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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  August 21, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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children practicing active shooter drills at school. this morning first responders team up with bay area school districts to make sure they're ready. >> good morning it's wednesday august 21st i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. let's get right over to mary lee we're talking above average temperatures. >> so today, the start of a warming trend for us and that will continue thrgh the week. a beautiful live look with our golden gate bridge cam. our sutro cam looking at the golden gate bridge and you can actually see it. less cover and less fog yesterday morning. so that ridge of high pressure building in. so mid to upper 50s to low 60s this morning. your microclimate forecast taking you through the day. cool and mild along the coast. for the bay warming up to the low to mid 70s. mostly sunny warm and our inland spots upper 80s to low 90s and
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we are only going to watch our temperatures climb as we head through the week. details coming up. here at 5:00 let's check in with your bridges. live with the bay bridge this morning. you are starting to see it stack up a little bit in those cash lanes but the rest of it looks really easy. really not all to report. san mateo bridge this morning is a little bit busier but really no issues, no stalls, no crashes nothing that's going to be slowing you down. in the eastbound direction everything there looks good. everything looks good there as well. no lane closures on your approach. all of that construction is wrapped up or at least not happening in the approach for some time. your overall drive times are mostly in the green with the exception of the altamonte pass that is a 35-minute drive.
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there is a wind advisory in effect for those of you headed westbound or eastbound. two people managed to escape without major injuries after their small plane crashed in the pacific ocean. it went down about 5:50 yesterday. the plane's pilot was in the bay area from colorado visiting friends who were flying nearby in another plane and they captured video of the crash. >> 4 miles outside of the harbor. >> lesh says he recently bought the plane and his friends were recording images of it in flight for the first time. >> we did an air to air photo mission. we planning going up over the golden gate bridge and doing a photo mission to take photos of the new airplane. we were a few thousand feet up and just lost power all of a sudden. there wasn't any kind of a bang
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or indication that it was the motor. to me it seems to be field related. >> the other pilot of the plane contacted authorities. >> i watched him ditch it in the water. and he executed perfectly. >> coast guard rescuers pulled the pilot and his female passenger to safety and federal investigators are looking in to what caused the crash. fire crews in san jose have contained a two alarm fire that broke out a little after midnight. no one was home at the time. the cause of the fire is under investigation. happening today a newly reconstituted jury is back in the ghost ship trial. in a hearing yesterday, she said two of them violated her rules. they were reportedly doing research on the case.
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three alternate jurors have filled their spots. today a san jose police dispatcher is due in court after investigators say she cashed in while on the job. first took leave in march of 2017. totallying $84,000 as a senior dispatcher this morning an oakland businessman. thomas henderson promised to create 2000 jobs in oakland through a visa program. a half million dollars to a u.s. business that creates 10 full
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time jobs. henderson and two associates took money from 200 asian investors to enrich themselves and pay for commercial properties like the tribune tower. >> the disappointing thing is there are many chinese investors thinking they are putting money in and then, you know, they are selling a picture like you can save getting a green card. >> henderson has been arrested and faces charges of conspiracy and wire fraud. if convicted he faces a maximum 20 years in prison. transportation officials in san francisco have decided to name an muni transit station after a controversial figure last night's decision followed a long public debate about it. pak supporters say he was an important leader in the chinese community. critics say she was a morally
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corrupt bully. the station is part of san francisco's long delayed central subway. it's the new normal as kids head back to school. they're learning how to stay safe if a gunman enters their school. one sheriff's department is teaming up with bay area schools to keep students out of harm's way. jackie. >> michelle, officers here lead students and teachers through active shooter drills every school year. about today's current state of school safety. >> it's more than just an educator doing a drill with a student. it really encompasses a community effort. >> ann catsburg was a teacher for years before becoming president of the education association. she said since the deadly shootings in parkland, florida
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and san jose. >> that doesn't work anymore that teenage code of silence has gone away because our teenagers now understand the importance of making statements. >> in addition to earthquake safety sdrils that practically every adult experienced in california when they were in school, our kids are now experiencing active shooter drills. knowing the best escape route is today's reality. >> every time they go to school i always think about it. and worry about it. and it just doesn't go away my day with nuclear war drills. it's the other things that may have to he may have to navigate his way through. >> as part of their 8 modernization projects this summer a number of security updates including cameras, gates
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and fencing. that's along the perimeter of their campuses. projects are multiparameter and move out to the perimeter. catsburg is encouraging san ramon valley students to speak out. >> i am experiencing and seeing at this time. >> the school safety industry is valued at $3 billion. live in redwood city kpix 5. >> and be sure to tune in tomorrow for more of our back to school coverage. we'll introduce you to some bay area teachers and students moving into a brand new hundred million dollars facility. this morning president trump has a new message about gun control and it has some democrats concerned. the president held a wide ranging media availability in the oval office yesterday in the days following recent mass
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shootings. the president called for meaningful back round checks. >> we have very strong background checks right now. it's not the gun that pulls the trigger it's the person. >> the national rifle association ceo wayne lapierre spoke with the president yesterday. but the bills have stalled in the republican-led senate. i'm katie neilson at the live news desk. we're taking a live look at nasa's mission control this is all because right now happening on the international space station two astronauts are starting a space walk to install a new docking station. get this, it's going to allow for commercial spacecraft to dock on the international space station. now you can see the astronauts
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going into the capsule right there. that happened just about 10 minutes 10 minutes so the hope is by commercializing it they can get it funding to update its research station. now full disclosure i am a huge space nerd and so the idea of being able to take a commercial spacecraft up to the space station is just ridiculously exciting. >> maybe one day for katie. >> wouldn't that be cool. straight ahead this morning, if the power is out during a wild fire would you be able to open your garage door to escape. the new law that could save lives. >> and we're waking up to mainly
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clear skies and breezy conditions. high pressure building in and that means a warm up is on the way. >> we're starting to see things slow down on the san mateo bridge here at 5:10 in that westbound commute direction. you have plenty of company out there. no issues as far as crashes or stalls to report. i'll tell you where your stall is just beyond this one are happening.
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california wild fires over the last two years have exposed a deadly problem. >> their electric garage door openers rendered useless and some died waiting for help. >> allen martin on the new law designed to save lives. >> october 2017, the oakmont fire came raging into santa rosa. >> i was never ever going to outrun a fire. >> cheryl dean was trapped needing a cane to walk. the power was out and she couldn't get her car out of the garage. >> it only went about 12" above the ground and then it would
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stop. >> cheryl was lucky. what she experienced turned out to be deadly for others who because of age and her physical disease ability couldn't open the garage. >> it's not just a little bit of panic. in these types of situations we see extreme panic. >> david shoe says not since the 90s has there been a law passed dealing with garage door safety. >> back then it was a requirement to have sensors that could prevent the garage door from closing and crushing anything in its way requiring garage door openers have a battery back up for power just made sense. >> the speed and intensity of these current fires that we've seen in the last couple of years moving through communities don't give people time to think or really time to understand what to do in that emergency situation. >> number one it's quiet.
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>> some customers who simply want to replace their garage door are shocked to learn the new law requires them to also spend hundreds more to replace their opener. >> something happened where they have to replace that garage door and it wasn't planned for. they're now forced to buy one with a battery back up. that hurts. >> a new electric powered one cost about $500. areas threatened by wild fire is inspiring some homeowners to voluntarily upgrade to a back up operator. >> they want to have that operator dependable. >> and if a homeowner wans to keep their electric opener installers face a $1,000 fine. the cost of her backup battery opener included peace of mind.
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>> my life is worth $500 at least. >> and more safety changes are coming next january. building code will require a gasket that seals a garage door. >> looking live now at bay area airports labor day is less than two weeks away and airlines are expecting record crowds. 17.5 million passengers will fly on u.s. characters between august 28th and september 3rd. that would be 2.5 million passengers a day and a 4% increase over the same day last year. the busiest days is expected to be next friday where 3 million people will board a u.s. airline. let's get a check of the roads right now. >> yeah, luckily it's not quite a holiday weekend yet so far it doesn't even feel like a holiday
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out there. it is pretty easy. take a look at this. would you ever see an empty map at this hour in the morning. really nothing as far as major accidents are concerned. a little fender bender. we'll get a check on a live picture of that in just a moment. per normal for this time of the morning. you're doing down to about 9 miles an hour. wind advisory in effect for those of you headed. it's pretty breezy out there. so just take your time, slow down. that may be why we're seeing those speeds in the yellow. once you're through there you're looking up to 56 miles an hour. the bay bridge this morning looks good. no stalls or traffic crashes to report so that may just be an issue with our maps. i'll check in with chp on that. metering lights should be on here in the next couple of minutes. the san mateo bridge in that
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westbound direction is getting a little bit busier. we're starting to see a few brake lights but you've still got some room on the roadways. richmond san rafael bridge this morning is free and clear all the way in to marin county. 36 minutes through the altamonte pass. as well as 101 still an easy 37-minute ride. everything i just checked is running right on time no problems to report. so it looks like a pretty easy weekend -- not weekend. morning. give yourself that option. >> i wish it was the weekend right now. i woke up this morning what day is it? is it friday. it's wednesday. this is looking north and you can see quite tower running
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above average and you can see 10 miles per hour winds in downtown san francisco out of the west, northwest looking at 6 in oakland. 14 in san ramon. and 14 for fairfield at this hour. weather headlines less cloud cover this morning compared to yesterday morning. mostly clear skies as we head through the afternoon. today, the start of a warming trend for us. highs about 5 to 8 degrees warmer compared to yesterday and we will stay warmer than average through the weekend. and that low pressure system that ushered in that on shore flow and kept us cool for the start of the week. that's going to push into the pacific northwest bringing them the rain. it's going to take the chill with it. we have that ridge of high pressure that will be building in for us and that means our temps will be climbing. plenty of sunshine throughout our region for tomorrow morning. same story. some low clouds along the coast and looking at temps even warmer
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for tomorrow. >> well we are not done with allergy season yet. so if you've been suffering from allergies. the medium for today but increases and jumps right up to 8.2 and that's the highest levels we have seen in two months. a little bit lower for friday and saturday but still in the medium high category so unfortunately we're still in it with allergy season. temperatures running above average for this time of year. 85 in santa clara. 84 san jose. 84 for morgan hill. check out antioche so we're back up into the 90s inland. 73 in berkley for you. 77 in oakland. 72 for san francisco. warming up even around the bay and 93 for cloverdale. so here's the 7-day forecast. mid 90s inland tomorrow. we're going to stay in the 90s inland, friday into the weekend and temps will be heating up
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even more for the start of the next workweek. an infestation near a popular concert venue. why fans of the band fish are being warned they could get flees. taking a live look at the golden gate bridge. look at that beautiful shot. 5:22 we'll be right back.
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5:24 right now in today's health watch. beating cancer is often followed by a new health challenge. cancer survivors have a greater risk of developing blood clots and heart problems. the researchers say survivors should be closely monitored for signs of cardiovascular disease. high blood pressure may reduce brain function over time. it can lead to brain disorders in old age. they say the finding underscores the importance of keeping blood pressure in check. and the study at the american heart association aims to dispel that women suffer different heart attacks than men. like radiating pain and nausea. women are also likely to received an incorrect diagnosis and sub standard care. and if your labor plans
5:26 am
include phish the concert could be ruined by fleas. where phish is supposed to perform over the labor day weekend. camping and vendors won't be allowed. time now is 5:26. >> coming up a small plane crashes into the ocean off the california coast. morning the investigation into what went wrong. just because we're super hungry...
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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix 5 news. now at 5:30 a small plane crashes into the ocean near half moon bay and sinks. this morning the pilot's incredible story of survival. >> plus a san francisco shop owner attacked on the street. >> and that warm up we've been promising begins today. this morning mary is tracking
5:30 am
the timing. >> good morning everyone. it is wednesday august 21st. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. thanks for waking up with us this morning let's get a check on that forecast and that warm up jt how much mary's got the numbers. >> from below average temperatures yesterday to above average tempse head through the afternoon. all with high pressure building in with us and you can actually see that difference this morning. compared to the foggy and cloudy start yesterday morning. here's a live look with our roof cam of the fer rooe building. so the temps right now in the mid to upper 50s to low to mid 60s. here's what you can expect. also above average for this time of year 77 san jose 84. 91 in concord. and we will continue with that warm up details coming up. here at 5:30 let's get a look at your main travel time.
5:31 am
so far so good. it's really a quiet morning on those roadways. take a look, you're in the green no matter where you are with one exception but even for this hour it's really not that bad. 34 minutes for those of you driving out of the tracy triangle on 580. just over 15 minutes on the east shore freeway. and 101 still an hour. metering lights clearly are on at the bay bridge. we're starting to see a backup on the bay bridge toll plaza and it's just barely on that ramp as you are headed down from 880 at this hour. that's going to start to back up. some brake lights but not many as you're headed towards the peninsula. eastbound direction looks no problem to report. we are seeing a little bit of a slow down in the san rafael and richmond bridge. no lane closures on or on the
5:32 am
approach to the bridge once you get halfway across it's in a much better situation. you're moving right along over there. everything there running right an time developing news a pilot and his female passenger are staef and uninjured this morning the plane's pilot was in the bay area from colorado to visit friends. they captured video of the crash. and his friends were recording images of it in flight for the first time. he thinks fuel or engine issues brought the plane down. >> i grabbed a seat cushion and some window shades, empty water bottle to kind of help with
5:33 am
flotation. the pilot of the other plane contacted authorities for help. federal investigators are looking into what caused the crash. this morning thousands of cal students are back on campus and berkley police are saying pay attention. just hours before students started moving in. so far no arrests have been made. a man tried to strange l a shop owner but was stopped by the owner's quick thinking teenage son the owner trips as you can see and falls as he escorts the man out the door no
5:34 am
one stopped to help until his son came to the res tu. >> he had me really the suspect fled when the boy aimed the bat at him only to return hours later to take a nap on the sidewalk. police took him into custody where he's being held on felony charges. in the state of oregon a man with the same name and date of birth was convicted for possessing meth in 2017. both victims at the truffle store and a police source say that they are confident this is the suspect. in hayward a security robot took a tumble when a vandal
5:35 am
kicked it over. the robot aren't a cop snapped photos of the suspect who kicked it over on august 3rd. the robot was hired to keep an eye on parking garage vandals and is now their latest victim. a bay area couple is back home after an unusual ordeal traveling in oregon. they'd taken a train to portland for a 56-year high school reunion. well a good samaritan noticed the tired and hungry couple, offered some help and called police. >> that's a big part of police work. it's not all arrested people and things like that. helping people find their way. took it upon himself to drive them to the high school reunion and connect women with family. more than 80 people have
5:36 am
been evacuated from a migrant ship. the seizure of the ship off italy's southernmost island. refused to allow the migrants to get off the ship. . the rescued passengers had been on the spanish flag ship since she were plucked 19 days ago. an appeals court upheld the sex abuse convictions for george pel. the 78-year-old a former arch bishop of sidney later became a top vatican advisor. he's now the most senior roman catholic cleric to be an abuser.
5:37 am
5:36 right now less than two weeks before his scheduled trip to denmark president trump has cancelled his visit over the purchase of greenland. the skufrj not for -- country is not for sale. he fired off a tweet thanking the prime minister for being so direct the u.s. operates a military base there and previous administrations have tried to acquire it twice before given its tra tooejic importance in the northern atlantic. meantime the president is expressing his support. french president emanuel macron has also agreed the president should be invited to the 2020 conference. the president is expected to broach the topic with other world leaders this weekend. this morning a state bill that cracks down on teen vaping is taking a step forward.
5:38 am
the bill would increase mandatory sting operations for stores that sell tobacco products and ecigarettes. it would increase fines for stores that sell the products to underaged teens. the proposal is up for a committee vote before going before a full assembly. and could cannabis vaping cause long damage after at least 20 people who vaped cannabis product. the california department of public health says the cases involved. dianne king hall has our money watch report this morning. good morning. >> good morning. let's start with a recap of stocks. they finished lower yesterday.
5:39 am
the dow drops 23 points and the s&p 500 lost 23. last month that may it's wall street will also be looking ahead to friday when fed chairman jerome powell gives a speech at jackson hole. walmart is suing tesla. the world's largest retailer says tesla installed solar panels causing millions of dollars in damage. tesla has not commented on the lawsuit. >> we're hearing that menalow park based facebook is taking new steps to protect user privacy. what are the details here? >> facebook says it's launching a tool allowing users to block the site from tracking them when they're not on it.
5:40 am
the company says it's adding a section called off facebook activity to disconnect the data from their account. diane king hall of always good to see you. i'm katie neilson at the live news desk. we are taking a look a live space walk. there are two u.s. astronauts who are working on installing a new docking system on the international space station. it's all to allow international spacecraft to dock. nasa hopes to commercialize the existing space station. so the hope is by commercializing it, they can actually fund a new updated research space station. so this is actually a look from inside the space station as the
5:41 am
astronauts were getting loaded into the hatch and about to go out on the space walk. mission control very busy this morning again installing an auto mated docking system. they're going to be out there for about six hours and being the huge space geek that i am here in the control room we're watching and listening to everything that's happening. they had just gone over the mediterranean about 3 or 4 minutes ago. >> that is so cool. you're a space nerd i'm a space nerd too katie but i don't know about going up to space. i would cheer you on from earth. >> so the great part is this is a docking system they're going to use for boeing and also spacex. so they're trying to basically standardize docking. could you imagine actually using the international space station almost like a hotel in the future. how cool. >> just floating while you're sleeping. >> don't you get tied down
5:42 am
somehow, strapped in. >> velcro. thanks so much. time now 5:41. >> a silicon valley icon is getting a facelift. why google is spending $157 million to restore hangar 1. >> what a difference 24 hours can make. we are waking up to mainly cloudy skies this morning. as we head through the afternoon get ready for a warm up. >> and it's going to be an easy morning for those of you headed into work. not much to see out there. maybe just a little bit of construction slowing you down. only one fender bender here or there. it's going to be an easy ride just ahead. melty cheese want it sausage want it or bacon i want it! try my 2 for $4 breakfast biscuits and add 4 donut holes for just a buck. only at jack in the box.
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dang!! try my 2 for $4 breakfast biscuits and add 4 donut holes for just a buck. only at jack in the box. good wednesday morning to you. it is 5:45 and here is a live look at our sales force tower camera looking east. the sun just about to rise. a very pretty sight. mainly clear skies as we start off the day. we're going to see plenty of sun and temps will be warming up. i'll let you know how warm coming up in a few minutes. google is moving ahead with big plans for a clean up project. the tech giant plans to restore historic hangar one at moft field. google made the proposal through a subsidiary planetary ventures. the clean up includes removing toxic materials from the site including paint laced with pcbs
5:46 am
and lead. google wants to use a hangar for research and office space. it would cost an estimated $157 million. this morning an encounter you don't want to have caught on camera. take a look a family of mountain lions. santa clara county officials closed off trails because of it. warning hikers to stay away meantime plans are in the works this morning to would give another a little kitten was found stuck in traffic clinging to the pay bridge. the black and white kitten was spotted lying on a ledge hundreds of feet in the air with traffic zipping right past. still wearing his leash and
5:47 am
harness. they're calling him animal control wants to know if you recognize him. >> how did he get there? >> poor little baby. >> so many questions. >> i know. >> can we make a list. >> way up there. . >> tight rope. >> no i think climber. >> i'm going to stay in my lane over here. absolutely everything to do with traffic. this i can handle. here at 5:47. everything looks good to go out there. taking a look at the overall picture. very few issues to report. we only have a little bit of slowing. that's the usual spots for the usual rush hour traffic and i'm going to zoom into the usual suspect. now you have a high wind
5:48 am
advisory. out of the altamonte pass that's not really going to create any major issues for you. you are down to 7 miles an hour out of the tracy triangle but it looks pretty good and we still really aren't seeing much slowing on westbound 84 or southbound out of the 680 dublin interchange. that travel time is 37 minutes as you are headed out of there. you've gained one minute back. east shore freeway still looks good and then for those of you headed out of the south bay 41 minutes. metering lights are on now up onto the 880 flyover at this hour. still relatively good this time in the morning. san mateo bridge is even busier than it was the last 15 minutes.
5:49 am
it's gotten crowded out there there are no lane closures or on it. once you get about half way across the span you are good to go all the way into the 101. welcome to warmer weather. so today the start of a warming trend we're going to see temperatures climb. so below average temperatures climb today. here's a live look at our sales force tower camera looking south. temperatures in the low 60s. looking at 10 miles per hour winds in downtown san francisco. so your weather headlines definitely less cloud cover compared to yesterday morning and that really indicates the changes for us with high
5:50 am
pressure building in and that warming trend starts today with highs about 5 to 8 degrees warmer compared to yesterday and our temps will stay warmer than average through the weekend. here's the satellite and radar view. that low pressure system that brought the low shore flow earlier into the weekend is going to push into the pacific northwest it will take the chill with it too. high pressure for us will be build engine and tt is why our temps will be on the rise. and you can see all of that sunshine as we head through the afternoon. tomorrow morning some low clouds but mainly clear skies with plenty of sunshine temps will be warming up even more. but future cast wind gust as we take you through the day. we are going to see the winds pick up in the afternoon and this evening. sunset at 7:54. 85 in sunnyivale and good morning to you for that first day of
5:51 am
school in sunnivale. 88 for morgan hill. brentwood low 90s as well as for concord in the low 90s. 72 in san francisco. 73 in berkley. 77 for oakland. upper 80s for pedaluma and windsor. here's the 7-day forecast in what you can expect. temps will be heating up as we head through the week. temps in the 90s inland through the workweek into the weekend and it gets hotter still especially inland early next week. time now 5:51. >> a bay area county invaded by rattlesnakes. coming up what experts say you should do if you find one inside your home. >> here is a live look outside at the richmond san rafael bridge. it's 5:51 on this wednesday horng. we'll be right back. choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever.
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morning. we'll be right back. good wednesday morning to you. if you're suffering from allergies, here's the reason why. we have elm grasses medium for today. it is going to increase for tomorrow to 8.2. this is some scale up to 12. we haven't seen levels like this in about two months. unfortunately so we're still in it with allergy season down just a little bit for friday and for saturday. i'll have your full forecast with the warm up coming up. 5:54 right now last week's heat wave had the bay area searching for a lot of shade. >> but in sonoma county rattlesnakes couldn't get enough of the sun.
5:55 am
>> that's the sound you don't want to hear in person. rattlesnakes are popping up all over sonoma county looking for food, mates and warmth. homeowner susanna farver spoke to us. >> we have found snakes as close to that bench under the front door. >> this is an example of what i can get in a day. >> you got all these this week. >> yesterday, just yesterday. >> the sonoma county reptile rescue is asking them to give them a call. they'll be driven to a remote private property high in the release. >> don ford is a brave man. >> yeah, just standing there. >> i think the guy who's holding the 5 snakes at one time is the brave one.
5:56 am
>> still changing. >> yes. 5:55 right now federal investigators launching a probe into a plane crash off the bay area coastline. straight ahead. >> plus our back to school coverage continues this morning today. we're talking about school safety and how schools are trying to keep everyone out of harm's way. someone here at circus burger has been talking to the press. telling them that chicken is better than burgers. and i wanna know who it is. is it you bill? no sir! diane?
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. the new jury has started deliberations in the ghost ship warehouse trial what we're learning now about the three dismissed jurors. >> plus the efforts to pass new gun control efforts in response to recent mass shootings just hit a roadblock. >> and how mental health. >> i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. it's 6:00 right now. last week it was hot it was cool to start this week and now we've
6:00 am
got a little bit of a warm up again. >> yeah, a little bit of a roller coaster ride and we're looking at above average temps for the start of the afternoon. but not as hot as the record heat we had last week. here is a beautiful live look with our treasure island camera. isn't that a stunning sight. mainly clear skies. the sun just about to rise. we've got those golden and pink colors in the sky looking at the bay bridge. temps running in the mid to upper 50s to low 60s at this hour. so your microclimate forecast along the coast. breezy, mild in the mid 60s. for the bay warming up to the low to mid 70s with that sunshine and for our inland locations topping out in the upper 80s to low 90s with plenty of sun. we'll talk about as we continue to warm unthis week how hot it will get. at 6:00 on wednesd morning it's hump day still about half the week to go but the good news is you're not going to have to battle a lot


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