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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  August 20, 2019 6:00pm-6:29pm PDT

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spoke with the victim fe. >> repo we will get what happened in the courtroom and just a moment but remember the big headline yesterday that austin vincent had a new set of allegations against him. some of them even created a new set of charges. but police did say that yesterday that there were a number of other cases they were looking into because people have seen the mugshots and contacted the police to say that this was someone that we had an incident with. i spoke with one of those folks who has contacted police this morning. hears her story. >> pine and battery street. i accidentally made eye contact with him. he locked eyes on me. it felt very mission oriented after that. >> reporter: it was tuesday morning in to like, just before 10 am. she said that she and her
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mother words followed for several blocks of by a man that was increasingly close to them. >> we tried it, to start running. he started running after us. i decided that this guy is obviously, you know, that the there is something wrong with him. he has obviously targeted us for something. he is chasing after us down the street. so i ran into a building on battery. i ran to the security desk. the man who was following us, followed us into the building. followed us right up to the security desk. the security guard had to physically and verbally escort him out of the building. >> reporter: last week amid news of the attack on the condo she got a text message from her mother of the man. both of them believe that he is the same man who chased him down the street. >> so we do at that point that i had to come forward.
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she samug and has rertemenst t since doubled back. she has officially filed a report with the police now. she says that she is in contact with those investigators as they look at what happened there. we are told that they are examining security video of that incident. now, that mr. vincent himself, he had another big day in court today. he was actually on the docket twice. once for the embarcadero attack. cameras were not allowed in the courtroom today. so what happened? the public defender in this case who successfully argued for his release to a treatment program at the first arraignment try that again today. are green before the judge that he had been doing everything that was d hisince he was firstinvoinall of
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this. arguing that he shld released into that ordered him to remain in custody, without bail. so austin vincent is still in jail tonight. he will be held in jail through at least early september which will be his next court date. and so those legal proceedings go on. as you heard earlier, there are a number of investigations ongoing by police to try to figure out who of these folks who have come forward might have a legitimate case against mr. vincent. so we are live in san francisco, kpix 5. >> thank you for that update. now to a developing story. we have a better idea now why a judge abruptly dismissed preachers in the go ship warehouse trout. two of the three could be facing contempt charges. in a hearing today the judge sent dead two jurors allegedly violated her rules. she had prohibited jurors from
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reading outside material on the case. there were also told ttoot jury room. kpix 5, on what these jurors did to get themselves in trouble. >> reporter: before they go into deliberations there given specific instructions by a judge. not to do any outside investigation. it turns out that two of the jurors possibly went online, received text messages, did some outside research, outside deliberations. is there a caught wind of that, learned that they had done that. all three of those jurors were then taken into the judges chambers. they were questioned individually about what they had done, what they had learned, what they had read. and it was decided by the judge that all three of them needed to be excused. >> three alternate jurors have faced those field those three spots. and the deliberations have to start from the very beginning. let's go down to the 2020
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presidential run. a national poll shows a big drop from kamala harris. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the harris campaign contacted me trying to project calm and confidence and discounting the drop in the polls. this appears to be fading with a new cnn paul showing her having a support of 5%. a 12% drop since june. >> i would imagine they are stand today. i would be too. >> reporter: the journalism professor says that she was fiery in her first debate and flat-footed in the second. >> in the first debate she was masterful, i thought in getting the attention on her. in the second debate, people went after her. >> reporter: a here is supporter says that it's too early to panic. >> i think she would be
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uncomfortable for running from the front. she is used to being discounted. in the end she always demonstrates the ability that she is very strong. >> reporter: harris slipped down to the top tier of candidates, political experts say there is still time for her to gain her footing. >> because it is the first president that i will be voting for, i definitely want to do more research. i want to see who makes it down to the last event. >> reporter: a political analyst say electability remains the foremost issue for democratic voters. >> she did not do anything to submit herself as a viable candidate. the public is still measuring all of the democratic field based upon their ability to challenge president trump. >> reporter: and not always and not perfectly, but pulling has often been a rough estimate of the success of the campaign. a lot is going to be riding on senator harris's performance.
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kpix 5. more of the dozen of the presidential hopefuls will be heading to the bay area this week. but the front runner joe biden is not going to make it. the former vice president will not be attending the party's summer meeting in san francisco. he is focusing on new hampshire instead. joe biden will have the nation's first primary state to himself. political strategist say that this is part of his campaign's plan as joe biden continues to lead national and early state primary polls. happening right now in san francisco. this could be the final vote to name a new subway station. let's take a look at some live pictures right now at the board meeting. this is just getting underway. they are scheduled to vote on a new name for the subway station. protesters have been out at city hall saying that the name is not worthy. she died in 2016. this group
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says that her name has a negative connotation. they want the station to be at >> the issue has divided the chinese-american community. it is creating more harm than good. >> many in chinatown are afraid of speaking up due to the fear of retribution. >> she was a strong advocate for the central subway project which is nearly finished. also in san francisco, probably not the smartest spot for a burglary. and thief broke into a spy shot filled with security cameras. police say the suspect managed to bust out the front window of the international spy shot. they took some items and took off. the shop says that it it has
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hidden cameras, stun guns, voice changers. no word yet on possible suspects. right now we are monitoring a brush fire burning of sharp road east of santa rosa. no word yet on what sparked that fire. new at 6:00. a prominent oakland businessman has been indicted and charged with running an elaborate immigration scam. his name is thomas henderson. he was arrested today in oakland. anderson along with two business associates are accused of misusing a federal piece of property to defraud 200 chinese investors. it raised money under the premise of creating thousands of jobs. instead, they allegedly funneled that money to their own projects. he used the funds to purchase the tribune tower before losing it in 2015.
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they were allowed to qualify for visas if they invested money into a job creating project. of you're looking for is a place to raise your family? how about san ramon? >> the city was just ranked safest in all of california. we are in san ramon with how that city made that list. >> reporter: there are a number of reasons why some people places are safer than others. san ramon, the entire city is focused on kids. the safety ranking put san ramon at the top of the state and seventh in the country. based on low overall crime raids and high graduation raids. many people move here specifically to join an award- winning school district that now has the second largest pta membership in california. >> will work together to support our children. the school is part of the community and we are very proud
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is impd a resmalci63s.all oftha maintained. there says that this is not an accident. >> we first think about, where my going to raise my children? >> reporter: at the top of this list is a commitment to safety that goes beyond crime statistics. was again, this is the citizens taking responsibility for their community. this is why the police department, the residents of san ramon have been awarded the badge number one. >> i say this, there is no other community that puts as many time effort and resources. >> reporter: back at the park, parents say that commitment to kid tends to have a snowball effect. >> as more people move and they see the atmosphere, it rubs off on other people. it kind of builds on its own. >> maybe that is the difference.
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having just a nice community people that are looking out for kids. so you're not so >> reporter: san ramon is regally recognized in lifestyle rankings. last year they were listed as a big area in the bay area to raise a family. in san ramon, kpix 5. coming up. where this came from and what is being done to stop the spread. experts say that california is overdue for a powerful earthquake. how this can help scientists figure out when a big one might hit. if you're planning on going outside this evening, make sure that you bring your camera with you. it is going to be fantastic. cloud cover moving in overhead. i will explain why this is here. temperatures will continue to climb tomorrow. your forecast is next. ♪
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a nasty new past threatening to invade multimillion dollar crops. agricultural professionals are scrambling to stop the peach fruit fly from spreading. this fruit fly was just discovered. >> reporter: just as this delicious and valuable fruit was ripening on the trees. >> this is a peach tree. it ter: shsa up l ju peach rfect. ha >> we haven't had the best fruit year that we have had in a long time. >> reporter: but now there facing a pest, a peach fruit
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ry. the contra costa the county ag department captured a single fruit fly in late july. no more until a search last week. >> we picked up three more, which is shocking. all that close to the agriculture core. >> reporter: they feed on fruit and then they turn into a maggot infested mush. >> they hitchhiked into california on somebody's fruit. >> that hit us hard, we would probably lose in the neighborhood of around $500,000. arthe infestation would cut into the markets of growers and cut down on what is available to consumers. >> if you have a pest come into the area, it will go after a crop and then another and another. >> reporter: they are not planning on sprain, but if the infestation grows, the court he would be placed on the regions
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fruit to keep it from spreading around the state. in brentwood, kpix 5. so far the straps are being placed roughly four and half miles around every location where the flies have already been found. looking live now at sfo, if you're looking to pick up a plastic water bottle before a flight you are out of luck. the last bottles have been banned from the airport. water will be sold in recyclable aluminum, glass. there is one big loophole. sfo confirming plans that plastic water bars larger than a leader can be sold, but nothing smaller. a new study reveals that a big one could come after kehit researchers found that days or weeks before a 4.0 or greater magnitude earthquake, smaller ones trimble beneath e earth before.
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the shows that only 5% of earthquakes are followed by a smaller one though. it is difficult to determine when and where the big one will strike. experts say that the state is in the middle of and earthquake strike. drought. switching gears now, it is a gorgeous day out there. >> around here temperatures have been pleasant for the past couple of days. much cooler than last week. the pollen count though has been climbing. your pollen report shows that it will climb even more over the next couple of days, especially thursday, friday and saturday. if allergies have relaxed for you the past couple of weeks there is a chance that they may come roaring back. temperatures right now, it is so pleasant outside.
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the evening breeze is relaxing. concord, 78. 76 in the tri-valley. a big baseball series. i will give you the weather for the game. the yankees are in the town. first pitch 7 pm. 67 degrees. concord tonight, 50. redwood city, 58. san rafael, 70 57. let's go to the 680 corridor. it is warming up tomorrow. friday, saturday and sunday are also having temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. above-average, but not hot like last week. we are getting some low clounoh moving over marin county and sonoma county. the tail end of the ofys.
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st week. but now the tail end of the storm has made an exit. this will bring us a beautiful sunset tonight and a beautiful sunrise tomorrow. fewer clouds in the morning. earlier sunshine and high-class continue for the northbay. thursday, even fewer clouds. ¢ will be on increases so will temperatures. we stay warmer than average through the weekend. 80s tomorrow, vallejo, san francisco. san francisco, you warm up to 72. santa rosa, 84. fremont, 82. the extended forecast, we stay where we will get tomorrow. afternoon sunshine across the board. that your forecast two football stars in the news for completely different reasons.
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garoppolo has his helmet and antonio brown has his. kpix 5 weather is sponsored by mancini sleep world.
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good news, bad news for the radars today. antonio brown was back in practice. his feet are doing much better. the bad news, we are still talking about the helmet. antonio brown worked out on his own during the portion of the practice when cameras were not allowed inside. he was spotted leaving with the helmet until. at least for today all is well with antonio brown and the raiders. >> he is ready to go, that is my understanding. it is not a big distraction to me at all. i'm confident that he's going to be able to play for us. the 49ers beat the broncos last night.
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you may have missed the final score because all of the t afteam was gappolck preseason debut. he added that garoppolo's game was over even before it started. he threw six passes, one picked off, another one should have been intercepted. there was only one completed pass. the only positive for garoppolo was that he was playing in a game for the first time since last september. >> this is something that i have not done any year, obviously. thankfully, we have a short week this week. it is the first step of getting back into it. the agent veteran pitcher, he has been out since april with a back injury. this opened upfora okie >> he has been conditioned for
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this. the training wheels are off. i look forward to seeing him out there. >> you cannot miss the guy. he will be a reliever for now. >> my first game back in stockton, that was one of the greatest days in my life. a long year. >> yeah. who is the guy on the right. >> axl rose. >> axl rose? that is greg allman of the allman brothers. that is the az new pitcher on the left. >> are you big fan of axl rose? >> no, i just thought that is
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who it was, i am sorry. >> you find out something new every day. we will see you. >> in our o'donnell is here with a preview. good evening. will have more on that plastic water bottle ban. also tonight we have an exclusive interview with a man that killed a caribbean worker. he is claiming safety. the island is melting. an update on the police officers basketball challenge. we will let you meet the boy who beat the cop.
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♪ new le >>that's righthe first trip
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around the sun. inside a strapped manikin. as of today the roadster, they have been in space for more than 550 days. check that out, pretty cool. thank you so much for watching a 6:00. the cbs evening news is next. >> we'll be back your for the new kpix 5 news at 7:00. >> see you then.
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captioning sponsored by ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight the president considers tax cuts to stimulate the economy. what he wants to cut and how it would affect you. and what about the "r" word? >> we're very far from a recession. >> o'donnell: also tonight, a series of mass shooting plots foiled. n.y.p.d. deputy commissioner john miller tells us about warning signs the suspects are nightmare in paradise. a connecticut man charged in the death of a hotel worker in the caribbean is getting threats on his own life. >> all i did was defend my young daughters from an attacker that was crazed. >> o'donnell: if the president is still warming to the idea of buying greenland, he should know it's melting. we are there with the evidence for "eye on earth."


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