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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  August 21, 2019 4:30am-4:58am PDT

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wednesday august 21st. so today, the start of a i'm michelle griego. warming trend for us and that >> good morning everyone i'm will continue through the week. kenny choi let's get a check on a beautiful live look with our that forecast. we've got a warm up. golden gate bridge cam. our sutro cam looking at the >> below average temperatures for the start of the workweek golden gate bridge and you can and now we're looking at above average temperatures for the actually see it. afternoons. less cover and less fog this is a life look at our yesterday morning. so that ridge of high pressure building in. so mid to upper 50s to low 60s treasure island camera. looking at temps in the mid to this morning. your microclimate forecast taking you through the day. upper 50s to low 60s. cool and mild along the coast. get ready for that warm up. for the bay warming up to the temps in san francisco as we low to mid 70s. mostly sunny warm and our inlnl head through the afternoon in the low 70s. concord low 90s and we will continue to watch our temperatures climb. i'll have that full forecast coming up. taking a live look after your real time traffic travel times. in the meantime everything is in the green and it all looks good
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to go. 26-minute ride for those of you headed westbound. east shore freeway looks good. only a 36-minute ride. now you are down to one lane. southbound on the golden gate bridge, you can't see this angle. they're doing construction on that suicide barrier. the bay bridge metering lights obviously not yet on. starting to see a stack up on that fast lane. you can see the east shore freeway that's moving along as well. we're in the westbound direction. you don't have a wholed. >> i'm katt the live news desk. the amazon rain forest is seeing thousands of wild fires right now. this is all part of some of the issues that some people say is a right wing president's environmental policy who is the
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president in brazil saying that he is encouraging some of the agricultural and cattle farmers to burn off the rain forest to make more room ranching. mostly in the amazon basin. these tropical rain forests are warming. again, these fires burning in the amazon rain forest right now. some firefighters are there trying to put those fires out but part of this could be illegal burns. at the live news desk i'm katie neilson. two people managed to escape after their single engine plane crashed into the ocean. >> it 5:50 yesterday afternoon. the plane's pilot david lesh was in the bay area from colorado to visit friends. they captured video of the
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crash. >> all right flying along and hd engine failure. >> lesh says he recently bought the plane and his friends were recording missions with it. >> we planned ongoing over the golden gate bridge and things like that. there wasn't anyd aan ction it was the motor. to me it seems to feel related. >> the pilot of the other plane contacted authorities for help. >> i watched him ditch it in the water he did a great job. it's something we train for but hope you never practice and he executed perfectly. >> federal investigators are
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looking into what caused the crash. this morning a bay area teenager is being hailed a hero for stopping a man from strangling his fat surveillance video showing the chocolate shop owner trip and fall and kicking the customer out. his heroic son came to the rescue. >> and i was screaming for help, somebody he because he had me really good. i coo not move. >> the civilians who were sitting down, the customers who were telling me not to do anything they were telling me to put down the bat and stuff. it was a weird feeling because you don't know whether to act on your own instinct. >> the suspect fled when the boy aimed t bat at him. police took the suspect into custody. a san francisco police
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dispatcher is due in court after investigators say she cashed in on disability insurance while on the job. first took leave in march 2017. she returned to work in mid june that year but she didn't notify her insurance company to stop sending her monthly checks totalling139,000 in pay and benefits annual as a dispatcher. three members of the ghost ship trial jury all were excused for misconduct. they were reportedly doing research on the case outside of deliberations. >> there's a possibility that a prosecutor might decide that this is criminal content because they violated her cyou blantl vr
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that i made and i'm going to hold you in contempt. >> three alternate jurors have since filled their spots. deliberations will now have to start from the beginning. yesterday, president trump held a wide ranging media availability at the oval office and one of the major topics he touched upon, gun control. >> democrats say they are concerned about the public's new message. laura podesta has the latest from new york. >> at the white house yesterday president trump expressed concern about new gun control legislation. >> we have very strong background checks right now. >> he instead pivoted to mental health issues. >> it's not the gun that pulls the trigger, it's the pn.n theay idenlivered a.ple the >> i took it meaningful. meaningful background checks.
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>> but he stopped short of calling for universal background checks. >> i have yet to meet someone including republicans and gun owners who is not concerned about the level of gun violence we have in this country. >> en this president says he's p going to do something about background checks and word comes out today he's consulted with his masters at the nra. >> house democrats passed background legislation earlier this year but the bills haveledd senate. laura podesta cbs news. talks with the justice department are ongoing regarding legislative and executive action
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strategies to combat gun violence. the most senior catholic official to be convicted of child saul assault will stay in prison. 2-1 to reject pel's argument. the 78-year-old is serving a six year prison sentence for sexually assaulting two teenage choir boys in the late 90s. an oakland businessman is accused of being the master mind behind a $110 million immigration scam. thomas henderson promised to create 2000 jobs in oakland through an immigration program. the program gives green cards to investors who contribute half a million dollars to a u.s. business and that creates 10 full time jobs. henderson and two associates took money from 200 asian investors to enrich themselves and pay for commercial
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properties like the tribune tower. >> there are many chinese investors they wholeheartedly think th'rti mey in like you can save getting a green card. >> henderson h been arrestedraa. the tech giant restore historic hangar 1. through its subsidiary planetary ventures. the clean up includes removing toxic material. once done, google wants to use the hangar for research and office space. it will cost an estimated $157 billion.
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walmart is suing it's tesla. claims that they suffered hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages. meanwhile tezla's stock dropped more than 1%. wall street snaps its pays it forward. we're at the new york stock lown tuesday. the dow droppeded 173 points. the nasdaq fell 54 and the s&p . the last month's meeting federal reserve lost today. wall street will also be looking ahead to friday when chairman jerome powell gives his peach in
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jackson hole, wyoming. meanwhile hasboro will start phasing out packaging by 2022. that includes aplastic bags, elastic wrap and shrink wrap that's usually found around a board game like monopoly. and for the rest of this week mcdonald's is passing out 500 cards good for one free coffee. you can use it to get a fre of joendncdonald's wan uo p alo to someone that your c more head to it's the first day of school today for sunnivale unified, ne. local
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time now is 4:41. >> this morning san francisco's newest subway station has a new name. the heated debate over a power broker's legacy. >> and before we head to break let's take a live look outside at the eastern span of the bay bridge. it's 4:42. we'll be right back.
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transportation officials in san francisco have decided to name a future muni transit station. it will benage the chinatown station. last night's decision followed a long debate. she was an important leader in the chinatown community and helped the subway station become a reality. critics say she was a morally corrupt bully. >> critics say she was an illegal power voter. >> the administration is new video of an wto h a famy
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of mountain lions were spotted at the rancho county preserve. wild life officials are warning hikers to stay away aer several recent encounters. meantime plans are in the works to build the biggest wild life crossing in the world. the span over 101 in agora hills would give big cats and other animals a safe space. >> they won't have to worry about the cars. >> different drought. let's get a check on the weather. we're starting to warm up. >> we are. are you ready for temperatures to get back to inland. so that warming trend starts today and continues into the weekend. here's a live look at our sales
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floor tower camera looking east and under mainly clear skies. compared to yesterday morning when we had all of that cloud cover. as we kick off your wednesday. so weather headlines. less cloud cover. mostly clear skies this morning. breezy conditions in spots and that warming trend starts today with highs about 5 to 8 degrees warmer compared to yesterday and we will stay the strong ridge oh pressure. and it has been a warm august so far. of course last week we had that record heat so we have tied so far for the 5th warmest august on record in san francisco. that goes back to 1845 and we are going to add to those numbers as we head through the next several days with temps warmer than average. that low pressure system that did bring that on shore flow is going to be pushing in to the
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pacific northwest bringing them the rain and the storms. that's going to take the chill with it because high pressure's going to build in for us and strengthen and with it we'll see those temperatures rising. as we go through the day you can see all of that sun. tomorrow morning starting off pressur dominate clouds g sy wo weather feature for us check out thursday, this is on the scale up to 12 and we haven't seen numbers like this in ability two months so if you're suffering from allergies still looking in the high category for friday and
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saturday. 91 in concord. 77 oakland and 72 for san francisco. and there we go with those hot temps especially inland through the workweek and next weekend. when it comes to traffic this morning it's pretty calm out there. look at the overall big picture. let's zoom in the regular trouble spot of the day. the only issue here is it's a little bit slow as you come down out of the tracy triangle. there is a high wind advisory. so it might be a little bit of a bumpy ride out there. but you're looking good as far as your traffic is concerned chlgt no backing up on 680 southbound or 84 at this hour. everything there looks good. that drive time is a 29-minute ride. you're still in the green on the east shore freeway as well as on
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101 at this hour. those drive times look good. those lanes should all be back open at this hour in the process of the construction on the suic bar. a5:00. bay bri getting a little bit busier starting to stack up in those cash lanes. fastrak customers are smoothing all the way into san francisco. no problems to report. we're getting a little bit busier at the san mateo bridge thank you. a new demi moore movie and a star wars experience in the city. >> chris martinez has those stories and more on your eye on entertainment. >> in the comedy corporate animals. >> are you ready for the
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ultimate team-building challenge. >> moore plays misty an egotist cal ceo when the group becomes trapped underground they have to make some unthinkable choicese. a galaxy is far far away. >> it triggers when you get hit you feel it. you can feel the heat from the planet and the burning in the atmosphere star wars secrets of the empire is happening. and adam driver and skarlt johanson play charlie and nicole in the up coming film marriage story. the movie tells the story of the break up through the eyes of the husband and the wife. also laura durn, and ray liotta.
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that's your eye on entertainment. chris martinez cbs news los angeles. the giants are doing a high wire act in the wiled here comed there goes the judge. that wasn't the whole story next. >> and as we go to break, let's take a live look this time at menetta international airport in san jose. 58 degrees there. we'll be right back.
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good wednesday morning to you. we're going to turn up the heat. so temps will be warming up to above average for this time of year with that sunshine. 85 in santa clara. 84 for san jose.
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check out antioche. 91 in concord. 7ly berkley. oakland.ancisco. 75 for san leandro and mid 90s in windsor. let's take a look at what our bridge travel times look like. mobile 5 is right now as we speak on the ground headed across the bay bridge leaving san francisco. no problems to report at all and that into san francisco part that's a little bit slower. i'll continue to track your traffic times ahead. it's late august and this is crunch time for both the a's and giants. a's top pitching prospect he's going to start in the bull pen. bottom 1. matt olsen. this is for you. that's olsen's 26th home run.
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going with state farm for a little insurance. and the a's led 3-1. homer bailey allowed one run. bailey has allowed one run. and now tied with tampa for the second wild card spot. want to see what the giant's playoff chances look like is ti. but the giants started hooeny gave up 3 home runs in just 4 innings. the giants now trail chicago by 4 and a half games in a wild card race. if antonio brown was all in or all out. but john gruden sounds like he knows the answer. >> seems like antonio's all ine?
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eha ahro w all o par of the practice where cameras were left inside. so the ongoing ab soap opera is becoming a distraction for the team. >> it's not been a distraction to me at all. we've known what the status is regarding his feet. he just showed up with frostbite. i've never had a guy show up with frostbite. and this grieve answer thing is no laughing matter. it's something that's important to him. and there's nothing wrong with supporting your players. >> and the 49ers and the chiefs this saturday on channel 5. time now 4:56. coming up in our next half hour elderly and disabled fire e garages desnedhen the
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to save lives. >>nd wur tchoo spe cag this morni. toynd
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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix 5 news. >> david just crashed into the ocean. >> now at 5:00 a small plane makes a water landing near half moon bay. the pilot and passenger survived. this morning, the question what went wrong plus jurs it' normal. children practicing active shooter drills at school. this morning first responders team up with bay area school districts to make sure they're ready. >> good morning it's wednesday august 21st i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. let's getat
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