it on a nightly basis. i'm very proud of that work. the station management saw this as a compelling story and a public service and thank heavenning for that. >> we decided that if we can't save these folks, we are going to touch -- >> it is not just a story about this large crisis. you had these health care workers who just charged bravely into this front line. not knowing about aids, not knowing if they were going to catch it. >> aids came out of nowhere. we got a lot of cases here in san francisco. so a group of nurses featured in this film at san francisco general took over this ward called ward 5b. and started caring for the people with aids. they didn't know, we didn't know how it was even spread. was it airborne? were they bringing it home to their families? but, they just charged ahead and did what nurses do, which is to take care of these people
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with great love an skill and compassion. >> 5b will be available to stream on demand next week. and, to see some of our original reports on the aids crisis, along with hank plante's work, you can go to also tonight, mountain view's newest school has a name. and it is a big honor for a man who came to the bay area as an undocumented immigrant. there was a long list of notable people to name the school after. but the school district chose jose antonio vargas. vargas grew up in mountain view and went onto become a reporter for the washington post. he is an outspoken activist for immigration reform. >> i wouldn't be the human being i am without my community. so when people ask me how i define american, i define american as community. the community of people who see you and make you feel whole. >> the school was built a mile from where vargas grew up.
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his name was chosen over contenders like barack obama and michelle obama. tomorrow morning at 4:30, we will be talking back to school. tonight, an electric scooter start-up is catching a little heat. the la times reports that scoot does not allow riders to drop their scooters off in two of san francisco's poorest neighborhoods. chinatown and the tenderloin. but when they got a permit from the city, they pledged to serve all of san francisco. all of it. we reached out to scoot for a comment but have yet to hear back. amazon is trying to polish up its reputation as a sometimes grueling place to work with an online army of warehouse ambassadors. the new york times reports the ambassadors step in on twitter whever anyone discusses difficult working conditions or says anything unflattering. they reply with tweets saying
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they love their jobs, are treated well, and hate unions. they say ambassadors share facts based on personal experience. tonight, bart wants to slap a multimillion dollars fine on its contractor for taking too long to renovate the downtown berkeley bart plaza. $13million renovation opened in october. more than a year late. well now, berkeley side reports that bart is charges contractor uss cal builders $2.4 billion in damages. the company said it it was fault for making the changes. in one city today, it felt more like 1949. >> greg mills on the publicity stunt with marvelous deals. >> reporter: when the price at the pump is this good, it's worth a picture. >> so cheap. >> reporter: of course it is.
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when you experience 1959 for one marvelous day here in los angeles. >> so cool. i haven't seen prices like this ever. because, i'm young. >> reporter: it's part of amazon's promotion of the marvelous mrs. maisel up for 20 emmys. rooms at the sportsman lodge hotel go for $200 a night. but not today. >> how much do you get the room for? >> $40. >> it's awesome. we get a great promotion. >> reporter: 30la businesses taking part in rolling back the years and the prices. in studio city, dry bar, two bucks. in hollywood, mel's drive-in, burger and fries, 50 cents. how about a milk shake? it will cost you. 30 cents. worth the wait? of course. >> you can see him right below the surface. there he is coming right at you. >> oh my gosh! well, some lucky whale
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watchers in monterrey got to enjoy quite the spectacle and the weather for it. we are a big power outage tonight in marin county. pg&e says it affects almost 10,000 customers in mill valley. no word on a cause. it is estimated the power will be out until at least 2:00 a.m. it is cooler tonight. still warmer than average. we are 83 degrees in concord. down to the 60s in oakland, san francisco, marin county. not as oppressive as last night. but you would probably want the air-conditioning if you have it. 64 in concord. napa, 59. san rafael, 60.
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cooldowns coming. we hit 104 in concord this afternoon. that is hot. ty eeto windy on sunday morning as well. we could use the breeze. the air quality forecast for tomorrow. it is our fifth consecutive spare the air day. east bay and south bay reporting unhealthy air quality today and likely will have that again tomorrow. our ridges of high pressure are beginning to weaken and move, opening the door for this guy. not the biggest area of low pressure, but we need something to take the air above the chilly water of the pacific ocean and send it over the bay area. it is happening at the coastline tonight. on saturday and sunday, we will see the change with temperatures falling significantly. cloud cover not here tomothe ze thd push all
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the way inland by sunday morning. low pressure sitting off the th around it sending that ocean air all over the bay area. you will struggle to hit 82 and 83 degrees. we are talking about a big cooldown this weekend. it begins tomorrow. but really, seven, eight, nine degrees. not a huge difference. we will be much cooler and cloudier sunday morning. we go from the 100s to the 90s inland tomorrow. concord, 98. livermore, 97. san jose, 92. near the bay, we go to the lower 80s . oakland down to 81. mountain view, 86. san francisco, down to the 70s . everybody dropping about seven, eight, nine degrees and the coast will fall to 71. so we are cooler but still above average tomorrow. saturday much cooler. we will rebound back to average. our team mary lee. and emily turner will have your traffic and weather starting sti
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not as hot tomorrow. still pretty hot tomorrow. >> if you don't like what you got. drive 20 minutes to change it. >> head west. go in the water. it is still frigid. >> that's true. thanks paul. coming up, why cal fans will be able to toast their team or drink away their sorrows
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college football. kicking off in a couple of weeks. >> when cal fans return to memorial stadium, they will be able to raise a glass at the golden bears during the cal athletics announced that beer and wine will now be sold from eight stands around the stadium. that's not the only change fans will notice. everyone will have to pass through metal detectors. cal opens the season august 31 at home. the question is will they sell them up there on tight wad hill? ab puts a raider uniform on and the as and astros hit a home run record at the coliseum. guess how many? next. rodeo...
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you remember what john gruden demands of his team? >> more than anything, i want better excuse me cushion. are we clear on that? i want better execution. >> it appears his speech hit home in arizona. 84 showed up in a uniform. check it out. with a helmet! he actually warmed up! didn't play obviously. but there he is. back to that execution thing. derek carr to ryan grant. papa east not around. i'll say it. touchdown. raiders. 17-0. any regrets in murray, three of 12 wasn't very good. raiders execute 33-26.
2:06 am
>> we weathered the storm. he appears to be in great spirits. and like he is ready to get going here. that's antonio brown. we're excited about him. i'm excited. >> and the as aren't thinking much about kyleer murray. they have a pennant race to run and matt chapman is heating up. temperature mid 80s . you knew the ball was going to fly tonight. carlos correia, good-bye. matt chapman, see you. ole sen home run number two. a pair for brantley. then chapman, his second home run, four players had two home runs each. ten were hit in the game. that's a coliseum record. as are the last team standing though. 7-6 is the final. the as are 8.5 back of the astros in the west. but, just a game-and-a-half behind the rays for that wild
2:07 am
card spot. man, i would love a hat like this in arizona. i really would. >> yeah. >> really, i would. >> is that a hot dog hat? >> it looks good on you though. >> oh thank you, better late than never. >> there goes evan longoria. a two-run shot. the real story is that man. derek rodriguez called up from the minor leagues. pitched his best game of the season. seven innings. no runs, four strikeouts. most importantly, a spot in the rotation. going forward. giants win 7-0. they are 3.5 back. and, the wild card. raiders win. as win. giants win. i'm out. >> now your work here is done. >> what more can i have? >> we'll be right back. >> nothing. late show with stephen
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colbert is next. >> our tomorrow
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