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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530PM  CBS  August 20, 2019 5:30pm-5:59pm PDT

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community groups are pushing back on plans to build 1000s of waterfront homes. >> those development plans for the old saw ponds are back from the dead after the trump administration gave them a boost. >> reporter: now, there is so much opposition to this that one county supervisor said that it is not just an uphill battle, it is a cliff. >> reporter: the opposition to building homes on the saw ponds is as vast as widespread as the ponds themselves. >> the salt ponds are the poster child for exactly where we should not build. h,e to lt epa ruling cla majo hule develop the y orinal colln geth to let. sig
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state and county officials saying in part, cargill have colluded with the trump administration to weaken the clean water act for san francisco bay. they are proposing to build on the bay salt ponds, where co- they stopped this in 2012. >> it is ridiculous to try get. >> reporter: they say that trump administration has helped renew life into a project that looked like it was dead in the water seven years ago. >> the developers are basically aligning themselves with the trump administration's an the bay area. >> reporter: san mateo supervisor says that this is unlikely to happen. >> developers are persistent. they work hard to gain the entitlements that they want.
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so, it is important for elected officials and organizations to state now, strongly that this is not a site for development. >> reporter: cargill released a statement saying that nothing has been proposed and that the attempt is to engage in a broad community conversation about potential future uses of the property to meet the needs of this community. they have been hiking the nearby hills ford more than a decade. date say the traffic alone from a nearby development makes it a crazy idea. >> it is crazy, look at this beautiful view. it looks beautiful right now. >> reporter: in redwood city, kpix 5. here's a look at the top stories at 5:30 pm. a chocolate shop owner had to be saved by his own teenage son after he was strangled by an outside man. the boy held up a baseball bat
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and frightened the suspect off the who is now in the police custody. three jurors from the ghost ship warehouse trout could be facing charges of content. the judge made the announcement after the two allegedly violated her rules. kpix 5 learned that two of them were doing research on the case outside of deliberations. all three were excused for misconduct. thousands of uc berkeley students are settling into their dorms, after there was a brutal attack near campus today. the university is on high alert. they have advice for incoming students, put your phones down and stay alert. looking live at the for cisco international airport. you could say goodbye to buying plastic water bottles. they are now banned in the airports shops, restaurants and vending machines. instead, they will be sold in astiter bottles larger
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than one liter can be sold. the band is not affect plastic bottles of flavored beverages. this is all part of their effort to become the world's first zero waste airport by 2021. firefighters in san francisco said that an electrical problem sparked a house fire last night. this happen in the portfolio area. you can see crews checking out the roof and removing some debris from that home. making big plans. re the tech giant was to restore, just off of one-to-one at the nasa research park. they made the proposal. the cleanup includes removing toxic materials from the site. once done, google wants to use a hanger for research and office space. this would cost an estimated
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millions of dollars. a sacramento hair salon owner is so fed up with dealing with the homeless at her door, she is moving her business. in an online proposal that went viral, she is calling out the governor for the problems. she says that every day she has to clean up after them. she fears for her safety. she fears leaving work at night. she blames the states laws for preventing police from cracking down. >> i have to fight off people that push their way into my shop. >> i have compassion, i love these people, i'm just not able to work at my business anymore. >> her video has been viewed by more than 2 million people. come october 1, her clients will have to travel to the
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suburbs to get a haircut. last week's heatwave had the bay area searching for shade. in sonoma county, rattlesnakes could not get enough of the sun. kpix 5 looks into this. >> reporter: summertime in sonoma are really nice. it turns out that rattlesnakes like it too. the recent hot weather has rattlesnakes popping up all over sonoma county. they are looking for food, and warmth. she says that some were even coming to her house. >> we have found snakes as close as underneath that bench. >> reporter: she is to have four cats. now she has three. >> we went around the corner of the house and there is the cat. there was tallgrass out there. i didn't know at the time, but he got bitten by a rattlesnake. >> reporter: she doesn't believe in killing the snakes, so she is delivering another rattlesnake to a rescue. >> this is the typical size for
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this county. okay? >> reporter: he says that his phone is ringing all day long. little rattlers, big rattlers, all are dangerous. he says please do not kill them. >> this is just an example of what i can get in a day. >> reporter: you got all of these this week? >> just yesterday. >> reporter: there are snakes all over sonoma county? >> they are. are this is the beginning of rattlesnake meeting season too. which also brings them up. >> it is scary. i still get palpitations when i see them. >> reporter: the rattlers are driven to a remote, private property high in the sonoma hills and released. in sonoma county, kpix 5. a hard landing, a red tail hawk flew right through an apartment window. you can see the smashed window. you can see the flapping of
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wings, trying to get back out. this happened just a few days ago and half and ca were able to get the hock out and released it back into the wild. incredibly, the animal was not hurt. the sacramento zoo is adding some new programs andti everyone. >> we are there with the more inclusive experience. >> reporter: the sacramento zoo is one of only two venues in the sacramento area that is now going to have a sensory inclusive menu. these are the signs that you can look out for when you come to the zoo. it is a headphone zone. this means that it is probably going to be a noisy experience, for those who are sensitive to loud noises or those who have anxiety. this is what you need to look for. i want to come over and i want to talk to the director of education at the sacramento
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this is the sensory back. these are free to the public. please tell me what is in the bag. >> in the back are some headphones. and two cards. these are explaining their feelings or needs that they could just points, if they are having some anxiety. and these are fidget toys for people to play with. this is not just for kids, but this is for adults also. what is the need for this at the zoo? >> great question. so we decided that this would allow more people to be able to come and visit the zoo. we were finding that some families were not coming because one person in the family had a sensory sensitivity. so by allowing them to check out this bag, they can come and enjoy the zoo together as a family. >> reporter: that really is a wonderful program. you can go to to their website and download that app. you can utilize those headphones
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and there is a quiet room near the flamingos if you want to check that out. coming up next. a vacation in paradise, may land a couple in jail after turning their trunk into a sandbox. step curry is shelling out some big bucks. he hopes that his gift will inspire others. he is facing new charges tonight. you will hear from a woman that says that he was also responsible for going after her. ♪
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♪ a couple trying to take a slice of paradise from their italian vacation faces prison time after they returned their trunk into a sandbox. are a french couple is in hot water after a visit. they earned the title sand sees after attempting to stash 90 pounds of sand into the car. at 2017 law makes it illegal to remove stand sand, shells or stones from the italian island. this government official explains the legislation, saying that the environment is the most important asset that
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we can leave to the next generation. with close to 3 million visitors each year, stealing the white sand remains a long- standing problem. customs officials say that they have already seized 400 pounds the summer. the french couple said that they did not know that taking sand was a crime. there facing up to six years in jail. a $3000 fine as well. after a mile and a half of while one man sand is another fleeing the police she hit a power pole. the 39-year-old drove through souvenir, authorities say that they will not let sand smuggling an open field and after crashing her car, she got out and began to do several yoga tourists slip through their poses. fingers. she was then taken to a hospital and later booked into a mendocino county jail. wildfires have hit the >> so strange. but this is not the only place north bay. they have destroyed homes and to crack down on sand stealing. properties and they were in 2013, hawaii passed a similar law to protect its . deadly. >> that's right. many people simply could not check out this next story. get out in time. a bizarre police chief chase in those that were elderly or disabled became trapped in their own homes because the
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power went out and they could not get the garage door open to use their cars to escape. >> i was never going to out run the fire. >> the state has now stepped in and the effort to save lives and help people escape wildfires. but that solution comes with a cost. new lot is catching some homeowners off god. watch our report at 7:00, fire ready garages. they are creating middle schools. ♪
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♪ an east bay school district is making history for making rooms for sixth-graders. the school district is moving away from the ni high model and instead creating middle schools. this is the first school to be transformed. construction crews are putting on the finishing touches until students walk through the door and next week. this is all made possible by the measure e. this give the school district $658 million to modernize. >> it is one thing in the when you're doing the infrastructure.
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is another when you see the big, beautiful buildings and happy kids going to school. >> the school district is on track to convert four more schools into middle schools. in our special back-to- school coverage, as students head back to class they face a new normal. school shooting drills. how local police department are preparing students for the worst. that is tomorrow on kbs five starting at 4:30 am. steph curry is teaming up with howard unversity to bring back the schools golf program. >> he said the idea started when he visited the historically black university earlier this year. this is when he spoke with a student who turned down an offer to play go unversity. the conversation and left a lasting impression. seven and half months later, steph curry returned to the university to officially announce that the golf program was coming back after nearly 50
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years. >> i hope it encourages people to be authentic about what they want to do and how they can create opportunities to get back. opportunities can come up, but passion is what you can get behind on. >> wow. steph curry has committed to funding the first six years of the program. while he has not discussing dollar amounts, it is expected cost somewhere in the seven figures. >> wow, what a class act. he is just awesome. steph curry. etwesome the weatherman is pretty awesome out there today. 70s and 80s for the most part. san francisco coming you are the exception to the rule. temperatures in the 60s there. napa, 81. santa rosa, 76.
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the typical cool spots, did just that today. half moon bay, you are only 66. san francisco, 65. get ready for a beautiful sunset tonight. as a series cloud cover is purely moving overhead. mountain view, 58. check the numbers yesterday for santa rosa, which is on track for its warmest august ever. san francisco is not that far behind. the weather data goes back to 1849. the 49ers, the goldrush. this is the fifth warmest ever, over 170 august. we will continue to be warmer than average starting tomorrow. we have been chilly the last couple of days. there is the storm that gave us the stronger onshore flow. it is leaving. but in the process of leaving this is the need some cloud cover over northern california. this is why the sunset will be
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gorgeous. the sunrise will likely be the southeast will begin to migrate back into our direction. this will give us warmer weather starting tomorrow. we added cloud cover everywhere. it may make it out to castro valley, but not widespread. more sunshine, less of an onshore breeze. it will be warmer outside tomorrow. thursday, we have that high cloud cover continuing in the north bay. we are trending warmer. as we get to the weekend and next week, watching a weaker area of high pressure build to our north. if this was really big and really storm, everybody would be getting hot. this will be enough to keep us warm or above average. clouds near the water tonight. it will be warm starting out tomorrow.
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we will be warmer than average. concord, your back to the 90s. sunnyvale, you're going to warm up to 85. fremont, low 80s. dublin tomorrow, 85. concord, 91. antioch, 92. we're looking at 70s for sausalito and san francisco. novato, 89 degrees. oakland, 77. napa, 91. the extended forecast is a little bit warmer. we level off and then we plateau. 80s to mid 90s inland. low 70s near the bay. mid 60s near the coast. this is comfortably warm for each of the next seven days. that is your forecast. new at 6:00, the former building owner wrapped up in an immigration issue. why the suspect is expected back in court. the victim shares her story on
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what is the next big one? halloween? still a couple of months again. >> where did the time go? now a new auction could lead to really show off your halloween costumes. checvi are up for grabs in linden. it has everything from samuel l. jackson slight saber. the handgun that was used in james bond. the collection is expected to fetch a total of $7 million. >> wow. >> crazy. of the night at the theater be any more endearing. these pages are training to become service talks.
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seice s. thactually test foit tak o year icincludes to the zoo. also thsubways. and to crowded fairs and markets. >> amazing animals. that is kpix 5 news at 5:00. >> abx five news at 6:00 begins right now. >> he was out there waiting for my mom and i to come out. not 6:00, a woman sharing her story accusing the suspect of the violent condo attack of also coming after her. why she decided to speak out. plus, a little bit of a bombshell. why two jurors could also face charges of the run. san ramon, named the safest place to raise a child. i will tell you how that
5:59 pm
happened, coming up. good evening i am veronica de la cruz. >> i am ken bastida. we start with a woman sharing a terrifying encounter. why she believes the suspect in the violent san francisco attack is responsible. kpix 5 is in san francisco, he spoke with the victim fe. >> repo we will get what happened in the courtroom and just a moment but remember the big headline yesterday that austin vincent had a new set of allegations against him. some of them even created a new set of charges. but police did say that yesterday that there were a number of other cases they were looking into because people have seen the mugshots and contacted the police to say that this was someone that we had an incident with. i spoke with one of those folks who has contacted police this morning. hears her story. >> pine and battery street.
6:00 pm
i accidentally made eye contact with him. he locked eyes on me. it felt very mission oriented after that. >> reporter: it was tuesday morning in to like, just before 10 am. she said that she and her mother words followed for several blocks of by a man that


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