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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 22, 2019 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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a bay area families thousan for hawaiian vacations that never came through. england temperatures warming back up again. -- inland temperatures warming backup and how long they will stay in the 90s. google plans to restore one
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of silicon valley's most recognizable landmarks. the new report on hangar one. >> good evening i'm juliette goodrich. >> and veronica de la cruz. we begin tonight with several bay area families accusing a travel agent taking their money. >> ultra vasquez reports, they thought they were paying for a trip to hawaii but ended up losing thousands of dollars. >> police say they are investing dozens of cases where people treat -- paid money to a travel company but that trip never came through. folks in alameda county also have travel plans that never got off the ground. >> she took a trip away from the family to hawaii. >> reporter: jodi grand paid a travel company to take her family of five to the disney resort in hawaii next january. jody said she paid $4500, but received notice that the plans have fallen through. >> i kept texting her and she said you are on our . m gog pa
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just in a bad situation right now. i'm really upset, and right now just really frustrated, and i want wendy to be arrested, for you know, what she has done to all of these families. >> johnny and erica were planning to renew their 25th wedding vows in maui earlier this month. they invited 80 friends and family members but their trip also did not materialize. >> i know another family of nine who paid her over 10,000, my total out of 80 or 90 of us i'm thinking hundred thousand dollars. >> it's not clear what happened to the money, johnny says none of it was refunded. tonight the police department publicly refunded he had come -- it had received a complete from a resident who paid money to the company but never received services. the department says it has identified at least 12 other possible victims. a report from our hawaii cbs affiliate went to the company owners home but no answer. wendy had agreed to an interview but then the station said she changed her mind.
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we have also reached out to one but have not heard back. police will be referring their cases to the santa clara county district attorney's office for charges, including theft by false pretenses. in oakland, joe vasquez, kpix5. new tonight, authorities have rearrested a former swim photographer accused of sexually abusing young boys. police say randolph edelman was taken into custody today at his home in unincorporated menlo park after six additional victims came forward. edelman was a russian originally invested arrested back in july. he sexually assaulted three young boys according to celebrities for crimes dating back to 1957. police say the assaults happened at the center where he worked. police believe there may be more victims out there, struck another big story, the weather, a gorgeous sunset time-lapse
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marks salesforce camera after a cooldown, parts of the bay area hit 90s today. so, how long will it stick around. here's chief meteorologist paul dano. >> temperatures won't get as high as last week but the warm- up will last longer especially inland. san francisco, you had 70s today, it is mild outside, if you have been outside this evening, you can tell, there is an increase in humidity. rare bay area, humidity tonight, giving us pretty one. santa rosa 77, with that humid air, we stay in the 60 tonight, livermore only dropped to 63, oakland 62, and napa tonight 63 degrees. we will stay warm, since cisco barely above 70 degrees 3 degrees above average, oakland will get 76, so, not as warm as last week. san jose comfortably in the mid- 80s, humidity will leave tomorrow, but the 90s will stay for concord, a high of 92, 5 degrees above average. coming up weekend preview 90s in we will stick around coming
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up. >> sounds good t a brush fire at a municipal airport today. take a look, the plane burst into flames, plumes of thick black smoke into the air the aircraft was carrying 10 people, the cessna citation jet trying to abort takeoff for an unknown reason, causing that jet to slide off the runway. no one was injured. >> when you see an accident like that, you think there is going to be a fatality. and, thank god there weren't. >> from above, this is what the gutted aircraft looked like, once that fire was out, you see the extensive damage. federal investigators will be talking to the two pilots to determine it the cause of the crash. livermore, a pilot was hospitalized after a small plane crashed this morning. the aircraft went down into a field near the livermore airport, witnesses say it happened right after takeoff, the pilot suffered moderate injuries, and of the causes is still under investigation. new 11:00 a silicon valley landmark and one of the largest
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freestanding structures in the world could soon be restored thanks to a bay area tech giant. maria medina is at moffett field with another chapter in history that is about to unfold for hangar one. >> reporter: a few years ago google announced it would spend close to $200 million to restore hangar one. this week a new report sheds light on what the company may do with it. >> hangar one was like the landmark, and more than that, my dad was an astro engineer, that is why he came out here to moffett field. >> reporter: barbara ralston has fond memories of hangar one . >> my god, look at that thing. >> reporter: as well as greg who lives not far from one of the most recognizable landmarks here in silicon valley. >> it's an incredible structure, built in the 30s. without computers. >> reporter: hanger once it's on moffett field while naked bid several years ago cruiser moved its skin after discovering the structure was toxic. >> asbestos, and pcbs, and they
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painted it all with lead paint, a brew of pollutants in hangar one. a lot of those pollutants are still there. >> reporter: let's rewind even further back to 1932, when it was first built, to house a massive helium naval airship. decades later, it sat empty, a massive structure that can cover about six football fields, just to and sustainable. >> big debate agreeing to spend roughly $160 million to clean it up and restore it. a new report shows three options for hangar one, more expensive option of removing the toxins before restoring it. >> a huge structure, eric ralst
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important part of history that should remain standing. the cleanup could happen as soon as next year, likely won't be completed until 2023. in mountain view marie medina, kpix5. >> what exactly hangar one would be used for tonight. tonight the public defender's office in seven cisco saying there former leader jeff that she did not die the way the medical examiner's report said he did. they say an independent review of the autopsy revealed a dodgy died naturally of heart disease and not from chronic drug use or an overdose. the coroner called his death an accident due to a mix of drugs and alcohol, and in their announcement, slamming the medical defender's office calling it understaffed, conflicted, and fothe person suspec starting several fires in the east bay. in the past 24 hours,re
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een ported in ismorng, for small fires broke out along san pablo avenue. authorities said someone set the car on fire while she was sleeping inside. she was taken to the hospital, with non-life-threatening injuries. so far, there is no description of the suspect. the jury of the goshen trial walked away on break with out a verdict. they will reconvene on friday. they were told to start all over again after three members were dismissed from conduct, now with some members requesting more time off after this break, the pressure might be on to reach a verdict. >> any pressure that there may be is unavoidable. i hope that they are able to overcome, i don't think they will rush to a judgment one way or the other. they understand this is a high- profile case.
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the station will take new steps to discourage migrant families from seeking asylum in the united states. under the current rules, families with children are released after no more than 20 days. a new rule would allow families to be detained for as long as it takes, to decide their asylum cases. demonstration hopes the threat of indefinite detention will discourage families from coming in the first place. migrant advocates can say this will affect families currently being held in what they call inhumane conditions. today president trump and acting homeland security secretary dismissed those concerns. >> settings with appropriate medical recreational, dining at present -- private housing facilities. >> under the new regulation homeland security official says the migrant detention facilities would be subject to an audit to subject the
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location complies with licensing standards. pro-immigration groups say they will challenge this new rule in court. joined michelle grego, kenny choi, and our morning team for the latest on this developing story, starting at 4:30 point tonight washington governor jay inslee says he is dropping out of the presidential race. inslee made climate change the theme of his campaign, he announced the theme tonight saying that it will become clear he will not win. he is the third democrats to withdraw from the race. coming up, a state senator gets shoved while walking on the street and tonight, what led up to this nasty confrontation. plus, a troubling trend tonight, one area residents war against teenage e-cigarette use. and instagram post has gone tonig we find out it was all a hoax.
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tonight at the cdc is reporting that dozens of people all over the nation are being reported for severe lung disease, with a possible link to e-cigarette use. the centers for disease control say there has been 153 cases reported in 16 different states, beginning from june 28 of this year. in most cases involved teenagers and young adults. the cdc says all cases reported using e-cigarette, they are investing the cost today a new bay area study just released in alarming numbers looking more and more teenagers to e-cigarette use. kpix5's andria borba is in
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walnut creek with parents were coached on what to look for to keep the kids from being part of the statistic. >> reporter: high school principals say they are waging a war against the big tobacco with a generation addicted to e- cigarette use. high schools across the country, classic rock song smoking in the boys room is obsolete with e-cigarette taking nicotine addictions and putting it into plain sight point >> they are slipping it in their sleep, this does not create assent or clout and they are in class tired with their head down, puffing through their sleep. >> reporter: a new study out of santa clara county says 31 percent of high school students have used the cigarettes and 13 percent have continued and been hooked since their first hit. 24 milligrams is considered a heavy smoker. more than 2 1/2 packs per day. if we are looking at a brand with 59 milligrams, this walnu
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junior anthony ramirez disagrees and says the study numbers are far too low. >> my classmates, most of them are 50 percent. >> we have an entire new generation of addicts, to nicotine, and it is a concern point >> reporter: at northgate high walnut creek senate, a handful of parents are getting a master class on what to look for and how their kids are getting hooked. typically buying online with a generic credit gift card. >> you go on the site, click the button that says you're the right age you don't even have to show an id and they are getting their stuff mailed to a friends house. >> reporter: parents like salvador ramirez wanted to know the science point >> definitely wanted to know what kind of problems they would get in for the future for their health. >> reporter: while his son has an idea of where parents should start looking for evidence point >> snapshot and instagram, things like that. >> reporter: here at north bay high school if a student is
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caught using e-cigarette on usheco saturday school with their parents. in walnut creek, andria borba, kpix5. tonight lawmakers in san francisco are condemning an attack on one of their own. >> er, i pushed you. i pushed you. i pushed you. >> all right. >> senator richard pam was shoved by an anti-vaccine activist in the capital. bennett streamed the act on facebook letter to bennett comes confronted the senator about his bill on vaccine at a exceptions and can be seen shoving him as he tries to walk away. the senator was unharmed in the attack. sacrament of police cited and released bennett for misdemeanor assault. new 11:00, chances are you have seen this post on instagram about new privacy rules, and how you can opt out. even celebrities have been sharing it. it turns out, it is a hoax. reporter britney hopper on why it went viral.
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>> reporter: this instagram post made its rounds on social media in the last 24 hours, cleaning by posting it, your pictures and messages are private. it caused panic amongst users and many celebrities, inking they were protecting their privacy, but really, the joke was on them. soci dia and tech expert jessica says it is scary how many people believed the hoax point >> as soon as you sign up for a social network you should know that all of that information will be in the network and yes, they say we don't sell your data, but let's say there is a court case, and they are in the suit against you, they do by law have to give up that information. >> reporter: the post really snowballed when many celebrities who have huge followings started to post it. llioowers. 6.7 even the man inpo pey fell r is is a callfor
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cons. we look to them i as experts and if they set the precedence and they are wrong, people will be so confused and will continue to do these things, in reality they are not and it gets them into more trouble. >> representative for instagram says there is no truth to this post. in the newsroom and britney hopper for kpix5. expert weather? >> while we are at it, other internet hoaxes? we did land on the moon, the earth is a sphere. let's start with those. let's walk before we run. all right. we have pretty humid air outside right now, we don't show the dew point that often, because we live in a very not humid area, where the dew point gets above 60 we feel it. outside this evening you felt it, it is sticky by bay area standards. the big -- bay area is 71 in san jose, 65 oakland and 66 degrees in napa. what that means for you, it is humid which will lead to a
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warmer tonight because humid air does not lose its heat as efficiently pretty see the temperatures outside, still in the 70s, concord oakland santa rosa, only fall into the 60s tonight. kids walking into concord and fairfield in the mid above ave days cooler than average in san jose, normal is 82. above average in the mid-80s, mid-80s over the next couple of days, not crazy heat like last night but it will be persistently warm at above average for the next 70 days, average 10 to 14 days, 82 degrees tomorrow, 80 degrees on friday, above average, mainly sunny skies, satellite and radar will show you why. storm off to the west bringing rainfall today but as it leaves it is taking that push from the ocean, a strong push and breezy over the past couple of days, that breeze relaxed today and the august sunshine did it's
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thing without that flow from the ocean. further minimizing her push for the ocean, keeping things rather warm inland, near the coast you'll still have a late onshore with 50s at the beach. a lot of sunshine tomorrow afternoon, along the coastline on friday, we will plan on a lot of sunshine every afternoon. clouds tonight only near the water, a repeat performance coming up on thursday about 3 to 5 degrees above average, a little bit hotter as we head towards the ends of the weekend and early next week. can the 10 closest to you, santa rosa 90 degrees tomorrow. fremont 82, san jose 84. concord and fairfield, low to mid 90s there. oakland comfortable 76 degrees, pacifica 75, san francisco, if there's a high of 71 degrees, cooler friday by a couple of degrees, a little bit warmer saturday and sunday, warmest weather will likely be monday, staying in the 70s near the water emily turner, traffic starting at 4:30.nnin the weath
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that will be gone by tomorrow. >> it kind of feel sticky outside point >> does, nailed it. all right paul thank you for your distract following an nfl game, players are sore, bruised, and exhausted. they will repair and recover using simulated high-tech tools. last date of your devices are available to the rest of us who are not pro athletes. >> i love providing them with the same type of treatment that they would get if they were pro athletes. >> i see huge gains in a couple of weeks. despite you can see reports, heal like a pro right here tomorrow night on the new kpix news at 7:00. counting down the kickoff as the 49ers travel cities in an important preseason test, quarterback jimmy garoppolo expected to see accented playing time as he comes back from last season's acl injury. all the action right here on kpix5 saturday night at 5:00 p.m. mission tonight just on
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tonight the search is on to find the very unique pup a forever home. >> plumbed dental, the sheets
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you mix is missing her two front legs with thanks to she is getting love from a human experience in a similar challenge. giants playoff chances now. >> you are in the top spot, appearance comes against the yankees, almost a must win game for the giants in wrigley. we will just say their playoff chances
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local mines going in opposite direction, a's stepping up giants stepping out, a's and the yankees, nine-game win streak. most planning is better since 2013. come on baby light that fire. struck out cameron maybin with two runners on base, six denning, gary sanchez, four strikeouts, gave up two earned runs. a's up to, then, reminding fans to download the raiders app, his 13th home run, but the game got close, a's top prospect aj puck made his big-league debut. a blooper to write, look at how far. history the first was a little late. hendrix came in to put out the fire, a's win 6-4, fires the
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12th win of the year. remaining tied with the race for the final wild-card spot, cleveland lost tonight which means they are only half the game had for the top spot if you are going to the game tomorrow, better bring a broom. the giants fans hair was gray before the night was over. stick that in your ballot box, chicago. donna lead run, kevin pilar and in the words of the great lawn salmon, way back way back you can tell it goodbye. thank you very much. the giants took the lead until chris bryant unloaded in the bottom of the eighth, this loss is a killer. 12-11 is the final how about a bright spot tonight. nationals at byron, jose with a deep ball to les, soto took it away, the nationals won the
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game 11-1, this kid is 20 years old. and, he is going to be a goodie. fantasy teams everywhere, might be the number one pick here in the fantasy draft. 49ers and chiefs this saturday in the big five, i will be there. >> you will, thank you. be sure to tune in tomorrow for more of our special back-to- school coverage we will introduce you to some bay area teachers and students moving into a brand-new hundred million dollar facility after spending several years in portable classrooms. it's time for the biggest sale of the year on the
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