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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  August 22, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>> reporter: hawaiian airlines released a statement on their facebook page. we apologize the passengers for this incident. we are working with officials and first responders to support our passengers. very scary moments indeed. that is a long flight over the pacific ocean. you are not over ground until you are overground they are. we could've been talking about a different story. now to a breaking story in northern california. the winds are fueling an unpredictable fire that is burning north of reading right now. this evening thousands of people have been forced to evacuate. the mountain fire is now at least 820 acres. threatening more than 1000 structures. there is 0% containment at this time. heavy smoke making. for air tankers to target the leading edges of this one.
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the fire broke out about noontime. 800+ acres just since noon. authorities ordered everyone to clear out of the shasta college campus. fire crews worked pg&e has shut down power to the area. no word on a cause. we are expecting another update from firefighters in the next hour. more on weather conditions near redding. wind gusts about 15 to 20 miles per hour. obviously near the fire itself. its own heat engine. the wind would be more severe. the overall pattern is breezy. dry and hot. as expected in far northern california. 96 degrees. relative humidity is low at 15%. the wind gusts are up to 19 miles per hour. hotter tomorrow. 100 degrees in and around the fire zone. not much relief from mother nature. pretty warm around here inland. concorde you are currently 94. santa rosa 91. livermore 88. oakland 79. you will stay seasonably warm
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tomorrow. temperatures 3 to 5 degrees above average. that is 90 concorde. a comfortable 72 in san francisco. we can forecast coming up. some bart writers consider it entertainment. others call it a nuisance. bart is looking at whether they can ban street performers and panhandlers from the trains. live in san leandro bart with the story. >> reporter: the galaxy aside a lot of passengers say they are uncomfortable dealing with panhandling on the train while they are trying to get to work every morning or coming back to home. the big question is is there enough support for this ban? even if there is with this band stand up in court? bart writers cannot escape from it. whether it is panhandling or. i see it every day in the morning. i get off at 5 pm.
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in the evening i see it. >> reporter: while some people enjoy the performances. many say they can be disruptive. especially on a pacs train. there is no way to go. when someone is performing during rush hour. >> reporter: bart director said a number of writer complaints led her to propose the band. no begging or anywhere beyond the fair gates. you can ask someone to stop it if you don't have an ordinance you can't. writers support the band. asking for money is not the ideal place for that.>> reporter: aclu plans to challenge the proposal saying they won in a similar case in sacramento last year. panhandling is protected free speech under the first amendment. the person who paid to get in that fair gate and sit on
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the train have rights to. people like this woman who has been homeless have the right to ask for money. it might make them uncomfortable. me myself i'm just out here trying to make a couple dollars to get some gas. or feed my dog. i'm not out here trying to rob or kill somebody.>> reporter: bart staff will now study if this band was set up in court. the director believes so. she said this band would happen in paid area. she would need five votes to pass the band. most likely the board will come back around october to either discuss or possibly even votes on the band. please i us getting a violent stabbing involving a homeless man in contra costa county. it happened around 11 am. in el cerrito san pablo and eureka avenue. the call came in after a woman
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started screaming at a man on the sidewalk. officers found the victim bleeding from his arm. he was taken to the hospital but is expected to be okay. the woman was found a couple blocks away. police took her back to the station for questioning. new details tonight. let the san francisco das office will not be pressing charges against the man seen in this video attacking the owner of a north beach truffle shop. a spokesperson for the das office that a charging decision has been put on hold because of issues with limited evidence. the store owner shared the video to facebook monday. the das office said the suspect is expected to be released from jail. san francisco plans to relocate dozens of mental health patients is running into resistance. protesters say the city should hire more staff instead of giving up on using empty beds. melissa kane has both sides of this dispute. >> reporter: here at san francisco general hospital
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there are facilities that right now are designated for adult long-term psychiatric care. but today there was a protest by unionize healthcare workers who say the city should not transition those facilities to short-term care facilities. they say the city should be able to do both. i have lived here for 15 years.>> reporter: she is a patient at the adult residential facility at san francisco general hospital. it is an inpatient long-term psychiatric ward with 55 beds. only 32 of them are filled. the problem is in need the problem is staff.
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and use the remaining space to expand the hummingbird program. that is a short-term care. people on the streets today who are in danger of having themselves. who are affecting the quality of life of the public. who are really the cities top priority. >> reporter: jennifer is a psychiatric nurse said the city has enough money to hire people for long-term care. instead of just giving up on the empty beds. it is not a staffing shortage. when the city officials say something is tissue and disingenuous as we could not staff the place which means now we have to close the beds. it is a boldface. i don't want to say it is a lie. but i do want to say is it is irresponsible. >> reporter: we got a
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statement from the mayor's office that said she supports long-term care treatment. her budget reflects that. the mayor is working with city partners to find more financially feasible ways to support long-term psychiatric care. san jose police are asking the public for help in finding this missing boy. 11-year-old ivan gonzalez was last seen walking away from his home yesterday afternoon. he has brown hair and ice and is about five feet tall. ivan was last seen wearing a blue warriors had. a red t-shirt and red basketball shorts with a superman local. divers found the body of a missing woman last night in discovery bay. 53-year-old had disappeared tuesday after going outside to water her plants. her husband reported her missing. the body found submerged in the water behind a home on beaver lane. the same block she lived on.
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the cause of her death is under investigation. the search for the bay area driver who crashed during the morning commute snarl traffic for hours. environmental crisis born from a country and political turmoil. a primer on the fires burning in the amazon. the reason a bay area university is experiencing record enrollment the school year. th you can do is to make sure you call 811 before you dig. calling 811 can get your lines marked. it's free, it's easy, we come out and mark your lines. we provide you the information so you will dig safely.
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at aetna, we find that inspiring.ot game.
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but to stay on top of your game takes a plan. that's why aetna takes a total approach to health and wellness. with medicare solutions designed to help you age actively. aetna medicare solutions. leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. the amazon rain forest is burning and thick smoke is blacking out the parts of south
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america. how political shift in brazil became a turning point for the planet. it was a story a lot of you have asked us to cover. the environmental disaster unfolding in the southern hemisphere. the fires burning in the rain forest often called the lungs of the planet. this is about the future of the planet. that is not an overstatement. the largest rain forest on the planet. it is critical to maintain things we depend on. global weather systems. our shared climate.>> reporter: is a deputy director his career focus has been preserving the world's forests. the situation he said is a catastrophe. it is always been a problem in the amazon. these are human caused fires. these are fires being intentionally set to get rid of the rain forest to make room for soybean plantations to feed livestock. about there has been outrage online and a lot of the blame
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has been placed on breazeale's new leader. he is turning a blind eye to what is illegal deforestation. he said he would not enforce the laws and these people know they can light fires on purpose to destroy the amazon.>> reporter: san rafael restaurant owner spent his first 26 years in brazil. he is a bit of a supporter. he said the criticism of the president is born from the country's political turmoil. when a nation is completely broken there is no power to do anything.>> reporter: the politics are far less relevant that than the average dunce of the forest. that affects all of us. the amazon is being used as a chip in this political poker game. it is not just a brazilian issue. this is about the future of the planet. traffic moving on the bay
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bridge after being shut down little more than an hour ago. police closed all eastbound lanes just west of treasure island while they investigated reports of a person walking on the bridge. a live look at our traffic maps. there is still a bit of traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza as a result. a commercial vehicle ran into the guard rail this morning on highway 101 near the 10th street on-ramp in san francisco. before driving off. this accident knocked a piece of concrete loose onto the street below. caltrans had to close the roadway for a time to make the repairs. all lanes are currently open. police are searching for that driver. students at san jose state have a bit more company this year. the university reports a record 86,000 students have enrolled for classes. that is about 4000 more than last year. of course bigger class presents bigger challenges. classes and some of the most
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popular programs engineering can be harder to get into. there is the added strain on the housing shortage for students and faculty. we are drawing students from across the region and across the state. that is always a challenge. particularly in some of the programs. is a top choice for many students. according to forbes magazine is one of the nation's best values in higher education. students who commute say the school has yet to solve is decades old parking problem. coming up tomorrow morning we will show you how the oldest school in oakland is redesigning its curriculum to inspire the next generation of stem leaders. our coverage starts tomorrow morning at 4:30 am. a rare whale rock washed up marine experts say the nine foot carcass showed signs of multiple shark bites making it difficult to identify. for now scientist suspect it was a newborn. a live look
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at ocean beach in san francisco. we can see a couple surfers out in the water earlier. there they are. expect more people heading to the beach this weekend to potentially cool off. if you're coming from antioch walnut creek could be up to 30 degrees cooler. not really going to warm up much for sam to go or oakland. this is an and lynn warm snapper highs in the 90s through labor day. i see no reason why we'll see and or short push making it and lynn for the next 10 days. the 90s are too much for you away from the water head to the beach. highs will be in the 60s. these are your dewpoint temperature. the higher these numbers are the more humid it feels. back east they are often in the 70s for a good chunk of the summer. for as they rarely get above 65. they were there yesterday. they are encroaching on 65 in a few spots this evening. last night and throughout the day today it feel stickier outside. it is. that is the reason why. temperatures outside right now
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rosa in the 80s. san francisco 69. that humidity leads to another warm night tonight. fremont 62. napa 60. san rafael 60. festival of the arts. saturday and sunday and poll also. warm to hot weather 87 degrees on saturday and sunday. summer days in foster city. it will feel like summer this weekend. sunshine and highs in the 80s. nowhere close to the heat we had last week. it will be above average for the next couple days. 82 degrees in belmont tomorrow. humidity goes down. a couple degrees cooler. it is still above average. 84 on saturday. wishing 86 or 87 on sunday. the pattern has been changing a lot. but he quickly. over the past couple weeks. now it is going to lock in. when it locks and the storm states of the north. we are not getting the strong push from the ocean keeping cool inland. ridges of high pressure to the south to the west. when this weekend will bill to the north. it takes that marine layer
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squeezes it. higher pressure in the atmosphere pushing down from the marine layer is not very thick. cannot make it over the hills are inland. all the cool air was stated the bay. and at the coastline. he will stay above average especially inland for a while the next week or so. tomorrow morning not much cloud cover. a lot of sunshine in the afternoon. you begin the weekend with clear skies. saturday the onshore push will bring cloud cover along the coastline. everybody else sunshine from start to finish. limited low cloud cover the next several mornings. it won't be as warm. we will stay warmer than average. like me for the rest of the month and maybe through labor day which i believe is september 2. concorde 90 degrees. tomorrow. livermore 89. napa 82. 87 san jose. 72 san francisco. 92 fairfield. 26 pacifica. we stay in the 90s and are hotspots and lynn. through the next week. we stay in the 60s and 70s near the bay. we stay in the 60s at the
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coast. all the way through next thursday. likely longer. nfl game the players are sore and bruised. they are simply exhausted. they normally prepare and recover using some pretty innovative high-tech tools. now the state of the art devices are going to be made available to the rest of us who are not pro athletes. i love providing them with the same type of treatment they would get if they were a pro athlete. a couple weeks. just keep issues on. you can see more in our original report. like a pro. tonight on kpix 5 news at 7 pm. kyle shanahan revealing how much jimmy g will play on saturday. the giants battled themselves in the cubs at wrigley field.
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counted out the kickoff. don't forget as the 49ers travel to kansas city for a preseason test all the action right here. saturday night at 5 pm. shopping for backpacks... ...and mom also gets a back-to-school bag? that's yes for less. ross has the brands you want for back to school. and it feels even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less.
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and realize you can get youeverything you need...oss oh, yeah. yep. yes! feel like a boss? that's yes for less. 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less. in chicago with playoff aspirations. they lead the windy city looking ahead to next year. final game at the friendly confines. they got a piece of the famous scoreboard. ran into some tough luck in the fourth inning. routine flyball. kevin lets it drop. samardzija was a pitch from getting out of the inning.
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anthony rizzo minds want to center. jason heyward cubs lead 1-0. john is trying to rally. off-the-wall. should have been a home run. the wind was blowing in. he settles for a chuckle. inning over. after scoring 11 runs last night the giants are shut out today. they lose 1-0. the cubs sweep the three-game set. some that means right now the giants are down on the wildcard standings. five games back for teams to lead. over before the end of september. not going to happen. 49ers leave for kansas city tomorrow. knee injury which cost him the two out 2018 season. what kind of impression do you get going back to kansas city and whether it is in the mental?
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we looked up catharsis. releasing thereby providing relief from strong or repressed emotions. jimmy g's going to need some more catharsis after the game on monday. he needs something. just one of six against the broncos. wondering maybe jimmy g is a bus. like it or not there are elevated stakes on saturday's game in kc. elevated stakes if your goal is the day after the game to make sure people talk about you. t our goal. our goal is to be as good as we can for tampa. you could crumble up and go
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into a fetal position and surrender. or you could go out and fight. we have a locker room full of guys who want to fight. myself included. jimmy g is not a bus. when the raiders made the trade for antonio brown i had pittsburgh on game day. it was clear they were happy to see him go. he can give derek hart that he probably he hasn't had and will need. that is fine. if things break down and things don't go his way. you will see problems. just because they don't like him doesn't mean they are not interested. the ratings fosh rd kstsbuwere brown of course caught wind of that data. he made note of it on social media tweeting my ex still thinks of me. my ex doesn't think of me.
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it doesn't matter. it is what you do on the field. it really doesn't matter. especially in the preseason. we are talking about practice. we're talking about his feet. things that really don't matter. all the press doesn't hurt. we keep talking about him. there is that. the cbs evening news is up next. breaking news dozens are arrested in one of the largest online scams in u.s. history. everything you need to know about real id. the tsa warns you might not be able to board a plane. we will go swimming with sharks in a breeding ground that is teaming with them. you will hear what they name the sharks. it might sounds familiar. those stories and more on tonight's cbs evening
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unbearably warm welcome for students starting at uc berkeley. thousands of new students gathered. to take a class portrait. check this out. you can see students form the shape of a bear at memorial stadium. pretty cool. i go to my games.
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thank you for watching. the cbs evening news is up next. we will be back at 7 pm.
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captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ >> o'donnell: tonight, breaking ng n: scores of people are busted in one of the biggest online scams in u.s. history. many of the victims seeking romance got ripped off instead. also tonight, another terror threat against planned parenthood. a suspect is arrested for allegedly threatening a mass shooting at a clinic. there are at least three arrests this month. >> good morning, how are you youg? >> o'donnell: why you might miss esur flight unless you visit the d.m.v., to get a real i.d. we'll tell you about the new hes.a. rule. why the coast guard is suspending the search for two firefighters missing in the waters off florida. spectacle on the hudson: military jets paint the sky red, white, and blue. a celebration at the national zoo. bei bei has a birthday.


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