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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  August 19, 2019 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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white three jurors were booted from the ghost ship warehouse trial. the judge now ordering silence. >> we were issued a gag order. we can't talk. the man charged with the embarcadero assault. +2 more additional investigations. >> we have cameras everywhere and we get footage but it seems to happen again. >> we are live at shops it by robbers. one area high school is banning cell phones. see if it's safe or if it will work. , plus the south bay paving project is so big, it had residents hugging construction workers.
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>> back thank you. kpix5 news starts now. with the bomb story dismissal of juries in the ghost ship fire. juliette goodrich is at the courthouse with what comes next. >> reporter: we knew something was up today with all the closed-door sessions. no one saw this coming. three jurors excused, three alternates are now part of the deliberations. colleen dolan, said when she was called by the victims family advocate to come to court, foreign announcement, she literally dropped everything. and rushed to the courthouse. >> it's stressful. >> reporter: three female jurors excused from deliberations, jurors 1, 3 and 4, placed replaced by alternates. the judge making the announcement late today after hours of closed court sessions
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with attorneys from both sides. >> jed issues a gag order and we can't talk. >> reporter: after 10 days of durations, three alternate drawers, a woman in two men will join deliberations. the judge ordering them all to disregard earlier deliberations and start from the beginning with the added jurors. >> i mean i would like to get it over with. we think because they are thinking very long and hard on making the decision, that's good. >> reporter: tomorrow, first thing deliberations start all over again. that's because these three alternate jurors have not been part of these 10 days of deliberations already. they will have to start from square one. max harris and derek almena facing involuntary manslaughter. juliette goodrich kpix5 news. in santa rosa people are told to shelter in place
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because of hazardous smoke from a fire. black smoke is pouring from a salvage yard. multiple cars catching fire. officials are urging everyone within a one mile radius to stay inside. that is the area south of todd road north of golf course road. east of stony point railroad and west of snyder and petaluma hill road. the man accused of attacking a woman outside of her condo turned himself into authorities today. after other potential victims saw his mugshot. kpix5's wilson marker tells us, he is accused of more tax. >> reporter: the man accused of last week's attack near the embarcadero, back in the san francisco county jail tot arges two new investigations. >> in light of the fact mr. benson is being booked at this time. that's a lengthy process. we will ruled this matter until
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tomorrow. >> reporter: is pushed to tomorrow after austin vincent was hit with nine new charges stemming from an incident in february in which a woman was threatened with a knife. is victims called police last week. upon seeing vincent's mugshot and now police are investigating at least two more incidents. >> in both of those incidents, the individuals and the victims have come forward to us. based on mr. benson's picture put out on the media. they indicated to us, they were victims of crimes and they believe mr. vincent was the perpetrator. >> it's quite scary as a woman in san francisco. we are vulnerable. >> reporter: this is become the centerpiece of san francisco's discussion around mental health and how the city handles cases like this. since it will be in court tomorrow for a second arraignment. let's go back to the first arraignment for a moment. that is the hearing in which the judge decided to release him. that has caused quite a bit of discussion. what was going on in the hearing?
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we have obtained the transcript of vincent's first arraignment. you can hear exactly what the judge was saying. at the two attorneys were saying when the man appeared in ricin warner. kpix5. union square has been hit by robbers. these made off with pricey bags from the mcm on gary brevard. we find out how this tourist mecca had become an attraction for thieves. back to you andria borba. >> reporter: it comes down to a pricey hellion goods of high value on the black market making it an easy score for would be criminals. the sign of a pd cruisers parked outside high-end stores in union square, has become commonplace. >> the has been a surge the last two weeks of attempted break-ins. >> reporter: it was just before and noon at mcm on gary.
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when robbers rub handbags that retail for $850 and up. and then jumped into a waiting sedan. nearby dita and saint laurent have been targeted recently too forcing retailers like this one, who didn't want to show his face, to change the way they do business. >> we have a whole new policy for we have to remove everything. when we put it out, at the start of the day. it's kind of hectic but what will you do? we are in such a weird spot of san francisco near civic center. >> reporter: a cycle of robberies that seems to be firing up again. in november 2014, the chanel store was back into with the truck and six handbags worth $40,000 hit the black marker. a month later, arthur beren was hit by the rainbow girls. young crooks who storm stores and brightly colored clothes and what they wanted. >> to hit the best of the best. figure right in and they are in
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quick. >> reporter: crooks the back door grace jewelry and cleaned t e cases. the business improvement district and retailers believe it's a small ring behind all of the high-end heists. >> all the stars come together regularly to share information. so we know who these individuals are at some of them. we are just waiting for some prosecution. >> reporter: the union square business improvement district says, they are considering hiring a private investigator to help them crack some of these robbery and burglary cases here in union square. we reached out to police about the case, they say they are in the pulmonary stages of today's investigation. live union square, andria borba kpix5. the state of california just a the governor signed a new law limiting when police can opened fire on suspects. only when necessary. and the defense of human life. the old standard, call for
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police to enact use of force when an officer believed it was, quote, reasonable to do so. >> training matters yes. and ability yes certainly. transparency in the. but the culture changing hearts and minds and changing our approach to dealing with one another. i am incredibly cognizant of that responsibility. >> the new law aims to encourage law enforcement to use de- escalation tactics first. it goes into effect on january 1. student stepped into a elementary school in mountain view. there's one thing missing. a reliable source of power. the constant clatter of the generator was the soundtrack to antonio vargas's elementary school grand opening today. that was because the trench dug
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to hook up the new building runs through private property. owned by the california station homeowners association. as for the easement to get electricity to the kids and teachers. they are refusing to budge. >> it's unfortunate. i wish the power was up on their first day of school. >> by code we have to make sure we have constant power. the generator doesn't suffice as a constant power stream. >> the second floor is now dark with the stairs blocked off. kids are making do in extra classrooms. the school pay $35,000 a month for a generator to keep the lights on. the problem that can be a huge distracr students, ll phon but now kpix5 stevan feeley, shows us one bay area high school that has come up with a solution to keep them out of sight. if you've ever tried to pry cell phone out of the kids hand long enough to get them to pay
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attention to the world around them, understand that the school is trying to do. some parents and students still have questions about whether or not the potential positives truly outweigh the potential problems. >> it's tempting to go on your phone and check use texting. at first it kind was like i don't want this. >> touch the magnet to the base. it opens. >> reporter: every day begins and ends with the merituung n t which stores student cell phones. effectively keeping the devices out of their hands and hopefully off their minds during the school day. >> the first two months it would be pretty weird. probably uncomfortable. i feel like i'm used to having my phone. >> reporter: it's a case of addition by subtraction. the students minus their phones are more attentive and focused in class. and more engaged socially outside of it. >> i think it makes students more present. i think teachers would tell you they can get more done within an hour and half.
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>> reporter: the school says, each teacher has the ability to unlock patches, in the event there was a intruder on campus. this began with a much smaller pilot program. the school system says, things went well enough to expand it to a schoolwide policy. in san mateo, devin feeley kpix5. pg&e scrambling to trim trees near power lines. >> some neighbors say it will actually increase the wildfire risk >> it's a one-size-fits-all solution. which is good for most of the state. but it doesn't work here. historic repaving project is underway in san jose. not just a couple miles. we are talking about 300 miles before the end year. women who need planned parenthood may have to looks elsewhere. it is 500 miles to our north and west but the storm spinning in the pacific is the reason why it's so chilly your
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house right now. relatively speaking, 25 degrees cooler for some of you. coming up, how long the chilly weather last on the kpix news at 7 pm. from the couldn't be prouders to the wait did we just win-ners. everyone uses their phone differently. that's why xfinity mobile let's you design
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your own data. now you can share it between lines. mix with unlimited, and switch it up at anytime so you only pay for what you need. it's a different kind of wireless network designed to save you money. save up to $400 a year on your wireless bill. plus get $250 back when you pre-order a new samsung note. click, call or visit a store today. construction workers paving the way for a smooth road ahead in san jose. >> we look at the massive repaving project, the rumble -- the oil -- the
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steam, can only mean one thing. for san jose taxpayers, it's christmas in august. >> you are like santa clause out here. >> yes we are. san jose is like santa clause. spending the taxpayers money in the residential areas. a lot of people really appreciate it. >> reporter: the crew from mck services, are working at a rapid pace, paving 1100 feet averred every are. of course, there's always time for a little love from the people. >> thank you. >> you are welcome. a happy customer. >> we are. >> happy taxpayers. >> yeah. >> reporter: after years of budget shortfalls, san jose will repay 280 miles of roads this year alone. the plants to repave all 1400 miles of city streets in nine years. >> we are on the road to repaving. i'm sorry. that was painful i know.
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>> reporter: the mayor, held a press conference to think voters who overwhelmingly passed measures to fund the heat historic repaving project. manual has lived here 12 years and this is the first time the roots have been paid since. >> i'm very happy because the streets will be brand-new again and it will be awesome the tax money is going somewhere. >> reporter: in san jose, kpix5. one north bay resident is fighting pge zepher to trim trees in his neck of the woods. >> he removi tree may hurt the cause to prevent wildfires. pge is trimming tree branches. included our giant redwood trees and unincorporated sonoma county. one resident, and can maker, says pge is not taking into account the unique science of redwoods. >> because you don't have the shade anymore, the sun dries up all of the fuel up and makes it
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more combustible. it's a one-size-fits-all solution. which is good for most of the state. but it doesn't work in the redwood forest. >> the resident, secured a grant to remove lower-level vegetation and allow the redwoods to get back to a healthier state. pge says it's addressing ranches near power lines and meeting state standards for clearance. we got a little break and a change, a big change from last week and. >> a 25 degree change for the inland counties that went from the 100s to the mid to upper 70s. only 79 in concord today. you had 106 last week. san jose in fremont 78, half moon bay san francisco only in the 60s. santa rosa the warm spot at 81 degrees. even with sunshine on the chilly breeze from the ocean was prevalent today. tonight 58 for low, therefore 57. one note about fire season, we
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are coming up on the pico fire season. is only 4% as active as last a. don't let that fool you. we have our busiest months to come. september and october. august has been warm. obviously skewed by the hot weather. livermore 2 degrees above average. santa rosa, nearly 4 degrees above average. i checked to see if that was a record for sonoma county. so far the answer is yes. this is the warmest first half of august ever in the city of santa rosa. the average temperature 72.7 degrees. the average high is still 73 degrees. this is calling us down. today and tomorrow. the storm which will move into the pacific northwest. giving a strong fetch from the ocean. when it leaves, we go back to the warm stuff. not as hot as last week. we will see lots of 90s and low 80s near the bay. tomorrow morning nothing the clouds. if you look outside. it's cloudy everywhere as the push from the ocean is strong. by the afternoon, even the
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coast make it sunshine and less of a push as the storm exits. les cloud cover on wednesday. let's look at future cast, the storm is in the gulf of alaska south of anchorage. forget about that. comes not the ridge of high pressure over arizona and southern california. they bake with excessive heat warning's. second half of the week will be warmer with list wind. cloudy and drizzly at the coast. cloudy everywhere. a mild tuesday. and then warming weather by the middle of the week. tomorrow below average. even san francisco 1 degrees below average. afternoon sunshine. morgan hill, 70. denville hits 81 tomorrow. fair foiled 84. berkeley cloudy and received 67 for high. san rafael, 77. 87 for st. helena. wednesday the ocean breeze goes away and we warm up about 7 degrees.
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that brings us back to the mid- 70s. inland upper 80s low 90s. we will level off and be above average every day from wednesday through next monday. with 80s and 90s inland. 70s near the bay and 60s along the coastline. that is your kpix5 forecast. wildfires that hit the north bay the past two years destroyed homes and property. and were deathly. >> with the raging winds warping flames, any people simply couldn't get out in time. others who were elderly or disabled became trapped in their homes. because the power went out and they couldn't get the garage doors open. something that simple, used the car to escape. >> i was never going to out run a fire. >> the state has stepped in, in an effort to save lives and help people escape the coming danger of wildfires. but the solution, comes with a cost and a new law. it's catching some homeowners off guard. watch our original report, fire ready garages. the between t on the new
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the trump administration and planned parenthood over the battle for abortion. what two muslim congresswomen are saying about being banned from going to israel. a busy day for the chp when three separate sideshows breakout in contra costa county. a pair of large elephant sculptures stolen. tonight the artist is pleading for the public's help to get them back.
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veronica de la cruz, here's
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what you missed if you are just getting him. planned parenthood is refusing millions of dollars in federal funding because the comes with strings attached. the organization pulled out of the tunnelton program, rather than comply with the trump administration rule, prohibiting clinics for referring patients for abortions. the change could hurt them and the nearly 4 million patients who receive care. >> everything from cutting back hours, cutting back sites, laying off staff. women will not only have to pay more for the visit, the discounts they've gotten for the prescribed drugs, could disappear. referrs emergenc th d rsion siions not prohibited. the first two muslim women elected to congress bookout about why they were blocked from a plan visit to israel. the prime minister defended his move, thing is really law prevents the entry of anyone who could harm the country.
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>> the decision to ban me and my colleagues, is nothing less than attempt by an ally of the united states to suppress our ability to or do our jobs. prosecutor say the death penalty is off the table for the suspect in a fatal stabbing at oaklands macarthur bart station. the 28-year-old is accused of stabbing near wilson. prosecutors are pushing for life without parole. there's some new sideshow video out of contra costa county. chp says it's from three separate events, all in the same day. one in martinez, rodeo i 80. ou police from getting through. this case is gone to the district attorney in connection to be sideshows. coming up next, have you ever seen anything like this?
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what caused this mattress mayhem?
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some powerful wind picked up and that created for their calling, mattress mayhem in colorado. >> have you ever seen anything like this before? people were invited to bring air mattresses to a park for an outdoor movie night in denver. when those winds picked up,
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people ended up chasing after them in the middle of the movie. one person called this, the great mattress migration, 2019. >> it's kind of like an art project. it looks like it was designed that way. >> air mattresses are not real mattresses. that would be one heck of a wind gust. >> i wonder what the movie was? >> twister expo >> gone with the wind. we live with at&t and we are well past the honeymoon phase.
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steve harvey! [cheering and applause] [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: [indistinct] i appreciate y'all. thank y'all. ha ha! no, i really do. thank y'all. i appreciate it. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. [cheering and applause] got a good one today, folks. returning for their third day with a total $20,000, from chicago, illinois, it's the champs. it's the gant family.plau and from franklin, wisconsin, it's the pearson family. [cheering and applause]


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