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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  August 21, 2019 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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right now, at 7. >> we have the presence of mine did not kill myself and put into the ocean. >> the drama tonight behind three separate plane crashes. one of them fiery, just hours ago, and with 10 people on the board. the amazing news on injuries. a week of intense talks about crime in san francisco. what did the statistic say? we have some numbers that might put your mind at ease. >> district of california wildfires didn't just burn down homes. how they are still taking a toll tonight. >> i can't sleep. i was the one thing that, i thought, wasn't going to happen to me. plus, how do large earthquakes form? scientists believe they have made an important discovery.
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>> they even brought a van to sleep and pick >> at the moment this closedown fire station sits empty. with the city of san mateo believes it actually contains a lot of hope for the city's police officers. the new kpix5 news at 6 starts right now with those three dramatic plane crashes, all in a 24 hour span. that evening i am ken bastida. >> i am juliette goodrich. one of the planes went down a few hours ago and then caught fire and exploded. >> everybody is out. alright guys. >> you can see there the moment the blast goes off, crews were standing watch when the plane became engulfed. the cessna citation jet was carrying 10 people, amazingly no one was hurt. black plumes of smoke could be seen for miles after the crash sparked a small brush fire. according to the faa the pilot tried to abort takeoff for an unknown reason. causing the jet to slide off the runway.
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airport firefighters responded a short time later and you can see them here lasting the burning plane with water and foam. and, from above, this is what the gutted aircraft looks like once the fire was out. you can see the damage is extensive and so for the cause of the crash is unclear. federal investigators will be talking to the two pilots about what exactly happened. meanwhile, the pilot of a small plane crashed this morning near the livermore airport. that aircraft came down in a field of grass just west of the runways. witnesses say the single engine plane had trouble during takeoff. they say it's worth side to side and then crashed. pilot suffered minor injuries when taken to the hospital, causes underneath investigation. yesterday afternoon, a pilot was forced to make an gen in half moon bay, cameras were rolling though when it happened. making the some believe it may have been a stunt.
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kiet do interviewed the pilot. >> reporter: the pilot, david lesh, says he is glad to be back on dry land and wanted to take a moment to address his critics. >> i've heard some rumors. >> that i did as a felicity stunt. >> is that true? >> no. >> reporter: the coast guard released this video of his recce is rescue. look closely and you can see him getting way to capture some images on his cell phone. once his friend, and fellow passenger, was safely on board he shot that photo to too. david also captured these photos while he was in the water, just as the plane was about to sink and a selfie while the rescue chopper was approaching. the 34-year-old also shot video shortly after the plane touched down to the water but the new kpix5 news at 6 declined to pay david defeated he was asking for right to air the footage. >> who had the presence of mind to shoot a selfie when you're standing on the wing of a plane? >> idea. i have the presence of mind.
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i have the presence of mind to not kill myself to get into the ocean. i have the presence of mind not to grab everything on the airplane that can help us in that situation, including my cell phone. and i had the presence of mindmine to record that, and every other aspect of my life. >> reporter: as the founder of vertica outerwear, he can understand how is there double image on social media can make people rush to judgment. 34-year-old says he was just out shooting footage of his newly purchased plane when the engine lost power and he glided it down to the water near half moon bay.? i try to live my life without regrets i have done some stupid [ bleep ] in my life but it happened to happen, and i dealt with what was given to me. >> reporter:, kiet do kpix 5. the city of san francisco is recording some the lowest crime levels in decades. that is despite two recent high- profile attacks on the city. one year the embarcadero and one in north beach. wilson walker spoke to
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residents tonight who say the reality is far apart from the numbers. >> reporter: it's been a wink of intense discussion about public safety in san francisco. the kind of conversation that would make anyone wonder what exactly is happening with crime statistics in the city. >> first and foremost i think it is important to note that violent crime across san francisco is the lowest it has been in decades. i know that after seeing a video like this, that may or may not be comforting for you. >> reporter: that is the district from the or the message with the district attorney's office and sure enough violent crime was down last year and continues to decline so far this year on the other hand but we do have the austin the vincent case which has clearly connected with people in the city who feel that the statistics don't tell the whole story. >> you can substitute some idea that crime rates are down to the fact that the system failed here and it failed in a really big way that we all saw. people don't feel safe, women feel targeted and they don't like systems are working together to get a better
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outcome. >> reporter: it is noted worth or it's worth noting were coming down from pick >> when we have the highest property crime in the nation, even if we have a slight decline, our rate was so high to begin with we don't feel it. >> reporter: admitted the font of the vincent case, something we have mentioned twice now and the last week. all of this is happening during a year that will bring us a district attorney's race here in san francisco. this case, and the discussion of crime now very much landing in the realm of that campaign. in san francisco, wilson walker, kpix 5. some flyers with racist and anti-immigrant messages were scattered around san jose state university today. on the first day of classes no less. kemp is officials say they are aware of the flyers being posted at other universities around the country as well. they say the content was not considered criminal, and at sdsu they were immediately removed. >> we are denouncing the messages of bigotry and exclusion. we strongly doubt that.
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we also want to reinforce and state and remind everyone of our core values of our institution which is diversity. >> reporter: also tonight, a 12 year old boy has been arrested in alameda accused of setting the woodstock playground on fire. this happened july 13th. authorities collected evidence at the scene and then reviewed nearby surveillance video. then, they arrested the boy at his school. cited him up for arson and released him to his family. officials say damage to that playground is in excess of $200,000. homeowners and high risk fire zones are now scrambling to find insurance some insurance companies are dropping homes they find it too risky. it is leaving homeowners with little to no options. melissa caen is in mill valley for us tonight. in mill valley, homes that are tucked into the sides of mountains with forests all around are a part of the charm. but, for insurance companies, they see this as just a high
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risk of wildfire area. phyllis has live in this mill valley home for 45 years. she has always had homeowners insurance with child. but that is about to change. >> i had no clue that they were going to get rid. >> reporter: this guy despite paying $27,000 for insurance last year in the past few weeks she started getting notices that her policy would not be renewed when it expires next month. >> i can't sleep. that was the one thing that i thought wasn't going to happen to me. >> chubb says it's because she made two small claims but phyllis says it is a part of a larger pattern. >> they have been saying they don't want policies in the canyons. >> we actually asked of the insurers in the state to give us their data, how many people with a non-renewing and that is what we have for the first time. >> reporter: michael is with the state insurance commissioner and says the new data proves what phyllis is saying. insurers are dropping homeowners who live near wildlands because they are
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afraid of more fires. >> for the year 2017-18, there was a 6% overall increase in insurance nonrenewal. >> reporter: from 2015-2018 about 670,000 homeowner policies were not renewed in california. in the bay area, that number was nearly 95,000. property that can to be insured is less viable. and that means less property tax. two local governments are going to be unable to afford the services. and, insurance described this as the fear of community unraveling and i think that is what we are trying to head off here. >> reporter: melissa caen, kpix 5. i am len ramirez at the usgs. scientist may finally know how large earthquakes get started with many smaller ones. scientist from the los alamos national laboratory using new computer techniques to take a more detailed look with existing data taken before and
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after medium to large earthquakes in southern california. he focused on 2 million tiny quakes were previously all but ignored. >> what they found was, much of their surprise, that instead of half of those large increments having some precursor he, almost 3/4 of those large events had some kind of elevated area. >> reporter: other words most of the ones that we can feel, after many smaller ones. the research touches on the big question facing scientists, how do earthquakes get started. scientist have been trying to develop earthquake early warning systems for decades. but geophysicist brian kilgore cautions that it is still too early to know if this could someday lead to better earthquake prediction. he says, for now, the answer is no. >> we can look at any particular earthquake or group of earthquakes and be able to identify whether it is a foreshock leading up to a larger earthquake or just an earthquake. >> reporter: the research adds to the sciences understanding. they are not referring to them
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not so much a singular events but rather a sequence of events leading to an earthquake in menlo park, len ramirez, kpix 5. up next, the white house rolling a new immigration changes. >> they walk over the border, had a baby, congratulations the baby is now a u.s. citizen. frankly, it is ridiculous. >> why families being held at the border may have to wait even longer to know their fate. >> i am don ford in san mateo with the city is taking steps to help officers after their shift drive home safely. >> i was trapped in the car. >> plus, it'll be one of the bay area's newest and most unique parks and it is going in right on top of a freeway. plea things are looking pretty normal over san francisco. low clouds and fog rolling in. but, away from the water, anything but today. temperatures jumped by up to 15 degrees.
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we'll talk about why and how long the warm weather in lender sticks around as the new kpix5 news at 6 continues.
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well, many police officers commute long distances. they can afford to live in the rve. forbes isin san mateo ey where the city is giving police a place to crash.
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>> reporter: at the moment in this closed out fire station sits empty but the city of san mateo believes it actually contains a lot of hope for the city's police officers. the plan is to turn his old fire station into a police barracks and substation. they would sleep here between shifts because many cannot afford to live in san mateo. they drive hours to get home in heavy traffic. officer basarrio fell asleep driving home after a long and intense shift. >> i turned my vehicle over several times. >> reporter: you rolled the vehicle? >> yeah. >>! you crash? >> yeah, i was trapped in the car. >> reporter: is this hard for you to talk about? >> it is, a little bit. >> reporter: the officer lost his leg and nearly lost his life. soon this old firehouse will be repaired, and artie has a kitchen, showers, and sleeping quarters. >> one of them officers even bought a van in the parking lot that he was sleeping in between shifts. >> reporter: unable to find affordable housing in the bay
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area some have homes as far away as el dorado, sacramento, and stanislaw. the city hopes that the old fire station converted to the end of this year. in san mateo, don ford, kpix 5. >> major milestone for the tunnel top project in san francisco. >> hundreds of trucks are delivering the soil to fill the park right on top of the freeway. the 14 acres of space sits above the eastern tunnels of the parkway, which leads the golden gate bridge. once complete, the park will have panoramic views of the downtown skyline. >> for 75 years it broke the proscenium in two. when doyle was rebuilt it created an opportunity for us to build a new park in an area that used to be asphalt, dirt buildings and roads are adding 14 angers to the top of the freeway. >> will also be an environment of learning center on site for kids to visit the park.
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>> pretty good idea. new park in san francisco, who would've thunk? there's not much land left. >> reporter: nice view. >> why not? that's a great trunk for the city. a little warmer, 72, not that warm we do increase the temperature, especially inland. back above average after three days of below average. 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. look at all the stroke folks strolling around. down in the embarcadero or taking the scooter. 85 in san jose, fremont 82. we did hit at 74 in san francisco. upper 60s for half moon bay and 97 in santa rosa. we of the 60s, 70s, 80s, and the 90s today. 62 in oakland, warm night, it was a warm day but also more humid air. hold onto the heat longer. mountain view and vallejo only dropping to 64. pollen count high as well, stays around there tomorrow. jumping up to a seven or eight on the 1-12 scale. watch out, allergy sufferers may not be the best couple of
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days for you as a result of the lack of rainfall and the increased pollen count. this weekend in oakland the chinatown street fast. what a beautiful weekend it will be, sunny and warm, 80 degrees not too hot but it will be warmer than average. our catalyst for the cold, the low-pressure area spinning off to the west is now spinning into canada. it is leaving and taking the chilly push from the ocean with it. we were ridge of high pressure down to our south and west it is still giving us an onshore flow but it's so much lighter and the marine layer will get compressed which means it will have a hard time making it over the hills and the inland valleys. most likely, it won't. temperatures inland will stay in the 90s but near the water you stay in the 60s and 70s. pretty wide temperature spread like today. clouds tomorrow near the water, inland no. same story for san jose and santa rosa. everybody get sunshine tomorrow afternoon and even less cloud cover coming up on friday.
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your weather headlines and some clouds tonight, mild to warm night, repeating the afternoon temperatures tomorrow with 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s trending a little bit hotter as we head towards the weekend. concord, 92 degrees. is really, really warm, is about five degrees above average. san jose 84 degrees, south of you are beautiful morgan hill you hit a beautiful 90. 66 for half moon bay. 81 for union city. close. you'll get there in the tri- valley and then also walnut creek. fairfield 94, venetia, anywhere from 60 to the beach to near 90 for canfield. berkeley 72. sonoma your high tomorrow 86 degrees, santa rosa 90. riverdale 96. extended forecast. we stay in the 80s and 90s inland, will stay in the 70s near the bay and you the 60s to low 70s at the coast. warmer than average everyday but not too hot. at least not for the next week. that is or forecast. >> thanks. following an nfl game the players are sore, bruised and simply exhausted. >> yes they are the repair and recover using high-tech tools
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now the state of the art devices are available to the rest of us who are not pro athletes. >> i love providing them with the same type of treatment they would get if they were pro athletes. >> i have seen huge gains in a couple of weeks. >> and you can see more in our original report heal like a pro, that is tomorrow night right here on the new kpix5 news at 6. and, we are counting down the kickoff as the 49ers traveled to kansas city for an important preseason test. jimmy garoppolo expected to see extended playing time as he comes back from last season's acl injury with all the action right here on kpix 5 saturday night at 5 p.m. right now coming up next the trump administration rule change on immigration that allows families to be held indefinitely. >> also the new lawsuit against tesla filed by walmart. what the retailer claims caused several fires and stores.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. here is what you missed if you are just getting home. the trump administration says it will change the rules to allow them to detain migrant families indefinitely. under current rules children must be released no more than 20 days. the white house says holding kids longer in detention centers will discourage migrants from making the journey.
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today, president trump and acting homeland security dismissed concerns about conditions in the camps. >> very much i have the children on my mind. it bothers me very greatly. >> the new rule will reduce the edthe campus -like settings with the appropriate medical educational, recreational, dining and private housing facilities. >> the administration proposes, and i believe well, the teen children indefinitely. in substandard conditions. >> the president is caught up in a -for-tat with an unusual adversary, denmark. the danish prime minister refused to sell him greenland and called the idea absurd. trump, in turn, called her nasty and abruptly canceled his trip to the kingdom. the new lawsuit blames tesla solar panels installed and multiple stores for recent fires the retail giant claims it suffered hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage. tesla cannot be medially reached for comment. tesla's stock fell a little
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more than 2% today. tonight los angeles is one step closer to building a major thoroughfare just for wildlife. the overpass was stretched 200 feet over 10 lanes of highway 101. the national park service says 18 mountain lions have died since 2002 while trying to cross freeways and other secondary roads. the agency hopes to raise the final 50-60 million to complete the wildlife crossing by 2023. >> if we do not provide connectivity, they can't get outside their family. they are at risk of going extinct. >> like all of us the four or five divide has killed many a romance. >> san francisco city hall will become kitty hall once again tomorrow, the animal care and control department is hosting a kitten adoption event, along with all the cute kitties there's also food and music, it is back underway around 10 a.m.
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sounds good. coming up next, we are going from cat to dog sit. and the one you are going to meet, next, is extra unique and needs a good home. in
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tonight, the search is on to find one very unique pup a forever home. >> this little dogs name is
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flum diddle the 18 month old, should sue mix, is missing her two front legs, but thanks to the pittsburgh-based group called umbrella of hope she has some new wheels and to get her around, and seems to be adjusting well. the group is now searching for a home for her. were a human has experienced a similar challenge. >> i think the humans get more inspiration from the dogs. the dogs usually have no idea there is anything different about them. >> so true. in the past one dog who suffered chemical burns was paired with a young burn patient in alameda. >> i hope our viewers will take home flum diddle. thank for watching us at 7:00. >> will be back at 11.
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