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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 17, 2019 2:07am-2:37am PDT

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>> christin ayers has more on the delays. ect writers as well as drivers.>> reporter: -- riders. >> reporter: you might want to rethink your route, because there are massive delays on the roads and the rams.planned out. trained to go to sfo, a flight going to chicago, my daughter going to college. >> reporter: he hoped to leave from lafayette station, but part officials say not so fast. >> no train service between your render -- yorinda and walnut creek stations. >> i have to rethink a lot of my plans. it's going to suck. >> pretty bad. >> reporter: drivers will start to feel the crunch tonight, as
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part shuts down two lanes of highway 224 to make room for a crane, making multiple upgrades from the antioch to millbrae line, 10,000 feet of train control cables, six switch boxes, and 3 million pounds of rock ballast. >> equipment that has out lived its useful life. -- track equipment. >> it seems like it's never ending, if it is not mechanical, it is one thing to another. >> the inconvenience in the meantime is frustrating for everyone, but hopefully it will be worth it in the end. >> a caveat for drivers, the traffic backups extend beyond 30 minutes, caltrans could reopen one lane of 24 e., but it could have a ripple effect on the commute come monday morning.
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christin ayers, kpix 5. >> we will have much more about the highway closure at what a difference 24 hours makes, bracing for a significant cooldown, a clear night in san jose, look over there, you can barely make out the tower through the fog. the stunning image of the full moon, you can see it blowing as a orange orb as it emerges. >> think so we can see it get the cooldown, usually the clouds come in, cooler rolling in. the full moon is up over the bay area, temperatures are falling, onshore breezes back, not very strong, but coming from the ocean, that's all that matters, so mile-per-hour breeze in oakland, 18 in fairfield. as a result, temperatures falling, 12 degrees cooler than it was last night 11:00, in san jose, and 12 degrees cooler in fairfield. temperatures nowhere close
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to where we've been the last couple of days, 1 degree above average, san jose 84,only degr cooler than today. we will talk about howrm up again. a bay area baby is home safe thanks to the? thinking actions of the union city employee. the worker called 911 yesterday after noticing a baby crying inside of a parked car out side the library. the windows were cracked, but that child was alone in on one of the hottest days of the year, soon after police were called, and the mother showed up. she said she was at the library, left the baby unattended for 25 minutes, it is unclear whether she will face charges. a san francisco judge and top city officials are playing
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the blame game over the release of a suspect in a violent assault.>> i was frankly alarmed at the level of violence that i saw on the video, ey say that a picture rds, and should remain. >> prosecutors said they didn't present the video in the first hearing, because they relied on details in the police report. >> it is such a big part of the evidence, and the proof point. >> san francisco mayor london breed is saying this is why she approves of a law taking mentally ill off the streets even against their will. >> we won't be able to address what we know is a serious mental health crisis until we are prepared to make hard decisions to basically commit people to places where they can get help.
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>> afor ect, k his only cr histo a petty theft charge, he has been placed in housing and has a court hearing on monday. president trump hopes a strong economy will help him get reelected, but signs of a slowdown. on wall street, the dow lost 1 1/2% during a wild we, the president continues to say all is well, but his trade war with china and faltering economies in europe, south america are stoking fears of a global recession. in the u.s., some economists are indeed worried. >> the president has been insistent that china is bearing the economic burden of terrors, when of course there is lots of good research that shows that u.s. consumers arecihiricen pro >> a survey by duke university fines two thirds of cfos expect a reception -- a recession by the end of next year. california's boo me -- booming
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economy, most of them in the south bay, bay area accounted for a quarter of them statewide. but creating a labor shortage that puts businesses at risk, the latest casualty, a longtime bakery chain, prolific oven has built a loyal following over four decades, but they are closing all three locations, the record low unemployment makes it hard to find and keep workers, many of whom can be lured into the tech sector. silicon valley rolling out the red carpet for your favorite superheroes, villains and sidekicks. maria medina is at the san jose convention center, where the first day of silicon valley, con just wrapped up -- comic con. >> reporter: not only can you live o ll. ities to pla
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organizers expects 70,000 people for the fourth year of silicon valley comic con. among the mast and came to superheroes is 11-year-old giovanni martinez. >> this is my fourth time.>> reporter: he has attended every year. >> he has a lot of dc work. >> reporter: it has grown in size got tens of thousands of people are expected, as well as a long list of stars, including aquaman, the terminators arnold schwarzenegger. and lou ferrigno, known for playing the incredible hulk. >> the fans are great, the people agree, everybody wants to be a superhero, san jose is a great town. >> reporter: it is heavy on technology. after all, apple cofounder steve wozniak is the man behind all of this. >> whirls does it make sense to
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do that but right here. >> reporter: filled with superpowers, light sabers and triton's, organizers say they stepped up security this year in light of the country's recent climate. >> you want to have the best security to guarantee safety without making people feel scared. >> going to the bathroom, and waiting outside for a minute and a half, and security came up and asked where his mom was and if he was okay. >> reporter: a fantasy world come to life, all under one roof for one weekend. >> is unbelievable that i'm able to see these people that were on the screen, that i watched all the time. i think it is kind of amazing. >> reporter: security is especially tight at entrances, with metal detectors and backpacks, and also costumes and fake weapons. maria medina. more and more women are getting behind the wheel of
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some of the world's most luxurious and high-end cars, many of them on display at monterey car week, we will take you for a ride. going to the airport is stressful enough, the nationwide outage that sparked major delays. my name is mary. >> do you want to drink?>> tributes pouring in for peter fonda.
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monterey car week promises the best of the best of luxurious cars, more women than ever are behind the wheel, betty yu takes is for a ride. >> reporter: it is fierce, it is fast, and it is meant to be as comfortable for us, every day driving as it is for showing off italian muscle, the lamborghini is a super suv, and the company's best-selling car, accounting for half of all lamborghinis sold. >> it opens up new doors to the female target, that is what we were expecting. i believe that it is what i call a generous lamborghini, you can share the experience with your friends and family.>> reporter: it starts at $200,000,
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the brands most popular car for women, promising record growth for lamborghini. i got to experience the ride myself on the streets of carmel, it is expected to be more functional, and it has 641 horsepower, it roars to life. i am not the only woman attracted to supercars, luxury carmakers say they are seeing more women than ever become owners. >> i drive fast cars. >> reporter: monterey car week to pick up her rolls-royce, the first all-terrain suv. similar to this one. she is retired but she and her husband were owners of dozens of mcdonald's franchises. >> it is a matter of women becoming more assertive, more self-confident, stepping up and finding out all the fun that the men have en
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yes. re: double the amount for the company globally. ferrari says it has seen more female drivers, the challenge hosts 50 clients at each race, five years ago, there were no female participants, today there are about 4 at each race that compete with the men.>> women want to celebrate themselves, and they want to experience a new thing, and the emotions that they can get out of a car. >> reporter: companies are taking notice, fine-tuning design options to a feminine sensibility, for example, the other rolls-royce was customized to match or watch colors, 44,00 >> it is an extension of yourself. >> reporter: something that lamborghinis chief marketing officer understands very well,
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the company's first female executive, s cr first female advisory board. >> i can see that the motive business is very traditional, and what is, they open their eyes, they can see that they can incorporate different experiences. >> reporter: at monterey car week, betty yu. a live look at as a fellow, the customs system is back online, the nationwide computer outage caused major delays for international flyers, long lines as customs officers processed passengers from overseas, delays lasted several hours, no word on what caused the destruction, but not believed to be malicious. peter fonda is being remembered as one of the silver screen's most prolific stars, he died after a battle with
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lung cancer, reaction from hollywood. peter rter: a floral fonda star. >> do you want to drink mary? >> reporter: 50 years after easy rider, when he broke out as a star, it helped him to come out of the shadow of his legendary father, henry fonda, which she discussed.>> he told me jeannie, i was always known as henry fonda sun, -- henry fonda's son, but thank goodness for easy rider. >> reporter: he had his career cool, while jane fonda flourished, and she said i had beautiful alone time with him, he went out laughing. much like he did when he was honored with a star at the walk of fame in 2003.
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rob reiner wrote, my heart goes out to jane over the loss of her brother, peter fonda was a revolutionary filmmaker during a revolutionary time. a tribute with one simple word, icon. >> your grandpa was tricky. >> reporter: his second oscar came 30 years after his first, for yuli's gold, the cause was referenced -- respiratory failure because of lung cancer. he died with his family. an artist who took american counterculture mainstream. >> on behalf of the community, we want their families to know that we are with them and we send the -- our condolences. >> in an interview with the la times, peter fonda said it was his rocky relationship with his dad that led him to first ride
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francisco landmark that could be up for sale for the first time ever, the business times is reporting the owner is considering a full sale of the skyscraper, transamerica once to retain naming and -- wants to retain the naming rights. the price could top $600 million. contra costa county, power back on in lofty eight -- lafayette. the outage was caused by the hot weather they say. mother nature is taking care of hot weather with the ocean breeze, you might want to run the air, but if you're watching from a inland community, but we are cooler, concorde is 75, livermore in the 60s, san francisco in the 50s, santa rosa 60, the breeze coming from the ocean, oakland 59, concorde
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51, san jose 59. a big slide downward, 104 on wednesday, 101 today. tomorrow down to 86, 81 degrees coming up on sunday. better air quality, monday through friday, we won't have a warning, the stiff ocean breeze, it is coming back because it is such a small change from a big picture, it means everything, the ocean temperature is 58, the air is chilly, but we have had no push from the ocean and the bay area, so we got hot, sliding to the east, low pressure from canada to the south, that tiny change is enough to bring back the ocean breeze, it means about 20-25 degrees of cooling. along the coastline, n watc
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change on sunday, they push inland, drizzle of the coast, wins 15-20 miles per hour, next week, this is the pattern that we all want, we had hot, we will go chilly of the weekend, a ridge of high pressure to the cooler, torrow and sunday, temperatures normalize next week. 84 fairfield, vallejo, 78, afternoon sunshine, san francisco is 68. the extended forecast, cloudy and breezy, below average, sunshine returns monday through friday, we warm back up to average. 80s and 90s inland, 70s near the water. we had the hot stuff, past tense, it is gone. for now. it always comes back.
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no more heat. a huge win for female athletes, the contract changes that nike is making after being called out by a bay area libyan. back-to-school coverage, a makeover at historic alameda
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new tonight, nike says changes are coming to the policy for pregnant athletes. >> promising to extend pay and bonuses for their pregnancy and temples afterwards, a california track star, call them out for the treatment of pregnant athletes, when she let them know about her plans to have a baby, she was told the company would stop paying her. several other high-profile athletes came out against nike and other apparel companies for how they were being treated after becoming pregnant. it is finally over. >> if you like the long ball, home runs, you have come to the right place. to see them leaving the ballpark, here at 11:00, power hitting, and the giants, it sounds funny when i said out loud, they hit 6 big flies, and this fella hit them so hard, he
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sent them to pound town. come on back. and the oakland a's, this is baseball up top, what a friday night for dr. long ball cop 12 home runs in the giants and diamondbacks game, three of them by a giant. he did hear -- it here, yaz! . he just missed the sign, up 2 hadn't had a multi-homer game
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in the big leagues, he went yard again, putting his team up 6-2, a 2 run blast, the giants blew the lead, it went to the 11th, unbelievably, mike yastrzemski became the 19th giant in san francisco history with three or more homeruns, they won 10-9, 2 1/2 games off the wild-card lead. unbelievable. mike yastrzemski, had himself a night. i was running upstairs, the a's and the astros doing battle, and this one went 13 innings, and as i walked into the studio, robbie grossman hit a walkoff in the 13th inning, the oakland a's not only beat the astros 3-2, they are half a game off the second wild-card lead. a banner night for the bay area
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big leaguers, wow, what a night for baseball here in the bay area. guess you might be at rater practice, antonio brown. his foot issue is apparently over. did a nice workout during the 33-26 win at arizona, the helmet issue over? reportedly, he said he would retire if he didn't get his way and uses old helmet from the steelers, he cleared the air last night. >> my mom called me and my dad called me, and retirement, were do you get that, i said i never said that, for me as an athlete, i have a tough skin, not being able to pay attention on what people say, focus on the big picture, if you can, down, it's distracting my family, you guys had me out, i don't mind, my family, the get stressed out -- they get
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stressed out. a light moment, antonio brown handed out gloves in a towel, bringing this to -- kid to tears, antonio brown gave him hugs all around. for number 84, antonio brown. back to practice tomorrow before the next preseason game. the 49ers, as we go back to camera two or three, play monday night game against the s yard, yard! three home runs in one game. >> that is awesome. >> that is pound town. >> grandpa would be proud. >> a kid for the river cats, he also went yard three times. it's time for the biggest sale of the year on the sleep number 360 smart bed. you can adjust your comfort on both sides your sleep number setting. can it help us fall asleep faster? yes, by gently warming your feet. but can it help keep us asleep?
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