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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 21, 2019 1:37am-2:10am PDT

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now at 11:00 , lucky to be
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alive. two people walk away after their plane goes down in the pacific. >> oh my god, i can't believe that just happened! >> tonight, who the coast guard is crediting for saving their oakland sswh in the past 90 minutes, san francisco's newest subway station got a new name. the heated debate over a powerbroker's legacy. good evening, i am ken bastida. we begin with incredible survival story out of half moon bay. the plane crashed into the pacific just before 6:20 tonight at pillar point harbor. that is not far from the half moon bay airport. kpix 5's maria medina is at half moon bay with details on that count plane. >> reporter: the plane crashed just a few miles from where i am standing and not too far from the half moon bay airport.
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we're just learning the plane was flying with another small aircraft, whose pilot saw the plane go down and remained on scene. the coast guard says it's because of that, they were able to get to the two victims quickly and save their lives. >> david just crashed into the eporinviden by the pilot, victims' lives. you can see rescuers hovering over the pair. >> there is the plane. >> reporter: not much left of the plane is what search and rescue team said when they returned to the harbor. the small piece of the plane unrecognizable. >> the reported small aircraft down for miles outside the harbor. >> reporter: the san mateo county sheriff's office got a call about the downed beechcraft bonanza single engine plane just before 6:20. the coast guard happens to be in the area and got to the two people aboard the plan found them alive. the pair refuse medical treatment and did not report any injuries, they said. the plane which was made in
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1979 is registered to lesh air llc in denver, colorado. it was faa certified just last month investigators will determine the cause of what went wrong. the two on board lived to tell them what they can. >> we are back in harbor. >> reporter: fire crews nsf pla in half moon bay, maria medina, 5 . you can join our latest morning team for the latest on the story at 4:30. santa clara county prosecutor say 41-year-old wendy vaccaro of campbell first took leave in march 2017. she returned to work in mid june of that year , but she did not notify her insurance company to stop sending her monthly checks. totaling $84,000. estate
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records show vaccaro was making about $139,000 in pay and benefits annually as a senior dispatcher. she is due in court wednesday. new tonight, a businessman th in downtooakland has been charged with running a massive immigration scam. we're talking more than $100 million. kpix 5's betty yu said he's accused of leaving investigators in the lurch, and without visas. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney's office says that the oakland tribune tower is just one of the commercial properties that oakland businessman thomas henderson bought with investor money, and that was not what foreign investors had in mind. oakland businessman thomas henderson is accused of being the mastermind behind a $110 million immigration scam. he promised to create 2000 jobs in oakland through a visa program known as eb-5. a gives
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green cards to investors who contribute half $1 million to a u.s. business that create at least 10 full-time jobs. in reality, the u.s. attorney's office said henderson and two associates took money from 200 themselves and pay busine ventu which failed. the just unsealed federal indictment sayss believed they were paying to fund businesses sponsored by henderson's san francisco regional center. its website advertises safe investments to set your family on the path to american citizenship. >> the disappointing thing is that there are many chinese investors. they wholeheartedly think that i'm just thinking they are putting money in, and then you know, they are selling the picture like oh, you can stay getting a green card. >> reporter: carl chan is a well-known chinese community activist in oakland. he recalls attending an informational meeting with
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henderson about six years ago. >> and many of us and including many business people, we went to the presentation. it was very impressive. >> reporter: henderson allegedly siphoned investor money to fund products including restaurant, a website marketing company, an affliction company, a sausage company, and other ventures. he also bought the historic tribune tower in 2011, the former i.magnin department store building on broadway, and the dufwin building on 17th street . henderson was arrested in oakland today and is facing charges of wire fraud and conspiracy. if convicted, he faces a maximum of 20 years in prison. in oakland, betty yu, kpix 5. we have an idea why the judge in the ghost ship trial abruptly missed three members of the jury. all over excuse for misconduct in a hearing today. judge trina thompson said two of them were violating her rules. they were reportedly doing research on the case outside of
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a prosecutor might decide that deer jue rself blatantly al violateddei made, and i'm going to hold you in contempt. >> meanwhile, three alternate jurors have since built their spots. deliberations will now have to start from the beginning. 11:00, within the past 90 minutes san francisco's newest muni station has gotten a new name. kpix 5's andrea nakano was in san francisco with the contentious vote. >> reporter: after nearly 6 hours of comment , the board finally took a vote. it was a close vote, for high character to keep rose pak's name off the signage on the chinatown station. community member started lining up as early as noon to get their chance to weigh in on whether to name this station
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the chinatown rose pak station . >> just take our time. >> reporter: one after another, speakers pleaded with thn ine the thaticipal trant dis trig sanr d community. >> rose pak is e atle, d she's political powerbroker, not really a to get things done, she doesn't ask us. just goes and does it on her own, and if she doesn't like what you're doing, she will just ram it down your throat or threaten you or bully you or demean you or extort you for terrorize you. >> reporter: the sfmta took a vote in this issue in deadlock in june, but this time around steve henninger who was recently appointed by the mayor it was office and board of supervisors served as the
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tiebreaker. >> political innce involved to weigh in on this decision. it's really wrong. it will show how corrupted san francisco really e ople, should we should unseat those politicians who are also correct. >> reporter: supporters of rose pak are few and far between, but they want to make it clear pak was instrumental in getting the central subway built in the first place and stood up at the chinese community. they feel her only fault was that she was often misunderstood. >> they say she is a communist. that is ridiculous! it is the wrong ist. she was a journalist and an activist. she was not communist. >> but stopped thinking about who you might offend. to start thinking about who you may inspire. and i think rose is a perfect example. >> reporter: the central subway starts at 4th and king and runs through downtown with the final station being at the chinatown station. it was slated to open last year, but that target date has now been moved to early next year. reporting at city hall, andrea nakano, kpix 5. 's security robot took a bit of a tumble when a vandal kicked it over, but he caught
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the suspect on camera. the robot it. the r2-d2 look-alike who serves as the robot rent a cop at the watkins garage snapped photos of this model citizen. the suspect who kicked him over task. this with 400 pounds. he was hired to keep an eye on parking garage vandals. and it is now their latest victim. tonight, the white house is missing a report that president till the nra universal background checks are off the table. >> we have very, very strong background checks right now. >> the president says he supports, quote, meaningful background checks, but has not made clear what that means. during white house meetings with the president of romania, the president dismissed suggestions that the u.s. is headed for a recession. he said his administration is looking at a range of possible tax cuts, including taxes that
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fund social security and medicare. he also again pressed the federal jurors to press interest rates. new polling numbers out tonight that could mean trouble for presidential hopeful, kamala harris. according to cnn's latest poll, the california senator has dropped from 17% in june all the way down to 5% this month. it is the lowest that harris has polled in any survey since mid-june. meantime, more than a dozen democratic presidential hopefuls are heading to san francisco this week , erden wilt be joi summer meeting. he is focusing on new hampshire instead. coming up in the bay area couple in their 80s gets lost in portland four days. how a group of good samaritans stepped up to help them home safe. walmart suing tesla
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ld cft getting lost in portland for several days. >> reporter elise haas shares details on how good samaritans helps. >> we saw them around 2:00 pm, almost 12 hours later. >> reporter: driving by, elizabeth haas noticed an elderly couple on a bench, the same couple she had seen on her street at 3:00 in the morning the night before. >> will we were driving back home from brunch, we saw her standing by herself by the flowerpot. and we wondered where brad was? but at that point, we did not know who they were. >> reporter: elizabeth jumped out of her car to help, not realizing they had been locked out of their car overnight. tired, hungry, and confused,
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this couple in their 80s, brad and goldia , had taken the train from the bay area to portland, for a 56 year grant high school reunion, but lost the key to their rental car somewhere along the way. >> is almost to hours trying to piece it together, and i knew we were in a time crunch because he was here for this reunion. >> elizabeth called for portland police. >> coming up. >> reporter: officer read ibrahim responded. he took it upon himself to >> thas big part of police work, you know? it's not all just arresting people and things like that. a lot of it is community engagement in helping people find their way. >> reporter: officer burlingham said it was all in a day it was work for him, but above and beyond for these people in portland. >> they did so much more than anybody would ever be asked to do, and they did it all
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voluntarily from the kindness of their hearts. >> great story. chocolate shop owner who told a man to get out had to be rescued by his own teenaged son when the guy started to choke him. surveillance video rth beach ca to this attack. as he escorts this man out the door. he says the suspect then jumped on him, put him in a headlock, a chokehold, and he says no one stopped to help him. people stood outside and watched, until his own heroic son came to the rescue. >> and i was screaming for help, help, somebody help me because he had me really good, >> the cisitting down the syste are telling me not to do anything, they were telling me to put on the bat and stuff. >> telling you to put it down? >> it was a weird feeling
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because you don't know whether to act on your own instinct. >> well, the suspect eventually fled when the boy, sebastian as you see there, raised the pack, threatened to crack the guy, only to return hours later to take a nap on the sidewalk. same suspect. police then took him into custody, where he is being held now on felony charges in jail. according to court documents in the state of oregon, a man with the same name and date of birth, paul anguilante. they are confident that this is the same guy. tonight, walmart is suing tesla after several of its doors caught fire. the lawsuit claims it used tesla's solar panels which were responsible for igniting fires in nearly 7 of its locations.
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it also claims the retail giants caused hundreds of thousands of dollars worth ofve ba from the compvaping j took a step forward. now, this bill would increase mandatory sting operations for stores that sell tobacco products and e-cigarettes. it would increase fines and penalties for stores that illegally sell the products to underaged teens. in addition, the bill requires age verification technology to ensure that buyers are legal aged. this proposal is of our committee vote next before going to the full assembly. google ans for a cleanup project near it south bay headquarters. the tech giant wants to restore hangar one in mountain view just off the 101 at the nasa research park. google made the proposal through subsidiarity area, planetary ventures. includes removing toxic materials from the site. once done, google wants to use the hangar for research and office space. it would cost an estimate of $157 million. taking a life that look at
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sfo tonight where some passengers are learning a tough new travel lesson. today is the first day of the new ban on the sale of single use plastic water bottles at the airport it was restaurants, shops, e. instd, water will be sold in recyclable aluminum, in glass, or in other compostable bottles. plastic water bottles larger than one leader can still be sold. the ban also does not affect flavored beverages. >> so i brought my own, and i'm about to refill it after i through security. >> the airport's ban is san francisco's latest effort to reduce plastic waste. new video to have an encounter you definitely don't want to have. check this out. the family of mountain lion spotted adarand chest san antonio prisoner. santa clara county officials closed of several trails
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because of it. wildlife officials are warning hikers to stay away after , owve to cent encounters. roam that where labl now people . on to them. >> it is their home. to go on the trail at your own risk. translation, don't. he's a look outside tonight. beautiful moonrise being picked up our roof. the moon officially rose over san francisco at 10:52. it's been up about 30 minutes. spectacular. you can see your waning gibbous, 79% illuminated. concord 66, livermore and san francisco 61. not as much low cloud cover out there tonight. that is one change you will notice tomorrow morning, and tomorrow afternoon you will notice it is warmer. san rafael 57, san jose 57, mountain view 58 degrees. it has been warm and san francisco. much of that warming of course
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last week, but out of 170 years of weather data, it goes back to 1849, this is the fifth warmest august on record. may not stay there because we've been trying to clear the last couple of days, but it has been warm this august over. it will get warmer inland tomorrow. you in the 70s the last three days. windy as well in alamo, walnut creek, and danville. 86 degrees also on thursday. there's a reasorit. the catalyst for that big push from the ocean, that breeze that came from the chilly air about the chilly water in the eastern pacific, it is leaving. it's leaving over the north was where travels will take you to portland or seattle, it will be raining rather steadily, but the low we won't have much of a push or catch from the ocean. afternoon, lots of sunshine, up to a degrees warmer thursday. even less cloud cover, only hugging the coastline. as we had not toward the weekend, temperatures will the elevated above average by a few degrees because we're warming up tomorrow. five to eight degrees warmer and tomorrow afternoon, les cloud cover, we will they
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warmer than average throughout the weekend, so a lot of 80s tomorrow. 84 mountain view, 82 for fremont, some 90s return. 84 in redwood city, 68 in pacifica, 72 in san francisco. the city is warming up a few degrees the warmest day the next couple will be thursday. we lose a few degrees on friday, but stay above average to the we can into next week. 80s and 90s away from the water, 60s and 70s a year the water. wake up at our team. that is merely commentary araner with the latest on weather and traffic. i'm georgianna frankel, our traffic anchor, will be back next week. she had a beautiful baby. coming back to work in a few weeks. >> excellent! >> a little franco. >> that is right. it will be a mini franco. we are hearing from the two men rescued after their plane crashes in half moon bay. it's time for the biggest sale of the year on the
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tonight, we are hearing from the survivors of the half moon bay plane crash. >> this plane went down in the pacific near pillar point harbor. >> we were a few thousand feet up a little west of the coast, and just lost power all of a sudden, and there wasn't any kind of a bang, so i set up for a water lingering with gear up, flaps up, got our seatbelts
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ssento prepare i justldit off kept the wings level. just you know, set it down as easily as i could. >> sully would be plowed. the plane was flying with another small aircraft whose pilot witnessed this plane going down, and remained in the area. coast guard, they say it's because of that they were able to rescue the victims right away. they saved their lives. >> wow, they are lucky, lucky! there's a little high wire act of their own, and their biggest time of the year, most important series of the year, here comes the judge, and there the yankee star
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it's late august. this is crunch time for the a's and giants both starting huge series tonight. let's start in oakland where the yankees came home. aj got called up to start in the bullpen. bottom one, mattolson, a's fans, this one is for you. olson's 26th home run of the year, and three pitches later, mark canha going to state farm for a littlethe a's. oakland led 3-1. homer bailey allowed one run, struck out eight, and if bailey has allowed one run in his last two starts, the a's went 62. they are now tied with tampa for that second wild-card spot. want to see what the giant' playoff chances look right about now?
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down 2-0, but austin slayer goes opsifield for his fourth homeroom of the year. to run shot. we've got a tie game! but the giant started tyler beatty in their biggest game of the year. third inning, anthony rizzo give chicago the lead. his second long ball of the game. beatty gave up three home runs in 4 innings. the cavs win, five high country. they now trail chicago by 4 1/2 and that wild-card race. is antonio brown all in or all out? but jon gruden seems like he knows the answer. >> is thhe's here? >> is that a joke or what? >> he was all in today, sort of. he worked on his own while the rest of the team stretched during the part of the practice where cameras were allowed inside, and then brown left practice holding a league approved helmet. so, is the ongoing a.b.
2:07 am
soap opera becoming a distraction for the raiders? >> it's not been a distraction to me at all. i hate to break it to anybody, but we've known what the status is regardless. he just showed up at frostbite. i've never had a guy show up with frostbite. unfortunately, we've got nothing under control. this is no laughing matter. it is something that is important to him, and there's nothing wrong with supporting your players. >> the raiders head to winnipeg to take on the packers, and will a.b. be on that plane, or is there another day, another drama for the raiders? >> had to show the feet again. >> that, and the feet was an actual issue, more so than the helmet was, buti said that some day
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