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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  August 17, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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this is a high-priority crime. next couple of days. they are now looking for the the bait attracts and kills male flies, leaving the females investigator. he looks like an everyday unable to breathe. mailman and is carrying a mailbag for the problem is he is not delivering, he is some cats and dogs living in bay area shelters when i dealing a package right in have a new place to call home. front of someone's door. the homeowner believes the man today animal lovers gathered for the annual clear the was driving in this black shelters drive in berkeley over sedan. 100 animals were available for hard to make out the make, model or license plate. it happened early thursday at adoption. 6:37 in the morning, about 50 minutes before that another neighbor, three blocks away, at rescue organizations the same man trying to break reduced or waived adoption fees into a car. today. nice to see. >> the reason he let go of the door handle was you could see a car going by behind him so he maybe thought he was being seen. >> got a little bit cooler today. >> thank you for that. >> got a lot cooler today. >> reporter: the man apparently went door-to-door looking for anything valuable. he walked up to this front porch. >> i came out and said well my you are out rather early this morning. the north bay really got this >> reporter: her dog alerted today. if you are in the north bay, her and she came out and noticed something wasn't right.? this was your day to file i could see there was a little significant cooldown. other places the temperature bit of slur in his speech, he dropped just not as dramatic as never made eye ntact with me, this. let me show you what this looks always kept his head down. like on the map and i want you to see the numbers for santa that rustling through the bag rosa today. i've got a -22 of there.
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thing was the first confusion that is for santa rosa. thing that i felt. -22 for napa. they just, they don't know that that tells you it was 22 do that, then they know exactly degrees cooler for the daytime high than it was yesterday. meantime, if you look down towards the south bay, it was cooler in san jose. but, you had to settle for only whether letters are. >> reporter: the man put a being 11 degrees cooler. i'm sure you're just as happy letter in her mailbox and walked away, the dog kept with that and san francisco the falling and barking at him. change was not quite as the letter appeared to be noticeable. you can see how things play out stolen with an address in a different neighborhood. quite differently across the >> i am saddened that that is entire bay area. let me show you the actual where we are at. numbers were. it will take a look at the it doesn't feel like a safe neighborhood as much when you know there could be someone on daytime high for santa rosa. your porch. i think the people with kids 84 in san jose, 83 in concord, and feel really uneasy about it. >> reporter: she says he is a white man in his 20s, roughly 5 86 livermore. let us get more detail. from 82 in walnut creek to 76 in oakland over the hill to 66 at nine. in pacifica out near the coast. and, a few more numbers to show the difference from one side of 5'9" 5"9' alameda county to the other. 81 in dublin, 75 in hayward and >> nobody suspected, and he 80 for san ramon. took on the look of somebody alameda wants to went to 74. that would just, in need of natural person in your neighborhood. >> reporter: the u.s. postal this is a shot of alcatraz, can service tells me over the phone that stealing packages and impersonating a mailman are you see it? both federal crimes. >> many times there is the extra layer of deception involved with a crime like it is out there. but the clouds obscuring the golden gate bridge in our view just a few minutes ago have this. also made a furnace far enough it gets our attention. >> reporter: pleasant hill police have obtained the into the bay that it looks a
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surveillance videos and are bit brooding right now. asking for any additional out over alcatraz this is from victims to come forward. and pleasant hill, i am da lin, our camera that sits on treasure island looking out kpix 5 news. weekend work on the bar tracks. it's causing massive delays but the repairs are just affecting that way. riders, they are jamming traffic on highway 24. eastbound lane closure started last night and are set to continue until early monday that is san jose. so this is not an equal opportunity gray. that is the scene from the top morning. katie nielsen is at the of the sales force tower lafayette bart station now. looking out towards the east. you can see some of those clouds coming into the bay they are starting to fill in a little more. >> reporter: normally the that will get oppressive station would be packed, it is overnight and we are all going a beautiful saturday evening. to wake up to low-grade clouds tomorrow morning as part of this pattern of strong onshore but, right now, it is closed. flows helping to cool us down. there is a bus bridge in effect that means tomorrow morning, from walnut creek to aranda in for sunday, it'll be gray for much of the early morning. i will show you that here in one second. current numbers 70 oakland, 76 san jose. we look at the high-resolution both directions. that is all because of weekend visual set of satellite. construction on the tracks. >> aranda bart shuttle takes you to san francisco. let's take it from the all east bay locations. satellite and put into futurecast, play that forward and there they go. but the time we get to 7 a.m. >> reporter: this is anything the clouds vegone far enough but business as usual at the inland in places like concord walnut creek bart station. perhaps raking up to low-grade >> i heard one of the things clouds. early in the morning tomorrow and then it always all grades back in a hurry. that think about if you're
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going an extra 45 minutes i was but it had we get to 9-10:00 like what are they talking tomorrow. sunshine and that's with the daytime highs are going to look about? >> reporter: construction crews like. are working all weekend at the these should seem familiar, it's premature the exact numbers that we did today. lafayette says station. instead of taking a train from concord 83 that's exactly what you did today. san jose and 80, very similar. 75 in fremont. walnut creek -- okay the next story is the >> nonstop to orinda. >> reporter: riders have to take a bus. middle and late part of this >> traffic sucked it was like coming week. we have to warm back up. commuter traffic. >> the only nightmare was the traffic on the way here. that says 95 on wednesday and ninety six on thursday. not as hot as we were, those but, you know, we got here. >> there is never a good time for a track shutdown, there numbers were in the low isn't. hundreds but it's going to warm we are trying to find a least worst option available. up again thankfully does not >> bart is also replacing for the weekend. see you with more on this almost a mile of track near the lafayette station. coming up in the next half >> reporter: the only way to do hour. guys back over to you. that is to set up a massive 265 smokes sports at 6.acto ton crane in the eastbound lanes of highway 24, which is work for oaame backing up track and traffic back hondamazing lf shot you have luden for almost 3 miles. >> a track shutdown and impacts and the raiders. a hit so far in training camp the eastbound lanes were the only way to do this work in a and showcase well. safe manner and to finish the work in a timely and expedient on the small screen. away. the oakland a's, the
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houston astros >> reporter: the game and the colosseum started at 1:00 this afternoon and some fans i didn't know they would be delayed coming back. >> this is the first we're hearing about it, what kind of delay are we thinking about? >> delays of more than 40 minutes. >> that's okay, whether for the game. >> not a big baseball fan, it more than an hour delay to keep me from going to a game. >> reporter: the track they are replacing is more than original to the system from 1972 it's more than 50 years old. that's why they said it's important that this work gets done. now, there shouldn't be any traffic delays over 30 minutes on highway 24. that is because if there are traffic delays, greater than 30 minutes and they are going to take those lane closures from two lanes down to one. traffic backup is almost resolved, they are about to go back to two lanes that are
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going to be closed. that is so they can get the work done this weekend. get everything open by monday morning at 7 a.m. and time for the commuter. but, this is the first step of a multiphase project. the next time they are doing a shutdown like this is labor day weekend in the same spot. live, in lafayette, katie nielsen kpix 5. in san francisco service along the line was briefly disrupted when a car drove into the sunset tunnel. this is video from the citizen app near the scene near the entrance. the car made it out okay, no one was hurt. no word on how the driver managed to take such a wrong turn in the first placdsare inv whether not the housing policies violate determination loss. they sent a letter to mayor london breed and several city departments. they will focus on the city's affordable housing development and whether those policies discriminate. the mayor responded to the
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investigation today. >> we are definitely taking it baseball up top for the seriously because you know that we need to do better with a's. 13 innings last night, just housing production in our nine needed today. cities so we are going to look again the west division frontrunning astros were in the at it and try to figure out how hizzy picking up third inning and that ends when alex bergman struck right to the ricky to comply. >> the agency is not commenting anderson side. knocked a run to open the on the investigation and have requested copies of city laws. scoring. now the a's tied it up by the bottom of the inning and got any housing related studies for last 10 years as well. more here. matt holsen with the bases the city of san jose is taking a tiny, creative loaded. he put one in. approach to housing some of its and now it's 3-2 kept the line moving, next batter, mckenna homeless population. mayor san ricardo join members of the community helping to found a home, scored two more. build these 8 x 10 shelters. a's in the first seven in the they will be a part of the headers of the inning and city's first ever tiny home reached a scorof f community next door to the new inthe fifth, again, the berryessa bart station. the community is meant to be transitional housing and hopefully a ladder out of calpers product scored another. oakland how about it? they are taking the first three homelessness. >> we need to show our community and show the rest of games of the series. won it 8-for another 6 1/2 rack the city that we can do this and the astros and currently tied with tampa for the second successfully. wild-card spot. >> it is a crisis of us can
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ignore. it is all of the city we have over 6000 on san jose. giants with the grand slam. lead the diamondbacks 5-2 in the third. >> reporter: the city says the moving pictures of course on the late show. goal is to have this first time nfl, niners and broncos home community up and running for november 1st before the practice together and the raiders talking salty language start of winter. new at 6, time is running today. out for state lawmakers to pass bills for the session and there's a lot on the table. melissa caen reports all eyes >> better [ bleep ] execution. are on one bill in particular that could remake california's economy. >> reporter: ab 5 is a bill >> [ bleep ] >> [ bleep ] >> that language, a part of the hbo show. >> hard knocks. >> i don't like hearing all the that can make some cake workers full employees underneath profanity, every time i swear california law entitled to to mix the show. things like worker's comp., paid sick leave and overtime. >> [ bleep ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ] >> i get carried away sometimes, i apologize but i'm not as foulmouthed as people in an sec filing before uber went public back in may he think and if you think i am, wrote "if we are required to classify drivers as employees, we would incur significant additional expenses and it would i'm sorry. >> hey from napa to pga outside of chicago, a couple of solid third round bmw championship
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shots. tiger woods is 16 five under 67 require us to fundamentally change our business model. that he still 14 shots behind. >> it is not just the gig economy. it affects every aspect of our economy. >> reporter: one in 10 workers in california is an independent contractor. this fellow, justin thomas, watch this shot. some are calling for a status from 16. just look at a go in. in between the restrictions for employees and the freedom of contractors. >> the gig economy, the uber, the lyft, the doordash. they would like to see a third a holdout from 180 yards out. kind of avenue where you get shot a course record 11 under certain rights and benefits to 61. lead by six shots going into the drivers, but they are still sunday's final round. the lg pta the lg pa had the independent. weekend off. >> reporter: but in the more than 25,000 have gone to democrat-controlled capital the warriors basketball camps. labor unions have a lot of some go on to greatness, like sway. >> is a little difficult right now because labor has come out this one. one of the very first campers very clearly saying that wedo who recently came back home. not want a hybrid approach you're either an independent conduct contractor or an employee that is it. >> [ applause ]. >> reerwarrrs bask camp ought will cherry. l living the >> reporter: with the two sides at an impasse there is one person that could negotiate a deal. >> i think the governor if he gets engaged in this he can bring together a solution. it may not make everyone happy basketball dream. but that is politics sometimes. gets to the whole, inside. >> reporter: just last week gig >> reporter: in 2014 the
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oakland native played eight games with lebron james and the workers took out a full-page ad in the l.a. cleveland cavaliers. before that season laid another times asking for governor newsom's help in negotiations. so far he has not publicly taken a position on ab 5, but there is not much time. there only four way weeks left in this legislative session. and the bill has already passed five preseason games with the in the assembly. >> that measure passes. toronto raptors. >> toronto raptors and clevelander who i played for, got those regular seasons. i think my mom has one toronto raptors or my brother like one of my best friend has one, blame on for sure kept the cleveland one. >> reporter: what happens if for sure. >> will cherry comes right there is no deal and ab5 just back, straight to the cup. passes in the current form? >> the gig economy could go to the ballot. >> last season he was a force they could draft an initiative. for the warriors. people like their uber and lyft. >> reporter: melissa caen, kpix and he just signed a contract 5. >> ab5 has been amended several to play in greece. times. it does exclude several categories of workers, but, before he left, as one of including doctors , real estate agents, and hairstylists. the first ever warrior campers, he stopped by the team they are the size of a housefly but have the potential to do huge damage to your facility. garden. the contra costa neighborhood >> we have to pay it forward is under invasion from pete that is why i am here straight up love. fruit flies and what is being straight up love. done to stop them. i don't want only nothing like that, i just want >> plus, thouof love, i see myself in you kids protesters hit the streets years ago when i was here. across california and across >> reporter: what is the big the u.s. to demand action on
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gun control. message you like to pass on to some of these campers? >> have fun. >> a store clerk fights back, a jewelry heist. that's number one. you know have fun at this camp, wait until you hear the name of the shop. enjoy it. have fun and number two, don't take it for granted. >> won a state title for the to it was over 20 degrees high school. cooler today for some of us then at montana, a four-year around the bay area. we can thank that scene from starter. ocean beach with the low clouds first-team all-conference surging onshore. talk about it this is going to guard. since 2013 he has been a pro. continue for the rest of the and some campers still wanted weekend, coming right back up. to take him on. kpix 5 weather is sponsored by mancini sleep world. >> i love it. they cheer the camper and then when cheering. >> listen, thalent that comes of the camp and will cherry is walking proof of it. good luck to him as he plays professionally in greece. >> good sport as well. thank you. coming up in our next half hour they came by the hundreds
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to mourn a woman they never met. a massive show of support for an el paso shooting victim and the husband who didn't want to grieve alone. plus a resounding sign of the times. a family festival is being patrolled with rifles. >> i like that they are taking extra caution. but, again it is unfortunate that even have to do that in the first place. dueling protest on the streets of portland. the side that present president trump is labeling terrorist. the weather's perfect...
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family is all together and we switched to geico; saved money on our boat insurance. how could it get any better than this? dad, i just caught a goldfish! there's no goldfish in this lake. a group of whoa! it's pure gold. we're gonna be rich... we're gonna be rich! one it only gets better when you switch and save with geico. break into. the owner of a southern california boutique fought back and it was all caught on camera. surveillance video shows the shop owner tending to his inventory on thursday afternoon
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when a mast suspect masked suspect entered the store with a sledgehammer, the owner's actions seem to say not today as he pushed the suspect outside of. then a secondsuspect appeared and struck him with his own sledgehammer, after a short struggle, the suspects left and he handed and were later arrested. the shop owner is expected to be okay. if you can believe this, the store is called "heist" the search is on for a subject in a suspect in a sexual assault that happened yesterday morning and howard park on summerfield road. the victim told police she was leaving a bathroom and a man pushed her back in and attacked her. he is been described as 20-30 years old with facial hair. the sonoma county alliance is offering a reward of up to $2500 for information. leading to an arrest. police and put out the photo of a man they suspect of having a proper contact with three young girls. you are watching kpix 5 he is described as five feet 10 inches tall, 170 pounds, dark news. our top story at 6:30 as
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hair and brown eyes. he also has a distinctive mold to the right of his nose and a tattoo on his right shoulder. two of the instances the girls gunn city rallies are held guardians were able to chase across the country, last of 22 the sun speced the suspects. people killed and l el paso they were seen chasing a shooting has been laid to rest. chrysler minivan with a black most of the mourners to pay their respects to 63-year-old margie record today for people she had never met. roof rack. ryan bee rielle on the crowd of also a warning about the water, 15 inch pipe ruptured early this morning. the break flooded several cars, strangers the came from all knocked out service to nearby across the country to help a grieving husband say goodbye. homes and apartments and a >> reporter: amazing grace played as hundreds gathered to hotel. the city said over the next 24 lay the final el paso shooting victim, 63-year-old margie hours customers in the area record, to rest. might notice that their water is discolored and/or cloudy. her husband invited the public to help him mourn two weeks it may also taste different. if that is the case, they should turn on a hose or tap after the mass shooting that left 22 dead at a walmart. into the water runs clear. the water department is also they recalled their bond distributed bottled water to impacted customers. shortly after the attack. repair work is still going on. the city hopes to have it finished by 9:00. >> she still is. >> reporter: the couple had few taking a live look at the golden gate bridge it's been relatives and he expressed over a year since work began. yes a new study feature. concerns that he would say work on the new steel suicide farewell to his wife alone. prevention lending is expected the iconic span as a way out.
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>> >> reporter: after word got out through social media el paso went and people from around the country came to join him in wait nearly 1700 people have jumped to their deaths since it mourning. several people attended opened in 1937. visitation on friday. mariachi music played while he received hugs and condolences. >> we had plans for our life. as that work continues that we were going to live together the feds want congress to doesn't need a three digit and die together. number for the national suicide prevention hotline. the fcc is recommending the >> reporter: at the close of saturday's service within one number 988 because it is dozen white doves were released shorter, and easier to remember than the current 10 digit number. last year counselors at the hotline answered over 2.2 as el paso and the nation seeks to heal. million calls. parts of eastern contra costa county are being treated this weekend for an infestation of pete fruit flies. cbs news. >> el paso was one of the dozen they are found in areas of thflies don't just damage cities across the nation were people gathered to call for action on gun control that included a large rally outside of san francisco city hall organized by the group called monster man action for gun peaches, despite the name, they plants in america. can also render dozens of other that organization was founded in the wake of the 2012 school fruits and shooting at sandy hook meanwhile sheriff deputies and san joaquin county are patrolling public events with
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rifles. reporter jazmin is on got reaction to the new security staff. >> reporter: while the music is going and the kids are playing sheriff's deputies are packing heat. and for the very first time they are patrolling with rifles. >> i noticed immediately him pulling on his rifle and sticking it to his chest. >> reporter: deputies with the san joaquin county sheriff's office are now carrying rifles while working security at events. >> in light of recent events and the tragedies we have seen both locally and nationally. it is necessary to protect the public. >> reporter:'s deputies say having the right rifles with them at the locked in their cars will save time in an emergency when every second counts. >> we realize this is a very controversial issue. however, public safety is what matters most. >> reporter: since this is a first for the department reaction has been mixed. everyone wants to feel safe. >> my immediate, natural reaction is how disturbing is that? to see that.
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it's almost like we're in a third world country. however, giving all the mass shootings there's also a piece of comfort to it that at least you hope you are being protected. >> i do not want to let fear guide what we will do, we will still go out and enjoy ourselves. i like that they are taking extra caution. but, again it is unfortunate they had to do that in the first place. san francisco today hundreds gathered at the embarcadero plaza to protest against police brutality and hong kong. people held up signs and were eye patches to standby protesters in hong kong who were injured by police forces. >> on august 11th, she had been topped by a police and cost her permanent by blindness. we shortly condemn the police using the recent protest. >> in hong kong, schoolteachers are marketed to the original
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residents of an cd leader. they said protect the next generation, they want to show their support for the protesters, many of whom are students. then on the other side of hong kong a pro-government group of nearly 50,000 rally downtown. many participants waived chinese flags and held placards earning urging the police to keep it up. the dueling demonstrations highlight the political divide in the semi autonomous chinese territory. >> there is chaos on the streets of portland, oregon as far right demonstrators squared off with an protesters. police seized a number of weapons including wooden poles, shields, even bear spray. antifascist protesters banged on buckets and chanted as police kept a close watch. at some point the two groups did confront each other and it got physical. you can see protesters banging on a shuttle bus.
6:19 pm
emergency crews treated a woman who was bleeding and appeared badly injured. >> it is sad to me because a lot of people come here to protest don't actually live here or share a lot of the values that i believe portland stands for. >> people that are part of the movement, they really think a lot of things about this side that are not true. they think we are white supremacist. >> reporter: nearly 1000 officers were present at the protest they made at least 13 a rest. president trump weighed in on the thing writing today major considerations being given to naming antifa an organization of tear, portland is being watched very closely and hopefully the mayor will be able to probably do his job. we're getting a first look at a man suspected of planting a pair of rice cookers that shook up the new york city subway system. he's identified as 26-year-old larry kenton griffin the second of west virginia. detective say he was seen in surveillance video planting two devices in the busy fulton street station that was later evacuated. a third cooker found two miles away on a sidewalk.
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the bomb squad leader determined they were not explosive devices. griffin was taken into custody early this morning and has been charged with the placing of a false bomb. >> a civic road man who try to make a point will serve three years probation for voter registration fraud. the monterey county election department says that richard davis submitted an online registration form in the name of his deceased grandfather to prove the system is flawed. the problem is election workers caught it, as they are supposed to do. david also made into previously registering his dog, cooper. the elections department also caught on to that. they never did give the dog voting rights. it is not so unusual to hear of people eating frogs legs. but fox island? the family that went to the grocery store and came home with a new pet. how the birth of a baby rhino in california could help bring his cousins back from the brink of extinction have a
6:21 pm
world away. our special back-to-school coverage continues monday with a makeover of historic alameda high school. jackie willey gives us a tour and that is monday starting at 4:30. in the human brain, billions of neurons play in harmony.
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for people with parkinson's, some neurons change their tune, causing uncontrollable tremors. now, abbott technology can target those exact neurons. restoring control and harmony, once thought to belost forever. the most personal technology is technology with the power to change your life.
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as kermit the frog famously said it's not easy being green. unless you are course you are trying to blend in with a bucket of salad. >> holy moly, this is happening. >> oh my. this guy came home from the grocery store with a wisconsin family last week. while finding a live frog in prepackaged salad may be decent
6:24 pm
to prove that it is fresh, the family said it is not exactly appetizing. >> i just want to so know how somebody did and that is it or had managed to get to the packaging process alive. ski the family got a refund after returning the lettuce to the store and showing the clerk there video. the grocery store's parent company says this happens from time to time with organic products. >> it happens. the birth of any new member of a endangered species is cause for celebration but the cause of baby rhino in san francisco or san diego has implications not just for his own kind before an even rarer breed. john blackstone has got the story. >> reporter: this scampering calf is name edward. he had his mom victoria are southern white rhinos, a distant relative of the northern whites. >> reporter: they do have behaviors that are quite like a puppy, the tail wags and he makes us feel like he is as happy to be alive and here.
6:25 pm
>> reporter: no one is happier than barbara duran. the zoo's director of reproductive science. edward is the very first baby rhino horn in north america. using artificial insemination and frozen sperm. this reproductive technology is well-established in humans why such a challenge in rhinos? >> the techniques we are developing are difficult because we don't understand the complexities of her reproductive cycle and reproductive anatomy is very complicated. >> reporter: to decipher the system, keepers trained victoria to walk into a chute and stand for ultrasounds. that led to a successful artificial insemination. assisted reproduction is the only way to save the northern whites. >> it is a big step in the overall plan. which is to help the northern white rhino come back from the brink of extinction. >> reporter: the hope is that southern whites will eventually become surrogate mothers for northern white embryos. creating those embryos depends
6:26 pm
on futuristic science taking place in the safari park's frozen zoo. the largest gene bank in the world with samples are from some 10,000 animals, including northern whites. just thus far they have transformed rhino skin cells into stem cells. >> is stem cell has the potential to become any other cell in the body. and the eventual jewel goal is to retract it all the way to sperm and eggs. >> reporter: they have succeeded in turning stem cells into beating cardiac muscle. it makes a part of a heart. while creating sperm and eggs is likely years away, they have impregnated another southern white. duran says the arrival of one more healthy baby will be a cause for celebration. >> doing something one time doesn't prove that you can do it. we want to make the technique of artificial reproduction routine and reliable. >> reporter: the artificial
6:27 pm
insemination takes about 20 minutes about the gestation take some 16-18 months. this is a long-term commitment for the rant, and it is personal. the safari park cared for nola, a northern white female until her death in 2015. >> we feel a responsibility, as a member of the species who caused their extinction >> reporter: escondido, california. >> the wild animal park. >> as i mentioned once or twice offered hitchcock famously filmed the birds in bodega bay. but, a guy across the country, in florida, just shot some equally scary scenes in his own backyard. >> it really just removes those walls of what skateboarding is and isn't. >> defined bay area expectations, the camp teaching girls a lot more than just skateboarding. we are in the middle of a very welcome cooldown, no doubt you noticed your part of the bay area got a lot better
6:28 pm
today, tomorrow more of the same, then i need to talk about the next warm up because that is showing up in the seven day forecast. i will have the coming up, after the break.
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summer is the perfect time for enjoying time by the pool but one family in florida is
6:31 pm
dealing with a flock of uninvited guests. anthony custom on his backyard pool in west palm beach has been overrun by vultures. the birds ripped out screening to get in. they have forced him and his family to leave their own home and good and you are >> i have a 10-year-old daughter that i can't 10-month- old daughter they can have down there while the situation is happening, they will attack her. >> the reason the vultures are sticking around? a neighbor keeps feeding them. no word on exactly what she is giving them considering they eat dead things. the hoa has given her a citation and a fine, even a cease and desist letter but so far nothing has worked. 50 years ago this week and hundreds of thousands of people descended on a muddy dairy yor days of peace, love and harmony. it became the defining moment of the counterculture movement of the 60s and kenneth craig has more on how the message of woodstock is just as relevant today as it was in 1969.
6:32 pm
>> reporter: arlo guthrie returned for the 50th anniversary of the woodstock music festival. an estimated 400,000 people showed up for the original three day concert featuring some of the biggest acts of the late 60s. a new doctorate documentary called creating woodstock looks at how the original plans for the festival we morphed into something else. >> it is a free concert from now on. >> i would say it was successful, the audience is a free festival, there is no we were getting that crowd out of there and bringing them back into gates that didn't exist. >> despite the rain and overcrowding do not become a disaster instead it became a defining moment of the late 60s counterculture. on cbs this morning carlos santana, who performed at the festival, said woodstock is more than the music. >> people were able to coexist with unity and harmony that is
6:33 pm
what we are still talking about. >> reporter: a half-century later the show lives on as one of the greatest moments in modern music history. and the site itself, now listed on the national register of historic places. darren is here now. first you say it is cooling off then warming up what is it? >> for now we are cooling down let us enjoy that because we get it for the whole weekend. you got it today, you get more tomorrow. the warm-up is coming. we'll talk about that but it's not until the middle and the end of this week. first off, look at the drop for today. 22 degrees cooler today and santa rosa than yesterday. napa did the same thing concord it was seven degrees cooler, and then san jose was 11 degrees cooler. if you are not on here, or at least near one these locations, you still cooldown today. you didn't cooldown as much as these places that i picked up kennedy overachievers just to show off the exaggerations. 78 and santa rosa and 83 in
6:34 pm
concord. he was doing the same exact numbers again tomorrow. it'll be 83 tomorrow in concord, 80 and santa rosa. the san jose down there. santa rosa peer 83 so we may warm-up a little bit tomorrow from where we were today. santa rosa. it is so going to be a very nice day tomorrow, with a great weekend. if you do not get a chance to get out of make the most of it you still have another chance because tomorrow is going to be just as nice. the onshore flow is still really going there. and if you're wondering how do we do that? how do we cooldown 22 degrees from one day to the next? normally you can see these things if you look at the satellite, but other than watching the marine layer bill back and, why did the marine layer built back in? why could not have done that two days ago? the reason shows up right here. i will switch from the a littco if youi will go woodstock is psychedelic and bring in the colors that really show this thing off. i can see there's our counterclockwise a spin.
6:35 pm
there we are, that is how we did it. we got a little bit of help from an area of low pressure that snuck in. we got two days. this is the long-range forecast. it says the six to 10 day from august 22nd to the 26. in august in other words, for this coming thursday through next weekend. it shows you the degree of confidence that the temperatures are going to be below or above average. the deeper into the red that you are, the higher the confidence he is that temperatures will be above average. for this period. you can really think of this as the seven-day leaves off and this pics off because it goes for 10 days. this gives us an idea there's a bit of a warm-up coming our way and you can see that start to show up in the seven day forecast. it looks great for tomorrow and pretty good for monday too. then we get into tuesday and you will notice something is up. by wednesday and thursday you will know for sure, the heat is coming back. and it's not going to be as bad as last wednesday and thursday. interesting timing on this if
6:36 pm
you think about it for a minute. the two hottest days of this heat wave that we have, those were last wednesday and thursday. here we go now, approaching this coming week and wednesday and thursday will once again be the two hottest days this week. however is not an exact repeat, we were in the low hundreds, this wednesday and thursday we are keeping it in the mid-90s. still hot but not as hot. will have more coming up later.
6:37 pm
6:38 pm
san francisco's late but defender was honored today and and an annual backpack boy he cofounded. the annual review magic back to school celebration has been going on since 2004. the event began with a ceremony to honor his life and legacy. more than 2000 backpacks were given out, including school uniforms. >> the skateboarding industry,
6:39 pm
to change topics, has traditionally been dominated by men. >> yes but these days they are not the only ones showing up at skate parks and showing off their skills. betty yu introduces us to a group in alameda county that is breaking a lot of ground. >> reporter: at skate like a girl summer camp in oakland, there are a lots of fearless little skaters making big moves. >> i like that you feel like you i like floating above ground. >> been down and grab your board like this. >> reporter: charlie has been riding since she was four years old. >> it helps me find courage to do stuff that you really think boys would normally do and stuff that girls would usually like not do and, even stuff the kids wouldn't do. >> reporter: she is one of
6:40 pm
dozens of skaters ramping up the skills and confidence and getting up every time they fall. >> see you later girl. her skate like a girl is really about making skateboarding accessible and welcoming for all. what we do is we really put young people, without women, they put trans folks, people who are not at the epicenter of skateboarding at the center. >> reporter: ashley masters and kim teamed up to revamp the nonprofit to bay area chapter 3 years ago. they talked more than 5000 people had a skateboard in that time. kim found skateboarding at a young age. but could not escape the stereotypes. >> often just being like your daughter is a tomboy or she is sporty or like all these labels. i think at the end of the day. were trying to create here in our programs in this organization is that you can be however you want. >> reporter: jehle is a lead instructor and identifies as a nine binary. >> my pronouns are they/them. they are also in my knuckles.
6:41 pm
so, yeah, skateboarding has really helped me to like figure out who i am. >> reporter: here there are also lessons of acceptance. >> my name is ashley i use she/her pronouns. >> i was the only like clear kid in my community. the only person that was like me. so i just want these kids just to keep skateboarding going. >> reporter: must people come to skate like a girl have never set foot on a board, like myself. the youngest participant is six, the oldest has been 65. >> reporter: skateboarding among girls in particular is gaining ground as the sport makes it debut in the tokyo olympic games next summer. one of the industries most popular skateboarders is 11- year-old skye brown. she has her sights set on taking part in the competition as a part of great britain's national team. she also has more than 400,000 followers on instagram.
6:42 pm
>> now that we have all the self-publishing platforms we are starting to see different types of people skate, different types of skateboarding. it really just removes those walls of like what skateboarding is and isn't. >> reporter: 17-year-old sophie is giving back as a volunteer instructor. >> it is so gratifying and i love to teach, it will be like weight can you show me one more time and i'm like gladly i love to skate i will show you 1 trillion times. >> reporter: this group issuing the industry had to skate like a girl. in oakland, betty yu, kpix 5. >> skate like a girl offers programs and activities year- round including free skate clinics in oakland. need to see. >> thank you for joining us and watching. accurate 11. for news and throughout the evening always go on to see you at 11 . (whimsical music)
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