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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  August 23, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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on the future of education. this morning we are live at holy mains high school to check out their stem redesign. >> good morning it's friday august 23rd i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. mary lee is live at that high school we were just talking about out on the roof, mary, how's it looking? >> it is beautiful michelle and kenny to be out on the roof here atop holy names high school. we are talking about beautiful weather through the afternoon and into the weekend. so enjoy it. so a nice morning to be out here and that will continue as we head through the day. so let's show you a live look of our san jose camera with the temperatures in the mid 60s right now. we are looking at temperatures slightly cooler compared to yesterday but above average for this time of year. so for the coast the
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microclimate forecast breezy and mild in the 60s for the bay. and warm to hot conditions inland with plenty of sunshine, daytime highs in the low to mid 90s. we will talk about that weekend forecast coming up in just a bit. but now let's check in with emily for a look at traffic. and i wish you were out here emily. >> i know. i can't update my traffic maps from up here on the top of the roof. but you get to have all the fun so enjoy it out there. for those of you getting out there on the runways you can enjoy your commute. you're not going to be pulling your hair out as far as the traffic is concerned. you're now up to 31 minutes out of the altamonte pass out of that tracy triangle because there is an accident in the westbound direction right there as you are coming out of the triangle. once you get past that your backup is all the way past the dublin interchange. 26 minutes on highway 4 and 101
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is still a 38-minute ride. no problems there. totally in the green. you can still see over there on the left-hand side of your screen. the accident has now moved up to the right-hand shoulder you're good to go. i'm anne makovec at the live news desk and we have another international escalation. president vladimir putin has ordered his military to come up with some sort of response. launching a missile that was against a treaty that the two countries originally had. so that treaty has really been defunked. the u.s. says russia first screwed it up . russia says that is not true and now we don't know what russia's response is going to be but some solar p response. officials are looking into
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what caused two trains to collide. this is our first up close look of the wreckage. 27 people are recovering from injuries. the collision was between a test train and two car passenger train. the sacramento fire department says 13 were taken to area hospitals. two of them have moderate injuries. those not brought to hospitals were treated at the scene and released. >> boom. just flipped over the top of my bike, hit the ground. the guy in front of me he hit the bench in front of him so hard and tore his leg all the way open across. >> the accident happened at about a quarter to 10:00 last night. it's not clear what caused the collision. sacramento regional transit says the clean up may delay the morning commute. the flight from oakland to honolulu sending 7 people including two children to the hospital. cellphone video capturing the
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ann honolulu cabin. yesterday around 11:30 in the morning emergency slides are also deployed in all 184 passengers evacuated. all of the passengers were able to get out in 30 seconds. >> it's something you never think you're going to do but you go very fast but the firemen are down there catching you and helping you out. >> the company tweeted the cause of the smoke was a seal failure in one of the engines which allowed oil to leak on hot parts of the machinery. passengers were able to get a full refund of their round trip ticket along with the travel voucher. back in the bay area there has been a second assault outside a condo building in san francisco days after the first one was caught on camera. surveillance video shows a man running up beal street tuesday night punching a man in the face and then taking off. police say the victim was getting out of a ride share vehicle that happened in front of the water mark building. that's the same spot where a homeless man was accused of
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attacking a woman 9 days ago. the latest suspect is still out there. another high profile attack in san francisco. this time controversy over a lack of charges in this case. a homeless man appears to be ejected by the owner. then he begins to follow the man as he harasses customers outside. the man was arrested but so far the san francisco district attorney's office has not filed charges. >> it's very disappointing because i had the scare of my life. >> the d.a.'s office released a statement saying that the suspect may have been trying to defend himself and the evidence available so far is not enough to refute that claim. this morning crews are making progress on the so-called mountain fire burning in shasta county. the blaze began about noon yesterday. cal fire says at least 600 acres have burned and the fire is now
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20% contained. at least one structure is destroyed. about 11 other homes and buildings are considered threatened. many are under a mandatory evacuation. a stretch of highway 299 has been re-opened but several other roads in the area remain closed. it's not clear how the fire began and crews are still working the fire line this morning. wild fires continue to rip through brazil's amazon rain forest. and there have been more than 70,000 fires this year an 84% increase compared to 2018. deforestation and dry conditions are to blame for the fires. for dismantling many of the rain forests protections. last night french president eman ueacsed a statement. it is an international krietsz. members of the g7 summit let's
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discuss this emergency first order in two days. to campaigny senator bernies will join kamala harris and others. sanders pitched a trillion dollars plan to combat climate change. >> i'm proud we have put together the most comprehensive program to address climate change to tell the fossil fuel industry they can't destroy this planet for their own interests.n the bay area are already back at school. >> yeah, and the oldest school in oakland is highlighting their future this year. >> jackie ward is live at holy names high school. and mary lee is there live in
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the auditorium. >> yeah, i'm inside. my photographer rick and i are commenting on how they do not make schools like this anymore. this is the kind of architecture we are in the middle of this morning. it is just absolutely stunning. we are ending our back to school coverage with a look at the future of education. holy names high school is the oldest high school in oakland and they're honoring their history with their newfound focus in stem. mary will have much more on that later on. interactive and collaborative learning in mind. this morning, we'll take you through the history, speak to students in the stem robotics program and have live performances from students. there's a pep rally that's happening here. students said they would show up around 5:30 this morning. i wasn't allowed to bring coffee. they don't give students caffeine here but hopefully they bring their own because we're asking high schoolers to get up even earlier on a school day.
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>> they're young. >> they don't need the caffeine. they have youth. >> right. >> they'll be fine. >> jackie thank you. time now 5:09. >> in this morning's report cutting technology. allowing patients to heal like the pros. that story coming up. >> all right well jackie ward is in the auditorium i'm on the roof here at holy names high school. a calm start. a beautiful start to the day. less humidity. here's a live look at our sales force tower camera and you can see areas of fog especially along the coast. we'll talk about what you can expect as we head through the day. i'll show you future cast coming up. >> it is mostly clear. there are a few spots that aren't quite so. this however is busy. that's the dublin interchange. i've got your commute time as well as others. that's ahead. just because we're super hungry...
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and now, all beds are on sale! save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus free home delivery. ends saturday. the count down is on saturday when the 9ers take on kansas city. >> after the game, players will be sore of course and need to recover. >> stgs 5 jordan goodrich shows us how to heal in this morning
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report. >> whether you're a pro or amateur, the goal is to get you back in the game. >> yes, it's just practice but after a gruelling gam brutal pounding on the football field, the 9ers spend the next day putting their bodies back together. the latest cutting edge rehab and recovery devices are always at their finger tips but now big guys move over. this6-year-old rising star gymnist. >> i just broke my foot last night. >> an enduro motorcycle champ. >> i just fell off a pretty good sized ledge. >> and santa clara county deputy sheriff. >> unfortunately hit my knee against my patrol car door. >> all had access to the same kind of elite gear. >> i love providing them with we proe type of treatment that athlete. >> running a private sports
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medicine clinic in fremont. >> there's definitely science behind every type of device. >> state of the art technology that he's personally seen in pro locker rooms around the bay area. >> it's gentle. >> the goal... >> how can we prepare the athlete to improve his ability to train, get stronger and better. get him back in the game faster. >> one tool these strange arm and leg coverings that make you look like an michellin man. it's called normatech. deputy sheriff uses it. >> it starts at your ankles with just the air pressure and it starts building all the way up. >> the device was originally created for patients suffering from circulation disorders but the pro sports world quickly took note and snapped them up. >> it returns blood flow to get
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the lactic acid out of the legs for work out. >> another tool, whole body cryo therapy. the sessions are super short no more than 3 minutes. athletes swear it decreases pain and inflammation. >> it's really cold. it's a little uncomfortable when you're in there but the feeling when you're out it helps so much for recovery when you're sore and stuff. >> she's competed with simone biles and hopes to compete in the tokyo olympics. >> weeks and sport times like a lot. >> but among these high-tech wonders, a low tech traction. >> honestly i hate it but you know it's really useful. >> motorcycle pro cody web uses it to break up scar tissue that's developing after acl surgery. >> i've seen huge gains in just a couple of weeks.
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>> dude, beautiful. >> it really helps bring that mobility back. >> even with all these high-tech tools. >> perhaps the biggest players in rehab and recovery, time, good health and a good night sleep. kpix 5. >> jewel yet could catch a football pretty well. >> not bad at all. >> cryo therapy stuff that's what brown had his whole bottom of his feet frozen off from. >> that's right. >> wear the footwear. it doesn't matter what you put on your feet this morning to walk out the door. the good news is the overall big picture is mostly clear and that's great news for those of you hitting the roadways for work or school at this hour. now there are a couple of issues one of them is for your super commuters. this is usually a holt spot. however, it is more so because there is at least one lane blocked as well as the right-hand shoulder due to an accident that happened earlier this morning.
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you're down to about 14 miles an hour in that northbound direction but you're fine once you get past it. you just have a little bit of that slowdown right there. and a little bit farther north on the nimmits freeway. there is one lane blocked as a result of an accident. chp is on the scene and in the process of clearing that. is that should be on the way here shortly. and finally clearing an accident on westbound 580. before things get too crazy coming through the altamonte pass. down to 20 miles an hour out of the tracy triangle. we are beginning to see some slowing westbound on 84. that travel time now up to 30 minutes. you're still in the green elsewhere without a problem to report. bay bridge metering lights are not yet on. although it does look slow on the toll plaza. still not on. although i will be keeping an eye on that. the san mateo bridge this morning is looking a little bit
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busier with some brake lights in that westbound direction but at least the skies, mary, are clear. >> that's right emily. yeah, we're starting off the day with mainly clear skies. love being out here in oakland on top of the roof on and clear morning. let's show you a live look with our sales force tower camera looking east at the bay bridge and there is some patchy light fog around the bay. mainly clear skies. temps are running on the cool side. and the mid to upper 50s to low to mid 60s. your weather headlines. less cloud cover and fog and cooler temps. humidity increases as we head through the afternoon. not as warm as yesterday afternoon. still above average temperatures for this time of year. warmer than average temperatures will continue not just today through the week and for the rest of august. and here's the reason why. the satellite and radar view is a strong ridge of high pressure building in and that is why
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we're going to continue with our warm weather pattern. i'll fst taking you hour by hour as we head through the afternoon. we will have that sunshine for most of us. cloud cover could hang on a little bit longer along the coast and tomorrow morning areas of fog along the coast. otherwise mainly clear skies for the rest of the bay area. we'll see plenty of sunshine for your saturday with above average temperatures. your pollen report medium levels for today. increasing rain through saturday and sunday and especially for monday as we are going to see temperatures rise as we go through the next several days. it's not the best news for allergy sufferers. our sunrise at 6:31 and sunset at 7:51. daytime highs 5 degrees above average for this time of year. daytime highs 87 in campbell. santa clara topping out in the low to mid 90s.
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90s in concord and pleasant hill. as well as for brent wood coming in at 96 degrees for the bay and low to mid 70s. low 70s in san francisco and berkley. for the north bay 86 for a high in santa rosa and 95 for cloverdale and for st. helena. if you're heading out to chinatown street fest this weekend in oakland, sunny and warm, great weather at 80 degrees. here's the 7-day forecast and as we head through the weekend above average temps heating up for sunday and especially by monday looking into next week we could have more humidity with that muggy feel back in the forecast by next week. but for the meantime we are live on top of the roof and a great morning to be out here. a little bit later in our next half hour i'm going to be talking about the focus of this high school which is stem and as you know that's a passion of mine and we have some amazing students that we talked to and we'll that that coming up. >> and you love numbers so it's
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perfect. we love it out there. mary, thank you so much. 5:20. a backlash as sf general hospital. coming up the statewide staffing shortage that's part of the problem. and let's head outside as we take a live look at some of the traffic coming in to san francisco this morning from marin. we'll be right back. 1
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book direct at
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5:23 right now in today's health watch. the hpv vaccine can prevent 92% of illnesses. nearly 44,000 cancers associated with hpv were reported each year from 2012 to 2016. researchers say that it's critical to improve vaccination rates among all preteens. a new study finds that fasting reduces inflammation and improves chronic inflammatory diseases. researchers and research at mount sigh nigh show that reducing caloric intake. and people living with hiv should avoid heavy drinking. that's the new finding of a study at a boston university school of medicine. consuming three drinks or more in a day could damage the immune
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function. this morning uproar over san francisco's plan to move dozens of mental health patients. already currently two in-patient wards. only 69 patients. now the public health department wants to consolidate the patients on one floor citing a staffing shortage. critics say the city should not give up on the empty beds. >> it's not a staffing shortage only here on this site. to when the city officials say something as disingenuous as we couldn't staff this place it's a boldface well i don't want to say it's a lie but what i do want to say is it's irresponsible. >> the city wants to use some of the space for short term care particularly for people living on the streets. we are going to go live to sacramento coming up next where two trains collided last night leaving dozens of people injured.
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and honoring their history while moving forward into the future to wrap up our special back to school coverage, we are live inside holy names high school in oakland.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> now at 5:30 helping victims of hate crimes how coffee shops and banks in san jose are banning with police. >> plus we're live at holy names high school where students there are shaping their future. >> and let's take a live look outside this morning. we are warming up for the weekend. mary is live in oakland as well with her full forecast. >> good morning everyone. it's friday our favorite day of the week. august 23rd i'm michelle griego. >> good morning i'm kenny choi. it's 5:30 right now as we get a check of the forecast. mary lee is live outside in
5:30 am
oakland with a check on the temperatures. >> kenny and michelle love being out here on top of the roof here at holy names high school. i wish you could see this view. it's a little dark for the morning. the oakland hills under plenty at least stars are out. the moon, mostly clear skies. a beautiful start to the day. temps are cooler this morning as well. you can definitely feel that difference outside. let's show you a live look at the roof cam. temps running in the mid to upper 50s to low to mid 60s at this hour. let's show you your microclimate forecast taking you through the afternoon. less humidity. temps will be slightly cooler compared to yesterday. for the coast mid 60s. breezy and mild for the day. mostly sunny and warm and heating up inland in the low to mid 90s. so warm to hot conditions with
5:31 am
that sunshine. we will show you the weekend forecast coming up. now for a look at traffic. enjoy those clear skies. there are mostly clear roads but i'm going to say that with a weird tone to my voice because i'm going to show you a live picture of not clear roads. you can see it's slow going in that northbound direction. it's really early for it to look like this. that is because of an accident northbound 880 just as you are coming through town before you hit the fruitvale neighborhood. that's happening at high street and that's really slowing you down as you're trying to head north. we're also starting to slowdown through the altamonte pass. you're still looking good on the east shore freeway highway 4 as well as 101 at this hour. i will say the bay bridge metering lights are on and that is getting backed up. >> i'm anne makovec live at the news desk. we are going live to sacramento right now where the two trains collided on the track.
5:32 am
the sacramento regional transit district is trying to pull them out a little bit later on. it was a test train and a two car passenger train that collided last night leaving 27 people injured. this happened just before 10:00 last night. at that point some of the injure wrd being taken to the hospital. 13 of them were injured so badly they had to go to the hospital. this was at macaroni avenue. so we are going to keep an eye on that scene throughout the morning as those trains get under way and the investigation continues. two pacifica residents are behind bars this morning accused of running an organized retail theft ring. 44-year-old ruby rivera and 44-year-old mercy sandoval are under arrest. rivera's home was used to store $40,000 in stolen retail
5:33 am
merchandise as well as $30,000 in suspected stolen property like laptops, purses and high -end camera equipment. four other suspects were identified in the search. police in pleasant hill say they have arrested a mail thief disguised as a mail carrier showing the suspect stealing packages while dressed as a postal worker. police say they tracked down the stolen items in vallejo yesterday. a new video where in los angeles an inpatient driver tried to run a cyclist off the road. getting out in front of him and slamming on her brakes. at one point she got out of the r and tumbled off the curb. then she pulled an object out of her car and things got a little scary. >> at that point i was like what is she going to take out of
5:34 am
there. >> we justr d bet things so this sort of thing doesn't happen. >> the driver pleaded guilty to battery and sentenced to community service. some coffee shops in san jose will now serve as a safe place. employees are being trained to call police for the victims and keep them safe until officers arrive. >> people are afraid of retaliation. you know, if you don't catch the person who has brutalized you, then you're constantly afraid they'll come out of the woodwork if you speak up publicly. >> santa clara county had nearly 60 reports of hate crimes. >> the great pave is under way in oakland in an effort to smooth out some of the bumpiest streets in the city. among the first roads.
5:35 am
a 2016 bond measure approved by voters will allocate $100 million over three years. riddled with cracks. potholes and uneven surfaces. >> students are heading back to school for a new school year. >> holy names high school. stgs's jackie ward is joining us live from oakland the students are starting to arrive. jackie. >> i have friends. you want a pep rally at 5:30 in the morning here's your pep rally. even their mascot here at holy names high school. this is a school that's rich in history it's celebrating its 150th year of existence throughout the school year. and a for 74 years versus a student and a teacher, now a volunteer. >> holy names high school is a
5:36 am
special place. >> if you're walking through the halls of holy names you might run into a piece of living history. >> every time you leave and you come back to the school, you walk into the halls. >> sister tells me the mission of holy names is to educate the person academically and spiritually. she has stuck to what has worked best for her. >> i think life gets a little rough sometimes. >> originally established in 1868 on the shores of lake merit, the school was first called convent of our lady of sacred heart. holy names first opened its doors on harper drive in the fall of 1931 and sister jerard
5:37 am
ensures me you immediately come apart of the history. >> it's just being apart of a wonderful place. . >> so sister jerard told me it's part of their morning routine. >> these girls they are here. they love their school. they're all decked out this morning. it's a fun time. >> that is so cool. a lot of school spirit at 5:30 in the morning and we love mona too. >> mona the school mascot. very impressive. awesome jackie thank you. >> we are definitely up now. no coffee needed right. >> nope. 5:37. some students at cal are learning something new this
5:38 am
semester. how to be adults. >> it teaches students how to live in the real world from doing your own taxes to managing stress. even living a healthy life style. the school is offering two different classes for science this fall. we're expected to hear from federal reserve chair jerome powell. dianne king hall has the cbs money watch this morning. >> wall street finished mix yesterday. the dow rose 49 points and stocks are indicating a lower open this morning. later this morning, the fed chairman is slated to address the jackson whole pr t h his cs approach a change not late.t rates. and ongoing trade between the u.s. and china is putting a
5:39 am
dent in tourism. according to tourism economics visits from cna to the u.s. fell 5.7% in 2018 from the previous year marking the first decline in 14 years. the trend is expected to continue and is projected to add up to $11 billion in loss spending. we hear there's a new flight that may test how long you could sit on a plane. what are the details? >> so australian airline kwauntis plans to send people on a 19-hour trip to see passenger endurance. passengers on the non stop trip will have wearable devices to monitor sleep, food, and beverage consumption. >> some good snacks and wine and beer could help during that long flight. >> so you couldot.>> w 19 hrs a thank you so much. time now 5:39. >> straight ahead this morning panhandlers on bart should be
5:40 am
outlawed. we ask you to weigh in on the debate. >> and we are live here on the roof at holy names high school here in oakland. clear and cool conditions in oakland. let's show you a live look with our sales force tower camera. patchy light fog to start off around the bay. we will have that sunshine. temps will be warming up. we'll have your friday forecast into the weekend coming up. >> happy friday to you. i'm keeping track of your main travel times. none of them in the red just yet. the only one in the yellow has an accident. i'll have the rest of your travel spots just ahead.
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5:43 am
[ cheering and applause ] nice wake-up call this morning from oakland. >> yes, the girls at holy names high school and mona the mascot. 5:43 right now airline pilots around the world are being asked to test the changes in the 737 maksz jet. part of the process will be putting pilots through scenarios in a flight simulator. the faa is asking that pilots have a varying experience with the troubled plane. they plan to issue new registers for september for exactly what training is needed before passengers can fly on the airplane again. bart is looking to ban
5:44 am
panhandlers from the bart train. people who ride bart every day say it's hard to escape the panhandlers. >> i see it every day morning. and then i get out at like 5:00 so in the evenings too i see it. >> it's almost like a job. >> pretty much. >> panhandling is protective free speech under the first maement. >> i think the person who paid they have rights too. >> deborah allen says she proposed the ban after a number of complaints. >> meanwhile the agency plans to study if the proposal would stand up in court. look at that. nearly de to our poll support the proposed ban.
5:45 am
>> the stop sits between the main fremont station and warm springs. bart says the smaller station will prioritize accessibility for pedestrians and bicyclists. the goal is to have it up and running by the year 2026. 5:45 right now. are we talking friday light or not so light. >> that depends on where you are out there. there are some trouble spots and i'm going to start there unfortunately when it comes to the nimm stechld this morning in the commute direction. it's not looking so good. we're going to take a live look out just past what used to be called oracle arena. there's no confusion as far as traffic is concerned. that is the result of this accident right there. there's a little confusion over which exit it is. but either way there's no confusion over the fact it is
5:46 am
slowing doing. down to 9 miles an hour. and then it actually looks like it gets a little bit slower behind where you see the number 77. as you are headed towards the maze this morning you're going to need to give yourself some extra time. now off to the far south bay for super commuters who head through morgan hill. usually a trouble spot but now compounded by the fact there is a slowdown in the northbound direction. but you can see it is still slowing things down in that northbound direction or even slower in some parts as you are headed through hor beganhill. roughhe tracy triangle.op up you are slow and t through the altamonte pass. but once you're out of it you're good to go at a pretty good d. slowing you see from there is if you're heading
5:47 am
westbound. not bad at all. that commute time is 33 minutes. at this hour, everything is good to go. highway 4 as well as out of the south bay on 101. northbound -- excuse me southbound on 101 out of the city there is an accident but it's not slowing anything down. the metering lights are clearly on at the bay bridge. not up onto it which is good news for those of you headed into the city here on friday. and last but not least the san mateo bridge with those westbound commuters is looking busier and busier. mary. okay. emily. well it is a beautiful morning here with clear skies. cool conditions on top of the roof of holy names high school in oakland. it's just a spectacular view. downtown san francisco to our west. oakland hillsok north at koit tower. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s to low to mid 60s. much cooler compared to
5:48 am
yesterday at this time. and not as muggy for sure. your weather headlines. less cloud cover and fog. cooler this morning. humidity decreases and not as warm this afternoon compared to yesterday. but still above average for this time of year. and we will stay warmer than average through the weekend and the rest of august. the reason why, high pressure building in. this strong high will keep our warm weather pattern in place. so going hour by hour on future cast. you can see that sunshine clearing as we go through the rest of our afternoon with some clouds along the coast. for tomorrow morning low clouds. areas of fog along the coast. mainly clear skies for the rest of us. we'll see plenty of sunshine as we houghhe afton and above average o saturday and for sunday. pollen report allergy sufferers. especially for monday it really skyrockets there. this is a scale up to 12 and we're at an by monday.
5:49 am
sunrise at 6:31 and our sunset at 7:51. daytime highs running about 5 degrees above average for this time of year. for concord 90. 92 for fairfield. brentwood 96 degrees. low to mid 70s. low 70s in san francisco. also for berkley. mid 70s in oakland and san leandro and 95 for a high in cloverdale. 97 for lake port and clear lake. if you're heading out to china town street fest sunny and warm about 80 degrees. here's the 7-day forecast. just a touch cooler. and especially by monday inland highs topping out in the upper 90s and as we head through next week we could have a little more humidity and that muggy feel back in the forecast as we head
5:50 am
through next week. kenny and michelle it is a spectacular morning out here. love being out. really wish you both could be here as well. >> yeah, we wish we could be there with you as well, mary, but you're holding it down and can't wait for the sun to come up so we can see exactly what you're looking at from the roof. >> yeah, that will come up at 6:31. can't wait to see it because the oakland hills are just gorgeous right now. >> all right. mary looking forward to that. time now 5:50 from oakland to san francisco. the new home of the warrior. the icing finally is on the cake over at the chase center this morning. chopper 5 flew over the warriors arena yesterday and we got a bird's eye view of the freshly stalled roof top logo. i'm anne makovec live at the news desk one of the coke brothers has died overnight. david coke 79 years old.
5:51 am
a conservative donor and philanthropist. the coke family sources have just told this to cbs news and we're continuing to follow the aftermath of that. back to you. >> and thank you. 5:51 right now. a supermarket sweep unlike any other. this sharp-eyed shopper found this lost family heirloom. >> and let's head outside you are looking live from our richmond san rafael traffic camera on this friday morning. >> and kpix 5 is a proud sponsor of the pet adoption. join us tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. to find out how you can give the dogs a new home. alright, so this is how it's gonna go down.
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this is the time of day that's traditionally called rush hour and now a new study further debunks the concept. first of all traffic in many areas can be bad at all times of the day. the report suggests 1/3 of delays are now found outside the peak morning and afternoon periods. more people are working so there are more cars on the road. traffic can be bad any time of the day. >> for the weekend it's bad. 5:54 right now a woman in
5:55 am
southern california is reunited with a 100-year-old rink thanks to a sharp-eyed supermarket customer. >> he told the store manager about the ring. mccabe eventually got a call from carla date of births who gave an accurate detailed description. >> told him more than he probably wanted to know. he said yes that's absolutely the ring. >> dawn says it must have slipped off her finger when she was doing some grocery shopping. it's a beautiful ring but has a lot of history to it. >> 5:55 right now. thousands of people are forced out of their homes after a wild fire erupts in shasta county. we'll have the latest on the
5:56 am
effort to stop the flames from spreading. >> and in retaliation the u.s. plans. the latest on that trade war coming up. >> and we're wrapping up our special back to school coverage this morning in oakland. the girls are up bright and early. we're talking about their beloved history and exciting future.
5:57 am
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. dozens of people injured in a train crash in sacramento. we'll hear from one of the passengers caught up in the collision. >> new satellite photos paint a clearer picture of the scope of the devastation in the amazon as wild fires rage out of control. >> and just in retaliation from china. the new tariffs just imposed on billions of goods in the u.s.. >> good morning everyone it's
6:00 am
friday, august 23rd i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. it's 6:00 on the dot right now. we are live at holy napes high school in oakland this morning as we wrap up our special back to school coverage. first, let's check in with mary lee who's on the roof for a look at the forecast. >> yeah, it's going to be a beautiful morning with that sunrise. love being out here on top of the roof of holy names high school in oakland and a spectacular morning for sure. cool and clearer conditions to start off the day. to show you a live look with our san jose camera with clear skies. in san jose in the mid 60s right now. and our temperatures are several degrees cooler compared to yesterday at this time. and definitely not as


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