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tv   CBS Evening News With Norah O Donnell  CBS  August 19, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight a new trump administration rule could send millions of women scrambling to find healthcare. we talked to both sides of the debate, including the head of planned parenthood. also tonight, the chokehold death of eric garner helped spark the black lives matter movement. why after five years the police commissioner decided the officer at the center of it had to be fired. police nationwide on high alert as we learn today of another arrest in a wave of mass shooting threats. he blames vaping for a devastating lung injury. now he started a social media campaign to urge other teens to stop. meet maddy freking, breaking the grass ceiling in baseball. and hot, humid weather in much of the country. when we can expect some relief.
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>> this is the "cbs evening news" with norah o'donnell. >> o'donnell: good evening. this is our western edition. a lot of news to cover tonight, but we're going to begin with this, women who count on planned parenthood and other organizations for health services may have to look elsewhere. planned parenthood announced today it will give up the federal funding it gets for those services under a program called title x, rather than comply with a new rule from the trump administration. planned parenthood says the more than 1.5 million women they serve could be affected. the rule pushed by religious conservatives prohibits clinics from referring women for abortions. chief legal correspondent jan crawford leads off our reporting tonight. >> reporter: calling the new trump administration rule unethical and dangerous, planned parenthood said it had no choice but to withdraw from the federal program and turn down some $60 million a year because it is unwilling to counsel patients if
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it could not refer them for abortions. the title x program distributes some $260 million in grants every year to clinics, subsidizing birth control and family planning services for some four million women nationwide. by law the federal money could never be used to perform abortions, but under the new rule, clinics that get money under the program no longer can refer patients for abortions. the rule is almost identical to one issued by the reagan administration and upheld in 1991 by the supreme court. >> this attempt by the trump administration to enforce the gag rule is another coordinated attack on reproductive healthcare. >> reporter: planned parenthood acting president and c.e.o. alexis mcgill johnson. >> the impact will mean that people may choose to forego care. they may choose to delay their care until this is resolved. and that's what's unacceptable. >> reporter: it's unclear how many women would be affected. planned parenthood said it has
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served about 40% of the title x patients and that some who would be eligible for free or discounted services under the program may have to seek care elsewhere. jeanne mancini, president of the march for life, said planned parenthood was making a political choice. >> this is less about women's health and advocating for women in need and it's more about advocating for more abortion. >> o'donnell: jan crawford joins us tonight. so, jan, what is planned parenthood and other clinics' next move? >> reporter: well, planned parenthood will continue to fight this in court. and in the meantime, they say they're going to continue to try to provide services to these low-income women without this funding. they said some states will pick up this shortfall. they can tap into some of their emergency funds, contingency funds, and also through fund- raising, but norah, they stress that is not a long-term solution. >> o'donnell: all right, jan crawford, thank you. tonight five years after the death of eric garner the new york city police officer who put a prohibited chokehold on him is
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out of a job. the police commissioner fired him today saying that while garner resisted arrest, it did not justify the officer's actions. here's errol barnett. >> reporter: this was the moment in july 2014 when veteran officer daniel pantaleo, seen in the green t-shirt, administered a chokehold on eric garner that commissioner james o'neil said cost pantaleo his job. >> officer pantaleo's use of a prohibited chokehold was reckless and constituted a gross deviation from the standard of conduct established for a new york city police officer. >> reporter: pantaleo was attempting to arrest garner for selling illegal cigarettes outside a staten island store. during the altercation, garner screamed, "i can't breathe" 11 times. >> i can't breathe. i can't breathe. >> reporter: he then suffered an asthma attack and died. i can't breathe. >> reporter: garner's last words became a national rallying cry against police brutality,
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spurring the nationwide black lives matter movement. despite the widespread attention, a local grand jury and the justice department chose not to bring criminal charges. today's decision followed an internal department review of the case in which judge rosemarie maldonado found pantaleo was untruthful during his interview and his description of how he handled garner was "implausible and self-serving." >> there's a lot of anger in me, because he goes home tonight. he goes home tomorrow night. he'll get another job. i won't get my son back. so there's no justice for eric. >> reporter: now, this is not over yet. pantaleo's lawyer tells cbs news that he will take the city to court to get this decision overturned. norah, we understand this is an effort to retain some of the ousted officer's retirement funds. >> o'donnell: errol barnett, thank you. california governor gavin newsom signed a law today aimed at reducing deadly police shootings.
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it allows officers to use deadly force only when necessary to save a life or prevent serious injuries. criminal charges could be filed when officers use deadly force when other options are available. the law was prompted by the deadly shooting of stephon clark in 2018 when officers mistook his cell phone for a gun. law enforcement agencies across the country are on high alert tonight for domestic terror threats. a suspect was arrested in chicago over the weekend for allegedly threatening an attack on an abortion clinic. now, this follows arrests in unrelated cases in connecticut, florida, and ohio. meg oliver has more on what these suspects were allegedly planning. >> reporter: with a smirk, 20- year-old james reardon listened via video conference as his attorney entered his plea. >> not guilty for both counts. >> reporter: police arrested the self-described white nationalist friday after uncovering a threatening social media post showing him shooting a semi-
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automatic rifle and targeting jews. reardon was interviewed for a documentary during the deadly protests in charlottesville, virginia, in 2017. >> i want a homeland for white people. i think every race should have a homeland for their own race. >> reporter: in addition to reardon, authorities have arrested six other men, each accused in separate cases of threatening to attempt a mass shooting over the last two weeks. 25-year-old tristan wix was arrested in florida last friday. authorities there say he sent chilling text messages to his ex-girlfriend saying, "a good 100 kills would be nice. i already have a location." the arrest since the el paso walmart shooting indicate local and federal authorities are on the lookout for any domestic charges. >> it's very complicated to monitor these threats. >> reporter: george selim tracks extremism for the anti- defamation league. they have seen a spike in the number of online threats. is this a time for theublic to step up?
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tiw enfot, all hands on deck, auoritie everyone needs to be more vigilant about the nature and scope of violent content and threats they're seeing in online forums. >> o'donnell: meg oliver joins us tonight. so, what types of charges are they facing? >> reporter: they have been charged with a variety of crimes, norah, ranging from aggressive menacing to making a threat to commit a mass shooting. but the f.b.i. tells us they are using whatever laws they can to get these people off the street. >> o'donnell: scary to hear about the number of these arrests. meg, thank you. >> norah: at the ghost ship trial in oakland, three jurors were dismissed today, three alternate jurors were brought in and deliberations started over. jurors are considering manslaughter charges against two men that organized a party at a cluttered warehouse in december of 2016. 36 people were killed, trapped in the building that was known as the ghost ship. more than 73 million americans are under heat alerts tonight and in some places the record heat is fueling dangerous storms.
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for more on this we turn now to lonnie quinn, chief weathercaster of our new york flagship station wcbs. >> reporter: norah, it's summertime. you expect it to be hot, but what's so abnormal is the size of the area. temperatures anywhere from colorado to massachusetts setting records. boston set a record at 95 today. for your day tomorrow, i wouldn't focus on the northeast because a front is going to come through that will cool you off a little, by 2 or 3 degrees, but look at the southern and central plains tomorrow, 100 in dallas, feeling like 106. 95 in memphis. feeling like 107. this tomorrow will be combined with humidity. so it's that hazy, hot, and humid uncomfortable air mass. out west, the numbers for you folks out west are bigger. 110 tomorrow in palm springs. 113 in yuma, arizona, but it's a drier heat. you get to the following day on wednesday, this is record- setting stuff for you. the numbers are gigantic, right? 116 on the thermometer for palm springs. 116 in yuma, arizona, 114 in phoenix, arizona.
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that's a lot of heat covering a good portion of the tomoow what we're looking for, primarily illinois, chicago down to st. louis, very strong storms could come through. i wouldn't rule out the possibility of rotation. so a tornado is always a threat, as well. an active weather period with a lot of heat for a lot of folks. again, it is summertime, but it's just hotter than we typically expect in the summer, norah. >> o'donnell: good thing pools are still open. >> pools are open. >> o'donnell: lonnie quinn, thank you. we just heard that jeffrey epstein signed a will two days before he apparently hanged himself in a federal jail in new york city. the will filed in the u.s. virgin islands shows epstein was worth more than $577 million. epstein put all of his holdings in a trust. no word on beneficiaries. epstein was awaiting trial on federal sex trafficking charges volving underageir one of epstein's forme statt theasfrence ais tsgnancie
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ingham pale. >> reporter: it was this video, allegedly showing prince andrew waving good-bye to a young woman at epstein's manhattan mansion in 2010, that prompted the palace to issue the extraordinary statement. "his royal highness deplores the exploitation of any human being and the suggestion he would condone, participate in, or encourage any such behavior is abhorrent." yet he's been accused of exactly such behavior, despite repeated denials. a court photo from 2001 shows the duke of york with his arm around virginia giuffre, just 17 at the time. se claims epstein paid her to have sex with prince andrew on three occasions. >> before you know it, i'm being lent out to politicians and to academics and to people that... break its silence. >> the palace had to be confident no further evidence
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will come forward further implicating the duke of york and his connection with jeffrey epstein. >> reporter: while the palace says the prince is appalled by these allegations, they don't explain what he was doing at epstein's house two years after he was convicted of those sex crimes. norah? >> o'donnell: charlie d'agata, thank you. an iranian oil tanker is back at sea following a six-week dispute over sanctions violations. british marines stopped the tanker in gibraltar last month suspecting it was shipping oil to syria. the u.s. on friday issued a warrant for the ship to be impounded, but it was allowed to ilter iran promised the oil wouldn't be delivered to syria. iran warned that the u.s. should not block the ship. democratic presidential hopeful elizabeth warren tried again today to put to rest an issue president trump has used to attack her.x ty, iowa. political correspondent ed o'keefe is there tonight. >> i know that i have made mistakes. i am sorry for harm i have
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caused. >> reporter: in front of a crowd of native american activists today, massachusetts senator elizabeth warren apologized publicly for the first time for seeking a d.n.a. test to back up her claims of native american heritage. >> i have listened and i have learned a lot, and i am grateful for the many conversations that we have had together. >> reporter: before serving in the senate, warren had described herself as a minority in professional directories. that brought intense scrutiny. and prior to announcing her presidential run, warren took the d.n.a. test, proving she was a fraction native american. the move backfired. >> elizabeth "pocahontas" warren. >> reporter: president trump hasn't let her live it down. >> pocahontas. >> reporter: but voters we spoke to said it wasn't an issue. >> i believe an apology is unnecessary. i was always told if you have a drop of native blood, that makes you native. >> reporter: that sentiment is reflected in the polls where warren has surged into second place in iowa behind joe biden
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and enjoys top-tier status among democratic voters nationwide. but some iowans believe warren still might not be able to overcome the issue. >> i think it's going to be a little tough for her and she's not ready for what trump has. >> reporter: ed o'keefe joins us from iowa tonight. how big of an issue is this on the campaign trail? >> reporter: well, norah, despite the president's attacks, campaign aides say warren has taken 560 questions since launching her campaign in january and she's only ever been asked about her native american heritage twice. >> o'donnell: all right. ed o'keefe, thank you. next on the "cbs evening news," a teenager who blames vaping for a lung injury launches a crusade to get other teens to quit. later, drug-sniffing dogs separate the pot from the peppers. and a basketball superstar donates big bucks to promote the game of golf. doctor prescribed brilinta. my
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>> o'donnell: nearly 100 severe lung illnesses linked to vaping are under investigation tonight in 14 states. the c.d.c. is looking into dozens of cases where e-cigarette users inhaled some kind of vapors. anna werner spoke with a florida teenager who blames vaping for a different type of lung injury. >> reporter: chance ammirata never thought he would wind up in the emergency room with a collapsed lung. >> i just freaked out. and they said, "your lung has collapsed. you have to go to surgery right now." >> reporter: the 18-year-old posted instagram videos showing his chest before and after the surgery to repair what turned out to be a hole in his lung. his surgeon told cbs news ammirata's lungs were inflamed, which could have been caused by something he had been inhaling. but you have never been a smoker, a traditional smoker. >> never. >> reporter: what have you been using? >> juul. >> reporter: juul. >> yeah, cigarettes are just obsolete. >> reporter: ammirata believes his year and a half juul habit may have caused his lung injury. doctors told cbs news believe
6:48 pm
it's possible vaping may have contributed to it. but now experts are investigating other kinds of severe lun it's not clear which product or substance the individuals used. you first started hearing about these cases how long ago? >> oh, all within the last month. >> reporter: dr. emily chapman is chief medical officer at children's minnesota hospital. so essentially you're seeing a pattern? >> a pattern that's different from what we've seen before, yes. the chest x-ray shows the whole thing looks abnormal equally through the entire lung. >> reporter: a normal lung looks like this. now look at a cross section of a patient in hawaii whose doctor says he has the same type of acute lung injury. dr. chapman says it can be critical. you're basically saying that over a week's time, their lungs are failing. >> they go from healthy adolescents to really in a life-
6:49 pm
threatening situation. >> reporter: juul declined to comment on ammirata's case but says it's monitoring the ongoing investigation into the other lung injury cases. the american vaping association is taking the position that it's not nicotine but illegal drugs or t.h.c., an ingredient in marijuana, that likely caused those injuries, but norah, nobody really knows for sure. >> o'donnell: is the lung damage permanent? >> reporter: they don't know. they say there could be permanent lung damage. they're not sure yet. >> o'donnell: scary. anna werner, thank you so much. coming up, from tampa to key west, why florida's palm trees are slowly dying. i have heart disease, watch what i eat, take statins, but still struggle to lower my ldl bad cholesterol. which means a heart attack or stroke. could strike without warning,g y freryt that iren) because with high bad cholesterol, my risk of a heart attack or stroke is real. ♪ repatha® plus a statin seriously lowers bad cholesterol by 63%. and significantly drops my risk of having a heart attack
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>> o'donnell: customs agents seized an extra spicy delivery of jalapeno peppers at a port near san diego. 7,500 pounds of marijuana said to be worth more than $2 million didn't fool the k-9 unit, sniffing it out in the pepper shipment. it was the second multimillion dollar shipment of pot intercepted there within the last few days. someone called it a red-hot arrest.
6:53 pm
scientists are sounding an alarm tonight. florida's iconic palm trees are dying. researchers say a tiny insect is to blame for turning the leaves dry and eventually killing the tree. it started in the tampa area in 2006 and has now spread across the state. steph curry, the basketball superstar with a passion for golf, announced today he will sponsor a new golf program at howard university. the golden state warrior legend will fund teams for men and women over the next six years. and they are expected to tee off for the historically black university next year. coming up next, she's in a league of her own. the minnesota pitcher with a blazing fastball. yesss, i'm doing it all. the water. the exercise. the fiber. month after month, and i still have belly pain and recurring constipation. so i asked my doctor what else i could do,
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6:58 pm
to end the inning. >> maddy freking is off the mound. >> o'donnell: when she's not on the mound, maddy plays second base, just as her hero, jackie robinson did. maddy's fans include pittsburgh pirates manager clint hurdle, who saw maddy play yesterday. could girls like her see their major league dreams come true? >> i just hope that there's a day that i live long enough that i could see it happen. >> o'donnell: maddy is only the 19th girl to play in the little league world series. >> what a play by maddy freking! >> o'donnell: and she's got advice to other girls watching her. >> for any little girls that are watching, i'd tell them to keep playing their game and always do their best. >> o'donnell: and that's what we call a pitch-perfect story. that is the "cbs evening news" for tonight. anm norah o'donnell in new york. thanks for joining us, and we'lh oh thaphenomenal!, that's unfair. that's so unfair. c'mon jay-bo. let's go.
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let's go. woahh! try my $4.99 bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box. ♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. white three jurors were
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booted from the ghost ship warehouse trial. the judge now ordering silence. >> we were issued a gag order. we can't talk. the man charged with the embarcadero assault. +2 more additional investigations. >> we have cameras everywhere and we get footage but it seems to happen again. >> we are live at shops it by robbers. one area high school is banning cell phones. see if it's safe or if it will work. , plus the south bay paving project is so big, it had


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