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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  August 19, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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through the week. thank you for watching kpix5 news. it's back to school. show up on time and start off right. and be safe. cbs news is coming up next. have a great day. good morning to you our viewers in the west and welcome to "cbs this morning." extreme weather risk. millions across the country on alert for thunderstorms and heat after severe weather swept through the northern u.s. we're in pennsylvania where nine people were hurt when a tree came crashing down. mass shooting plots foiled. three men in three states are arrested, each accused of threatening mass shootings. we'll show you how social media may have prevented another tragedy. prince andrew's denial. the british royal breaks his silence on jefeffrey epstein's alleged sex crimes after newly revealed video from 2010 shows the prince with young women at epstein's home.
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and teen vaping warnings. hear from an 18-year-old who says he got a hole in his lung from over using e-cigarettes as the cdc looks into 94 possible cases of severe lung illness associated with vaping. monday, august 19th, 2019. here's today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. i think this is the metal falling and that's when i real ooilzd the trampoline was up in the tree. >> severe weather across the northern u.s. >> in pennsylvania nine people were hurt when a lightning strike sent a tree toppling on to a tent at a swim club. >> federal authorities say they recently foiled at least three mass shooting plots. >> authorities arrested three different men in three different states. >> an iranian oil tanker caught in a stand-off with the west set sail from gibraltar after a court released it. >> the president says he is interested in buying greenland.
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>> protesters poured into the streets of hong kong in a peaceful demonstration. >> i'd like to see hong kong worked out in a very humanitarian fashion. i hope president xi can do it. >> former university of texas and nfl running back cedric benson died in a motorcycle crash. he was only 36 years old. >> rioting between fans of rival soccer teams taururned deadly i honduras. >> all that and -- >> and picked up for 88 yards. >> and all that matters. >> they call him chicken little and you can see why. he got the attention of indians' yasiel puig who gave the little leaguer's stance a shot. nah. doesn't work for him either. >> went into a crouch and still in there for a strike. >> on cbs this morning. >> there you go. >> right down the middle and a strake out. >> history was made at the little league world series. just the sixth girl to pitch in a game at the series.
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>> she says she wants to break barriers just like her favorite player jackie robinson. >> off the mound and makes the play. a tremendous bare hand play. >> this morning's eye opener is presented bay toyota. let's go places. >> she can really play. >> that was a very nice play. the look in the eyes. stare you down. >> i got a girl crush on maddie. so cool. nicely done. i'm gayle king with anthony mason and tony dokoupil. we begin with this weather. it is going to be hot. up to 60 million americans will be uncomfortably hot today and millions more could face severe thunderstorms. heat alerts up along the east coast, south, and the southwest, too, where it is expected to feel like 100 degrees or more over widespread areas. in pennsylvania, severe storms like this micro burst caught on video caused serious damage over the weekend. a falling tree at a swim club
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north of philadelphia injured seven children and two adults yesterday. don dahler is at the dolphins swim club in pennsylvania. how are the injured folks doing? >> reporter: good morning. nine people in total went to the hospital two with head injuries and one with a back injury. and as you said, it all happened here yesterday at this swim club near philadelphia when part of a tree fell on a tent. the nine people injured were taking cover under a pavilion tent when lightning hit a large trae nearby sending it crashing down on top of them. >> the severe weather came through the park. numerous trees are down. >> reporter: life guards helped get people out from under the tent before emergency responders arrived minutes later. firefighters cut the tree apart to make sure no one else was trapped underneath. rubin diaz's girlfriend was carrying his 1-year-old son when she was hit by the branches and fell to the ground. >> he's been crying. i can tell it hurts.
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his face is swollen. >> reporter: extreme weather hit a wide swath in the country all weekend. this lightning storm in kansas forced drivers to pull off the road as winds hit over 60 miles an hour. about a hundred miles away strong gusts toppled some 140 train cars. the derailment blocked over a mile of tracks. further east in pennsylvania a micro burst tore through the town of lawrenceville toppling trees and knocking out power for hundreds of customers. two buildings were damaged including one owned by jimmy coen. >> i'm totally shocked. >> reporter: winds also took down trees in wisconsin. >> i never seen anything like this. >> reporter: as lightning cracked through the trunk of this tree in illinois. >> it was really bright and all you saw was a cloud of white smoke coming out of here. >> reporter: back at the swim club some of the victims were trapped under the tree for quite a while because it was so heavy. as for rubin diaz's girlfriend, he says she is still in the hospital as of yesterday afternoon with back injuries and
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he says it is just a miracle no one was more seriously injured. tony? >> miracle indeed. thank you very much. meteorologist megan glaros of our chicago station wbbmtv is tracking more storms. are you telling us penvania could have to watch out for more severe weather? >> good morning. maybe calm across parts of pennsylvania right now but storms could rev up a little bit later today so through the overnight we've managed to lose some of the intensity but the heat, the humidity bubbling up in the eastern half of the united states is going to make the potential for more storms later on tonight. washington, d.c. will feel like 100 degrees today. new york city feels like 97 degrees. it is going to be about 111 for the heat index value in corp us christie, texas. washington, d.c. feeling like 102 tomorrow. while it is 50 million people suffering in the east about 10 million in the west. a lot of intensity there as
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well. publo could hit a new record at 101 today. looking at 113 degrees in phoenix for tomorrow. while that bubbles up storms fire. that's later on this afternoon across portions of the east coast working into the midwest tomorrow there is the potential once again for some strong storms to bubble up. it's going to be another active day. gayle? >> we got it. thank you very much, megan. an avowed white nationalist is expected to be arraigned later today in ohio after allegedly plotting a mass shooting against jews. his name is james reardon. he is 20 years old. at least two more alleged shooting plots in other states have been broken up in the past week. tristan wix was arrested in florida and brandon wagshol was picked up in connecticut. meg oliver is here with a look at how social media played a role. >> authorities say all of the suspects shared their plans either online or with other people. their conversations and social media posts eventually got to the police.
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according to the fbi as these types of threats rise they are not always reported in time. james reardon allegedly posted this disturbing video on instagram in july showing him firing a semiautomatic rifle over the sound of people screaming. the caption appeared to foreshadow plans to attack a local jewish community center. after an investigation by ohio police, fbi agents raided reardon's home on friday uncovering semiautomatic weapons, ammunition, a gas mask, and bullet proof armor. a day later police arrested him. >> do you have any weapons we need to know about? >> reporter: several states away police on friday arrested 25-year-old tristan wix in a florida grocery store parking lot reportedly after a tip from his ex-girlfriend. in an august 11th text message to her, wix allegedly wrote, a school is a weak target. i'd be more likely to open fire on a large crowd of people from over three miles away. a good 100 kills would be nice.
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i already have a location. in connecticut, friday, brandon wagshol appeared in court after his arrest for illegal possession of large capacity magazines. police claim wagshol expressed interest in committing mass shootings on facebook but his lawyer says that is not wagshol's intention. an fbi study shows more than 50% of active shooters share their plans beforehand but those critical warning signs are reported to law enforcement less than half the time. >> are copy cat crimes becoming a competitive sport? >> actually they are. >> cbs news security analyst paul viollis is urging people to speak up if they see threats online. >> we can turn this around with respect to active shooters but if we don't we'll be back here probably in the next week or so if not less. >> james reardon's arraignment hearing is expected in an ohio court later this morning. he is in jail on a $250,000 bond
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as the connecticut suspect brandon wagshol. tristan wix is in a florida jail without bond. anthony? >> thank you. president trump is back at the white house after a more than week-long vacation. he and his advisers are pushing back against the idea that a recession could be coming and they're also watching china's response to protesters in hong kong. chip reid is at the white house. the president is trying to give beijing some advice. >> reporter: indeed, he is. he is suggesting that the chinese government handle those protesters in hong kong carefully. as for the economy, he said he's ready for anything but at the same time he said he does not expect a recession. >> i think it would be very hard to deal if they do violence. >> reporter: sending a signal to chinese president xi jinping on sunday president trump warned government retaliation against protesters in hong kong could threaten a potential trade deal with the u.s. >> president xi obviously has
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this in mind because he probably would have acted faster. >> reporter: even so the president suggested he might not pull back on tariffs against china any time soon. >> i'm just not ready to make a deal yet. >> reporter: the u.s. economy has been a bright spot for donald trump's presidency. he has overseen a flourishing job market with a nearly 50-year low unemployment rate and a generally strong stock market. but last week the dow plunged 800 points in one day. >> the biggest single day drop of the year as investors forecast concerns with the global economy. the white house is now working to project calm. >> i sure don't see a recession. >> reporter: even mr. trump conceded his trade war with china is affecting the markets. >> if i wanted to make a bad deal and settle on china, the market would go up. >> reporter: last week mr. trump announced a delay on some tariffs against china as studies show the tariffs would have cost americans an average of $270 a year, potential impacts mr. trump's advisers are brushing off. >> the tariffs are working.
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they're an important part of the strategy to bring the chinese to the negotiating table. >> reporter: white house chief economic adviser larry kudlow said if talks with the chinese go well over the next ten days then chinese officials will come here to the united states to continue those talks. tony? >> all right, chip. thank you very much. china lashed out at taiwan this morning over its offer of political asylum to supporters of hong kong's pro democracy movement. yesterday hundreds of thousands of protesters marched through the streets of the former british colony despite heavy rain. organizers said at least 1.7 million people took part overall and police said the demonstration was mostly peaceful. this morning britain's prince andrew is responding to sexual abuse allegations against jeffrey epstein for the first time since his long-time friend hanged himself in jail. queen elizabeth's middle son says in a statement through buckingham palace that he is appalled by epstein's alleged crimes. that follows newly released video showing andrew inside epstein's new york mansion back
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in 2010. charlie d'agata is outside buckingham palace with more on this. is this statement unusual? unusual and the very fact the palace decided to release the statement at all just shows you how seriously they're taking this situation. here's why. it was in response to this video allegedly showing prince andrew waving good-bye to a young woman at epstein's manhattan mansion purportedly shot in 2010 and taken less than an hour after epstein left the house with another young woman. the prince even appears to check that no one was looking but cameras were, which has forced buckingham palace to state, his royal highness deplores the exploitation of any human being and the suggestion he would condone, participate in, or encourage any such behavior is abhorrent. abhorrent but the accusations go back to at least 2001 in this picture showing prince andrew with alleged victim virginia
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gufray who is only 15 at the time and the british socialite ghislain maxwell. she says maxwell acted as a madame passing her around to epstein's friends. >> it started with one and trickled to two and so on and before you know it i'm being lent out to politicians and academics and to people that -- royalty. >> reporter: unsealed court documents allege she was trafficked to prince andrew, a claim that was previously dismissed by a judge and struck from the record. the royal correspondent says the palace finally had too react. >> ever since jeffrey epstein died there has been speculation about what further evidence could come out about the duke of york. with this statement the palace had to be pretty confident no further evidence is going to come forward further implicating the duke of york and his connection with jeffrey epstein. >> reporter: it is important to note this happened in 2010. this is two years after epstein was charged and found guilty of sex crimes.
7:15 am
critics say prince andrew should have cut off the relationship there and then. anthony? >> all right. charlie d'agata in london. thanks. an interesting piece in the "new york times" over the weekend on epstein's last days in prison. 750 prisoners in the metropolitan correctional center and only 18 guards staffed, ten working overtime. >> you see why they are overworked there when you look at the numbers. >> very interesting reporting. iran is warning the u.s. not to retake a seized super tanker released overnight. j gibraltar rejected an american appeal to retain the tanker longer. it is allegedly carrying sanctioned oil and heading toward greece. imitiaz tyab is entrepreneur iran with a look at this. >> reporter: iran is still holding a british oil tanker and reportedly trying to get around u.s. sanctions. in the first ever interview with an american tv network a top member of iran's elite
7:16 am
revolutionary guard bluntly criticizes u.s. actions. >> translator: he says the u.s. is behaving like pirates and called president trump a gangster. tough talk from iran's powerful revolutionary guard. but there is another sanctions battle being fought in iran, this time at a children's hospital. where it is every parent's worst nightmare. learning your child's cancer has come back, adding to the agony the cocktail of drugs the 4-year-old needs to stay alive simply isn't available. his mom tells me he is her only child. the most doctors can do for him now is keep him comfortable. iran produces most of its own pharmaceuticals but when it comes to the most advanced medicines it relies heavily on imports and that's how sanctions can have an effect. technically, medicines are exempt from u.s. sanctions but the financial transactions to purchase them on the global
7:17 am
marketplace are not. imports have dropped by 80%. are people losing their lives because they can't get this drug? >> yes. >> reporter: what do you say to a parent whose child has cancer that the drug is available outside of iran but you can't bring it into iran? what do you say to them? >> i just tell them to pray and be sure that we are with we know your pain. >> reporter: doctors don't know exactly how many children have died because of this inability to bring in medicine. but as the ceo of the charity told us, with 80% fewer drugs coming in, you only have to do the math. anthony? >> thanks. tomorrow gayle talks with secretary of state mike pompeo about iran, china, hong kong, and other important issues. that's tomorrow right here on "cbs this morning." >> a lot to discuss with him. a new series of bombings hit
7:18 am
restaurants and public squares in afghanistan this morning. it happened in the city of jalalabad as the country marked its 100th anniversary of independence. officials say at least 72 people were hurt and it follows a suicide bombing at a wedding in kabul on saturday. at least 53 people were killed there and nearly 200 wounded. a local isis affiliate has claimed responsibility for that. this morning we're remembering a long-time member of the cbs family, jack whitaker, a legendary sportscaster, died yesterday of natural causes in his sleep at his pennsylvania home. during his 22 years at this network he called some of the greatest sports moments in history including the first super bowl and the 1973 triple crown victory. he was also a decorated world war ii veteran. jack whitaker was 95 dwreeyears. >> did you know him? >> i remember seeing jack whitaker as a kid. i was working in a political
7:19 am
campaign i remember watching him that night and thinking i want to do that. i was about 12. >> and here you are. well liked in this building. a young man is blaming vaping for a serious lung injury he developed. ahead, he shows anna werner how he is using social media to share his concerns about a very good monday morning. a gray start to the day with onshore flow and ocean breeze keeping temperatures at or below average for this time of year and we will have that clearing for most of us except the coast. 85 in concord, 80 and san jose and 68 in san francisco. the warm up is set today and the coolest day of the week and hot temps into the weekend.
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ahead. contaminated alcohol is killing dozens of drinkers in the popular tourist country costa rica. ahead how the problem prompted a national health alert. >> and we go to greenland with a group working to figure out why the ice is melting so fast. >> we are on a mission with nasa flying over greenland with scientists who are trying to understand the role oceans play when it comes to climate change. that story coming up on "cbs this morning." limate change. that story is coming up on "cbs this morning." gary, gary, gary... i am proud of you, my man. making simple, smart cash back choices... with quicksilver from capital one. you're earning unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. like on that new laptop. quicksilver keeps things simple, gary. and smart, like you! and i like that. i guess i am pretty smart.
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this is a kpix5 news morning update. good morning. i'm kenny choi at 7:26. in downtown fremont, a pedestrian was struck and killed just after midnight on paseo padre parkway near walnut and capital avenue's. crews closed the roads but all lanes are back open. the mensing on video attacking a woman outside her home in san francisco is due in court for a compliance hearing. austin vincent plead not guilty to false imprisonment, attempted robbery and battery charges. san jose is celebrating a
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street paving effort with crews maintaining and paving almost 300 miles of street and they pledge to pave every residential and neighborhood street within the city and the next nine years. we will have more updates, including our website at cialty store prices. at ross. yes for less. and realize you can get youeverything you need...oss oh, yeah. yep. yes! feel like a boss?
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that's yes for less. 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less. i'm keeping an eye on your main travel times in so far, it feels like monday on those roadways. nothing in the green anymore. on the red and highway 4 is super slow was 62 minutes and out of the south bay, 55 minutes and 39 minutes from the altamont pass. the bay bridge is slow going to the toll plaza and backed up from the foot of the maze. a cloudy start for many locations across the bay area and we will have clearing for most of us except at the coast. daytime highs at or below average. 85 in concord, 74 in oakland
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it's 7:30. here's what's happening. severe thunderstorms rock the midwest and northeast leaving nine people hurt. federal authorities accuse three men of planning unrelated mass shootings. >> you see something. say something. president trump warns china retaliating against hong kong % protesters could upset a trade deal. in our three meal series, we ask voters at the ohio state fair what they are looking for in 2020. >> i'm just ready for change. with your kids going back to school, we have ideas to keep
7:31 am
students on track. >> i'm not a fool. i got my lunch packed up. my boots tied tight. i hope i don't get in a fight. oh, back to school. adam sandler you get a new outfit, some new pencils. >> he looks a little big for school. >> welcome back. it is almost school. we are right here. vaping could be to blame for nearly 100 severe lung illnesses. an investigation was just announced into 94 cases where e-cigarette users inhaled the vapers. our consumer investigative correspondent blames vaping for
7:32 am
his own injuries. now he wants others to stop. >> that's right. what happened to this young man from florida is different from the lung injuries suffered by teens that the cdc and several states are investigating. chance says the severity of his lung injury was wake up call for him and he thinks the consequences should make others think too. >> it felt like i was genuinely having a heart attack. like i was having a heart attack. >> reporter: that's how 18-year-old chance describes feeling when his medical emergency began about three weeks ago. >> my chest felt like it was collapsing and i couldn't breathe. >> reporter: his right lung had a hole and had collapsed. >> i freaked out. they said your lung has collapsed. you have to go to surgery right now. >> reporter: his instagram video shows the tube doctors put in his chest. two days later a surgeon operated to repair the hole. the surgeon said his lungs were
7:33 am
inflamed which could have come from something he had been inhaling. >> you never been a smoker. a traditional smoker. >> never. >> what have you been using? >> jewel. >> reporter: he started using jewel e-cigarettes a year and a half ago when he was 16. he now believes juul caused his lung injuries. thousands of messages have poured in over the past few weeks. >> you inspired me to stop as well as many other teenagers. i used to vape for about two years and i decided to stop. i didn't know i'd be able to reach people from all around the world. it really just touches my heart. >> reporter: doctors told cbs news it was possible his vaping may have contributed to a small pocket in his lung blowing out causing the lung collapse. juul declined to comment on his case but around the country the cdc and state health departments are investigating something else. what the cdc calls 94 possible
7:34 am
cases of severe lung illness associated with vaping in 14 states from june 28th to august 15th of this year. it's not clear which brand or product the individuals used or what substance they were inhaling. >> you first started hearing about these cases how long ago? >> all within the last month. just a month. >> reporter: the chief medical officer of children's minnesota hospital says her doctors have been treating four boys and girls ages 16 through 18 with acute lung injuries. >> they don't fit anything else we have previously worked on, understood about lung disease that's more typical in teens. >> you're seeing pattern. >> a pattern that's different from what we have seen before, yes. >> this is throughout the entire lung. on the chest x-ray the whole thing looks abnormal equally. >> reporter: take a look at a
7:35 am
normal lung on an x-ray and here in a cross section view. look at the same cross section view of a patient in hawaii whose doctor says he has the same type of acute lung injury associated with vaping. chapman says her patients decline rapidly in just a week. >> you're saying that over a week's time their lungs are failing. >> they go from healthy to really in a life threatening injury. >> reporter: chance says his experience frightened him but the response was inspiring. >> if i'm able to have such an effect on the world, i think i would go through it again just so that i could help as many people as possible. >> juul declined to comment on chance's case but it said it's monitoring the reports on the other widespread lung injuries. >> this is dramatic stuff. what's the prognosis for these teenagers? >> unfortunately, some of them are still in the hospital and doctors say they do not know
7:36 am
whether their lungs will return normal or if they will sustain permanent damage to their lungs. some teens in wisconsin did report vaping thc which is one of the active ingredients in marijuana and the american vaping association, we contacted them. they say they believe that's more likely what is causing the lung disease here is thc or body knows the answer to that. >> if you're under the age of 21 or a non-smoker stay away from this stuff. >> really glad chance is sharing his story. >> he's trying to influence other teens. >> he'll make a difference. thank you. remember if you're on the go, subscribe to our podcast. hear the day's top stories and what's happening in your world in less than 20 minutes. greenland is seeing record ice melt this year. we'll take you there to see how nasa research project is probing the depths of the ocean the find
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chblgt denmark's prime minister says greenland is not for sale even though president trump did admit he discussed the idea of buying the territory. mr. trump said he considers them to be very good allies. greenland is also the focus of scientists and in this morning's eye on earth, we're learning more about the challenges facing the huge island. its ice sheet is melting six times faster now than in the 1980s. this month alone it lost 11 billion tons of surface ice in one day. enough to fill four million olympic size swimming pools. seth is there. >> summer came earlier this year and is expected to last longer. greenlanders say they have sign more extreme weather and fishermen are catching warmer weather fish. scientists have come from around the world to study why.
7:42 am
nasa built its reputation on exploring the unknown but its scientists on this mission fly at an altitude of hundreds of feet probing the depth, not of space but the sea. >> each one of these has a package that tells us the temperature and the saltiness of the water. >> reporter: josh willis is in year four of a five year research project he designed. we joined saturday on a 7 hour flight covering 800 miles. they are dropping probes into the ocean to understand how the waters around greenland are warming and contributing to melting of glaciers. >> we usually think of greenland's ice as an ice cube with a hair dryer but the ice is sitting in a pot of water and the water is warming. the two things can create sea level rise that happens much
7:43 am
more rapidly than we originally anticipated. >> reporter: willis named his program oceans melting greenland. omg was no mistake. he says human kind should be surprised and pay attention. >> big picture, what does all of this mean? >> it means greenland is melting. there's enough ice in green land to raise sea levels by 25 feet worldwide. we don't think it will happen right away but just how fast it does is something we're trying to figure out with o.m.g. >> reporter: the icy environment can make it tough to drop the probes but does offer some perks. stunning scenery. >> this feels like a remote place but what is happening here has a real impact of average american. >> that's right. we all live with one ocean. billion tons of ice lost here means higher sea levels in florida, california, new york. even as far as australia. >> so far these missions have
7:44 am
shown them how sensitive these graciers are to the ocean. they have produced a better map of the sea floor which allows them to gauge which glaciers are under threat. the answer, more than they thought. >> all right, kseth. o.m.g. >> oceans melting greenland. >> i got it. nicely done. david is looking at the stories you'll be talking about later today including how a south dakota woman went to the hospital for severe pain and she ended up with a triple surprise. one, two three. happy monday to you and as we start a new work week, temperatures are at or slightly below average. a warm up is on the way. 85 in concord, 74 in oakland
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and clearing for most of us except the coast. the temperatures are warming up tomorrow and by wednesday. hot inland through the work week and into the weekend. (dog vo) my beneful superfood blend
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7:49 am
catch." but the haitian sensation is off, so, we have the ragin' cajun, dave begnaud. >> i have been on vacation for two weeks and i feel fresh. >> ready to go. here's a few of the stories you'll be talking about. health officials in costa rica says 25 people have died since june, after drinking alcohol tainted with methanol, that can be in antifreeze. in total, nearly 60 people have been hospitalized from ethantha poisoning. the ministry of health issued an alert over the contaminated alcohol. since then, it has confiscated 55,000 products. if you go to costa rica, do your research on what you are drinking. you may have heard about this. the story of antonio bassco. his wife was 1 of the 22 people killed in el paso two weeks ago. in a post, after her funeral,
7:50 am
she was buried on saturday. hours after she was buried, he said, he had no family and welcomed anyone to attend his wife's services. thousands of strangers came from across the country to say good-bye to his wife. a woman flew in from san francisco because she wanted to pay her respects. there were more than 1,000 flower arrangements. everyone was touched by what happened. and then, this. cbs news has learned that hours after mr. basco buried his wife, someone stole his vehicle. a local ford dealership has stepped in. he's going to match up to $10,000 for antonio. they will replace his vehicle. >> what is wrong with people? >> the thief probably didn't know. you stole his car and stole a power washer he needed to do his job. it's a real hit on somebody. >> we saw the best of people who turn up to support him and then
7:51 am
the worst. >> and they stole his washing equipment. >> that hurts. if you can't do your job, you can't get paid and do your life. >> he's been through enough. >> i want to know what gayle thinks about this. she is the only one fit to comment. a south dakota woman was rushed to the hospital earlier this month when she thought she was suffering from kidney stones. she doesn't. she was in labor. and she gave birth to triplets. meet gypsy, nicki and blaze, two girls and one boy. she didn't know she was pregnant, when she gave birth at 34 weeks. that's eight months. her husband was shocked after initially being told there were only two babies. >> his reaction was like, excuse me? put it back. we have plans, i'm not doing triplets. no. there's three babies in here.
7:52 am
there's triplets. >> they already had two children. their 10-year-old son got a wish. another baby brother. you don't see yourself getting bigger over 8 1/2 months? >> and normally, they move around. the other thing, you have a monthly visitor. >> she never felt movement. >> and never got morning sickness. >> i guess still had her monthly visitor. >> those babies are four pounds apiece. >> let's just say, it's a blessing. thank you, david. ahead, democrat stacey abrams will join us to talk about her new project. there she is. hey, stacey. we'll be right back. managingaudrey's on it.s? eating right? on it! staying active? on it. audrey thinks she's doing all she can
7:53 am
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7:56 am
this is a kpix5 news morning update. it's 7:56 and i'm kenny choi. the school begins in vallejo but police are searching for three suspects accused of trashing the solano campus yesterday. they ransacked classrooms and destroyed school supplies. you cannot take express buses between foster city and san francisco offered by samtrans. the first two weeks, free of charge and after that, cash fares will be $2.25 inbound to $4 outbound pit the jury in the ghost ship
7:57 am
warehouse trial enters the third full week of deliberations with jurors deciding if derrick alemena and max harris are guilty of involuntary manslaughter and when we get the verdict we will bring that to you live. news updates on your favorite platforms including our website,
7:58 am
you are not in the green, unfortunately for those about to hit the roadways and you are in the yellow and most spots but in the rent on the eastshore freeway, a slow ride to the bridge with 32 minutes and on the bay bridge, when you get there, you look all right, backed up from the maze to the toll plaza and the san mateo bridge has eased up a little bit but it's slow going westbound to the peninsula. we love seeing the clouds in the sky with a strong
7:59 am
onshore flow and just at or below average with a nice and pleasant day ahead. 85 in concord, 80 in san jose and 74 in oakland. 68 in san francisco with high pressure building and and temperatures on the rise through the work week and into the weekend.
8:00 am
♪ good morning to you our viewers in the west. happy monday, august 192019. welcome back to "cbs this morning." powerful storms caused injuries in pennsylvania extreme heat persists in the east coast to the southwest. plus, georgia democrat stacey abrams is here in studio 57 to talk about voting rights. and we will help your kids get their study skills back in shape for back to school. here is the question. should you pay them to do their homework? i vote no. an expert weighs in on that and other ideas. first, here's today's "eye opener" at 8:00.
8:01 am
>> it's going to be hot. up to 60 americans will be uncomfortably hot. >> nine people went to the hospital. >> as you said, it happened here yesterday at this swim club near philadelphia. >> the heat, the humidity bubbling up in the eastern half of the united states. that's going to make the potential for more storms. >> all of these suspects shared their plans online or with ear people. according to the fbi, it's these types of threats, they are not always reported in time. >> suggesting that the chinese government handle those protesters in hong kong carefully. as for the economy, he does not expect a recession. this happened two years after epstein was charged and found guilty of sex crimes. critics say prince andrew should have cut off that relationship there and then. the throw sends it deep to left field, and that is gone! >> pete alonso, the polar bear,
8:02 am
his 40th home run of the season. it's a new national league rookie record. >> remarkable. congratulations, pete. what a season it's been for pete alonso. >> this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. the mets done good. >> let's go, mets. >> 40 home runs for a rookie. >> yeah. usually they figure out how to pitch to you. >> he is one away from tying the mets' team home run. >> we will move on. a long conversation i think. we begin with this. tens of millions of americans face another day of sweltering and severe weather. extreme heat affects about 60 million people across the country today. pueblo and fort collins, colorado, and dulles airport in virginia are expected to break record highs. philadelphia could also tie its all-time record. >> noaa says this year every
8:03 am
month has ranked in the top five for month for the representative month, including the hottest june ever. july was the hottest month in all of recorded history. in pennsylvania over the weekend strong storms knocked down two buildings in lawrenceville, and nine people were hurt at a swim club outside philadelphia when a tree was hit by lightning and fell on a tent. >> this morning our road to 2020 series takes us back to iowa where more than two-thirds of the democrats running for president are courting the native american vote this week. ed o'keefe is in sioux city, iowa, where they are cueing up for a forum. ed, what's that going to be like? >> reporter: it's focused ex clues lively on native american issues. they will quiz the candidates on issues of concern to native communities. eight of the 23 presidential candidates will be here. the one to match is
8:04 am
massachusetts senator elizabeth warren. she faced back larn last year for releasing a dna test. polls show she is now in second place here in iowa and voters in native american activists we have spoken to say that dna flap is much ado about nothing even though the president occasionally makes light of it. they say a slight increase in the turnout of 5.2 million native americans across the country could help tip the scales in states like arizona, michigan, and north carolina. and while much of the focus from democratic presidential candidates these days is here in iowa and new hampshire, states with pro dominantly white voters, on friday several were at a forum in atlanta with black church leaders and four of them spent the weekend in south carolina, the early primary state, with the largest block of african-american voters. gayle. >> thank you very much. there is a new push to make sure that every eligible ballot is counted in 2020. it's led by stacey abrams, the
8:05 am
2018 democratic candidate. the election was marred by widespread reports of irregularities. her new organization fair fight 2020 is working to ensure that all voters have access to the polls. the organization is brinng awareness and advocating for electioneformt all levels. it's engaging in targeted voter registration and other voter outreach programs. we are glad to say that stacey abrams joins us at the table this morning. good to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> voter suppression seems very personal to you. when you look at what voters are interested and concerned about, it's not on their list of top three, top five, top ten. what is it that you want people to know? how can we make people important? why this is so >> voter suppression is the baseline that determines whether your voice is heard, whether the values and policies that you want come to fruition.
8:06 am
the laws of the 1960s that forbade voting for of african-americans. what we're talking about is whether you can register and stay on the rolls, whether you can cast your ballot and whether your ballot is counted. we have to think about that because over the last 20 years we have seen numerous laws propagated that have eroded your ability to do those things especially if you are in a community of color or a skmunt seen as less valuable to the republican party. >> you say it's no longer hoses? >> it isn't. >> it's no longer hoses in the streets? it's much more insidious. these laws look racially and facially neutral. you realize that, for example, in north dakota they passed a law saying you have to have a residential address on your driver's license. most native americans don't have those because they live on reservations. therefore, they disenfranchised
8:07 am
thousands of native americans. we have to think about what the law does. >> what do you say to people who say voter i.d. laws or exact match policies are protecting the election process? >> voter fraud is a myth. it does not exist. people aren't putting on fake mustaches trying to vote twice. voter suppression is real. voter i.d. laws seem perfectly normal. if yiv in abama when they passed that law, they shut down two-thirds ever the dmvs in black communities so the people who needed the i.d.s would not be able to get them. if you live in indiana where they move your polling place in hamilton county outside of the bounds of the city, if you didn't have a car, you couldn't get to vote. you have to recognize these laws seem very basic, but the application and the implication is that your vote doesn't matter. that's why fair fight is designed to go beyond registration. we focus on voter protection. get you on the rolls, making
8:08 am
sure you stay on the rolls, and making sure your ballot is cast and kourchted. >> you have said that elections are rigged, which is a word that president trump has used. in using a word like rigged, it's a frightening word. does it contribute to a possible scenario where people on either side of an election outcome don't accept the results? >> there is a lot made of the fact that i didn't concede my election. trump refuses to acknowledge the legal sufficiency or threatens not to. my point is that the laws are wrong. we have to fix the laws because as long as we have eligible american citizens who cannot cast a ballot, the game is rigged. in a democracy, you should be allowed make injury voiyour voi. if there are rules that should not exist, that's a problem for america. >> you mentioned not conceding the achair of the rnc.
8:09 am
if stacey abrams cared about integrity of election she would concede the georgia governor's race she lost by 55,000 votes. instead she is on national tv today still thinking she's won. why haven't you conceded? >> because that means to say that the process was fair. but when i run an organization that in ten days between election night and the night i refused to concede we received more than 50,000 phone calls of people who were denied the right to vote. i am complicit if i say that system is fair. i did not deny the legal sufficiency of the election. i am not claiming to be the governor of governor. what i said is that we won the battle of making sure more voices were heard because we had the highest record turnout in georgia for democrats. >> and your opponent was -- >> was in charge of the process. the other thing to remember, look, because there are more people in the water that doesn't mean there are fewer sharks. yocan have higher turnout. that doesn't diminish the fact that voter suppression is real. >> you are not running for
8:10 am
president. >> i am not. >> you would consider a vice presidental candidacy? >> i would honored to be considered. >> has anyone reached out to? you. >> no. i talked to them been fighting voter suppression and georgia is a battleground state. georgia has the highest percentage of african-american voters in the battleground state and we can help take the presidency. >> would you -- >> and would you run with any of them? >> i would be honored to be considered for the vice presidency by the nominee. i want everyone to look at voter suppression. during the primary while our candidates are running for president i am going to be running to make sure we are putting voter protection teams in the 20 battleground states. >> thank you for being us. should third parties are able to fix your broken devices like smartphones? cnet's
8:11 am
8:12 am
there is much more news ahead. the way a drug smuggler tried to hide his marijuana. it didn't work. iowa voters grab food on a stick at the state fair and talk about the election in our series three meals. you're watching "cbs this morning." we thank you for that. be right back. without paying for things they don't. new plans start at just $35. the network more people rely on gives you more.
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♪ if you want to fix your broken smartphone without voiding its warranty, you could have a problem if you take it to an unauthorized repair shop. but several states are considering right to repair bills. and the federal trade commission is looking for public comment. apple acknowledged it added a notification that if an iphone battery was put in by a third party, apple says it is to protect our customers from damaged, poor quality issues. dan joins us. good morning. that's a confusing way to set this up. it's a technical issue. if you have a piece of electronics and it breaks, should people be able to take it anywhere for a low-cost fix. >> take it anywhere, and the low-cost part, and the quality
8:18 am
part. i know plenty of people who would not go to an apple store. they would go to a screen repair place or a friend who does that kind of thing. but they're not getting the apple screen part. same thing with batteries. batteries are tougher because you cannot get the official apple battery. >> if your apple machinery breaks down and you take it to a repair shop, the repair shop will not get the parts to repair it? >> in some cases. but the battery. you're getting a warning that says, we can't confirm this is a real battery. it is hiding the battery health info. >> and apple is making it hard to repair this. they want you to buy another iphone. >> one of the official repair people, who charge apple-level prices. >> what would this do for consumers? >> more than just saying, you can repair things without voiding your warranty.
8:19 am
that's generally true. it would require the company to provide the parts they need and the software and instruction and annu manuals that they hold as almost a trade secret. >> is there a safety or a security risk if you go with a third party provider? >> for batteries -- batteries get people's ears perked up. and they go, okay, maybe that is a safety issue. if you have official batteries from apple to put in your local repair shop. and i interviewed people here in new york and they're just trying to stay in business, that would be a safe thing to do. >> from apple's point of view, it's our product, we want to fix it and keep it. that sounds like a good business decision. >> it's not just apple. the prices of repairs and parts are just high enough that you consider buying a new one, that is baked into the business model. >> to make them nonreparable.
8:20 am
>> harder to repair, and they can charge a higher price. >> you get that line from the dealer. it's just as cheap to buy a new one. >> the batteries are sealed inside. is that you might be able to repair your product, but you might not get top quality parts. if you're able to take it to a repair shop and get the official parts and people have training, i feel like you're in a better state than you are now where i have seen a lot of shady iphone repairs on the side and you end up with a janky looking screen. >> both elizabeth warren and bernie sanders say there should be a federal right to repair law. thank you for being here. good luck getting your phone fixes next time. >> federal trade commission is accepting public comments through september 16th if you would like to weigh in. we link to the site at >> as the kids go back to school, we'll bring you tips.
8:21 am
as they go back to school, we'll bring you tips on how to turn your home into the best possible environment for studying. don't we all want one of those? yeah, we do. you're watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back. morning." we'll bei right back. um. you don't know my name, do you? (laughs nervously) of course i know your name. i just get you mixed up with the other guy. what's his name? what's your name? switch to geico®. you could save 15% or more on car insurance. could you just tell me? i want this to be over. ♪ ♪ ( ♪ )
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8:24 am
iowa will be the first state to vote in the presidential election. ed o'keefe took our series three meals to a place where eating and politics tebd to mish. they say feed people, they'll start talking. alcohol doesn't hurt either, i hear. >> three drinks would be very different. >> so i have heard. hello, ed. >> more than a million people showed up for the iowa state fair this year, and most of the presidential candidates did, too. ahead on "cbs this morning," we talk to them about what to expect on the road to 2020. they also had plenty of recommendations on what to eat. >> what was your favorite, ed? >> there's a pork tenderloin
8:25 am
sandwich we could spend hours talking about. >> i'm into this idea of three drinks. that will really get people talking. >> ed, we will be waiting for you. your local news is coming right up. 'll be this is a kpix5 news morning update. good morning. it's 8:25 and i'm michelle griego. in downtown fremont, a pedestrian was struck and killed by a car just after midnight on paseo padre parkway near walnut and capital and lanes were closed but all are now back open. pleasant hill leaders vote on a controversy will plan that would allow medical marijuana businesses, two only and would ban all older retailers. the public will have a chance to weigh-in on a navigation
8:26 am
center proposed for evans avenue and the public meeting starts at 6:00 p.m. at the southeast community facility on oakdale avenue. news updates including our website, that's yes for less. ross has the brands you want for back to school. and it feels even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less.
8:27 am
and realize you can get youeverything you need...oss oh, yeah. yep. yes! feel like a boss? that's yes for less. 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less. 8:27 and let's keep an eye on your main travel times. so far, not in the green and most spots and looking at them, mostly in the red or the yellow. you are looking better on the altamont pass with an accident westbound as you come out of the tracy triangle that might cause a slowdown.
8:28 am
then, back to the freeway, your times in the red, 39 minutes and still in the yellow on highway 4 and 101. 70 minutes out of the south bay and approaching the 880 flyover and into the maze, the eastshore freeway is slow. not going fast across the san mateo bridge westbound and eastbound is getting busier with the same story, backed up an rafael bridge. a pleasant day across the bay area with daytime highs at or below average because of that strong ocean breeze kicking in. a live look from the san jose camera has cloudy skies and going through the afternoon, clearing and the cloud cover is pulling back with 85 for the high-end concord, 74 in oakland and 68 for san francisco. upper 70s in redwood city, fremont and mountain view with a seven-day forecast and we will warm up with high pressure
8:29 am
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welcome back to "cbs this morning." it's time, i actually like this, this is my favorite part of the show. call it talk of the table. why do we call it talk of the table? because we each get to pick a story and share it with each other and all of you. >> i love it as well. anthony goes first. >> i think i do. there's new speculation that russia is trying to restrict evidence of an explosion at a missile test site this month. we reported it back just -- actually, it took a few days for it to come out because this is part of the problem. tuesday after that explosion, two russian monitoring stations that monitor this kind of thing went oddly silent. the russians have blamed
8:31 am
communication and network issues, but officials think the coincidence was a little too odd and think the russians were trying to conceal information. this was -- >> russia trying to conceal information? >> shocking, isn't it? >> what are you talking about? >> but apparently, this was a test of an advanced nuke liar powered cruise missile that went wrong. some call it a doomsday weapon. radiation in the area spiked, but it took days for the story to get out. >> saying not an evacuation in the town. a mere displacement. >> tony, what's your story? >> the u.s. customs and border protection in san diego made a bust recently of a shipment of jalapenos that turned out to not only be jalapenos. >> they weren't? >> no, no, i have a feeling the jalapeno choice was meant to through off the canines who detected 7,500 pounds of marijuana in the palettes they were on. this is the second bust in a week in that location. 10,600 pounds of marijuana in a
8:32 am
plastic auto parts shipment at the same port. what's interesting to me is california is a legal marijuana state. for a long time, people who were advocates of marijuana were fighting the police and saying get out of our faces. now they're cheering the police along, because you want these busts to happen. >> right. >> if you want the legal market to thrive. >> don't want the market flooded. if i was going to hide my marijuana, i think i would hide it in jalapenos and not plastic auto parts. >> many articles in the archives on this issue. >> they thought they were so clever, they'll never catch us, and there you go. now you're on tv. >> all been done before. >> the time of year when your kids are getting ready to leave home for college. time to say good-bye. a lot of times for the first time. so we have one emotional good-bye. saw this over the weekend between a mom and son, posted on instagram. here's a look. >> don't mess it up. >> come on. >> so he gets very emotional. he and mom have a very special
8:33 am
hand shake. his name is daniel hutchinson. her name is beth wagmeister. you can tell she's trying to give him a boost, cheer him up. this is what i like. i love this hand shake. i love this. >> oh, wow. >> at one point on the tape, you can hear her say man up. now some people are taking beth on, saying it's okay to get emotional. it's okay to cry. and i didn't take it like that. that she was really chastising him. >> i didn't either. >> so leave beth alone. i love the interaction between the two because it's a very difficult time. i think, for both the mother and son. when your kids go away for the first time, it's an emotional thing. >> a major turning point. >> i like that they have a special handshake, and clearly, they have a very tight relationship. so congrats. daniel, by the way, is going to ithaca college. daniel, we're cheering you on. >> congrats to him. >> way to go. >> in our series three meals, we travel to different states to break bread with voters and hear what's on their minds. this month, we went to the iowa state fair.
8:34 am
a lot of people there, which wraps up over the weekend. it attracted more than a million people to the state's capital of des moines, including more than a few presidential candidates. ed o'keefe has been going to the fair for more than a decade. you just heard him raving about the pork chops, pork chop sandwich. he joins us from sioux city, iowa. i always wanted one of those. what did you learn at the fair this time? >> oh, gayle, we learned so much, including you shouldn't have more than one pork chop a day. we'll get to that later. voters in this rural state have the first crack at deciding who might take on president trump next year, so we talked to fair goers about a wide range of issues from health care to the environment to gun control. and found out that even some supporters of the president are open to a change. a day at the fair begins early. thousands who camp out over night go in search of breakfast. we visited hardenbrooks. where we met democrats dennis
8:35 am
and janet hampton, who have been coming to the fair sincethyigate married half a century ago. >> i have a lot of friends who are republicans. they're saying the same thing, we have to worth together now. >> whoever democrats nominate, it's got to be someone willing to work with republicans? both hamptons are concerned about climate change and turned off by the president's approach to immigration. >> we're all immigrations. bar none. >> your state has a reputation of being nice. you see all this fighting that goes on in washington. >> i don't like it. sit down and talk about it. communication. don't say republican, democrat. >> keep your mouth shut. >> yeah. >> most eating at the fair happens on the go. >> this is going to be good. >> with more than 80 food items available on a stick. but the fair is also a display of iowa's farming. and one of the most popular sites is the famous butter cow, attracting tens of thousands of people each day. about 85% of iowa tfs land is used for agriculture. it exports about $10 billion in output each year, but that's
8:36 am
been on the decline because of the fight over trade and tariffs. >> can i get a jumbo brisket. >> for lunch, we visited the rib shack, where we caught up with a farmer and her friend, jane ackerman. >> one thing i have heard said every time the president sends out one of those tweets about china or trade, a farmer is potentially losing thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> yeah. tens of thousands of dollars can be lost if you're looking out for the country, if you're looking out for the family farmer, we don't need to have controversy like that. >> it affects us. small businesses, big time. they don't have a good year, they're not going to be buying a $10,000 mower in the spring. >> ackerman and her family sell golf carts and lawn mowers in eastern iowa. while business is good, they're feeling the impact of the president's policies. >> right now, we're having huge problems getting parts to fix mowers. we can't fix it because we can't
8:37 am
get the parts. and that's hard. very hard. >> gent, a democrat, likes former vice president joe biden and massachusetts senator elizabeth warren, but she's keeping an open mind. >> before the election, i want to see everybody that i am interested in. >> i am a registered republican. >> okay. >> and i'm just ready for change. >> you voted for him four years ago? >> yes, i did. >> and he hasn't delivered necessarily. >> i don't feel like he has. >> amid the throngs of people who come to this fair every year, about two dozen people who want to be president. were you here for any of the presidential candidates? you see any of them? >> i saw some, but i don't stop and listen to them. >> are you participating in the caucus in february? >> yeah. >> have you picked a candidate yet? >> no. >> any of the blue ones. >> from one food stand, we followed max and his girlfriend brett, young democrats who support medicare for all. >> you both have health care? >> yeah. >> through work? >> yeah. >> you're willing to part ways with that.
8:38 am
>> absolutely. through my job, i still have a $to,000 deductible. i would rather pay some in taxes up front and know that i can go to the doctor whenever i feel like i need to. >> she recently moved to des moines from dayton, ohio, and was shook by the recent mass shooting there. >> that was 15 minutes away from my house. there's even a level of i will lie awake today and be like, ork, we're going to the fair later. >> something could happen here? >> yeah, it's really terrifying. i'm fairly firmly pro gun control. at the end of the day, i think we have to try something, though, because doing nothing has just made it worse and worse and worse. >> fun at the fair continues well after dark with rides, live music, and beer. we grabbed a drink at this craft beer tent where we met a voter president trump will have to keep if he wants to keep iowa in november. >> i want somebody who is going to tell it like it is, and you may not like what he tells, but he tells it the way he sees it. >> one voter the president may need to win back, soybean farmer
8:39 am
amy stout, who says she supports the administration's tariffs strategy. >> he's rocking boats right now, trump is. and i don't know if it's a bad thing. so i'm going to sit back and wait. >> you're open to voting for a democrat even though you're a president trump supporter? >> absolutely. i want to see someone who changes what happens in our farm commute, our small business community, our health insurance. >> boy, do i love coming to iowa. and not only important to come here because it's an early primary state, but because it's also a swing state in the general election. barack obama won here in 2008 and 2012 before president trump defeated hillary clinton here in 2016. so it's an enticing target. for whoever the democrat is in a close election, those could tip the scales. >> your trusted anchor team wants to take a field trip to iowa. >> i saw very few people of color. i think i saw a black guy in the background. you and i need to go to the fair
8:40 am
together. >> gayle, i will tell you this. we couldn't walk 50 yards through that fair without people saying they watch us every morning. if the four of us showed up, we would get mobbed. >> 80 food items on the stick did you try, ed? >> only about three of them, anthony. >> many elections still to cover. >> bacon. >> i'm game. >> still recovering here. >> thank you, ed o'keefe. >> we appreciate it. we'll be there soon, i hope. >> millions of kids are going back to school after the year's summer vacations. "new york times" best selling author james clear is in the toyota green room with the one thing parents can do to help their children focus on their studies.
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
one and carry the fun. are you guys getting this? >> uh-huh. oh, and mommy, don't forget there's more on the back. and show your work. >> show your work. >> millions of children head back to school, some parents like tracee ellis ross's character in black-ish might need help getting their kids to focus on their studies. researchers have found the typical student is distracted for 5 out of every 15 minutes they set aside to study, and i think they're underestimated. james clear is author of "the new york times" best seller atomic habits, a proven way to make good habits and break bad
8:45 am
ones. he's here to help parents get their kids back into a routine for the school year. i'm take agkid back to college next week who is going to be clinging to summer, i know, with the tips of his fingernails. how do you get a kid to shift their focus? >> good question. well, first, i think we should say there's going to be a wide difference in study habits for say a second grader versus say a junior in college. >> are you sure? >> so different strategies work in different stages i guess is my point. one thing i think does apply across all stages is an idea in the book that i talk about called habit stacking. you take whatever habits you currently do, so let's say for example, at the end of dinner, you -- one habit we have is we clean our plate and then put it in the dishwasher. you could stack the study habit on top. after you put your plate in the dishwasher, you immediately open your book on the table. especially as you get into school again, you're really trying to build that routine. whether it's after dinner or as soon as you walk in from school or whatever, building a habit
8:46 am
stack that's reliable and consistent is a good way to get started. >> does environment matter? >> of course. if you walk in, if you walk home and you open up the door and you kid sees a video game controller on the floor and the tv is on, that's an environment where it's easy to be distracted. versus walking in and like the table is clean, there's a space to put their books, the tv is behind the cabinet or a wall unit, the video game controller is tucked away. that's an environment that much more prime for studying. i think that's one role parents can play, to try to prime the environment to make it easy to get into studying. >> in a small apartment, it can be difficult. we mentioned for every 15 minutes a kid is studying, for 5 minutes, he's probably distracted. how do you change that ratio? >> that's a good question. a lot of times we get distracted because of phones. as students get older, they start to get their own phones and they're creeping in and distracting. some of that is personal, like
8:47 am
digital habit hygiene, turning off notifications or putting it on silent. there's a device called a kitchen safe. you can lock it, so you can program it to lock for like an hour. you could when you start the study session, put your phone in the tupperware, lock it, and set it aside. >> you were showing me your phone. i have never seen a hope screen like this. >> i don't know if you can see it, but the home screen of my phone doesn't have apps on the main screen. i just have the bar down here. if i want to get to the apps, they're there. i can swipe over and they're inside folders and what not. >> just one step. >> when i wanted to build a reading habit, i put audible for audio books and pocket in the bottom. the first thing i saw were apps that prompted me to read. you can think about this for both a digital environment and physical. you're trying to reduce the number of steps between you and the productive behaviors and increase the number of steps between you and the -- >> should you ever incentivize kids, even pay them to do their homework? >> you know, external rewards
8:48 am
sometimes get criticized. you don't want to pay them and they only get good grades because they're getting paid to to it. but the truth is we use external rewards all the time. like you get paid every two weeks for your job, and that's an external reward that helps to get you to show up. the key is you want to reward the process and not the outcome. there's two very different things between saying hey, you're rewarded for studying vocab every night or doing flash cards versus you're rewarded for getting a good grade on a test. >> when the question was phrased should they get paid for doing your homework, i didn't like it, but paid for getting an "a" that's not so bad. >> you're trying to build an identity of being a lifelong learner, someone who is curious, who takes responsibility for their studying and learning. if you can say we really care about this in this household, being a lifelong learner is the most important thing, and in fact, we care about it so much that we're going to reward for it, the signal you should get when you get paid to study or paid to get a good grade is not
8:49 am
that you should only study when you get paid. it's that we're re-enforcing being a lifelong learner. >> all these habits can work for parents, too. >> all these can work for parents, too. >> you're going to tell us how to focus and succeed. >> i hope i was able to help. >> i want to know how to succeed. one sentence. >> you do not rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems. success isn't about the goal, but the system that you follow. >> say hello to your lovely wife. >> thank you. before we go, the career move that led a young man to it's time for the biggest sale of the year on the
8:50 am
sleep number 360 smart bed. you can adjust your comfort on both sides your sleep number setting. can it help us fall asleep faster? yes, by gently warming your feet. but can it help keep us asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. so you can really promise better sleep. not promise... prove. and now, all beds are on sale! save 50% on the 360 sleep number limited edition smart bed. plus 0% interest for 24 months on all beds. only for a limited time.
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before we go, a look at how much a utah man was willing to give up to serve his country.
8:53 am
23-year-old renaldo arroyo cut his hair for the first time in 15
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this is a kpix5 news morning update. good morning. it's 8:55 and i'm michelle griego pit today, the jury in the ghost ship trial will enter the third full week of deliberations. jurors decide of derick almena and max harris are guilty of involuntary manslaughter and when we hear of it we will bring it to you live. today is back to school for
8:56 am
thousands in san francisco as they go back to class with leaders having a message for drivers to slow down. it's a big issue in the wake of recent fatal crashes on city streets. after more than 40 years, alameda high school will have students inside once again. they went through a $60 million transformation to become a earthquake safe and modern. news updates throughout the day on your favorite platforms including our website,
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commute is creeping up, 75 plus minutes with the metering lights on and backed up well to the maze and the 880 flyover and slowing down in the eastshore freeway. the san mateo bridge is a slow crawl toward the peninsula and getting bigger eastbound with the san rafael bridge clearing up a little bit, slow on the approach to the toll plaza but then much better shape. slow on the nimitz northbound. you can feel the ocean breeze kicking in with a cool start and patchy drizzle with a live look at the treasure island camera with low clouds out there over downtown san francisco and going through the day, we will have clearing, eventually in the clouds are pushing to the coast and temps at or just below average for this time of year. 85 in concord, 70 in oakland and 68 for san francisco. temps warming up through the week as high pressure builds in
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and strengthens with temps on the rise. mid-90s beginning wednesday and upper 90s for thursday and hot through the rest of the work week inland and into the weekend with plenty of sunshine but nothing like the heat wave we just saw.
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