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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  August 16, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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coverage continues with the high price of sending kids back to class, we are breaking down the numbers. opening-day at the racetrack, why they area horse trader say the season is threatening their sport. fans toasting their team or drinking away their sorrows during games and memorial stadium with new stadium rose. friday, august 16, good morning, let's get right over to mary emily to talk about the big cool down from the heat. >> oh my goodness, yes, it is coming michelle and kenny, it has been a week with record high temperatures. we start to cool it down today, much cooler for the weekend. relief is coming for sure, here's a live look of the san jose camera, good morning in san jose, clear skies, the temperature in san jose, 70 degrees, warm start for you after a record high of 99 yesterday, in san jose. concorde 66, 63 oakland, 66 livermore, 61 san francisco,
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nice and cool santa rosa at 59, let's talk about what you can expect as you head to the afternoon, not as hot as yesterday, equally so, san francisco mid 70s, oakland low 80s later this afternoon, 93 san jose and 99 concorde. from seven or 11 degrees above average for this time of year, cooler this weekend,. take a look at your main travel times this morning, the good news is it is friday and feels like friday on the roadways, i do not know about you but so far of your drive times are remaining in the green. that is great news, even the altamont pass, that, only a 20 minute ride the westbound direction, you sure freeway, good to go, same thing with highway 4 and one-to-one, as for the san mateo bridge, the westbound direction, getting a little busier but they're not any major delays or crashes or stalls slowing you down with rush hour traffic and the
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westbound direction. the golden gate bridge is out of focus but you know what? it has been cleared up as far as the lane closures northbound. back in the news desk we are watching video coming in of the chinese paramilitary has you can see here gathered at a stadium right on the border, the bridge between hong kong and mainland china, china says the military gathering is not supposed to be a show of strength to intimidate hong kong and the protests over the past several weeks, they say these drills were planned already, some of the protesters are seeing this as a threat i also want to mention north korea has fired off a couple missiles overnight into the sea. a sign of increased tension of military exercise between south korea and the u.s. of this morning, power back on in marin county after an outage left 4000 people in the
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dark. lights went out around 11:30 last night, pg&e restored power two hours later, no word on what caused the outage orif was he related. the suspect accused of violent attack outside of san francisco apartment building will face a judge again but the question this morning is will he show up. katie nielsen is live in san francisco this morning where it all happened. >> reporter: county, this is the building were as you said the attack happened, right in front of the lobby of the watermark condo building here on beale street, the suspect, 25-year-old austin james vincent, is supposed to make another court appearance first thing this morning. he has already pleaded not guilty to charges he is facing in the attack of a 26-year-old woman who lives in the apartment building. she told police she was coming home just after 1:30 sunday morning when vincent attacked her and she tried to get into the lobby, in the video you can
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see the lobby attended calling 911 while also trying to help the victim, police later arrested vincent hours later, but a judge agreed to release them from jail a few days after the attack. now, city and state officials are rushing why the suspect was back in the street right after being accused of committing such a violent crime. >> it goes to the core of people. wanting to live in a city as spectacular as this. a foundation of safety. >> reporter: who knows what might happen moving forward what he might do to someone else. san francisco police officers association also weighing in about the judge in this case saying having her oversee criminal cases is a dangerous issue for every law-abiding
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resident of san francisco, the suspect is expected to be in court at 9:00 a.m. this morning for another hearing at the san francisco hall of justice. live in san francisco, katie nielsen, kpix5. for families of students back-to-school we do not have to tell you, keeps getting more and more expensive. numbers show the average bay area household the spending $611 this year, that is up one .7% from last year. a lot of money, the community is stepping up to help, part of the ongoing back-to-school coverage, we are highlighting sunnyvale services, the handout backpacks full of school supplies for 1700 kids and jackie ward learned from one family just how important this kind of help is. >> reporter: for soon-to-be fourth-grader, leah she gets to rock a new backpack, for mom claudia it is a constant. >> you don't have time to look
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for sales and drive around town, you spend when you don't have to make sure kids and teachers have what they need in the classroom. >> reporter: claudia romero is here to help forge the kids get ready to return to school. >> school supplies for class. >> reporter: she says the class normally cost up to $300, not including the clothing. >> there helping her budget by just helping the family a little bit with what the can gets. we are able to pay a little more rent or be able to, you know, get shoes or a jacket or something they need. >> reporter: each student is getting a back pack filled with whatever they need to be a success in the classroom. >> taking notes with folders for keeping stuff organized. >> reporter: a $40 gift card for new shoes. sunnyvale committee services called the head to toe program, the single busiest day of the year. >> whatever have to do to make
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sure i can stay here working two jobs, whatever have to do, is worth it because you have that report. the small community and social adults. >> reporter: she provides her mom and sister with special care while raising four kids. her husband is an appliance repairman. business is not study which forces the family to make financial decisions. >> i love my community, i think with them i can provide my kids the best education growing up, you know? it is tough for everybody i think. >> reporter: the executive director says the state is the one she looks forward to the most because she gets to see people like claudia and her kids get something they may not be able to otherwise. >> is on the future as you look around and see these children, they are going to be the folks building the valley as we know it in the years to come and we want them to be successful. >> reporter: jackie ward,
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kpix5. >> sunnyvale services will hand out 100 more backpacks to kids that transferred or those that are homeless and did not make it to the back in the way events, they want every student has a fresh start for the school year. we want to see your students as they head back to school, just tag kpix in your social media post and you may see her child on tv. things kicked off at the golden gate field at east bay, they are trying to be extra careful under a microscope for the treatment of horses lately, more than two dozen horses have died in southern california and nine and golden gate fields. both tracks say they have since put up new safety measures, one limits the jockey use of a whip. >> great safety procedures they put in place. >> is the number one state enforcing his. >> and another effort to step
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up safety, if you'll spend more than $1 million new rail meant to protect horses and riders that bump. college football kicks off a couple weeks and when fans return to the stadium they will be able to raise a glass to the golden bears during the game, it was just announced that beer and wine will now be pulled from eight stands around the stadium and that is not the only change fans will notice, everybody going to the game will also have to pass through metal detectors, the season opens august 31 at home versus uc davis. bart is looking for people to join the claimant crew the transient agency says it is doubling down on cleaning up the next six months, part plans to hire for part of the new general managers plan to improve the overall customer experience. new hires will bolster the march mac cleaning efforts including some of the systems all right. libraries and dissenters providing roofing for peach
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bowl to get out of the triple digit heat >> was like to be in there? but million times better >> what is your plan to stay cool >> stay away from the sun stay under an umbrella go to the library for the air conditioning >> good idea there, and is also going to limit outdoor activities, wear sunscreen and drink plenty of fluids. water is always best. >> try to stay cool. 5:10. up next, and original report, booming bay area beauty brands long before the internet, how two women this was basically going to start. you are wondering when the contraflow kicks back in and when we see cooler temperatures, the full forecast and when temperatures really drop-down below average,,. we see in having the presence right here at the bridge, not sure why, i check in in the next couple minutes, in the meantime this is part of
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your commute, mind your peas and cues, we are moving right along. was ahead of its time.
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still, we never stopped making it stronger. faster. smarter. because to be the best, is to never ever stop making it better. there's never been a better time to become part of the mercedes-benz family. lease the c 300 sedan for just $399 a month with credit toward your first month's payment at the mercedes-benz summer event. hurry in now. we are going live right now to lower manhattan were a couple suspicious packages have caused the shutdown of the subway station. the fulton street station, five blocks away from the world
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trade center, nothing has been confirmed yet, we have got emergency personnel there from police to the fire department to the bomb squad, we are keeping an eye on that come back to. a san francisco version of a cinderella story. this fairytale stars before anybody knew what influencer was in before zuckerberg was born, more than 40 years ago, two sisters came to san francisco and as elizabeth orts, a simple flip of a coin leave them to build a billion- dollar brand. >> reporter: before jobs and wozniak another dynamic duo in the bay area lot them as two 6'1" identical twin gorgeous midwesterners to put on a dam good show. >> reporter: 1970, shane and
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jean ford, twin sisters from indiana landed in san francisco. no money and no real plan. >> honestly they want to get weird in san francisco in the 70s. >> reporter: the flipped a coin, between selling casserole or cosmetics. >> they had no business open up a megastore. >> now. >> these are the daughters. >> they put it to work and started creating really simple easy products that they control on women and get them out the door looking good. >> reporter: the sisters borrowed a few thousand dollars to open the face place, and a seedier area of the mission district. the first and only time they would never borrow money. the next 15 years, the ford sisters opened boutiques around the bay area and grew their catalog business. >> they did not know necessarily what they were doing but knew they would make it work. >> reporter: 1999, they were purchased by louis vuitton, bay
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area industry leaders say the annual revenue is around $1.5 million. it now has close to 700 employees in san francisco along. >> it is not what areas to. it's like, boom, boom you are worth $2 billion. >> that was not the case back then. to maggie and annie are following in their mom and aunts but steps with a global brand ambassadors, each so products in the home shopping network and promote products on social media. >> the knowledge of makeup is more now. >> reporter: despite a new wave of make is being sold exclusively online, brick-and- mortar stores continue to be a huge part of business. >> people are so desperate for the in-person connection that is why the store experience is so crucial. that is what we were built on. san francisco has rule breakers.
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that is open-minded, >> reporter: the much like the ford sisters. jean ford passed away earlier this year but her spirit is felt in every corner of the benefit offices. and the products. >> if you do what she does not expect and you make that your norm, then you'll blow her mind every day. >> how do they come up with the name elephant? as they began to expand the brand they learned their former name face place waalread a trip to italy and loves the word penne. they wanted to find a word that fits with bennett, so they decided to change the company name to benefit and the rest is history. amazing. >> from the mission to being taught by louis vuitton. wow. >> expected to be a story behind the brand. it's like no i like to say the word penne. >> sounds good.
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>> i like to say the word you are good to go, the words good to go. because you are this morning and we look at the overall big picture when it comes to traffic, you are in the green, no problems as far as speed is concerned, let's get down to a couple little issues not causing major delays, we do have something to navigate around, the number two lane blocked on the 101, not causing any slowdowns of this hour, look at this, in the last five minutes, able to clear the accident on the right hand shoulder westbound looks like a little bit of a residual delay, however that will be cleared in the next little bit. slow going this morning in the northbound direction, they have opened up the lane closures they had there, however, there is still a little bit of a bottleneck as you come through oakland and that will slow you down a little bit, out to the live picture, highway 24, the right-hand side of your screen, the westbound direction, this
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i'm showing you because as a heads up this weekend there will be lane closures as well as b.a.r.t. closures, more on that in the next hour, wanted to give you a heads up on that. in the meantime look at travel times, still in the green at this hour, that is pretty unusual, 28 minutes through the altamont pass, pretty exceptional at this hour, off to the san mateo bridge this morning where it seems like you have no problems in the westbound direction, nothing to report in the eastbound direction either, bainbridge metering lights are not on because take a look at how and to that is this friday, no problems to report there. mary? >> great to see the papers like the. well, we are looking at cooler temperatures today. much clearer for the weekend. little too hot for you. we slowly start to cool it down today, much cooler for the weekend. so, relief is coming, here's a live look with her tower camera looking east at the bay bridge, clear skies this morning, it is a mild to warm start, concorde
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66 right now, 63 oakland, livermore good morning to you and 66, san francisco 61, san jose 70, a cool 59 in santa rosa. the santa rosa record high of 103 yesterday, weather headlines, still about average for daytime highs, just not as hot as yesterday, onshore flow returns with much cooler temperatures tomorrow and even cooler and cloudier sunday. we do have another spare the air alert, the fourth in a row, unhealthy for sensitive groups of the east bay and santa clara valley, moderate air quality for the rest of the bay area. air settling in raider, the strong ridge of high pressure that brought the heat is weakening. we are tracking the upper level low up to the north, asked that slides down into the pacific northwest, that will mean for us the pattern will change, so, we see onshore flow kicking back and for us and stronger rain influence drops temperatures to below average
5:21 am
for this time year. taking hour by hour and futurecast, you can see all the sunshine as we had the day. tomorrow we start to see low clouds along the coast and that really indicates the onshore flow beginning to kick in saturday and again especially sunday it will be quite breezy with westerly southwesterly wind and cooler temperatures sunday. sunday will be the coolest day out of the weekend. highs again above average, by 7 to 11 degrees above average. just not as hot. 92 in santa clara, 93 for a high in san jose, 96 morgan hill, to educate upper 90s 100san francisco, 77 berkeley, 82 oakland, 83 san leandro, 92 petaluma, highs topping out around 96 in windsor, a cooler weekend forecast saturday and sunday.
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warming up by next week, back to you. the time is 5:21. of next, today's top stories, new guidelines for the hpv vaccine, silent danger after surgery had a graphic new warning label that could be coming to tobacco products. alright, so this is how it's gonna go down. you are going to say... you'll get the best deal of the year on xfinity tv and internet. and you even get this. mike, you're on balloons. sarah, you're gonna high five everybody. ben, you're gonna be wowing them with your dance moves. don't miss the xfinity best deal of the year. now that's simple, easy, awesome. get amazing tv and internet during our best deal of the year. with huge savings of $600 over 2 years. plus a speed upgrade to 400 megs, free for 2 years. and ask about even more savings with xfinity mobile. click, call or visit a store today.
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welcome back, in day' healthwatch, one of 14 senior suffers a silent stroke after surgery, research and the lancet find strokes appear on brain scans after elective noncardiac operations, the study says the strokes double the risk of cognitive decline with an ear. also patients waiting for hip replacements are asked to rate their level of pain, the study in the bone and joint journal found nearly 20% x drive discomfort as extreme or like death, those waiting for knee replacement, 12% describe a similar level of pain, the center for disease control is updating the recommendation for those who need the hpv vaccine, the guidelines suggest immunization at age 11 or 12 to protect against cancer caused by the human papilloma virus, for adults who miss the shots the cdc recommends catch-up
5:26 am
vaccines up to age 26. packaging on tobacco products is about to get more graphic, the fda rolling out new guidelines for how companies display health warnings, new images show what the fda calls the lesser-known consequences of smoking. conditions like macular degeneration, lost limbs and copd, the fda is seeking public input into the new labels and plans to finalize the next spring. we are watching breaking news in new york city right now, two pressure cookers found in the subway station in lower manhattan which is shut down, we go there live next. >> the suspect in a violent attack at this san francisco condo building is expected to be back in court this morning, the controversy over the case continues.
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breaking news, a new york city subway station evacuated, developing this morning, the bomb squad is on the scene investigating two suspicious packages. >> from undocumented immigrants, pulitzer prize- winning journalist, how they're honoring the adopted son. two congressman visiting israel with support from president trump, the latest on the no entry. climate change, the new ban on beef at one university. morning everybody, it is friday, august 16, i am michelle griego. >> are talking about a cool down but it is pretty warm out there right now. >> that's right, we start today with mild to warm temperatures, it will be hot today, not as hot as the record heat yesterday and the day before, this is the start of a cooling trend for us, much cooler by the weekend. so, if you want cooler weather,
5:31 am
you have it, especially by saturday and sunday. here's a live look at the treasure island camera with clear skies and check out temperatures. san jose one of the warmest spots, 70 degrees after hitting a record high of 99 in san jose yesterday, mid 60s and concorde, looking at 63 in oakland, livermore 66, 61 san francisco and one of the cooler spots with santa rosa at 59 after a record high for you in santa rosa yesterday, 103. check out the temperatures, we are not talking about triple digit heat anymore and concorde, that is an improvement, 99 for a high and concorde as well as fairfield, 90 livermore, 93 san jose, two oakland and 76 san francisco. san francisco needs more coffee, we called it even more for the weekend, details coming up t far behind you, i literally just got my first cup and cannot wait. you have time to get the green still at this hour, even the altamonte pass looking good, that is unusual, clearly it is friday, you get to enjoy
5:32 am
that, heading westbound on a san mateo bridge, little more company than you did before, still not too slow and that commutes direction. eastbound still no problems to report, we are seeing a little bit of a slowdown at the toll plaza and the bay bridge, construction closers in effect until about 6:00 this morning, looks like by this camera lease close to the toll plaza is cleared up ready, the bay bridge, speaking of clear, take a look at that. heads up b.a.r.t. riders. a massive track replacement project between the walnut creek and lorinda stations. it affects both riders and drivers, construction on the 50 lautrec closed down two eastbound lanes of highway 24 but just temporarily. free buses will replace the train service. b.a.r.t. is planning more shutdowns for the next five weekends. what does all this construction work mean for commuters? in about 30 minutes emily turner will speak with the bart
5:33 am
and caltrans a spokesperson coming up at 6:00. back in the live news desk we are keeping an eye on lower manhattan, that is where there was a couple of pressure cookers found, turned into a bomb scare, these are live pictures right now from the chopper above the scene, the fulton street station, several subway lines have been rerouted around that, this is close to the world trade center and a couple blocks from the federal reserve bank, the nypd found two pressure cookers they're not expensive devices but they are looking at other stations right now, at this point they cannot determine if the devices were left to cause fear or summary by accident, back to you. thank you. happening today, the bay area suspect released from jail just three days after a violent attack will face a judge again, the question this morning, will he show up? katie nielsen is live in san francisco. >> reporter: yes michelle, we
5:34 am
are actually in front of the lobby of the watermark condo tilting on deal streets, this is where the attack happened early sunday morning. the suspect in the case, 25- year-old austin james vincent is scheduled to appear in court this morning for another hearing, he has already pleaded not guilty to charges he is facing in connection with the attack caught on surveillance video. the case drew the attention of the san francisco mayor london breed and california governor gavin newsom after the judge in the case agreed to release vincent from jail only a few days after he was accused of committing the violent crime. now, the victim in this case says she cannot believe the man she identified as her attacker was released from jail so quickly. >> i mean, i'm shocked. i'm scared, terrified. they do not understand what more it takes for the city and judge to understand this man is
5:35 am
a danger to society and the committee. >> reporter: san francisco police officers association is also weighing about the judge in the case saying having her oversee criminal cases is a danger to every law-abiding resident of san francisco. now, again, the suspect in this case austin vincent expected to make his appearance in court at 9:00 a.m. this morning at the san francisco hall of justice. live in san francisco, katie nielsen, kpix5. 5:35 right now, happening today, comic book characters gathering in the south bay for the annual silicon valley comic con. this is video from last years three-day event. folks are in for quite a treat this year, jason momoa who played aquaman is set to make an appearance, it all kicks off at the san jose convention center at 2:00. the meantime, the mountain view newest school has a new name, a
5:36 am
big honor for a man who came to the bay area as an undocumented immigrant. a long list of notable people to name the school after but the district finally chose josi antonio vargas, vargas grew up in mountain view than went on to become a reporter for the washington post, he is an outspoken activist for immigration reform. >> i would not be the human being i am without committee. people ask me how i define american, i define american as committee. community of people who see you and make you feel whole. >> the school was built a mile from where vargas grew up, his name was chosen over contenders like barack and michelle obama. new details this morning, rashida tlaib will now be able to see her family and he israeli-occupied west bank, yesterday, israel banned her and ilhan omar from entering the country after president trump stepped in. >> i cannot imagine why israel would let them in, but i did
5:37 am
speak to people over there. >> just hours ago, israel accepted the humanitarian request to see her nine-year- old grandmother in the west bank after she promised to not promote the boycott against israel, palestinian officials spoke out against the ban. >> they want the world to see the true colors at oppressor and illegal nature of the israeli occupation. >> both women supported boycott of israel for what they say is abuse of palestinian rights, representative omar is barred from entering the country, at least one lawmaker indicated she will fight to get the ban overturn. the retired nascar driver dayle earnhardt junior and his family lucky to be alive after a fiery plane crash in tennessee, take a look at genetic video of intense moments after the fighter jet they were on skidded off the runway east of nashville yesterday. organizers say the jet plowed through a fence near the airport and part of it was attached to plane when it came
5:38 am
to a stop. >> the fence representative drama airplane. a section there the fence is wrapped around, that would've been where the door was. a lot more difficult for the door to open. >> dayle earnhardt junior says a spiritual being pulled him out to safety, federal authorities are now investigating. burgers burritos and anything before be off of the menu when classes start next month at a london university, the reason? to fight climate change, staff and students at old smith sityt effort to reduce carbon emissions, the campus of 10,000 students is known for eco- friendly initiatives, it is also trying to limit the use of bottled water and disposable cups, taking on extra $.12 charge. >> we think it will make a difference and we need to be at the heart of this thing. spoke of it is cool, one step towards a greater space. >> the university beef been
5:39 am
follows a major united nations climate change report last week suggesting people should stop eating so much meat. and money watch, wall street reacts to key reports and president trump explains what it will take two and the trade war with china. diane king hall is live at the new york stock exchange this morning. >> reporter: good morning, on wall street it finished mixed yesterday, the dollars 99 points, the nasdaq fell 7 while the s&p 500 added seven, futures indicating they will not be open today, recession briefly subside over stronger consumer numbers, president trump keeping an eye on a trade you with china yesterday he said a resolution has got to be a great deal for the u.s., china called on the u.s. to meet halfway in negotiations. at&t and t-mobile team after five robocalls, calls across both networks d fied thentitya for in network calls but now it will require t-mobile and at&t,
5:40 am
provide across networks by the end of the year. >> fewer robocalls i love it. the white house may be interested in purchasing new property, give us the details. >> reporter: reports by the wall street journal and associated press a president trump talk to aides about purchasing prelims, to varying degrees of seriousness. greenland is an autonomous territory, denmark and the u.s. made plans to purchase it over the last two cemetery centuries, the last time was in 1946 for hundred million dollars. the island is not for sale. >> not just yet. thank you. diane king hall of cbs money watch, good to see you, have a great weekend. still ahead, creepy or cuddly? you be the judge, one midwest town finding dolls throughout the city ahead, the message from police in neighbors.
5:41 am
>> majorly creepy. well, a warm start to the day, record heat yesterday and the day before, we will start to cool things down today, especially for the weekend, the full forecast is coming up. six minutes ago, bay bridge metering lights on, backing up at the toll plaza, in san francisco this morning, it feels like friday elsewhere on your roadways and i will tell you what drive times are. denny's isn't just for breakfast...
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it only gets better when you switch and save with geico. it is finally friday, we
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are happy about that, it is almost 5:44. here's a live look of the moon shining brightly under clear skies as you start of the day, mild to warm this morning as we head through the afternoon, that is hot, i talk about that in what you can expect where you live in the weekend forecast coming up. this morning the u.s. is on alert for west nile virus, the most common virus transmitted by mosquitoes and cases happen right around this time of year, right now, 36 states including california reporting infections and people, birds, and mosquitoes, the cdc says there have been 128 cases of west nile disease in people this year and four died. cases with severe disease are also on the rise. >> right now, gathering around the peak period of west nile virus, this will continue into september. west nile virus is the greatest health threat to the united states in terms of viruses.
5:45 am
>> protecting yourself from mosquito bites is critical, people over 60 with underlying conditions are at higher risk of developing severe illness from west nile. right now if you have driven on the i-80 overpass and university avenue in berkeley you probably have seen them moving over a pedestrian bridge, but the city says the sculptures have to go, the 28 foot tall statues known as the berkeley big people were installed 11 years ago at a crossing that connects the city to the park, they portray the city counterculture past, whether they are art or just an eyesore the city says they are too costly to keep. >> it was not really parent what the figures were all about. >> i actually really like them. to eserve pieces it already purchased. >> the artist prepares the artwork for $50,000 but the
5:46 am
city has yet to take him up on a. berkeley is allowing the public 90 days to comment before and hauls it away. a question missouri, why do creepy dolls keep popping up outside of st. louis? >> is creepy, i do not know what is up with the. >> they are putting them where they will be seen. there is no doubt about it. >> this is at a major intersection. >> it gets weirder, this one is laying on a rock headless, another found next to a dumpster, several others spotted with hands covering their eyes, police say it could be fun and games but they are worried somebody will get hurt >> somebody has to stop, people will stop and check to make sure it's a child. they will get hit or there's a chance they get out and get run over you are dealing with a tragedy. >> police have no idea where the dolls are coming from or who is putting them there, prank or not they're warning residents to be aware of their
5:47 am
i guess that's not how it happened. >> find a hobby, you know? but yes. you will not need a lot of extra time. >> actually looks pretty good. a nice travel speed you're looking at, zooming into a couple trouble spots, we are keeping an eye on right now, one in the commute direction, this is right there on highway 4, the number two lane is blocked right there, 70 miles an hour as you approach that's, all the way through pastor, that as you get closer towards the 680 you are doing just fine, no promised report, that is all you see closer to the right, the eastbound direction not causing any delays, so far it is not causing delays either, southbound is 66, we are seeing a few delays as you pull through oakland on the southbound direction, we keep an eye on that and see what is causing delays. in the meantime the ultimate
5:48 am
pass is a regular trouble spots but it actually looks pretty good, you can tell it is friday out there, you are slow is your coming of the tracy triangle, once you get to the altamont pass your back to a regular running speed and have no problem on the dubliner change, a new accident popping up and 84, i'm checking eastbound two westbound, not causing any delays of our. you're finally getting into the yellow as far as travel times at the altamont pass. only a 20 minute ride, drive times on the east shore freely on the south they will and a delay in the left-hand side of the screen. i will check in with chp to see exatiscausing that. >> are you ready for cooldown integers? i think a lot of people are. temperatures a little bit cooler today. much cooler this weekend.
5:49 am
air conditioner, the natural air conditioner mild to warm temperatures this morning, san jose mid 60s and concorde as well as livermore, 63 oakland, 61 san francisco record high yesterday of one of three but not as hot as yesterday. onshore flow really returns with temperatures tomorrow, even cooler and cloudier on sunday as it really gets going, the air-quality forecast, fourth day in a row that, the air-quality is unhealthy for sensitive groups in the east bay and santa clara valley,
5:50 am
moderate for the rest of the bay area. satellite and radar, all because of the ridge of high pressure dropping heat this week, the rich will weaken as we go through today and the weekend, all because of the upper level low that right now is in british columbia, that pushes down into the as of northwest and with that we see stronger onshore flow for the weekend due to the low pressure system, taking you hour by hour and futurecast, you can see all the sunshine as we head through tomorrow morning, some clouds along the coast. again, temperatures cooler saturday then much cooler sunday with the stronger marine influence, quite breezy and cool sunday with a low pressure oreg sthe sunrise suet just after 8:00, daytime highs today from the triple digit heat yesterday and concorde, now just 99, 99 in fairfield, 98 livermore, 93 san jose, 82 oakland and 75 for san
5:51 am
francisco, the last concert of the summer sunday for summer festival, sunny clouds, is much cooler in the 60s if you're heading out there. here's the 7 day forecast, we are going to cool it on saturday and especially by sunday, warming backup by next week, not as hot as next week, back to you. 5:51 right now, facebook is making a new move to try to curb fake news, it is adding more african languages to the fact checking program, the new language support is in partnership with apple check, an independent organization, 10 more languages will not be covered including swahili and afrikaans widely spoken in east africa. the stones are not letting a little heart surgery holding back. >> a reremigger 's the levi stadium stage this
5:52 am
sunday. >> 's only rock 'n roll but i like it. >> the stones concert was supposed to happen in may, but mick jagger had to get a heartfelt patched up and now they are ready to satisfy fans and santa clara, but, will they roll past the city schoolmate curfew, it's 10 pm on sundays, a hard stop, levi stadium fought the city over it, the show starts at 7:30 just to a half hours before the cut off, what you think? >> if it goes a little past. probably. >> as the rolling stones. >> yes, party. the time is 5:22. and ironman athlete saved by bay area lifeguards this morning. heartfelt thank you. a live look outside, this is from the salesforce tower camera, it is friday morning, 5:52, we will be right back.
5:53 am
z3ha3z zi0z y3ha3y yi0y
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5:55 am
now to a story about a reunion in the east bay. a life saved. >> i definitely am not dead. thank you. >> definitely not. back in june he was driving on the trails of the charlotte swim area, two lifeguards responded to him immediately but thought it was too late. they quickly hooked up a defibrillator to save him. >> they put the pedals on. >> i put the pads on him then,
5:56 am
we are doing ventilation so i shucked up. >> you shock to? you pull the trigger? >> yes, sir. >> more lifeguards and firefighters arrived and took over, a small ceremony was held yesterday to honor the two young men and first responders who saved his life. in the wake of recent mass shootings, dozens of police chiefs including several in the bay area urging lawmakers to now ask or demand straightahead. >> reporter: the suspect accused of a violent attack at this san francisco conference building made another appearance in court today, but the controversy over his release from jail continues. alright, so this is how it's gonna go down.
5:57 am
5:58 am
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6:00 am
what to expect for the weekend. a major part improvement project getting underway in costa county, we go to the studio to find out what to expect and explain why me disru well. the california ban on assault weapons facing a new charge this morning. >> good morning everybody, it is friday, august 16. i am michelle griego. >> i am ken bastida. we are talking about a dip in the temperatures. >> that's right kenny and michelle, temperatures a bit cooler today but much cooler for the weekend, onshore flow starting to kick in, we get going for the weekend, a live look, pretty start the day, mild to warm, is under clear skies, and the mid 60s


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