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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  August 16, 2019 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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way in the back. it was so long. i'm so tired.>> they gave us. customs and border protection said they are now looking into what caused the disruption. they don't believe it was caused by anything malicious. the tracks on the busiest liner getting a much-needed makeover. the project is so big it is spilling over on the highway 24. andrea is live in lafayette where riders and drivers are bracing for this big weekend backup. two nights at 11 on the last bart trains are running through. that is when normal service in until they hope monday nor morning at 5 am on this bart ride next to me to lafayette station.>> reporter: you will not be hearing that sound between walnut creek. all weekend long.
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bart is ripping up 5000 feet of track and replacing it. that means bus bridges and 40 minute delays. it is going to be pretty bad. >> reporter: the two eastbound lanes of highway 24 closest of the track will also be close. those lanes will accommodate a crane to lift heavy track in swiss switching boxes. that should be a nightmare. we could not think of another way to do this anyway that is safe and allows us to complete the job in a timely manner. more than 30 minutes on highway 24 one of those lanes will reopen. slowing repairs.>> if we have to go down to one lane we are not going to be up to use the crane at that point. it is going to take time to redeploy that equipment.>> reporter: is 10,000 feet of train control cabling six switch boxes and 3 million pounds of rock getting installed. that is a huge left. it will provide a much more
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stable ride for our writers.>> reporter: is a bitter pill they will have to swallow for better service. more frequent trains. i'm all for it. i write bart. i don't drive. i want the fixtures. it sucks that you have to have the downtime. >> reporter: there will be bus bridges to get people from walnut creek to the station. to continue on their trip. there will be bus pickups at each of the affected stations along the line. they are hoping people are going eastbound highway 24 so they don't have to slow the progress of this any further and keep the trains moving. we will have much more on the highway closure and how to get around it online. from marin to the east bay to downtown san francisco temperature a tad more pleasant today. let's check in with paul for the latest on our welcome
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cooldown. we are talking about temperatures now that are 17 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. it was a small amount at 2 pm. it is cranking up. just about everywhere in the bay area is double digits cooler than 24 hours ago. including concorde fairfield napa san jose and oakland. all more than 10 degrees cooler. as the ocean air is returning. you can see fog rolling through the golden gate passing by. it is down to 93 livermore. 92 concorde. you are one of four yesterday. san francisco down to 71. san jose in santa rosa down to the low 80s. tomorrow the cooldown continues but concorde falling below average. down to 87 degrees in concorde. 73 tomorrow oakland. 68 san francisco. more on the breeze and how strong it will be this weekend and you updated seven day forecast coming up. a quick thinking the samaritan saved a 12 month old infant. who was left in a hot car.
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yesterday was one of the hottest days of the year in union city. when a city employee returned from lunch they found this one- year-old girl left alone in a car. that was parked outside the library. police say she was found sweating very warm to the touch. after being left alone for 25 minutes. thankfully she survived. we are checking to find out if her parent or guardian will be cited for leaving her alone. san francisco judge and subsidy officials are playing the blame for lane. trying to explain why video of an attack on a woman was not enough to keep the suspect locked up. at a hearing today the judge tried to explain her decision. wilson walker was in the courtroom.>> reporter: this suddenly arrange hearing felt a little bit like a public hearing on what has become a very public case. the judge who has been criticized for her release of the suspect she changed course a little bit today. she also gave her account on
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how this all unfolded. specifically i was in a restaurant on wednesday night. at that restaurant atp was playing. i saw what was video of the incident. involving mr.. >> reporter: when she made the decision to release austin james vincent she had not seen the tape we have all seen now. that video she said has changed her perspective. i was frankly alarmed. at the level of violence that i saw on the video. they say the picture is worth 1000 words. i am ordering that mr. vincent go to the sheriff's department for. ankle monitor. >> it does make me feel a little better. it is a very small victory.>> reporter: paneez kosarian the woman attacked that she is relieved to see the court taking another look at the case. she is still frustrated. why wasn't it shown? it is such a big part of the evidence.>> reporter: impressed
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by the judge prosecutor said they did not present the video on the first hearing choosing to rely on the details of the police report. they were critical of the judge's decision not to remand vincent today. they say if the video proves he is dangerous he should go back to jail. but the judge countered that if the man has since been released from jail his house and obeying all the rules he has been assigned by the court and is now wearing the ankle bracelet why should we go and throw him in jail if we think he is a buying by the rules. she has scheduled a hearing for monday. to make sure that mr. vincent is doing what is asked of him. the san francisco city attorney also released a statement today defending the judge who used to work in that office. tonight we are learning an fbi agent got into some trouble after someone stole his firearm in the east bay.
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according to the east bay times the police issued a citation to the agent last month. the agents weapon and fbi jacket was stolen from a parked car in the city. police reportedly used a 2016 state law that requires law enforcement to lock up their weapons in a lock box when leaving their vehicles. the gun was eventually recovered. san bruno police arrested a man accused of hiding a loaded firearm in his car. police say they got a call early this morning of a suspicious vehicle i rollingwood drive. they say a 19-year-old daly city resident had this gun tucked under the driver seat. please later learned the man had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. he was booked in the san mateo county jail. from our salesforce tower camera at the transamerica pyramid which might soon bear a for sale sign. san francisco business times reporting the building's owner is looking for a buyer. there is at least one contingency. transamerica wants to retain the name.
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the deal could be worth up to $625 million. in the meantime google has reportedly hit a major milestone in its efforts to develop a transit village in downtown san jose. the mercury news is reporting google has swept up 56 properties near the train station. it has sunk over $386 million in the parcels. google has snatched a building that housed a union hall a carwash and supply hardware among other properties. los gatos police release video of an officer confrontation. what investigators concluded about the incident and what we know about the officers past problems with use of force. if it is exotic cars you want monterey is definitely the place to be this weekend. coming up the cars and the crowds of monterey car week. a chance to take the controls on caltrans.
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the videogame that makes you a virtual engineer.
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the bay area is leading the way in job growth. telephone is booming economy in july the region added nearly 5000 jobs. most of them in the south bay. the bay area figure accounted for exactly one fourth of the job gains statewide. there is a downside to the bay area strong job numbers. some employers say they are struggling just to find workers. the prolific oven bakery is closing all of its stores in
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santa clara sunnyvale palo alto. devon said it is the latest casualty of the labor shortage.>> reporter: the prolific oven seem to have all ingredients necessary for a successful business. a good product and lots of loyal customers. in an economy that is tilted heavily toward the tech industry they have struggled to find people willing to do the work. for a business known for is chocolate cakes and other decadent desserts the news was bittersweet. after nearly 40 years prolific oven was closing its three bakeries. it is heartbreaking for us. i think we all thought the prolific oven would go on for many more generations. that my siblings and i would take it over. and that one way we would pass it onto our kids.>> reporter: her family struggle with the decision to close the business. the cold calculus of an economy that made it difficult to find and to keep employees. being in the bay area people can get jobs without
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with very minimal experience. these tech companies that are paying much more.>> reporter: california's unemployment rate is hovering just above 4%. the state is closing in on a decade-long stretch of economic growth. which did little to soften the blow of the bakeries closing. i'm just super sad. the cakes. there they are so good. they are amazing. the staff i don't know i'm devastated. for customers of the prolific oven no sugar coating the bitter end of a beloved business. the same problem for everybody. especially if it is in the service industry. where there is a lot of competition not only for the labor but also the product itself.>> reporter: the santa clara location will close august 24. the two others will close at the end of the month. new video of the struggle between a self-pay police officer and a suspect. los gatos police release
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footage. they say the use of force was reasonable. the officer approached a man identified as james on april 19. that was after a neighbor complained he was yelling and cursing at her. police say the confrontation escalated after the suspect refused to take his hands out of his pocket. during the struggle officer jonathan silva put a chokehold on the suspect. police say the suspect also suffered fractured ribs after he was arrested it turned out he had pepper spray in his pocket. as for silva he resigned last month. after video surfaced of a
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beating he was involved in as an officer at san francisco state or san jose state in 2016. he was fired from sdsu. tiny forestville teachers union has settled its four-day strike. the 16 teachers have agreed to a new three-year deal. that includes a 5% raise in the first two years. and a 3% hike in the third year. other then a one-day strike in petaluma in 2017 this was the first teacher strike in sonoma county since 1980. special back-to-school coverage continues on monday. with a look at the makeover at historic alameda high school. jackie ward gives us a tour. that will be monday morning starting at 4:30 am. some of the most exotic cars in the world and expensive. will be rolling into the monterey peninsula this weekend. they have been there all weekend. he is in carmel for car week which transforms the town into
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woodstock on wheels.>> reporter: monterey during car week is really the epicenter of the automotive world. some of the most rare and expensive cars you will ever see are just rolling up and down the street. the usually sleepy little streets of carmel and monterey are being transformed into a playground for the world's most expensive and exotic cars. brian los gatos is an expert car spotter. there is plenty to spot. it is the super bowl. multimillion dollar cars just parked on the streets are all over the place. about he began decades away ago around car races and auctions on the peninsula. it is now evolved into a rolling street fair of speed machines on the city streets. it is like a disneyland for car lovers.>> reporter: meet ups around the area attract tens of thousands of drivers and spectators.
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with all that horsepower there is a tendency to show off. we see burnouts. we see exhibitions of speed. >> reporter: local police are assigning more officers to keep it under control. there is no tolerance for any of that behavior on the public highways. >> reporter: offices will try to keep the exotic cars and ordinary family vehicles moving. this is my gt three rs. >> reporter: smith has been coming up from southern california to enjoy car week for years. instead there is nothing else like it. people are so happy. we all have the same passion. it is fabulous. the passion is cars. >> reporter: today friday the pacific grove rally. they shut down lighthouse boulevard in pacific grove. they line up all the cars and the close the 17 mile drive. and you get to drive your car on the 17 mile drive with the chp exit court.
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escort. they go right into carmel. then they go for tri-tip barbecue. i have had this dream. why are we not doing live weather from there? because linda ramirez is there instead. next year i'm coming for you. it is cooler outside. you can relax. if you don't like the hot weather it is gone for the foreseeable future. no more triple digits. the numbers outside are still warm. fog encroaching on sfo. temperatures in the city are down to the 60s. down to 73 oakland. we will quickly leave the 90s and lynn. san jose 82. heat advisory couple more hours until 8 pm. it was hot early. that ocean breeze is now working inland. keeping a scooter tonight. san francisco 58 degrees. it will drop to 60 in fremont and 59 in fairfield. cool satellite image to show you. the beginning of the end of the heat. you see the clouds working their way up the san mateo
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coastline. hitting san francisco. hanging a right to the golden gate. sitting on top of berkeley and el cerrito. typically our heat waves and when this air comes up and then through and then spills into your backyard. mother natures air conditioning. visual confirmation of it going to the golden gate. 75 for a high san leandro tomorrow. so much cooler. breezy with morning cloud sunday. a high of 72. low-pressure area getting closer to us. opening up the door for that cool marine air to move back over the bay area is the riches of high pressure to the south and east began to migrate away from us. cooler tomorrow. a lot of sunshine. the coast the exception. between saturday and sunday wants to push on sunday. everybody waking up cloudy. and also breezy. 15 to 20 miles per hour late saturday and early sunday. the breezes on the increase. the temperatures on the decrease. sunday morning the colusa county as part of the weekend with modest warming next week. a lot of 70s tomorrow.
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vallejo 78. oakland 73. fremont 78 degrees. san jose 84. fairfield 88. san francisco middle 60s. cooler on sunday. upper 70s and low 80s and lynn. low 70s and at the bay. we warm up a bit with more sunshine monday through friday of next week the heat is gone. that is your kpix 5 has. sports settling in at 6 pm. on the menu tonight tiger woods and a lot to play for. antonio brown showing up in the valley of the son last night bearing gifts. oh! oh! oh! ♪ ozempic®! ♪ (announcer) people with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®.
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let's just get into. the raiders. show of hands who has seen the first two episodes of hard knocks? the next week show has to hit on derek car and that first drive of the arizona cardinals last night. ryan on the receiving end. they rent down the field. beat the cardinals 33-26. number 84 on the sideline receiver antonio brown. warmed up before the game. did not play. he had his foot issues. and helmet now especially expected to practice as we can. he is ready to move on from retirement told. whether he threatened it or not. i hate when my mom and my dad call me. where do you get that from was my i never said that. for me as an athlete you have to have tough skin not be able to pay attention to what people say. i like to focus on the big
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picture. if you guys can call me down. it is distracting my family. you guys help me out with all the stuff. i don't mind. to my family they get really stressed out. brown did make a couple young fans day. handed out the gloves in the towel. some tears from this kid. rounded go out and give him a hug. 49ers flew to denver yesterday for joint practices with the broncos. here is richard sherman with emmanuel sanders today. the two teams played monday night game there. not to bring up the past. there is still the topic of wednesday's practice. quarterback jimmy g through interceptions on five straight plays. something jimmy g and the team said is. it was just five bad decisions. the defense got me like i said. there will be days like that. you can dwell on those things. we are past that and want to denver. jimmy went only two
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interceptions. i think it is okay to excuse him for one back day. he is going to be special. no one is skipping a beat. where was tiger woods this the bmw championship outside chicago. 10 shots off the lead. we are still showing them. he is tiger woods. trouble out of the bunk with 15. led to a bogey.-48. 200 two rounds. needs to finish in the top 11 to qualify for next week tour championship. a's host the astros tonight. giants at the diamondbacks. moving pictures on. the late show.
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the cbs evening news is coming up next. on tonight cbs evening news report greenland. president trump is interested in buying the ice covered island. our officials are official selling? her father died in a supermarket shooting. she is taking on the gun policy of the nation's largest grocery chain. steve hartman brings us a story of enduring love. that proved the doubters wrong. that is tonight on the cbs evening news. let's get down to business.
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couch and fans now is your chance to take that commute home with you. instead of writing along it is you behind the wheel. train world 2020 a videogame that puts you at the conductor's chair. it is up to you to keep the morning rush from going off the
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rails. the game features 50 miles of peninsula core door route. clear down to san jose. with all 26 stations along the way. the real simulator has it all except hours of delays when something goes wrong. that would make for a pretty lousy videogame. that will do it for us at 6 pm. the evening news is up next. you can live the life and get on. a trans agency anywhere. who will be back here on the new kpix 5 news at 7 pm. we will see you then.
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♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs b brennan: tonight, breaking sews: the autopsy results are in from jeffrey epstein's jailhouse peath. we have those details. city on edge, how three rice cookers triggered a massive response and brought new york city's rush hour to a halt. new details on the dale harnhardt jr. crash as we learn just how lucky he and his family were to escape. >> we're very happy to be here today talking to them as survivors. >> brennan: is president trump eyeing a green new deal? and is greenland even for sale? we're on the world's biggest island for reaction. steve hartman with a story of true love and a marriage some thought shouldn't happen. >> i proposed to him. >> reporter: you proposed to him? >> yeah. >> brennan: and a grieving daughter's fight to make sure her father's shooting death wasn't in vain.


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