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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  August 23, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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china. the new tariffs just imposed on billions of goods in the u.s.. >> good morning everyone it's friday, august 23rd i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. it's 6:00 on the dot right now. we are live at holy napes high school in oakland this morning as we wrap up our special back to school coverage. first, let's check in with mary lee who's on the roof for a look at the forecast. >> yeah, it's going to be a beautiful morning with that sunrise. love being out here on top of the roof of holy names high school in oakland and a spectacular morning for sure. cool and clearer conditions to start off the day. to show you a live look with our san jose camera with clear skies. in san jose in the mid 60s right now. and our temperatures are several degrees cooler compared to yesterday at this time. and definitely not as muggy as
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well. that's some good news there. your microclimate forecast taking you through the day. for the coast breezy and mild for the mid 60s in the bay and the low to mid 70s for the afternoon. mostly s tions tout in the low to mid 90s. so temps today slightly cooler compared to yesterday but above average for this time of year and that will be the case as we head through the next several days. i'll have your weekend forecast coming up but now let's check in with emily. emily i know you're holding it down back at the station with traffic. >> i know it's lonely over here. we've got michelle and kenny to keep me company. they're over there like wait what about us. i love you guys too. calm down. in the meantime you're not lonely if you're on the nimmets freeway. the third lane from the left is shut down right now as a result
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of an early morning accident. they've still not been able to clear this. and unfortunately it's causing you to have a long commute ahead of you as you're headed northbound on the nimmets. your main travel times elsewhere are looking good. 580 is a 34-minute ride out of the altamonte pass. the east shore freeway looks good unlike the nimmets this morning. as the sun's getting ready to come up it look good at the bay bridge toll plaza. once you get through the toll plaza. you're moving all the way into san francisco and it is a slow go crowded route to the san mateo bridge. 6:02 right now looking live in sacramento.
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the collision was between a test train and a two car passenger train. all of the injured were on the light rail train. the sacramento fire department says that 13 were brought to area hospitals. two of them have moderate injuries. those not brought to hospitals were treated at the scene and then released. >> boom, that fast. just flipped over the top of my bike. hit the ground. the guy in front of me he hit the bench in front of him so hard and so bad that he tore the whole lower -- his leg all the way across. >> the accident happened about a a. >> we just got some news from china. they are planning to this is in retaliation to the u.s. plan to increase duties on chinese
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imports. china has not announced specifics on their tariffs but say they will be between 10% and 5%. those will also go into effect on september 1st. it's about an hour. the three day event kicked off yesterday more than a dozen democratic presidential candidates are making a stop in the bay area starting at 10:00. the dnc will host a meet the candidates forum at the hill ton in union square. several of the top contenders arrived here last night. senators elizabeth warren and cory booker will speak at the gala. oakland is taking a modern approach to education. >> the innovative curriculum is focused on women in all fields. our back to school coverageli hg
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. we know there are a lot of students around. where are they? >> okay we're taking a break right now. we're focusing on the academic portion. so this is something they didn't have when i was in school. i'm here with the director of stem this morning nicole pope. while we have a demonstration in the background. >> what is the importance of stem and how do you guys implement that in school. >> being able to do hands-on projects. troubleshooting. so we want them to be able to flourish as they move on throughout the high school career and moving on to college and also within society. so stem stands for science, technology, engineering mathematics. so they're taking all of these academic things they're learning
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in school and integrating them toer make different projects. >> can you explain to us what we're seeing right now and did the students design this robot? >> this was a girl empowered workshop. this is vex which is worldwide product that's used and it allows the girls to be able to program, to build the hardware and work together as a team and then compete. so we're just getting them ready to be able to compete and then modify that into something that works for the competition. >> very cool. do you have a lot of interest in this? >> we do. a lot of girls haven't had. >> it's really awesome. so in our introduction to engineering class we're
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integrating robotics for the first time. >> engineering, robotics all of 15-year-olds.thatme. thankh. good luck with the competition. they're really good at this whole robotics thing. they know way more about this than i do. i'll leave the science and tech up to them. >> that's a good idea and yeah, that robot's moving around pretty well. >> some google engineers at that school. turning to the fire watch right now. crews are making progress on a wild fire in up state california. it began about noon yesterday. so far 600 acres have burned but cal fire is making headway this morning. fire's 20% contained. right now 11 other homes and buildings are considered threatened. one structure has been
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destroyed. many residents are under mandatory evacuation. >> it looked a little bit like a plume on a nuclear bomb and it was getting bigger. just had antow seat. sst but quickly had to evacuate the college. highway 299 has been re-opened but several other roads in the area remain closed. wild fires are raging in brazil's rain forest. in brazil alone there have been more than 70,000 fires this year and 84% increase compared to 2018. and reportedly more than 9,000 in just the past week. many conservationists hold brazil's new president responsible. 6:08. details in the man accused in a deadly stabbing in a retired csu
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administrator. the link between a victim and his alleged killer. >> and controversial changes to the california school curriculum. the latest developments in the debate. and i'm live here at hollla. let's sh youiveoo withceer 'll see ple sun i'll hyour forecast fhis friday into the weekend coming up. and ng look out to the golden gate bridge you can see it this morning. no visibility issues driving into san francisco. i'll tell you where your drive is going to be kind of a pain just ahead.
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from highway 4 to the maedz. 580 coming out of the altamonte pass. that looks good if you're headed towards the maze. also that's in the green and 24 still early there. i will say this it is going to be slower thanks to an accident with recovery work in play. 6:13 right now as we take a live look from the roof top of holy names high school in oakland. you can see some of that fog in the distance right there. the oakland hills. we are starting to see and get ready for that sunrise. we'll be checking back in with mary for a look at the full forecast in just a minute. a plan that calls for all california students to take an ethics and study courses. but the various groups involved haven't been able to agree on what should be included in those courses. the law's author democratic assemblyman says that more time
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is needed to get everyone to agree on the details. the man police say killed a cal state fullerton employee is due in court for the first time today. accused of brutally stabbing his co-worker 57-year-old steven chan in a parking lot on wednesday. investigators said a backpack containing items that could be used for an abduction helped lead them. now they're working to unravel why he wanted to kill his co-worker. >> part of the motive the whys the hows hopefully will be coming in weeks. for folks in the north bay smart will be conducting overnight testing between the hours of 9:30 p.m.
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and 3:30 a.m. monday through friday and then again on the weekends. 9:30 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. . >> that's an important route because that's the final route that connects smart to the ferry building which ultimately you to the city. that's going to be a big crux there for folks coming out of the north bay. but today unfortunately the terrible commute is the nimmets. let's take a live look out there where it does look a little bit better just in the last 20 to 30 minutes. they are able to make progress clearing that accident. take a look on the right-hand side of your screen. those northbound lanes move a little bit faster than this. but unfortunately take a look at this. the earlier accident with the exclamation point. they've cleared that. there was an accident with a big
6:16 am
rig. it hasn't been posted yet i'm guessing because your. >> for a wider look, take a look here at the overall big picture. that's really the only major issue. they only last for a little bit. this is westbound on highway 4. right there at san marco boulevard you're a little bit slow there but at least your drive speeds are in the red. they have finally cleared that northbound wung 01 accident. back to a slowdown for morgan hill. 22 miles an hour out of the altamonte. the only one in the yellow at this .32 minutes there.
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highway 4 and 101 as far as the weather is concerned it is going to be really nice this weekend mary i'm excited to enjoy it. >> it's going to be spectacular as we head through our weekend. we are here live on top of the holy names high school. it's just a beautiful morning with clear skies. and you can see the sun just about to rise over the oakland hills and that fog, patchy light fog that's right over the bay. so a really stunning sight this morning i do want to show you our sales force tower looking east. really pretty sight there. temperatures running in the mid to upper 50s to 60s. your weather headlines less cloud cover and fog. cooler this morning. humidity decreases and not as warm this afternoon compared to
6:18 am
yesterday but still above average temps for this time of year. warmer than average temperatures will continue through the weekend and likely for the rest of august. and the reason why, high pressure in control, this strong ridge and that is why temps will remain on the warmer side. so that warmer pattern continues for us. and you can see clear skies, sunshine, maybe a few more clouds along the coast. but other than that we are looking good as we head through tomorrow morning. low clouds and area fog along the coast and sunshine as we head through the day on saturday. allergy sufferers, medium for today for those pollen counts. you can see the pollen levels rising and it's going to skyrocket on monday. our sunrise at 6:31 and sunset
6:19 am
at 7:51. 87 for santa clara . 92 in fairfield looking at 94 in antioche. for the bay low 70s in san francisco. and berkley mid 70s. for the north bay 86 and highs right around 95 for cloverdale and for st. helena. here's the 7-day forecast and what you can expect for the weekend. above average temps heating up on sunday into monday of next week and a little bit more humidity in the forecast for early next week. but here to help me out with that 7-day forecast i have kathryn. and what did you think of the weather. >> i definitely love the warm weather so i'm very excited to what the week has to bring. >> if you live near the coast make sure you prepare and bundle up. >> oh, my goodness. great job ladies. what do you think of kathryn and
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hidia. >> maybe one day they'll work at kpix 5. >> oh, that would be very exciting. >> i'd love it. >> they are naturals. all right. thanks so much. it is 6:20 right now federal authorities are working to find more suspects linked it one of the largest internet fraud in history. >> and a quick check of our get away gas. today we're checking concord.
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this morning, the feds are on the hunt for suspects in one
6:24 am
of the biggest online scams ever. among 80 people indictmented yesterday. according to the indictment the schemes used online romances and fake business e-mails to steal at least $6 million. $40 million from victims in the u.s. and elsewhere. >> law enforcement agencies have received complaints from every one of the 50 states. >> the fbi says the scammers specifically target vulnerable populations including the elderly. the take from these crimes to be in the billions. state attorneys general nationwide announced an agreement to crack down on illegal robo calls. the companies have agreed to take certain voluntary steps deploying a system that labels fake calls and investigating
6:25 am
suspicious calls and patterns. experts say there are hurdles to jump before those calls stop. right now there's no time line for the major companies to make good on those. 44-year-old ruby rivera and 42-year-old mercy sandoval are under arrest. rivera's home was used to store $40,000 in stolen retail merchandise. in suspected stolen property like laptops, purchases and high end camera commitment. rivera and sandoval face numerous felony charges. >> hundreds of thousands of homeowners in wild fire prone areas of california are having problems renewing their insurance. how the state do step up. >> and we are live here in oakland with a stunning view of
6:26 am
the oakland hills as the sun is just about to rise. a cool start to the day. we'll talk about how warm it will get as we head through the afternoon. details coming up. >> and not too far from mary is taking a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we've got your morning commute and the times when we come back.' alright, so this is how it's gonna go down.
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>> prosecutors will not pursue charges in a frightening incident. why the alleged attacker will walk free. >> and 27 people hurt in a train crash in sacramento. this is a live look from the scene. we'll take you to the active scene this morning. good morning it's friday august 23rd i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30 and we want to take a live look inside. listen to that. this is a high school in oakland. all-girls high school mona the mascot right there. there you go. they're having a pep rally. this is actually a really cool school because reinvented the curriculum to focus more on stem. they've still got that cheering though. that's pretty awesome. >> now let's check in with mary who's on the roof of holy names high school for a look at this
6:31 am
morning's forecast, enjoying the weather out there. mary, how's it looking? >> yeah, you know kenny and michelle, i know the party is down stairs in the auditorium but a beautiful live look in oakland. you can see the sun rising up over the sky in the oakland hills. just a pretty sight as we start off the day. it's a cooler morning for us. less humidity as well. if you stepped outside you can already feel the difference. we'll show you a live look with our san jose area. in the mid 60s right now in san jose. temperatures several degrees cooler compared to yesterday at this time. as we take you through the afternoon we are going to have that sunshine. daytime highs slightly cooler compared to yesterday. for the coast breezy and mild for the 60s warming up. in the low to mid 70s and for
6:32 am
inland locations topping out in the low to mid niendz. as we go through the day especially inland. we'll talk about the rest of what you can expect in that full forecast and the weekend and how long these warm temperatures will last. for now let's check in with emily for a look at traffic. >> don't take us back to monday, mary. oh, my god. that would just be absolutely terrible. instead it's a friday and here we are this close right on the cusp of the weekend. the nimmets is looking a whole lot better. this looks like a regular day out there they've got something off to the side on the off ramp. if you're continuing on northbound on 880 this morning taking a look at your travel
6:33 am
times. >> highway 4 to get to the east shore freeway is now in the yellow at 39 minutes taking a live look the approach is slow going in the toll plaza both northbound and southbound on 101. all right. and tonight transportation officials are planning to close state highway 4 in both directions from 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. the transportation authority says the road work is for a public safety improvement project i'm anne makovec at the live news desk and we're following breaking news where two trains are still on the track that collided last night and light rail train carrying passengers
6:34 am
and a test train that collided just before 10:00 last night. 27 people were injured at that point. and they have been leaving those train cars on the track for the investigation. 13 of the injured people had to go to the hospital. we're talking sig can't injuries planning on working on getting those trains off the tracks. and there's controversy over the lack of charges. surveillance video from a truffle shop appears to show a homeless man being ejected by the owner who says he followed the man when he began harassing customers outside. the man put him in a choke hold until the owner's son scared him off with a baseball bat. the san francisco district
6:35 am
attorney's office says it needs more evidence before it can file charges. >> it's very disappointing because i had the scare of my life. >> if the defendant takes the stand and says listen i was acting in self-defense this shop owner doesn't like me and came after me. the shop owner was aggressive, how does the prosecutor contradict that if the video doesn't support the shop owner's statement. >> the d.a.'s office released a statement saying that the evidence so far is not enough to refute the defendant's claim. a tennessee man is under arrest for allegedly threatening a mass shooting at a planned parenthood clinic in washington d.c.. 20-year-old jacob cooper wrote i suacist ent.the sitsaid quote ia member of the fbi, cia or whatever and on my profile i will trace your internet
6:36 am
address. cooper is the third person accused of threatening a planning parenthood site. coffee shops and banks in san jose will now serve in safe place program. employees are being trained to call police for the victims and keep them safe there until police arrive. >> people are afraid of brutaluation. if you don't catch the person who has brutalized you then you're constantly afraid they'll come out of the woodwork. >> in 2017 santa clara county had 60 reports of hate crimes. another earthquake rattled kern county over night in the same area of last month's earthquake. last night's quake came about 9 hours after a magnitude 5.0 quake hit. in the last 10 days the area has
6:37 am
seen at least 17 earthquakes. a live look at san francisco. the downtown area will be packed once again today with visitors for the democratic national committee's summer meetings. and we have already seen some drama on day 3 of of the event. >> climate change activists interrupted yesterday's session. pushing to hold the presidential debate dedicated to that issue only. but after more than two hours of discussion the dnc rejected the measure. bernie sanders is in san francisco this morning after the senator invailed a $16 trillion plan to fight climate change in the wild fire ravaged town of paradise. >> i'm proud we have put together i think the most comprehensive program to address climate change to tell the
6:38 am
fossil fuel industry they cannot destroy this planet for profit. >> and this morning we're learning that massachusetts representative seth bolten plans to end the democratic presidential race. he becomes the second 2020 candidate to drop out this week. homeowners in high risk fire zones are unable to renew their policies. for some, rates are tripling even quadrupling. homeowners in kournts say -- counties say insurance companies are not. >> i got a non renewal notice so i'm here to just get information and see if we can get somebody up there to recognize the fact that we have a volunteer fire department and we have fire hydrants every quarter of a mile and we're not listed as having that. and so they just look past us. >> the state insurance
6:39 am
commissioner is supporting a new law that would require insurers to give new mitigation. schools all over the country are making an effort to get more girls involved. >> and the oldest high school in oakland is taking that to a new level. the next generation, who knows scientists, engineers they are hard at work and they're at work very early this morning jackie. >> they are they're the best and mary lee we got her down from off the roof and she spoke to some stem students last week. >> as you know, stem is a huge passion of mine so i loved meeting these students and when i asked them, girls you love
6:40 am
stem? >> chooerz? >> i grew up as a science nerd. >> i was inspired to talk to these brilliant students. to learn when they fell in love with stem. >> i had never experienced it. >> i felt like math was always something i struggled with and it felt good to finally understand it and it felt so rewarding to say i know this answer. >> i'm still a little undecided and trying to figure out what i want to do but that's what i have in mind right now. >> each and every day more and more women are coming into the field. i feel like here it's like the future engineers and people of the stem field are right here in our high school. >> i'm so proud of you girls i love that you're excited about learning and science tech, engineering and the math and
6:41 am
arts. and i just want to encourage you you can do whatever you want and i think that's part of the school philosophy. >> thank you. that means a lot. [ cheering and applause ] oh, my goodness, i love these girls and i want to talk to emily here and emily why do you love stem? >> because i love the way it encourages young women to be involved in the science and medical field and the mathematics field. >> and what do you think f a future career possibly? >> to become a nurse in the medical field. >> love it. thank you so much. love hearing about how they all love stem. doctors, nurses meteorologist maybe. girls what do you think? >> yes. >> kenny and michelle back to you. >> all right. tell them you go girls.
6:42 am
they're doing a good job. so are you, mary. >> they said you go girls. [ cheering and applause ] that's where all the jobs are science, tecol and so these girls are off to a good start. time now 6:42. >> bart is moving forward with plans to build a new station but it won't be quite like the others. we'll explain. >> and the dow is down about 89 points. coming up we'll get an update from jason brooks. your business is up and running, but is it going beyond fast? comcast business gives you high speed internet. we also have solutions like powerful wifi that gives your entire business more coverage and automatic internet backup that can keep your business running. and it all starts with our gig-speed network.
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6:45 a live look from the roof of holy names high school in oakland. a few clouds hanging around as we start the day. mary lee is there we're going to check back in with her in just a bit for a lookni china aps new tariffs on u.s. goods. >> and joining us now is
6:46 am
financial reporter jason brooks good morning. >> good morning kenny and michelle. could be a volatile day for the market. a couple of big drivers that includes china slapping tariffs on $75 million in u.s. goods. in response to the u.s. tariffs beginning in september and also into december. the latest tariffs on u.s. goods cover soybeans, crude oil, and autos. the 25% tariff on autos coming in december. that's pressuring shares lower in chevron, exxon as well as gm, ford, and tesla. the federal reserve also in the spotlight. the annual symposium taking place in jackson hoel, wyoming. jerome powell will be speaking in about 10 minutes. looking for clues to what the fed will do. they will cut rates i esident trump has been all over powell and the fed. he's calling on a full
6:47 am
percentage point cut. that's highly unlikely. stock market under some pressure for the chinese tariffs and uncertainty. dow dropping 100 points. s&p moving lower by 14 points. a new bart station just got the green light but this one won't be at the end of the line the stop is between the main fremont station. the smaller station will prioritize. the goal is to have it up and running by the year 2026. all right. let's get a chance on our mass transit. >> so far so good. it was definitely the morning to take t mns e good news is eth be running on most spots. that's all running on time as well. i just checked in with our
6:48 am
systems to make sure everything is good to go. you are in the green no matter which route you are taking and in the nimmets boy it was a mess earlier but they have now finally gotten that cleared out. you can see there are no delays now as you're trying to make your way towards the maze which is good news for those of you commuting in that direction. the overall big picture looks good. we're seeing a little bit of slowing. those of you in redwood city there is a full closure right there at red wood shores due to a tree down. as far as new accidents are concerned this is just a break down but the number 4 lane is blocked. and for those of you commuting across 37.
6:49 am
typical slowing as you're approaching the aisle there. the altamonte pass this morning is slow going out of the tracy triangle. and a regular running speed all the way over there to the dublin interchange. that commute drive time is 32 minutes westbound. you're in the yellow as well in the east shore freeway, a 21-minute ride to get to the maze and highway 4 to get to the east shore freeway. you're still in the green for those of you headed out of the south bay. it is still at least sub an hour. however, it is slow in the approach to the richman toll plaza. you're back up to a regular running speed and there are no more problems on the 101 northbound and southbound. the delays are backed up at the bay bridge. metering lights are on. as the sun is coming up you're getting close to the foot of the maze as well as on to the 880 flyover. we are having so much fun
6:50 am
here at holy names high school in oakland on a beautiful morning with that sunrise. let's show your sales force tower camera looking east at the beautiful colors in the sky temperatures much cooler compared to yesterday at this time. let's show you your weather headlines and what you can expect. so less cloud cover and fog cooler temps this morning. humidity on the decrease. not as warm this afternoon compared to yesterday afternoon but still above average temperatures for this time of year. we will stay warmer than average not just through the weekend but through the rest of august likely and the reason why with high pressure building in. this is a strong ridge and that means we will stay with this warm weather pattern over the next several days. on future cast taking you hour by hour stopping the clock at 4:00 p.m. and you can see clear skies across the bay area. some clouds along the coast. and for parts of the bay,
6:51 am
otherwise mainly clear skies for the rest of us and we'll see plenty of sun as we head through saturday. maybe a touch cooleaturda but still above average for this time of year. allergy sufferers. your pollen report medium for today but it does increase saturday, sunday and then skyrockets on monday into the medium high category. this is on a scale up to 12. so monday 8.5. not the best news for allergy sufferers. so let's show you our daytime highs about 3 to 5 degrees above average for this time of the year. let's head to the south bay. 87 for campbell. 89 in morgan hill. inland locates across the east bay. now let's show you the bay. low to mid 70s. 72 sanliingo t mid 90s for cloverdale. here's the 7-day forecast and what you can expect.
6:52 am
you can see those temps warming up as we head into the weekend especially on sunday with highs in the mid to possibly upper 90s and monday will be the hottest day over the next several days into the upper 90s inland and as we look ahead to next week we could have more that muggy feel and humidity as we go through next week. here to help me out with that 7-day forecast i've got kayla, what do you think about it? >> i'm excited to have fun in the sun and chill out this weekend. >> we're going to have some help with our holy name students. >> back to you. >> awe, they did a good job. back to you. all right. we are continuing to follow this developing news in sacramento after two trains collide leaving two dozen people injured. the latest this morning next. >> time now 6:52. kpix 5 is a proud sponsor of this year's bay area pet fair at
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i'm anne makovec at the live news desk and we are continuing to follow the latest from sacramento. leaving over two dozen people injured. 13 of those people had to go to the hospital and the investigation into exactly what happened here continues this morning. that is why they have been leaving the trains on the track. it was a light rail two car train that collided with a test train last night. all of the passengers were on the light rail train. this happened on macaroni avenue and roseville road just before 10:00 last night and sacramento regional transit right now is leading this investigation and has not given an exact time on when they plan to clear those
6:57 am
trains off the track. but they hope to get service back to normal as soon as possible. back to you. and let's take a live look out to the richmond san rafael bridge for those of you headed westbound. the slow in the approach to the toll plaza. however, it does clear up once you get about halfway across the span. all right. now lets move on to the next bridge. the bay bridge this morning where you are backed up below and beyond the 880 flyover. it's really not terrible. it feels like a friday out there. once you get through the toll plaza you are good to go through san francisco. there are no slowdowns once you make it into the city this morning. taking a look at the san mateo bridge this morning. in that westbound direction we are seeing a slowdown that's not the result of any stall or crash. however it's just regular rush hour traffic headed towards the peninsula.
6:58 am
all right. we are live here at holy names high school in oakland and i want to give you really quickly that 7-day forecast on what you can expect before we have more fun with these students. we are starting off the day with mainly clear skies. this is for patchy fog and parts of the bay. as we head through the afternoon we are looking at plenty of sunshine. daytime highs slightly cooler. still above average for this time of year. so that 7-day forecast looking at highs inland in the low to mid 90s and sunshine in the bay and mid 60s for the coast. high pressure in control for us. we're going to stay above average through the weekend. so for saturday just a touch cooler but still above average. temps climbing sunday and especially for monday. we have just been having so much fun here at holy names high school in oakland. jackie how's it been? >> it's been really fun. you know these girls are super polite and i've been told this is them even when it's not 5 in
6:59 am
the morning. a lot of these girls woke up at 4:00 in the morning. making them develop academically personally and spiritually. they have got so many great things going on and the kor russ is all warmed up for us too. >> a special treat for you. >> girls, take it away. >>. ♪ ♪ . >> they're doing such a good job. >> way to take us out. >> yes, it's so good. i could listen to them all morning long. they did a great job out there. what a friday huh. >> yeah, and we want to thank the students out there, the
7:00 am
parents the teachers who made this possible. thanks for joining us this morning for kpix 5 news this morning. cbs this morning is coming up next. good morning to our viewers in the west and welcome to "cbs this morning." massive, online fraud bust. a global manhunt is under way after 80 people are indicted and more than a dozen arrested in one of the largest internet fraud cases in u.s. history. who was targeted in the multimillion dollar scheme? caribbean hotel killing. an eyewitness who was one of the first on the scene tells us what he says he saw in the struggle between a resort worker and the american who killed him, claiming he was defending his family. sinking island. why dozens of people are refusing to leave a piece of coastal louisiana before it disappears under ocean waves. and taylor sounds off. pop star taylor swift releases her new album overnight a


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