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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  August 18, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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. live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. now at 5:00 p.m. the woman attacked by homeless man outside her home is joining the fight to prevent a navigation center along it embarcadero. kpix 5's susie steimle is live in san francisco with a look at how this video is changing the conversation. >> reporter: well, as you know, this navigation center is part of the mayor's promise to build 1,000 new shelter beds by 2020 and it has been very
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controversial. it is already under instruction neighbors hope this video will change minds. >> we don't feel safe and we have good reasons. the city longer deny our concerns about safety. >> reporter: an emotional woman lent her voice to the fight against a 200 bed homeless shelter along san francisco's water front. >> take action. you don't have the capability to build this here, to properly manage it. >> reporter: she was attacked by a homeless man trying to get into her apartment, he said it is obvious he was mentally unstable. >> he said i have to open the door for him. >> reporter: the fight over the navigation center has been politically charged since it was first proposed this spring. residents shouted doubt the
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mayor at a press conference back in april. >> let me speak or leave. >> reporter: in a statement the mayor said we know the data shows there is no link between the creation of the navigation center and an increase in crime. allowing people to suffer will only make the challenges we face more severe. >> the navigation center isn't there yet so saying it caused the attack is magical thinking. >> reporter: she says the video was horrifying but says blocking the navigation center won't help solve this problem. >> i hate this. everybody hates it but the path rves. to shut down social the path is to have more social services. >> i think navigation centers are a part of the solution to
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homelessness but a residential area is not the place to put it. >> they need stop this. >> reporter: as we reported last week she was critical of the judge who let her attacker go after his court appearance but the judge said in her defense she only did this because she hadn't seen the video. after she saw the video she amended the decision to wear an ankle bracelet. the hearing is tomorrow in san francisco. susie steimle, kpix 5. all right. thank you. the public will have the chance to weigh in on another navigation centbay view. city leaders are working with caltrans to sewer a a lot.
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secure the lot. tomorrow's meeting starts at 6:00 p.m. at the southeast community facility. new at 5:00 p.m. an act of vandalism. the school year starts tomorrow but teachers and staff at one school spent today cleaning up a huge mess. the staff shared these photos. you can see the extent of the damage at the campus. shelves broken, posters ripped off. the walls and books and school supplies thrown out. and this evening we are getting a look at the suspect. the man in his 20s with long hair and the second suspect wearing a hoody and jeans and there is a third vandal. a lot of hard work went into the clean up. classrooms are now back in order and staff will be on campus all day tomorrow to welcome students back. police arrested a registered sex offender after a
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stand off. the suspect climbed a ladder on to a building under highway 101 yesterday morning and after two hours he finally surrendered. police arrested this man on suspicion of stocking and accosting several women. they say the 39-year-olds also violated the terms of probation. he got has a lengthy criminal record. the jury in the ghostship warehouse trial enters its third full week of deliberations. they are trying to decide if they are guilty of involuntary manslaughter. they face one count for each of the 36 people who died in the 2016 fire. last week jurors asked to review testimony from a woman who lived inside the warehouse. including conditions on the inside and the lack of a sprinkler system. juliette goodrich will be in the courtroom tomorrow, as soon
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as we hear the verdict we will bring it to you live. afghanistan, we are getting a look that chaotic moments after suicide bomber killed more than 60 people at a wedding in kabul. the blast injured more than 180 people including children. isis is now claiming responsibility for the attack. >> reporter: survivors filled the streets in kabul, afghanistan. a thousand people were celebrating seconds before the blast. more than 60 people were killed and 180 injured. the suicide bomber stood in the middle of the crowded dance floor before detonating his vest. the groom spoke of the loss. i lost hope he said. i lost my brother, my friends who came to join my wedding
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party. the bride lost 14 family members. the islamic state claimed possible. the taliban is trying to reach an agreement with the trump administration to end the war there. >> we are there for one reason. we don't want that to be a laboratory. okay? can't be laboratory for terror. >> reporter: south bend, indiana mayor pete buttigieg said there needs to be a role in any peace plan for the government. >> we need to make sure we get the basic assurances that we need and the government is on the table so that there is a formula for stability. >> the conflict in afghanistan is america's longest war. it began 18 years ago, weeks after the september 11 attacks. meg oliver, cbs news.
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>> the attack came a few days before afghanistan's 100th independence day on monday. a live look at the white house now. president trump is facing pressure to take a firmer stants toward china's government amid protests in hong kong. president trump and first lady melania trump returned to washington this afternoon. a group in solidarity with the protest in hong kong staged a rally outside the white house today. 100 people waved signs and called on the president to act on what they describe as a humanitarian disaster. drone video captured a sea of protesters taking over the streets in hong kong. they are demanding the formal withdrawal of a bill that would allow hong kong to do so be extradited to china. this marks the 11th week of protests. back here at home, bernie sanders will bring his 2020 presidential campaign to the bay area this week.
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this time he will host a town hall in san francisco and talk about college costs and student debt. that is friday afternoon. and coming up, an east bay city considering a plan to change its downtown area. why the proposal is catching so much heat from residents. >> and some of the main events at comic con. >> and hope you had a chance to enjoy this weekend. the pay off after the heat of last week. now i will tell you about the heat that is coming back for this work week. we will talk about that coming up in a bit. it's time for the biggest sale of the year on the
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some of the best dressed super heros and villains descended on the last day of the silicon valley comic con. kpix 5's devin fehely. >> reporter: silicon valley comic con is the place where science fiction and real science collide. whether dressing up like a storm trooper or designing your own droid, silicon valley's comic con has something for everyone. >> i saw the movie and immediately wanted one. i thought how can i get one? can i buy one? no. you can't. i wanted a full size one. i thought i could make one. >> the celebration features appearances by pop culture
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icons. like lou ferrigno. >> the brain child of apple cofounder, the convention puts science center stage. like this protype of the mars lander. >> scientists working at nasa research center in silicon valley, california, and i work on making science fiction fact. >> reporter: she works on a program that hopes to return to the moon by 2024. on the convention floor today, limited only by the imagination. >> it made sense to talk about science and technology and how pop culture and those two influence each other. >> reporter: organizers estimate attendance for comic con to be 70,000 over three
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days. in san jose, devin fehely, kpix 5. a controversial plan to allow taller buildings in downtown pleasanton is causing controversy. the plan would allow up to four story buildings near the main street corridor. proponents say the city needs more affordable housing. those against it say downtown shouldn't be changed and there are other areas that could be developed for housing. >> five and six story buildings that have a colder character, our quaint, small town feel is rich in what we have downtown and residents, including me, want to retain that. >> the city council will discuss the issue on tuesday night and at 6:00 p.m. we will hear from residents about their reaction to the proposal. in contra costa county, city officials will considering
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allowing marijuana shops but only certain conditions. tomorrow the city council will weigh whether or not to allow up to two delivery only medical cannabis business. the shops would have to be 600 feet away from schools and day care centers. u.s. customs and border protection snipped out wood be drug smugglers. officers at the crossing in san diego seized nearly four tons of marijuana hidden in a shipment of spicy peppers. it was packaged up in 314 bundles but the plastic wrap wasn't enough to hide it smell. hundreds of low income kids will get school supply kits. volunteers packed bags with
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supplies. the event hosted by the non- profit supply >> this doesn't solve anything but it makes the first day of school brighter for a lot of kids and reminds them school is the place to build their future. >> organizers say more than 3,000 kits were assembled for kids in need. our special back to school coverage continues tomorrow morning with a makeover of alameda high school. kpix 5's jackie ward will give us a tour at 4: 4:30 a.m. ladies and gentlemen, the hardest working man in show business. >> i have been here since this morning and i will be back next weekend too. the live view outside over the golden gate bridge. the antidote a heat wave. the low clouds are back. they are not everywhere but they are back for the city. at least. that is something.
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i can show you another view from the other bridge. no clouds over the bay bridge but we are looking at clouds that have developed over the east bay hills. so we have low clouds that have shown up over the east bay hills. san jose, nothing for you guys. and it is a sunny day here. if you look west, pick out the tower there. just kind of taken over by the low clouds from the coast. all rights. as far as the temperatures are concerned, we got back to normal. highs today came in on the mark where where we should be for this time of year. 80 livermore. 77 san jose. these are that daily highs. maybe low. we hit that around 4:00 p.m. in the afternoon. we start warming up but it doesn't kick in until the middle of the week. right now we are getting help from the marine layer that
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built in along the coast. we can see the band throughout the golden gate bridge. the east bay hills. up north, point reyes is covered and sonoma county. future cast, 5:00 p.m., overnight hours. by midnight we have a gray wet blanket over everybody's in sonoma county. that is 7:00 a.m. here is your monday morning. for the north bay. we start out gray. 9:00a.m. sunshine. temperatures for monday will be where they were today. i will show you all the highs here coming up in one second. that is what it will look like tomorrow for the bay area. yeah. we will be covered in gray. through the overnight hours tonight and tomorrow and then burns back late morning. highs 67 for the city. similar to today. san jose 81. 82 livermore. there is santa rosa 80.
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concord 83 for the day time high. and then we start a warm up that starts to make itself felt more so by the time wednesday and thursday get here. that is 96 on wednesday. 97 on thursday. and then we will come down a few degrees from there. it will be warmer but it won't be as bad as last wednesday and thursday. we just wept through a heat wave. those numbers were 100 and above inland. these numbers are mid-90ss. a little bit better. dennis with sports. >> your weather isn't the only thing cooling off. guess who is not in raiders camp once again? the latest drama on antonio brown. next.
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. three days ago the american league west seemed out of reach for the a's but today looking for a four game sweep on houston. yoga in the park before the game. could the astros stretch their lead? houston two on. he finds the hole. he will challenge it. dead man running. game remains scoreless. in the 4th, he took him deep.
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21. and oakland leads 1-0. 0-2 pitch. 368feet. a's down 3-1. in the 6th, just inside the left field line. a run scores from first. 4-1. anderson leaves the game. he got blisters. allowing just one run in seven. a's win. giants going for the four game sweep in arizona. odds were high the brooms would come out with madison bumgarner on the mound. giants won nine of his 10 starts. key play of the game. first inning. madison bumgarner nearly out of a jam.
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jones lined to center. he comes up empty. two runs score. arizona has an early lead. it is indeed a game of inches. 3-0 diamondbacks. fifth inning. into the bleachers. solo job. madison bumgarner struck out 9 but gave up four runs in six innings but they had chances. 28 runs in the last three games. just one today. crawford, bases loaded. this is a tough play but they get him. a rally killer. dying to make up for that missed catch. he goes down with the baseball to rob him. diamondbacks kept tacking on runs off the bullpen. serves up the laser shot. arizona wins 6-1. the giants take 3-4, which is good, but again the pitching match-up. three back in the wildcard with a huge series with chicago
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tomorrow. here we go again. raiders wide receiver antonio brown was expected to practice today. he did not. once again because of issues with his helmet. the team lost all their patience with him. >> he is upset about the helmet issue. we have supported that. we appreciate that. okay? but at this point we pretty much exhausted all avenues of relief. so from our perspective it is time to be all in or all out. okay? so we are hoping he is back soon. we have 89 guys busting their tails. we are excited about where the franchise is going. hopefully antonio brown is with us. >> undrafted rookie making a
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push to make the team. five catches in thursday's game in arizona. and last weekend, he caught a touchdown pass at the coliseum. it wasn't the first time he was on that field. >> when i was at pop worner we played halftime during the pre- season game. >> you score? >> i did score. yeah. cool moment. >> same feeling you had the other night? >> pretty much. the crowd was going nuts. pretty cool. just to see it happen now was an awesome feeling. >> you can see that story tonight on game day and ecver and a's and 'stros that coliseum. when the raiders say are you all in or all out, maybe they should pose that question to themselves before they signed
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antonio brown. >> i thought they settled the helmet issue? >> we all thought they settled the helmet issues. the nfl said no, it doesn't fit our standers so we are back to square one. >> all right, dennis. we will be right back.
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. nice be here but juliet is having fun here. >> she is going to the rolling stones concert tonight. >> which is why you are here right now so thank you very
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much. >> that is it for 5:00 p.m. we will see you in 30 minutes. ning sponsored by cbs ♪ >> quijano: wedding terror. a suicide bomber in afghanistan kills dozens at a marriage celebration. ( crying ) also tonight: president trump pushes back on alarms that the once red hot economy could be going cold. >> i don't see a recession. the world is in a recession right now. >> reporter: pro-democracy protesters march peacefully in hong kong, as beijing likens their movement to "terrorism". >> they are angry and committed to making their voice heard by the government. >> quijano: police across the country intensify their hunt for copy cats following the latest mass shootings. plus, storms thunder across the plains. extreme winds topple more than a hundred train cars off the rails in kansas. and, grandma's great adventure. meet an 89-year-old and her


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