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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  August 16, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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it's friday, so far so good with traffic time, and the green at this hour which is great. traffic is usually in the yellow at this hour, only a 25 minute ride for you guys, the san mateo braves bridge, not really all that much ended eastbound direction, i actually have the golden gate bridge. darlene closures in the northbound direction, take a look, you are down to one lane northbound on the golden gate bridge at this hour, that is due to construction with the eastside barrier, is usually cleared up but it's a li te butwi be heing out of san this morning. the bay bridge still looks good at this hour. i have a live news desk video coming in out of china right now, this is the china
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paramilitary get at the stadium next to bridge, it links mainland china to hong kong. the threat of force against pro- democracy in hong kong according to those in the island, china says the drills were preplanned and are not directly related to the unrest in china, north korea also fired off another couple missiles overnight between north korea and japan, increase tension there over plans military exercises between south korea the u.s., back to you. new this morning, power is back on in marin county after outage d 4000 and the dark. the lights went out around 11:30 last night, pg&e restore the power two hours later, no word on what caused the outage or it was huge related. a firefighter is recovering from heat exhaustion this morning after battling a fire in the san jose hills, flames
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burned along santa teresa bovard your bailey avenue and raced up the hillside yesterday, the hot weather also made for a challenging firefight, crews had to deal with triple digit temperatures all while wearing 50 pounds of equipment. the abandoned car dealership fire under investigation as well. this one broke out just after 8:00 at the old momentum auto group building on admiral callahan lane. no reports of any injuries. starting tomorrow barch will begin a massive track replacement project near the durand and walnut creek station, will affect both riders and drivers. just temporarily, free buses will replace the train service but is planning more shutdowns for the next five weekends. so, what does all this construction working for commuters? in just about 90 minutes, emily
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turner will speak with the arts and caltrans spokesperson coming up at 6:00. happening today, a violent attack outside of a san francisco apartment building suspect will face a judge again, arthur vincent was released from jail after pleading not guilty to charges of prison battery and the judge was supposed to follow something call a release matrix to determine if he suspect was likely to commit another crime. the judge went against the recommendation, the california governor speaking out of the suspect quick release. goes to the core of people wanting to live in a city as spectacular as this. the foundation is safety. >> as for the suspect's he has been ordered to stay 100 feet away from the condo building. families of victims in the
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ghost ship warehouse fire have at least a few more days to wait, he broke for the weekend after nine days of deliberation, defendant mike harris and derek l mena are charging 36 accounts of manslaughter, observers say the prolonged deliberation maybe nine members of the jury are having trouble agreeing on a verdict, yesterday the attorney of max harris told families they have a lot to gain if his client is found innocent. they don't have any money, but these families have money, it said derek not guilty that will be doing financially a big favor for the families. spoke with the jury on break this weekend, monday is the earliest we could have a verdict. a retired nascar driver jail earnhardt junior and his family are safe after a plane they were on ran off the runway in tennessee. the fiery crash with laura podesta. >> reporter: until earnhardt junior and his family seen leaving the fiery rack after it
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left the runway in tennessee. >> you hear all the time that the lord works in mysterious ways you have to believe it. >> reporter: two pilots, the racing legend, his wife amy their one-year-old daughter and her dog run board. the allman out safely. >> reporter: the says the judge rolled off the end of the runway through a fence, and slid onto a highway. it started leaking about thousand gallons of fuel. earnhardt was attended to by paramedics on the scene. the 44 listing to the hospital and later released. he retired from racing in 2017, he was on his way to nearby bristol motor speedway is a tv analyst for the race this weekend. >> is one of the number one idols anyone in racing never
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have. knowing he is okay is huge. >> reporter: known to his fans as junior he took the checkered flag 26 times in his career, he's also the son of dayle earnhardt senior who died in a crash racing in 2001. >> dayle is a legend around here because of his dad then nascar, it's good he's okay. >> reporter: he's taking this weekend often broadcasting to be with his family to laura podesta, cbs news. earnhardt is expected to return to tv next. an update this morning, rashida tlaib will not be able to see her family and the israeli-occupied west bank, they banned her and a lot on her from entering the country after president trump staff did just hours ago accepted to lead the humanitarian request to see her family after she promised to not promote the boycott against israel. and a new effort to fight climate change, a uk university
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decided something has to go. the first be free campus. >> reporter: burgers, burritos, and anything people be off of the menu at the university of london when classes start in september. >> we need to intervene with these things. >> reporter: decision the student union made with the school staff to try to reduce carbon emissions. >> it in school, one step towards obviously a greener space. >> reporter: the campus of 10,000 students known for the eco-friendly initiatives is also trying to limit the use of bottled water and disposable cups, taking on extra $.12 charge. the university beef been follows a united nations climate change report says people should stop eating so much meat. they say methane and greenhouse gas exacerbate climbing climate change. there's a beef with the new
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policy. calling it overly simplistic and sing uk production standards are among the most efficient the world. >> it like people banning it out right there are foodies is a big part of culture. >> reporter: goldsmith is not the first university to change the menu to try to reduce its carbon footprint come into the 16, cambridge university began cutting back on the amount of and laminate service. the british university will also install more solar panels in buildings and plans to was switch to a 1% clean energy supplier. in money watch, general electric bankruptcy fears and wall street aims to end a mixed week on the upswing, that is all coming up. another live look outside before we had to break, a shot at the east bay and the bay bridge this morning. we will be right back.
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welcome back, area band
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playing at the gilroy garlic festival when a gunman opened fire last month took the stage for the first time since the attack. the classic rock band the 10 man almost finished their set when shots rang out that day, they crawled under the stage to hide from the gunmen. the force performance at the san jose to spill golf course, bill weir said he and his bandmates were apprehensive and a little nervous. spectrum over here it hit me, you know? i think we're feeling like at any minute, you know, expect something to happen. you will always be looking over your shoulder or the tree- lined. stuff dozens came out to support the group, last night the tips they collected will go to the shooting survivors during the gilroy foundation and family three young victims. happening today, comic book characters gary in the south bay for the annual silicone valley comic con, this is video from last years three day events, folks are in for quite a treat this year, jason momoa
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the played aquaman is set to make an appearance. love him. it kicks off at the convention center at 2:00. turning to money watch, strong consumer spending calls refresh and fears, we go to the new york stock exchange this morning. >> reporter: a roller coaster dan wall street, mixed on thursday, the tao rose 99 points, the nasdaq fell 7 while the s&p 500 and seven. recession fears subsided over strong consumer spending, meanwhile president trump keeping an eye on the trade deal with china, yesterday a resolution found to be a great deal for the u.s. but china called on the u.s. to meet halfway negotiations. the general electric slump of 11% yesterday, the whistleblower who sounded the alarm on the ponzi scheme is accusing she of accounting fraud worth $30 billion. and report posted line, the
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company is hiding massive losses and heading for bankruptcy. in a statement she called claims meritless. in greenland is a for sale? the wall street journal and associated press say president trump talk to aides about purchasing the north atlantic island with very degrees of seriousness. greenland is an autonomous territory of denmark, the u.s. made a few times to buy over the last few centuries. the last time was in 1946 for $100 million. into the white house or denmark has commented. that is here cbs money watch report, for more had to our website. i'm diane king hall the new york stock exchange. the newest school sharing a name with a man who came to the bay area as an undocumented immigrant. the school district choosing josi antonio vargas, vargas drew up in mountain view and became a reporter for the washington post, he is an outspoken activist for
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immigration reform. a special back-to-school coverage continuing this morning with the skyrocketing price of education. >> whatever i have to do to make sure my kids stay here working two jobs where i have to do. >> bay area parents working overtime for school supplies, jackie ward explains how much at all costs in the next half hour. it keeps getting more expensive every year. >> yes. the cost of backpacks, $75 and more >> a backpack. >> amazing. i tweeted you out yesterday. >> yes. >> the measure of the car said 109 degrees. >> crazy. >> i'm over it. >> it that a lot of people are. record breaking heat yesterday as well, we cool it down a little bit for today, much cooler for the weekend, relief is coming but it's a little too hot for you. and many of us. ea, you can babridge under clear skies, check out the bay right now, 72
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degrees after breaking a record high for the day topping out at 99 degrees yesterday. not as hot today thankfully so, much cooler for the weekend. right now, livermore 63 oakland 61 also santa rosa. the micro climate forecast ticking through the day for the coast, low 70s with the sunshine, for the bay mid to upper 70s and low 80s, the inland locations in the 90s to 100 degrees. we are not talking 105 or one a six like yesterday. we no longer have heat advisories in effect. we do have a fourth spare the air alert today so, the fourth day in a row of spare the air alert, for sensitive groups in the east bay, moderate air quality, satellite and radar view, the ridge of high pressure will be weakening and we are tracking the upper level
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low slowly moving south into the pacific northwest. the pattern is starting to change and with that low, we start to see the onshore flow, a week onshore flow today, strong seabreeze this weekend. futurecast going hour by hour, you can see all the sunshine for tomorrow morning and low clouds right along the coast, again, much cooler saturday and especially sunday. we really see the west as southwesterly flow in the onshore flow, quite breezy and cooler sunday. highs today, looking at 99 in concorde and fairfield, 90 livermore, 93 san jose, 82 oakland and mid 70s san francisco. if you are heading out to the stone growth festival it will be much cooler sunday in san francisco, clouds with temperatures mid 60s for the fast. that is actually the last festival of the summer, temperatures in a cool down, much-needed as we have through
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sunday, were be back up next week. sounds good. i tell you what. it was super hot the last couple days. we are here edge 4:47 on the roadways taking a look at the overall big picture, pretty much a good story, lots of green, only a few accidents to report, let's get right on that, okay, westbound highway 4, two accidents on the right hand shoulder, when i love ridge road, not causing delays at this hour, a little early for that as you go to pittsburgh. there is an entry ramp closed northbound on 880, hopefully that will be cleared shortly because it's a pretty busy roadway, for those of you that use the altamont pass, take a look, just a little bit slow as you head to the past, out of the triangle, back up to a regular running speed of the way to the dublin interchange southbound on a 680, even westbound at 84 this hour, you
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are in the green when it comes to travel times, that is a 25 minute ride holding strong there. the sugar-free looks good as does highway 4 and 101, 37 minute ride, the san mateo bridge this morning, really not that busy at this hour, you are going to have any primes if you're heading over there, right, so, the golden gate bridge again, i have to change this thing, on the screen, but we still have lanes closed northbound of the 101 of the golden gate ridge. they will be closing that really not northbound, you are down to one lane, a bridge metering lights not on so stay in the past lanes. special anniversary for tvs favorite friends and cate blanchett as a mom at the center of a mysterious disappearance in her latest movie. we have those stories and much more in today's i federal event celebrating the silver anniversary of the succumb friends with a three night event at movie theaters nationwide. fans can watch four different episodes each night the 23rd
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and 28th and on october 2. the events include interviews with the show characters and never before seen content. tickets go on sale today. long lines formed around los angeles thursday as businesses roll back prices to 1959. it was all part of a celebration of the hit amazon show, the marvelous mrs. maisel which holds the most emmy donations for comedy series this year, the throwback includes deli solutions for $.99, angry cupcakes for $.25 and gasoline at the santa monica chevron station priced at a mere $.30 a gallon. and cate blanchett is a mom fed up with suburban life in the new comedy where did you go bernadette. >> see disappeared. >> bernadette. >> watch? >> they follow bernadette fox, mom who seems to have it all what she sadly disappears, her family sets out to solve the
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mystery where she might have gone. where did you go, bernadette is in theaters today. that is your eye on entertainment, chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles. antonio brown dons a raiders uniform for the very first time and the a's and astros hit a home run record at the coliseum, can you guess how many wax find out. live look outside, the south bay getting some love, this is downtown san jose, clear conditions and other warm start in san jose.
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we made it to the end of heatesterday, ntinue tres a co ol down fosaara fos pittsburgh
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temperatures just slightly cooler appeared yesterday, 77 berkeley, 75 san francisco, two oakland, 92 petaluma, 96 windsor. 4:37, i'm tracking all your travel times, it's get a check on the san rafael bridge where there is no emergency construction of the bridge itself, however, there are link ushers close to the bridge, you can kind of see it from the live picture here, the right- hand lane is closed once you get past the cones, you can head to the right-hand side and to the cash lanes, in the meantime it there does not seem to be delays on your personal toll pleasant, once you get to the toll pleasant a promise, even easier your way across into marin. you remember what john goodman demanded of his teens this weekend a meeting? >> more than anything i want better execution. are we clear that? better blank execution >> and appears the speech at
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home in arizona. 84 showed up in uniform, check it out, with a helmet, he warmed up but he did not play. back to the execution thing, ryan grant, since pop is not around i will say is, touched him. raiders. 175 yard pass, 53 on this beauty, redo. gaffer, 17 minus year, raiders. they decided to play in the nfl, any regrets? murray, three of 12 was not very good. raiders executes 33, chucky is loving life. >> we weather the storm, it is great to see him out here with his teammates, he appears to be in great spirits. it appears like he is ready to get going here. so, that is antonio brown, we are excited about it, i am excited about it. i could care less what else says. i am excited. >> it could care less about kyler murray these days, matt
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chapman is heating up on the first pitch, 80 degrees, matt olson, three runs, carlos correa goodbye, michael brantley so long, mark chapman see. olson, homer number two, a pair for brantley and then, with the game tied at six in the eighth, chapman with four players and two home runs, 10 hit in the game which is a coliseum record, the a's are the last team standing 7-6 is the final. the a's are a to have back with the astros, just a game and a half back for the wild-card spot. >> i would love a hat like this hotdog arizona. >> it looks good on you though. >> giants already up 3-0 the d- backs in arizona, there goes evan longoria. the real story? no. rodriguez from the minor
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leagues, he picks the best game of the season, seven innings no runs for strikeouts and most importantly, a spot in the rotation going forward, giants win 7-0, three back in the wildcard. riders, is when, giants win, that is all i've got, i am out. 4:57, coming up the next hour, they area beauty and a tech in social media, how the two women who started built a billion-dollar business known as benefit. plus, here in san francisco, the suspect in a violent attack caught on surveillance camera at this condo building expected to make another appearance in court today, the controversy behind his release, coming up.
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coverage continues with the high price of sending kids back to class, we are breaking down the numbers. opening-day at the racetrack, why they area horse trader say the season is threatening their sport. fans toasting their team or drinking away their sorrows during games and memorial stadium with new stadium rose. friday, august 16, good morning, let's get right over to mary emily to talk about the big cool down from the heat. >> oh my goodness, yes, it is coming michelle and kenny, it has been a week with record high temperatures. we start to cool it down today, much cooler for the weekend. relief is coming for sure, here's a live look of the san jose camera, good morning in san jose, clear skies, the temperature in san jose, 70 degrees, warm start for you after a record high of 99 yesterday, in san jose. concorde 66, 63 oakland, 66


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